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Hillary: time to take on the rest of the Republicans

Donald Trump is over. The news media want to keep interest in their offerings by making it look like it's close, but it's not. Now is the time for Clinton to hammer away at the Republicans in congress who think having Donald Trump as president is a good idea. This was the situation in 1947, when Harry Truman took the "do-nothing" Republican congress to task and won big for the Democratic party. If the Republicans continue to hold congress, we will continue to be an olgarchy instead of a democracy, and the strategy of the Republicans blocking ev

Why They Don't Trust Hillary

After 4 to 6 years of Taxpayer supported Republican attacks on Hillary for which most of the media jumped on as free News???, what would you expect? The Republican Party recognized her as Heir Apparent for the 2016 election and they took preemptive action. Benghazi compared to Reagan and the Lebanon disaster, W Bush and his phony war and 2 million deleted emails or Romney and his destroyed hard drives and computers upon leaving office are a major blaze compared to the small candle burning from Her stint as Secretary of State. Of course, they have always been after the Clin

Daily Topics - Tuesday October 11th, 2016

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Daily Topics - Monday October 10th, 2016

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Interesting solution to the Republicans vs. Trump

What if Trump ran his campaign until just before election day and taking full stock of the current polling announced, "If I am elected, I will resign the presidency on day one of my term". Pence would become POTUS, I believe Paul Ryan would move to VP.

What kind of a MORALLY CORRUPT voter who would VOTE for TRUMP

Legend as always you're right on all counts, 27 million dollars spent by these Republicans on a witch hunt, propelled by that Fox News rapist Roger Ailes.

You're right again ,if these Republicans want to talk about emails, let's talk about the millions of emails deleted by the Bush regime leading up to the false and illegal invasion of Iraq . Emails that no doubt contain criminal conspiracies, that prove Bush and his gang were committing war crimes.

Baseball, Politics and Armageddon

I vaguely recall a story… a play, perhaps a movie, maybe a joke, where the Chicago Cubs were playing Game 7 of the World Series. The manager had a dilemma.

It seems a deal with the devil was in the works. This manager could lead the perennial losers to their first World Series Championship in over 100 years. In doing so, he would become a hero and his name would be forever attached to the Championship team. However, it came with a price.

If he chooses to win that game he also sends the world into an apocalypse of biblical proportions.

Germany Moves to Ban Internal Combustion Cars by 2030!!

Following the lead of Norway and Sweden, Germany, the country that produces more cars in Europe than any other, in fact, the country where the car was invented, has now voted to end all production of internal combustion driven vehicles by 2030.


DianeReynolds quote " I suspect you are just bored and lonely so I will consider your childish rant a compliment coming from a Canadian who has absolutely no stake in any election in the USA."

REALLY, no stake at all in the election of a US president, how simplistic, juvenile and stupid a comment.

Donald Trump and my Daughter's Boyfriend

Imagine that your daughter’s boyfriend accidently left his cell phone at your home when he came by to pick her up for their Saturday night date. Now remember this is your baby girl, the light of your life, and so you pick up the phone and it’s unlocked. You scroll through the windows and find the video app. The first one is a blurred, dark video of the inside of his jean’s pocket, but the sound is clear and the voice is unmistakable.


The wealthy establishment who own Americas corporate six media empires, that control 90% of everything Americans see, read or hear daily. Six CEO's with the power censor or tailor all the information Americans consume. Information that Americans use to make decisions on domestic and international events. Unelected CEO's with more powers of persuasion than the President of the United States.

Daily Topics - Monday October 10th, 2016

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‘New’ CSIS Brings SECRET POLICE to Canada

While a democracy can incorporate the need for an intelligence agency to operate with considerable secrecy, there is no place in a democracy for a secret police. Full stop.


Well it's early fall in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and at 4000 feet its just snowed. The greenery and the leaves of the trees have gone, the last bunch blown away by the strong winds from the mountains. Defiantly refusing to concede there's no more summer , i wore my knee length shorts, my toque and my down jacket ( Canadian summer wear) and headed out this morning into what has become a bleak black and white landscape. I'm not as brave or as stupid as i sound, IE the shorts, as far as i walked was to my KIA Soul, then i headed for the nearest mall.

2016 Election is OVER TRUMP caught in VULGAR rant

" The recording starts partway through Trump telling a story about hitting on an unidentified woman — unsuccessfully. “I did try and f^<k her,” Trump said. “She was married. I moved on her very heavily. In fact, I took her out furniture shopping. … I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there and she was married.”

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Income Inequality Has Gone Up

The chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Jason Furman, recently wrote in the Washington Post that "Last year saw the largest single-year reduction in poverty since the 1960s."