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Happy New Year 2020! (Fiction find entertainment)

It is amazing how fast time moves on all of us...

This year we are celebrating the new election of our President-Elect Elise Stefanick.

The economy is growing and the US dollar is getting stronger.

30 US dollars = 1 Vietnamese Dong


Regulations serve the same purpose as Laws and we cannot have civilization without them.

President Elect ?

from ben gazi to the hacked emails we are now on to reality 01/05/2017. it is only my opinion yet i believe that president obama will be in office a little longer than his elected two terms. i do not believe that donald trump will be found eligible to be sworn in as the president of the united states.

ISRAEL biting the hand that FEEDS IT

Israel has a population of approximately 7.8 million, or a million fewer than the state of New Jersey.

My New Year wishes from Thom and more, inc. Wolf PAC +

If I ever get on the live show, I would ask Thom (and any other progressive talk show host) to dedicate 10 seconds of every segment to amending the constitution over Citizen's United and more talk about the Wolf PAC. Here is a link to some excellent info on the Wolf Pac-

Daily Topics - Thursday December 29th, 2016

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2016 Year in Review: The Divided States of America (DSA!)

I would like to share with Thom's followers my observations on the tumultous year we have just witnessed. I also want to thank Thom for helping us all make sense of the chaos.

The Big Picture


According to the book 'The Sociopath Next Door', America is a breeding ground for psychopaths, at 4% of the US population, that's one in every 25 Americans. Then there's the copycat secondary psychopaths who show all the characteristics of a psycho ,but are capable of empathy. Five percent is about 16 million and you can bet your life savings psychopaths don't vote liberal.

How Many Roads, Bridges, Schools and Water Systems Can 4 Billion Dollars Buy Every Year?

And why are we tithing so generously to Israel when our infrastructure at home sucks? Of course there are the doomsday comments about what a great ally Israel is in the Middle East. For what? The oil industry? I say tax the oil companies and have them deduct those expenses from their ledgers, rather than the US treasury. I don’t give a rat’s tush about the evangelical lobby who want to preserve Jerusalem and environs as a religious museum of sorts.


Republican know it's profitable to let Americans die, that's why at the end of 8 years of republicans and George W Bush , 50 million Americans had no health care. Under republicans HMO's were allowed to cherry pick the population for greatest profits , the result, Americans with pre existing disease couldn't get coverage, and HMO's were allowed to set life time health coverage limits no matter hoe sick Americans were.

Medicare/Social Security


What proof does the Republican party have that Medicare is failing and that their changes will help make it survive? The same comment for Social Security. My suggestion is let us start with our tax dollars not paying for the insurance premiums of all of our members of congress, senators, President, Vice President, etc.


Quote Trump supporter " I suspect he(CEO of APPLE) is now knocking on the Ryan's door reminding him that that paltry $49,000 donation really put the republicans over the top in their landslide victory in the 2016 election."

Daily Topics - Wednesday December 28th, 2016

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25th Amendment

The 25th Amendment provides a quick way for Pence to force out Trump without going though impeachment. If the vice president and top executive officials certify that "the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office" and the President pro tempore of the Senate and Speaker of the house agree, Pence immediately becomes acting President. If Trump disagrees, he gets back in after 21 days unless if 2/3 of the house and senate agree with the vice-president's judgement.

Obama Should Reschedule Marijuana Now

Obama Should Reschedule Marijuana Now

Why Chelsea Manning Is Going Free

In his eight years in office President Obama has waged a devastating war on whistleblowers, prosecuting more people under the Espionage Act than every single president - combined.

But that war on whistleblowers took a possible step towards armistice today when the President commuted the prison sentence of former US Army private Chelsea Manning.