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It time to get rid of captive animals in the United State of America

It time to get rid of captive animals in the United State of America. The cruelty for entertainment of wild animals needs to end. The end of aquariums, zoos and circuses needs to happen. In this day and age of communication, travel and internet; the need for captive animals for education and entertainment purposes is less necessity.

Tad Devine Signs On To Work With Bernie Sanders On Potential 2016 Presidential Run

Washington Post, November 11, 2014, by Robert Costa

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has spent months fishing for a strategist to guide his potential 2016 presidential campaign.

On Monday, he hooked a big one: Tad Devine, one of the Democratic Party's leading consultants and a former high-level campaign aide to Al Gore, John Kerry, and Michael Dukakis.

Game Over: Keystone XL “Clone” pipeline already under construction.

Ban Canadian Crude from US Refineries.

FSTV and the last election.

Thom/FSTV I don't know how or why your show was moved to it's present hours, but you eliminated two thirds of the electorate, as with your present hours, they who work for a living never ever see your show. Besides, being a Navy retired Farmer, it interferes with my daytime operations and with you, Steffanie Miller and Bill Press, I am turned into a 7 or 8 hour couch potatoe. I find it hard to get on my tractor at times due to my indolence. Solution for the health of our nation: Over the weekends, run reruns of all of those shows

Do we REALLY support the troops?

Today, (like every day) is a good day to thank the soldiers that have served our country, who give and have given the ultimate sacrifice. They should be thanked not only in word but in deed too. If they are to fight for a cause, that cause better be correct. Because WE are responsible for our government and its officials, WE are responsible for our soldiers. They deserve our love, our care and our honesty!

They deserve the truth.

photo by Wayne Marchyshyn

ObamaCare forcing Americans into bankruptcy over medical bills via “balance billing” provision.

Isn't this precisely why we demanded reform?!?!?

And there are many people who can't afford Obamacare EVEN WITH THE SUBSIDY

Berman & Co lobbyist recorded telling Big Oil they will “mislead public."

This from Oil Change International:

Big Oil’s attack dog slipped up -- he got himself recorded while talking candidly to a bunch of fossil fuel industry executives.[1]

Liberal-ness: Own it!

I would love to see a full-fledged, long-term (permanent) marketing campaign by DNC, or some progressive group, which puts the message out there that "Liberal is good". It doesn't have to be tied to the Democratic Party; it can be a generic "liberal is good" image message. I remember a few years ago when liberals would hesitate to claim the label (that's when "Progressive" became an alternative term). Well, let's flip the image.

Complete inconsistency in this election

So, we have all seen how the far right has supposedly smashed all opposition and now has a firm mandate to do away with every social program and rein in all types of corporate taxing to help facilitate a stronger nation.

Where Is The Ebola Fear In The News?

Is it me or is there a complete tone down of the "Ebola fear" articles in the news since the election? Where are the politicians talking about the disease and the 24/7 coverage that was before the run up to the election? Has Chris Christy visited the nurse that was quarentined?Are any politicians making a lot of noise about this any more? I think this was used as a fear factor by the GOP on the eve of the elections to motivate their base.

paying $300 for bad internet.....Reply

Thom, In response to your Internet Issue-- I left "Clearwire" a yr ago. It takes alot of hard research to find decent provider. Im in Denver, but think this ISP is national. they have a High Speed DSL for $40 a. Month. It requires No active phone line, vary reliable and fast. The told me install was at 11am and they were here at 11. Not from 8a - 5p. and no contract.

While searching I had to use Android for internet. I just was not going to pay a service fee, activation and wait 3 weeks and overpay for the misery!

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The world we're leaving for today's teens...

Without immediate global action on climate change, today's teenagers will be forced to live with the consequences of our inaction. The World Bank has issued their third report of climate change, and it says that global temperatures could rise by as much as 4 degrees Celsius by the time today's teens hit their 80th birthday.