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WHORES: Obama and Kerry’s State Department to give Chevron award for “Corporate Excellence.”

This from CREDO:

Chevron – the massive oil and natural gas company with a deadly and toxic legacy around the globe – could be honored by the U.S. State Department next week for its "corporate excellence."1

The State Department will be announcing the winner of its corporate excellence award on Tuesday, so we need to act fast to make sure Chevron doesn't receive this grossly undeserved honor from the U.S. government.

Death$$$ of our Planet: Global ocean conveyor belt collapsing.

wasn't there a movie about this?

Michelle Obama for president / Blow their heads off.

She should run & win the presidency, if for no other reason then to simply to let us enjoy seeing their heads explode.

Mishelle Obama 2016. Let us continue the Obama legacy...


Just saw "Wild" with Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern. Good movie! The theater was packed..mostly with women. Reese Witherspoon portrayed Cheryl Strayed (stray-ed) and Laura Dern portrayed her mother. Cheryl had a brief part sitting in a truck in the beginning of the movie but I didn't realize it at the time. I read about it later. And Cheryl's 9 year old daughter played the parts of Cheryl as a child.

The People need to drastically cut the wages and compensation of Senators, Congresspersons, White House Officials and the Supreme Court.

They should be paid more in keeping with the value of the services they perform for taxpayers. And besides, many of them are wealthy and their doing the job in the first place in the spirit of public services? Right?! (don’t forget they get to trade – legally – on information wall st would consider “insider information). Front line workers – those involved in actually delivering the government good or service – should have their wages raised.

Economic Patriotism: Every major American Tech firm has their headquarters in Ireland to avoid higher US tax rates.

Everybody wants to enjoy the benefits of the purchasing power a developed country is capable of cultivating in its consumers, but nobody wants to pay for it. That is known as “bullshit.”

Who's Really Fighting Legal Weed

Who's Really Fighting Legal Weed
By Ben Cohen Dec. 8, 2014

The fight against legal marijuana is about big money, not public health.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

Our nation has become an oligarchy controlled by the rich. Because we do not show up, they will continue to win. "We The People" will continue to lose.

why are we here?

"we" being those who watch/listen to thom, visit this site: what do we get from/add to this site when we comment?


Larry King is probably expanding the RT audience.

PS Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and anyone else like that. Maybe.

Raising RT volume

The volume on RT needs to be raised to match or exceed other channels.


Moving manufacturing to anywhere but Mother America and Tax evasion is Treasonous because our DEFENSE depends on Tax Revenue from Manufacturing jobs and the sales and Income taxes generated by these domestic jobs.

Attorney General

It should not take this Long to investigate an open and shut video and audio case.

White Supremacist need to stop fighting immigration reform and worry about the death of the planet.

enuf said, get your fucking priorities right and stop worrying about your party

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The Death of the Middle Class was by Design...

Even in the face of the so-called Recovery, poverty and inequality are getting worse in our country, and more wealth and power is flowing straight to the top. According to Paul Buchheit over at Alternet, this is the end result of winner-take-all capitalism, and this destruction of the working class has all been by design.