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The USA is THE problem for the Climate as King Coal builds yet another export facility in WA State.

This from the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund:

Ted Cruz and National Health Care.

Hmmm. Ol' Ted hates health care that has any links to the government? Wants to abolish the ACA(the dreaded Obamacare) and is opposed to any kind of goverment interference in the health care field?

Wasn't he born in Canada in 1970? After Canada established their national health care system? Doesn't that mean that all his Mother's maternity costs, even his actual birth was paid for by a government national health care system? Didn't their family use this governmental health care the whole time they lived in Canada?

Has The Thom Hartmann Forum Been Occupied Is A Good Question, Seconded

Read k.allen's blog There is something amiss. (?) Paraphrasing Derek Jensen, we can talk about anything here we want, but not, for example, the verbal violence, or the inconsistent way blogs/links proceed? Just ignore it all as normal? No. What's going on in TH land?'s the abuse game, picking fights, seduce others to get lost in the rhetoric........As a former therapist one would hope that TH and his staff would weed this element out, but perhaps it does get support from within? Any explainations?

NASA scientist: California has one year of water left. 3/19/15

I blame climate change deniers and the greedy bastard's that are influencing them.

Twitter Wars: How the US is fighting Islamic State propaganda through internet memes

The Islamic State group's widespread use of social media to recruit members is well publicized, and this week prompted a Sydney Muslim community leader to call for Australia to immediately launch a social media campaign to halt the grooming of jihadists...But what might such a campaign look like?

The US State Department already runs three Twitter accounts - @DOTArabic, @DSDOTAR, and @DigitalOutreach - that fire off dozens of Tweets a day in Arabic, and often directly reply to people who espouse radical views.

Poor Ted Cruz; His Own Party Hates Him

Ring of Fire Radio, March 24, 2015

When Ted Cruz announced his decision to run for President, Tea Party conservatives thought their party had hit a home run.....However, not every Republican relished the idea of "President Cruz."......Rep. Peter King (R-NY) absolutely hates it.

Hillary Made a Classic Dumb Democrat Mistake Addressing E-Mails

Hillary's ego doesn't match media reality. She thought she could speak about the email non-issue and "clear things up" because it is "important" and the "right thing to do". When I heard Hillary was going to give a press conference on a manufactured Faux News non-controversy, I wondered whether she contacted former figure skater Tanya Harding to set up her own knee-cap hit on herself in front of the world.

Tax incentives

If the Tax codes represent our values and you think that we should control our population growth for the sake of the planet, then why not limit the Child Tax credit to 2 or 3 kids. We can increase funding for education and childcare for the ones that are here?

“Here’s Every Single Animal That Became Extinct In The Last 100 Years"

The list of plants is too long to compile and the list of animals doesn’t include all insects.

The list of extinct animals only goes back 100 years from September 16, 2014. It does not include animal that have gone extinct during the period from September 16, 2014, through today – and there has been plenty of flora and fauna that has.

The list is basically just a sampler.

One of Obama’s Mega-Fracking Companies suing tiny Ohio town for its water.

Corporations as well as big oil are getting out of hand.


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Hi people ... Nigel, Sue ...,

I'm not sure where to go with this. Has anyone noticed a number of threads link to pages [2] and [3] (on right sidebar) even though they haven't filled up page [1]?

If you go to the right sidebar below the Community Archive list, and click on those extra page links, you will see they link through to other (unrelated) threads/blogs/pages.

Here are some examples, starting with the Login Page for the Hartmann Forum:

Starving the infrastructure budget

The Seattle Times' Jon Talton had an interesting piece on Sunday, March 22 about the boondoggle Seattle's tunnel project has become.

It's not quite to the level of Boston's "Big Dig," but it's getting there.

I thought a couple paragraphs really nailed the entire problem, nationally, with declining infrastructure, deteriorating bridges, etc.

A wonderful tribute to the Occupy movement!

Check out "The Occupy Lifestyle" by Maura Cotter, (Amora Ray)

The Big Pie Lie

This makes me sick every time I see them do it. Every time a Republican brings a pie chart on spending up to the House or Senate floor they have included in it the area for SOCIAL SECURITY as part of spending as though we did not all pay for that separately all of our working lives. As though it is still not separate.

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