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The Decitizenizaton Of Americans; Part One

We know that 46.2 million Americans are listed as poor in this country. For those who argue that the War On Drugs is a failure, for The Powers That Be, this is an indication that they won the war.

Expect that if anyone digs further, a good percentage of these 46 million have been trapped by felony convictions. Ever since the mid-1980's, when crack flooded the poor parts of America, a felony drug prosecution became one of the easier adjudications to do. In the process, potential future leadership is permanently decitizenized

GREEN CRIME: Obama Spent Nearly $17.2 Billion to Create Only 3,545 Green Jobs… Or a Staggering $4.8 Million Per Job


Geekey Science Gold

Actually, that gold in the center of the earth can make it to the surface.

If Obama were an HST Democrat…

If Obama was a Democrat in the vein of Harry S. Truman, he would have used the Jobs bill to throw down the gauntlet to the Republicans.

$1 Billion goes directly to each congressional district and the District of Columbia with $14B into a pool. ($450B)

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Fair Treatment of 9/11 Truth Seekers by UK's The Guardian

Hope that I am not violating something by copying and pasting...but this piece is one of the first works that has treated one aspect of the 9/11 attacks and us 9/11 Truth Seekers fairly well. Its only been 10 years. The PICS have not made it through and when you see a name standing alone, there IS a PIC of that person just above in the original article...rdh

Obama demonstrating Oligarchs can get what they want by supporting him, not Republicans.

please no more excuses for Obama's behavior

Weiner’s Seat in Democratic District goes Republican with Turner – Obama still doesn’t get it.

F**K Oprah and her Canadian Tar Sand Oil!

The following is from an action report by CREDO:

China wins bids to Oil Fields in Afghanistan - US Media fails to report it.

So now the troops remaining in Afghanistan are providing protection to Chinese OIl companies.

Pretty Poppies, Poison Apples, and Dr. Oz

"Alas for you lawyers, doctors of the law." is my favorite Bible quote. This Good Mourning America's Mad-Man attorney tried to humiliate Dr. Oz and confuse the apple issue with science he doesn't even understand. It is time lawyers are put back in their place on the totem which is BELOW doctors, the healers.

To Hell With Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi ought to be ashamed of herself for the job she pulled with Anthony Weiner. What horrible, egregious, anti-American act did Mr. Weiner commit that prevented him from doing his job? The guy is a flirt, and probably narcissistic. He’s also respected for the job he did as a congressman.

Lights going out in Germany

It's increasingly difficult not to suspect that the ultimate vision of "progressivism" is that we should live in caves, die of hunger, and chop down trees for warmth:

Nev. bellwether: Bad news for Dems

Nev. bellwether: Bad news for Dems
By: Molly Ball

Here's why this New Apostolic, Dominionist or Reconstructionist pseudo-evangelical movement is so dangerous

Sorry for the delay, it's been a rough couple weeks. The second hurricane took out my cable in the flooding, and I was seriously beginnning to wonder before the internet was restored. I had TV and phone for days without Net, though the same craporation supplies the same signal...

The American Government should Buy American

Thom had a 3 part plan to return a manufacturing base to American shores. His third point, enforce a provision that requires governmental entities to "Buy American", is so obvious one wonders why are we not doing that already?

Sure conservatives would cry that this is big government nanny state politics, squandering tax dollars on over paid (Un-employed) American workers. But the Military alone spends almost 2 Billion dollars every single day. Spending that money in America, even if it costs more to

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Can Food Preparation Conveyor Belt Plastic Make Your Baby Fat?

According to a new study published in the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, Benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP), a chemical commonly used in the food manufacturing process, can increase fat storage in the body even before birth.