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Virginia Woolf's Three Guineas in our modern times

In 1938 Woolf wrote a 285 page essay on the links between sexism, classism, and war.

The "Talk"

Not only have black men been given the "talk" by their parents, but also black women. We were told in no way to ever, ever be caught or never, never be in the position where it is only you and a white man or men. It will not end good for you and no recourse will ever be possible. That's the way it was then and that's the way it is now.


I just heard a startling report today about the meeting that happened between public officials and police officers, just last night. I don't understand how the media and the rulers of this land can say that police are not adequately supported.

CNN's 60min GOP Infomercial/ Witnessing the Advent of Fascism

On CNN, Paul Ryan gave a free 60min lesson to the nation on following the GOP script. There are many story lines on how Hitler could have possible come to power. I will be able to say that I was a witness to the fall of the United States of America because of corporate control of our news media and how they consecrated Donald Trump and the GOP.


The existence of the great sinkholes that have recently developed in a region of Russia known as Siberia, are in my opinion, the result of extremely large “ice tubes” formed by the upwards movement of water erosion. These columns of water worked their way upwards from what was a giant and deep ancient river carving through the earth below Siberia, hundreds of thousands of years ago.


What can we do as a society to solve the issues that plague our country, and indeed, the entire planet? What can we do to change direction that this vehicle called America seems to be moving in? What can be done to enlighten a people who live in darkness and prefer darkness over light? How can we bring sense to a world that values the temporal, the fake and the obscene?


PUT OUT THE WORD RE: DARK ACT ON FB BUT Leslie Lakind and others could NOT FIND THE PETITION ON We phoned but cannot find the petition--need more info for that! Went to your site--am a member--and could find no place to contact you during the program about this.

Why are we not talking about the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act?

The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, HR 2646, is a Republican sponsored bill with near unanimous support in Congress and Senate. It criminalizes people with mental health issues, requiring them to take medication or be incarcerated. It also relaxes HIPPAA requirements for people with mental health issues, making it easier to access their private medical records.


PLEEEEEASE - SOMEBODY - Indict Ms Clinton for her illrgal election tactics before the convention. Innocent people are arrested. People are arrested - even shot for insignificant things, even for nothing. The Clintons, Bush, Cheney, etc. create devastation of the planet, destroy peoples lives, cause innumerable deaths, loss of jobs, and on and on and on and on and feel that they are above being held accountable. Is anyone able to fix what is wrong with this picture?

Boston Globe op-ed butchers free education discussion

A few things about Mr. Jacoby's opinion piece from the Boston Globe entitled“Making college tuition 'free' will only make it worse."

Anglo Cognitive Dissonance (ACD) V: Just Can't Flip The Script

This is the fifth installment of my series on ACD.

Good Discussion of Racism/Police Issue 7/11/16

What a good measured discussion on racism and the police 7/11/16. I totally get it. The police are poorly tained in many areas. They should have BA degrees in psychology and liberal arts learning history and tolerance & be better paid, because they have such great power over life. I'm glad it was brought up that shooting of police are DOWN under Obama, because Fox News & that liar O'Reilly are saying that police shootings are up under Obama when they are actually down.


At this point in time, I feel like the evidence is so clear on what is happening in America. Black and Brown People should be celebrating the fact, that America has finally woken up and realized that there is huge a problem with racism in criminal justice system.


Art Earthmann just blogged

" "SAVE" FREE COLLEGE TUITION, MEDICARE FOR ALL, AND SOCIAL SECURITY FOR 100 YEARS! FORGIVE ALL STUDENT DEBT TO 1980! EARTHMANN" Now, this covers the four most important issues in our Progressive agenda. I wrote Senator Sanders today and asked him to put these in the new Democratic Party Platform. IF they do this, and create enough powerful 30 second TV commercial spots, Hillary / Sanders, or Warren, hopefully, could win in a landslide in 2016."

Harris/Aslan "Debate"

Thom, I love you & Reza, but you are missing the point that Maher & Harris are trying to make. Atheists do not issue Fatwas, Islamists do. Moderate average Muslims, are held hostage to declaring support of these Ultra- extreme views by threat on their very lives. How can we ever glean the genuine view, of the man on the street in the Islamic world? It’s no surprise that there’s great Muslim diversity about apostasy.

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Grim News - CO2 Concentration Teetering On Point Of No Return

We start at Cape Grim in Australia - where an atmospheric measuring station is picking up atmospheric CO2 levels that are on the verge of breaking 400 parts per million for the first time in human history.