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If we the people determined the details of trade agreements, there would be no need for secrecy.
Lessons from the past would help determine the contents and benefits for the US working class in trade deals.
Corporations are creating trade deals that are benefiting Corporations only.

Walker get F on budget submission - Is this why he couldn't finish school?

110-page error document from governor arrives as JFC prepares for executive session

Uncle Sammy in the Bloody Corner...

Palindromedary wanted to see a larger view of the picture I use as my ID. I'll see if I can attach it here.


I just had a good idea that could & should be implemented as soon as possible.

Whenever and wherever The Democratic Party is in power or comes into power they should do what the Republicans have already been doing for years, they should pass laws that act in their favor.

One such law I suppose could be to require any person who desires any Government job or to run for & hold any elected position to pass a simple fact related test.

Example ( multiple choice)

Democrat Obama sides with Republicans for fast tracking the TPP.

The TPP marks what I can only hope to be the absolute bottom of our democracy made cancerous by cash.

more dangerous nonsense

Hi everybody! Welcome to another edition of "I have a s*** load of s*** I need to be doing right now but instead I think I'll drink more beer and coffee and spout out a bunch of random crap about things I mostly know nothing about but feel compelled to comment on after watching a few hours of Slavoj Zizek videos on YouTube!"!

That is if I can tear my eyes off of that French hottie in the learn a second language ad. I see some bushes in the background and that dress looks like it could come off pretty easily...

The TPP strips American Citizens’ of their fundamental right to act through a democratically elected government to determine their country’s economic destiny.


Prosecute O’bama to the fullest extent of the law, and when you run out of laws, make up some more and keep prosecuting him.

Union vote postponed at Boeing in N. Charleston, SC


Richard Engel (MSNBC) ?misleading story

Something wrong with the story of his kidnapping in Syria. Does MSNBC ever tell the truth?

ANOTHER OBAMA SCAM: Formerly of Goldman Sachs$$$, Mark Tercek, head of The Nature Conservancy$$$ endorses the TPP.

The Nature Conservancy is bogus – it is a BULLSHIT organization window dressed with “environmental” conservancies obtained primarily from people who donated their undevelopable and otherwise unusable land to avoid taxes.

The TPP will make it official and universal – corporate authority will trump all and any laws.

Obamanation: “Secrecy shrouds decade-old oil spill in Gulf of Mexico”

-$300 M? Should Walker, Hendricks, and State GOP members be “persona non grata” at UW Football games?

inquirying minds need to know

Attempts to censor Internet gaining ground as Corporate Media moves to block hyperlinks.

Our ability to link is under attack, and we need your help to save it!

"EARN" R-E-S-P-E-C-T??

Hi, Friends!! It has occurred to me that We, as Human Beings, DO NOT have to EARN RESPECT from another Human Being. AS Fellow Human Beings, we must be GIVEN RESPECT - right from the get-go. What we EARN is DIS-Respect!! (P.S. "Respect is NOT the equivalent of "TRUST" -- THAT IS Earned, over time & through repeated behavior choices and convictions). Let's turn the tables and Restore ALL of Us to the status of the MOST advanced and MOST capable of ANY Living Creature EVER KNOWN on this planet.

Hillary Clinton-So you really think you know her enough to vote for her?

Hillary Clinton is a woman, and it would be revolutionary to have a woman be the President of the United States, no one is denying that.

But the idea that just because she’s a woman all her policies will be progressive and in support of marginalized identities is false.

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Right-Wingers Get Tip from Waitress

Tip the schools instead.

That’s the message waitress Chloe Hough gave Republican Kansas Governor Sam Brownback this weekend when he stopped in for a bite to eat at Boss Hawg’s Barbeque in Topeka.