January 2011

Weekly Hippie Trivia

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American award winning television and theater actress and singer. God mother to a famous “spoon”-player. And landlady to a famous conga player. Who was she?



the sixties A Poem

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by victorclaude WWH

the sixties

Casino Federale: the List

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Here, in chronological order of first data entry, is the list of the 12 casinos and their RSSID numbers as monitored by the 12 banks of the Federal Reserve.  It could be a Biblical reference to the 12 X12 =144,000 saved. Little Orphaint Annie says we may add as many 00s to the end of the 144,000 as would be correct, time tolling from the date where the passage said it was 144,000 until now.

Inspection- Lying for the FOX

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   With slightly less makeup than Tammy Faye Baker her wide angry eyes look at the camera and then her guest. She asks him if he has ever watched FOX News programs and before he can answer she claims she watches every day and they never make Nazi references, like he claimed, when talking about the Left. Jon Stewart then airs many of the Nazi references made on FOX: including on her program.

Egyptian government firing American Made Tear Gas at its People

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I think its time to STOP THE COMCAST  MERGER while we still have some control over the Internet and Free Speech!




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Ayn Rand & Paul Ryan requested and received SOCIAL SECURITY payments

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From http://phoenixwoman.wordpress.com/    Jan  27,  2011

Thanks to the FOIA,

Why Obama Didn't Talk About Some Issues:

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My "take-away" from Obama's SOTU speech when...he didn't talk about guns...when he mentioned ALL religions...and when he made it eloquently clear that he has done what he could for the GBLT Community with ending "Don'T Ask-Don't Tell in the Military...was that he wants to get reelected in 2012...and if we chime in as usual regarding the "Gays-Gods-Guns" issues as the KNEE-JERKER-LEFTY-LIBS always do...he might NOT get reelected.


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   Some who have been convicted of felonies, after serving their sentence and being released regain their right to vote in presidential elections. Some, and mostly in southern states, never regain their right to vote. I think this should be corrected, making the rules for presidential election universal nation wide.