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The Decline of American Media

This blog will be my space to discuss the decline of America's media with a focus on cable and network news. Anyone who happens across this is welcome to comment and re-post with credit given. I love to engage with others who are saddened or angered by what's become of our daily & nightly newscasts.

If Black Lives Matter Was Truly A-Political And All About Parity and Justice, One Teensy Little Word Would've Done The Trick ---BLM "TOO"

I fear BLM is an Astro-Turf organization, much like what became of the aTea-Party movement. This has become a bogus political tool, almost right from the gates. Shame that they'd throw their fellow black Americans under the bus for personal engrandizement and enrichment. Bigger shame on the handlers who've corrupted and prostituted some sincere but unsophisticated young people for their own political purposes. But that's USA under Citizens United. Thanks, SCOTUS.

Aggression is a hysteric fit.

It might be caused by frustration, of course, but the point is - hysteria expresses itself through human behavior depending of what hormones are available. Uncontrollable crying fits happen in estrogen -rich bodies, while testosterone causes the same hysteria to express itself in uncontrollable aggression fits. And, of course, we have all seen infantile type hysteria expression in juvenile tantrums.

President Carter DYING of CANCER

Jimmy Carter one of the finest most honorable people ever elected to public office, was CHEATED of his Presidency by Ronald Reagan, who committed TREASON against his own country to do it.

Free-Market Socialism , anyone?

I still cannot agree with Bernie Sanders defining himself as "socialist" or "democratic socialist". Both definitions a/ not accurate (after all, Socialism, by definition, is government MONOPOLY, which Bernie opposes) and b/ tainted by negative connotations (too many dictators fancied themselves as "socialists”).

When I'm explaining Bernie's platform to my Republican and Conservative friends (and even to one Monarchist among them) , I use the description which certainly catches their attention and opens their minds:

Conservative CROOKS and LIARS, even in CANADA

So it's election time in Canada, unlike the US , we have tough restrictions on election spending by the candidates and our election period is 16 weeks.

Up for re election is Stephen Harper of Canada's Conservative Party. The question ALL Canadians are asking themselves , has he shown himself competent and trustworthy and the flat answer is NO. First these Conservatives have had 9 straight budget deficts, adding hundreds of millions of new debt to the backs of 35 million Canadians. Secondly they are as crooked as they come.

The problem with antisemitism is...

...that this unfortunate condition impairs human judgement to the extent of acting irrationally, against their own interests if there's a slightest chance of causing damage to the demonized group. It happens over and over again and still history teaches humanity nothing, we still cannot resist assisting our sworn enemies who openly proclaim our destruction as their primary objective - just because we hope those cannibals will destroy our allies first. Just think about how such despicable policy is going to damage US reputation as a trustworthy ally among world community.

Custodianship of the Commons: Pentagon intervenes in wildfires only when insurance companies are recording claims.

Obama’s\Demo-rats grade on stewardship and custodianship of the Peoples’ commons, including public forests, is one Big MASSIVE “F” as in complete failure.

Wildfires = 1) punctuated release of C02 and fine particulate matter into the atmosphere, and 2) a big boost in the Obama’s Mass Extinction, and 3) a massive taking of public property as a consequence of special interests.

Transsexualism as Expressed by Transsexuals (part 4)

Recently I have been reading Julia Serano's excellent book "Whipping Girl, A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity." In the book she referenced Gore Vidal's famous character Myra Breckinridge from the book of the same name.

Imperfect People, Perfect Love

Love is Progressive Part 47: Imperfect People, Perfect Love

It is an axiom that nobody is perfect. We all muddle through life with our imperfections, foibles and faults, some better than others. Both our imperfections and our differences contribute to the difficulty of relationships, whether they be intimate relationships, potential intimate relationships, family relationships, or friendships.

Jeb Bush Got $1.3M Job At Lehman After Florida Shifted Pension Cash To Bank

International Business Times, August 19, 2015

The Blackism Experiment(s)

I recently alluded to utilizing this forum and, thusly, all of you as a laboratory in which I conducted an experiment, several in fact. Frankly, this upset several people as they (apparently) felt like unsuspecting guinea pigs and that I was being intellectually pompous. Though I did not immediately understand their righteous indignation (and it wasn’t many, just a few), I do understand it now, and they are rational in their feelings though that was not my intent in making the statement. I apologize, very sincerely, to anyone that felt offended by that particular fact, and statement.

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