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COP 21 Mega Farce: Obama’s Export-Import Bank using Taxpayers dollars to finance 2 gargantuan COAL plants in Bangladesh destroying world’s largest mangrove forest in the process.

This from the Rainforest Action Network:

Today, Earth Day, Secretary of State John Kerry signs the Paris climate agreement, confirming the United States’ commitment to address global climate change.

At the same time, the U.S. government might finance two huge coal plants in Bangladesh, one of the world’s most climate-vulnerable countries. Not only would those coal plants hurt the climate, they’d wreck the world’s largest mangrove forest in the process.

The FACE of the NEW US $20 BILL

How proud I am of the US Treasury and the American people, announcing that Harriet Tubman would be replacing Andrew Jackson as the face on the US twenty dollar bill. If for no other reason than future hundreds of millions of Americans and others world wide will ask 'who is this wonderful person Harriet Tubman' and seek out the story of her precious life..

New endorsement for Bernie

The Philadephia Tribune has endorsed Bernie. According to Wikipedia: "The


American electorate talk of rebelling against Hillary the corporatist subversive stooge and their dying loyalty to their savior a tired 75 year old socialist senior, the other half of the country lining up behind a cartoon who is certifiably insane. Hillarious if it wasn't so pathetically sad. Where have they been since 1776.

“lesser-evilism paves the way for the greater evil” Jill Stein, Green Party, on the defect inherent in the establishment$ confining the electorates’ thinking to just two parties.

Jill Stein of the Green Party says “Sanders voters are about to be burned.” This from an article in the Isthmus:

"But Stein says the Sanders campaign will be good for independent politics. “If you talk to people under 30, they don’t have a .lot of allegiance to either party,” says Stein. “They are giving Bernie a try in the Democratic Party, and they are about to be taught a lesson.”

The Difference Between Hillary and Her Republican Rivals: A Quite Brief Sexual Tale

Hillary Clinton wants to “make love” to you, politically speaking.

Donald, Rafael, John and the rest of the Republicans want to have sex with you, politically speaking.

A distinction without a difference, politically speaking.

no peeking=more fun. Title=last 2 words.

The self-proclaimed. test.

Inspection- The Zombie Jamboree Election

Stay tuned, yes, politics enter the narrative here.

Guess Who Hopes You Won't Vote for Hillary, and Getting On with the Real Revolution

Wow. There's been a really heated discussion on Thom Hartmann's site about whether we should follow Bernie Sander's and Thom Hartmann's explicit advice to support Hillary over any Republican in the general election, or to "be pure" and for all practical purposes, waste our vote (Yes, I have a strong opinion!). This would be a reasonable conversation given what's at stake, as long as some of the participants are not unknowing shills for Republican strategists. Why would I suggest that possibility? Read on.

What the Democratic Party Can Do To Get Me Back

Recently Thom asked:

What does the Democratic Party have to do to get us back? Or something like that, I may have the exact phrasing wrong but …. anyway

I couldn’t respond right then though I desperately wanted to, then I got busy. The more time that went by, the longer my answer got. Finally I am sitting down to give this question the attention it deserves. I hope it is not too late, I figure the conversation has since turned to other matters. In either case, it’s still worth answering.


****** OPEN EMAIL ******

Friday, April 22, 2016 Beverly Hills, CA


Attention: Senator Bernie Sanders, Thom Hartmann and America,

What goes around, comes around...

I'm going to wax philosophical on y'all now ...

Danielle just said something that really resonates with me while she was guest-hosting on Thom's show. She and Shane do such a good job on that show while Thom is sitting in an airport somewhere that I almost don't miss Thom at all. She was talking about racism and said that she doesn't treat people like that because she doesn't want to be treated like that.

Republicans in classrooms...

Thinking back to my school days ... and that's a long time ago, I'm 66 years old and recently retired ... but way back in the 50s and 60s when I was in elementary school, junior high school and high school, there was a kid in every class who was a smooth talker and could talk that substitute teacher into almost anything, no matter how preposterous, that kid could make that ridiculous proposition sound almost reasonable, in a way.

Prince Prints: Black Royalty

A few months ago, I had just received Thom Hartmann’s outstanding book entitled “The Crash of 2016”. It was, and is, a profound work. In any event, I got on air with Thom to express my admiration for the book as it was extremely well written. Somewhere along the conversation, I told Thom that his writing skills made me want to hang up my ink, and likened the experience to when I saw Prince in concert during the Purple Rain tour here in Los Angeles. It was at the Fabulous Forum in 1985.

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We Don't Need Another Cable Giant.

Thanks to the FCC, two-thirds of our nation's high-speed internet subscribers may soon be under the control of just two companies.

According to a recent article over at, that agency has approved Charter Communication's $90 billion dollar takeover of two other cable providers: Time Warner and Bright House Networks.