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Citigroup Pays $285 Million in Morgtage Bond Settlement

Who says the banks never pay out settlements? Now, who do you think will make up for the lost profits next year?

great sign at OWS

saw this there and thought it was worth sharing...

--Matt in Albuquerque

greatest sign at OWS


I was there last week and saw this and thought it was worth sharing.

Matt in Albuquerque

The Revolution Started Without Me

Thom - I love your show & listen all the time. I just received this from a friend who went to Occupy Wall St. It is excellent! Maybe you could read it on the air and even better, interview Jack Random. It would be a great interview!

The Revolution Started Without Me: Occupying Wall Street

Just saying....

I find it hilarious and ironic that the only viable (electable) republican candidate is a Mormon. How many conservatives who wouldn't vote for Obama because they didn't believe he was a christian will gladly vote for the Mormon candidate this time around? So does this mean it really wasn't a "christian" thing with these folks but really a "black" thing?


And here at Thom Hartmann member blogs, the silence is deafening. You bloody fools.

This from today's "Democracy Now"

Auto bailouts - please help answer this question.

I had a heated debate with a conservative family member about the auto bailouts. He told me that Obama gave away the farm to the UAW, and left the shareholders with nothing. He said that if it had been handled as a regular bankruptcy, the judge would have split the assets more fairly amongst the workers AND the shareholders. He is convinced that after Obama is out of office, that there will be a major lawsuit and that Obama will lose. I know that my relative is a big fan of Bill O'Reilly and Mark Levin. I'm guessing that this is where he heard it.

Rising Numbers of Harbor Seal Deaths - Northeast

Thom- this may be something to cover in your science news.

“99% movement will only make Obama a better President” BARF!!

It is only going to change the content of his speeches.

Anna Hazari is correct: Address the CORRUPTION in its totality

The activist Anna Hazari who tried to conduct a public fast in protest of corruption throughout India was correct -- the issue is CORRUPTION.

If certain people have disgustingly absent morals or low ethical codes of conduct, I guess that is their personal business -- EXCEPT WHEN THEY ARE DOING THE PEOPLE'S BUSINESS AND TAKING/RECEIVING/CONTROLLING THE PEOPLE'S RESOURCES, LABOR, MONEY.

1st line of defence

My call goes out to all Vetern's and Military personal ! Being a " MARINE " from the 60's I feel I have a right to do this. I ask all my brothers and sisters to stand behind the 99%'s. We take the same oath as the Police do " to protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. Maybe they will think about that, if we were on the front line where we should be. Well this time it's a Domestic enemy. So lets get to it and show our presence and support. " SEMPER FI " your a Marine until the day you die.

Recon/Sp.Ops. ICOR. 66 thru 68

Obama’s Immigration record clearly in service to Private Prison System.

The abuse of his Secure Communities policy.

America Ambassador to Canada

Today in a speech the America Ambassador to Canada told a meeting of Canadian Businessmen to buy America. This was purely a political move on his part . Obama has made it clear to the people of the USA to buy America. Im a Canadian . In 2009 Canada and USA had a open policy too trade with each other. Canadian politicians did not take well to this speech in Canada. Many have now are rethinking the partnership Canada has with the USA with regards to TRADE and Security . For years Canada has been a push toy for the US Government .

Lying, cheating, stealing and taking advantage of People doesn’t make you a real success.

And that’s true of politics as well as business

Wall Street Clean Up

From a political perspective, the Occupy Wall Street movement generates one of two responses. One side, Democrats, whines that the protestors don’t have a clear set of demands. The other side, Republicans, slams the protestors for somehow being simultaneously a mob of old, dirty hippies and a mob of privileged, ungrateful college kids in designer jeans.

Republicans Don't Want To Answer Questions

During a heated confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill last week, Georgia Congressman Tom Price - Donald Trump's pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services - refused to say whether or not he would support cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.