May 2012

What great things has Mitt done? Not being snarky -- just wondering.

If Mitt has the gravitas, the experience, the insight to be president, then we should be hearing a list of his accomplishments and plans.

About Bain Capital -- that was about wealt increasing, not job-increasing. And even with the steel mill that he boasts about in an ad, Bain put in about 16 million and the federal government about twice that much. Maybe that was a good project -- I don't know -- but it sure goes against the general theme of not needing government intervention.

A System for Electing Legislators, part 1: The Case

There are two well recognized methods of electing legislatures: single-member districts and proportional representation. Both provide something, of course, otherwise they wouldn’t be used, but they also both have shortcomings.

The 23rd Psalm (Updated by Palinittes & Ryanittes)

The world is mine to shepherd; I shall not want.
It maketh me to lie down in green-inked pastures:
It leadeth me beside filling coffers.
It restoreth my gold:
It leadeth me in the paths of richness for my name’ sake.

The Lord’s Prayer (Updated by Palinittes & Ryanittes)

Our Benefactor, who bestows from heaven,
praise thee for hallowing our names.
These Kingdoms’ sums,
is thy will being done,
on earth – as it pleases us like heavens.

Give us this pay as we daily tread.
And guide us in our trampling,
as we oppress those who rise against us.
And lead us not among the meek,
but deliver us from their evil.


I think that Mr. Douthat (Bad Religion) has rightly pointed out the avoidance of the challenges Christianity presents (whether our personal decisions are "righteous") about personal responsibility, but he seems to downplay the challenges to religious institutionalism itself, that I think is also a core lessons of Christ's message and life. Responsibility is personal and private, while judgment belongs to God alone, and compassion should be unconditional, I argue.


Life, liberty, and justice have become market commodities available only to the highest bidder. 1963, Democracy ended in the United States of America. Militarism with the war profiteer ushered in a behind the curtain ruling council, later joined with the Federal Reserve they became The Supreme Council. Economic Royalist, kind words from F. D. R., when “fascist” ‘twas their wish.

The Bain of Our Existence

Looking at what Bain Capital did here through the cold, calculated, self-interested eye of the predatory capitalist, you can see its brilliance, but it’s a sad commentary on the system we embrace. People that do this have just figured how to game the system. I still don’t understand how the skills exhibited in this kind of work translates into governing.

White Women ARE fleeing Obama...

Don't take the recent polls about Obama slipping in WHITE WOMEN VOTING streets have been saying this since the "War on Women" started weeks ago...and I'm flat out stunned...and saddened.


“trickle down" economics.

It seems that history always repeats it’s self and we will never learn from it. Will Rogers knew of this concept back in during his time. He knew that trickle down economics does not work.

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The AT&T/Time Warner Merger - Time To Worry?

Give Donald Trump some credit: he might be a bigoted crypto-fascist who's taken the Republican Party to the right of Attila the Hun - but every once in a while he's 100 percent correct.

Case in point: his take on AT&T's proposed $85 billion merger with Time Warner.