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Maybe The Peace Communities Will Show Up This Time...

My sensibilities instruct me to accept that in one way or another the progressive-left will, at the hand of Obama, loose this battle for the TAX GIFT FOR THE RICH...inspite of Bernie's heroics last Friday. So, is there a lining in this frustratingly dark cloud? I think so....but ONLY if the Peace Communities show up for the upcoming battle surrounding any reduction in the fiscal budget. Certainly that is only IF the republicans, and their latest ROVEoffspring-the Tea Party, do what they say they would do...balance the budget.

Sod the Republicans

We know about the Republicans now. We can absolutely trust them to consistantly be for the wrong things, and totally opposed to the right things. Therefore, we Democrats should essentially write them off as irrelevant at best, and at worst, destructively un-American.

The Middle Class Movement

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Free Speech TV

Recently I called in to the Thom Hartmann radio talk show to discuss 911. I was immediately told on the phone that: "we do not discuss 911," then she immediately hung up. How can you call yourself "Free Speech TV," and ignore discussing 911? I would think that since the mainstream media does no

Senator Sanders owes Thom an apology.

During this morning's broadcast .Thom mentioned the fillibuster Senator Sanders was engaged in and after I turned on CSPAN2 I never got back to Thom's show.

Wouldn't a Senate with more than 1 Bernie Sanders make you sleep well???

The Republican HOLY GRAIL

Obama says the tax break for the rich is their Holy Grail. So Why are we giving The HOLY GRAIL to them for peanuts in return???? ----DON'T DO IT---- It is the HOLY GRAIL. They are desperate because their donors want this as payback for their donatations to their election. Expose them! Don"t make them stronger. They will only demand more from us.

We will get by with less if needed.

Thank You,

David Hanks

When Is An Idea More Important than a Sandwich?

As a long time liberal, I find myself in a funny position. I have thrown my earpiece a few times this morning and yesterday trying to listen to my favorite Thom. When I first heard of Obama and the republicans coming up with this "plan" I was disgusted like about 50% (check the polls friends) of my philisophical compatriots. Then I listened to the big O press conference and I changed my mind and heart.


Rather than a $350 billion tax break for the rich… increase Social Security benefits by 25%. The cost would be the same. You'd directly benefit 20% of the population (instead of 1%), and immediately stimulate the economy.

At issue: Most Scientists in America are Democrats

According to this article at (<a href="">link</a>) The majority of scientists in America are Democrats.

On the surface that may not sound like such a bad thing, or a surprising thing. Liberals tend to be fact based as opposed to conservatives who get their information from Fox or the right wing echo chamber.

December 10 -- Human Rights Day

Today is International Human Rights Day, a day commemorating the United Nations General Assembly’s passage of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

In its third “Whereas” clause, the Declaration encourages codification of these human rights into law. It reads, “Whereas it is essential, if man [sic] is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law.”

Out sourcing.....

We often listen to your show and watch you on RT. We are very unhappy with the state of politics and the employment situation . I would like you to consider starting a movement for us ordinary people in the USA that will start boycotting companies that have and are outsourcing jobs to the China, Philippine’s, India etc.

Charles Krauthammer's Commentary Dec 10, 2010

Please read, and then think about why President Obama wants this Tax Plan.

Bernie Sanders

I called Senator Sanders office in Burlington, Vt. to complement the Senator on his filibuster and ask where I might send money to his coffers. The address for that is: Friends of Bernie Sanders, P.O. Box 391, Burlington, Vt. 05402

Draft Robert Kennedy Jr. ...if Obama continues to drive himself into the ditch on the other side of the road...

If "One Term Barrack" continues to drive himself into his self-dug political ditch by dismissing his base, then enough of the base will not be there to reelect him in 2012. Thus, he most likely will not win a second term as its hard to postulate that independents are gonna flock to his side. BUT far more important to us, the Progressive Movement may suffer a significant setback.

Disappointed. No change.

I have watched Obama go from someone who channeled Kennedy with lofty ideals and a vision for a grand new awakening in America during his campaign to a gutter king after it, trying seek the lowest level of the most strident right-wing Republicans, those who live in the muck and sewage of their hateful self-serving hypocritical conservatism.

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