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NYT: recent sharp spike in honeybee deaths should make your blood run cold.

But hey! It’s Obama! Profit, Profit, Profit! What ever could go wrong?! Well, for starters, it’s likely the Fucking idiot acting in his arrogance has killed us all!

A Sharp Spike in Honeybee Deaths Deepens a Worrisome Trend, The New York Times, March 13, 2015

Clintons: amongst other odious acts, one would collect the remuneration while the other conducted government affairs with the very same entities.

This from page 14 and 15 of the new book “Clinton Cash” by author Peter Schweizer:


Ultimately the right wing Neo Con government of George W bush / Dick Cheney are responsible for the rise of ISIS, they illegally destroyed a once modern secular country , bombed Iraq into the 'stone age' as they liked to say. Iraq under Saddam, as terrible as he was, would never have been ground zero for the very brutal ISIS.

what is "crime"?

Crime is the expression of internal social tensions within the civic environment.

The importance of understanding crime as producing social contexts where individuals' self-interest has a relation to the function of the social form. This form develops over time as the isolating the phenomenon of crime as a type of behavior only examines the logical function of existing within or without of the strictures applied by the justice system. The motivation and means for criminal behavior relates to the wider situatedness of the phenomenon in its many expressions.


I bet you're asking why I'm asking this question. I know that all these progressive organizations that I donate to, including Freespeech, operate on a very limited budget, and that most of their funds go to lobbying congressional leaders and other state and local politicians. I'm well aware of that. But aren't ads on the local and multi-media networks a form of lobbying?

Privatization and its inherent danger to our health

Our failure to have adequate vaccines for Ebola is due to the failure for private pharmaceuticals to develop these vaccines because it is not profitable. So far it has mainly hit very poor countries so the profit motive does not incentivize this research and development. We also see that this can pose a danger to all of us since we are global community. Human need should always trump profit.

Militarization of civilian police departments

When you take a broad overview of foreign-policy military buildup economic developments such as disabling Glass-Steagall and allowing changes to Dodd Frank(allowing banks to gamble on derivatives) at the taxpayers expense with FDIC insured funds.

Who is responsible for ISIS? Hosni Mubarak could tell Jeb Bush

Egyptian leader, Hosni Mubarak, warned Bush against invading Iraq, saying that such an invasion would "open the gates of hell."

But Bush invaded on lies, the gates of hell are open, and the Republicans clearly want to kick gates of hell open.

Sucker Synonyms

The real value to the Republicans of the so-called suckers is their commitment / zealousness to vote in every election to keep the shills in office to protect their various "single issues." Quite simply, these folks are the Republicans' MISLED VOTERS. Stronger but not always useful could be the phrase DECEIVED VOTERS. They could also be called the Repubs' DECEIVED PUBLIC or MISLED VOTING BLOCS.

sucker synonyms

Oooh, just thought of a good one:


"sucker" synonyms, etc.

I like "sucker" because it sure gets their attention. Anyhoo, how about -

"profiled" or "the mark".

Funny conversation with husband. He was wondering why so many of his union buddies vote Repubican. I said since conservatives feminized the Democratic Party, his union friends are simply insecure about their masculinity. Therefore.... Democratic males have large penises than Republicans (and my husband is no exception).

Obama to move TPP forward by cutting Medicare by $700 million.

On Tuesday, something happened that no one expected: Thanks to the leadership of Senators Harry Reid, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown and Bernie Sanders – who were powered by the activism of hundreds of thousands of CREDO members and our allies in the progressive community – Democrats were able to slow down the progress of Fast Track trade authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) by blocking a key test vote.

Synonyms for Sucker

the strategically deluded

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Can we make California the last oil spill?

A state of emergency has been declared in California after crews realized that the Rufugio Beach oil spill was five times worse than original estimates. This week, the Plains All American Pipeline ruptured and dumped crude oil over a four-mile stretch of pristine California coastline.