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120 plus DEAD Execution Style TERRORIST ATTACK in Paris

Turn to CNN, CBC , RT NEWS, Al JAZZERA , watch the live coverage

CO: Obama sells off 90,000 acres of resource-rich Public wild areas for as little as $2 an acre to world’s richest Oil and Gas Corporations so they can destroy it at will.

Ah yes, our little environmental anti-Christ Barac O’bama is as busy as Scott Walker these days. Ever stop to think if they think about our childrens' future?!

Anyway, so, how’s that mass extinction treating ya?! Climate change devastate the neighborhood lately?! Yea, yea, hang in there, you’ll get yours along with the rest of us.

This from the Rainforest Action Network (they are responsible and patriotic Americans unlike the filth that circulates in Washington):



Friday, November 13, 2015

Attention: Thom Hartmann & America!

WTF is going on or WHY is the American Government FINANCING the RAND CORPORATION who inturned FINANCED AYN RAND 'ATLAS SHRUGGED'

" The only thing that matters in life is how good you are at making money "

Why would the US Government be financing the right wing default party's of the rich and the privileged. ' the foot soldiers of the wealthy's fight against the middle class and poor.

Bring this up when a conservative mentions Obama's doubled the national debt

If you listen and watch conservative media - you'll see that the latest talking point is that "Obama's doubled the national debt during this presidency" They repeat it over and over again. It renders liberals speechless. Here's the proper response:

Saving Bernie's Initiatives...its not gonna be easy!

Living 30 years in New Hampshire's Hillsborough County [the most powerful geography in the Free? World because a presidential candidate needs only approximately 80,000 votes to become the next POTUS], has allowed me to observe HOW the democratic brass eliminates progressive issues VIA the NH primary process. Its accomplished by running candidates that they know will not win and give them progressive initiatives to put forward in their campaign that the top brass also want eliminated.

The American People deserve to know the names of those who wish to rule over our economy and quality of life by TPP.

Q: What’s does Scott Walker’s “Corrupt Politician Protection Act,” Hillary’s Clinton Foundation, and Obama’s veil of secrecy surrounding the TPP have in common?

A: They all subvert the will of the 99%.

Want to fix the middle east?

Want to fix the middle east?
Step 1. Stop bombing the hell out of them
Step 2. Help them rebuild.
Step 3. Get them buying stuff!
Step 4. They are now captialism junkies!
The world's debt gets larger!

Or are you scared their religion will win?

Sorry, Alberto Ceras

Dear Alberto,

I apologize for blaming you for re-posting a blog of mine on another site. I jumped to conclusions when I saw your name under the post. Apparently a webmaster cut and pasted the blog from TH and picked up your comment and one other.

Naturally I connected this occurrence to another instance when you did post my mailing address in the TH Member Blog , but I have moved jillions of times since then, and moved on.



Bullying: Obama tying US support to signing TPP in effort to influence Taiwanese general election.

Obama is playing the role of international bully for the super rich. And here I thought Hillary taking advantage of conflicts of interests to enrich herself was bad!

Obama, a Demo-rat, throws down the TPP gauntlet to end democracy for the People by the People once and for all.

Hillary is a colossal fake. A Democrat in the White House is just as big an economic menace to the People as would be a Republican.

Lobbyists Provocation

Congress proposed not paying dividends to BANKS
to provoke Bank Lobbyists to Lobby against the deferments. Thus increasing the income of congress members.

I'm guessing a common practice.

Recent Highway BiLL

Politicians propose Legislation that provokes Lobbyists to Lobby.

Inspection- The Corporate Mugging of Craft Beer

"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power"
Benito Mussolini

 This edition of Inspection also appears as an edition of Brew Biz, another column by Ken Carman. This is by request of the author since he is also a beer/homebrew writer.

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