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Zachary Taylor, Muhammad Ali and the Death of the Republican Party

Two of Thom's show themes today that I am watching on FreeSpeechTV on the Dish Network are the death of Muhammad Ali and how Zachary Taylor's candidacy and presidency brought down the Whig Party.

Super Delegates my a$$, since DNC's 1984 formation of them Establishment's determined Primary

We need to confront the DNC and their unconstitutional Super Delegates because it undermines the purpose of holding a democratic primary election wherein we the people's votes count.

We also need to replace private corporate owned and vendor operated voting machines with mechanical counters like the old gas pumps so as to make rigging the count by a programmable computer type voting machine impossible...

Disregard MSM

Disregard Main Stream Media! VOTE FOR BERNIE. New Jersey, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and California, please pay no attention to their predictions. If you all vote for Bernie, he will be President. Share the message with every eligable voter that you know ! ! !

Because of Our Indifference and Stupidity, we're ALL going to BURN BABY BURN.

Because of our refusal to address the continued use of carbon based fuels like oil , worldwide we are now releasing an 'additional 10 billion tons of CO2' into our atmosphere each year and these are conservative estimates.

Election Delegates

Election Delegates are unnecessary and are confusing and cluttering an important process

Election Delegates

Election Delegates are unnecessary and are confusing and cluttering an important process

Vice Presidency

Instead of speculating, we should take polls to see who is the most electable vice president.

White Stag-Nation

This poem is dedicated to The Greatest: Muhammad Ali

While Americans are waving their flags,

It’s high time we discuss the White Stag.

The White Stag, protected as a “vestige of beauty”

The Triumph of Immorality

I guess that I am just showing my age, but I was brought up with the (admittedly sexist) notion that women were more inclined to take a more reasoned and diplomatic approach in dealing with situations while “testosterone-driven” men more often rapidly resorted to violence. Women were believed to be more protective of “home and hearth” and especially children.

These antiquated notions were set on their collective ears by the Clinton Administration:


****** * ****** OPEN EMAIL ****** * ******


Saturday, June 4, 2016 Beverly Hills, CA

Attention: Senator Bernie Sanders, Thom Hartmann, and America!

Muhammad Ali: Truly, The GREATEST

In my office there are two walls that I call “my walls of fame”. On one of the walls are numerous certificates and honors that my daughter has received (as well as a few of my own). The wall is completely full from about five feet from the floor to, virtually, the ceiling; and all of the frames are identical. That wall is directly in front of my desk.

The emperor’s new clothes, fine hair, large hands...

Behold: -The emperor’s new clothes, fine hair, large hands. -Builder of the mythic wall. ---versus: -Wager of noble battles, staged for narrow defeat. -The Queen of Prince Goldman, where the wall is a street. ---versus:

Gun Control Questions

In the primary debates, Hillary Clinton repeatedly attacked Bernie Sanders for his opposition to a law that would have encouraged victims of gun violence to sue the manufacturers of the guns that were used in perpetrating the violence. I assumed that Bernie based his opposition to this proposed law partly on our Constitution and partly on the fact that, following the logic of this law, anyone involved in the manufacture of almost any item could similarly be sued. Thus, the manufacturers of knives, cars, base ball bats, rope, etc., etc.

A message to the lost

Some of us Humans, live in a constant state of terror, while those professing to be human mistreat us and imprison us and yes, kill us. The jails are full of the victims of modern day American slavery, and they are the proof of a concerted effort on the part of this RACIST and unconcerned GOVERNMENT to continue either perpetuating physical and mental slavery for both dark and light skinned Melanites, disenfranchisement, imprisonment, and/or death for all Melanites, by the very system that was designed for that purpose when the American Constitution was written. Stop the madness.

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