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Sad commentary on life in America ,but the fact remains if i was an American , i'd buy a hand gun and if the jurisdiction allowed it, i'd carry it constantly on my person.

There would never be a time that if i was sitting in a my church praying, that i'd allow a sick deranged gunman to cold bloodedly murder my fellow parishioners or myself without a fight. I'd never find myself standing in a public place like a bar, airport or corner store and allow those around me or myself to be murdered by some hop head, without a fight.

Orlando GUNMAN was a religious SELF HATING GAY

Forget the talk of this gunman being ISIS terrorist. Now the latest coming from patrons of the PULSE the gay club where this crazed gunman killed at last count 49 people and put another 53 in hospital, is that this Omar Mateen was a regular patron, a predator that hunted men for sex.

Inspection- If/Then and Now

Orlando, Trump, Hillary, Bernie... anyone else overwhelmed, while also being more than a tad tired of it all? It's all so predictable: radicalized anti-gay loner shoots up club, Obama speaks, "He's going to take our guns!" Trump tweets how right he was. Another guy caught with guns heading towards a club is stopped... little said about who he is, or why.

Paul Ryan's moment of Silence and silences the debate keeping guns away from terrorist in America

Paul Ryan held a moment of Silence for people the that lost their lives over the weekend in a domestic terrorist attack.

Some house democrats walked out on the moment of silence, why?

They Distort, Others Decide Bullshit- The Donald and Tox News

In case you haven't noticed, The Donald and Fox News use the same slight of hand to introduce rumor into their communications. This is transparent to many of us, but manages to dupe others who are gullible enough to think that Fox News actually reports news and that The Donald is actually a plausible candidate for president.


Below are the American Arms manufacturers that make the AR15 or similar weapons that flood American streets.




America WHY do you ALLOW THIS

50 people died a few days ago because America allows a deranged man to buy a military grade semi automatic weapon , easily converted to automatic weapon and walk into a public place and open fire. Below are the identical size bullets that ripped through the flesh of these 50 who died and have put another 50 plus in the hospital in serious condition.

These are the same bullets that ended the life of 20 children aged 6 and 7 at the Sandy Hook Elementary School plus 6 adult staff members.

Democrat pundits choose easy victims to criticise

The failure of the democrat party is when they mock people like Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz basically they ignore making hardcore rhetoric criticism that would demand topics be addressed. I noticed it today when James Carville was announcing he was going to interview Sarah Palin at politicon 2016. If you can't respect the person, feeding them questions will make for difficult fair debating .

The credit is worth more than the blood to terrorism

The media and state department don't understand announcing credit to any group for terrorism feeds their ego. If a group like ISIL or alqaeda takes credit for a mass killing , they first have to conduct the attack. Its not worth anything without the credit. If the USgov and Associated press had a clue they'd come up with terms to generalize the general type of motivation rather than the group.


Aparently now we are learning this Orlando mass murderer Omar Mateen had as recently as 2013 received special clearances from one to the companies that works for Homeland Security , a company that provides security for many of Americas nuclear reactors.


On 6/12/16, at least 50 fellow Americans lost their lives to the senseless, mindless, murderous hatred of one person. I cannot help but wonder how many other people hold the same kind of hatred and may act upon it. I also wonder how the internet and Media has propagated and intensified this kind of hatred. Every day thousands, maybe millions, of people promote hatred by "sharing" insulting cartoons, slogans and disgusting opinions about their fellow Americans.


I still believe this was a self appointed wannabe ISIS , that had no real contact with the orginization itself. As for ISIS claiming this was their dirty work, this is an orginization that is evil incarnate who would seize the opportunity to tag their name to the most heinous of crimes.

PEOPLE DIED because of the COWARDICE of the ORLANDO Police Department

"Approximately 2 a.m.: Omar Mateen, carrying a handgun and an AR-15–style semi-automatic assault weapon, opens fire at patrons inside the Pulse nightclub, where an estimated 300 people are inside.

An off-duty, uniformed police officer who is working security at the venue 'bravely responds' to the shooting, and a short gun battle—apparently outside the club and possibly involving two other officers—ensues. Mateen then retreats back inside club, effectively creating a hostage situation for those clubgoers still inside.

President Obama on Orlando Massacre: “An Act of Terrorism…An Attack on All of Us”

Before anyone accuses me of being callous, let me unequivocally state that I am saddened at the loss of life in Orlando. However, I am saddened at the loss of life anywhere; especially the lives of children. When the events that took place in Orlando last night occurred, it was about midnight here on the West Coast when I received an alert on my computer. Since the crime scene was still quite active, details about the shooter, number of casualties, etc. were sketchy, at best.

50 DEAD killed by a guy with a AR15 Automatic Rifle

50 dead and 53 seriously injured in what is now the biggest mass murder in Americas history. Lone gunman heavily armed entered a Gay bar in Florida and opened fire. Reports state the lone crazed gunman was claiming to be a Muslim.

You can't stop mentally deranged people from hating , but you can stop mentally dranged people from arming themselves with military grade weapons.

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