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The shills for each party insist that they "know" how tax cuts impact federal revenue. The trouble is: They offer two differing points of view on it.

Now, it isn't very complicated: Either tax cuts reduce revenue, are revenue neutral, or add to revenue. Simple enough, right?

Then why can't we citizens find out the FACT? Why can one economist shill say one thing convincingly and another say just the opposite just as convincingly?

THOM: Have a show devoted to PROVING THE FACT.

Florida Recount for Gore?

Thom mentioned on Friday that the New York times had reported that Gore would have won the election and thus Bush's presidency was illegitimate. I did a google search and found multiple articles from the New York Times that stated that using the rules the Gore camp set up, Bush still would have won the recount and thus the Supreme Court did not elect George Bush as so many on the left have spouted for the past 10 years. Thom you are an intelligent man, but not an honest one. I'm surprised that no one in

Ethical Dilemma

I would like to discuss an ethical dilemma I believe ties the liberal mind into a paralyzing mobius loop.

Preposition A: Liberals believe that Homosexuality is genetic. True/False?

Preposition B: Liberals believe a womens right to "choose" is hers and hers alone? True/False?

Hypothetical given Prepositions A & B are True: Scientists in the near future fully map Human DNA and find the gene that enables Homosexuality. A woman can abort her child on the basis of it being homosexual with no preconditions or impediment?

The U.S.A. is the Worlds largest Exporter.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) today issued its World Trade Report 2010, an annual publication that offers definitive statistics on international trade. In recent months, media reports have widely described China as the world’s largest exporter, but today’s report indicates that the United States remained the world’s largest expo



Jesse Ventura MSNBC

Thom, Community,,,

Thom Hartmann is my Favorite radio program on WCPT

Stephanie is very entertaining , but no different than Rush , except for the gay part

Ed Schultz - sounds a lot like Rush - he gets very emotional, but the mere fact he stays , maintains on MSNBC

tells me one thing, He's a yes -man !

I just read 3 of Jesse Ventura's books, He is my hero

MSNBC signed him to a 3yr contract 3 - 5 million?

And he only did 2-3 shows? It was too much for MSNBC ?

Wage Increase For Social Security

This is a GOOD one !

My Mother , an Extreme Reagan Loving Obama HATING Republican just turned 65...

Is now getting Soc. Sec. Medicare / Caid

Wants an increase or raise in her social security?!?

I've already told her that, in order to make me proud of her, she needs to reject SS Medicare / Aide

I think that got deleted, she wants to be a republican and socialist but incognito?

Now how can I tell her without dis-owning me that she is no different than the welfare grabbers that she ABHORS ?

Kinda like a water-cooler war?


Guilty Gadgets, or Say Good-bye to Shame?

I don't have a cell phone anymore. All I wanted was one that I could use for emergencies—you use the time, and then you buy more time, or throw it out and get a new one. However, it doesn't exist, at least not one that would let you go a whole year without having to buy more time; all of them, it seems so far, need you to buy more time at three months. So I said forget it.

It's just so embarrassing, though. Recently, I had to call my son from the airport, so I had to use the public pay phone. Gosh I felt like a miserable luddite!

Finance Reform

Doesn't anyone else believe we need campaign finance reform immediately? We need to make citizenship more of a participatory action rather than a subliminal corruption via advertising. If everyone knew the parties would debate every Sunday, or every other Sunday, or the first Sunday of the month, probably for the 6 months leading up to the election, it would be more of a "citizens" day for all to participate in.

Environmentalists should know the constitution when they talk about the constitution

Never let it be said that I ignore it when other liberals say really stupid things.

This question comes up in my mind very often. How about you?

For those people who express and act on their desire to dismantle the organization

of our government (starve the beast) I ask this question. What is the difference between a hostile

foreign invader group and those who infiltate the existing system (of thought and the structures

produced by it) with the express purpose of dismantling it for their own reasons?

It seems that under the cloak of patriotism and secrecy, the spear headers have launched a most effective

Climate Crisis

Thanks for all you and Sen. Sanders do to educate and encourage activism. With the BP oil spill in the Gulf and now China's oil pipe on their golden pebble tourism beaches, we're past the point of referring to this as "global warming" and need to refer to it as "CLIMATE CRISIS". Also, please refer to PRESIDENT Obama, rather than just Obama as the "Fraudulent Fox Anti-news propaganda channels" do. We need to accentuate his positive (albeit small) achievements, rather than seeing the hole in the donut. Thanks for exposing the lies and broadcasting the truth.

The News Media has Been Bought and Paid for

July 23 A Capital Idea Part 20: The News Media Been has Bought and Paid for

When I was a child, we used to watch the evening news. Walter Cronkite, or Dan Rather, would report the news matter of factly. At the end of the show, Walter Cronkite would say "and that's the way it is" in his trustworthy way. As far as I can tell, that is the way it was. News was news. The fictional character Lou Grant played by Ed Asner, as well as Mary Tyler Moore who played Mary Richards on the Mary Tyler Moore show, were honest arbiters of the most important news.



regarding the call with the 1099 form question on Friday

On Wednesday, Rick Blake of ABC News reported that Section 9006 of the Health Care and Patient Protection Act amends the Internal Revenue Code to report payments by sole proprieters and small businesses to vendors exceeding $600/year. The item appeared on Yahoo news yesterday. This is to be effective Jan. 1, 2012.

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