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Interdependence & Libertarians

Regarding the call today (3/18/15) asking about libertarians and liberals reaching consensus:

While there’s plenty on specific positions, as Thom said, in ideological terms, I don’t see a coalition as feasible. As allies on policy, such as about marijuana or war, we can agree, obviously, but that’s pretty much where it ends.

Lost in a Lonely Mall

Lost In a Lonely Mall

A Libertarian's Smug Screed

My dear fellow bloggers, I just started writing letters to our local paper (The World). My intention is to address many of the same issues we’ve been dealing with here. In lily white, conservative Coos Bay, it doesn’t take much to make waves; frankly I wouldn’t mind starting a tsunami in this sleepy old town!

Why is the US not a Christian nation?

Some of the founders of the United States undoubtedly had relatives who participated in Europe's Thirty Years War, (1618 - 1648,) and were aware of the ensuing one hundred years of relative peace between those religiously different nations. That governments with different official religions had much to do with the Thirty Years War was not a lesson lost upon them.

Christian Nation? Socialist "Kingdom" dictatorship.

Jesus was a socialist, not a "money changer" captialist. ("...cast off your belongings and follow me..."

"Heaven" is a "kingdom" --- dictatorship.

So, if the United States is a Christian Nation, then clearly it is a socialist dictatorship, right?

Right to Work for Less - the backdoor ALEC/GOP agenda

Rick Snyder never ran on a platform of pushing Right to Work for Less.

Scott Walker never ran on a platform of pushing Right to Work for Less.

It has been noted that the Right to Work for Less legislation is an ALEC format.

Republican control means that this legislation will be pushed thru your state.

Freedom From Religion Foundation

Freedom From Religion Foundation


CBS, ’60 Minutes,’ reject Ron Reagan’s ‘unabashed atheist’ ad

September 29, 2014

Click here to watch the ad.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s ad featuring Ron Reagan describing himself as “an unabashed atheist” has been rejected for airing by CBS, not only by “60 Minutes,” the desired placement, but for any CBS TV show.

GOP, Out For Blood!

Who They Gonna Hurt? Like Any Carnivorous Animal, The Vulnerable.


Is anyone else watching Fortiude on Pivot.......climate change, politics, dramatised

Many Disabled Citizens Were Never Adequately Served by State and Local Programs

Cuts to services for disabled people being carried out by different Republican governors are a serious failure on the part of the voters and of our entire economic system. Some supposedly objective journalists and commentators have said that even some Republicans in Congress have expressed concern about growing economic inequality. If these commentators were being serious, they would stop misinforming people that Republicans are care about socioeconomic inequality other than wanting to see more, not less of it.

Obama: "It's 'Disturbing' That A Climate Change Denier Chairs Senate Environmental Committee"

Huffington Post, March 16, 2015

President Barack Obama told Vice News in an interview released on Monday that it was "disturbing" that the chair of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works denied the existence of climate change.

Obama was referring to Sen. Jim Inhoffe (R-Okla), who threw a snowball on the Senate floor earlier this month to help make his case that climate change isn't real.


Thom is correct when he identifies categories of suckers that constitute the majority of the Republican party. I like to say that the suckers have been "GAGGED" by their representitives.

G - Guns

A - Abortion

G - Gays

G - God

ED - Education

Documenting Reaganomics

Hey Thom -

A conversation with a person the other day about preferring people that live in America to learn English.

A conversation with a person the other day about preferring people that live in America to learn English. That bilingual signs and other accommodations for non-English speaking individual were theft or inconvenience to America.

Cost of Dental Care without Insurance

Here's a web site that lets you get an idea of what dental care costs around the US. It gives only 2013 prices for average and highest prices for the area. I would say that you'd better figure on the highest prices being the average prices now, in 2015. But, even with these high prices, some people believe that they will save a lot of money by not having dental insurance. Add up the monthly premiums over the years and it adds up to a lot of money.

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Who's on your side - Elizabeth Warren or Jamie Dimon?

The history of America is the history of “We the People” confronting corporate power and winning. In fact, the whole reason we started this country was because individuals and small businesses wanted to fight back against the dominant corporation of the day, the British East India Company.

Here’s a little history lesson you won’t see on Fox So-Called News…