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Ramping up for War with Syria: All executions are unconscionable, and Foley wore a helmet and flack jacket.

The Washington\Big Oil nexus is turning up the propaganda for war with Syria to a feverish pitch.

The best way to make the beheading of Mr. Foley even worse, is to use it to secure even more violence. Worse yet, make that to secure “commercially motivated” violence.

Taking his life was a disgusting act, but so is taking any life under any circumstances. Washington is guilty of using what happened to him as a center piece for their diseased reasoning for even more violence…and that truly is disgusting.

OMG Polarization of Wealth careening out of control: Mobil Home Sales Up, as is demand for Uber, UBER$$$$ Expensive residences.

The $16 trillion plus bail out started under Bush and finished under Bush 4 was the largest monetary heist in U.S. history.

One group in America gets all the luxury they can handle - publicly financed by those who can't afford it - while the same 99% get controlled by military hardware.

Deadline Sept 18 2014: Stop Obama from approving the Enbridge 67 Pipeline expansion.

America must stop facilitating oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy. These energy sources’ social costs and risks - as determined by a reasonable, patriotic, and sensible member of American society - grossly outweigh their benefit both now and most certainly for future generations.


We are all now potential targets. Anytime we exercise our right to assembly for a redress of grievance against those in power, we become a threat to the establishment, and they have authorized themselves the right to execute deadly force.

How Political Scientists Can Test Internet Voting Security

A public policy debate is brewing in the United States concerning whether or not our election technology should include Internet voting. While there are many dimensions to this debate, generally people are asking “if I can bank online and shop online, why can’t I vote online?”

Suggestion for Thom

Thom I suggest you investigate the Governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro Garcia Padilla. He has made a promise to union members to attempt to achieve his economic goals without forcing layoffs. I saw an interview on Bloomberg where the Bloomberg rep was grilling him for enacting policies along the lines of what you have suggested. He is very bright and seems ready to defend his ideas. I think you would really find him an interesting person to interview.

Bumper sticker spotted in Boulder

Democrats see the glass as half full,

Republicans think they own the glass.

NO Presidential Permit!: Enbridge Energy orders State Dept devise an Environmental Study permitting 800,000 barrels/day of dirty Canadian Tar Sands to cross U.S. soil.

Washington’s progress on the climate apocalypse is coming along just swimmingly! An alternative title for this post would be “Kerry fellates Enbridge to deliver on approval Enbridge ordered from Obama”

This from a recent postcard from Goldman Sachs’ U.S. State Department:

“Project Update: Proposed Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership Line 67 Expansion Project

Public Official Above the Law, Tax Breaks and Voter Fraud

This news article should be of interest to Thom since it involves his home state of Michigan. The headline is "Top aide to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder claiming principal property tax exemptions in 2 states". The headline doesn't tell the whole story. The first line in the article is as follows. "A top aide to Michigan Gov.

NPR lies, using information from CIA owned companies, to help the CIA trash Snowden

Read the website that our fascist government security forces don't want you to read. It is the same website that they have forbidden their own underlings to read.

This particular link shows how NPR has been used by the CIA to spew propaganda against Edward Snowden in trying to justify Snowden as having helped Al Qaeda improve their encrypted communications. (ie: "aiding the enemy")

Our Congress Wouldn't Dare!

Samsung under pressure to spend

By on August 22, 2014

Life Of Death, through the loss of my mom.

With some recent loss of Robin Williams, I felt the need to share my thoughts on death through my mom's passing two years ago. I hope my sharing helps others. Please see link to page below.


Breathing problem all in my mind

A story almost 30 years in the making, it began when I was five years old. After breaking my nose I ran home bleeding, my father refused to take me to the hospital. "You're okay" he said, and I believed him.

Some fifteen years later I started having difficulties breathing through my nose and sought medical aid. Easy fix, I had a deviated septum and had the surgery to correct this.

The Ways To Dusty Death

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The GOP war on workers has killed again...

It’s time to stop the conservative's war on working people in America.

Since the birth of our nation, conservatives have always been wary of average working-class Americans having too much political or economic power. John Adams, the second President of the United States and a Federalist (precursor to today’s Republicans), was very wary of the working class, which he referred to as “the rabble.”