June 2011

Where the jobs are

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In December New Jersey had a 9.1% unemployment rate.  In May the last month reported it was 9.4%.  A 3 tenths of a percent increase.  Rhode Island a near by state with an Independent Governor was at 11.5 in December and in May was at 10.9%.  Delaware another state near New Jersey had a December rate of 8.5 and in May it was down to 8%.   Delaware has a Democratic Governor.  The next state to look at is Pennsylvania.   It had a Democratic Governor till January and then went Republican.   It has gone from 8.5% to 7.4% one of the best reco

Greeting from The Great White North

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to T>H> &the Radio Family     7 yr listener   I have tried to phone ....(impossible)  I had so many ideas ( my 2 cents worth)  Here goes    At every summer festival   fall fair   community gathering   the people should hang a LARGE banner  reading  DEMOCRACY IS COMING TO THE U S A  and have a booth for voter registration  call it  O.A.C.

Inspection- That's Not "Health Care"

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the richest people

I sometimes feel that the richest want to return to the past.  There were the kings, their royal family, dukes  lords,  and their serfs (slaves)  In trying to kill the middle class, not help the least among us, I really feel that those are the days that they want to return to.

Ron Paul Wants Delegates at the Republican Straw Poll

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A few days ago, Ron Paul came to town. I motored downtown to attend his event. As I walked into the venue, I thought, "Damn! I forgot to bring my camera!" OK! I didn't get a picture of him. So I got a shot of the free Ron Paul sign they pressed on me. Alright? Quit complaining. I threw the sign in the trash shortly after.


Rage Against the Machine

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Allowing Bush tax cuts for the "rich" to expire is a very bad idea

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Allowing Bush tax cuts for the "rich" to expire is a very bad idea.  My reason is actually very simple because it will be a tax hike for the middle class.  Tax laws in the US are very complex and just because your taxable income for 1 year is over $250,000 does not mean you are alway this highly paid.  Here's a scenario.

Supreme Court Justice Alito: our nation's constitution is a "living document"

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The concept of a living constitution that has only one interpretation, and that interpretation was engraved in granite in the 1780s, is rejected by none other than SCOTUS Justice Samual Alito ... listen hear (sic).

Necessary and Proper

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Another clause in the Constitution which applies to the debate about the scope of Congress' power is the last clause of Article I Section 8. This was included to cover those actions that Congress might have to take which the Founders could not anticipate, but would be necessary to carry out the powers that were enumerated to Congress.

Here's How Nigerian Got Through TSA Checkpoint at JFK

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He wasn't dressed as a 95 year old cancer patient.