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Palm Oil: Tropical deforestation responsible for now up to 10% of heat-trapping emissions and growing.

Palm Oil plantations – including at least one owned by an American Company - are stripping the planet of its last remaining tropical rain forests and we are paying a very dear and perhaps final price for it.

Don’t buy Girl Scout Cookies, tell McDonald’s to get fucked, do whatever you can, but for the love of dog STOP PALM OIL before we are all dead!

Pat Robertson's Show Today

Here's a quote from Pat Robertson's 700 Club today, 8/20/2014:

"What's worse than a long wait at the doctor's office? How about there not being a doctor's office in the first place? Hear why many doctors are shutting their doors . . .

There is Only the President; Congress and State Governments Do Not Exist

Is that how it is?

The five billion-dollar windmill project in carbon County Wyoming.

If you've driven across Wyoming on I- 80. When you get to Rawlings Wyoming you're in carbon County. Just to the west of Rawlings about thirtysomething miles is the Great Divide. The Great Divide borders the red desert region. It is known as a living Desert. Full of wildlife and gas wells. The water there is contained natural gas for long-time. One of the first regions in the United States to use fracking This would be a perfect place for a windmill project. Somebody's getting progressive in Wyoming. Hopefully big oil does not restrain future development.

I cannot find this site on duck duck go!?! help?

Hillary vows that, if need be, she will approve Keystone XL

After all the bogus industry funded Environmental Review was processed by her State Department.

Clinton's message is clear: "Fuck your children, there is profit to be had and Hillary will help ya get it!"


What Did You Learn in School Today?
(Adapted for Israeli textbooks)

What did you learn in school today,
Dear little boy of mine?
What did you learn in school today,
Dear little boy of mine?
I learned that Netanyahu never told a lie.
I learned Jewish soldiers seldom die.
I learned if you're not Palestinian, you're free.
And that’s what the teacher said to me.
That’s what I learned in school today.
That’s what I learned in school.

Covered California marketplace; Blue Shield of California; Switching to Medicare; terminating marketplace

My friend's wife in California had joined Blue Shield of California (BS) through the Covered California Marketplace (CC) in January of this year. The husband didn't get it because he was already 65, had Medicare and was also covered through VA. So, in June, before the wife turned 65 in July she sent emails to both BS and CC requesting to be terminated. They never heard back from them. Then they got a bill from BS. The wife made calls to both BS who said she had to cancel only with CC. Then she called CC and got a run around and put on hold for a long time.

Militarization of US Police Forces

I have several friends in Law Enforcement, and one in particular who trains Law Enforcement and he sees nothing wrong whatsoever with the continued use of military style enforcement tactics.

He absolves law enforcement 100% of any and all responsibility for any civilians who get injured or killed - says las enforcement is just doing it's job.

This is, unfortunately, the root of the problem as many, if not most police officers view themselves as quasi-military outfits and as such, have the right to be armed like they are in a war zone.

Recycle Military Equipment Into Bridges

If Black people are the visible canaries and the First Nations of indigenous people are the invisible canaries, who the h wants to be a canary?

If you are taking our drug and you get confused or your brain bleeds or you die, call us at your earliest convenience.

There is big money in abusing the poor. Right, Ferguson Missouri?

"Hey," asks Mr. Post Racial, "should there really be a voting place on the rez? After all, they were just allowed to become citizens in 1924, a mere 90 years ago."

Barac feels he’s set himself up$$$ pretty good for life after the White House.

He is part of the problem

Bernie busts some billionaires' balls.


By Sen. Bernie Sanders

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