November 2011

Walker’s “Polluters over People” bill is mind numbingly bad!

It cuts the public out of the decision process of whether or not to allow the Polluting activity and doesn’t even require full information on what the Polluter is going to do.


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A Better Electoral Process

Original posted November 4, 2004

A BETTER FORM OF THE ELECTORAL PROCESS Updated: March 27, 2009; October 11, 2009; August 13, 2011; October 18, 2011;

October 27, 2011 On the electoral process:

Bill O'Reilly Was Right and The IRS is Magic

A while ago, Bill O'Reilly embarrassed a liberal commentator by demanding proof about the Koch brothers' ties to the Tea Party, proof she apparently didn't have handy. That got me wondering: Where is the proof? So I started looking for myself and found that there is lots of proof out there (documented on more web sites than I can count), but more importantly, I discovered where the proof actually comes from. Some of it's from leaked memos and emails that reporters track down, but a lot of it simply comes from our friends at the IRS.

Occupy Salmon Idaho

Town is sleepy, but we do occupy on Sundays:

Want to help people. Stop by 12 to about 5 Sundays at the city park next to the river.



I don't see the logic!

It's become one of the right wing major talking points, "47% of the people pay no taxes." First of all the statement is misleading on it's face because everyone who buys anything pays taxes, and anyone who owns a home or rents is paying property taxes. Secondly every single person in this country who receives a paycheck in this country pays SSI and medicare. But what do they continue to talk about cutting? The very things that people actually pay for SSI and medicare. Does anyone, even on the right see the lack of logic in what they're insisting on doing.

Creating Good Jobs in the United States




DNC Primary Challenger?

Dear Thom,

Obama’s Jobs Act "Never let a crisis go to waste": Politicizing the Unemployed versus funding jobs TODAY with Secret Fed Loans.

Never let a crisis go to waste - sound familiar?

If Secret Federal Reserve Loans - unapproved by Congress - were good enough for Wall Street, then the same type of loan is good enough for the people.

The rest of the Job Acts stuff can be dealt with via standard channels.

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The Real Carbon “Monster” Revealed

Another day, another stupid assault on the truth by the fossil fuel industry and its paid lackeys. In a recent op-ed for the New York Post, Tom Harris, the executive director of the so-called International Climate Science Coalition -- an organization that’s funded, in part, by the fossil fuel industry -- blasted Leonardo DiCaprio for his work on “Carbon,” a new documentary on climate change that I helped write and present.