July 2012

From those he serves exclusively: Bankster\1%’r Obama Rakes In More Campaign Cash At Manhattan$$ Dinner

How many of the 99% can afford a $40,000 a plate dinner?!


Former Global Warming Skeptic Makes a 'Total Turnaround'


The Banks of the Prophet

To understand that the Mormon prophet, the Union Pacific RR, and Robert Fleming (National Bank of Scotland to RBS) are all working together for the enrichment of Congress, the heirs of Harriman, Her Majesty and the impoverishment of the peasantry, all the entities of KeyBank have to be identified and organized properly in history. Securities companies are the name hybridizers, they have been caught seeding more than one bank with the same set of securities. There has to be a way of keeping track of all this on the books of The Blind Trust, by word, deed, and numbers.

Give us Barabbas!!!

Once again, a mob screams out in support of its cruci-fictions.

Instead of President Obama, who has worked against all odds for the good of everyone in what used to be the United States of America, they want a well known tax criminal, Mitt Romney.

This time, the story ends differently.

This time, it's Pharaoh's turn to walk.


And the Pharaohs walked toward the sea

which parted, incidentally

and thinking it was safe to pass

they lifted Romney by the ass

and walked like Gods between the floods

Elliot Ness Investigates Chemtrails in the mid 1990's

"If you believe the Navy, conducting a live bombing run at sea, blew up a school of jellyfish which was thrown up into the air and floated 50 miles inland and over a period of 3 weeks fell on the town of Oakville 6 times, you are a Major Dumb Ass. If you believe this preposterous tale, the chemicals being dropped daily on your head have already rendered you nothing more than a brain stem.

BILLIONAIRES - The Elite Special Interest Group

Is the United States an Oligarchy, Plutocracy, Anarchy or Greed-ocracy?

We sure as heck aren’t a Democracy anymore.

In the beginning.....we were a Democracy.

Don’t think of it as a Presidential Election.

Think of it as a ceremony we are going through to renew the same old bullshit for another 4 years…oh, and yea, the guy in the white house might change, but if you focus on that you're missing the point.


Cultural tradition? Semite: any of the peoples whose language is Semitic, including the Hebrews, Arabs, Phoenicians, etc. What makes Gov. Romney think that he can make a fund-raising foray into a foreign policy presentation; especially when he is obviously "in over his head" when it comes to the middle-east? Our President went to southern Israel to visit with victims of rocket fire as a candidate, and has promoted a controversial missile "shield" against incoming attacks on Israel. I wonder what Gov.

Utah, home of Olympics and the NSA

After hearing how much federal money went to the State of Utah, above and beyond what is usually allowed for states, I have to wonder if it is just conincidental that the huge NSA complex was also located there after the Olympics. My understanding is that millions went into the infrastructure of Utah. I would be interested to hear someone with expertise speculate on this.

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Pulitzer Prize Reporter Exposes Trump’s Lack of Wealth, Mob Ties, Failure to Support Charity, and Much More

Author: K.J. McElrath is a former history and social studies teacher who has long maintained a keen interest in legal and social issues (From: www.ringoffireradio.com)

Taxpayers Fund Yet Another Unneeded Building in Afghanistan

The latest disclosure raises the total for surplus buildings uncovered by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction to nearly $42 million

Hillary Clinton email trove shows concern with Netanyahu's psyche

As US secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton spent plenty of time in daunting foreign territory

Time To Start Treating Guns Like Abortions

It's time we start regulating guns like we regulate abortions.

Because it just makes sense that we regulate these individual rights in the same way.

Because the Supreme Court, in the Heller case, concluded that there is an individual right to own firearms found in the Second Amendment - just like they ruled in Roe v. Wade that there is an individual right to have an abortion found in the Fourth Amendment.