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Alternatives to "suckers".

Over the past few weeks, Thom has been looking for a less confrontational term than "suckers" for the 3rd & largest constituency of the Republican party - in addition to the billionaires and their shills. He'd been using the term "sucker", which doesn't "play well" in polite conversation. A few alternatives have been suggested by callers, but I thought we should have a repository for such suggestions. So, I made one, and here it is, for anyone else who's looking for a good place to put their idea.

Chinese naval expansion into South China Sea is current hot spot in cold war with US over fossil fuel deposits.

Oil war with China? Washington has done dumber things and afterall the Dirty Fossil Fuel Industry and Wall St are calling the shots.

Taiwan: Climate Change will come to be dominated by imbalance and an increasingly wider distribution of daily weather outcomes.

The Taiwanese national meteorological society just released its forecast for planetary weather and it’s not good.

Einstein and Hitler, the hero and the villain of world history

Nearly 7,000 students across the world evaluate 40 figures and historical events

Climate change debate fueled by 'echo chambers,' new study finds


Free Market Guru praises Vietnam and Nike on CSPAN: I almost reached for my blood pressure pills!

Okay, let's review something here: Vietnam shoots labor organizers when it's not locking 'em up for five to six years for trying to form unions, especially Nike employees. But John Tamny on CSPAN finds no problem with the Swoosh shoe n' shirt maker off-shoring jobs and in-shoring profits made from Vietnam. Talk about the perfect contrast from Bernie's announcement alongside Lake Champlain today.

“Heat wave kills more than 1,100 in India” heaviest toll on the poor.

This Question Stumps Republicans

Greenville, South Carolina (CNN)

It's a simple question, but one that stops Republican presidential hopefuls in their tracks..


CNN posed the question to several White House contenders gathered here recently at the Freedom Summit, a daylong conference with conservative activists ahead of next year's primary in this crucial early-primary state.

"Obviously the greatest president of my lifetime is Ronald Reagan," said Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

purists and ideologs: grow up!

so many who post here seem to believe in a perfectable society, that one system will "cure" another. stop it!; learn to think!

simplists like ayn rand, noam chomsky, charles murray, dennis kucinich are just snipers, with little positive to offer. "rugged individualists" are mostly brainwashed macho sheep.

every system relies on fallible humans to run it, so forget heaven on earth, believers;

learn to think critically or you're just a clueless, noisy malcontent.

The Dresser/Bush/Halliburton Connection

This photo with Prescott, George H W and W Bush shows the deep involvement of the Bush family with Dresser Industries and consequently with Cheney and the Halliburton connection and possibly even 911.

Convince Senator Sanders to change the name of the FTT

Senator Sanders introduced the financial transactions tax (FTT) yesterday. The name will handicap the bill from the start. Dr.

Immigrants make a city safer

From a Guardian article on which are the safest cities in the world.

My Prostate Cancer/Medical Marijuana Treatment Blog

February 5, 2015 - Yikes! I knew that I was overdue for a complete physical - it had been a few years since I had one - so I decided to schedule one for after my 56th birthday. I just got the results from all of the blood work, and it is bad news across the board. My blood sugar level is elevated, putting me squarely into the pre-diabetic range and my cholesterol levels are high, putting me at a greater risk of heart disease (9% risk of a heart attack over 10 years). This is a real surprise to me, in light of the fact that I have been a

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Climate deniers are running out of excuses...

One-by-one, the excuses for failing to act on climate change are disappearing.

Earlier this month, China proved that it's possible to quickly and dramatically reduce carbon emissions. According to an analysis by Greenpeace, our planet's largest greenhouse gas emitter reduced coal use by about 8 percent in a single year.