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Now this is the way it should be done...heh, heh!

Smart a$$ gets owned by the Border Patrol! LMFAO

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joining in to spread the knowledge of the best minds in america who are genuinely concerned about the tragic direction this country's political agenda has turned into.
all for the good of future generations to include my children and grand children as well as friends ,aquaintances,loved ones and the rest of america's citizens.

Am I the only on that thinks capitalism is hindering the evolution of our species?

Am I the only on that thinks capitalism is hindering the evolution of our species?

How much time and brain power is wasted on finding ways to make a buck?

How farther ahead could our species be if we'd just give up this horrible idea of capitalism being the best thing since sliced bread?

We live in a world of plenty but insist on being selfish beings, afraid to share the abundance.

Robots and 3d printers are going to make mind numbing manual jobs non-existent.

crisis of capitalism revisited. again.

Today I have lots to do so I am going to make this brief. This post is less about my ideas than about sharing a couple of good articles I came across. They are not too long or technical but do require a few minutes of your time.

Okay, so the question is whether the last few days' happenings re the stock market and China and so forth is a premonition of a repeat of the 2008 crisis or something like it. After considering it I think not, and here's why.

Inspection- N... P? ...R

I've been unhappy with NPR for many years now. It's not just the necessary, yet tedious, day long, outright abusive, fund drives... or even the fact they now have corporate sponsorships. Might as well just take ads, and I really believe the sponsorships are one of many reasons, like partisan drive appointments to head NPR, that NPR has lost its way.
  So if my major beef with NPR isn't the fund raising, or the sponsoring, what is it?


If Israel has access to the latest satellite imagery ,capable of reading your local newspaper as you enjoy your coffee while sitting on your deck, some of the most sophisticated stealth drones in existence capable of deadly surgical strikes , an Iron Dome system that it claims is 95% accurate in its ability to destroy rockets fired at Israel and an unopposed ability to send in some of the latest and most deadly fighter bombers capable of destroying everything in their path, a legion of uncover Israel agents through out the GAZA reporting everything as it happens, WHY did it

BAD SHOTS or Agent Provocateurs

Summer of 2014 , the Palestinians under the banner of Hamas , suddenly open fire with what totalled to be over 4000 rockets aimed at Israel, giving Israel the excuse to reply with the full might of their military, which resulted in over 2200 dead, mostly Palestinian civilians , with over 500 of those being children, with another 11,000 Palestinians wounded and 100,000 Gazians left homeless. BUT out of 4000 supposed rockets fired at Israel by Hamas ,only 1 or 2 Israeli civilians were killed.


America has over 2 million 4 hundred thousand of its citizens locked in jail, more citizens jailed than the so called evil empires of China ,Russia combined .

There are over 4,575 prisons in operation in the U.S, a high percentage Corporate For Profit Prisons, more than four times the number prisons of second-place Russia at 1,029. In fact the US imprisons more than 25% of ALL the prisoners locked up in the WORLD , even though the US has only 5% of the worlds population.

CBS's misleading propaganda: “55% of Americans are invested in the Stock Market” but the top 10% own 85% of the world's wealth including stock.

“55% of Americans are invested in the Stock Market” and sadly for the 55% who are invested in the stock market, their stock market investment represents a disproportionately large portion of their meager wealth and savings compared to the rich.


American politics is a modern day tragedy, the rich subversives who run the country, have convinced Americans , through complete ownership of all the airwaves, that government is a total fiasco and now have played it to a level of idiocracy , where the only people who are listened to , are the craziest of the crazy spewing their lunacy.

"We The People" Voting is a citizen's duty.

I believe one of the personal blocks to young people voting is that we need to own up to the fact that we haven't been doing our civic duty. This is true of me. This is the first time I've registered to vote and actually intend to vote. I have a lot of feelings about my decision. I feel proud to contribute and I also feel guilty that I haven't been a part of our political process before. Historically, I wrote off my government; I disowned it.

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"Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became People."

Thom Hartmann Here with an excerpt from my book “Unequal Protection: How corporations became “people” - and how you can fight back.”