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A problem with a America??? What could be done with $889 million?

One of the problems with America is a group of wealthy believe or values spending $889 million on one person for one day.

Like Ancient Nimrud--Are We Consigned for Rubble Too?

As just about everyone knows, I love history, especially ancient history. In fact, I consider myself a amateur historian. Ancient history tells us so much about ourselves; our origins; what motivated us; how we adapted and survived. It reminds us of our greatness and our weakness. In history too we see great leaps of knowledge, from reading and writing, to the use of the wheel and development of chariots, ways to harness nature such as improved ways to farm or animal husbandry.

C'mon...You Can Trust Us

I don't think there's any doubt that Americans have little, if any faith, in Washington. We all sense it. It's almost like it's this big secret that everyone is in on. We know they're lying. They know we know they're lying, and we know they know that we know they're lying to us. Last year academics confirmed what we intuitively already knew, that the America of our youth; the America of our history books was gone. We couldn't quite pinpoint when it happened, but we knew that it had vanished. These same academics confirmed that America is now an oligarchy.

Do You Have the Right to Work?

Let's say that you like working on cars. Cars are your life. There was no question of where you want to work---the local auto plant in town. The money and benefits are great, and what's better, they're hiring. So you fill out an application. After a few days, you get a phone from the plant's human resource department and set up an interview. She wants to hire you. An appointment is made to come down and see the company physician for a quick physical. The human resources manager asks you to come back in for an orientation.

Mistake on Pres. Clinton Banning Offshore Accounts

I called in yesterday and made a comment that Thom had never given credit for Pres. Clinton banning offshore bank accounts and Pres. Bush lifting the ban. It was not offshore banking but offshore drilling that Pres. Bush lifted. I appologize for the mistake and will be more carefull.

Man in Louisiana attacks TSA with machete and bug spray

Richard White, 63, a Taxi driver, went nuts with a machete and bug spray at a Louisiana airport.

ABC Supply, Mule Hide, and Scott Walker move to abolish the weekend.

Boycott anyone?

Bureau of Land Management$$$ releases a fracking nightmare set of regulations that forces the Public to subsidize the fracking industry.


This from the REAL Americans at Food and Water Watch:

Obama White House Blasts Mitch McConnell For telling States To Break The Law

Politicususa, Friday March 20, 2015

The White House is laying into Mitch McConnell after the Senate Majority Leader wrote a letter to the nation's governors telling them to ignore new EPA rules.

In his letter to the governors, McConnell wrote:

"Some have recently suggested that failing to comply with the EPA's requirements would be to disregard the law.

But the fact is, it'e the EPA that is failing to comply with the law here.

Change the Republican Icon

A new metaphor for the republicans - the elephant no longer is appropriate: it is far too gentle, far too community minded and does not behave in a way that is counterproductive to the community-at large? The matriarch will often teach young elephants in her herd how to act properly (which R's don't seem to know how to do). They communicate by touch, sight, smell and sound; elephants use infrasound, and seismic communication over long distances. Elephant intelligence has been compared with that of primates and cetaceans.

GOP's kitchen budgeting comparison a deceptively false fairy tale.

I wish I had even a single buck back in tax returns for every time I've heard Republican politicians throw out their standard spiel of "It's time for Congress and our state legislatures to work out their budgets like so many American households do every year, at the kitchen table!"

Congress Takes Aim At New Union Election Rules

CBS News, March 19, 2015

Congress on Thursday approved new legislation to block new union election rules backed by labor groups and opposed by business organizations.

The Republican-dominated House voted 233-181 in approving a measure to ban rules issued in December by the National Labor Relations Board and slated to take effect April 14.

The House move comes two weeks after the Senate also voted largely along party lines to kill the rules, which would allow what the GOP has dubbed "ambush elections."

Missoula, Montana fights Carlyle Group

Missoula files for eminent domain takeover of water system. Google that sentence to read about legal fight for Missoula, Montana's effort to regain control of it's own water.

How much money have you spent on your government representative today?

Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, a primary financial backer of both the Republican Party and Netanyahu has given $5 million to the G.O.P.’s Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC and has bought the most important newspaper of the religious-nationalist right in Israel to give it away for free.

Rigged elections? Did they happen in 2014? Did they happen in Israel?

The 2014 election polls suggested close races in many states, but when the votes were counted, Republicans had won by larger than expected margins in race after race. The same thing just happened in Israel--exit polls predicted the vote would be neck in neck. It wasn't. Over the years several articles have offered substantial evidence that electronic voting machines, owned by Republicans, have been hacked throwing elections in their favor. When no paper trails exist, how can hacking ever be disproved? I understand that rigging the machines is not difficult.

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