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Tuesday, February 2, 2016 Beverly Hills, CA

Attention: Thom HARTMANN & AMERICA:

I think the anvil is about to drop.

"I think the anvil is about to drop. It is now clear to the billionaires who run our media, it is now clear to the billionaires who own most of our newspapers, it is now clear to the billionaires who own the largest websites that a man wants to raise their taxes and in many cases actually even break up their giant monopolies. It is now clear to them that this man could become president of the United States. I really believe that in the next month or so we are going to see a concerted effort by this media to destroy this person.

Zika Virus

Anyone concerned about the Zika? A friend with a backround in Neurology (and psychology) has been talking about this issue for weeks. She is deeply worried. The Zika virus causes neurological problems, some severe, in healthy adults in addition to the microencephalopathy in developing fetusses. Anyone reasearching this and have more( credible, reliable) info? The WHO declared this virus a global emergency. While the Zika virus has been known since 1928, there has never been such a large and profound correlation w/neurological problems until now.

SIGN A PETITION: Stop the TPP to be signed by DEMORATS Feb 4, 2016.

The Rich and the Democrats have OVER REACHED and think they can’t be stopped.

Don’t let the TPP set up a shadow Court.

The TPP will rewrite vast swathes of American Laws meant to help the 99%,

Progressive Political Consultants

Noam Chomsky Renowned academic weighs in on US presidential candidates and their chances, saying elections are "mainly bought", and says Bernie has best policies.

Captive Audiences at Liberty U.

‘Liberty” has been misapplied to the name of this little Taliban-style Christian training farm. Instead of liberty, the students (hostages) are commanded, and fined if they disobey, to attend and be the audience for Jerry Falwell Jrs.’ invited and anointed guest speakers. While Trump’s recent address there is the latest example, the same applied to Ted Cruz’s talk to the student body and faculty.

Jim Hightower nails FLINT MICHIGAN and RICK SYNDER!

What really poisoned Flint, Michigan's water

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 | Posted by Jim Hightower

"One big difference between the rich and the poor in our country is that the rich don't tend to have their drinking water poisoned by their own governor.

Why do voters endorse candidates who won't act in their best interests?

The results of the Iowa caucus are disturbing. The rich elite class can not be expected to represent 99% of America. Our political system is clearly broke and the most conspicuous symptom of that breakage is voter behavior. Take for example Cruz!? Mr. & Mrs. Goldman Sachs gonna be good for Iowa conservatives?!

Please sign petition to stop "legal" workplace harassment

I have been severely harassed and retaliated against after working many years at a huge healthcare/insurance corporation. Thousands of employees suffer from PTSD due to the psychological assaults.


In this "modern" day (Reagan Dark Age, Year 35) who could imagine a candidate would have to give up their first born child to a Goldman-Sachs KINGDOM stooge just to cement their loyalty to the streets of Wall..???

Marc Mezvinsky & Chelsea. ALL Hail the powerful.

But, oh yes, even though Hillary's a millionaire, and was "broke" (like me?) after leaving the White House, and has a grandchild by a Wall Streeter, she still stands with we the peo(ns)ple.

Corporate dems ARE much better than corporate repuklians.

The Etymology of the Word Caucus


The Etymology of the Word "Caucus"

Today, I spoke to Thom Hartmann with regard to Donald Trump and the Iowa Caucuses. During that conversation I informed Thom that the origin(s) of the word "Caucus" is related to the word "Caucasian". It appears many Caucasians took offense and, pathetically, desperately and to no avail made some feeble attempts to discredit the fact.

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