July 2011

Fixing Responsibility of Christian Extremism

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Sajjad Shaukat

Obama was in on it from the get go..

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Call me a conspiracy nut, but i cant help but think that given the past few years of GOP obstruction that the President didnt chose to raise the debt ceiling before losing the house. When asked why, he responds that he thought the GOP would act "responsibly"...right

Shouldve not left that stone unturned mr. President...

Which only leads me to believe this whole crisis theater was either part of the plan, or the President is even more naive than we thought. 

This debt deal must be filibustered!

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Remember how Lieberman held up Healthcare? Bernie Sanders, and anyone else with cojones should do the same with this debt deal. Just stand firm. In the end , no one wants the US to default, so the worse case scenario you get is a clean raise. Come on Bernie!

Debt Dumbness.

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31 USC 3102

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95 killed today in Syria

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It is probably wise to assume this is a right wing Christian cell of Norgen Oogen Blasten.

Then again, this won't raise any media attention whatsoever.


Golden Eye

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Now that some numbers have officially been released, Kitty Carlyle can be calculated with a summary of the data.

For Laughs in Tough Times

Try these sites for a few laughs. I swear I've no financial interest in any of them (be sure to scroll down the page a bit for the first one)



Comparative Frame of Reference

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I keep wanted to yell, "It doesn't have to be that hard!" to the US.