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Anti-Trafficking, Sex Workers and The Roots of Damage

"Anti-trafficking campaigns have their roots in 19th-century efforts to ‘save’ white women from ‘white slavery.’ Contemporary strategies broaden the stigmatisation and criminalisation, impacting a range of vulnerable

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Phil Robertson, The Quintessential Nut, Barks Again

Is it possible that there are people who take this CHARLATAN, swindler, con-artist, cheat, con, fake, fraud, imposter, mountebank, phony, pretender, quack, sham, rip-off artist, (and they are just some of the nicer words that describe this idiot) for a real honest- to-goodness cleric, pastor, imam, rabbi, pontiff, bishop, priest, Unitarian Minister, etc.? If it is possible… it’s pathetic with a capital P!

Tunnel Vision

Congressman Shock is not the only corrupt politician.

"Defense" Spending ? I CAN NOT BE SILENT !

I just read a headline saying that the House of Representatives has passed a budget bill that increases defense spending. My heart sank. No, I am not the slightest bit surprised that the War Hawks in congress won out over the Deficit Hawks. My heart sank because of how IGNORANT the press is.

Ketchup Baby$$$: Secretary of State Democrat John Kerry accepts bribe from Goldman Sachs.



Or should I say Warren Buffet arranges a special dividend of $10 billion dollars to the shareholders of Heinz (as in Kerry's wife)

American Coup

The Thom Hartman Community should check out "American Coup" documentay, about the cia overthrow of Iranian government, by Joe Ayella. Highly recommended! I wonder why it is so hard to find?

Mark Holden of Wichita, Kansas seeks to reform Criminal Justice System for Koch Industries.

Always remember much of the crap stunts you are seeing out of Wisconsin, especially with respect to Labor, has been fabricated by high powered attorneys, including, probably, some of the Mega Law Firms in Chicago that specialize in dismantling labor’s power. The legislation did NOT originally come from members of the Wisconsin GOP or maybe even ALEC. For that matter, I truly doubt the Wisconsin GOP doesn’t fully understand how some of the legislation they have passed works only just what the result of passing the legislation will be.

Don't waste time being a Cruz Birther

Suddenly the stakes are too high. It’s probably just a pre-planned, anticipated, hysterical, meaningless bounce, but we’ve got to react properly.

Ted Cruz is a Native Born American. We no longer have the luxury of thinking of him as a foreign born, half-white usurper. The table has been run on that and it didn’t work. We can’t waste time with the same mistake.

The USA is THE problem for the Climate as King Coal builds yet another export facility in WA State.

This from the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund:

Ted Cruz and National Health Care.

Hmmm. Ol' Ted hates health care that has any links to the government? Wants to abolish the ACA(the dreaded Obamacare) and is opposed to any kind of goverment interference in the health care field?

Wasn't he born in Canada in 1970? After Canada established their national health care system? Doesn't that mean that all his Mother's maternity costs, even his actual birth was paid for by a government national health care system? Didn't their family use this governmental health care the whole time they lived in Canada?

Has The Thom Hartmann Forum Been Occupied Is A Good Question, Seconded

Read k.allen's blog There is something amiss. (?) Paraphrasing Derek Jensen, we can talk about anything here we want, but not, for example, the verbal violence, or the inconsistent way blogs/links proceed? Just ignore it all as normal? No. What's going on in TH land?'s the abuse game, picking fights, seduce others to get lost in the rhetoric........As a former therapist one would hope that TH and his staff would weed this element out, but perhaps it does get support from within? Any explainations?

NASA scientist: California has one year of water left. 3/19/15

I blame climate change deniers and the greedy bastard's that are influencing them.

Twitter Wars: How the US is fighting Islamic State propaganda through internet memes

The Islamic State group's widespread use of social media to recruit members is well publicized, and this week prompted a Sydney Muslim community leader to call for Australia to immediately launch a social media campaign to halt the grooming of jihadists...But what might such a campaign look like?

The US State Department already runs three Twitter accounts - @DOTArabic, @DSDOTAR, and @DigitalOutreach - that fire off dozens of Tweets a day in Arabic, and often directly reply to people who espouse radical views.

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Why the House of Representatives Doesn’t Represent Americans

One of the really weird ironies of politics these days is the huge divergence between what the American people actually want and what the radical right-wingers in Washington actually do. You won’t hear this on Fox So-Called News, but right now the American people are as progressive as they ever have been.

Don’t believe me? Just check the polls.