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Frig or a Terrorist

Guess How Many Islamic TERROR Attacks Since 9/11

THE BIG LIE -“19,207 deadly Islamic attacks since 9/11/01 and counting,” the ad reads. “It’s not Islamophohia, it’s Islamorealism.”

The $15,000 campaign is a response to pro-Palestine ads. It will cover 75 station kiosks throughout the Metro North route for a four-week period.

THE TRUTH -Micah Zenko of The Atlantic published an article entitled Americans Are as Likely to Be Killed by Their Own Furniture as by Terrorism

America’s War In Iraq Cannot Succeed........ 12 Years later What a Mess

Iraq’s Sunnis won’t fight ISIS for the U.S. says NIQASH, a non-profit media organization operating out of Berlin. Without Sunni support, America’s war in Iraq cannot succeed. So WHY are we plunging our country in debt , sacrificing our brave military fighting an unwinnable war.

The Terrorists are Winning

THE terrorists have been winning , our own governments use their threats to place us all under massive domestic surveillance, read our texts , emails and listen to our phone calls, create dossiers on us all. Our streets are quickly becoming full of cameras watching our every move, even cars roam our streets taking pictures of our license plates recording our movements, we can't even take a plane ride unless we are put through xrays of our baggage, our bodies scanned or patted down and even our shoes examined.

When do the good guys realize that the bad guys are really bad and it is an un-winnable War? What will the choices be to create tolerance and boundaries instead of victory?

When do the good guys realize that the bad guys are really bad and it is an un-winnable War? What will the choices be to create tolerance and boundaries instead of victory?

These terrorist leaders are a cell and a part of a process to setup or create perpetual war. These terrorist groups work independent of each other but with one purpose. A war with terrorist cells is a war that never goes away; and never ends; ultimately a non-victorious war. This should be a concern because war must exhaust itself; war must end.

Crimes Against Humanity: Our dying planet.

“The sheer scale of this task is rarely acknowledged. In a world of 9 billion people all aspiring to western lifestyles, the carbon intensity of every dollar of output must be at least 130 times lower in 2050 than it is today [2009, the situation is now – 2015 – much, much worse]. By the end of the century, economic activity will need to be taking carbon out of the atmosphere not adding to it.

The NSA is still spying on millions of Americans. Time to call our Representatives.

I think we all need to talk about this issue with out friends, relatives and representatives. It is wrong for the government to spy on its citizens. Why do they need information on millions of americans? What would they use it for? Historically this tactic has always been done in advance of a major takeover. The information was used to identify people who had weapons so they could be disarmed. It was also used to identify groups that would be likely disenters. There is a reason we have a right to privacy written into the constituion, to protect us f

Negative $33 Trillion: Walker/GOP Wisconsin State Budget Threatens Wisconsin's Environment and Our Economy

Diseconomic policy and legislation continues to gush out of Walker and GOP here in Wisconsin, This from the Sierrra Club:

narrow minded

Shallow people (conservatives), are afraid that admitting they are wrong about something they wholeheartedly condoned, would signify their stupidity.

Open minded people condition their opinions on the possibility of being wrong.

Subsidizing the Gulf oil clean-up

Instead of enlarging the oil companies profits, the subsidies oil barons receives would be better suited for cleaning up their toxic messes.

All the more reason to put solar panels in places like the Sunshine state-Florida.

Senators and Nascar

I found this and had to share.

WI GOP Destroying Aggregate Demand: AFL-CIO rally against Right to Work legislation February 24 and 25 noon at the State Capitol.

This from the WI State AFL-CIO

BREAKING: There will be a rally to protest the introduction of Right to Work legislation Tuesday, February 24 and Wednesday February 25 at 12:00 p.m. at the state Capitol. We must stand together for our rights as workers and raise our voices in our democracy to stop Right to Work legislation from moving forward in Wisconsin.

Media climate deception

We are all really sorry to hear about how cold it is on Thoms boat. In fact I think all of us here on the west coast feel sympathy and concern for all of our fellow east coast citizens. What we are seeing daily on the news about cold weather is enough to make one think the climate must be getting colder. If I thought burning fossil fuel would help, I think I would find some extra fossil fuel to burn, especially since it got cheap all of a sudden.

My book

I blogged you yesterday about my book. Forgot to enter my webpage where the book of poems can be viewed. Like I stated I am looking for someone to help me get exposure.

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Save the rainforest, save the planet…

Trees are like our planet’s lungs. Every second of every day, they’re absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, and converting it into energy.

In fact, according to a study by researchers at NASA, each year, tropical rainforests absorb a staggering 1.4 billion metric tons of CO2 from Earth’s atmosphere.