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Obama’s Petroleum Police State: Hundreds of gigantic illegal oil wastewater pits found in Kern County, CA

Washington cannot let Corporations simply run-a- muck rough-shod over America. People have to live in the United States.

Canada's 39% Conservative Government Trying to Intoduce Orwellian Legislation

More than 100 academics are urging the government to drastically alter C-51, the Conservatives' proposed anti-terrorism legislation, arguing it is far too broad and doesn't come with safeguards to protect Canadians' privacy rights.

The group, made up mainly of law professors from across Canada, have signed an open letter arguing the proposed bill has major problems that threaten Canadians' privacy and freedom of speech.

Walker’s Winning Strategy: Bottom half of the Standard Normal Distribution on brains (50%) + the 1%$$$ = Majority.

It is amazing how people can be cajoled into voting against their best interests.+

And, yea, walker compared unions with ISIS

Explosive period of super warming expected as planet’s natural tendency toward temperature equilibrium reaches its limit.

2014 hottest year on record?! We haven’t even begun to feel the heat from Obama’s “all of the above” energy policy.

We gotta get off the planet.

Net Neutrality Myths

How the OMG crowd hate Title II FCC legislation so ,,,,

It's time to dispel the myths .....

DHS funding

We Americans are quick to forget almost everything. With all this discussion in congress about DHS funding why is it that no-one is bringing up the fact that part of the DHS funding is to work with our state and local police departments.

Inovation is dead for the internet

You will see no improvements - my netflix monevies will lag

Idaho Christian State Proposal Shelved

apparently, the idea of declaring Idaho a christian taliban state was the idea of a couple wacko right wingers in the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee...who introduced the resolution. But a 2/3rd majority of the committee shelved the idea

proving there are some sane Republicans.

More SPAM--

SueN, I'd like to call your attention to another solicitation:

Funding the Manhattan Project

In 1904 both Bank of America and Aetna were "founded."

Assorted Notes due bankers from 1924, maturing in 1944, overlapped underwriting for the Manhattan Project.

In 1944:

Alleghany Corp. (holding company of the New York Central RR aka American Express)funded debt reached maturity;

Private lender groups applied pressure on the Home Owners Loan Corporation to pre-maturely sell its mortgages;

N.Y., Chicago & St. Louis Ry bonded debt of August 1, 1929 was due

WI would have been better off had its billionaire taken her jobs and left the State.

Call it an example of billionaire’s behaving badly or whatever you want, but without a doubt – and in EVERY respect – Wisconsin, its Economy, and society, would have been better off if Hendricks would have taken her jobs, her billions and her dance pole and gotten the fuck out of Wisconsin. With the money and economy the State and its Taxpayers would have had had she just left, a state-of-the-art, mega-employing factory (with gold plated toilet fixtures!!) could have been built in Beloit (right next to the new one that got built in Janesville!)

Al Shabaab = Evil Genius

Is Al Shabaab the new "Osama bin Laden" threat against one of our core freedoms, with their recent video calling for TERRORIST ATTACKS on SHOPPING MALLS in the U.S.?

To set an example

Some troll-points aren't worth refuting in detail. In general, it's easier to generate lies and propaganda and nonsense than to attack it, and we want the liars and propagandists to do the hard work.

There's not much left of global warming science that's even ambiguous, nor has there been since the late 1980s. The Marquis de Sade is not a hero of the left, because there's no evidence that he is :) That "there's no evidence that X, therefore, not X" is quite handy. If a troll can assert X with no evidence you can use that.

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Our planet's lungs are dying...

Trees are like our planet’s lungs. Every second of every day, they’re absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, and converting it into energy.

In fact, according to a study by researchers at NASA, each year, tropical rainforests absorb a staggering 1.4 billion metric tons of CO2 from Earth’s atmosphere.