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Bill Shorten is unveiling his pledge to discard Emissions Reduction Fund and boost Renewable Energy

Bill Shorten will discard the Federal Government’s main proposition for reducing carbon emissions and depend much on renewable energy should the Labor win the next election.

All cops are criminals

Every cop is willing to lie under oath to protect their buddies. In my book, that makes them all criminals.

You do not have to OBEY criminals.

You do not have to submit to criminals arresting you

If you go to court, point out to the judge that all cops lie and therefore their testimony should be thrown out.

I don't care if the cop is a "nice person". Does the cop follow the law? NO.

I Have a Dream, Two (Too)

I have watched, with tragic amusement, the convulsions of many resultant of my MelanicNation/Blackism Op Ed’s that have appeared in the last week. For whatever reason, many have attempted to co-opt the words of Dr. Martin King for their respective agendas, be they based on fact or fiction. You see, for many white Americans, Dr. King is that ‘go to nigger’. While, simultaneously, Malcolm X has been vilified.

Complacency, Action and Frustration on the Left

I took an opportunity today, to write about one of the dilemma I've been considering for quite a while now, thanks to this post from @jflum.

Liberals, you're completely wrong, and have been for 35 years

What do you see if you listen to the few progressive channels you can find on the radio, or watch liberals and so called liberals on tv? What do you see if you look at the front page?

You see liberals doing it wrong.

"Can you believe Kacich said X?" "Can you believe they still have a grudge against Iran 30+ years later?" "Can you believe they really think X about abortion?" "Republicans are so crazy that they actually think Supply side economics works, can you believe that?"

Getting Bernie Sanders elected

I am one of thousands in NY State that want to see Bernie Sanders elected to President. I hope I am successful in getting thru today to talk to him about approving an Upstate NY Town Hall that I can goal is 30,000 people and I also have a tongue in cheek tip for him that I think all the viewers will appreciate that are Bernie fans...

Dr. Scott Noren of Ithaca

No Frack Zone

Stop talking about talking..DO SOMETHING

Dear Thom,

Your bloggers may be smart but they are A**H****. I try and bring up subjects to initiate action...all they want to do is show how "smart" they they can "research" the web.

In construction, we had talk ( meetings) about what was going to HAPPEN..usually the next day..the excavator will be here at 7am..the cement trucks at 10;00 etc.

Look at entire year of talking and NO JUSTICE ! What happened/? What changed? No wonder the Black Lives Matter movement is pissed.

Don't come to Texas with your bs. We don't play

Nobody dies. This is Waller county. But? Harris County (where city of Houston is located). Sent Texas law officers from Harris County to protect Waller county. Don't mess with Texas but oh my my don't mess with Harris county.

The Rockford Files

Thom Hartmann referred to the Rockford Files (with James Garner as the lead) sitcom yesterday, which I loved watching this show as a child. By the way, it was actually filmed in the 70s and perhaps early 80s, not 60s. And yes, today the same character (a Private Detective) would probably be shown living in an upscale westside LA condo with stainless steel Viking kitchen appliances instead of a beat-up trailer near the beach. Certainly life style expectations have changed over the decades. To James Garner’s credit, he was also an active supporter of civil rights

Certain False Leaders of #BlackLivesMatter Want Progressives and Bernie to Fail: Why?

Ring of Fire Radio, August 1, 2015

"Members of Black Lives Matter (BLM) stormed the podium at a Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle, forcing Bernie from the stage without him being able to address the crowd of thousands who came to hear his message of raising the plight of those struggling in America.

No matter how calm and peaceful the crowd was, and no matter what organizers promised in regard to allowing them to speak, BLM simply wanted to comandeer the stage to prevent Bernie's message from being heard.


Hillary's True Colors

I'm a 58-year-old black man; I want to understand why blacks that know Bernie are choosing Hillary over Bernie. I wonder if it's because these blacks are establishment voters, or do they believe that Hillary is stronger on racial issues than Bernie? Do my sisters and brothers forget how Bill and Hillary pulled the race card after Obama's win in Iowa? Hillary jumped all over the Rev. Wright situation questioning Obama's patriotism since he would not denounce Rev.

Voting Rights

In order to restore Democracy and ensure the voting rights of all American Citizens the following should be enacted.
1. The terms of members of the House of Representatives should be increased to 4 years. This will reduce the amount of time and money that members of Congress spend on re-election.
2. The terms of members of the Senate should be reduced to 4 years. This will increase the accountability of Senators to their constituents.

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US sanctions czar due in Israel for Iran deal talks

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"Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became People."

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