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  • What’s the Single, Most Important Thing We Can Do to Change the World for the Better? (Part 1)

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    How we define ourselves, and All That Is, forms our intent, which, in turn, forms our reality.

    In other words, we create our own reality from what we choose to believe about ourselves and All That Is.

    The moment is our point of power and the thinking, feeling self is our seat of power. As we think, we create!

    If we don’t expand our awareness and thoughtfully choose our beliefs, we remain under the control of commonly held beliefs in our surroundings.

    If our beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations create our reality, can we afford not to question them?

  • Tell Bundy: just incorporate

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    As soon as I heard that Ronald Reagan had signed an executive order in the 1980's to require cattle ranchers to pay fees, I knew that the proper angle to view this business was from Reagan's hatred of  average Americans and his desire to expoloit them.  From calling all University of California students as troublemakers, from doing away with the free tuition in the California university system, to taxing social security benefits, and many other actions, I am sure he was targeting family ranches and farms.  So, Mr.

  • Bureaucratic Red Tape: Eats up our lives & prevents citizen involvement in issues

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    Been trying to help a relative maneuver the healthcare system.  Every moment is spent trying to figure things out and find someone who has correct information and a willingness to share it.  The complexities are horrible and absolutely all-consuming, especially since maneuvering the Bureaucratic Red Tape can mean the difference between getting vital care in a timely, life preserving fashion or not AND surviving the medical prices to the best of one's abilities.

  • Disappointed in Bundy Ranch Narrative

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    So much you left out about this topic

    He was willing to pay grazing fees to state

    His family had purchased Grazing rights (that is a contract) from the gov.

    He had made improvements to the land

    there were 1000 cattle spread over 158,000 acres (hardly going to do damage)

    52 of his neighbors had been put out of business due to regulation by the gov

    There is a discussion of Chines Investment in a solar farm at this location

  • a better theme

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    why do we pay attention to the affluenzic trolls that present themselves as "spokespersons" for the people?  we know the bottom lines.

    Bottom Lines:

    The egg came first, but what laid it was probably not yet a chicken.


    Sound is a perception, so the “unperceived” tree can’t be “heard” to fall.


  • The Supreme Court Got It Wrong

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  • Capitalism does not work.

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    A new prespective and a common sense solution that is, at present, inconcievable.

    The solutions – a top income tax rate of up to 80%, effective inheritance tax, proper property taxes and, because the issue is global, a global wealth tax – are currently inconceivable.

    But as Piketty says, the task of economists is to make them more conceivable.

    What I find interesting and refreshing about this, is that he is examining the problem on a global basis.

  • Hero or traitor?

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  • domestic politics

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    Someone should explain to Sen. Cruz that “opportunity” does not subtract from “growth” but, rather, that “growth” depends upon “opportunity”.  There has been unprecedented “growth” of the banking/financial sector and of the wealth of the already privileged, but less “opportunity” for the middle-class.