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Don't Blame Lincoln; Washington brought US the confederacy!

Canada is doing just fine, thank you. Don't blame Lincoln. If Washington had lost the revolution we'd be part of Greater Canada & slavery would have been wiped out much sooner. Curses to general Washington. Hail to the Queen.

Obama should not be allowed to finish his term and he needs to leave NOW.

It is clear now, that in his last days in office Obama has dropped all pretense of ever having worked for Working Class Americans. We don’t need more concentration, or rather “transfers” of wealth via trade deals.

WALMART: "out-of-control tuna industry is killing sharks and devastating our oceans. "

This from Greenpeace:

An out-of-control tuna industry is killing sharks and devastating our oceans.

What’s worse? Some of the most destructive tuna ends up on the shelves at your local Walmart.

"The Job-Killing Trade Deal You’ve Never Heard Of: The China Bilateral Investment Treaty," The American Prospect by David Dayden

Excerpt from the Article:

"In behind-the-scenes negotiations with China, the Obama administration is pushing a trade compact that could export jobs overseas and erode worker protections. Why?"

Equally horrific and more secretive than the TPP: China Bilateral Investment Treaty (“China BIT” or more like “China BITe”)

This from CREDO:

Tell the U.S. Senate: Reject the China Bilateral Investment Treaty

Tell the U.S. Senate:

“Reject the China Bilateral Investment Treaty. Say no to corporate trade deals that kill American jobs and give corporations veto power over domestic laws.”

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41 Years this 30th April VIETNAMESE army DEFEATED AMERICA'S military

Americas trillion dollar armed forces were routed by ordinary Vietnamese foot soldiers. The supposedly most powerful Military in history went down to defeat at the hands of Vietnam regulars.

41 years ago this 30th of April in 1975, Saigon, the capital of what was then known as South Vietnam, fell to North Vietnamese forces. The event marked the defeat of America to the forces of Ho Chi Minh.

True story on deficits

There is a misconception that Republican presidents are fiscally responsible, that they cut deficits and Democrats spend, spend and increase deficits. We would have no national debt if there were no annual deficits, so I examine the trend of the deficits under the various presidents. The truth is that Democrats cut or eliminate deficits and Republicans greatly increase the deficits.

Why Democrats not Republicans - Unemployment/ Jobs

I'm frustrated by Democrats lack of messaging and so I've included truths to show why Democrats are so much better for the economy. Republican Presidents: Eisenhower brought unemployment from 2.9 UP to 6.6 %. Nixon/Ford from 3.4 UP to 7.5. HW Bush from 5.4 UP to 7.3. W. Bush from 4.2 UP to 7.8. Of course Hoover brought it UP, but I don't have numbers. Democratic Presidents: Kennedy/Johnson from 6.6 DOWN to 3.4. Carter from 7.5 to 7.5.

Tax is theft ???

Thom - Please Fact Check Your Weekly News Segment



Fugitive Slave Law or Fugitive Slave Act was passed by the United States Congress on September 18, 1850.

Enough With the Attacks on Thom Hartmann

This year’s presidential race has been nasty in a way I have never witnessed. Candidates making fun of each other’s height, attacking each others spouses, facing potential indictments, comparing genitals, attacking each other’s age… incredible. The only thing they haven’t done is attack one another’s children.

Really low-level, childish stuff, but…

Delaware Primary

FYI - Delaware's Primary today (4/26) is not an open primary. You must be registered as a Democrat or Republican to participate. I am registered as "unaffiliated"; therefore, I cannot vote today. I've heard a few media outlets state this incorrectly.

Maine's Embarassemt of a Gov. Paul LePage

I just had to share with you the latest deviant thing that our so called Gov.

Clearly Bernie doesn’t give up easy and that is a good sign for some real change.

The main stream corporate media used by the rich to subvert the will of the People by advancing puppet politicians won't say it, but let's take a moment to give credit where credit is due: Bernie clearly doesn't give up easy and that undermines that repugant bowel movement of a women Hillary Clinton's aspersions that Bernie can't or won't deliver.

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Republicans have Rejected the Republican Party

Now that John Kasich and Ted Cruz have dropped out, it’s pretty much official: Donald Trump is the 2016 Republican nominee for president.

The pundits never saw this coming, but they should have. The Republican Party has been running a scam on its base for decades now, and voters were bound to discover this scam sooner or later.