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WARNING! TPP already has the industrial-scale factory farm industry doing the money dance.

You will NOT be able to stop air, water, or other pollution from factory farms that open up in your area:

The US meat industry scored a big victory this week when world leaders hammered out an agreement that would reduce trade barriers across the Pacific: from the United Sates, Canada, Mexico, Peru, and Chile on this side to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, and Singapore on the other.


Every once in a while I visit the website of LIVELEAK. Liveleak is a UK based video sharing website. The site raises much controversy mostly due to it's 'graphic' and political content.

On March 24 2014 Liveleak and Russia based 'Ruptly' announced a content partnership. Ruptly is a news agency financed by the Russian government.

On May 30 2014 ,Speigel Online one of the most widely read German language websites, published an article that titled, " How Russia Is Winning The Propaganda War".

Todays cartoon mention by Thom.

3 WEEKS before our ELECTION harpers conservative government JUST SOLD OUT CANADA to Multinational corporations

The right wing government of Stephen Harper just gave away Canada's sovereignty to multi national corporations, by signing TPP or SHAFTA as Thom Hartmann more appropriately calls it.

ONLY 5 of the 29 chapters of TPP are concerning trade, the other 24 chapters were harpers give away of Canada's sovereignty to multinational corporations, that's why this, like in the US ,was done in SECRET.


IN a general election Bernie Sanders might be unelectable once the likes of Koch Brothers , their friends, the right wing corporate owned media and billions of dollars of advertising get finished with him, painting a picture of him as Americas Communist, exploiting US perceived phobia of socialism.

Cheating Bug

I've heard the phrase, 'watch as well as pray'; a staunch nuance to keep an honest, open mind concerning what a person entrusts her/his life with and those committed with love.

The 'love bug' aborted our confidence. Are there additional problems VW's administration refuses to reveal? I once loved the way it handled; what a unique ride! What a thrill! Now, I wonder if flying is safer.

TPP: Granting monopolies to Big Pharma is NOT Free Trade and neither is guaranteeing a foreign corporation’s profits by allowing them to sue US State Governments for the cost of laws meant to protect US citizens.

euf said. Michael Froman ("Forman" whatever...) is a bought and paid for shill of a magnitude as of yet unseen on the planet (our planet Earth, not Michael's planet whatever one that might be)

TPP: Obama granting monopolies to Big Pharma to “make it worthwhile to invest in drug R&D” is bullshit and a price the Taxpayers are already paying.

The TPP’s “Death Sentence” provision is reportedly in the final draft. The provision causes death by granting big Pharma the right to charge exorbitant prices for new life saving drugs. The argument being the profit makes the expense of developing the drug worthwhile. This is bullshit because not only are drug prices in America already higher than the rest of the world but congress has already allows big Pharma to reduce its taxes by its Research and Development costs. To grant them a monopoly is essentially government allowing them to “double

She KILLED her KIDS and Blamed a BLACKMAN

One of Thoms bloggers 'NatTurnersGhost' reminded me of a tragedy that happened twenty years ago.

Susan Smith a house wife and former student of the University South Carolina Union, told police she had been hijacked by a 'blackman' who drove away with her two kids strapped into her Mazda car, an easy sell knowing the widespread centuries old racism of Americas South.

What if Article 2 Section 3 Clause 1 means?

What if Article 2 Section 3 Clause 1 means?

The President of the United States of America can adjourn the House or the Senate or both.

Why would a President of the United States of America do that?

In the United States of America Constitution it states:

The World Didn't End Today, Yet Again.

As a corollary to my previous post, I wondered about the various apocalyptic predictions that have failed, and continue to fail, to come true.

I recall seeing on television once that a psychic predicted a devastating earthquake to occur in Moreno Valley in 1997. That didn't deter me from living there, which I did in 1997 and there was no major earthquake there (nor has there been in the 22 years that I have lived here).


​Here's my crude attempt to understand something important that's happening right now.

Best time in the history of the world to borrow money , that's what the news headlines said just a few days ago.

Countries worried about deflation have kept their ecomonies humming along by continally lowering the interest rates to encourage big ticket spending , like houses and cars, but right now many banks are at the point of ZERO interest rates, so what now.

china dumping 'fixes' still pending --- the jobs are not holding on

a few years back Pres Obama actually spoke out against the dumping of tires by the chinese that were undermining US corporations . the problem is that when countries cheat - the governments reaction is to talk. which is not a bad thing, but how do you stop the action? how do you prevent the abuses? how do you save the jobs and companies in THIS nation from the bad actions of other nations and their cohorts - american citizens -- making their actions possible?

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