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Hillary in 2016?: Triangulated = Strangulated!

enuf said

Blue/Red Differences

IT IS SO OBVIOUS ! ! - The things preceding the Middle East issues, the disasterous TPP, the out-of-control top CEOs' incomes, etc., etc., etc. - all the things that we talk about.

My philosophy is of gratitude, joy, praise, mysticism, etc. and I really try to not think of "us" and "them" since we all are, but I still wonder if people on the extreme right are "wired differently".


If you haven't read the Assassinations Record Review Board records of 1996 in full, you're way behind in the JFK case. I respect Thom greatly, but from my reading the 26 volumes, et al, the shots came from...........the Pentagon. Look here, the left is the guy born in 1939 Lee Harvey Oswald, tall, bull knecked. Right Harvey Oswald, spoke perfect Russian, fall guy! Go to and be blown away I think.



RE: Presidential Executive Authority...

On "Ring of Fire" last night, I learned Mr. Papintonio (?) is inclined to press Pres. Obama to create a on time Federal Holiday for "Election Day" so people can go vote... Killer idea, however, I'd also like to see Pres. Obama also use this authority to declare ALL jerimandering VOTING FRAUD! Then roll back all past and present jerimandored districts to their original descriptions.


When municipalities are found to be liable for the actions of law enforcement officials that result in injuries or deaths of innocent civilians and millions are paid out in settlements just where does that money come from? Municipalities are insured against such losses but just like your auto insurance premiums rise when you have an accident the premiums paid to these insurance companies also rise. So where does the money come from to pay those increased premiums?

dubl pak: metaphysics? and the evolution of the scrum

The "Tao" in the "Tao te Ching" of Lao Tzu is not typically compared to the western or other concepts of "g/God". As such, it was seized upon by many of the era during which electricity, magnetism, light, sound, gravity, etc. were studied and these investigations led to the development of modern physics.

ISIS: Obama’s “States’ Rights$$$” has made a unified response to a national threat impossible.

That and Washington’s Oligrachs\the 1% are the driving force fueling global terrorist fervor.

War isn't free the 3 reasons congress doesn't want to declare war

Congress would have to discuss all 3 of these issues if they wanted to declare war, and they damn sure don't want to debate these issues. I'm sick and tired of the cowards and the profiteers who push for wars and expanding wars. The only way to legitimately go to war is to reinstitute the draft with NO exemptions, add a 10% tax on everyone to pay for it, and put a cap on the profits of the MIC. A real leader would propose these 3 policies because he or she would know that ends any discussion of war if it were enforced.

Sea Water- Drinking Water And RADIATION

The largest water desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere has been built in San Diego. The $1 billion plant sucks in 100 million gallons of water per day from the Pacific Ocean, strip out the salt using an elaborate filtration system and turn it into 50 million gallons of drinking water, enough for 300,000 San Diego County residents.

“Give us your Tired and your Poor” and in Wisconsin “…your NUCLEAR WASTE”

Walker and Marco Rubio’s Robin Vos together with the WI GOP are lifting the moratorium on storage of nuclear waste in Wisconsin. (When you think about who we are dealing with, it really was only just a matter of time before something like this seemed like a good idea them.)

* Remove the Stone from Bernie's Shoes *

* Remove the Stone from Bernie's Shoes *
To win the presidency,
to see one's candidate win the presidency,
there cannot be any "exit plans" -
no trap doors, no "Plan B."
Unless the conscious and unconscious mind,
the body, soul and spirit are mobilized
with a one-pointed commitment
to the desired end-result
that missile was falter
that ship will sink
that "out" will win.
No one should be considering
what we will do if Bernie "doesn't"

The Clinton Foundation accepted kickbacks$$$ from Hillary’s work as Secretary of State.

It wasn’t a State Department at all! It was more like Hillary’s Clubhouse and her own personal fundraising arm for the Clinton Foundation.

The Search for the 11/14/15 Democratic Debate

When I tuned into Thom today, I realized I had missed the democratic debate on Saturday. Not wanting any "spoilers" I quick turned it off and went to search for the debate online. I have yet to spend my hour searching for it, but everything I could find that was over an hour long was...

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