June 2012

National Test of Civil Air Defense System needed to bring attention to Climate Collapse.

Make the Test last for 1 whole hour.

Be fair, People need to know what is going to happen. This is no longer a matter of profit opportunity, military planning or the stupid United Nations concept of Greed Economy. "It" is going to happen.

Emperor and Chin strap penguins going extinct like a rocket sled on rails! Ocean Krill down by 80%.

Care to guess what percentage of the planet's entire living biomass, both plant and animals, Krill represents?

Does anyone know their names and where they teach?

Keystone Pipeline: California sea levels to rise by half a foot by only 2030!


Jesus sends Fires to Christian Mecca of Colorado Springs as punishment for….

Anybody!? Don’t make me ask Jerry Falwell!

Global Warming fires ravaging Western States – punctuated transition from Forest to Savannah – your next.

These forests won’t be coming back. It is something that is already been observed and even reported on by the news show 60 Minutes.

Global Warming: Atlantic Ocean sea level rising 4 times faster than average putting New York and Boston in nightmare scenario.

Meanwhile Obama and Hillary are making great strides with the Keystone Pipeline and Arctic Drilling for more oil.

It’s called “obliteration”

Informing the public properly about plastic use and reuse.

Hey folks,

I've read multiple sources on this ranging from plastics numbered 2,4, and 5 are generally safe to use with food and washable, and the higher the number the less recyclable it is. Thom, it would be great to have someone knowledgable about this subject on your show and maybe give people an idea on how do deal with it where we have to and eliminate it where we don't. Outside of the silly and obvious like not accepting bags for a couple small items or for anything really.


The Magic of the Fascist Agenda

My Grandfather, Stuart Hedden, was one of America's famous fascists, who along with his friend, Thomas (Tommy the Cork) Corcoran, had infiltrated the Roosevelt Oval office and Supreme Court in the 1930's. They were instrumental in convincing FDR to support the fascist Franco regime in Spain, which directly aided Hitler and Mussolini's rise to power. Corcoran was almost convicted later of collusion with the Nazis, but he beat the rap.

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As Obama talks of climate change in Alaska, oil giant Shell readies drills in the Arctic

And in 2041, the Antarctica could be opened up just as the Arctic has been

Scott Walker: Building a wall at the Canadian border might be "legitimate" idea

It's not just the southern border: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says it's "legitimate" to discuss building a wall separating the United States from Canada, as well

Malaysia's democracy is in worse shape than we thought

Malaysia's ethnic groups, and thus Malaysia itself, are looking more and more divided

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Thomas Edison Was Right About Solar Power

Famed inventor Thomas Edison brought us electric lights, phonographs, movies, and even the first research and development laboratory.

But in 1931, he also was one of the first promoters of renewable energy - especially solar.