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Chemotherapy for Dummies: Donald is probably best understood as a form of last ditch chemo

You’ve been told you have cancer. The C word finally came home to roost in your body. You rush to your doctor and insist on the strongest, baddest, most toxic chemo product on the market (made by Trump Care Pharmaceuticals). He says wait a minute—you head for Mexico. This will nip it in the bud. Right?

Do We Need A Stock(?) Exchange?

Is the Modern Stock Market anything but a scam to skim & steal?

Does it (in its current state) serve anyone but itself?

Should we Abolish the Stock Market?

It was This Simple.

Ok, so she made some speeches to Wall St. and she didn’t want to release them because they would, undoubtedly, be construed as pro-corporate – which means Anti-PEOPLE / Anti Populist.

She could have taken the stage, with a Stunning Declaration, and said: “I have fought most of my life for the People of this country. I do Not stand with Wall Street and I will no longer, Ever, take their money." [I would, then, have sent her a pittence of my money].

News Flash for News Anchors and Reporters: Decree #88A May Be Just Around the Corner

Thin-skinned Trump castigated this week’s protesters as “agitators” and implied that they were a conspiracy against him and that this was “unfair.” He walked that back a little when someone apparently said “Dial it back Dad, there you go again.” I suspect that only one of his kids could say that to him; aren’t they a bunch of geniuses…Next, I suspect that he may encourage some of his rally tough guys to meet those protesters in the street and “punch them in the face.”


The members of the electoral college have not cast their votes yet. Again, the members of The Electoral College have not casted their votes yet. They will officially cast their votes on December 19th 2016. If anyone knows anyone that is an elector of the 537 electoral members including Miss Esther Little Dove John ( who by the way has pledged to maintain her vote on December 19th for Hillary Clinton) please do your best to influence them on their vote.

"Drain the swamp"? Really?

Tens of millions of people fell for the “drain the swamp” metaphor Trump used in speeches. His solution was to establish term limits. But that only really changes the inhabitants of the swamp, not what causes it. The fluid that creates the swamp is the money used to lobby representatives, and donated to their campaigns. Note Trump did not call for any limitations on that. In fact, if you allow money to flow without any limits, and enact term limits, it actually gives those infusing the money more influence over elections and who inhabits the swamp.

We need a Constitutional amendment that standardizes national elections

We need to standardize the way national elections are run for President, Senators and Representatives. The reason being that we all get impacted by how these are run, and the results. Let states run their local and in-state elections anyway they want to. But I’m tired of wondering whether someone really won the Presidency or not. As Thom has noted many times, since we’ve gone to electronic voting machines, exist polls stopped matching vote totals. Then there’s all the range of ways voters get registered, and attempts to purge voter rolls by Republicans.

Post election market fiasco

The market took a big dive and then recovered with a gain. However, interest on the 10 year bond rose about 30 basis points (.3%). It had been around 1.75 but it went to about 2.0?. It is now 2.13%. Divide the original percentage by the recent rate and that will give you the percentage left of whatever bonds you hold, Trump tried to blame Janet Yellen and CNBC is failing to recognize the fact that the holders of U.S.

Daily Topics - Friday November 11th, 2016

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Could Trumps racist, sexist comments actually have been a deliberate distraction from the real issue

Could all of Trump's racist, xenophobic, sexist and inappropriate comments actually have been a deliberate distraction from what should have been a huge issue in this election - climate change and energy production?

S.I.D.s, what you are not being told.

Nearly a third of the infant's blood and oxygen remains in the placenta for five to ten minutes after birth. The long umbilical cord provides the infant access to the breast with his oxygen source from mother intact and allows for a calm and leisurely discovery of breathing once the amniotic fluid and mucous drain from the nasal passages.


America, the right wing financed by a rich and powerful fraction of one percent of your population, now have a virtual dictatorship over your country for at minimum 2 years. They now 'own' the Senate , House of Representatives, the Presidency and very soon the Supreme Court, plus they now control the governmental workings of almost every State Legislature in the country. This along with virtually total control over 90% of everything Americans see, hear or read daily, through their domination of your media.

Daily Topics - Thursday November 10th, 2016

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Founder of Lucas Oil likely Trump nominee for Secretary of the Interior

According to Politico, the top prospect for Secretary of the Interior is currently the 74 year old owner/founder of Lucas Oil company. So this person will overseeing national parks, wilderness areas, and BLM lands. Sarah Palin and other "wise users" are on the list. A global warming denier is his first choice for heading the EPA. An oil and gas lobbyist for the Department of Energy. Never heard much about all this during the election. Just like in the elections of 1980 and 2000.

An FBI Coup D'Etat?

I think this article can tell why Dir of FBI send the letter and did what he did. Please read this article below link.

Did Carrier Fleece Both Trump & America?

Donald Trump took a victory lap in Indianapolis yesterday afternoon, where he and Vice President elect Mike Pence officially announced a deal to keep 800 Carrier jobs in Indiana.

That's 200 fewer jobs than the 1,000 jobs that Trump initially said the deal would save, but that's kind of besides the point.