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Birth of Bernie's Progressive Democratic Party

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Suggested Letter to Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party

Dear Democratic Leader Pelosi,

In reference to your recent solicitation for a financial contribution to the Democratic Party:

Materializing Money Miracles

If the US Treasury can Make Money upon command,

The Big Banks are never too big to Fail.

Big Banks connotate more power than the big banks deserve.

Political Suicide by Conceit?

A Republican's analysis:

Compared to the uncertainty that usually defines our politics, it is astonishing how obvious the Progressive path to victory could be for Hillary Clinton, if she chooses to take it.



Forensic Files : Munchausen Syndrome: Tanya Reid of Texas/Iowa

re Tanya Reid : Munchausen:

Dear Forensic Files This evening your feature on the child abuser was a crossroads of new topics that were not available when Munchausen was named. For starters, now we know that geriatric caretakers can sometimes become abusive in the emotional strain of

Inspection- Ms. Hillary

 As she spread her arms to welcome the Tuesday's results I must admit, I kept thinking, "What the hell are you wearing and why would anyone keep choosing this look?" If someone chooses for her they need to be assigned another task.


Everytime a right winger stands up and tries to hang NAFTA around the neck of Bill Clinton or in Canada's case our then liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Call BULLSHIT. NAFTA was created and formed in the 1980's by who were then called the 3 amigos , Ronald Reagan, Canada's conservative PM Brian Mulroney and the right wing leader of Mexico Carlos Salinas.

Buying Into Medicare

Hillary is suggesting an option to buy into Medicare as an improvement on the ACA and said in one of her speeches when asked the cost to consumers, "it would only be about $600/mo." That's per person. I know that when you pay $12,000 for a jacket that $600 seems paltry, but for most middle class families that is substantial, and for people making minimum wage it is impossible! At least the ACA is on a sliding scale. GEEZE

Swing States Already Purging Democrats from Voting Rolls -- (VIDEO)

June 8, 2016

So how do the Republicans think they can take this presidential election?
It's easy....They're going to STEAL it!
Another "rigged election" because that's the only way these vermin can ever win ANY election.

"Ring of Fire"a Farron Cousins discusses this in a video.

Link to video at:

If link doesn't work, Google:
"Swing States Already Purging Democrats from Voting Rolls"

Are many Bernie or Bust brothers the intellectual heirs of Eldridge Cleaver supporters?

As a 63 year old progressive female, I felt listening to Thom's show today and reading these blogs, that, Dear God, I've been here before. There was little mention or celebration of the truly revolutionary event that just happened. And I hear behind some of those voices calling for Bernie to fight to Philadelphia or even disrupt the convention the same tone, the same deep seated anger that you would hear in the late 60's, early 70's when women progressives express dislike for a piece of filth by the name of Eldridge Cleaver.

Hillary can Choose to Win or Loose

Compared to the uncertainty that usually defines our politics, it is astonishing how obvious the Progressive path to victory could be for Hillary Clinton, if she chooses to take it.

To guarantee a win against Trump in November, Hillary needs to win over Bernie's supporters before Trump steals a significant number of them away, which is exactly what Trump is now obviously trying to do. That means Hillary will need to adopt Bernie's Progressive Platform with none of the verbal hedging / triangulating she has used in the past to keep her financial backers comfortable.

Its official, we now have a ONE party system...

The party of the corporation.

Humanity will be reduced to a "resource" that can be expensed and/or wasted at the whim of profit driven corporate desire.

What's the point?

Frances Perkins Wilson was the 1st FEMALE U.S. Secretary of Labor

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton the first possible Democratic Presidential FEMALE Nominee.


A paper in the journal Nature, argues that the release of a 50 Gigatonne (Gt) methane from thawing Arctic permafrost could destabilise the climate system and trigger costs as high as the value of the entire world's GDP.

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