April 2012

CARTAGENA: With IMF and World Bank at their disposal Obama and Hillary set sights on helping Corporations deplete S. America and it’s People.

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Has the White House been talking to Larry Summers or fascists from the "Chicago School" again?


+11F: Obama Lied about efforts to cap the increase in Average Global Temperatures at 2 degrees Celsius.

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And now with Shell Oil drilling in the Arctic Obama has accomplished something Bush could only dream of.

Registered Nurse

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25 years ago I came to this country on a holliday. I came here not for a better life I had that in my own country. But I came here just because travelling across all the states in this country took my beath away. A country of people not frightened to speak to strangers. A country where I could ski in the mornings and sleep in the deserts at night. This my America took my breath away. I decided to stay. Eventually this country became my own. I witnessed Reagan get elected. I saw my country fighting for a small island the Falklands who belonged to someone else.


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Fuel for your (or for your grandkids') cars...

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There are many, many sites that offer information and forecasts on hydrogen as the fuel of the future. Here are just a few:


The once used to be..

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I expect that it will fly very well in what might once have been a decent country.


Stand Your Ground Law, OVERKILL?

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After Zimmerman arrest, questions about ‘stand your ground’

{{{If self-defense is sufficient, they argue, "stand your ground" may, literally, be legislative overkill.}}}


Music that should be heard

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Thom employs excellent music within his program.

Here are some suggestions...because,  A)  The lyrics tell excellent stories.  B)  These artists deserve far more attention than they get:

James Keelaghan - "Stonecutter" - The effects of WW1 on Canadian masons.  Listen for the verse, "I couldn't say that I agreed, 'cause I knew what war was.  It was worker killing worker, for some politician's cause."

James Keelaghan - "Nothing" - The essence of Mitt Romney.

Earnings at Too-Big-To-Fail Bank of White House insider Jamie Dimon Tops Estimates.

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Silly peasants, it pays$$$ to be friends with Obama and Geithner.  I’m sure we’ll all get a “thank you” card from Jamie Dimon for all the Taxpayer’s money he spent.