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USA Today, December 4, 2014

NEW YORK -- The white New York City police officer whose choke hold led to the death of an unarmed black man has been sued three times for allegedly violating the constitutional rights of other blacks he and fellow cops arrested.

Sen. Jay Rockefeller forcing cancellation of the Freedom of Information Act.

This from POGO:

The most critical reform of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in the past 38 years will die next week in the Senate unless we persuade Sen. Jay Rockefeller to remove his “hold” on this important legislation, which ensures the public has access to government information that affects our health, safety and welfare.



Petition: “Defense Authorization Bill” authorizes SeaAlaska Corp$$$ to decimate the Peoples’ Tongass National Forest.

This is the same firm that Obama bought votes to support his putrid ObamaCare plan by letting them log a massive chunk of the same forest. The Defense Authorization Bill basically grinds the remaining forest into oblivion.

This from the Audubon Society:

parting shot

i posted several times questioning the "daily poll" on this site, and its similarity to gop "push polls>" not only has nothing been done about this, but noboby has addressed my concerns. so, sadly, i have to lump this suite, along with huffpost and others, as NOT responsive or accountable. thom may speak much truth, but i won't waste more time screaming into a vacuum.

i'm an old guy, no techie, but wish someone would start a site that's less of a monolith. when you do, let me know -

one person unraveling society

One bad police officer's career is not worth the unraveling of society.

The Quiet Riot

Back in the late seventies, when I turned sixteen, I applied for my California Driver License. At that time (as is the case today) you could designate whether or not you wanted to be an organ donor in the unfortunate event that you died in an accident, and your license would indicate that you were a donor. I, being young, idealistic and a freshman in college, decided to become a donor. I told my dad about my decision, and this is what he said: " Boy, don't do that!

Trivial tax enforcement

Enforcing a minor tax code should result in a citation, not a choke hold fatality.

Some Laws are not enforced due to their trivial nature.

speech regulation

False advertising was illegal at one time.

When Police Profiling Can Be Turned Upside Down

It is ironic, but to the extent that police behavior toward young black men is motivated by fear it also motivates a completely reversed profiling - that of elderly white people! I will illustrate with an example from my personal experience.

Death$$$ of our Planet: Super Typhoon with sustained winds of 180 mph, gusts in the 200 mphs, bears down on Philippines.

Oh well, whatever,… as if news like this has any chance in hell of changing our dirty energy ways.

Vulture Wall St hedge funds force Argentina into New York bankruptcy court.

Vulture funds moved into to buy up bonds for pennies when Argentina defaulted in 2001. They then took to Argentina to court to collect the full face value of the bonds. The vultures make a profit when the bankruptcy court – in New York, not Argentina – forces Argentina to liquidate assets for an amount in excess of the pennies the vultures bought the bonds for. Moral: watch out what language you put in the bond debenture agreement.

proper pricing

The general price of goods and services is not commensurate with the minimum wage and the jobless economy.

Choking Death Of Eric Garner! Another Officer Gets

In what reality is it legal for a gang of cops to choke a defenseless man on the street to death in front of cameras and not be indicted?

Are we as a society going to stand by and allow people to be treated like this without any consequences or oversight.

Whenever justice is denied to anyone, justice is denied to everyone!


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Is George Zimmerman Right?

It's time to listen to George Zimmerman. Seriously, and I'll explain in a minute.