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FastTrack\TPP: Does this mean the Northern half of the KEYSTONE XL Pipeline is to be built?!

inquirying minds need to know.

ps what does one where to their own "extra-ordinary rendition"?

Jeff Dunham arrested for terrorism

At at rally held at the Fox Theater last night Jeff Dunham was arrested for terrorism. He is being held in jail on $100 million cash bond.

A spokeman for the Michigan State police stated.." He is clearly a menace to society. In arab dress, he looked at a member of the opposition group at his rally and said " I KILL YOU ". We have it on tape, I don't even think we need a trial."

Obamanation: Everything about America exceeds a 99%’rs worst expectations.

Obama’s TPP\FastTrack is a slap in the face to the Pope’s environmental message.

Appropriations Committee just passed 3 provisions that gut Net Neutrality.

This from the patriotic American at Fight for the Future:

Bad news: The House Appropriations Committee just voted for 3 provisions that gut Net Neutrality less than a week after the rules finally went into effect.

All of the provisions are poison for Net Neutrality, but the worst would stop the FCC from implementing the rules until after the courts resolve all ten lawsuits that have been filed against the rules. That could mean no Net Neutrality for years, if not a decade.

Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, etc. are to blame for white hate gunman

A white, racist gunman targeted a black church service partially because of conservative talk radio hosts like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and it is not the first time people have been incited to violence by Republican media darlings. Racist Mormon Glenn Beck, who recently admitted he lost his tv job on Fox from being a mental case, says the most horrible lies about minorities every day because the Republican party's morning coffee is racial fear channeled into hate and then it's go to a commercial for gold coins and super beet juice.

As Frequently Shown the TPA passed in the house shows that this is a Plutocracy

Comparing the polling of Fast Track authority shows what we all know elections are largely a waste as one has no control of what ones favored candidates will do when elected. The razor thin majority for fast track authority in the house illustrates the point, 191 Republicans favor giving Obama and the next President Fast Track Authority and 24 democrats also do so 54 republicans and 157 are against. In other words the Republicans are largely for and the democrats are against.

Did Obama’s Trade crap beat the Kochs to changing America into a country lead by "Economic Royalists” ?

Triangulate this bitches: I’m not voting for Hillary. The best way through situations like this is to take your medicine. Especially, since the error made by the general population will be illustrated by significant social unrest after the Kochs’ implement their “new America.”

But it is the only way to sear the mistake into the collective conscience shared by ALL the American People. There will be a lot of unnecessary suffering by ALL citizens.

Business Insider: 21 of the world’s 37 biggest sources of drinking water are on the verge of disappearing

I suppose with TPP's internet censorship food and water insecurity issues will just evaporate!

PETITION: Tell the Senate to vote down Obama’s heinous miscarriage of our democracy Trade deals.

Will anybody even see this? They have already slowed the internet down in Madison, WI and surrounding areas?!?

And at the urging of Paul Ryan democrats did this?!?!?


Today, the House of Representatives voted to put corporate interests ahead of the American people by passing Fast Track for bad trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The Republican leadership twisted arms and made promises they will not keep to overcome the broad-based public opposition to trade deals that will imperil consumers, the environment and workers.


America despite all its propaganda to the contrary , is a cruel and uncaring society and this cruelty produces unusually vicious thugs. No other first world society has anything near the violence or carnage that is visted daily on the streets of America.

Congress passes TPA\TPP enabling fast track in re-vote.

That's the final nail in America’s coffin for the 99% and Environment. And please don't blame it on the Chinese or the world economy - that is bullshit. In fact, anything washington says about the TPP is bullshit until the release the full text.


Not my president and not now, not my's not mine because it belongs the rich.

as an aside local tv news in Madison, WI is reporting a slow down in internet service throughtout the area.



Nine times out of ten, when we co-ordinate what we know with what we should be doing, something gets done. The rest of the time, it doesn’t get done, for unknown reasons.


Crime does not pay—it pays off.



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