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Whos threatened by who??

I had a delightful african-american passenger on my flight from Seattle to Washington DC the other day. He had on what I think is one of the most brilliant anti-racism T-shirts I have ever seen. Long sleeved black, and in simple white letters it read:

Actually, I feel THREATENED by you.

What plugin do I need to accesss the chatroom?

I see the message in a graybox and have NO IDEA what plugin I may need I have Adobe flash player...

Someone asked also in January

O.U. fiasco

Surprise, surprise, surprise. These jerks didn’t invent this racist ritual. This type of thing has been going on for years. At Duke they hired impoverished black female strippers for “entertainment” in the frat house. These “leaders of tomorrow” have run this country into the ground. Meanwhile the workers of this country are having their hard won benefits stolen by such people. All we can do now is pray for our country. Maybe God will deliver us.

Eco-Refugees: California, population 38.8 million, has about one year of water left.

Harmony in communities

Manufacturing jobs would generate Money for citizens and governments at all levels.
Eliminating the traffic violations racket and the frictions its causing.
It would also stop sending jobs overseas and emboldening bad forms of government.(commies)

Why self-described conservatives are anything but; they are proponents of entrenched privilege

When someone asks me about my political principles I have a difficult time explaining what to many people seems like a curious mix of positions that sound libertarian to socialist. I have come to describe my principles, my philosophy of how societies ought to be organized by the term "cooperative Individualism." Throughout history a long list of remarkably thoughtful people have embraced these same principles, or at least a good part of them. The earliest use of th term I have been able to identify came from an Ohio newspaper editor turned uptopian reformer named Ernest B.

pappantonio suing 47 Republicans

We need less talk and more action!

A Fable of Republican Minions: Stupid? Or Simply Dumb? (There is nothing else.)

There are Republican masters, and there are Republican minions. The former number in the few; the latter, in the millions, including those elected to office and those who watch Foxfaux Nonnews.

This is how I picture it:

THE FABLE Smiling with self-satisfaction, on a cool Kansas or Washington autumn evening, someone from the "Few" (ALEC? Kristol?) drafted the open letter to Iran. When completed, the Master sat back in his supple leather chair, pleased.

Getting out of hand

Hi people!

Is it me or we live in a time where the media are going to far and are fueling the hate towards Islam?

During Bush's term, I was following the news but to my eyes, the word terrorism was used more­. Now since the Charlie Hebdo killings and Daesh uprising, I feel like it's now longer the terrostist the establishement is trying convice us that are coming to get us but the whole muslim world.

47 GOP Senators Palling Around with Terrorists

If ever a shoe fit perfectly, this one does. Remember all the cute talk about Barack Obama during the presidential campaign? The GOP has consorted with the right wing radicals in Iran. Book-em Danno! Sign the White House petition today:

150,000 sign treason petition on US Republican letter to Iran


As a 54 year old mixed race American male, I would like to make a few confessions about how I view politics in America.

Sign WH petition to bring charges against the Traitorous 47

From day #1, the Republicans have vowed to undermine everything President Obama attempts to accomplish with the goal of damaging Obama’s legacy. This is a fact, not an assumption. On January 20, 2009, while Obama’s first inauguration activities were commencing, a group of Republican and corporate leaders met in a Washington, D.C. restaurant for 4 hours and conspired about how to maximize their obstructionism. They have admitted it publicly, and there have been several books and articles confirming the plan.

Michigan learns that Tax Incentives to business owners to stimulate economy do NOT work.

Despite returning little next to nothing to the State coffers, the business owners sure did appreciate the extra dough and simply added it to the pile they already had.

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