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Wednesday, October 15, 2014 Beverly Hills, CA

Attention: President Barack OBAMA, sir: [ and Thom HARTMANN, et al... Open Email ]


Thank ISIS – NOT Drill-Baby-Drill O’Bama – for lower prices at the pump.

Repeat after me "Energy Independence is B U L L S H I T."

The war against ISIS is a war for Oil Profit, and soon perhaps, a War to defend the very minimum breakeven sales price of a barrel of Oil needed by the sleazy filth Oil Companies that pull Obama's strings.

ISIS stands to destroy the wealth of Oil rich countries.

TheFiscalTimes: “Obama Is Risking a U.S. Ebola Outbreak for His Own Ambitions”

We Needed That

Dear Gnomeland Insecurity:

Someone has to control the most important river in the United States, the Mississippi River, state by state. Why not Gnomeland Insecurity or a close facsimile? To judge by the responses and tactics employed so far in Louisiana, Wisconsin, and Missouri, you are doing a real bang up job. Can anyone afford not to be thirsty in the future?

Love, Ma'am Zell


The Islamic State thanks George Bush Sr. for his partnership with them - very lucrative on both sides.


Indiana Grim Reaper Protest Persona

PROTEST & INFO SHARE LOG: A Street Report & Color Book
10-0-14* Grim Reaper Noblesville Indiana, 6:00 – 7:20 pm, SW Corner of Courthouse Square;


Just how exceptional is America really? Everyone loves to talk about American exceptionalism. We constantly hear our politicians say that “America is the greatest country in the world.” But just how great are we?

Why is no one talking about getting people registered to vote?

The Republicans must be delighted with all the distractions out there that get Democrats and Progressives taking their eyes off the ball. Same sex marriage,ISIS, and Ebola are legitimate concerns and they are important,but if the Republicans and the Baggers win in November LGBT right,abortion rights , civil rights and privacy rights will all go down the tube.The only person I hear talking on Progressive radio about getting out the vote is an insurance agent in Chicago Tom Mikesel (?) who uses his advertising spot to encourage people to get registered and vote.

Ebolamania and the coming election

More people have died in America from preventable causes since Mr. Duncan of Liberia died than have died of Ebola in Liberia. Here are some stats from 2010.

I would guess that more people have died of gun related violence this year in the US than have died of Ebola in Liberia.

Yet, the right wingers want to gin up the Ebola scare so that they can paint the government as incompetent and Democratic candidates and the President as responsible for the whole problem.

Does anyone know?

What is the NRA's stance on Ebola?
(Surely they must have one.)

Money for Education

Ever since I was a child I have heard about how much we could do if we had more money for education. How much more we could really work with our children.
>When money for education started coming through, things, however didn't get better. Why? Well, you give administrators a bunch of money, and the pay each other handsome salaries. Little if any was spent in the classroom.
>This increase in administrators salaries caused a shift in the balance pay in the rural, as well as all the districts many were staunch Republicans.

Abortion vs Adoption

Guys coming home from armed conflicts, in the '50's, found themselves in a position of not being able to father children. They began to try to adopt.
The adoption agencies had a lot of babies. But they all were brown or black. The white families looking wanted white babies and found that the the mothers were affording abortions.
This is the beginning of the rise of the anti-abortion campaign.
Thank you.

End the Recession pls

Obama could let the public know that he NEEDS a congress and a senate that will pass legislation to bring the jobs, work and manufacturing back to this country.
This could end the recession.

Proposed Electronic Warfare Testing

I am calling upon other residence of Washington State that may be opposed to the proposed Electronic Warfare Testing in the Olympic National Forest Region of our state. We are being told that there would be minimal impact on the animals, plant life, and people ,of this area. I don't believe it for a minute. They have extended the deadline for public comment to Oct. 25th. I am urging all people who know and love this area to please take the time to voice your opinions. This proposed testing has got to be stopped. Listed below is the link to info and a link to a comment page.

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Should public radio program in the public interest?

NPR is supposed to be our national public radio, but they're barely covering climate issues that are in the public's interest.

Only one month ago, a national New York Times/CBS News poll found that half of all Americans think that global warming is already having a serious impact. Sixty percent of those surveyed even said that protecting our environment should be a priority “even at the risk of curbing economic growth.”