September 2012

Republic of Georgia, Rove, McCain, & Saakashvili

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In 2005 I was invited to Tblisi because I had provided costumes for 2 ballets they were putting on at the State Ballet of Georgia.  I was met at the airport by 2 government workers who did not speak English or French.  They drove me to the opera house to meet with the Artistic Director.  On the way I noticed that the brand new and very nice road we were on was called George W. Bush Avenue. 

Day One

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And Obama made a speech about how there's a condemnation of the anti muslim video...then stating something about it being free speech. yet whistleblowers are being persued, and Wikileaks is a form of free press and free information that exposes what's being covered up...and that's being condemned too.

He claims he supported the Arab Spring. Who knows if we were the ones who put up those dictators so this would all happpen, so Obama could look good. Yet he's killing civilians in the Middle East

Is all of this correct? If not, correct me please


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Commander and Chief (aka “Liar and Thief”) Barac Obama to speak in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Gosh, I’d go hear him speak but I gotta take a shit.


So, too busy, you know how it is.

Another Third Party: the New Constitution Party

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Another Third Party: the New Constitution Party

IMF And World Bank: Can Obama get Iran's Oil without War?

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I should say "without a conventional military war"  because the "war" as it is, is all too real.

Iran's economy is near collapse, it's time to bring in Geithner and the Banksters and impose some restrictions and terms to financial assistance.


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Is our President seeking Power when he claims he isnt?

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If President Obama claims that he is a man of Peace (Remember he won the Nobel Peace Prize) why is it taking such a long time to get our men and woman out of Afghanistan; close Guantanamo Bay; end the many Drone attacks and cut the domestic drone fly overs and release his assassination hit lit by executive order.

Polls and their are so many these days

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Gosh the replies I got from the many Polls out their. Well, how about this..surpose Obama was LOSING in all these Polls and on the national "tracking" polls which can happen. And the media is all right wing like most of the media today is liberal; Would you be saying the polls were "fixed" or "some outside source" was hurting your President from achieve some creditablity? or feel if he is losing in the polls we should work harder to get the message across?

Wall St’s opinion of Spain’s Debt Levels results in anti-austerity protests turning violent again in Madrid

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Those who have the gold make the rules, and the gold Spain needs comes from the Bond Markets and its Traders.  Wall Street Debt Traders is where many austerity measures have their genesis.