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UNITED KINGDOM votes to leave the EU

I know most Americans have no idea what or where the UK, United Kingdom is , in fact i think if you were to ask many Americans where Canada is they couldn't tell you. Most can't tell you the name of their 8 year sitting Vice President.

But here goes, for those who do know where the UK is, they just voted to leave the European Union, the EU. What has happened as a result the British currency , the Pound, is in a free fall and at this moment it has lost a very large portion of its value and right now is sitting at a 30 year low, virtually overnight.

SOME SAY accusations of TRUMP being a RAPIST are 'FISHY'

Who cares what motivates this young lady to bring these charges against Trump 20 years after the fact. Maybe she was truly afraid from the threats against her and her families lives as she has said.

If you remember this isn't that unusual, Cosby has been accused of sexual assault and rape by no less than 51 women, almost all of the accusations dating back 20 to 30 years.

How many times have you read of daughters coming forward with charges of incest and gaining convictions 20 -30 -40 years after the fact.

Inspection- The Independent Convention: A Proposal

 Every four years we suffer from the same #%$! two party primaries, the same two party caucuses, the same two party conventions.

Donald Trump RAPES no BIG DEAL

Seems Americans find the rape of a 13 year old no big deal from the reactions to my post, sprinkled with plenty of giggles from the mainstream crowd.

But hey this is America where Bill Cosby has been accused of sex assault and rape by no less than 51 women and he's still out walking the streets, making a mockery of the law with his high priced lawyers.

Selling guns overseas DOES affect domestic terrorism

If you accept the premise that some dometic terrorists of the jihadi sort act in allegiance to ISIS or whatever other group might pop up, then I do not understand how Thom can dismiss the caller that said today that our overseas arms deals are connected with domestic gun violence.

Declare the NRA a terrorist organization!

You heard me right. The NRA is clearly at the heart of the system that provides terrorists in this country, be they Islamic or Right Wing, with weapons. Without the NRA we would have more reasonable gun control, with Congress no longer beholden to the NRA's cash.

Orlando massacre and the media push for war

Every time some two bit angry rentacop or office jockey gets angry and shooting up the place, the media listens for even a mild similarity for "ISIL" or 'taliban" or alqaeda. They are the ones spinning fear to themselves in this 24-7 news cycle. Mateen seems to follow a path similar to Zimmerman. Consider their occupations. Mateen simply moved his observation phase of rentacopping into the night club. Trayvon Martin was Zimmermans thrill kill and a night club of gays was Mateens.

Thom says the mob killed JFK again

Peter Dale Scott and David Talbot

In the radio show the other day Thom repeated the canard 'Trafficante did it', killed JFK. Just repeating it often enough doesn't make it so Thom. The mob didn't set up the early Nov. 1963 Chicago attempt on JFK. Nor did it create the 'legend' of Oswald. His intelligence background is just way too telling.

The defamation of the heterosexual male by military midrank and enlisted rapists

The United States Presidency has yet to address the protection and cleanup of the military conduct and sexism against women and also male victims of rape. We cannot expect that discipline will happen in any other form than the White House receiving direct reports of the rape from the victim, names and commanding officer identity.

The DONALD is FINISHED Charged with RAPE of 13 year old.

Recent court document filings accuse Donald Trump of raping a 13 year old girl in the 1990's. The assaults are alleged to have taken place at the home of billionaire and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Fruit of the Poisoned Tree? Cops carry seeds in their pockets.

Scotus just knocked out the Holy 2nd Amendment. Oh, wait -- sorry I meant the silly 4th.

Voter Fraud

MANY sources and links below, Click Show More:
The Democratic Party & Corporate Media just colluded to commit a coup against the American People and now have the GALL to demand a unification with the candidate who stole our vote and voice. Debbie reports on the election fraud in California, and unflinchingly summarizes the political reality we now must face. Courage and honesty are the ONLY way forward.
Election Fraud Blog:

Could it be haters look for reasons, rather than reasons make people hate?

I just posted on another blog about how Harvey Milk used to say something like that there are people who want to or get pleasure from being cruel. His line of reasoning went on that society doesn't allow people to do or say hurtful things to its members, so these people look for people not accepted by society because they can be cruel to these outsiders, if not with society's blessing at least without being too harshly condemned.


Herodotus's account of the battle at Thermopylae, the narrow pass where 300 Spartans and their Greek allies made their last-ditch stand against tens of thousands of Xerxes's invading army. Although the Spartans were defeated and annihilated at Thermopylae, the battle played an important part in the Greek resistance to this second and final Persian invasion.

Cheap and easy machine guns courtesy of the NRA-- coming to your neighborhood school or theater at any time

If you think this equipment should be legal for the average person, deranged citizen or evil doer, you are sick.

Time to kick some ass at the ATF for this bullshit.

Is it going to take a shootup on the floor of the House or Senate to get the attention of these clowns? Probably so, since school, movie and nightclub massacres have resulted in nada action on assault weapons and cute little loophole devices to convert them to auto fire.

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July 4th 1776 - The First Brexit

The markets have recovered from the Brexit panic, but people are still reeling in the aftermath of the UKs vote to leave the European Union, at least in part because it seems like such an unprecedented action.

But it really isn't so unprecedented.