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The World Didn't End Today, Yet Again.

As a corollary to my previous post, I wondered about the various apocalyptic predictions that have failed, and continue to fail, to come true.

I recall seeing on television once that a psychic predicted a devastating earthquake to occur in Moreno Valley in 1997. That didn't deter me from living there, which I did in 1997 and there was no major earthquake there (nor has there been in the 22 years that I have lived here).


​Here's my crude attempt to understand something important that's happening right now.

Best time in the history of the world to borrow money , that's what the news headlines said just a few days ago.

Countries worried about deflation have kept their ecomonies humming along by continally lowering the interest rates to encourage big ticket spending , like houses and cars, but right now many banks are at the point of ZERO interest rates, so what now.

china dumping 'fixes' still pending --- the jobs are not holding on

a few years back Pres Obama actually spoke out against the dumping of tires by the chinese that were undermining US corporations . the problem is that when countries cheat - the governments reaction is to talk. which is not a bad thing, but how do you stop the action? how do you prevent the abuses? how do you save the jobs and companies in THIS nation from the bad actions of other nations and their cohorts - american citizens -- making their actions possible?

Corporate Media. How can we do the right thing if we don't know the truth?

Proof positive if you/we are only listening to corporate news, (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox, CNN, etc.) you/we are not being fully educated and given the truth. You/we are being lied to! How can we do the right thing if we don't know the truth?

Bernie Sanders gets a total of eight minutes of coverage so far this year on corporate news:

TPP: Sharia and death penalty for LGBTs

In 2014, Brunei enacted the death penalty by stoning for LGBT people. Where is Human Rights Campagain and the LGBT community denouncing TPP? The leaders of the LGBT community have sold the LGBT community down the river. They will not denounce Obama no matter what they do.

What should NRA stand for?

Going off a quick topic from Thoms show on Oct 2nd. The best I have come up with so far is "No Regulation Assault". 'Yes, another NRA happened the other day... when are we going to do something about all these NRA's happening across the country, killing people left and right...' Any other ideas / thoughts?

Surprise!!: MASSIVE and Environmentally disastrous Gold and Oil extraction on track for Greece as part of their “rescue plan” and Gold Sachs fingerprints are all over it!

Think nuetralizing the Greek Peoples' and Government's opposition to the environmental devestation these projects entail was what was intended all along? from the very moment Goldman Sachs decided to defraud Greece in bankruptcy?! YOU BET YOUR ASS IT WAS!!

If you got resources there is NO limit on what greed will produce to get at it.

But bravo Obama and kin, i really didn't see this one in the works until now.

$20,000 bottles of wine and Private Jets: Martin Shkreli is the obvious product of Obama's America and TPP

Read up on the TPP's "Death Sentence" clause that gives Big Pharma monopolies on drugs in the countries who sign the TPP

This from CREDO:

This is response to these false quotes of George Washington spinning around the internet

This is response to these false quotes of George Washington spinning around the internet…Always make an attempt to cite your source and use a creditable source.

The most common quote out there is wrong.

This is the accurate quote with a couple of definition available:

State of the Union Address of 1790(understand the time period and context of this speech):


I'm white guy, but if i'd been black and had grown up in racist America ,I'd be one fucking angry angry black man.

I'd be angry at my own people, for the violence they inflict to each other. Most of all I'd be furious at the American racist society , that so endlessly crushes the spirit, the humanity and self respect of my people.

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