May 2012

Bad behavior at Vatican Bank once again at center of crisis.

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“…cronyism and corruption in contracts with Italian companies…”


[why don't they just switch to a televanglist business model?]

It took 10 million years to recover from the Permian-Triassic Mass Extinction.

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But hey!  Profit, profit, profit don't ya know!

IMF tells Ukraine to hike gas bills for households.

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KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — The International Monetary fund has told Ukraine it must raise gas and heating prices for households if it is to regain access to a $15.6 bailout loan from the fund.


Our President cant agree on 3 feet

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Our President cant agree on the 3 feet that the Keystone XL pipeline will cross the Canada and United Sates boarder. All the other Governors that have the pipeline will go in want it. Its simply the 3 feet Obama refuses to agree on matter.


Survey says! " associate red meat with masculinity."

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A survey by the Journal of Consumer Research says "Men associate meat with masculinity." Red meat, that is.


The surveys in the U.S. and Britain, plus a survey of 23 languages, indicate that males make a "strong connection between eating meat - especially muscle meat, like steak - and masculinity."


I feel that any person, female or male, who needs to get their reinforcement of gender identity from a diet, whether vegan, or otherwise, is truly a PUSSY!!!!

'Nuff said.

Supply and Demand

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My friend and I were discussing Ron Paul supporters and I pointed out that after learning the basic tenents of Adam Smith's  "Supply and Demand " the Libertarians as well as the Tea Partiers and most Republicons believe themselves to be experts on economics with the sole basis  for their expertise being the refrain "Free Market". In actuality the Free Maket is much like Newton's First Law of Motion , "An object in motion tends to stay in motion" which only works in a vacuum.

the stupod among us

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come back

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Is our President treating us like Guinea Pigs?

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Memorial Day, not national BBQ day

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Sacrifice in name of Big Oil