May 2012

The major differences between strong conservatives and strong liberals--empathy and inclusion and other brain-determined qualities.

Strong liberals tend to be those who empathize with those around them and they favor inclusion. On the other hand, conservatives tend not to be a sympathetic and they favor more individual rights. A terrific place to read about these differences is in Chris Mooney's wonderful book, "The Republican Brain."

Please download the interviews that Thom Hartmann has done with Chris Mooney, starting with:.

Fed Named MBSTri-County Cancer Cluster

I added 30 x $3,500 to Mi. economy ; just by getting 30 New-lasta shots to boost WBC... after each of 30 monthly rounds of 4 different chemo drugs (cost ?) during past 6 years ... yes meds and canced treatments big part to increasing GED

I expect leukemia type cancers to multiply continually over next 20 years in Gulf oil spill region ... Benzene one of hundred toxic aromatic liquids in crude released into enviroment ... if you smelled gulf crude spill benzene is in your lungs and blood system for good or bad ...


[tiny print, zoom notwithstanding, hid your phone#] Only ACID drugs us (Real food, Only green cabbage Or full-size spinach. by biochemical taxonomy, is alkaline); every reecipe shocks evolved digestion, so we are already dopey before drugs which inebriate by design; inebriation masks reactions as bodies prioritize survival, ignoring less severe risks--vulnerable (choosing progressive aging). Needing escapism documents stressORSful lifestyle, chemicals absorbed smell, swallow, skin; others lack your power; why entrust your life to imbibers?

Child Nutrition in our public schools???

This is a breakfast served in a public school in Washington State. Does meat grow on a stick or is food only produced out of a box?

Where are the fruits and vegetables? What kind of habits does this create for our children's future? How will these habits impact tomorrow obesity epidemic?

Guess who is screwing the students and their loans

Why have unions?

Unions created the middle class. Unions are created to protect the worker’s interests and rights. I was at a union meeting last night. The discussion was about how the facilities are under staff and the union worker are constantly being asked to work outside their job descriptions. Union members that work outside their job descriptions can be fired on the spot. These union members are doing the work because the work has to be done. Union workers obliged management because the union worker feels a responsibility for acceptance and feels pride in their work.

prescription drug costs

After listening to Senator Sanders on today's show it seems that few people are aware that, contrary to laws preventing people from buying their drugs from other countries, Walmart and several other major pharmacies purchase their prescription drugs from a manufacturer in India. I read this company has a checkered history. Congress passed the law against individuals going to Canada or Mexico because people had no guarantee that the drugs were safe for consumers. But apparently commercial pharmacies can tell at a glance that the drugs they import from a manufactur


Layoffs from T-Mobile and HP, should we panic?

I question these recent layoffs by T-mobile and HP resulting in over 30,000 people being laid off this week. I think this is in relation to the recent president’s job growth numbers.

Mr. "I want to pay more taxes" Buffett sez:

Buffett sez: "I may have to charge internet users to read MYnewly purchased 63 newspapers". He also may be able to bump his salary to $100,001/ yr. and still keep his $400,000/yr secretary paying taxes at a higher rate than he does.

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Trump Discredits The Election Process

President Obama is absolutely disgusted with Donald Trump's talk about a rigged election.

He made that very clear this week during a press conference at the White House - in which he called Trump's conspiracy theories about voter fraud "unprecedented".