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XL Pipeline the Keystone to TPP (SHAFTA) Deal

It is no coincidence that after returning from his trip to Asia, Obama has put the XL Pipeline at the top of the Senate's agenda. (Mary Landreau is a red herring.)

It is no coincidence that none of the major papers is covering this online, either in new ord op ed sections. The reason? People could learn what is really happening.

ISIS is here to stay, and America’s Christian Military can’t stand it.

Again, the price of gas at the pump is down because of renegade oil sales out of ISIS, NOT because those silly Oligarchs known as America’s “Big Oil” over produced and then had to drop the price and waste away their profits. WOW, I mean really!?! Big Oil is not that dumb, but to frame it that way allows Oblah blah to take vicarious success from reducing energy prices…to the point where it is approaching “break even” for some oil producers….

Game Over Enbridge\Keystone: Scientists take first look into mysterious Siberian megacrater “end of the world”

John Kerry thinks that if he can advance the Democratic party by plunging the planet into climate choas with Enbridge's illegal pipeline its ok.

Big Oil: Home of campaign finance director for Pro-Solar Energy candidate in Louisiana FIRE BOMBED.

Following Scott Walkers advice

Yes we should definatly RANDOMLY DRUG TEST all political leaders.After all they are on our dime. I get random drug test on my jobs, due to their wonderfull insight, they also should be held to our utmost standings. Please promote...

DRUG TEST CONGRESS TODAY! & continue to drugtest all politicians randomly.....

How far away is that?

The Sandhill Cranes were traveling south yesterday. Winter is officially just around the corner. I was lucky enough to have been outside at the right time. They sort of sound like pigeons that are very far away. Can anybody do this math? A crane can be about 4 feet across. Yesterday they appeared to be the size of ants when they were gathering and circling above the lake. How far away is that?

Groups Sue U.S. State Dept. to Stop Alberta Clipper Tar Sands Pipeline

Excerpt from the article about DEMOCRAT John Kerry's slavery to special interests:

"approval was granted despite lack of public notice or the legally required review of environmental and public health impacts"

Again, the government will control you and I before they control the environment.

Health Insurance Premiums

Insurance premium rates should be based on a reasonable percentage of Income.

Mitch McConnell Leaked Audio Tapes

Straight from the turtles mouth! Your Senate Majority Leader, everybody! He admits to everything crooked & wrong with politics in this country. I could give a million rebuttals, but the audio really speaks for itself. If you're a progressive I think you'll agree that every sentence is worse than the last.


I would tune in from time to time in the car and I don't hear Thom on at 5p -- anyone know why?

What are we supposed to do with our dead once Climate Collapse really gets rolling?

Afterall, It is, unfortunately, about that time when our thoughts should start to shift to some of the more mundane and practical aspects of Climate Change.

Inspection- On the Blackest Nights the Brightest Light Shines

Some thoughts about the recent, and past, elections...

How was the 4 billion dollars of Campaign Contributions spent and Where?

How is all that money spent? For sure it is spent of commericals, flyiers, bottoms, signs, ect, but is the money used locally? Is there a sort of "Buy America" policy, where products are bought in country if supply allows, or is it all cheap outsourced services? If its all locally spent, then maybe theres an upside to this, but if its all loopholes and outsourceing, then its just the same old insults.

If anyone has any insight on this please reply, thank you

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The world we're leaving for today's teens...

Without immediate global action on climate change, today's teenagers will be forced to live with the consequences of our inaction. The World Bank has issued their third report of climate change, and it says that global temperatures could rise by as much as 4 degrees Celsius by the time today's teens hit their 80th birthday.