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  • Should Taxpayers seek reimbursement for the very real cash and economic costs of Walmart doing business?

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    Nod your head “yes”


  • Obama ask about legalizing cannabis

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    It's must be all in how you ask the question…

  • racism reverse

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    Racism, it seems to me, is among the integrant socio-emotional elements of personal and cultural ‘imperialism’ (chauvinism) and the affluenzic miasma of idle dismissiveness, denial and angry inhibition/avoidance imbedded in “American” life.  Discriminatory institutional/legal barriers and repressive practices have been demonstrably endemic and are deeply entrenched in our society.  Nevertheless, the popularity of President Obama is evidence of pervasive desire to reform undeniable inequity and repression that persist in our country.

  • poetic timing

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    Once again, from this to that, no favorite fate’s feasible unless we make it so.

    Time weaves gossamer reality from fuzzy threads of ‘nows’ furled about us,

    Just gist enough to cover our desires - for a measure of  life-space here or there…  [?]


  • TPP: Obama’s new Commerce Dept appointee receives $14.1 million bonus from Wall Str.

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    This from the TRUE AMERICANS at CREDO:


  • Senate Big Oil stooges give Obama letter urging approval of Keystone XL Pipeline.

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    Hillary is responsible for fake environmental review and the names of some of the Senate Demo-rats that are in favor of planet death by keystone xl are as follows:


    Sen. Jackass Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota


  • pro worker republican legislation

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    How about Davis-Bacon.

    As a retired Union Rep, thats about the only good thing that has come from the "cons" that I'm aware of.


  • Inspection- Taking a Knife to a Stupid Gun Talking Point Fight

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      My longtime readers already know I'm not much for registration of all guns, though depending on the exact nature of such I do think background checks would be wise. Considering the number of guns in private hands I think Pandora's Box is not just already open, but been dumped all over the nation again and again. Plus, one can make a gun: prisoners do it.
      But some regulation for some guns, like we regulated machine guns: yes. Not necessarily anywhere near as much, but some? Something to consider.

  • Oligarch Shill, Oil whore and Banksterette extraordinaire Hillary "Bush 5" Clinton the fake gets a shoe thrown at her.

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    Does this signal the long awaited awakening of the 99%?  Is true hope finally starting to percolate up from the 99%?


    But alas, I doubt the incident will effect her/Bush 5's sense of entitlement to a role in our Democracy by Dynasty. 


  • Goodbye democracy

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    Hello oligarchy

    This article is about 35 years too late. I remember when Rush Limbaugh made a name for himself in 1989. I would listen to him as an amusing loudmouth, who's sole iintent was to blame any financial woes in America on the poor. People listened to him and the next thing yyou know his myth became truth in the eyes of millions.