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Warren Buffett of GSachs aka “Mr. Bomb Train” does happy-dance as Obama rejects Northern half of Keystone XL pipeline.

In reality, it is very likely that given the Enbridge Pipeline and a few others Obama’s pledge not to build the northern section of the keystone XL disaster during his term as president doesn’t amount to shit to the climate.

Remembering Americas WW2 Black Veterans

Today MSN being very fashionable ,highlighted a 110 year old WW2 Black veteran, but failed to mention the racism he and fellow Blacks faced , racism while fighting and dying for their country. Blacks fighting and dying to defend their America and the world against the brutality and insanity of Hitler's fascism.

Issues NOT covered by Professor Hartmann

I'll cover just a single issue each post on this blog. The first and most important is the differences between Democratic POTUS Candidates on the minimum wage. While Republicans want to eliminate entirely ANY minimum wage, the Democratic Candidates have differing amounts thereof. Senator Sanders wants it to be $15 an hour while SOS Clinton prefers $12.

Governor Election in Kentucky: The Red Grass State

Elections will always be suspect unless votes are made on paper ballots and counted by hand or at least counted using open-sourced software on machines without a wireless or external network connection. Below is a jpeg I created in 2012 about the 'red-shift" associated with electronic voting machines.

Gun insurance rates

Rate would be different and based on the following:

Last time you registered to hunt.

How many bullets the gun can hold and max clip capacity.

The density of the location you call your home.

Law infractions.

Mental health...they might not like that...

Entitlement Reform

Raising the minimum wage would reduce the need for Low wage workers to receive welfare. Thus reducing the tax burden and the debt and deficit in the US Treasury.

Theme music

Hi Thom, This may be silly, but I find your theme music has borderline painful high frenquency tones. Consider toning it down when you re-do it.

“Ride-Share” services, the modern day "Tea Party"; the hidden fight against unfair taxation.

The taxes have taxed the consumer out of the market place; and taxed the taxi drivers out of work.

“Ride-Share” services are car pools that facilitate drivers in the community to pick-up passengers going in a similar direction or destination.


People are upset with high costs of Taxi and poor performance of public transportation. “Ride-Share” services offer an affordable alternative for various transportation needs.

1980, 2000 and 2016 parallels - The Fossil Fuel Connection.

Thom has talked about the parallels between 1980 and 2016 with regards to Reagan and Trump. Both actors and people no one took serious. But there are more important parallels.

Bing Crosby promoting corporate taxation

Enlisting help to comb through 40's - 50's Bing Crosby holiday season shows sponsored by General Electric. In one of the shows Bing lauds the good fortune corporate taxes bring to the nations communities.

GREAT SOUND CLIPS! Greg Bell of SIRIUS Radio Classics where I heard the show would not give me the date of the show and I have never heard it on his show again since I inquired. It was a December broadcast sponsored by General Electric probably in the 1950's if you come across it please post.

Grand Rapids Library Board Election 100% to James Botts

In the Grand Rapids Library Board (Kent County) election last week, James Botts got ALL of the votes in a race with 5 (five) candidates. This is because...???

Link to WZZM election results:

The man who planted a forest! / Permaculture - organic gardening - greening the planet

Saving ourselves entails saving and rebuilding ecosystems. Replanting forests. Woodland gardens. Sustainable permaculture. More organic gardening, less unsustainable farming. Greening the deserts.

The planet can and must be saved in the garden. Over the past 30 years, Jadav Payeng has planted a 1,360 acre forest on a barren sanbar of a river island by himself. Today even tigers, rhinos and elephants are seen on his forest island. It's a beautiful sight to see!

Barac Obama: “Total Disaster! TPP text reveals frenzy of corporate greed.”

This from the patriotic Americans at Campaign for America’s Future:

The text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) came out last week and it is a total disaster.

That is, unless you are one of the corporations that inserted into it anti-competitive, anti-consumer provisions favoring their industries. For them, it’s an early Christmas present.



I found an excellent Blog that reflects my suspicions concerning the recent race in Kentucky for Governor, and I will herewith share it with you intact:

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Did GOP Insiders Steal the Kentucky Governor's Race for Tea Partier Matt Bevin?

Lower down the ballot, many Democrats got tens of thousands more votes than Bevin.

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