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Don't just FeelTheBern, DEMAND THE BERN of down-ticket Dem candidates through the PROGRESSIVE VOTERS PLATFORM

After the sizable loss in the New York primary, the goal post for Senator Sanders' nomination has been moved that much farther away. But take heart, those feeling the Bern, and be prepared to redirect all that passion wisely into keeping Bernie's progressive values in play not only at the top of the ticket, but all the way down the ticket to city council.

I AM listening to Bernie's words

I understand that Bernie has said that he will support the Democratic nominee.

But Bernie has more importantly said, continuously, that we cannot fix a corrupt political system from inside that system alone. It takes a popular uprisisng, a political revolution to fix that system.


January 2009 as Obama was being sworn in as the 44th President of the United States, this is the America he was inheriting after 8 years of Republicans and George W Bush. In fact this is the legacy of 20 years of Republicans running the country from 1980 to 2008.

Stress R Us

I am a fan of Thom Hartmann, except for his support of Mrs. Clinton's Presidential candidacy, as it runs counter to his superb analysis presented in today's Commonwealth Club presentation of his new book, "The Coming Crash of 2016". For my part, I have practiced neuropsychiatric medicine for 40 years, until retiring to write a book on stress, by the above title, 4 years ago. The book describes my discovery of a population regulation mechanism operating in all mammals, including humans, and increasingly operatrive in crowded populations.

Politico Article - What Bernie Sanders Should Learn From Eugene McCarthy

There similarities are scary. On the other hand, supporting Hillary is supporting the establishment. Can you force the establishment to change from within?

Sanders v. Clinton: How to get things done

Two very different ways of looking at getting things done. Sander's view is historically more realistic when it comes to the systemic changes we need like "Medicare for All" and free or affordable education.

Blindness, Hot Sauce and Colored People's Time

I am stunned, perplexed, astonished, stupefied, mystified and embarrassed by Black People in America supporting the candidacy of Hilary Clinton. And, as much as I respect Thom Hartmann, there isn’t a snow ball’s chance in hell that I would vote for Hilary Clinton. I would vote for Donald Trump before I would vote for Hilary Clinton…and that, truly, is not going to happen.

BULLSHIT: Let the Brooklyn 125,000 get their Votes counted in the New York Primary or CHARGE THE DEMOCRATS WITH ELECTION FRAUD.

Give Me A Break!

Too many coincidences, involving the wrong people – the Clintons. Dirtbags who’ve made a career out of not only operating in the gray area of the law but also conducting themselves according to the warped logic that “if you can’t prove it, then it’s not illegal do it.” Spirit and intent of the law is lost on the Clinton.

She only has to get away with such "phenomena" once and she knows it.

If Bernie is not the nominee, I will choose "harm reduction"

I live in Calif. and have not had the opportunity to vote yet. I don’t care where things stand in June, I will vote for Bernie in our primary. If he is not the nominee, I hope that we will be able to continue our "revolution" by staying in contact, working together, getting more people to join us...

Thom Hartmann App on my iPhone is down. Anybody Else Experiencing This?

My Thom app became unstable this morning. Fires up and then says"Thom unexpectedly quit", then shuts down. Any fixes to this? Thanks

general election in nov

It occurs to me that if Clinton gets the nomination for the dems. ,she could consolidate the party by picking a vice-pres from the Sanders/Warren wing of the party. I would put to you that a Sen Merkley or someone from the congressional progressive caucus with a solid record of promoting the values that Sanders is promoting could keep the progressive wing engaged

RESOLUTION - Follow Bernie but vote Hillary when it's Progressive

Vote for Hillary when you have too - no choice - but follow Bernie. The more primary votes he gets, the more political power he has. Keep supporting Bernie in the remaining primaries. He is still a Senator. He will continue to know what's really going on in DC. If Hillary or anyone else in the walking dead Democratic establishment wants my support, then get Bernie's approval first. Bernie is now clearly the trusted conscience of our country for Progressive Democrats and Independents. This way we don't need to trust Hillary's newfound

CBSN Disgraceful Segment

Can CBSN Live go any lower than this segment titled "The MISFITS of Bernie Sanders' Group"

The segment interviewed unemployed people and students who volunteered their time to get involved in the political process and try to make a difference fighting a corrupt election system. How dare they stoop to such a low demeaning these volunteers to "misfits!"

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