August 2012

Tampa-A Waste of Progressive Time

Aug. 27, 6:49 AM. Random thoughts while in the hospital waiting room as my wife is undergoing the final phase of reconstruction.

Yesterday several people I know went to Tampa to take part in a planned protest of the GOP, its candidates and its policy positions. It might have made 10 seconds on the TV news and a couple of small columns in the papers. So, what? The GOP doesn’t care. No amount of protest will have any impact on them and they are not going to change as long as they have access to big money.

Having funds offshore isn't the issue -- it's how they got there

Having funds in an offshore account does not in itself minimize U.S. income tax liability. Income tax is paid on whatever income is reported and documented to the IRS.

The sleight of hand of offshore banking has more to do with how the funds got there, and how much is reported to the IRS.

Start with the 2nd issue: Since the U.S. government (IRS) has no means to "look at" someone's bank balance in offshore accounts, the true amount of funds entering that account can be obscured.

Paul Ryan's New Euphemism for Rape "Method of Conception"

Given the demands for Akin’s resignation from a mere Senate race when his musings on “legitimate rape” were publicized, what do you imagine the reaction would be if people were as familiar with VP wannabe Ryan’s stunning statement? Might there be a cacophony of outrage? Might there be calls for his resignation from the ticket? Might there be a focus on how fundamentally oblivious these people who would make our laws are to not just women’s but humans’ rights and dignity? Sure, there might, but then of course people would have to have heard about it.

Wall St advised Washington that it’s debt levels could be increased to our current levels.

Nations’ debt levels are something wall st bond, currency, etc. bankers spend considerable amount of energy thinking about.

Musings: coaxing your Surplus Labor into slavery to help concentrate wealth.

Chip away at the safety net by cutting food stamps and you can force members of the 99% into near slavery in their hope to at least find something to eat. This is consistent with thinking that, like the mortgage crisis, unemployment is the People’s fault. That the select few 1% have been ordained by god to hold the world’s wealth as part of a divine,

Any Good or Service critical to social stability or human survival should not contain a premium to account for a 3rd party intermediary seeking to make a profit.

Otherwise, amongst other faults, you’re diverting some of the economic impact of consumer spending into excess savings. The consumer is not able to spend the premium impound in the purchase of the necessity on other goods and services.

Spreading Peace and Joy

Here’s the U.S.A. spreading peace throughout the world (but mostly in the M.E.). It is insane. But, what the hell, it’s profitable. And that’s the only thing that really counts, isn’t it? If it weren’t for Israel the U.S. would be the sorriest country in the world. Period.

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If You Want to Win, Go Progressive

The big question right now is whether to call Hillary Clinton a progressive, or a "moderate."

And then there's the question of who is more electable in a general election: an unabashedly progressive democrat, like Bernie Sanders; or a "centrist" democrat, like Hillary Clinton.