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the strategically deluded

Obamanation: “They are biocides, not pesticides – and they are creating an ecocide.”

Jesus. H. Christ. What this President is willing to subject us to is unbelievable. This from the Center for Food Safety.

They Are Biocides, Not Pesticides -- And They Are Creating an Ecocide

free will proven; ethics vs. morality

Or so I thought. But a few days later...

But not to forget: the knwledge was in my mind at the time, associating the term "free will" with my total intuitive knowledge.

But, though I may say that in many circumstances I would act differently having the knowledge I have now (this also raising the need to distinguish between a general vs. a one-time ability) this does not mean that the decision does not appear as a free choice in retrospect when so considered.


“Fixing” sentencing in response to Police murdering African-American males is necessary but not sufficient to fix the problem.

Rahm Emmanuel exemplifies American society’s core problem in dealing with disadvantaged members of our society. Policies like his – especially the closing of 50 schools in poor neighborhoods - create the problem that later bloom into the huge racial disparities in sentencing that we are seeing come out of our judicial system. Such policies put a class of People at a disadvantage. In fact, all of American society is premised on an economic system where wealth is gained by disenfranchising and dispossessing those who have less of a voice in how the system w

B.B. King, Requiescat In Pace

B.B. King, Requiescat In Pace

Obama mourns loss of B.B. King
By Jordan Fabian May 15, 2015 thehill

“No one worked harder than B.B. No one inspired more up-and-coming artists," the president said. "No one did more to spread the gospel of the blues."

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Gull, Patsy, Pigeon, Pushover, sap, Soft Touch,
Dupe, Tool

Patsy Pushover

Pushover Patsy

Should We Put an End to Free Trade Agreements?

Should We Put an End to Free Trade Agreements?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership deal really bothers me. Actually, so do all the other so-called "free trade agreements." I have watched over the years as nations have traded away their sovereignty to international corporations, and "raced to the bottom" as jobs have been shipped to the nations with the absolute worst conditions -- the lowest wages, the least environmental or safety regulations, the fewest workers' rights.

Hillary’s deleted e-mails full of details surrounding offers of money for favorably government action.

Bribery, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, etc etc

Minimum Wage, Monopoly and Affordable Living

In 1988, I was hired by A.C. Nielsen as a new college graduate. It was my first real job and included a company car, expense account and an entry level salary of $25k.

In 2015, I earn an entry level salary of $30k for a full-time, permanent, union position with a local Housing Authority. No company car. No expense account. I bike commute every day (by choice, I should add.)

The minimum wage increased gradually 19 times (from $3.85 to $9.47) between 1988 and 2015 in Washington State, where I presently reside.

Censorship: Facebook and Telecom giants to hand-pick services accessible on the Internet.

This is a blatant example of a monopoly for an information provider. The product is information based services and Facebook and Telecom giants have a monopoly over it. What’s the problem? Where is the Federal government?

Oh, and by the way FUCK ZUCKERBURG!

This from OpenMedia:

People in countries like India, Brazil, Zimbabwe, and Paraguay are outraged over Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to control what billions of soon-to-be Internet users do online.1

Boston Marathon Bomber Condemned to Death

America is Murder Inc , lets be honest. Every year 100,000 of their own citizens gun down a fellow citizen. Americas cops just this year in 4 and a half months have killed nearly 500 US citizens and the killing goes on abroad , either with drones, troops or by proxy using brutal regimes like Saudi Arabia to do their killing for them.

How are these things not evil? (Nice to make a sharp contrast)

How is it not evil to cut people off from food stamps and unemployment?

How is it not evil to threaten to take people's Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and ObamaCare away?

How is it not evil to block transportation and infrastructure rebuilding?

How is it not evil to threaten other countries with military invasion, countries which are not preparing to harm us?

How is it not evil to take away voters' rights?

How is it not evil to ignore global weather change, even though this threatens the planet and the human race?

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Can we make California the last oil spill?

A state of emergency has been declared in California after crews realized that the Rufugio Beach oil spill was five times worse than original estimates. This week, the Plains All American Pipeline ruptured and dumped crude oil over a four-mile stretch of pristine California coastline.