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Barac feels he’s set himself up$$$ pretty good for life after the White House.

He is part of the problem

Bernie busts some billionaires' balls.


By Sen. Bernie Sanders

Be scared, rightfully scared! Your lives depend on your voting habits.

Read this and be VERY scared ... enough to get off our dupas to cast a vote. If 2010's results don't move you folks, what will ... losing the rest of the safefy net, Obamacare, et al? Remember what Truman said in '48 ... "Vote as if your life depended on it...because it does."

A method to reconnect the citizenry with Law Enforcement

I am a Viet Nam era Vet. (No, I did not go there, not all of us did). I recall that back in the early 70s Vets were not treated as they are these days. I don't know how true the stories are but I recall stories where Vets were being spat on by some members of the citizenry.

It appears there has been a national paradigm shift. Today we see Vets proudly displaying their Veteren status with stickers on their cars. 'Support our Troops' messages are found everywhere.

Dred Scott & Ferguson:

Anyone who doubts the U.S. was founded on slavery, and that the government (at least prior to the Civil War) actively supported slavery, needs to study history and the Supreme Court’s decision in Dred Scott v Sanford. Many of the justices owned slaves.

The chief justice wrote a controversial decision which actually went beyond the scope of the original case.

He ruled that Dred Scott, or any other slave, or descendant of a slave, could not be a citizen of the United States.

Papua New Guinea to be decimated by criminally linked Rio Tinto Mining Group.

Same group that is pursuing the Pebble Mine in Alaska and they are very VERY criminally bad apples even without the environmental devastation that they bring.

We won’t stop until the planet is completely toxified.

The Stock Market Is Rigged

I have always said this, especially since the so-called "collapse"

Hillary’s tirade on Obama Foreign policy actually dog whistle to Israeli Lobby, Defense Contractors and other war benefactors to ante up for her bid for 2016.

Ferguson Missouri: A Tragedy in the American Heartland

I'm not going to pretend I understand what's going on in Ferguson Missouri or that I've got a handle on what took place like the corporate media's talking heads are doing. Even the local authorities don't seem to have all the facts yet, or if they do, they're keeping them close to their Kevlar vests. Before August 8th, all I knew about Ferguson Missouri was that it was the hometown of aviation great and WWII hero, Jimmie Doolittle.

But Thom,

And there is no difference in money? Money is money? Hmmm. Why is it I can get stuff at half the price I'd pay with my mastercard if I just use paypal instead? How come it is UK and Holland won't accept my mastercard? How come inter-urban tokens fell into disuse after they ripped up the tracks? How come the bank wouldn't take wampum? It was perfectly good and respectable money?? Have a nice week. Dumbass.

Ferguson: is Detroit next? What about other African-American communities?

MajoritySuperPac misleading voters to raise money: Karl Rove is anything but an enemy of most DC Democrats.

Behind the scenes in Washington it is all one big bipartisan conga line of business deals and wealth making endeavors that pays absolutely no heed to whether or not you’re a republican or democrat. Rove goes to Democratic fundraiser’s and glitterati events and Democrats – like Mark Pokedcan (D-WI) -go to republican fund raisers. Any animosity between members of the different parties is largely fiction intended to sell tickets and sensationalize the subject fakers championing of the respective evil, heinous, dastardly, enemy of their constituents.

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