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The Decline of the Family

According to historian Paul Johnson, many analysts of American society consider the decline of the family and of family life — and the growth in illegitimacy — to be the decisive single development in America during the second half of the 20th century.

The latest adventures of our Labor Secretary aiding Black Market Labor

Protecting the Rights of Illegal WorkersSometimes Big Government DOES have the staff to deal with illegal John Hayward09/01/2011

Why a Republican President wouldn't be so bad.

Obviously, I am thoroughly dissatisfied with the lack of support from our president for labor, as well as for numerous progressive items that he has seen fit to ignore. We all know about these issues, but are reticent to talk about the absolute apathy to our causes.

Dear Lord, the Weather!

Dear Lord, the Weather!

by leighmf

God speaks in the weather, Schieffer,
I'll answer for Michelle.
Because Dulles Burns Texas,
bad-OSS men on Good befell.

For what's been done to planet earth
by engineers of Hell,
we'd best have a closer look
at everything Bechtel.

Would you argue with the air,
rushing creeks of phosphate foam,
mountains with their heads blown off,
the DuPont death of fertile loam?

Labor Day 2011: Let's Not Forget The Past

Like many, I have spent some time reflecting on Labor Day and what it has meant to me and my family over the year and how the state of labor in this country has changed over the course of my life time.

Rahm Emanuel defends decision to cancel 4 percent teacher raises

Rahm Emanuel defends decision to cancel 4 percent teacher raises

Obama undermines air pollution laws then goes out to survey storm damage.

think he realizes there is a connection? that he cares about relative to the money he's getting?

From moving on

Mitch McConnel is responsible for Zero Job Growth

When McConnel made his Notorious statement regarding the reelection of President Obama, he fully disclosed the alegence of the Republican Party; not to their constituents but to the Corporations (people) and Grover Norquist (America's Vidkum Quisling). The President needs to recognize the fact that he deals not with a bi-partisan congress but instead a group of loosely knit Democrats and a team of Conquering Hord Republicans. He needs to deal with them the way a farmer does his bull. Never turn your back on him and if he gets out of line, whack him hard to show him wh

long rant

Socially responsible capitalism, I imagine, might become a formidable armada in the sea of social life, able to sink the pirates of empire whose warships are now buffeted on the swell and ebb of unnavigable shallows.

Obama: Screw Labor and the Environment that supports it.

Immelt appointment, Secret Loans, Disregard for Clean Air, etc. I haven’t seen this kind of contempt for the American Masses since Bush.


Florida Secretary of State Should Be Fired Instantly

Chaos is being created by the Florida Secretary of State's Office with the filings of The Scrigna Brothers which lack required documentation, besides the fact that any dope would know that Sundown Scrigna could not possibly be an officer of The Walt Disney Company and Google Inc.

Shameless fool Obama's flagship Green-energy job creator files for Bankruptcy.

I guess, Oblahblah should have given them the same amount of assistance as he did the Auto manufacturers.

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