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Bernie or bust is not supporting Bernie's campaign

I’ve been a big Bernie fan since the first time I heard “Brunch with Bernie”. I was one of the 28,000 to see Bernie in Portland early in the campaign, I've contributed to his campaign and I voted for him in the recent Oregon primary. He has set the goals and standards higher for the Democratic Party and this nation. That said, I'm truly confused by the Bernie or Bust movement. I would think they would understand what has been a core of his campaign.

Please, Please do not buy the media spin; do not get into the hate game!

I am a Bernie supporter. I have voted for Bernie, and I have contributed to his campaign. This was not an easy decision for me as I have waited a lifetime to see a woman voted in as the president. As a woman, I have been frustrated with how slow our country has been in pushing for equal rights, equal representation. As a person who came of age in the 1960s I am stunned at how much power conservative have usurped power from the people using fear mongering, hate mongering and religious fundamentalism. All those years ago I belie

Who will bring the revolution?

I have been hearing now, for months on end, a near-24 hour litany of grievances with the evils of Donald Trump on FreeSpeechTV, the Dish Network channel on which I tune into Thom Hartmann. I have to say that I am becoming a bit desensitized to the outrage.

When you hear over and over how someone is tantamount to the anti-Christ, nothing they do can surprise you anymore.

Thom Hartman and Foreign Policy

Thom, I was listening to your show yesterday and with surprise and dismay you said: because the countries in Middle East countries were creted artifically after WWI, redivision of these countries based on ethnogeographic line is a good idea. You went further and supported Joe Biden's idea of disintegration of Iraq into 5 ethnic areas.

So this is what we have come to? a world of segregations that will constantly fight with each other and Empire rips the benefits?

Did Barbara Boxer really fear for her safety at the NV Dem Convention?

CNN interviewed Sen. Boxer today. The Senator claimed that she "feared for her safety" when speaking at the NV Dem Convention. See YouTube video link of Boxer at the podium.

If she feared for her safety, she sure is a good faker. She even told the protesters she wasn't afraid of "booing", and proceeded to taunt them with "Clinton won! Clinton won!". The Senator stayed on stage and engaged the conflict; she didn't run from it.

Blackout of FBI investigation

The media doesn't mention that Hillary could be disqualified for violating 'freedom of information record keeping' by using private server and deleting files while public servant. Does Hillary have special justice rules and special privilages for the handling of security documents?

Stopping TPP Lame Duck Vote

As the final political battles leading up to the conventions rage on, there is one absolutely critical issue where we can have an immediate and major impact. Thanks to stopww3 for the original suggestion. Here is a summary with some additions.

Message to blogger ANTE B and all her HILLARY FOLLOWERS

Ante B

People like you are why America is on the bottom rung of social evolution when compared to all other western or progressive countries in the world.

There is a lot to be angry about, for sure

But doesn't Barney Frank have a point about the loudest most impatient people being the ones who haven;t shown up for the Midterms? I have been a lifelong Democrat and voted consistently it is jarring to be accused of being not Progressive by people who until recently weren't even commited to be registered for any party at all. It seems like a double standard. I have worked hard for Hillary and others too. But I have always been a fan of Bernie and tuned in to hear him on fridays and sent links and video clips of his to friend for years.

Pre-Rigging the California vote.

Not only are they flipping Delegates party regestration between the primary and the convention, and then not allowing those delegates to vote (Effectivly stealing thousands of votes that each delegate represents), but now they are pre-rigging the California primary by making it very difficult and confusing for independents to vote in the Presidential race in the primary.

Republican's have their Nominee... Phony Donny T

Phony Donny T refuses public review of Tax returns. Republican Nominee refuses to be accountable to the people.

A losing battle

I am a life long Tennessee Democrat. I remember when almost all my neighbors were Democrats. Now, I have a hard time finding a Democrat. Both Tennessee state houses are heavily Republican. The governor and both U.S. Senators are Republican. The state legislature is controlled by ALEC and the NRA. The legislature is becoming more extreme each year.


The Justice Department sued his company — twice — for not renting to black people

When Trump was serving as the president of his family’s real estate company, the Trump Management Corporation, in 1973, the Justice Department sued the company for alleged racial discrimination against black people looking to rent apartments in B

Is it time for a global climate dictator?

The time has come to take seriously a Bolshevik like take over of power in order to save this planet. It is essential ,if we care about the continuation of our species and of course our descendents to rise up and claim back our earth. We, must speak out against the greed and stupidity that is causing climate change and threatening our survival. Get out in the streets, hold your representatives accountable make as much noise as possible we are in jeopardy. We are on the verge of repeating the 1930s when the west woke up to late to Hitler and the Fascists. Only t


Some Bernie Sanders supporters are turning into a leftwing equivalent of fascist "brownshirts." Throwing chairs, hurlings profane language at the speakers at the Nevada Democratic Convention and issuing death threats are their modus operandi. Here's the particulars:

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The coal country state of West Virginia is in the middle of a special legislative session to deal with a $270 million budget shortfall, and it's setting the stage for Republicans to completely gut the state's government.

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