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one person unraveling society

One bad police officer's career is not worth the unraveling of society.

The Quiet Riot

Back in the late seventies, when I turned sixteen, I applied for my California Driver License. At that time (as is the case today) you could designate whether or not you wanted to be an organ donor in the unfortunate event that you died in an accident, and your license would indicate that you were a donor. I, being young, idealistic and a freshman in college, decided to become a donor. I told my dad about my decision, and this is what he said: " Boy, don't do that!

Trivial tax enforcement

Enforcing a minor tax code should result in a citation, not a choke hold fatality.

Some Laws are not enforced due to their trivial nature.

speech regulation

False advertising was illegal at one time.

When Police Profiling Can Be Turned Upside Down

It is ironic, but to the extent that police behavior toward young black men is motivated by fear it also motivates a completely reversed profiling - that of elderly white people! I will illustrate with an example from my personal experience.

Death$$$ of our Planet: Super Typhoon with sustained winds of 180 mph, gusts in the 200 mphs, bears down on Philippines.

Oh well, whatever,… as if news like this has any chance in hell of changing our dirty energy ways.

Vulture Wall St hedge funds force Argentina into New York bankruptcy court.

Vulture funds moved into to buy up bonds for pennies when Argentina defaulted in 2001. They then took to Argentina to court to collect the full face value of the bonds. The vultures make a profit when the bankruptcy court – in New York, not Argentina – forces Argentina to liquidate assets for an amount in excess of the pennies the vultures bought the bonds for. Moral: watch out what language you put in the bond debenture agreement.

proper pricing

The general price of goods and services is not commensurate with the minimum wage and the jobless economy.

Choking Death Of Eric Garner! Another Officer Gets

In what reality is it legal for a gang of cops to choke a defenseless man on the street to death in front of cameras and not be indicted?

Are we as a society going to stand by and allow people to be treated like this without any consequences or oversight.

Whenever justice is denied to anyone, justice is denied to everyone!


Manipulated: “Oil jumps after surprise U.S. supply decrease”

Whenever the Corporate Media$$$ offers an explanation about the movement in the price per barrel of oil, they are essentially telling you the reason given by a trader in the energy market. That is the same Energy Trader(s) whose trades will or have made the movement in the price.


I heard your show yesterday, where Chuck from Ky asked what your opinion would be to elect Members of Congress statewide, like Senators. Would that be better than the current gerrymandered districts?

It appears that The Constitution leaves it up to States to decide how to elect their Representatives, and most, if not all, have chosen to elect by districts. The problem with this, except in California, is that states controlled by Republicans have created districts through gerrymandering that insure a majority of Republicans.

shooting from the brain stem

Hello Thom, I'm listening on our local radio station in the afternoons (MAIN-FM). I have a thought about Darren Wilson's quote "...I felt like a five year old…" When a child is extremely angry, afraid or emotional they have less access to their thinking part of the brain and behave in the "survival" of the brain stem: Fight for your life. Yes, I believe Wilson felt like a 5 year old, he was being honest! Honest that his problem solving channels were shut down and that he did not have access to common sense as a police officer should!

WI: Walker's GOP preparing for progress on Right To Work Legislation.

And Walker is also introducing legislation to, and I quote, cut down on Fraud in Pubic Assistance Programs, like those filthy elderly swapping their winter time energy assistance check (it's like 12 degrees outside right now!) for cat food! (sarcasm)

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The Death of the Middle Class was by Design...

Even in the face of the so-called Recovery, poverty and inequality are getting worse in our country, and more wealth and power is flowing straight to the top. According to Paul Buchheit over at Alternet, this is the end result of winner-take-all capitalism, and this destruction of the working class has all been by design.