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DEBTORS PRISONS Americas new 21ST Century concept

The ACLU had found that debtors’ prisons were “flourishing” in this country, “more than two decades after the Supreme Court prohibited imprisoning those who are too poor to pay their legal debts.” In 2011, Huffington Post reported that" debtors’ prisons were legal in more than one-third of the states in this country." Some debtors are even required to pay for their time spent in jail.

1000 Lashes for being a LIBERAL

1,000 lashings of Saudi liberal blogger Raif Badawi began on a Friday, immediately following prayers at a nearby mosque, the husband and father of three, his wrists and ankles chained, was led into public square in the port city of Jiddah, then flogged 50 times in front of his fellow citizens by the SAUDI government . His family is watching his ordeal on the news from CANADA. For 20 weeks straight, Badawi will endure 50 lashings, each lasting about 15 minutes. He has been in jail, since 2012 .

Should the next WH Administration be required to take some type of legal action against the Supreme Court 5?

Envision a world you'd like to see and take the steps to make it happen! It might take a while, but like the Republicans and Democrats have illustrated big changes take time and incremental efforts designed to erode the status quo.

Looting by legalese is NOT governing.

Shiftless, backstabbing, craven and cowardly Politicians take note – looting the 99% by legalese to benefit the few is NOT governing. Just because a legal opinion says its ok, doesn’t mean it should be done.

So, take your TPP and Shove IT.

Robert Redford correctly compares Paris Terrorists to Washington Politicians$$$ attempting to Kill Net Neutrality.

For the telecom industry I guess “profit” is viewed along the lines of “religion”

Finally, People are starting to realize that moneyed Washington Politicians are pen and paper terrorists of the 99%.

I suppose Obama will sneak the death of net neutrality into the TPP instead of using a piece of relatively stand alone legislation. That way it may not be so readily apparent that he lied once again, and again, and again.


Maybe these hard right Republicans trained at a school full of AYN RAND devotees , you know that right wing fraud , who spent her whole life railing at the EVIL of socialism and in doing so made quite a good living , but in the end OUTED herself as the true right wing huckster she really was, by accepting and using her government senior pension and her government medical health coverage , but of course ever the fraud ,obtained it under her husbands name of O'Connor, hoping her deception wouldn't be caught.

The TPP is Unconstitutional.

The TPP is Unconstitutional because, amongst other things, it signs away the government’s decision making to an unelected body.

And if that isn’t unconstitutional, then giving this same unelected body the keys to the American Military sure as hell better be.

(Ps. I’m not a lawyer I just pretend to be by sitting on the john reading bukowski)

It stops now: Washington is running amok of the Country and its People, somebody contact the Military and see if they’re onboard.

Spin and bullshit and more spin and bullshit and all the while the money flows to private wealth, fame and power. News Flash: after a while if you aren’t doing what is honestly and genuinely in the best interest of the People or EVERYTHING is going suffer including the folks hording all the money and their bitches that are making it happen.

Enuf said! If the good ole boys club of Washington and it’s moneyed interests is going to govern like a banana republic, we might as well treat ‘em like one!

"question more?"

RT signs off with "question more." and the outsider view it provides of american politics and biz has value, at least for those of us free of chauvinism, who simply want reliable info.

In the Age of Surly Supplicants

Why do I see such a resemblance between NetinYAHOO, Boehner, McConnell and Cheney. All a bunch of hard ass schills who brought us stagnation in the Middle East, conflict in the Middle East and nothing but more conflict ahead. A true narcissist finds it unbecoming to engage in diplomacy or respectful decorum. These are the worst politicians of our age and will be remembered at the crowd who helped make the current and past decade a waste of oxygen for the middle class.

The RIGHT WING has always been a DANGER to the WORLD ...biggest ever peacetime threat to American democracy

Little history on Smedley Butler USMC , up until his death the most decorated Marine in US history, would reveal that Smedley was approached by and blew the whistle on, a right wing conspiracy led by none other than George H Bush grandfather Prescott Bush , to overthrow the elected US government under FDR and replace it with a right wing Dictatorial government.

When Americans Step off the Plane in CUBA , Canadian Tourists will be there to WELCOME THEM

The Liberal Government of Pierre Elliot Trudeau(15 years as Prime Minister) was light years ahead of this American moment. IT was over 30 years ago that Trudeau told the Americans in no uncertain terms, that Canadian sovereignty would not be dictated by Washington and flew to Cuba to visit with Castro, ever since Canadians have made Cuba one of Canada's favorite wnter vacation locations , our American friends are still number one of course.

What is the PBS Power of Intention seminar doing behind the scenes of The Big Picture ?

Free Speech TV, RT, informs us, but The Big Picture if distinct, in that it has Intention. Conversations with great minds stays on the target of shows intention as well as The Good, Bad & Ugly etc. We are always being taken back to thee intention so we never lose sight of it for maximum empowerment of intention.

TPP: The raw unbridled greed of Washington and Special Interests running riot over America.

Cowardice and self-delusion reign as moneyed interests and the Politicians they own, in the name of governing, exhibit zero self-restraint in the face of decency and respect for the law and its People.

The TPP represents Washington, the Democrats, the Republicans and above all the Obama administration knifing the American People in the back. If not, then prove it with full disclosure of the TPP’s final draft and all proceedings leading up to its compilation, as well as an ample public hearing allowing the People to defeat it.

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Billionaires won't be happy until America becomes Greece...

Billionaires don’t need a social safety net, so they’re using the right-wing spin machine to destroy it.