November 2011

Steve Jobs - great marketer but stood on the shoulders of giants

Just read this opinion in InfoWorld - Bill Gates, not Steve Jobs, is the real hero

It points out that Bill Gates and others built the PC and the Internet as commodities people use vs. Jobs who used what Gates and many others created (including the graphical user interface originally created by Xerox).

Rolling out the red carpet for "job creators"

In the second hour of Thom Hartmann's Thursday radio program, Jim declared an ill defined, middle of the road economic philosophy, suggesting that the 1% (job creators) didn't have sufficient market "certainty" to operate with inpunity. But he, ironically, acknowledged that the middle class needed jobs to bolster essential and discretionary demand. He didn't, however, say gainful, living wage employment with benefits, nor did Thom retort.

legal kidnapping???

If the right to hold prisoners and administer punishment is a collective right of the state can it be transferred to a person?
I believe that right is held only by the state and cannot be given to any one person.
So corrections corporation of america is a person by supreme court action and is by all intent a privately run kidnap ring...
If the right is transferrable then uncle bruno could house prisoners in the basement as long as he had standards....
I bet he would charge less as well... Just sayin

Obama and Sarkozy pressure Papandreou into sticking it to his people by denying his People the right to vote.

Obama and Sarkozy (two of the Capitalist class's biggest thugs) pressured Papandreou into sticking it to his people by denying the Greek people the right to vote so that profits to the financial elite would be maximized.

Why are we waiting for Obama to fund Jobs with the Job Act, when his Office snuck Trillions out to Wall Street w/o Congress Approval?


it is stunning to me that Obama thinks he has the luxury of time to secure People a job - and ergo the roof over their head and the food on their table- by politicizing the Jobs Act.

Even Stephanie Miller touts the Presidence "success" in manipulating American's jobless plight over the past several months into a bump in his approval polls!?!?

Michigan Republicans pass “License-to-Bully Bill”, a “Blueprint for bullying”

In one of the sickest and most vile acts of irony yet seen in Michigan under the current Republican regime, Michigan Republicans yesterday passed a bill that lays out specific pathways for legalized bullying in our schools. It is effectively a “Blueprint for Bullying”. The bill passed 26-11 along party lines. It now goes to the House of Representatives.

Bumper Sticker

You can make your own. Type on next to max size font and print. Cut out, tape together and cover with clear plastic contact. Inform America.

1%: “Don’t blame us because afterall it’s legal!”

Bloomberg has said it, GE has said it, etc.

But it was money like theirs that made it legal.

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Last week, the United States Senate actually considered a constitutional amendment on campaign finance. Last Monday, the Senate advanced Tom Udall's proposed amendment, which would allow Congress to regulate money in politics. Seventy-nine senators voted to allow debate on the measure.