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Whitehouse Cafeteria or Hell's Kitchen?

I heard that a Republican federal government "budget cutback" has ended the use of biodegradable food service products in the Whitehouse Cafeteria to return to the era of styrofoam and plastic. I surely hope they acquire it from China so as to be certain to obtain a well-deserved dose of toxic pollution on the tongue and in the gut, perhaps affecting even, their future offspring.


Why do we allow this tyrant to stay in office?

When are we going to ask the governmor of Wisconsin to "step down" just as the protesters in Egypt called for Mubarek to step aside because he was a tyrant. Gov Scot Walker is a tyrant and is acting in a totalitarian manner. He threatens people, and is misusing his office. He has made his allegiance to the Koch brothers obvious. If the law does not provide for his removal at this time, he should be pressured to resign. It is time for news shows to band the drum.

An Ode to Rum

Ah, Pen! So fated at this time
to be despised for too much rhyme
and lack of new age phrase construction
verses needing liposuction!
No Greeting Card, no Hymn of Joy,
No cottage with a pool of koi.
Where have all the brain cells gone?
To Rum!-the Killer of San Juan.


Free Speech Cuts Both Ways

Westboro Baptist located in an upscale part of Topeka (there's an 'upscale' part?) won a big victory in front of the Supreme Court. They challenged a ruling from a lower court banning them from protesting at the funerals of service men fallen in foreign wars. It came down to a free speech issue. The "Church" mostly made up of family members of patriarch Fred Phelps. They live in a "Big Love" kind of compound. In other words the back yards of all the homes open onto one common area.

AT&T Loses Privacy Ruling

The Supreme court finally did it right, they ruled against AT&T as corporate persons.

Rising gasoline prices have very little to do with unrest in the Middle East

Here is the lastest news snip it putting forth largely bogus reasons for rising prices at the pump caused primarily by Wall Street Speculation:

Montana Steve

PARROTS - rAAAwk <whistles> for the TeaPublicans, etc.

Montana Steve

PARROTS - rAAAwk <whistles> for the TeaPublicans, etc.

Newspaper Announcement of Barak Obama's birth.

I had the pleasure of living in Hawaii for 6 years in the '50s. During that time I married and had my first child at Kapiolani Maternity Hospital in '57. Within a few days of her birth an announcement of her birth appeared in the Honolulu Advertiser along with all the other births that day, as well as all the marriages, and deaths. This information was put in the paper by the then territorial Bureau of Vital Statistics every day. I did not pay for it nor did I insert it. The same is true for Obama's family.

Steve Montana

An Urgent Plan for Restoring America Before it's Too Late‏

I sent the following message to President Obama:

How Palestine Became Israel

The Catastrophe

Pittsburgh in the 60’s - Taking a deep breath

Sherry Pasquarello | WWH - Taking a deep breath

Trimming the Budget

Two budget items have cost, and continue to cost, the U.S. taxpayer billions yet get scant attention.

You’d think that if the Republicans were truly serious about cutting government spending they would have focused on U.S. aid to Israel and the expense involved in maintaining the International Space Station.

Most estimates peg the cost of the International Space Station to U.S. taxpayers at 100 billion and counting. NASA, not surprisingly, put the cost at much less.

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Five things you need to know about this week's market crash

Giant market declines like the one we had on Monday are simply a fact of market life, but it was a bit unusual, compared with others

Thousands of Syrian refugees continue to reach Europe

According to reports of several Syrian refugees, the price for the boat is around 1,200 U.S. dollars per person. The captain of the boat is one of the passengers that receives training for five minutes

US sanctions czar due in Israel for Iran deal talks

President Barack Obama was set to speak directly to the North American Jewish community about the Iran nuclear deal via a live webcast to shore up support for the agreement

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"Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became People."

Thom Hartmann Here with an excerpt from my book “Unequal Protection: How corporations became “people” - and how you can fight back.”