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Complete inconsistency in this election

So, we have all seen how the far right has supposedly smashed all opposition and now has a firm mandate to do away with every social program and rein in all types of corporate taxing to help facilitate a stronger nation.

Where Is The Ebola Fear In The News?

Is it me or is there a complete tone down of the "Ebola fear" articles in the news since the election? Where are the politicians talking about the disease and the 24/7 coverage that was before the run up to the election? Has Chris Christy visited the nurse that was quarentined?Are any politicians making a lot of noise about this any more? I think this was used as a fear factor by the GOP on the eve of the elections to motivate their base.

paying $300 for bad internet.....Reply

Thom, In response to your Internet Issue-- I left "Clearwire" a yr ago. It takes alot of hard research to find decent provider. Im in Denver, but think this ISP is national. they have a High Speed DSL for $40 a. Month. It requires No active phone line, vary reliable and fast. The told me install was at 11am and they were here at 11. Not from 8a - 5p. and no contract.

While searching I had to use Android for internet. I just was not going to pay a service fee, activation and wait 3 weeks and overpay for the misery!

Song fun, we need it now

this song popped into me head last night and spent a few minutes putting it down tonight.

To the tune of Letter From America by The Proclaimers

Mess around and lets see who can come up with a few fun songs to help us through the next 2 years.

"Letter From America"

The branding of GMOs as bad

The anti-gmo cult is all about branding GMOs as something akin to poison. They are not about science, health, quality or nutrition. They refuse to recogonize major health and science institution's opinions such as AMA, and WHO.

If I were a producer, grower, or any way involved in food agriculture, I would not want a label to use the pejorative GMO . It is this usless label that the anti-gmo group has branded all GE crops without recognizing a single benefit to genetic engineering.

Creating a market for Water ensures it goes to whoever thinks they can get the most profit from it, which is not the same as maximizing its value to society.

Rationing a previously public good via market serves the rich and their corporations and that is not the same thing as maximizing the goods value to the 99%. Not all types of value to society at large are quantified by profit, and furthermore, even if it were cash profits flow only to the few and not society at large.

So tell Obama Wall St’s creating a water (or carbon market) serves the rich and what is more is subject to abuse.

Bond Mkt\US Debt 101: Enhance value by either increasing Govt Revenue (tax 1%) and/or cut spending (austerity for 99%).

But since the US economy is hard-wired so that the vast majority of our Country’s growth and prosperity goes to the 1%, it makes little sense for the 99% to support an increase in the Government’s debt (by selling bonds, bills and notes) because they won’t, in most cases, benefit materially from how the proceeds are applied to the economy. Almost 100% of Government borrowing invariably goes to help the 1% (and NOT the 99% in whose name the borrowing is being done.)

New Book argues that “misinformed” or those who don't understand policy implications should NOT vote.

Which would mean, given Washington’s penchant to pump out abject bullshit, NOBODY should cast a vote.

“The Rise of Invisible Unemployment”

Don’t kid yourself, the Labor Market is doing nothing else but keeping pace with Obama’s velvet fascism.

We Do Our Shopping at the 99 Cent Store

November 8

We Do Our Shopping at the 99 Cent Store.

The Definitive Answer On Climate Change (Sort of)

The definitive answer on climate change is that it is irrelevant.

“Bill McKibben: the climate movement needs to get confrontational”

The Washington\Wall St\Big Oil\Corporate Media nexus is not going to relinquish a money laden way of life easily. In fact, I'd hazard a guess that we are welcome to suffer and die before that happens.

See more at:

vShellack 1, and then went on to Shellack 2: doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result…

I don’t need to finish that phrase. But I’m thinking somebody in the White House..,NAMED BARAC OBAMA…may be having trouble with a behavior pattern. An addiction perhaps?

And there wouldn’t be a Scott Walker if Obama had led the Democrats to approve comprehensive campaign finance reform when they had the chance during the start of Obama first term.

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Most of us know how taxpayers subsidize Walmart's low wages with billions of dollars in Medicaid, food stamps, and other financial assistance for workers. But, did you know that we're also subsidizing the retail giant by paying the cost of their environmental destruction.