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What unemployed Americans will never learn from Justin Bieber, Jersey Shore, or Fox News

This is cartoon where fictional characters talk about the tea party and the American Political-Economy.

A proposed amendment to the constitution

I heard today that when Senator Kyle retires after 3 terms as US Senator he will be receiving a monthly, lifetime "pension" from US of at least $ 60,00.00 per year, meanwhile the republicant's & many other fiscal conservative types are on the march to kill, or at least radically cut pensions for state, government & other workers around the country. So, I pass on this proposal which I received by e-mail that begins to address this pension "crisis" in our country.

Obama whispers to power

Had "W" addressed that body (Chamber of Commerce, 2011), he might have resurrected his infamous declaration:

"This is an impressive crowd — the haves and the have-mores. Some people call you the elites; I call you my base".

To say that Obama was a bit more amenable would be quite the understatement.

Marbury vs Madison, the Judiciary Act of 1789 and "judicial review"


I believe you are incorrect in your assessment about Marbury vs. Madison, "activist judges" and judicial review for several reasons.

charlotte Hayes interview at cpac

Thom it was interesting and troubling to hear your interview with Charlotte Hayes. She so typified the conservative, southern right views on Obama, John Kerry and what happen in Ohio and of course the hijacking of the Bush cabal of the 2000 Florida election and the support of the Supreme Court. Even when given proof of these facts via New York Times, where the vote went to be counted from Ohio and who controlled the vote counting process, she still couldn't accept these facts.

Bob Levin, Investigative Journlist, Validated FBI Whistleblower Patriot

Please visit my website at

Word wars: replace "privatize" with "profitize"

Although it may not be a word, using "profitize" instead of "privatize" nails the true intentions of the GOP in just three syllables. ALL PROGRESSIVE TALK SHOW HOSTS NEED TO POPULARIZE THIS TERM. The Lenz/Rove corporatist spin machine has cost our country so much merely by choosing precise words for followers to parrot. Now it's our turn. But our attack will be different, because rather than deflect, refute, or ignore the truth, our words will be carefully chosen to accurately reflect the truth.

Gov. Walker (R-WI) Going Banana's - "Robo signing" Republican Wet Dreams

The State of Wisconsin's Department of Commerce has been privatized

Governor Walker notifies Wisconsin National Guard as State Worker Union Unrest Grows

more if and when it unfolds,....

How FDR got us out of "the Great Republican Depression"

Tom was talking with someone at C-Pac who insisted that it was not FDR or the New Deal which got us out of the Depression, but WWII.

The REAL Middle Class??!!

Sorry that I'm somewhat behind the live show, but I'm now listening to the podcast from Wednesday, 2/9, and the anti-union screed from that woman in NJ in the first hour simply horrified me. I think that the most idiotic, hate-filled thing that she said during her rant was when she called herself a member of the "REAL" Middle Class.

Obama All Smoochie-Smoochie with Big Agriculture - Commons Suffers, Wealth Consolidates

It is deeply disappointing that President Obama and his administration have chosen to support Monsanto's profits and consolidation of the agricultural sector over the livelihoods of farmers and health of consumers.

The State of Our Democracy

“The insurmountable hurdle for so-called populist movements is having the nerve to attack the rich instead of the poor. Even after rich almost destroyed the entire global economy through their sheer unrestrained greed and stupidity, we can’t shake the peasant mentality that says we should go easy on them, because the best hope for our collective prosperity is in them creating wealth for us all.

Okay America. Now it's YOUR turn!!

The Tunisians are doing it. The Egyptians are doing it. When are we gonna do it!

Miami Police Shot Unarmed Men in Their Car

Miami, Florida City of Miami Police have shot two more citizens, this time right in their car during a traffic stop. A shocked and mortified mother wept, "All I know is, the police who are supposed to protect us killed my son." The car's driver, cousin of the deceased, survived with bullets in the arm, stomach, and back.

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