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Supreme Court of Canada's ruling to stop prayers at city council meetings


Chris Christie: "I Will Crack Down on Legal Marijuana As President"......Video

He said it on the David Pakman Show

Link to video at:

Raised by the Greatest Generation to fearing the Most Apathetic Generation

Hell of a title isn't it? Does it get your attention? It damn well should. And so should this book written by Jennifer Lawless and Richard Fox, Running From Office: Why Young Americans Are Turned Off To Politics.

Hillary Clinton Crushes Republican Rivals In New Poll

Marketwatch, April 20, 2015

If the presidential Election were held today, it wouldn't even be close.

Hillary Clinton is crushing her potential Republican rivals by double digits in a new CNN/ORC International poll.

The Republicans' best showing is by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who trails the former senator and Secretary of State by 14 points.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who hasn't declared his candidacy yet, trails Clinton by 17 points.

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are each 19 points behind Clinton.

crapola: bonus installment "The Role of Violence in Revolutionary Movements"

Violence is both explicity and tacitly accepted while also being denounced, speaking of contemporary culture in general. The backdrop of history shows that violence is integrated into social life. Most other processes, economic and so forth, continue during phases of violence.



Please reconsider nuclear reactors

Please reconsider nuclear reactors. Global warming is too serious. We cannot afford to get the solutions wrong. Consider that Russia and China have decided that nuclear must be part of the solution. Consider that the fossil fuel industry likes wind and solar because it does not seriously disrupt their business model. Back in the 60's and 70's when nuclear grew quickly enough to displace 20% of the coal industry's production of electricity, the fossil fuel lobbyists successfully lobbied Congress to disband the Atomic Energy Commission and put in its place the NRC.

Jade Helm 15

Tom, as I love watching your show dailey and I get great benifit and much information from it, I have been quite surprised to not have heard a word from you about the Jade Helm 15 military exercise that is going to come upon this great nation of ours starting July 15, 2015 thru Sept. 15, 2015. This has me and many others that I know very concerned. I have several friends who are former military, recently out, that tell me that this is no simple military exercise. I have also done quite a bit of research on this and am very surprised that it is being kept so quiet. This should not be so.

Destructive Energy: 80,000 acres of Peoples’ National Forest to be turned over to geothermal electric utilities$$$ effectively free of charge.

Solar? Wind? anybody? Well why bother when you can also get a similarily free source of energy production from Washington politicians when they steal it from the American People in order to further their political careers. And that is the type of "alternative" energy Washington wants to support - the kind that furthers their careers, and the sun and wind don't do that!

David Koch announces that the Presidential candidate whose campaign and election lawsuits they will spend $1billion on is none other than Scott Walker.

Not to worry though, because I'm sure Hillary will step up to defend$,$$$,$$$,$$$ her having been rightfully elected President (rolls eyes)

More like, the entire nation will soon know what it feels like to be a cheesehead.

Don't be we have a marvelous "democracy"?!

ps. think of all the donations that the 99% will have to make to yield a result where Walker is NOT the next President as a type of "tax" on Main St imposed by the garbage democracy our jackass politicians in Washington have created.

Government Mind Control-And those in power who abused it---Free Book

Free on-line book...shocking things you never knew...and probably don't want to know: Warning it is very explicit....Adult material:

or you can buy the paperback version from

It's got 4.2 stars out of 5 from 217 customer reviewers.

Occupy the Farm

A week ago, I watched a film called Occupy the Farm. It is the story of a group of occupiers and farmers who took over a 14 acre plot in Albany, CA in 2012. Historically, the land had been used for agricultural experiments, but now the University of California, Berkekey wanted to sell it off to become a strip mall. The occupiers began farming the land, and eventually caused UC Berkeley to start a sort of urban farming program there. Among the topics covered by the film is food deserts. The film was so good that the audience began applauding at times.

Voter Supression.

I'm hearing stories that fear of jury duty is being used to deter people from registering to vote. I'm following up. Does anyone know anything about this?

Focus on NC

With Republicans having been swept into power in 2012 little time was wasted in implementing near Greek like austerity measures on the poor and middle class while providing tax cuts for the rich. First, a total rejection of free Federally funded medicare leaving half a million people without medical coverage and driving up the cost of Obamacare by making it less competitive. Second, eliminating all state income tax deductions which means that seniors and retired people can no longer claim medical deductions and as a result pay higher taxes.

PARASITES: Schweizer’s new book lays out the details of Bill & Hillary’s history of bribery and much more.

Look, I know she's all the Democrats really have, but for christ sake don't rally behind her wtih your eyes wide shut!

Here is the article from Business Insider:

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Corporations outspend taxpayers in Congress...

You may be surprised to learn that we spend about $2 billion dollars a year on our dysfunctional Congress. However, it's even more surprising to learn that corporate lobbyists spend even more to buy off our federal lawmakers.