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Police? Possible Psychopaths?

Due to the lack of time during this "chat" related to Are Police "psychopathic" characteristic?...I can say, as a school psychologist, I have read many articles in my past 30 years that have confirmed that this is true. I am only sending the following 2 links that suggest this is can do further research. Now, I do want to mention, it has nothing to do with intelligence being "lower"....but rather the personality will also notice that politicians also have degrees in psycopathology!

Chockhold Death Case

A chokehold is not a carotid restraint. It is quite different. The forearm is placed firmly against the throat, perpendicular to it and four hyoid bones located directly below the tongue. The victim will inevitably fight in struggling for air. This can cause injury and lead to possible cessation of life.

Sandra Bland

I think many police officers are using steroids, which cause increased aggression. My mother worked at a large health food store in Chicago, where she was in charge of vitamins & supplements. She used to tell me about cops coming in to buy specific supplements that mask detection of steroids.

Bernie must start reaching out to minority leaders

First of all, I am a huge Bernie Sanders supporter. Each time I've called the show this month has been to praise Sander's campaign. (I'm Luis from Tulare incase anyone wants to know)

Walker: WI’s weakness is the Country’s weakness, and as such contributes to a threat to National Security.

Fuck Obama and his “State’s Rights.” There has to be limits on what ALEC is invited to do to one of our States.

Shitting on McCain and now Lindsay Graham?! God help me, but I think I like Trump!

I'm so conflicted (wink)

Ripple effect puts WI’s economic LOSES from Diane Hendricks’ and the Koch brothers’ Scott Walker in the BILLIONS of dollars.

Economic multipliers are a bitch, especially their cumulative effect overtime.

But, nothing would complement Walker’s current and future wealthy affiliates’ financial interests more than driving all or part of Wisconsin into economic hardship and/or chaos. It is after all, Walker et. al.’s overarching plan for the state.

Voter Fraud vs Election Theft: Scott Walker's Wisconsin Reelection

Veterans Truth Network, July 10, 2015, by Jim Fetzer with Richard Charnin

Today, the advent of electronic voting machines whose company owners - including some Republican candidates themselves - are tied to the GOP [and have] turned election theft into a science.....They can steal whole states at a time.

The methods the GOP has been using to steal elections has been cracked here in Wisconsin.

Suspicions it had been stolen using voting machines have been confirmed using statistical analysis with charts that show how it was done.

Republicans Outraged That Trump Said McCain Wasn't A Hero - But Where Was Their Outrage When...

....Max Cleland, Who Lost Three Limbs In Vietnam, was accused by his GOP opponent Saxby Chambliss of "breaking his oath to defend and protect the Constitution".....and Ann Coulter said Cleland "should stop allowing Democrats to portray him as a war hero."

This video is spot on about Scott Walker and his Jesus Calling

Was it Jesus or David Koch who called on Scott

America is lead by COWARDS

Just announced, the Cuban flag was hung in the lobby of the US State Department alongside those of other countries for the first time since 1961.

IT took this long for America to bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones , because of political cowardice.


last week there was a discussion about same sex marriages having trouble with birth certificates: not letting the non birth mother be on the certificate ...please see see the below article

Trump was initially correct

McCain is not really a hero. Trump was initially correct when he downplayed McCain's being a hero. Being captured as a soldier is part of the risk of taking on the job of soldier. And he or she has a duty to behave a certain way when captured. Being a true hero, in my humble opinion, is going ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty and service. As far as I've read, McCain did not do that. He may be a brave soldier who followed protocol in the face of P.O.W. brutality, but that does not make one a hero. Otherwise the defintion of the word hero needs to be changed.

Predatory Lender or 'Premier' Chain of Career Colleges?

Recently, Arne Duncan, U.S.

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You need to know this... Support for Donald Trump's campaign is still growing nationally, and in early primary states, but he's not just gaining support in early primary states. A new poll from Florida shows that Trump is leading Jeb by 6 percentage points - and he's leading Rubio by 16 points.