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McCain Chased Off Reservation By Pissed-Off Navajo Activists

Source; Reverb Press, August 16, 2015

In a stunning action that was long overdue, a group of native Navajo Americans chased Senator John McCain out of the Navajo Nation capital of Window Rock -- making it perfectly clear he was unwelcome in the first place.

True Representative Democracy

The democratic ideal is to let every citizen eligible to vote have the representation of his or her choice. But we know at a mere glance that a large part of the electorate must be voting for electoral losers, meaning they don’t get truly represented.

Mike Huckabee: "10-year-old rape victim should be forced to carry the baby"

Source: Raw Story, August 16, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee argued over the weekend that a 10-year-old girl should have been forced to carry her pregnancy to term after she was raped.

During an interview on Sunday, CNN host Dana Bash asked the GOP candidate if he would refuse an abortion to a 10-year-old girl in Paraguay, who was allegedly raped by her step-father.

MSNBC continues attacks on Bernie

I was watching The Rachel Maddow show last wednesday, August 12, Rachel had the night off and Ari Melber was hosting. The first story was about Bernie's meteoric rise in the NH polls. Citing poll numbers and Bernie's phenomenal crowd sizes, the story started with an honest take on the narrative. Ari thenintroduced his guest Annie Linskey of The Boston Globe.

When asked by Ari what Bernie was doing right.

“Criminal Probe” Hillary will lose the White House for the Demo-rats.

she needs to replace her "cottage" in the hamptons for a studio efficiency in Gitmo

NOAA warns developing uber El Nino could hit US like “Godzilla”

There is no going back.

Currently activated feedback mechanisms mean it is not going to get any better for lifetimes to come. Technology to re-terraform our entire planet's atmosphere in a fashion that would save us from mass suffering isn't possible, if it were it would have to be currently in play.

Each and every one of us needs to protect ourselves in the coming year because our government won't and frankly it can't.

Trump Vote is EZ, Bernie a tougher sacrifice up front; Shrugging Greek Atlases...

Why a mindless vote for Trump is so easy...

No one need be concerned voting for the Outside Hero:

(I'm not overcompensating for a tremendous feeling of inadequacy & worthlessness, I'm SO Proud {Daddy?} of myself)

Donald "gold-plated toilet" Trump.

Reparations for Black people That is why the black extremists are advocating for Malcom X violence instead of MLKs peaceful non-violent protest. This about money for black people only. Thats why its black lives matter not all lives matter. The black leade

leadership does not care how many Michael Browns or Sandra Blands they get worked up to act out against society. The black leadership is getting those misguided blacks killed by advocating for violent resistance.

Here's the petition for reparations



Bill Shorten is unveiling his pledge to discard Emissions Reduction Fund and boost Renewable Energy

Bill Shorten will discard the Federal Government’s main proposition for reducing carbon emissions and depend much on renewable energy should the Labor win the next election.

All cops are criminals

Every cop is willing to lie under oath to protect their buddies. In my book, that makes them all criminals.

You do not have to OBEY criminals.

You do not have to submit to criminals arresting you

If you go to court, point out to the judge that all cops lie and therefore their testimony should be thrown out.

I don't care if the cop is a "nice person". Does the cop follow the law? NO.

I Have a Dream, Two (Too)

I have watched, with tragic amusement, the convulsions of many resultant of my MelanicNation/Blackism Op Ed’s that have appeared in the last week. For whatever reason, many have attempted to co-opt the words of Dr. Martin King for their respective agendas, be they based on fact or fiction. You see, for many white Americans, Dr. King is that ‘go to nigger’. While, simultaneously, Malcolm X has been vilified.

Complacency, Action and Frustration on the Left

I took an opportunity today, to write about one of the dilemma I've been considering for quite a while now, thanks to this post from @jflum.

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Five things you need to know about this week's market crash

Giant market declines like the one we had on Monday are simply a fact of market life, but it was a bit unusual, compared with others

Thousands of Syrian refugees continue to reach Europe

According to reports of several Syrian refugees, the price for the boat is around 1,200 U.S. dollars per person. The captain of the boat is one of the passengers that receives training for five minutes

US sanctions czar due in Israel for Iran deal talks

President Barack Obama was set to speak directly to the North American Jewish community about the Iran nuclear deal via a live webcast to shore up support for the agreement

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