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If you love more falling bridges, pot holes, etc., send Maj. Ldr. Kevin Walsh your thanks!

Twas a few days before the month of July ran out, but House Maj. Leader, Kevin Walsh, R-CA wants to give his pals a little touch of "Christmas in July" with an early get out of town pass before the August recess is supposed to begin [in August]. But guess what's left behind, the huge transportation bill and Ex-Import bill. Take a look at this for real lame political gamesmanship. Hell, it's not even an election year.

TPP & Money: The Democratic Party has failed to police itself and will never again get my vote.

No more “yeah but, I voted “no” on my Parties unpopular legislation.”

How Carl Sagan Predicted Marijuana Legalization

How Carl Sagan Predicted Marijuana Legalization
By Tom Angell on July 27, 2015

Many marijuana enthusiasts are aware that astronomer Carl Sagan was a huge fan of cannabis, but did you know that he wagered some predictions about how legalization would roll out in his sci-fi novel “Contact”?

Will there be another race riot in Baltimore in October after those five officers are acquitted?

Maybe the police will be better equipped with riot gear this time....or maybe the National Guard will be there for the party. They've been buying up gear in preparation for that special day. And the Mayor is getting the hot seat for failing to let the police do their jobs during the first riot.

An Autobiography of a Single Mom

A thoughtful discussion of issues that affect single mothers, such as housing, the courts, education, etc. and my experience of coming from a poor background in Detroit to where I live among the wealthy in Santa Barbara, California.

Demographics can fix Social Security

There were 20 million people in the Baby Boomer generation. Our children waited longer to start families, which created a period when there were fewer people paying into Social Security than those who are receiving benefits. However, there are 49 million people in Generation X and 76 million in Generation Y. If we just get through this short term problem, Social Security will again be very viable. We need a short term fix, but the numbers will work out in the long term.

Why Republicans Hate the Export-Import Bank

My theory is that the Ex-Im Bank competes with the globaol too-big-to-fail banks, so the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is leading the push to stop supporting the bank, so its Republican-client banks get the business. It is just a theory, but it makes sense since the Republican goal is to eliminate financial competition for its biggets donors in all industries.

Also, I have also called Thom's show a few times and was cut off more than once. Your phone-interface system needs a major upgrade. Too many people get cut-off when they call.

“dumb dumb!?”: Trump may be evil, but he is mentally superior to Walker by an order of magnitude that defies human quantification.

“dumb dumb?” Really? That’s what you came up with as an insult? “dumb dumb?” I mean what’s next? Is Walker going to be in the news for getting a “boo boo?” May be gotten from falling off the swing set?

In the end, Trump may be many things, including some bad, but he doesn’t take his orders from a gold-digger and two spoiled brats.

Walker's Wisconsin is moving backward and going broke.

This from Fred Risser:

On July 7, 2015, the Wisconsin State Senate passed the 2015-2017 biennium budget. Our state budget is a statement about priorities as much as it is a fiscal document. I would like to provide you with this update on the state budget and elaborate upon the reasons I voted against it.

· Public Education/Voucher Expansion

Greed before People: Horrifying TPP to be finalized by July 31st in Hawaii.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a massive multi-country agreement being negotiated entirely in secret. It would give corporations the power to decide our laws on everything -- from access to affordable medicines to what foods we eat.

It would undermine financial reform and destabilize job markets across the globe. It would open up our local and national governments to lawsuits from corporations if we pass laws that infringe on profits.


You would not want an idiot babysitting your kids, so why are we giving bad cops a badge and a gun.

The Cult of Power vs Bernie Sanders

I keep trying to understand our unfolding national psychodrama by which even our populist movements are inauthentic, astroturf and billionaire-financed. History (the real kind rather than the stuff made from whole cloth), if only we relied more on it and people were educated or willing enough to separate fact from fantasy, explains a lot and offers guidance. At any given point in time most tend to think present day circumstances unprecedented but they aren't and we're delusional regarding many myths that have reared their ugly heads countless times in the past.

Bobby Jindal on Westboro Baptist Church.."They better not try that nonsense here"

Face the Nation, Sunday July 26, 2015

On today's "Face the Nation," host John Dickerson asked Louisiana Gov. Piyush "Bobby" Jindal about the threat by the Westboro Baptist Church to disrupt funeral services tomorrow for victims of Thursday's mass shooting at a Lafayette, Louisiana theater

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50 Years Later - it's time for Medicare "Part E!"

Fifty years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the bill that created Medicare and ensured that senior citizens would never again have to go without life-saving medical care.

And now, it’s time to reboot – and use a very, very, very simple message so all Americans can understand it.