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Lack of Government is Making America Uncompetitive

October 12

A Capital Idea Part 37: Lack of Government is Making America Uncompetitive

Social liberty vs. individual liberty

Something to think about. The conflating of laissez faire capitalism with liberty by some Republicans is a fallacy. In 1969, Isaiah Berlin, an award-winning philosopher, published his four essays, "On Liberty." In it, he investigated the concept of individual liberty in relationship to social liberty.

Mute in NY on the Bounty

A muumuu or muʻumuʻu is a loose-fitting Polynesian dress. Marlon Brando, who starred in Mutiny on the Bounty (1962, also release year of Music Man, so MUMU) named his son Christian after Fletcher Christian. Arthur Fletcher Hall was wartime president of the Lincoln National Life Insurance Company.

Those Nazi reenactors

I heard you talking about Rich Iott today and I was not certain how you finally came down on it. I gather that you think its OK for Iott to be a German reenactor on his private time. However, I gather that you think its reprehensible that he would even do that at all (he no longer participates, according to press accounts).

Below my comments, I have sent you a copy of my letter to Marcy Kaptur, who is opposing Rich Iott in the Ohio 9th District race.

Yes we can't...

Another rant about our 'wonderful' economy.


Thom, you were reading from your own book, and repeatedly said Hispainola instead of Hispaniola. I haven't bought any of your books yet, so I don't know how you (or your publisher's typesetter) spelt it. But if your publisher spelt it Hispainola, I'd be glad to offer my services as a copy editor. I could really use the boj.

family tree

Today Thom you had on a fanciful self called author of a book stating that President Obama is following his fathers political beliefs. Well then; using that logic of ancestral political preferences being genetically passed down to siblings then George Bush 1 was a nazi since his father supported Hitler. And since its genetic, then "W" was also a nazi? I find it amazing that such screwballs can get a book of BS published; ah thats right Palin did.

dafur sudan

how was your visit to dafur havent heard about you for long

Koch brothers funding devestation of American Social Values

for solutions read Sarah Schulman's TIES THAT BIND

New online 'Job Tracker' shows outsourced jobs by zip code, gets huge response

It's really popular with workers; CEOs, not so much. It's Job Tracker, and all you have to do is put in your zip code to find out which companies in your area are off-shoring, outsourcing, and breaking labor laws.

Announced just yesterday, Job Tracker, a project of AFL-CIO affiliate Working America, has been “hugely popular,” according to Online Mobilization Coordinator Manny Herrmann. “The site got so much traffic it was overwhelmed, and people couldn’t get through to it for about an hour.”


"The largest collection of Ian Fleming's novels is located at the Lilly Library, on the Indiana University campus, Bloomington, Indiana." Frank Kryder was an alumnus of IU. Frank Kryder died on his birthday, Ian Fleming died on his son's birthday. Amaryllis Fleming, a cellist (cf Minnie Viola, a small cello), was Ian Fleming's half-sister and Katherine Kryder, Frank Kryder's daughter, was Mrs. James Bond's half-sister.

Axelrod on Sunday's "Face the Nation." Tin ear on home foreclosures...

Scheiffer asked Axelrod today about stopping the foreclosures until the current problems were solved:

The following is from

""I'm not sure about a national moratorium," Axelrod said on the CBS program "Face the Nation." He said valid foreclosures with proper paperwork should go forward, and that questionable foreclosures need to be addressed right away."

Is the F.B.I. providing material support for terrorists?

[Note: Minneapolis was the scene recently of FBI raids on the homes of several antiwar activists. Along with others in Chicago, they were subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury supposedly investigating material support of foreign terrorist organizations.]

Dear Minneapolis Federal Bureau of Investigation:

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The TPP Will Sink the Middle Class

Six years into his presidency, President Obama is now taking heat from a surprising place: congressional Democrats, who are lining up against his plan to force the Trans-Pacific-Partnership, or TPP, through congress without any debate whatsoever.