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WORDS MATTER-Lets Be Careful what we call things!

Just a thought about Words and sound bites......we (Progressives) need to resist the corporate media way of referring to the "Bush Tax Cuts". This links Bush to Tax cuts, and most citiizens have bought in to the false conclusion that tax cuts stimulate the economy. Rather, we need to start referring to this sunset deadline as what it is...................the "George Bush Automatic Tax Increase" Certainly it starts to make th

Pumpkin Papers, Halloween Banks & Birds of the West Indies

New findings in the Kryder Estate show that the rolls of microfilm used to "railroad" (in his own words) Alger Hiss were removed from the pumpkin on Frank Kryder's birthday, 12/02/1948. Findings in the pumpkin propelled Richard M. Nixon into the political spotlight.

When did TRUTH become a four-letter word?

There is proof way beyond reasonable doubt surrounding the official story we all received to explain the events of 9/11. With a blue ribbon commission appointed by the administration, that was completely incompetent in defending our country despite countless warnings, instead of anything that resembled our American Justice System. Dismissed largely as "Conspiracy Nuts", the groups meeting all over the world yesterday for 9/11 Truth have made a very precise argument: The World Trade Centers could NOT have went into a free-fall due to fire. They make this argument ba

30 Year Income Divergence

Often Thom talks about the growth of income divergence of the last 30 years between the super-wealthy and everyone else. But seeing the graphs and charts showing this makes it crystal clear. Open this slideshow created by Catherine Mulbrandon. It shows what has been happening the last 3 decades.

The True Terrorists

September 11, 2010

My Letter to Senator Feingold

I had the opportunity of attending the kickoff to the Fighting Bob Fest last night here in Madison, WI. It was a great priviledge to see Mr. Hartmann speak, but I was left with a little disappointment. The whole evening felt a little more like a rally for Sen.

Increasing poverty. An issue?

A day or so ago I posted here on my blog a commentary entitled “Not the middle class again, please.” (If you haven't read it please do. It would boost my ego considerably).

Our rights as Americans

Dear Thom et al,

This may be off topic. However, with all the debate over individual rights and who is taking what away from who these thoughts came to mind;

What's wrong with our country

What's wrong with our country is that we've been focusing on the temporal instead of the eternal. What's eternal is Love, which is the creative principle.Our thoughts are the creative principle in action. Thoughts are energy waves. Thoughts manifest in two forms, love or not love, and which ones we experience depends on the purpose of thought. In other words we see what we want to see.

Girl Scouts breed "pro-abortion" lesbians, says Republican

Yeah, I know, it sounds like an "Onion" headline but I can't make this stuff up. It's too funny and deadly serious at the same time. Well not completely serious, I mean, really? Well sometimes when we say something, even years ago, it comes back to bite us right smack dab on the tush. Seems that Hans Zeiger, a Republican who hopes to join Washington State's House of Representatives had said it and is scrambling to erase any evidence of his statement before it gets out. Too late Hans (is that even an American name?? sounds a little Nazi-ish to me.)

Stop loss soldiers can still make a claim for pay!

Dear Friend,

Did you know that $324 million in retroactive pay remains available for thousands of troops who were involuntarily kept on duty after September 11, 2001? I want to make sure every eligible service man and woman receives this compensation that they have earned and deserve.

Suppressed evidence showing CIA indoctrination of Obama


Pres. Obama is a 'Manchurian candidate' (or 'Trojan horse') as a Democrat-label facade containing a rightwing center of gravity, built up and developed in him from childhood through his formative years. This is the assessment of him by those who see him in fuller context of his biographical details, (presented in what follows).

What it means to be a Liberal

Is Liberal Really A Dirty Word – It Has Seven Letters!

Bernie Sanders is Full of It!

Bernie Sanders is on Thom's show right now making excuses for Obama. I can't take this anymore. Obama is not stupid. He is just another corporate Joe who lied to us. Now the President is in trouble and is appealing, again, to his dwindling base.

Senator Sanders has no real power; like most Democrats; he would not know what to do with it if he had any real pull. The Democrats in general are like a bunch of chickens. This whole situation disgusts me. So many people are suffering for no good reason. And weak-kneed apologists like Bernie Sanders are not helping.

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Is George Zimmerman Right?

It's time to listen to George Zimmerman. Seriously, and I'll explain in a minute.