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WHO or WHAT POISONED this young mans MIND

Where was the NSA on this one. I thought we've been told that the reason the NSA has to place every citizen under surveillance is to stop these people. So now we know , we always knew , that was a lie. And who poisoned this young mans mind with the hatred and racism, who was the master manipulator who programmed this young man to become a homicidal racist murderer. This is no different than terrorism , this is terrorism, domestic terrorism and someone or a group of someones fed the young man information that poisoned his mind.

Obama’s Rich Scamming the death of the planet: “99 year Sale-Leasebacks” in Florida?

Does that come with a snorkel so the rich tax evader involved in the Sale-Leaseback can continue to use the property? Aren’t sea levels already rising?!?!?!?

US Steel issues lay-off notices to 1,404 WORKERS as Trans-Pacific Partnership Looms.

Think of the loss of income experienced by these workers and its spending effects - that will occur EVEN WITH job re-training monies - as a transfer of wealth from the 99% to O’Fuckers rich friends and their Corporations who make the campaign donations.

Long live the Democratic Party – NOT!

Obama refuses to release text of TPP despite Pope’s call to ensure better treatment of the Planet.

greed is more powerful than religion.

And that translates into campaign donations being more important to Democrats than what a spiritual leader of the 99% says about the Planet.

Republicans Cry, Climate Change Hoax, While Another Mass Extinction Begins

Yet, the Republicans still are trying to tell us NOT TO WORRY, that Climate Change is a HOAX... Unfortunately many listen but with the Pope on the side of Common Sense, maybe, if not America, other world nations will take heed and learn from the Science and make major changes to assure that Sapiens will survive Climate Change Catastrophes, human beings have help create, at least until the next millennium… Allowing us the time to get some of our species setup on another planet.

PETITION: Tell Senate Democrats to KILL Obama's FastTrack\TPP!

This from CREDO:

Tell Senate Democrats: Stand strong, stop Fast Track for TPP

Petition to Senate Democrats:
"The White House and Republican allies are using procedural gimmicks to try and jam through 'Fast Track trade authority' for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The Senate Democrats must stand strong against this corporate power grab and vote against Fast Track for job-killing, secret trade agreements such as the TPP."

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Dear *,

Princeton and Berkley study: mankind is no longer a going concern and we STILL can't read the TPP to ensure it doesn’t hurt the environment!?!

So why aren’t we treating each other better?

Why is O’fucker shitting on 99% of Americans with trade deals? Priorities?!?

The world's working class will be the first to die. Why is our Government even concerned about increasing the profits for the few? Can't they be happy with their current level of profit?

Billions of dollars lost in Obama’s “logging of our National Forests for votes” program.

Special interests can and do bankrupt governments.

The billions lost in Obama's logging of our national forest are a direct cost of not having adequate campaign finance reform. Obama let's special interests log our forests in order to gain the allegiance to the Democratic Party.

FastTrack\TPP: Paul Ryan “Petey” didn’t let the Charleston massacre "go to waste" as he slithered to the podium to stump for the 1%.

They are so removed from main stream american sentiment that they pull some of the HUGEST MOST OFFENSIVE CRAP it is stunning!

(You may recall Rahm Emannuhell's saying "never let a tragedy go to waste" because they provide a great weapon of distraction.)

Trade Treason: America could be so much for so many People, but instead 99% of Americans get garbage.

Including censorship of the internet in the TPP is an admission that the benefactors of the deal know they will be violating the sensibilities of 99% of America. What the rich and their oligarchs are willing to do for additional profit is not something the American People want to experience…and they know it. They wish to strip the People of information that might be used for a “social cause.” It is not enough that they are to be held above the law, but they also don’t want the People to know what they are up to.

Rick Perry: "Charleston Shooting is Obama's Fault"

Right Wing Watch, People for the American Way

June 19, 2015

In an interview today with Steve Malzberg of Newsmax, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry described the mass shooting at an African American church in Charleston earlier this week as an "accident".

Perry and Malzberg kicked off the discussion of the shooting by attacking President Obama for mentioning the failure to pass gun reform.

The Charleston Massacre

International pressure should be put on Boeing to relocate from South Carolina unless the treasonous Confederate battle flag is removed from the South Carolina State Capital grounds immediately. They left Washington State to undercut worker’s rights to move to a place where drugged up kooks with guns believe the Civil War is still going on. Would Boeing put a plant in a country that flew the Swastika on their public grounds? The Nazis had a point of view too.


The justification for the confederate flag is based on the honoring of the ancestors of many southerners who fought for the confederacy and lost their lives. Many Germans were conscripted or volunteered to fight for the Nazi's under the banner of the swastika. The German peoples reaction has been to regard the swastika as a symbol of a shameful past. Preserving many concentration camps as museums throughout the country to make sure they never forgot the horrors committed in their name. The history is taught in depth so that they never forget.

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