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Unbelievable FACT! Donald Trump is a Secret Gay Muslim-Russian Manchurian.

Who would ever have imagined -- but our country has secretly been taken over by a closeted Homosexual Muslim Manchurian Candy-Date!

Donald Trump has "holdings" he will not relinquish in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and other Islamic countries.

His behavior and demeanor is one of a stereotypical paranoid homosexual narcissist who has deep feelings of personal inadequacy.

Probably beaten with a leather belt by his strict, remote, neo-Nazi, father.

He refuses to release his Tax Return information which, in itself, is beyond suspicious.

Dreams of Bataan; No Atheists in this foxhole..?

Woke up sweating from a horrible nightmare…

Hillary Rodham Clinton had been elected our first female president. But then, while we helplessly looked on, she packed her cabinet with Goldman Sachs Swamp people – just like president Obama had before her.

This is horrible, I thought. Then an intense beeping sound in the distance distracted me…

I smacked the alarm clock, shook my head and tried to recall the unpleasant scenario of my dream…

YOU couldn't write FICTION as RUTHLESS

Republican Jim Jordan (OH) 'He's telling the crowd: "It's time to change Obamacare, and bring back insurance that actually empowers you, actually empowers you and not Washington, D.C."
He has a hard time actually getting that sentence out over the crowd's shouts of "Lies"

Well its only taken 450 thousand uninsured unnecessary American deaths from treatable illness over the last ten years ,for Americans to finally speak up and yell "LIES".

Want to see what a fake right wing group site looks like? Click here.

Thousands of posts, ten to twenty a day, all the posts look the same and thousands of comments every day but NEVER a response from anyone.

scary stuff. >:(

Who are we?

Who are we?

DAPL Destroys Sacred Grounds

Over 100 Jewish headstones in Missouri cemetery vandalized

Unbelievably STUPID

Further to my comment of making Drumpf a hero. Quote one right wing blogger, "What he has done though, is finally make trade policy a real issue again. I think government contractors have been feeding at the government trough for too long. I think he will make headway on that."

Constituents Erupt as Iowa Sen, Joni Ernst Flees Town Hall After Only a Handful of Questions

Daily Kos

February 21, 2017

Iowa is fed up with Donald Trump and the Paul Ryan agenda.

First Sen. Chuck Grassley took it on the chin today, and now Sen. Joni Ernst is on video fleeing a town hall after only a handful of questions.

The crowd erupted in anger chanting: "Do your job!" as she fled through a side door.

The "Iowa Starting Line" blog was there to capture the moment.

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AMERICA looking in from the outside, a CANADIAN perspective

The American Constitution is now well into its third century, which says a lot about the political sagacity of the Founding Fathers. Its adoption was a messy business. It gave the slave states additional seats in the House of Representatives by counting each slave — who couldn’t vote — as three-fifths of a person. Small states got two senators each, like big states.

Still, the amendment process helped the constitution keep up, more or less, with a rapidly changing world.

An urgent message from Bernie Sanders to Californians:


Single-payer, (Medicare for ALL) healthcare in California is on the block FRIDAY in the California Senate!

California here is our chance to be leaders in our nation in caring for one another. Healthcare is a right and not a privilege. The American people deserve the SAME healthcare that Congress persons, Senators and the President has.

Betsy Devos loves "education reform," TN Republican Marsha Blackburn

So doth the Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Nashville, a pretty educated city said to her constituents yesterday during a deservedly contentious come to jesus meeting all legislators need more than just on a now n' then basis.

Daily Topics - Wednesday February 22nd, 2017

Join Thom in our chatroom during the program!


An old posting that deserves renewed consideration:

Trump is Right! Right Wing Terrorism IS Islamic!

Every time a drunken, crazed, right wing hoodlum yells "Yee-Haw" and blows up a non-christian house of worship or murders those wearing clothing different from the standard boots and jeans, He is actually following in the footsteps of the Southern Jihadist War of Aggression.

To demonstrate how deeply "our" (meaning European white) American culture has been influenced since its inception;

The battle cry: "Yee-Haw" is actually derived from, you guessed it: "Ji-Had".

Freedom Caucus founder Rep. Jim Jordan forced to have town meeting when constituents show up

Daily Kos

February 20, 2017

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) decided to skip the in-person town meeting this week...So his constituents figured out his schedule, and took the town meeting to him, as chronicled by Dave Weigel on Twitter.

Things got heated, fast, as the crowd waited to confront him about a variety of things, looking at all the signs in the crowd, but particularly climate change and Obamacare.

Attend a Resistance Recess Event: Save Our Health Care, Our Communities & Our Democracy

The week of February 18-25 is the first week of the 115th Congress -- time specifically set aside for members of Congress to meet with constituents and get the pulse of the communities they represent.

How Do You Have Freedom If You Don’t Have Healthcare?

Unless it's replaced with something better - like single-payer - repealing Obamacare will make life miserable for millions of Americans.