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Obamanation: "EPA opens the chemical flood gates: 'Agent Orange' herbicide to be approved "

And they made fun of me when I called Obama the "environmental anti-christ!"

Sadly, it probably isn't half as bad as Goldman Sachs' "Corexit" that Obama used to try to hide the Deep Water Horizon disaster.

a future mass-movement

It seems that, for various reasons, there is no real basis to expect any sort of "vanguard" to emerge out of the current milieux of intellectuals, "thought leaders", movement leaders, campaigners, parties, etc.

The Judge's Oath: Do Equal Right to the Poor and to the Rich

A new study called, The U.S. No Longer is an Actual Democracy, by political scientists Martin Gilens of Princeton and Benjamin Page of Northwestern, is getting a lot of attention, because it concludes that the US is a corrupt oligarchy. The authors’ research proves that the government, whether Republican or Democratic, more often follow the preferences of the wealthy and corporations.

Fracking: Indisputable evidence surfaces proving that EPA has been grossly underestimating leaks of methane (natural gas) by 80%.

Gina McCarthy is a liar appointed by a liar. Both her and Sally Jewell are climate criminals.

And the Antidote is ___

In effect, the Medicare of retired State of Illinois workers will be largely privatized in 2015. It is already happening in a clever and sneaky way. It has been set up as the retiree's "choice," as much as it is the cow's choice to choose ramp number 1 or ramp number 2.


MayoRahm is a tool of the Romney/Rauner "business" model

Don't ask him don't tell him, he prefers the soft molly coddle

Who is paid off

Who is laid off

All depends on who has the most expensive waddle.


Walmart cheats

In addition to the scam of charges for banking fees please note that Walmart will not take returns that have tags on them after a year. They state "it is not in our system" but we will give you $1.00. I kept alll the items from my moms closet (after her death) and took them to a chairity. She spent her last years in the early mornings buying in Walmart in the riding chair for something to do. She was weak so obviously did not take the tags off and just hung the items in her closet. How sad they get to steal from her even after death.


Did you know on September 18, 2014 there was a vote in the Senate to end the right wing side of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision? A decision that claims money is speech, not property and that unlimited money can be used in politics and influence our politicians. A decision that means if money is speech then if you have no money you have no speech and if you have more money you have more speech. This vote would have started

Inspection- I am NOT Afraid, I AM Afraid

I am no more afraid of Muslims than I am of Christians or Atheists.
  I am NOT afraid.
  I AM afraid of extreme fundamentalists: Muslim, Christian or other. When you're so damn sure you're right so you're willing to commit murder via planes or...
  ...public: via on camera, beheadings or...
  ...bomb gay clubs or clinics, a day care in a public building or...
  ...shoot medical personnel or...

BAN CANADIAN OIL FROM US REFINERIES: “Keystone Be Darned: Canada Finds a Surprise Pipeline Route Bypassing Obama”

Walmart, Green Dot, and Publix

Please see the Publix Green Dot Image.

First question being, what has this to do with the Kryder Estate? The Kryder Estate has a long history in Lakeland, Florida, which over the years has become the banking and official headquarters of the Publix Food Stores chain.

The original bank in Lakeland was Florida National Bank, controlled by the DuPonts and Balls (Indiana fruit jar and cyanide makers.) Its FDIC Certificate Number is #3571.

virtuality reconciled?

Lately I've take the time to read a couple of essays by Slavoj Zizek and I wanted to share some thoughts that came up regarding this passage:

[quote=Slavoj Zizek, "Repeating Lenin"]

What Works and Makes You Happy - Part 2

What is the Challenge of Being and Creation?


What Works and Makes You Happy - Part 1

Who or What Are We

page not found?

i shouldn't have to post this here, but the site has no "contact webmaster' option. so: why, when i search for earlier blog posts, page can't be found? i want to re-visit my and others's postings, to view comments. where do they go?

52% of the World's Wildlife Populations: Gone.

This from the World Wildlife Fund:

Last week, World Wildlife Fund released the 2014 Living Planet Report. The report is always a must read update on the state of the planet, but this edition is especially important for anyone who cares about biodiversity. The top line message is that vertebrate populations around the world have declined by an average of 52% between 1970 and 2010.

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End. Fracking. Now!

California is already dealing with the worst drought in that state's history. So, the last thing residents needed was to learn that some of their dwindling water supply has been contaminated.