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Bills blog There has been talk of an comprehensive plan for energy in this country since the days of Jimmy Carter.

Sandra Bland was Targeted

ONE easy way to find-out: DID the Officer 'run' her Plates BEFORE stopping her?

WELL...his Dash-Cam never shows him checking her ID or in a 'Normal' Traffic Stop...OH..that's TWO Proofs...

He is IMMEDIATELY Belligerant to her EVERY Reply...obviously he KNOWS WHO SHE IS!

Oh yeh, if you're counting, that's THREE relatively easy Proofs

This COP is a Murderer

yeh, i consider myself HIS 'peer'

Sandra Bland Reality Check

The atmosphere in the media these days is pretty much reflective of a knee-jerk, kill the cops, African-Americans can do no harm, whitey is always wrong mentality. Some cases are obvious examples of police wrongdoing, like Freddie Gray and Walter Scott, but even in those cases there were obvious decisions by the victims that could have prevented the catastrophic outcomes. Don't get started knee-jerkers, I am not excusing the cops' behavior in those cases.

Profiting and Profiling from Racism to Sexism and Sandra Bland

In the 1998 Angela Davis essay Masked Racism: Reflections on the Prison Industrial Complex she writes that the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the largest U.S. private prison company, identified California and women as their “new frontier”. This the result of prison privatization and private capital enmeshed purely for financial gain, white washed by trading on Wall Street, a growth industry for the wealthy elites.

World's Biggest Popularity Contest

As I see it, Donald Trump is the Republican's answer to Bernie Sanders. If the election was tomorrow, I'd take Bernie for sure. Trump's being in the race is laughable from the Corpopate Media's point of view, but they think they're running the whole show anyway, right? It's the best Democracy money can buy until we the people change the "political landscape"

Bernie Sanders Is a Russia-Bashing, Pro-Israel

i would love to know Bernies position on Ukranian situation. I never heard him talk about Russia and Ukraine good site covering russia

Rick Perry calls Donald Trump a Cancer and Carnival Act

Source: Time Magazine

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is taking the gloves off in his assault on Donald Trump, calling the man leading the presidential polls "a cancer on conservatism" and "a barking carnival act."

Perry, who sees a pathway to political resurrection after a disasterous 2012 campaign in his vocal criticism of the real estate magnate, used the striking language to criticize Trump at a forum organized by his super PAC, the Opportunity and Freedom PAC.

3 thoughts on Sandy Bland

1. In her blog she talked of having "PTSD," according to a news item I read, she had a couple of drunk driving arrests, with one conviction. My experience is that cops, especially male cops often tend to be degrading and abusive towards women drunks especially women of color. I wonder if her ease at angering was partly because of past treatment.

Police? Possible Psychopaths?

Due to the lack of time during this "chat" related to Are Police "psychopathic" characteristic?...I can say, as a school psychologist, I have read many articles in my past 30 years that have confirmed that this is true. I am only sending the following 2 links that suggest this is can do further research. Now, I do want to mention, it has nothing to do with intelligence being "lower"....but rather the personality will also notice that politicians also have degrees in psycopathology!

Chockhold Death Case

A chokehold is not a carotid restraint. It is quite different. The forearm is placed firmly against the throat, perpendicular to it and four hyoid bones located directly below the tongue. The victim will inevitably fight in struggling for air. This can cause injury and lead to possible cessation of life.

Sandra Bland

I think many police officers are using steroids, which cause increased aggression. My mother worked at a large health food store in Chicago, where she was in charge of vitamins & supplements. She used to tell me about cops coming in to buy specific supplements that mask detection of steroids.

Bernie must start reaching out to minority leaders

First of all, I am a huge Bernie Sanders supporter. Each time I've called the show this month has been to praise Sander's campaign. (I'm Luis from Tulare incase anyone wants to know)

Walker: WI’s weakness is the Country’s weakness, and as such contributes to a threat to National Security.

Fuck Obama and his “State’s Rights.” There has to be limits on what ALEC is invited to do to one of our States.

Shitting on McCain and now Lindsay Graham?! God help me, but I think I like Trump!

I'm so conflicted (wink)

Ripple effect puts WI’s economic LOSES from Diane Hendricks’ and the Koch brothers’ Scott Walker in the BILLIONS of dollars.

Economic multipliers are a bitch, especially their cumulative effect overtime.

But, nothing would complement Walker’s current and future wealthy affiliates’ financial interests more than driving all or part of Wisconsin into economic hardship and/or chaos. It is after all, Walker et. al.’s overarching plan for the state.

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