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NEWS FLASH Cop violence down - they mixed up their cannabinoids with their steroids

Wouldn't that be wonderful "our" law enforcement would learn that they can now truly achieve the peace they want us Citizens to be. . . We the People. . .peaceful

they then could be the "peace' officers. . . they could be productive - and Sandra Bland would still be alive. Instead we saw the opposite, we saw destruction - wrongly done calling it "law enforcement".


You've heard of American PSYCHO , well this guy is an American SICKO. Beloved Cecil the Lion has been shot dead by US dentist WALTER PALMER of River Bluff Dental, P.A., United States ,for no other reason than the thrill of killing. Social media has erupted to this news , with a firestorm of hatred, revulsion and condemnation.

Veganism and Cecil

I couldn't agree more about Thom's views on the suffering of animals in factory farming, I grew up with a Native American grandfather and was taught respect for animals and nature. I think he would be proud of me for becoming an advocate for animals. I remember him saying to his friend that they ought to shoot anyone who killed a doe... I can only imagine what he would do to factory farmers or big game hunters!! I have to always remember that I was once a part of that animal cruelty by buying meat at a grocery.

Animal Products

To paraphrase Prof. Gary L. Francione, who once wrote "We are All Michael Vick," We are all the lion-killing dentist. Or at least, all of us who eat animal products, which involve tremendous cruelty on a mass scale.

Should Thom and others be held responsible for the murder of a Waller County official?

If that were to happen? Waller county officials are now receiving death threats.

Sometimes it Helps to See Things from a Higher Perspective

Sometimes it Helps to See Things from a Higher Perspective

Hello Mary Jane?????

Thom will they now manufacture a posession of Mary Jane?

Juicers in Blue (Cop's Roid Rage)

Anabolic Steroid Abuse

In males, the excess steroid suppresses the normal testosterone production in the body and can lead to shrunken testicles and decreased sperm count, baldness, and breast development (gynecomastia).

Can't see Chat room but I am signed in

Caller from Lockport Il stated he was called and asked about Iran deak. Lockport is a city next to Joliet and it is very segregated. It has about 25K people and it has 4 different public school districts where 1 district is about 98% Aftrica American and the others just the opposite. I was there yesterday and my car was scratched, front quarter panel so not a door ding, most likely while I ate at a local cheap reastaurant. I have a sticker with the president's name on my car. I guess I need to remiove it to prevent further damage.

Sandra Bland: Pot Causes Suicide

Well now, today the toxicology report on Sandra Bland has been released indicating that “she may have used pot while in custody”.

I can’t make this stuff up.

Here we go again, let’s discredit the victim.

If you love more falling bridges, pot holes, etc., send Maj. Ldr. Kevin Walsh your thanks!

Twas a few days before the month of July ran out, but House Maj. Leader, Kevin Walsh, R-CA wants to give his pals a little touch of "Christmas in July" with an early get out of town pass before the August recess is supposed to begin [in August]. But guess what's left behind, the huge transportation bill and Ex-Import bill. Take a look at this for real lame political gamesmanship. Hell, it's not even an election year.

TPP & Money: The Democratic Party has failed to police itself and will never again get my vote.

No more “yeah but, I voted “no” on my Parties unpopular legislation.”

How Carl Sagan Predicted Marijuana Legalization

How Carl Sagan Predicted Marijuana Legalization
By Tom Angell on July 27, 2015

Many marijuana enthusiasts are aware that astronomer Carl Sagan was a huge fan of cannabis, but did you know that he wagered some predictions about how legalization would roll out in his sci-fi novel “Contact”?

Will there be another race riot in Baltimore in October after those five officers are acquitted?

Maybe the police will be better equipped with riot gear this time....or maybe the National Guard will be there for the party. They've been buying up gear in preparation for that special day. And the Mayor is getting the hot seat for failing to let the police do their jobs during the first riot.

An Autobiography of a Single Mom

A thoughtful discussion of issues that affect single mothers, such as housing, the courts, education, etc. and my experience of coming from a poor background in Detroit to where I live among the wealthy in Santa Barbara, California.

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