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What policy is best for the Average American Taxpayer isn’t even a question that is asked anymore.

America is so way far gone down the path of not being a representative government that it doesn’t even pay to hope for democracy anymore much less such newly nebulous concepts like “justice” or “fairness.” Instead we have a Washington inner circle in service to the rich and practicing such a disdain for 99% of Americans that slurs and expressions like “too stupid” or “little people” are becoming a daily occurrence. But the only viable option that voters have been able to keep is to vote for a party that will simply double dow

Obama chooses tax evading Wall St Investment banker practiced in layoffs as Treasury Undersecretary.

Excerpt from the article:

“Anyways, he's probably in like Flynn with most of the rest of the Senators on both sides eying their campaign war chests and post-Senatorial careers.”

the big picture

What happened to the big picture on FSTV 348 in the chicago land area ?

Obama returns "stupid" "little" Koala to handlers with its wallet empty and having less civil rights.

Crimes Against Humanity via Climate Collapse gets boost from GOP appointments for Inhofe and Cruz.

Believe or not Texas tea party billionaire lacky Ted Cruz has been appointed Chair of the Senate Committee on Science and Technology, and Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, author of “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future” has been appointed Chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

Necessary and just cost: Grand amnesty on immigration will put downward pressure on wages.

Whether you like or hate the idea of immigration amnesty the fact is it will very likely put some downward pressure on wages.

However, if anybody who wants to be an American citizen is willing to strive for a better American society, pay their fair share of taxes, and obey the spirit and intent of American laws, then I say “welcome aboard!” as they will be infinitely better US citizens than our own 1% ruling class, their corporations and the politicians and judges that serve them.

Subsidies for Keystone XL

The tax payer is paying for the pipeline so billionares can have the profits. 1.8 billion. To tax free zones.

Reviving the Bush-Cheney Torture Policy

Jim Hightower, November 12, 2014


A bumper sticker from around 2008 offered a stinging four-word response to the Bush-Cheney regime's enthusiasm for the cruel sport of water-boarding:

"Impeach Bush," it said ."Torture Cheney"

Americans' Cellphones Targeted in Secret U.S. Spy Program

Another take on the phony cell phone towers. Getting your cell phone to reveal itself to airborne sensors. Dragnet style surveillance.

XL Pipeline the Keystone to TPP (SHAFTA) Deal

It is no coincidence that after returning from his trip to Asia, Obama has put the XL Pipeline at the top of the Senate's agenda. (Mary Landreau is a red herring.)

It is no coincidence that none of the major papers is covering this online, either in new ord op ed sections. The reason? People could learn what is really happening.

ISIS is here to stay, and America’s Christian Military can’t stand it.

Again, the price of gas at the pump is down because of renegade oil sales out of ISIS, NOT because those silly Oligarchs known as America’s “Big Oil” over produced and then had to drop the price and waste away their profits. WOW, I mean really!?! Big Oil is not that dumb, but to frame it that way allows Oblah blah to take vicarious success from reducing energy prices…to the point where it is approaching “break even” for some oil producers….

Game Over Enbridge\Keystone: Scientists take first look into mysterious Siberian megacrater “end of the world”

John Kerry thinks that if he can advance the Democratic party by plunging the planet into climate choas with Enbridge's illegal pipeline its ok.

Big Oil: Home of campaign finance director for Pro-Solar Energy candidate in Louisiana FIRE BOMBED.

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The other way we're subsidizing Walmart...

Most of us know how taxpayers subsidize Walmart's low wages with billions of dollars in Medicaid, food stamps, and other financial assistance for workers. But, did you know that we're also subsidizing the retail giant by paying the cost of their environmental destruction.