January 2017

Daily Topics - Friday January 13th, 2016

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A REAL right wing SICKO

More hush money reported being paid to protect sexual predator Bill O'Reilly, caught again terrorizing women at fox news. Apparently according to public sources, O'Reilly gets off calling fellow female workers and sounding like he masterbates while talking dirty. Talk about a dirty old man. This the same Bill O'Reilly who beats his wife, drags her up a flight of stairs in a headlock choke hold, this the same man who compounds his abuse of his wife by committing adultery with sexual advances towards another female employee, that to settled by the fox news executive with hush money.

Why is the Pence Administration pushing so hard to keep e-mails from the citizens of Indiana?

An Indiapolis attorney, Bill Groth, is currently suing the Pence Administration for disclosure of the addministrations e-mails. Is it appropriate for the Pence Administrtion to refuse to publish the e-mails?


Cops killed in the line of duty, lets not be overly dramatic, its 22 times more dangerous to be a construction worker. "In 2013 there were 4,585 on-the-job fatalities. Of those, 828 were in the construction industry. Put another way: Nearly 1 in 5 on-the-job deaths were on construction sites." In that same year across America there were 34 cop deaths. IN that same year 2013 cops shot and killed 780 citizens. The next year cops killed over 1100 Americans, in 2015 cops killed 1200 citizens, in 2016 that number was 1150 killed by cops.

Why Trump "won"

First of all --- Trump DID NOT win! What happened was 1 - voter purging & suppression. 2 - many did not get up and vote (they thought Hillary was really far ahead). 3 - Character assassination. 4 - some counties switched every third vote to Trump. (I know this to be true, but, cannot reveal my source. GOP knows it -- and, blocked the re-count in the counties that did this. Done by machines.

Nazi Germany, Donald? Really? Meet the Hypocrit-in-Chief

It’s really unfair to make false accusations. How awful that anyone, let alone the intelligence community, might raise this issue about Trump’s potential shady affairs in Russia. It’s “VERY UNFAIR.” It’s “TERRIBLE.” It’s “SHAMEFUL”, “FALSE NEWS” !! [sic Donald Trump]

Trump's News Conference


Did Trump's lawyer say that he can hire his son-law because he not a blood relative?

And he also made the state that he is not in debt and owes money to no one. He does realize that that is a recorded statement and he lied, RIGHT!!!

Good Cops and Bad Cops: Why There is So Much Skepticism of Law Enforcement

More officers killed. Our hearts go out to their families. But let's not constantly being diverted from a fundamental problem of policing in the US.

Daily Topics - Tuesday January 10th, 2017

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Is Trump Right As Rain on NAFTA & Offshoring?

When asked during his confirmation hearing on Wednesday about his position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, former Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson - Donald Trump's pick for Secretary of State - said that while he did not personally oppose the agreement, it didn't further America's interests in its current form.