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Shoulder -Wait!!!


Help for Thom's shoulder

Hi Thom, Right after hosting Thanksgiving dinner last November, I had severe pain in my left arm and shoulder and couldn't raise my arm without pain. My orthopedic doctor diagnosed a frozen shoulder after taking exrays (which didn't show any arthritis). He said there was nothing to do but he "reassured" me he had never seen it last longer than a year. I called a chiropractor who said, with a lot of confidence, that he could take care of it. I was skeptical but went to see him the next day. He used some kind of machine that felt like a heavy tapping on my

Thom's Shoulder

I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder (adhesive capulitis) several years ago. I was told the symptoms usually resolve themselves after 12-18 months, but the pain and limited use of my left arm really restricted my activities. I opted for treatment.

Locked up shoulder


was listening to your lament about your shoulder and felt I might be able to offer a few ways to get some relief.

1. Don't get too loaded up on NSAID's. All these do is mask pain and add scar tissue to an injury if there is one.

2. Warm soak in a whirlpool preceded by a ice pack on the are that hurts worst. Idea is to flush out the bad stuff and that what this promotes. An hour is more than enough to do some good.

3. Massage by a well trained therapist can help get the range of motion back and maybe help to determine exctly what the issue is.

Help for Thom's shoulder


Frozen Shoulder

I too had frozen shoulder after cervical spine surgery about 12 years ago. For whatever reason my shoulder started going bad...maybe the inactivity as it was a fairly long recovery. But it just got worse and worse. The sports medicine doc had me in physical therapy and seemed a bit better at times but finally succumbed to the cortisone shot...which didn't work. My guage was whether or not I could do a "snow angel" on the floor...which I couldn' took a chance on the injection. When it didn't work...they finally found that I had a scar tissue build up in my

Your Shoulder is Probably Psychologically Caused

When you are in front of the computer, you may be creating tension in your body that you are working against to accomplish the task instead of "going with the flow." This tension is often initiated by feelings of hurriedness or reticence toward the activity at hand.

For a more labored and elaborate explanation see below (includea a rexation therapy suggestion)

posse comitatus

Republican Party

In listening to your commentary it seems appropriate to mention that in 2004 two weeks before the presidential election Jerry Falwell gave a interview that I read buried in the newspaper (I think it was the San Fransico chronical). He said that 30 years ago (from 2004) they had began taking over the republican party and that this was the year that they were going to bring it home. It seems that he was right (no pun intended).

It seems that we forget the "moral majority's" and the New American Century's agenda and the success that they have had.

your shoulder

Massage - especially Structural Relief Therapy and some energy work like acupressure potent points, or accupuncture.. an Osteopath that does structural manipulation and tumeric, tumeric, tumeric- I make a tincture/ slurry of tumeric its an awesome anti inflamiatory that suppoprts all major organs instead of damaging them, just pour vodka two parts to one part tumeric. It is amazing and beautiful. rinse your mouth or brush teeth immediately after unless you like the color

shoulder problems


I have had physical therapy called Jones "Strain-Counter Strain"

The theory is to get the blood flowing to the injured spot, again, and retraining the brain.

The group '360 Physical Therapy' in Vancouver Wa. 360-573-2266

The main therapist is Ike Anunciato.

I had a neck injury that hurt for 20 yrs. I had acupuncture, massage and chiro to try to cure it. The pain was eliminated on the first visit and the process was the most relaxing treatment I have ever had. The pain was perminently gone after a few visits.

Frozen Shoulder

I am one to let the body heal itself if possible. Cortisone has many negative side affects although it could be necessary.

There is a good article on if you go to his search and type in frozen shoulder.

Also from a personal standpoint, I work as much as possible on the non-medical side and usemedical as a last resort. What about chirorpractic or even a session with a physical therapist to find out what exercises are best and safe and to lead you gently through rehabilitation on your own?

frozen shoulder

I had this a few years back. I was fortunate enough to be living in The Netherlands. I am a retired Occupational Therapist, and had the best therapy in Europe that I had ever seen.

Transfer Mother Earth to Critical Care (ICU) STAT

Transfer Mother Earth to Critical Care (ICU) STAT

I work in the medical field.

"Disaster in the Gulf" - Discover how to whitewash Oil Geysers

Subtitled "a race against time", but none of the footage shows anybody that looks like they're in any kind of hurry to do anything except talk.

It's a little strange seeing all this footage from the early days (apparently being taken by the Discovery Channel folks all along) when the news media was having such a difficult time getting interviews; answers; access to areas or footage.

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