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Donald Trump, Black Version and the Trump Effect

I came “of age” in the 80’s and, like many young people in their college years, music defined that place and time of my life. Music probably had, and has, more of an impact in my life because I was a fairly accomplished musician at the time (chops too rusty now) working my way through undergraduate school by playing in a progressive-jazz band doing all manner of gigs from smoky dives in Redondo, to high school dances and proms. Though I was never a big R&B fan (R&B a.k.a. “Race Records”), I did love Prince; his musicianship is legendary.

Does anyone else remember "knowledge is the new oil"?

I recently wrote in a in the blog to Zapdam about how many of the poorer elderly and working poor are hurt by the cost of cable TV and Internet. These are people who are either alone and homebound or working some horrid degrading job and the one enrichment they have in life is TV. For me, my highest months bill is my Internet. For many of my nieghbors it's cable TV. These are people who can rarely afford even McDonald's or a real movie. Giving up the cable is such a sacrifice for these people. They grieve for the days of free TV.

You Need to Know Eric Ben-Artzi, a Real Hero in the Financial Industry

Paraphrased from numerous articles, two of which are cited below: Eric Ben-Artzi just turned down his share ($3 million) of a whistleblower award for reporting Deutsche Bank’s improper accounting internally and to regulators around the world, designed to inflate the value of Deutsche’s massive portfolio of credit derivatives during the financial crisis.


This is my answer to blogger Tom Dorricott's, 'America the Greatest Nation on Earth'

'Reporters Without Borders' have ranked the United States 41st in the world allowing freedom of the press in 2016, in 2015 the US was ranked 49th in the word in freedom of the press, so nice try at bull***ing, the link is right there for you to click onto.

Trump: Presidential Candidates Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Use Teleprompters

[quote]Trump: Presidential Candidates Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Use Teleprompters

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump argued, “if you’re running for president, you should not be allowed to use a teleprompter” at a speech in New Hampshire on Friday.

AMERICA you're NOT number ONE

America is 41st in the world not first in press freedom. The US, paranoid about journalism are cracking down on press freedom, continuing a recent trend in which governments are increasing their influence over the media.

Many reporters ,jouralists and even bloggers are self censoring for fear of repercussions from domestic 24/7 government surveillance.

Does GEORGE W BUSH know he's going to BURN in HELL

Exodus 20:13 of the King James Bible, says 'THOU SHALL NOT KILL'. In Matthew 5:21-26 Jesus amplifies the meaning of the 6th commandment, "thou shall not kill." He brings out that to commit murder means more then just killing someone. Murder is a sin. .

America is the Greatest Nation on Earth

The U.S. of A is a bustling, robust superpower with an ethnically diverse population of over 330 million. Not a socialist nation, ot is the second ranking large nation (nations of over 50 million population) in terms of economic freedom, and third ranking large nation for personal freedom. Because of this, personal choices play a huge, primary role in one's successes or failures. You are free to make important decisions, but responsible for the consequences. This is one of the things that makes America great.

Inspection- Loki Cokie Roberts

Is Ms. Roberts actually Loki in disguise? You know, Loki: legendary troublemaker and bad advice giver? Or maybe one of the Bad Idea Bears from Avenue Q who tell you to do what you shouldn’t?
 Wouldn’t be the first public figure who leans rightward to take on that role, Rush Limbaugh being one of the most famous. Why anyone would take advice from someone determined to sabotage you I have no idea.

Standing Rock Pipeline Struggle

Tom mentioned he will cover this with panel discussion type shows this week, or whatever format--I can't wait to hear it!

If you live anywhere that either will have a pipeline constructed, or whose spillage will affect your water quality(perhaps quantity too)(like in many locations), what can you do to stop it? How can anyone stop it? Who's in charge? Will your local and county officials listen to your appeal and intervene against the pipeline construction?

Daily Topics - Monday August 22nd, 2016

Join Thom in our chatroom during the program!

If Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are “Progressive,” Then the Word Has Lost All Meaning

How the term ‘progressive’ became an empty marketing tool for corporate Democrats.

BY Kathleen Geier

What’s a progressive, anyway?

Donald the Builder Visit's LA and Hands Out Toys_ Let'em Eat PlayDoh

Could the optics be worse. Trump and Pence impose themselves into the flood emergency. Instead of searching houses for trapped people, police and emergency responders have to dilute their efforts to deal with these political gawkers. Like many of his so-called building projects and failed schemes, PlayDoh was the proper building material. Why didn't they at least bring some food and water? What numbskull would suggest PlayDoh and what numbskull of a candidate would have the poor taste to hand that crap out to flood victims?


The right wing have numerous times tried to stir up division between English and French here in Canada, using hatred and differences to divide and weaken our society.

They've tried to destroy our half century old single payer health care system and replace it with Americas failed for profit system. They've tried underfunding social programs, punishing the poor and disadvantaged, who usually vote liberal.

They've talked of privatization of seniors pensions, turning hundreds of billions of pension money over to their friends and their corporate casino.


WHAT ELSE BUT STUPID would you call a society that would consider re-electing a Republican party that just years ago who on its watch allowed the most devastating attack in Americas history. Through corruption, incompetence and mismanagement collapsed the US economy nearly causing a world wide great depression,while doubling Americas debt. Caused the death of thousands of Americans military by starting two unwinnable wars which have cost Americas treasury an estimated 3000 billion dollars. Disgraced Americans worldwide with the use of kidnap and torture.

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America Is a Country - Not a Business!

America is, increasingly, no longer a country; instead, we're being run like a business, and in some cases it's literally killing us.

Take for example, the ongoing problem of foodborne illnesses like Salmonella, which infects over a million Americans every year.