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We Need To End Free Trade Now

In order to get our Hard Working Americans back to work we need to End all Free Trade Legislation (MFN,WTO,NAFTA) Now.This would mean putting Tariffs on all Imports which would create a Demand in the USA and all of those who have been reaping the benefits of Supply Side Economics for the last 25 years will become Entrepreneurs.There is a Petition at this link ( ) that I hope you will all read and if you agree please sign the Petition."We the People" have to start somewhere to change our Economy and by signing this Grassroots Petition i


I asked a co-worker to supply me with a few examples, as Thom asked a while back, of Republican legislation directed at supporting or helping the middle class. He came in this morning with Reagan signing the 1981 tax act....the 2005 transportation equity act and a bipartician "combating autism" act from 2006.....stunning. I did put him at considerable disadvantage when I insisted Rush, Glenn, and Shawn were not legitimate sources.

Dr. Chuck still has it wrong!

In my never ending quest to subject myself to torture, I watched Dr. Charles Stanley last Saturday night just to see what his latest cause celebre was. If you aren't familiar with the esteemed minister some facts are in order. He runs a church that has over 14,000 members. His wife of 44 years divorced him a decade or so ago because he'd been ignoring her (her own words) and cited a broken marriage. Maybe that's why he doesn't preach too much about marriage any more. [g]

Presidential Elections with Both a Popular Vote and Federalism

The two worst things about the Electoral College are the use of the unit rule (which isn't in the Constitution, and which Nebraska, at least, doesn't follow) and the fact that every state gets two extra votes, thereby giving voters in low-population states more influence.

Thom needs to write a basic civics primer for high school kids

My high school civics class was uninspired, dull, irrelevant, boring, and did nothing to prepare me a a responsible voter in our democracy, which is now in jeopardy from oligarchic corporatists. Civics class, which should be the crux of a citizen's education in order to understand the nature and uniqueness of this democracy, has become something that the right would like to drown in a bathtub. Thom, we need you to develop a text book, an accessable and relevant textbook that relates the real world and its socioeconomic events in such a way as to inspire our youngsters to want to

St. Ronald does some slippin' and slidin'

A couple of newsy items caught my eye over the past few days. One, which may have an affect on them climate change deniers like the ever intelligent Jim Inhofe the senator from the great state of Oklahoma. And that was the news from an inquiry panel from downtown Holland. A Dutch inquiry into the UN's climate science panel has found "no errors that would undermine the main conclusions" on probable impacts of climate change. I don't know if this will change Inhofe's mind, probably not, but it was interesting to note that the news made it to the crawl on Fox News. This gave me hope.

Teaching of religion in publicly funded schools

I think that if the various religions of the world want to teach their belief in our schools, they need to pay for it like Coke and Pepsi did as they invested in American obesity in the '90s. Let these religious outfits pay the schools to teach this stuff, and reduce the taxes for the rest of us

Paycheck Economics

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Good Thom

Hi Thom I recently discovered you on free speech TV and found it interesting that we are so on the same page ... in fact yours is the only blog i ever joined... I am 62yrs retired college instructor and counselor... we even have our up bringing in common in that we were raised by Republcans only my parents were likely more rednecked ... I now write and dabble in physics, phliosophy, and art I've written a Play "American Dark Age: Ghosts from the Darkness" ...

Let's be real about Afghanistan

If "we" are going to continue to support Israel, the oil tyrants, and the drug lords, not only do we need to stay in Afghanistan, we need to invade Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Somalia, and the entire gulf region. We need to call up the reserves and National Guard. We need to bring back the draft. We need to hire a million, maybe two million, maybe ten million mercenaries.

Should We Let Money Be the Greatest Good?

Pure energy, like money, its material equivalent, is shaped into matter and experience by thought. It can be used to lift up or smash down, to build character or destroy character, to express love or express hate, to beautify or make ugly. (From: We Create Our Own Reality )

Conspiracy by Consensus

July 5

A Capital Idea Part 16: Conspiracy by Consensus

Today's topic regards not so much an actual conspiracy, as a de facto one that applies to what one might call "average everyday millionaires." Next time, I will discuss what may be an actual conspiracy involving certain weathy families in the United States, but for now, I will discuss cognitive laziness and sheeplike behavior which create a troubling status quo which is difficult to fix.

Iraqi lawyer seeks asylum

I recently sent the following email to Dean Thomas Mengler of the University of St. Thomas School of Law. The local Tackling Torture at the Top group has been protesting there for several years. Robert Delahunty, while in the Office of Legal Counsel, co-wrote several memos with John Yoo, some of which still remain secret. Most notable of those released to the public is a Jan. 9, 2002, memo which said the Geneva Conventions did not apply to al Qaeda and Taliban detainees.

class warfare has begun

Some “conservatives” have said that we can’t afford Social Security. One reason may be that our government has been spending one third of the Social Security revenue on other programs since Ronald Reagan. The share of taxes paid by corporations and the wealthy is now half of what it was in the 1980’s.

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We Need to Listen to the Founders and Stop the Forever War.

Just a little over a year ago during his speech at the National Defense University here in Washington, D.C., President Obama talked about winding down Bush’s War on Terror. But as American bombers continue to strike against ISIS in Iraq and now Syria, it now looks like the War on Terror will be with us for years to come. And that’s a really dangerous thing for our democracy.