April 2011


A brief encounter with right-wing radio, while driving home from work, got me so mad I almost broke the steering wheel. In essence, one of Murdoch’s well paid and under taxed propagandists was repeating the same old hare-brained republican talking point. The one that says taxing the rich is a job killer. I wondered, in anger, what trickle down planet this guy lives on, apparently not earth.

Death at the Bank (RIP Giovanni & Carrie)

April 10

A Capital Idea Part 63: Death at the Bank (RIP Giovanni & Carrie)

What is philosophy?

1) Philosophy is the discipline of paradox.

2) Philosophy has become, by definition "historical philosophy".

3) Philosophy is the comprehensive relationship between all forms and expressions of truth.

Fred C.Trump SSN and Frank

TRUMP, FRED C 11 Oct 1905 25 Jun 1999 (V) 93 11432 (Jamaica, Queens, NY) New York 077-12-6123; 077126123 .

I began to wonder if Fred Christ Trump's SSN, like Frank H. Kryder's, had become inserted into the numerology of the FDIC, G.H. Walker & Co., and THE STATE BANK OF INDIA the way the Estate of Minnie V. Kryder and Social Security Number of Frank H. Kryder had. It turned out, with a few calculations, the answer is yes.

1450 am Charlottesville,Va.

I dont hear you anymore . What happened? Where can I get your broadcast in the Charlottesville area? All I get now is Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and some nasal woman.

I ordered Ellen Brown's book Web of Debt. I'm also interviewing her.

On the recommendation of one Thom Hartmann, I just ordered Ellen's book, Web of Debt, which explains how the Federal Reserve works. After I placed my order, Ellen sent me a personal email thanking me for my order. I thanked Ellen for her work and invited her on my progressive show. Hopefully you all will enjoy the interview! I find Ellen to be a tremendously decent person.

Check out my podcasts at http://bobcarson13.podomatic.com

The Abortion Issue

I agree with the fact that it's a womans right to chose what goes on in her own body...to an extent. I also dont think it should be totally up to the woman. Just because some men are not responsable you can't assume every man is. It's my belief that woman dont want to or are not ready to be a parent just as much as a man. Especially at 1st sign of pregnancy. Some men like myself are excited about being a father. The father should have a choice. Before you say "but it's growing inside her" .

Please don't have Sirota again

Three days of his book plugs and insulting your listeners has turned me off. Thanks

Stand Up!

Where is the other 95% of Americans who should be standing up against these TeaBaggers? How can we sit still and allow them to hijack what is happening to this Country!!!

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Two Thirds of all Americans would struggle to cover a $1,000 crisis

A new poll shows that two-thirds of all Americans would struggle to cover $1,000 crisis.

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