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Virtually everything that is wrong in the world today can be traced back to doorstep of America and its corporations. The US and its corporations care not for the health or well being of the other 95% of the worlds people. They see these people and their countries as nothing but commodities to be exploited to exhaustion then discarded in the name of profit.


Time to debunk Republican rhetoric post policies not true and deceitful. Our government is worse.

George Washington said that he was a Liberal and always hoped that this would be a Liberal nation

I might not be remembering the quote right. I have heard Thom say it many times, but searching the internet has produced nothing. I know that the right is putting every effort to scrub the internet of anything which doesn't fit into their mythology. So, I ask if any of you may know the exact quote and where it is from?
Thank you

Thom, you gotta see this Chuck Colson video re Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan !

Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand, and the Church of Satan

Conservatives heads will explode when they watch this and see who their real master is.

Daily Topics - Friday August 12th, 2016

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Down Ballott II

A plague on all Republican Congressional incumbents who have voted to turn Medicare into a voucher system! A pox on all who would cut Social Security benefits!

Please send this along.

Daily Topics - Thursday August 11th, 2016

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White Supremacy: Storm Troopers on the Storm Front

Anyone born and raised in the United States is bombarded with multiple layers of white supremacy long before they even start kindergarten. Then, it really gets piled on thick from Mayflower myths to the compulsory deification of rapists and slave owners known as “founding fathers”. As a Black man in America many hours, days and weeks are spent ruminating on the incredible arrogance of the white man and trying to understand his vehement and special hatred of the Black man.

Daily Topics - Wednesday August 10th, 2016

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Trump Did Say GW Bush Was Our Worst President

If Trump didn't say it the debates, he definitely said it in this CNN interview. The Youtube title says it all.

Daily Topics - Tuesday August 9th, 2016

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What is the liberal solution to stop ILLEGAL immigration?

I felt I had to capitalize the word "illegal' because I'm not sure some people know the difference between legal and illegal immigration, if so, why would they cry about building a physical barrier between countries like a wall?

So far, all I've seen from the left is

#1- Open borders.

#2- Let them vote.

#3- Give them free shit.

#4- Hope they vote Democratic.


To hell with the Republicans or the NRA, you want to tighten up America's gun laws, encourage blacks to open carry 24/7.

Forty four states in America allow open carry, some with some without licencing. Just fill the streets with black folk openly packing a gun and watch how fast white racist America bans open carry and tightens up those gun laws.

Yes nothing will give white America that scary feeling like millions of black folk packing agun in full view of the public.

Trump TRAPPED by his own BIG MOUTH and EGO

i've always felt that trump got into this whole thing with the intention of selling himself to the world, raising his billion dollar brand another notch or two.

Cats, Caucuses and the TPP

Hello, Thom!

I am contacting you from Marshalltown, Iowa.

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How Funding the Vote, Schools & Police Could Change America

One of the most amazing things about Donald Trump as a presidential candidate is his ability to say something interesting or at least hint at something interesting when he appears to be saying absolutely nothing.