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Daily Topics - Wednesday October 5th, 2016

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Pence won debate, here are Kaine's missteps

Let me make it clear, I'm for the Clinton/Kaine ticket, but, unfortunately, Gov. Pence won te debate last night. Both candidates prepared, but Pence's preparation paid off more. Also, Pence has experiene as a radio talk show host.

Inspection- Claims are NOT "Proof"

It would seem a simple concept, and I suspect those who push it know that. They just have the mistaken, rather simplistic, idea that those they disagree with must be simpletons. Which of course is a conceptualization worthy of a simpleton, but now we've come around full circle, haven't we?

Daily Topics - Tuesday October 4th, 2016

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Senator Merkely and Keep it in the Ground except for his home state OREGON

Senator Merkley is brave enough to stand up with Elizabeth Warren to the corruption inside Wells Fargo, but he cant call out proposed Jordan Cove LNG terminal and 234 mile pipeline in his own State of Oregon as

Daily Topics - Monday October 3rd, 2016

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'You can't fix stupid' , because no electorate in the world is as stupid as the American voter. Just ask the world watching 40 per cent of the US electorate known as Trump supporters.


The Federal Communications Commission, the FCC holds the power of licensing over all the broadcasting media empires, from CBS to NBC, ABC, CNN,FOX and the rest, if they had the balls and the backing of government , they could clean up the industry within months or virtually overnight, just by yanking these licenses, privileges that we as a tax payer allow them. No different than your drivers license being a privilege not a right , that if you abuse it , it can be withdrawn and or cancelled by society.


Trumpery is a word which means showy and worthless, deceitful and fraudulent. It describes Donald J. Trump to a "T"!

Republican Manipulation

It's easy to manipulate an illiterate audience.

I think Mainstream hiphop music today is hurting the minorrity youth in education,politics & sports

I think that this hiphop music generation does not involves education whatsoever of this error because the corporate mainstream music companies has the power and is dumbing among young minorities as well as middle-class whites because there is no


FACEBOOK is alive with posts claiming that if only one state goes Bernie, that will force the electoral college vote. Please address this, Thom, and explain why this does or does not work--and please post it for readers as I may miss you saying this on the air. Thank you, trying to hold down the fort here.

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The AT&T/Time Warner Merger - Time To Worry?

Give Donald Trump some credit: he might be a bigoted crypto-fascist who's taken the Republican Party to the right of Attila the Hun - but every once in a while he's 100 percent correct.

Case in point: his take on AT&T's proposed $85 billion merger with Time Warner.