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structural evolution of civilization

Note that the formation of empire followed the establishment of the city and city-state. The greater area needed to defend agriculture resulted in the formation of larger armies and greater extent of economic activity. Tribes merged, etc. Within this space long term social stability could enable the development of culture.

What is the Big Picture ?

Conservatives in the 70’s see the next generation as long haired pot smoking American rabble and moved to quell this revolution with first the Nixon war on drugs then the Powell memo and finally the Reagan revolution which unforeseen by Lewis Powell allowed the psychopaths to gain power for wealth inequality which was foreseen but not the part about the psychopaths.

COWARDLY Obama and Mitch McCornhole can’t face the American People to talk about TPP.

The TPP is revealing the true character of today’s COWARDLY, conniving, sniveling, deceitful, self-absorbed, devious, lying, morally-bankrupt, greedy, CORRUPT and downright dishonest Washington.

The TPP is a COWARDLY attack on the 99%.

Thom MUST take on the best of Eisenhower

The very best way Thom can take on the righties...especially the most idealogical is to show them how far off the cliff they've fallen...Thom should support all of the historic economic stances of the Eisenhower administration...he should start calling himself an "Eisenhower Republican" and should debate Republicans on the folly of being new age "conservatives" to show them how far off the reservation they've really moved with Reaganomics

Rationalize your religion

If you disagree with a religion or opinion you should be able to reason or rationalize your personal beliefs without forcing your opinion onto people with violence.

There should be alot of doubt about a religious figure who cannot be proven or disproven.


Though Robert Mapplethorpe was no stranger to controversy and censorship, he was not the creator of the "Piss Christ" artwork which you referred to earlier today. The actual artist was photographer Andres Serrano. -Thanks, Mad Anthony NYC


Piss Christ is a 1987 photograph by the American artist and photographer Andres Serrano. It depicts a small plastic crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist's urine.

Why They Did It

Almost always, acts of violence are prepared over a long period of time, often in the subconscious, as an aggrieved individual licks his wounds, composes his self-justifying story, and contemplates revenge for the injury he feels he has suffered. Though violence makes its appearance suddenly—as if it is an eruption of irrational or primitive impulses—its rationale and necessity have usually been deeply contemplated.

Stair-Climbing As an Easy Home Exercise -- With Bent Knees and Breath-Holding.

Four days ago Thom Hartmann talked on a show about stair-climbing as a good way of exercising. (He was talking about a Turkish the elected official who was interested in having people walk upstairs instead of using the elevator.) Very interesting general approach to getting in shape, and I certainly agree with it.

Obama and other Economic Terrorists off the 99% reveal their COWARDICE by keeping TPP secret.

According to Obama the Terrorists behind the recent attack in Paris acted cowardly... and he ought to know because him and his slimy Washington cohorts are acting like humungous COWARDS by striving to keep the TPP secret from the People.

What are they afraid of? What a bunch of PUSSIES! Their conducting their class warfare with the same COWARDICE of the Terrorists in Paris! Actually, Obama and his TPP buddies are worse - they can't even look their victims in the face and talk about what their doing.

France Invades Muslim Country, World Shocked at Attack on Racist Cartooner

France, along with it's NATO allies, invaded the Muslim country Libya just a few years ago and now the world is shocked and horrified to learn that angry men of Middle Eastern descent have retaliated violently on an organization that was at the forefront of antagonizing an entire region of the planet and, more importantly, a significant portion of a poor and oppressed global population.

Sen. Warren Blasts Republican Social Security Scheme

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is outraged by House Republicans' move to block a routine Social Security budgeting move to use as a bargaining chip in future entitlement reform negotiations.

On social media platforms Warren, in very clear terms, said the attempt by House Republicans to block the Social Security budgeting move that involves transferring revenues between the Social Security retirement trust fund and the Social Security disability program was flat out "ridiculous."

Another Ice Age in Twenty Years? It Could Happen.

On May 20, 2014 Professor R.G. Johnson of the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Minnesota, published a paper entitled, "Past and Future Ice Age Initiation: The Role of an Intrinsic Deep-Ocean Millennial Oscillation."

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Who will be this Generation’s Thomas Jefferson?

We could be looking at the end of the American experiment, and it has gone so far that it'll take a political revolution to set things right again.