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  • We have a crisis in the United States of America we need Leadership

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    What we're seeing today is a direct assault on Unions Democracy pensions and the FDR new deal. Wall Street devastated 401(k)s. The crash hurt most pension plans for hard-working Americans. Just the thought of taking cuts to Social Security Is an outrage. We need to have a transactions tax on Wall Street. We can use that money to make Social Security much stronger. Also use that money to help our college students who graduate with huge financial debt.

  • Big Trees, they’re not making them anymore.

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    In all seriousness, the large, old, mature trees you see now are all that we have left.  The concept of “replacement forests” or “next generation of trees” when used in reference to non-engineered mature trees is simply and wholly deluded thinking.    And probably is so even in reference to engineered trees.


  • Inspection- Jesus in a Blender

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    Celebrating both holidays, this is a repeat from last December. Sometime, maybe about 33 BC, a child was born. During those 30 odd years it is told he took a fish and a loaf and turned it into many. Then about 33 years later they executed him…


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    In my opinion, the resurrection of the Christ is not evidence of a power struggle when the man Jesus defeats death, but evidence that spiritual ‘power’ can ignore the event of death and “bodily presence” depends upon spiritual ‘power’ more than physical “fact”.

  • More on Common Core

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    I am reposting most of what I wrote on the message board here - not sure if anyone reads any of this, since my previous posts have gone un-replied to, but this is info that needs to get out - there is too much misinformation being put out by the pro-CCSS forces.

    Here are my previous posts:


  • Why doesn’t Obama say anything about billionaire Energy Traders doubling prices at the pump for the 99%?

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    For a guy who has no problem stripping the 99%’s of it’s rights he sure doesn’t use the bully pulpit much when it comes to his rich friends.


    Democrats and Republicans are a cancer on the 99% and with Hillary Clinton that cancer would claim any shred of a real Democracy we may – but probably don’t - have left.

    Happy Easter

  • Majority does not rule, study finds

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  • This is the quintessence of poetic justice.

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    Fox executive of 25 years is fired for using her company email account to raise money for families of MH370 victims

    Well we all know Fox News is not only unbalanced, but mean-spirited and always bashing liberals.

    The next part of this story is going to tickle you.

  • Common Core References

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    I hope it's OK to post a comment I made on the message board, because that's what is below:

    I am very happy you have discovered an interest in the Common Core. It is not what it claims to be, and it is not simply a matter of flawed implementation. It is not new, and it is undermining public schools. I am a career teacher in Phoenix, Arizona, and I've seen it all. Both the Republican and the Democratic Parties are deluded by a shallow, naive frame for education, based on false assumptions about how children learn, and what the role of public education is in our past and our future.


    Thom Hartmann revealed today that a caller on his daily Talk Radio program suggested that the Minimum wage should be linked to Congressional Salaries. Currently they are at $174,000. a year. A minimum wage of $10.10 would equal $21,000 a year, based on a 40 hour work week and 52 work weeks a year. This equals a Congressional Salary that, now, would be 8.2857 larger than that minimum wage. To keep the math simple, a bill should be submitted fixing the minimum wage at precisely 8.3% of Congressional Salaries.