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...unemployed socialist writer, "will work for food;"


..."democratic socialism," should be a consideration of all

CNBC and Solyndra

Three times now CNBC has failed to mention any complicity of George W Bush with the Solyndra debacle. Yesterday on the "Closing Bell", this morning twice while talking with a Hubbard (Mitt Romney man) and Oran Hatch on Squawk Box.. Even after I sent Joe Kernen an email advising him of his exclusions. Fair and balanced NOT! I believe that he and Rick Santelli need to seek employment at FOX.

What about Palestinian statehood?

Here we are on the verge of a historic UN vote and the US and Israel stand arm in arm alone against the entire human race. What is the progressive position I wonder.

For all of you dirty socialists out there...

You probably already know this but for those who don't, I identify the real socialists in this country. Hint - it ain't you...

Ralph Nader -- You will be a huge negative influence in the election next election and people will die if you run -- stay the hell out of it!



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Our Modest Writer Revealed

Ah ha! Leighmf—you've not bragged enough about yourself! (That is you, right? And I mean "modest" as in humble.)

How lucky we are to have this fine writer among us!

I thought I recognized something in you. Anytime you want to give a critique, feel free. I need all the help I can get. :-)

(with hopes I have not embarrassed you.)

Troy Davis

A white cop is shot dead. Several people are in the area. It's almost dark. The real killer steps up and fingers an innocent bystander, who happens to be a black man, Troy Anthony Davis. This bystander is arrested, and charged with the murder. He is then convicted by an all-white jury and sentenced to death.

The Underwire

The Underwire by leighmf, on the present state of underwear

To be the target of desire,
must I be gouged with underwire?
Girls, does this make any sense?
Such ideas came from whence?

Why not push-ups in men's wear?
Padded pants at which we'd stare?
Underwire each boxer and brief,
torpedo-size the Commander in Chief!


Health Care

Tax all employed individuals at the rate of 3%, and create a public sector health care option. If every employed person from age is required to contribute, everyone can have coverage. This would create a "right" to health care and for every right their should be a responsibility. That responsibility should be to take care of your health. Those who intentionally impact their health negatively (smokers, alcoholics, obease) should pay an additional 1% into this fund. We force people to buy car insurance, so why not health insurance.

A Historical Perspective

Bill Bergman

Ain't it great to see news instead of feeling like your being fed BULL****?

Lets Have Class Warfare

There should be no surprise when President Obama says that the wealthiest among us should pay their fair share in taxes that the right is sent crying class warfare with a truly remarkable quickness. Fact is these guys are just rotten shills, bought and paid for political hookers looking out for their oligarchs. No surprises, this is the way of things. These Tea Party sons of bitc

Job-killing tax cuts

Wake up Liberals! The GOP mantra of "job-killing taxes" is pure bunk. In fact, it is really just the opposite. Job-killing tax cuts take money away from infrastructure and other worthwhile, job-creating projects and leaves more money in the hands of the "job creators', as styled by our Republican friends. This is good, they say because these are the people that create new jobs. Well, it turns out that is absolutely true. They do indeed create jobs . . . in China, India and elsewhere but not in the good old USA!

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CEO's Putting Profits Before Country Are Un-American

If I declared right now that I won't be paying any taxes until the U.S. government lowers my taxes to a "fair rate", I'd almost certainly be arrested for tax evasion.