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Mass Extinction: ecosystems breaking down and getting wiped out around the globe.

Floods, freak rain falls, heat waves, forest fires, massive landslides, etc. etc. they all are taking a bite out of the planet’s ability to support life. The same can be said of developments of infrastructure, production capacity, export terminals, etc. by the dirty energy industry.

Here are a few examples:

In northern Wisconsin the number of Whitetail deer are crashing due to abnormally high snowfall starving out new fawns.

Net Neutrality under renewed attack despite blah, blah, from President O’blah blah.

This from Fight for the Future:

Dear Fight for the Future member,

Ethics, morals, virtues, integrity, discipline

Prostitution is more moral than corruption.

Study shows Wisconsin groundwater contaminated by TOXIC COAL ASH.

...but don't worry our numb-nutts governor Scott Walker is on top of it! (balls!)

ROCK ON! “South Dakota tribe calls Keystone XL ‘an act of war’”

.D. tribe: Keystone XL 'an act of war against our people'

Thwarting the Will of the People......Really?

This catch phrase is being used all over the place by Neocons to criticize Pres. Obama for opposing the Keystone Xtra Lethal Pipeline. The media is not challenging them on this statement but let them finish their BS talking points. Matthews came close to saying it the other day but checked himself and didn't finish that thought. What he started to say but dropped the thought cold was that an even higher percentage of the American people support stronger background checks for guns. There are more examples of this hypocrisy such as the immigration impasse.

NASA has new way to visualize Climate Collapse and fuck Mitch McConnell.

Mover over Scott Walker, the Koch Brothers have an additional butt plug - Mitch McConnell - and undeniably room for the same time,...if you get my meaning.

PETITION: Time to take back unforgivably large private fortunes for the good of the People

It is time to use the constitutional mechanism of Eminent Domain to reclaim for the American People the excess wealth of the crooked billionaires who have, through corruption of our political process, acquired the majority of our nation's wealth as their private fortunes.

CRUCIFY THEM AT THE POLLS: Democrats who voted in favor of killing your children with Keystone XL.

We already have a “Game Over” climate collapsing, illegal pipeline with Obama’s illegal Alberta Clipper from sloppy, shoddy, as hell Enbridge.

In addition to the chamber's 45 Republicans, all of whom were expected to support the bill, Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu was joined by 10 more Democratic co-sponsors:

Alaska Sen. Mark Begich,

Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor,

Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly,

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill,

Montana Sen. Jon Tester,

Montana Sen. John Walsh,

North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan,

Massachusetts consolidating polling is Voter Suppression!

An exit poll in Massachusetts questioned voters about the possibility to consolidate polling sites into one central location per town.

The polling site that I was at did not have enough parking, so what location will have the ability to have 10,000 people to vote. How long will the line be? How many disabled parking spots available? How long will the polling sites be open on election day (7am to 8pm is not enough).

Voter suppression is alive and well in Massachusetts too.

The true war on Christmas or the Holiday Season…

National grid is increasing the cost of energy 37% just in time for the holiday season. People will not be able to afford heat or food this holiday season. The beating down of the middle class into poverty in the Greater Area of Boston is amazing.

Affordable housing the Greater Boston Area $500K home values...

The true purpose of insurance...

Insurance: Hired by American's to track the value of America's citizens.

A reply from State Representative James J. Dwyer of Massachusetts

A letter to a State Representative James J. Dwyer of Massachusetts

This is the letter I sent:

I start this email with something a representative said, "It is not our responsibility to help people with their problems."

If the law makers do not want to know how their actions or inaction effect their constituents, how will representative know how the correct law was enacted???

Put the Republicans to the test (Every Day).

The Republicans are in control of Congress. It is time to test the Republicans on their loyalty to the American People. What are good for Americans programs that build stronger incomes and wealth for American people?

Pass the Amendment overturning Citizen United ruling. This would define Corporations as not human and money as not speech.

No more free trade agreements or agreements that ship jobs overseas. Republicans have said “Government does not create jobs”; please government stops destroying jobs and opportunity for Americans.

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The other way we're subsidizing Walmart...

Most of us know how taxpayers subsidize Walmart's low wages with billions of dollars in Medicaid, food stamps, and other financial assistance for workers. But, did you know that we're also subsidizing the retail giant by paying the cost of their environmental destruction.