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I have a dream…that one day, Liberals and Conservatives will walk hand in hand and a man will not be judged by his political leanings, but by his ability to not engage in knee-jerk voting for any politician who seems to be on his side on some issue or issues without making a proper effort to do research on the issues and how the candidates stand on the issues, hear both sides of the issue, try to be as objective as possible, and not listen to Sarah Palin.

ECOCIDE: BOYCOTT CANCUN: 57 hectares of last remaining pristine mangrove rainforest destroyed in just 1 day.


Excerpt from the article:

“The swamps have just been destroyed, in just one day, in order to clear the way to building a tourist complex, as people protest to attempt to save the wildlife.

WI GOP Civil Service Elimination: 27 yo White college dropout with 2 drunk driving convictions hired to replace top Commerce executive chemical engineer with 25 yrs of experience.

The punk’s name is Brian Deschane and his dad was the head lobbyist for the Wisconsin Builders Association.
Special thanks to the Isthmus weekly news rag out of Madison, WI

Walker puts his house up for sale as State rushes to sell off water utilities.

Yea, no red flags there.

And yet again, it’s just another piece of evidence that not even Walker believes in his economic policies for the State (State’s prosperity would “raise all boats”\home values).

Have you or #Iowa seen #Hillary's wicked evil Laugh about making hard choices?

Have you or #Iowa seen #Hillary


A talking point among Liberals is how Conservatives distort the truth, but in arguing with a Conservative Facebook friend, I've discovered how overzealous liberal pundits and public relations people distort things by omissions, exaggerations, false statistics and the like, just as the Neocons do. An example of this is a friend of mine told me he thought Social Security was a "Ponzi Scheme" or at least something like it.


******** * OPEN EMAIL * ********

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Attention: Senator BERNIE SANDERS, Thom HARTMANN, and America:

Here is an eloquent suggestion for a Tell-A-Vision COMMERCIAL for your campaign for U.S. President:

[It is worth $100,000 to $100 Billion dollars. Quess how much! (But, free for thee!)]

RIGGED: They poison our children, and no justice.

Their financiers kick millions of us out of our homes, and no justice.

She who would have herself lead them commits espionage, and no justice.

They kill our planet, and no justice.

And all the while, year after year, wealth continues to concentrate.

This is not governing, it is diseased self-indulgence by the few at the expense of the masses.

They tell themselves they are responsible for great acts and what they take is their due.

But they are deluded – period.

The Atmosphere is Electric in Bernieland

The Atmosphere is Electric in Bernieland

Original song about Citizens United & Bernie Sanders (w/cartoons)

This is a folk song about Citizens United and Bernie, illustrated with political cartoons. The cartoons are licensed for social media.

I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place. Let me know if there's a better place to post it.


Renewable Energy Pays If We Count More than Cash

Solar energy could power all energy needs on earth x 11,000 (ETOM, 2013)....Wind energy could power all energy needs on earth numerous times. Water and waves could also power all energy needs on earth. Geothermal, harvesting waste heat, energy efficiency and conservation as a plentiful fuel equivalent, biofuels, gravity, imagination. So why are we still addicted to a cash-driven dirty dead energy of dead dinosaurs?

Message to the Black Man (Part I): The Great Debaters

On October 26, 2015, I wrote an op-ed entitled “Message to the White Man: Why I Just Can’t Get Over Slavery”. The piece received a lot of attention and elicited considerable controversy.

BBC: Taliban has NEVER been in control of more territory in Afghanistan than they are now.

But special interests and contractors are making money so the loss of life is worthwhile according Washington.

NJ Bankruptcy: Christie reneging on required cash outlay to Pension Fund of $17 Billion dollars.

New Jersey is about 8 to 12 years from complete,utter financial melt- down, bankruptcy, uber-kaput, not a dime status. BALLS! JUST THINK OF THE UNELECTED EMERGENCY MANAGERS TO BE APPOINTED!

Dismantling democarcy in the US one state at a time by intentionally bringing financial ruin on to the 99%. Thank god Obama is in the White House ! (sarcasm)

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One Iowa Caucus Delegate Comes Down To Coin Toss

The Iowa caucus convener flipped a coin. Bernie Sanders supporters called "heads" and it landed on tails.

Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by 31 points in N.H.: Poll

Sanders was at 61 percent support in the University of Massachusetts Lowell/7News poll, followed by Mrs. Clinton, at 30 percent

Martin O'Malley suspends presidential campaign after Iowa caucuses

The announcement came after O'Malley barely registered in Iowa against his better-known rivals Clinton and Sanders, failing to meet already low expectations

If You Want to Win, Go Progressive

The big question right now is whether to call Hillary Clinton a progressive, or a "moderate."

And then there's the question of who is more electable in a general election: an unabashedly progressive democrat, like Bernie Sanders; or a "centrist" democrat, like Hillary Clinton.