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Republicans won because they cheated , just like in 1968 when Nixon cheated, see 1, in 1980 when Reagan cheated , see 2, in 2000 when Bush W cheated, see 3 and now in 2016 when Trump cheated. The democrats knew the history of this republican party, they knew of the gerrymandering, they knew about the purging of millions from voter rolls, knew of the loss of adequate access to voting boths in liberal ridings, knew of rigged voting machines.

TRUMPS BAND of BELIEVERS, the people who are about to RUN YOUR COUNTRY

Ayn Rand and the right wing CULT of SELFISHNESS

Ayn Rand has a long list of todays followers, Senator Jim DeMint ,Pat Toomey,Rudolph Giuliani,Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have touted her vision as a prophetic , Alan Greenspan, Mark Cuban,Pamela Geller, Rand Paul ,Ron Paul, Paul Ryan, Clarence Thomas, just to name a few. Trumps new government is stuffed with Rand followers.

Ayn Rand "opposed democracy on the grounds that "the masses"—her readers—were "lice" and "parasites" who scarcely deserved to live"


PhilfromOhio in response to my post RANDOM THOUGHTS on a SICK SOCIETY offered a chastising of our treatment of a portion of our society.

Democratic party

Hello , I don't feel there is that much wrong with the democratic party. Of coarse citizens united is a huge problem along with lobbyist that all needs to go away. But Democrats let Obama down in 2010 mid terms by not showing up to vote and we lost the house. 2012 Dems show up to re-elect Obama great! 2014 Demos are a no show and we lost the senate. Republicans after losing the 2012 election realized they weren't going to be in the white house any time soon and after spending huge amounts of money on it they decided to change coarse.

getting tough doesn't work

We need to change our approach to civic safety from one that is punitive to one that is protective. That is, where violence is a problem, speaking of high homicide rates and domestic violence, we need police to intervene to protect lives but not necessarilly to make arrests and for prosecutions to follow.

Daily Topics - Thursday December 22nd, 2016

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I'm glad I'm not an American, what a totally screwed up people, what a sick society. America the world leader in income and wealth disparity. The leader in mass lies, propaganda and manipulation.

America where the bulk of US taxation falls on the backs of those who can least afford it, this while fancy book keeping keeps rich from paying their fair share of taxes.

The law for the most part has three tiers in US society, one for the rich the other for the upper middle class, the third for the poor and those people of color.

Raising the SS cap is just one correction, Not the Final Solution for Inequality...

A very astute point was made in response to my Post of a Paul Ryan letter. How would we feel if the $118,000 cap was removed on Social Security payments and billionaires would begin receiving $100,000 checks each month. I, personally, don’t think billionaires should exist anymore than Dinosaurs do. They serve no purpose and do absolutely nothing for anyone – including themselves. If you aren’t already eating the best steak making a couple million how much better could you live on 1000x more? There is no


Nearly all ocean dead zones will increase by the end of the century because of climate change, according to a new Smithsonian-led study.

Revolution 2.0

200,000 years of evolution -- and Homo sapiens' most advanced societies are on the brink of nuclear war and anthropogenic climate disruption, both of which threaten to destroy most life on Earth.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016 Beverly Hills, CA

Daily Topics - Tuesday December 21st, 2016

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Simple fix for the Electoral College

If you review electoral college points state by state you will find that there is a 3 point minimum. Ostensibly those points are awarded for the 2 senators and the minimum of 1 for the population. The 2 senators per state already prejudice the balance in the Senate and with the 2 points in the electoral college they also prejudice the count by giving small population states more power than the large population states like NY, CA, PA and TX. SUBTRACT 2 ELECTORAL VOTES FROM EVERY STATE AND DISTRICT. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Fear Mongering Alone Won't Cut It

People on both the conservative and progressive sides of the spectrum are big on spreading fear. The concerns of the left are much more serious, legitimate, and factually based than are most of the fears on the right. Having said that, just constant fear-mongering about doom and gloom on many fronts has failed to get Democrats elected. It has failed to convince enough people that changes in thinking and in law and policies are needed to create more security, health, and human rights protections, and freedom for people.

Paul Ryan HORSESHIT - as sent to me.

This is the eMail letter I just received from Paul/Punk (Eddie Munster) Ryan LYING to me about Social Security -- Oh, and "buying American" as I asked about. Does this Baboon think I will buy this nonsense? I had to "virtually move" to his Janesville district to become one of his unfortunate direct constituents... I usually call him "Senator" just to appear ignorant enough to make him (& the late Ayn Rand?) feel superior...

Dear T.,

China - Neoliberalism’s Last Hope?

Just two days before the inauguration of Donald Trump as president, China was trying to position itself as the leader of the neoliberal world.

That's right - China!