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WWII Japanese Internment

My favorite person in the first grade was Harry Hamaguchi ― or some similar sounding name, I can’t remember his last name now. We always ate lunch together, generally sitting on the high curb in front of a towering fir tree – or was it a monkey puzzle tree ― next to the backsteps of the school.

"Interstate Crosscheck" purging or blocking Democrat and Bernie Sanders votes

Yes! What are these answers? Thom would you please say more about what you know? Can someone get Greg Palast to state facts beyond the lists and identify the most constructive path of action? What facts are there to demonstrate these votes were blocked? Could it be the lists were a research project that was never implemented? Will someone help or influence Palast to make this information more constructively relatable so the facts outway his drama and self-promotion?

HOW BAD does it have to GET

Thom Hartmann each day continues to not be heard. Thom's daily radio show at the best of times might reach 3 million listeners a week. There are 350 million sets of American ears, Thom's only reaching 3 million .

Agent Orange Tells the Truth, and Americans Blaspheme Him…Say It Ain’t So

I am a huge (yuuuuge) football fan. I played the game up to the college level, and it is one of the few things that I, truly, love about the United States. So, of course, yesterday my daughter (mini-me) and I sat down with our preferred delicacies to watch one of the greatest spectacles that the U.S. has to offer. At some point, during the pre-game festivities, none other than the liver-spotted pervert known as Bill O’Reilly is featured in an interview with the President of the United States….Donnie J. Drumpf.

Oh the ecstasy!

Daily Topics - Monday February 6th, 2017

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The current state of the Republican Party reminds me of those old Western Movies. Does anyone remember the stampede? A real phenomenon depicted in old movies, the heard gets spooked and in mass all in unison they just start running. No one within the stampede knows where they are going or why. No one really cares. Within the stampede the noise is so loud nothing from the outside can penetrate. There is no real communication in the literal or normal sense, just dirt and mud being kicked around. Inside the heard you can only feel, you can

Please tell me again why we need a "MUSLUM BAN"! >:(

Are we being lied to and hoodwinked by this administration and the corporate billionaires behind it? Should we resist and protect!



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The bad Samaritan was walking down the road one day when he saw a man lying unconscious by the side of the road.


We need to keep up the pressure on t rump's absurdity. He is such a compulsive narcissist that he can't stop painting his nest with his best gold plated excrement, and getting it all over the Republicans who are sucking up to him. It won't be long until even they want him out of office before he completely destroys their credibility. Now that they have total control of the government, you can bet they aren't about to pass into law all of the issues that have been getting them elected for the last few decades, like Roe V Wade, ending the EPA, etc.

Gun Rights

I doubt that any Congress person voting to give gun rights to mentally disabled people are brave enough to personally hand a loaded gun directly to a mentally disabled person.


On March 7th 1965 about 600 brave Americans started a march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. They were planning Events and Protests to petition the State Capitol for voting rights. They only made it six blocks to the Edmond Pettus Bridge where they were welcomed by State and Local Authorities. Violence broke out when the group attempted to cross the bridge they were met with billy clubs and tear gas. This day is known as Bloody Sunday and will forever be a stain on our National history.

As history will ultimately show, the "American Fuhrer" is CLEARLY an ILLEGITIMATE President

Purportedly, Donald Trump won the state of Michigan by a razor-thin total of just 10,704 votes (and THAT’s statewide!), YET Wayne Co., MI (which includes Detroit~ population around 1.8 million people), the state’s most-populous county and “heavily Democratic-leaning, had their election day experience marred by the fact that “broken-down, electronic voting machines” ultimately caused THEIR final vote tallies to “differ” with the total number of people, who actually checked in to vote at the polls, on election day.

Tell me why we need a "Muslim Ban" again!!!??

Tell me why we need a "Muslim Ban" again!!!??

We are being lied to and hoodwinked by this administration and the corporate billionaires behind it, please resist!



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A good police story!

I hope this goes national, because we need a feel-good story desparately. I live in Roseville, Minnesota, a suburb of St. Paul, and a few blocks from my house is Rosedale Mall. Today, a man was in the mall threatening people with a knife. When the police arrived, they didn't shoot him. They didn't taze him. They talked to him. They formed a circle around him and quietly talked to him until they were able to safely take him away.

How Do You Have Freedom If You Don’t Have Healthcare?

Unless it's replaced with something better - like single-payer - repealing Obamacare will make life miserable for millions of Americans.