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Canada has had free government run unconditional health care for all its citizens from cradle to grave for over a half century, it is paid for out of general tax revenues. The tax rate on the first 45 thousand dollars of earned income in Canada is 15%. The tax rate most Canadians therefore pay is 15% or less on income and again this also helps pay for the general operation of government ,all social programs and government run health care.


It is imperative, that we get rid of these terrible trade deals that America has made with outside forces. We're fortunate that Bernie Sanders had his platform adopted by the DNC, and that is why I'm willing to get behind Hillary at this moment. Donald Trump speaks about ridding us of these terrible trade deals, but that does not mean that HIS deal is going to work for America. His deal would encompass banning Mass amounts of people from our shores, criminalizing groups of people and according to him murdering the families of those who are criminalized.

dysfunction - American style

The only dividing line that has ever existed in America is Race.
No royalty, no official religion, race was the perfect why to
decide who got the benefits of the America. If you descended
from Europeans you and all of your relatives would be on the
right side of that line.

When some people decided that slavery was a reasonable
economic model, they limited slavery to African-Americans.
Racism was the rationalization of that slavery.


Three systems theorists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have taken a database listing 37 million companies and investors worldwide and analyzed all 43,060 transnational corporations and share ownerships linking them. They built a model of who owns what and what their revenues are and mapped the whole edifice of economic power.


That woman truly went up on stage last night and plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech.

The United States SOWER of DESTRUCTION worldwide

Libya once one of the regions most modern countries, as was Iraq, now resembles MAD MAX with tribal factions running different parts of the country, wide spead lawlessness and indiscriminate killings, torture and barbarity ,destruction everywhere, this while western oil thieves are in control Libya's oil fields and ports and are openly stealing the wealth of the country with the blessing of America of course.

What was Libya like before the US lead NATO bombing campaign unleashed the hounds of hell on Libya's 6 million poeople.

Repubs Win the Week

The smoke screen is so thick you can't see the disaster beyond. Next week when the "scandal" of plagerism is but a fleeting memory Republicans will relish the fact of their escape from scrutiny. Wiping their collective brow, proclaiming "man that was close," while the nation discusses the "merit" of, shall we call it a campaign stumble or a ruse de guerre, you be the judge, during what must clearly be the most explicit spectacle of advocacy for all of the worst behaviours known to man. Otherwise known as the Republican Convention.

We can't let our disgust for what Republicans are saying at their convention blind us to how well they are actually choreographing it, and messaging

That's pretty much all I have to say. It is quite appauling what they are saying, but unfortunately, it's organized in a way, and being done in a way, that may be quite effective with the American public. Even if it is total bullshit. These slogans, i.e. Make American Safe Again, Make America Work Again, etc. We know there's no substance to it, and if anything their policies would do the opposite, but sadly, this kind of bumper sticker stuff works on the American population.

Dear Republicans: What are the odds bullets & mortars killing Benghazi victims were made with Republican USA Hands?

Whenever people are killed by munitions around the world I have to wonder how many American owned company CEOs profited from those Deaths. Anyone who would profiteer from death (& weapons manufacturers are but a few -- when you consider "health care" corporations, etc.) should be held accountable if their bullets or bombs are used to kill fellow citizens, noncombatants, or allies, like the embassy staff in Libya at Benghazi... (Wait -- is Benghazi in China or Russia? Ha!

Everybody wants to get into the act. When does Rock n Roll become a Tool? The Threshold is Election...

Hendrix or Donny & Marie Osmond..? Mitt Romney? Who's Next(?) -- & How much better will they be at selling US their next Tool? How Many others have already sold US so Many TOOLS..?
Like the General Electric RayGunn
the Bush Masters
the Barack Obamas..?
Clinton 5.0?

The Threshold is ELECTION. Once elected how do we Ever stop them when they run off the rails Against "We the People"?

This product isn't bad music versus real music -- it's Our "democracy".

Is Donald Trump Working For Russia?

New York Magazine

July 18, 2016

Donald Trump is not a Russian agent in the sense that Philip and Elizabeth from "The Americans" are Russian agents.

There's no hidden radio in his laundry room where he transmits secrets to the Kremlin.

But his relationship with Russia is disturbing and lends itself to frightening interpretations.

Franklin Foer has detailed the connections between the Republican nominee and the Kremlin.

Police in the Freddie Gray case are being found not guilty because prosecutors are basing their cases on the wrong mechanism of injury

Here’s my theory about why the officers involved in the Freddie Gray case are being found guilty. Prosecutors are basing their cases on the wrong mechanism of injury.

Their cases are based on the assumption that the neck and head injuries that caused his death occurred in the paddy wagon while he was being transported unsecured by a seat belt. My theory is his neck injury occurred during his takedown.

A pricking of conscience Pungere to prick, COMPUNCTION

Webster defines; A sharp feeling of uneasiness brought on by a sense of guilt; remorse; scruple. Regret for some wrong done. Locking up Don Siegalman with no compunction is A Scorpio trait, 007 James Bond license to kill does so with no compunction. Charles Koch through ALEC gets laws passed that hurt, harms and destroys, definition of evil.

Ayn Rand claims teachings of Jesus is evil. Members of KKK join police to kill black kids playing in park within two seconds and black adults within two minutes with no compunction.

Utah's lawsuit to take control of public lands - could this be the big reason Republicans won't approve Obama's SCOTUS appointment?

The state of Utah is a hotbed for “wise use”, that industry backed agenda or movement intended to get their hands on the natural resources within our public lands, if not the lands themselves. They have “grassroot” supporters and believers like the Bundy’s, but if what they demand came to pass, the Bundys and other little folks would be the last to benefit from state or private control of public lands. And make no mistake about it, if states got control, private access and even control wouldn’t be far behind.

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