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GEORGE H BUSH things most Americans don't know

Well his daddy Prescott Bush tried to overthrow the FDR presidency by colluding with a group of right wing industrialists to raise a 500,000 strong army to pull a coup de tat and replace FDR with a government fashioned after Aldolph Hitlers Nazi party, but Smedley Butler the top and most decorated Marine at the time , when approached , blew the whistle on them.

Tenn. shooter had a right to kill Marines

The killing were an act of war not an act of terror.

USA has a war going against the people of the Middle East.

The people of the Middle East have a right to fight back

They just didn't use the silly "rules of war" that stupid US military uses.

( The same military that has never won a war...WWII was won by Russian military and Detroit's Arsenal of Democracy and 2 bombs.0

Solution: Stop warring in the Middle East...and everywhere else...nobody is invading the USA

Walker & WI GOP intentionally putting Wisconsin into economic hardship.

No one has ever suppressed economic activity at the State Level like Scott Walker. And given the fact that one of the first things he did when he took office was to grant himself (and later the DNR Secretary) sole and absolute authority to sell State assets, together with the fact that his handlers and “associates” all can’t be that dumb, a person is forced to conclude the GOP is tanking WI on purpose.

Walker eliminates Open Records Law, Legislature acting in secrecy and passing laws with impunity.

The Open Records was appealed, it was initially thrown out of the budget but it is back and it is now law.

What?! Don’t tell me you are going to take the matter to the State of WI Supreme Court?! (LMAO)

Bernie Sanders/ campaign idea to pass on..

This is a perfect perfect song and artist for a Bernie Sander's TV ad. I just thought Thom and gang you might pass it on to Bernie. I do not know LeRoy Bell (artist) but I do know he is a progressive, wrote a lot of songs for famous singers like Elton John. He has retired in the Seattle area and is performing his own works. this song made it to #1 on the charts In South Africa. You'll see why! lease listen to the video (kinda dated) and I think you will agree. It is beyond perfect for Bernie..anyway thought I would try.

Tax Amenities

If you took away everything that taxes pay for, citizens would appreciate them more.

Tax Amenities

If you took away everything that taxes pay for, citizens would appreciate them more.

No one has only Medicare

I have a Humana HMO that services my Medicare policy. Humana is a for-profit company. I do not know of anyone these days that has straight Medicare. If the gentleman on right now wrote about people on Medicare, he wrote about no one. All of those people in his book had a primary for-profit HMO or PPO servicing their Medicare policy, but Medicare is always shown as the secondary insurer.

Democratic Socialism "Bumper Sticker"

Last Thursday (7/9), after the Brunch with Bernie segment on Thom's radio program, there was some discussion about what would be a good, brief statement describing Democratic Socialism.

May I suggest the following "Bumper Sticker":

Democratic Socialism is ...

Hurrah, Boys, Hurrah!

Anybody frustrated because they've heard nothing from the Bernie 2016 campaign should check daily
Went there this a.m., found the "locate events feature, and discovered 79 events within 100 miles, all happening at 7 p.m. next Wednesday, the 29th.

To all Trump voters

One would think that if a person were so godly Rich and so Wealthy that one could afford to pay all employees a - better than living wage - and not need sub-contractors.

I wonder about a major casino deal in Cuba sometime soon.

Idea : Lottery to increase voter turnout

I got this idea and am wondering what people think about it. As Pres. Obama pointed out recently, voting is mandatory in many countries and they end up with much higher voter turnout than we have in the US. However, I think that for a few couple of reasons that would be virtually impossible to institute here. First, it could be argued that not voting is way of protesting the system and thus is an issue of free speech rights.

My device reduces greenhouse gas emissions significantly.

My name is Scott Trimingham. I'm an indoor air quality assessor and long time conservationist.

rogue's galler

To share, right click, save picture as, download to hard drive. Then upload to social media sites.

In historical terms. The Republicans cannot sign on to the negotiations with Iran

Aside from the secret dealings with Iran pertaining to American corporations and manipulations or truths that may come out about the Reagan administration.

One word, Fukushima. Why aren't we more involved Fukushima. Fukushima is much more threatening today than the prospect of Iran gleaning a nuclear weapon in the future.

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What’s the Difference Between Cancer and Donald Trump?

So-called “free market" or "unregulated capitalism” is really nothing more than the cancer-stage of capitalism. And that uninhibited cancerous growth has spread, so that now even our political system is infected with the cancer of corporatism.

Donald Trump’s candidacy is an example of how our political system is being eaten alive by the cancer-stage of capitalism.