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The Democratic Party is too clueless to survive.

I am fed up with the pathetic excuse that Trump and Putin "cheated" and "stole" the election from Her Imperial Highness. What a load of bull manure! By sabotaging the Sanders campaign PantSuitonFire and her neo-libs gave the election to Trump. Most Trump voters did not vote for Trump, they voted against Clinton and the status quo.

Trump ran as Howard Beale and is governing as Stewie Griffin.

Talk about Unfair..?

How unfair is it to attempt to force a company (Nordstoms) to sell a product no one wants to purchase? Let's be Fair. No one wants this Ivanka product, Should we force corporations to sell it? Should we force people to buy this stuff? I would be ashamed to sport ANY product with that name upon it. Blame the name, not the outlet. The word trump is Toxic.


It's been reported the psychopath Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had a lovely warm and animated conversation with fellow right winger Donald Trump. Reuters News reported "Duterte who campaigned as Philippines Trump, congratulated the U.S.

I'M SICK of these right wing voting TROLLS

I'm really sick of these delusional right wingers who see illegals in their Cheerios each morning. The same bunch who'll spend five trillion dollars destroying countries, killing millions, but can't see their way to spend a dollar to help their fellow man, or provide school lunches for America's children. Instead of being intelligent enough to realize ,the source of all Americans worries, societal ills and stunted growth, can traced back to the doorstep of the bought and paid for Republican party, the foot soldiers of the richest few.

Daily Topics - Friday February 10th, 2016

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The Prestidigitator-in-Chief Gets His Keister Handed to Him by the Courts

Here he comes, Mr. Make America Great Again. So loose and careless that he hangs himself on his own petard in the first two weeks of his rule. His ragtag crew of white supremacists, Republican dorks and a knuckle-dragging blonde mouthpiece have totally aborted the generous opportunity to get off to a clean start. Actually, Mr. American Great likes rolling in cooties, even more than a pig enjoys break dancing in a pig sty. This is his natural habitat.

Daily Topics - Thursday February 9th, 2017

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Here comes $5 per gallon, political pay back to the Oil Industry.

The Oil industry supported the Republican party to have an allies in the White House to support raising gas prices. The Russians support Trump because they desperately need higher gas price. P Trump will play his blame game and blame President Obama.

President Obama gas prices was half the price of P Bush.

Cabinet Confirmations

The whole idea for Cabinet Confirmations are to establish a character profile and any Documentation pertaining to that should be encouraged for review.

Daily Topics - Wednesday February 8th, 2017

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RE: Workers should be able to sit on the board and buy company if company is going to move

I would like to ask our community and Thom about the end of a conversation he had several months ago. Did Thom say that in Great Britian or Europe that if a company was going to close, the workers would have an opportunity to buy the company with the government funding the exchange? Is there a law cited if this is true? Also what is the law that requires workers to be on the board of a company. I think our country would do well to explore this for the new Blue Collar Caucus that is being proposed by Representatives Boyle and Veasey of Pennsylvannia and Texas.

Controlled Demolition of the Affordable Care Act? What could possibly go wrong?

Ever see one of those videos of a tall building or structure where the so-called “controlled demolition” goes terribly wrong? Precision demolition is used to abolish target buildings without destroying all of the adjacent property. So this is a new approach that some Republicans are trying to take with Obamacare. Blow up the parts that they don’t like, while saving parts that the public (voters) want preserved.

Warren Silenced For Reading Coretta Scott King Letter at Sessions Debate

Elizabeth Warren barred from Senate debate
for ‘impugning’ Jeff Sessions

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, objected to a floor speech that Warren, D-Massachusetts, was giving in opposition to Sessions' nomination when she quoted a letter that Coretta Scott King wrote in opposition to Sessions during his attempted confirmation for a federal judgeship 30 years ago.


Stop trying to play Trump as Americas hero. The guy who said he'd drain the swamp , just hired a half a dozen Wall Street Goldman Sach's shysters. His billionaire staff have more wealth combined than the bottom 100 million third of all Americans . His intention is to use his time in office to create the largest tranfer of public money into the pockets of his billionaire class buddies.

Daily Topics - Tuesday February 7th, 2017

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Will The Corporate Media Stand Against Trump's Attacks?

Until Friday, the anti-media rhetoric coming out of the Trump administration had been just that - rhetoric.

But Friday afternoon, it turned into action. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer blocked reporters from a number of news outlets from attending a briefing at his office.