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The gimmick of 'hell' and the mistaken overvaluation of thanatophobia

If a person stating membership to a religion has any doubt of that religion, they ultimately are not comfortable with what coping mechanism for the end of life (by natural causes). A second life, a next life, a reincarnation back to Earth are all similar delusions of grandeur rhetorics. "So you say theres something after this?

Planet of the Apes..? Reply to Hillary's eMail after She selected Kaine for VP.

Dear Secretary Clinton/DNC, Remember the end of "Planet of the Apes" where Charlton (NRA) Heston sees the Statue of Liberty buried on the beach? Thank You for spitting in our faces by selecting a pro-trade/TPP, corporate Tool like Tim Kaine, instead of Liz Warren, or another True Progressive. Your arrogance is like our next president's. Thank you for securing the election of president Trump.

Ben Jealous just said that Tim Kaine in known for wanting to Deregulate Wallstreet? There you go. That's a good reason for HRC to pick him as VP!

I'm not surprised by this. Ben also stated that the NAACP has NOT been asked to endorse HRC!

Watch the interview on R. Maddow show 7/22.

I need not say more.


****** OPEN EMAIL ******


Friday, July 22, 2016 Beverly Hills, CA

Attention: Thom HARTMANN, Hillary CLINTON, and America!

No Contributions for Political Fools

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Every day now I get e-mails from various parties soliciting contributions to the establishment Democratic Party. Here is my response. I suggest you consider a similar answer. Maybe they will finally listen if they hear the truth over and over again.

It's the Ecomomy, Stupid!? / The Establishment Loses/ Global Ramifications of Trump win?

Guns & typical Democratic talking points are not going to cut it. If the Democrats don't pull their heads out of their bubbles and give US some real, anti-establishment, plans against inequality we're all in real trouble.

Anyone with any sense knows Rebublicans are wholly owned by Corporate Billionaires, but Trump is an unknown -- and Anti-establisment! -- quantity.

Trump's DONNY DEAREST speech

Last night, Donald J. Trump gave his Donny Dearest speech. AMERICA!!! YOU WILL GIVE ME THE RESPECT I DESERVE!!!

AMERICA one F^<KED UP country

America is a country of prescription junkies. America with 5% of the worlds population consumes 75% of the worlds prescription drugs. In addition Mexico is now virtually lawless overrun with drug cartels because Americans are a country of drug addicts and Mexico is their number one source of illegal drugs.

Tactical response to Trump's acceptance speech

I so agree with Thom that there are independents, especially white men that will eat up the dog meat rhetoric, lies, and inaccuracies Trump spewed in his acceptance speech. My friends in Iowa, a battleground state, will eat this stuff up.


Anyone notice that not a single Donald Trump employee spoke at the national Republican convention? If he's such a great business owner and kind businessman, then why hasn't he featured any of his employees on the podium? If he takes employees from the bottom rung and elevates them up to the top positions why have they not been summoned to give testimony of this, why is only his family giving testimony of this?

Help in Washington State Primary

Hi Thom,

Thank you for doing this show.

I am a big Bernie fan, yes he lost to Hillary, but my problem now is that we are having a Priamary Election here in Washington State, there are a few Democrats running,

I just can't vote for Patty Murry because she endorced Hillary from the start, even though Bernie won by 72 %

She obviously doesn't listen to her people.

I know that you are not the Bernie Web site, I don't know how to get ahold of him.

But,.... Who would Bernie Sanders endorce?

Dumb Blondes or Drumpf Blondes?

I have noticed that both Trump daughters have yellow hair; I think that is also referred to as “blonde” in certain circles. Whether the carpet matches the drapes I do not care to know, but the hair on the head is yellow…uh, “blonde”.

Al Franken for VP?

I heard this suggest on Stephenie Miller today and thought it would be a great choice. He got the experience as a 2 time Senator. He would be great at getting under Trump's skin. He would appeal to younger voters. He also doesn't run for the Senate this year. Finally, one of the problems with Sanders and Warren is they are both are older and in terms of national needs, Clinton is also older and it is not inconceivable that if she became unable to serve do to health problems, they might also be having health problems as well.

People in POWER never go to JAIL in AMERICA

Flashback 1933 AMERICAN right wing NAZIS sympathizers.

Prescott Bush , George W Bush's grandfather, the father of George H Bush Sr should have been arrested and charged with subversion, treason for attempting to overthrow the US government by force.

Hedge Fund Managers' Outrageous Compensation is reporting on the outrageous compensation Hedge Fund Managers are getting.

New rankings show the top 25 managers had combined earnings of $12.94 billion in 2015.