April 2011

Teach you children well: State Police shut down Flash Mob

WWH |Fredonia – Last week NYS Police interrupted a group of Fredonia students, who were entertaining other students
to mark the start of Earth Week. “Shut it off..” , they were told after breaking into a sprited dance routine.

Apples to Oranges

by Phil Polizatto - WWH - I am getting fed up with the lack of intelligent discourse in this country and the revisionist use of words which inhibit civil interaction and discussion.

Wake’N'Bake 101: Strategy

by Dr. Woody - WWH PRECIS: Dr.

Complain to NBC about Trump?

I tried to contact NBC yesterday to complain about their allowing Donald Trump and his racist fearmongering to boost the ratings of his show "The Celebrity Apprentice". I tried to find a phone number to call but it is extreemly difficult to find any number. Does anyone have a number to call so I can complain? They are willing to ruin our country for their lousy ratings.

This is the email I sent to them:

COUNTER to Mat Rothchild: The OTHER Nuclear source

------------------------------------------------------------------ http://thoriumenergy.org/ : Thorium is the most energy-dense substance on Earth, and enough exists to power civilization for millennia. The Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor: The modern concept of the Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) uses uranium and thorium dissolved in fluoride salts of lithium and beryllium.

Titular – of, or relating to, title only

As in, “Any respect he deserved was merely titular as, despite how he represented himself, he proved to be largely a continuation of the Bush (a war criminal) administration when it came to most of the major issues facing the country.”

The Rods of Caduceus and Asclepius

Which aspect of things makes one iota of sense? This is the unprecedented present: historical natural devastation of people and property everywhere; unnatural explosions, unnatural meltdowns, unnatural diseases and side effects, plus endless cycles of addictions; unnatural financial loss, unnatural financial gain, inhumane behavior of elected officials.

"Just the facts, ma'am"

I have to say that what passes for journalism today is sad. It has been widely reported for the last 20 hours that President Obama has "Finally released his birth certificate". This has led to all sorts of debates about whether or not the administration should have addressed this issue, why they took so long to do so, and my favorite, who won, Hair force one or Air force one?


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Side shows with carnival barkers.

Distract the electorate with non-starters.

These ruling class monopoly media players,

Support the “Party of NO” naysayers.

Panetta!? Another Clinton cronie

I thought this latest bozo was supposed to be full of new ideas and novel approaches?

Where is the change in hiring another Clinton crony?

Latest Headlines

One Iowa Caucus Delegate Comes Down To Coin Toss

The Iowa caucus convener flipped a coin. Bernie Sanders supporters called "heads" and it landed on tails.

Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by 31 points in N.H.: Poll

Sanders was at 61 percent support in the University of Massachusetts Lowell/7News poll, followed by Mrs. Clinton, at 30 percent

Martin O'Malley suspends presidential campaign after Iowa caucuses

The announcement came after O'Malley barely registered in Iowa against his better-known rivals Clinton and Sanders, failing to meet already low expectations

Comparing 2016 America to 1972 America Doesn't Work

Bernie Sanders' big win in New Hampshire has given his campaign a big boost, but even Bernie knows that there's still a long primary season ahead.

One of the biggest criticisms about Bernie Sanders, one that I hear frequently from pro-Clinton callers, is that Bernie Sanders could be the next George McGovern.

And it's a serious criticism that's being thrown at Bernie.