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Kathy Nickolaus county clerk from Waukesha County, WI accused of 'irregularities' again in crucial Alberta Darling recall

Went out to Brad's blog last night and it looks like Kathy fixed the election. She didn't get her results in until after midnight. The Democratic party called her on 'irregularities' then Mike Tate said an hour later that Kathy would not be investigated. I figured it out - it would take 2,700 votes (3% of total) to swing the election either way.

Brad's Blog article:

Crosby & Nash Video Addresses Nuke Issues

A new video based on the song "Don't Dig Here" re-opens the conversation about nuclear issues in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.

E-Mail to Republican relatives

I need a concise and orderly timeline of factual accounts through the last 100 years (or more), showing all the financial and social ups and downs that the United States has gone through.

Heartland Institute is a member of ALEC and a 501c3

Thom, heard your guy from the Heartland Institute on the program today, and this evening while browsing I see the Heartland Institute pop up on their list of members. I suggest that the next time you have one of their members on your program you ask them about how they can maintain a non-profit status AND be a member of the politically active ALEC group? In fact, you will probably find a number of your right wing guests to be members, and it will be fun to hear their explinations as to why they are members and what they get out of it.

Is it child abuse to perpetuate the official narrative about how the United States was attacked on September 11, 2001?

This indirect reference to Hour 2 of the Thom Hartmann Program that aired on 3/16/10 (“Is it child abuse to homeschool your children with books from Bob Jones University?”) is not gratuitous. I would suggest that there is a perfect analogy between the anti-scientific zeal with which adherents promote (their version of) the Creation story and the anti-scientific zeal with which otherwise rational people (including most progressives) lash out publicly at so-called “conspiracy theorists” who try to point out the glaring logical flaws in the official 9/11 narrative.

The People of Taiwan Must be Environmentalists

Some people I know have expressed an interest in what life in Taiwan is like. Frankly, I hardly know where to start, or how to fit in various personal issues. Thus, I decided to start with my humorous take on Taiwan Culture.

The people of Taiwan must be environmentalists, because most of them live directly above their businesses, so they don't need to use gasoline going to and from work, and when they do drive, most of them drive gas efficient, little scooters.

So ... Joe Wilson was right??

You Lie!!

Wilson's shouted comment was in response to Obama's claim that none of the ObamaCare dollars & treatment would flow to illegal immigrants.

You'll never guess...

Right wing good for police training

More riots in England now that the Tory party are in charge once more, 1979 saw them take over from Labour and in 1981 there was the Brixton riots which still make people shudder. Rodney King was beaten and riots broke out under Bush senior.

Rumor: Wisconsin Teacher's Union owns their insurance provider??

Got this in an email today. Can anyone deny or verify?

Please look at Greg Palast last posting. Thanks

I caught a glimps of Mr. Palast name in the lower right of me screen and caught it before it left. It lead me to a store that is Greg Palast. Must read.

Why not start with Apple

With Apple poised to be a trilion dollar company why doesnt Steve Jobs get the ball rolling and open a factory here in America. Sure we may have to pay $10-15 more for products but we would have jobs. China is thriving because not only do they work at the factories but they purchase items made in China perpetuating the growth. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates want to leave 90% of their money when they pass, why not open a factory now and create a legacy. Some one has to start this and I would like to challenge a company that can afford to be here. Steve Jobs are you listening!

Thom & me

If I were younger than Thom, I might be a clone of his. But I'm not ...

why do poor & middle class continue to vote republican agenda?


I have tried to comprehend why so many of the poor and middle class continue to vote as republicans. To do so is suicidal from an economic standpoint since the republican agenda is not in the best interests of either class (e.g. resulting in higher taxes and loss of both educational, medicaid, medicare and social security benefits as well, etc.).

Wasting Time Standing in Line at the Post Office

With all respect, I am not wasting my time standing in line at my post office. I am supporting a union worker and keeping up on what's going on in our community.

I belonged to several unions when I worked at Southern Pacific Railroad. We got good pay, up to five weeks vacation, good medical benefits, sick pay, personal leave days, and berheavement days. Younger people stare in disbelief when I share this with them. rg

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