December 2010

The Insidious Nature of Tyranny Today

In the 1930s the rise of fascism in Germany was centered on Hitler. In Germany, all citizens were required to give allegiance not to their nation, but to the person - allegiance was sworn not to humanity, but to a despotic individual.

Today, the tyranny that we are experiencing - the closing down of our democratic society - does not have a single face on it. There are many faces and many actors on this particular stage. The actors include both Democrats and Republicans.

despair is not an option

When so-called progressive radio continues to support a president who is doing the same exact thing that Geoge Bush did and yet refuse to hold him accountable because he says he is a democrat, it is time for despair. I thought during the Clinton era I was uninformed because I only had the corporate NPR to listen to and figured there were progressive voices out there trying to stop clinton and his republican policies. Boy, what an education I have had, they were probably bending over backwards to support those very policies just as they are doing with Obama. But don't despa

Cooperative Argumentation and Differing Worldviews

Differing Worldviews in Higher Education:

Can We Get The Equal Rights People To Stand Against The Wars That They Oppose?

Maybe, just maybe, since one of Clinton's disasters [don't ask-don't tell] has now been signed away, the Progressive Movement can benefit from the missing support from some "usually" anti-war progressives who have been duped into supporting illegal wars and invasions for 20 years now?

Comparing Mitch McConnel to Julian Assange

It seems like it is O.K.

Cool it on the accolades for the Lame Duck,…

Nothing, if not sliding into reverse is going to happen once the Republicans come on line for the last two years of numb nuts’s presidency. He just wants to make it look like he is owed a taxpayer funded luxury vacation to Hawaii for what frankly is his simply doing his job….on some way past due, no brainer, common sense items (and they act like he cured the common cold?!)


It boggles my brain to no end when I hear Republican GOOD OLE BOYS AND GALS talk out of their butts about their experiences concerning race, religion, gender, creed, nationality, income or whatever else superficially (IGNORANTLY) separates us from one another. There have been so many remarks spewed from the lips of the unschooled that are poker tells, exposing what these people really believe.


Truthfully, 'we' really never had any problem with people being "gay", whatever that means. For a time, we had to suck up to the 'Jesus People', but it's all over now, if I can quote one of your favorite dead heroes.

But serious, killing other human beings on behalf of our corporations, I mean our country is an honorable thing to do. It's also a way to insure your family won't be gathered up when we implement phase seven. But we'll miss your whiny, pathetic cries for "social justice!" Really, you guys are so much fun-

Anonymous - Kindness is Defiance - The American Holocaust

Claims of bailout profit are most likely bologna

The word “profit” lends a positive connotation to the judgment of those responsible for the underlying activity.

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