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Obama’s Approval Rating falls to 47%: 8 yrs into it and he still hasn’t figured out why all the “shellac?!”

The man is either dense, stubborn or is more interested in pleasing sombody or thing other than the american people.

Fox Debates Next Narrator. :/

Thom's JFK theory is wrong

Joan Mellen's research
"Newly Unclassified Documents Prove High Level CIA Involvement
shows that the mob couldn't possibly have controlled Oswald or provided the patsy and cover-ups needed either before or after Nov 22, 1963; only the CIA could have controlled the situation. Furthermore, JFK was in contact with Castro

Thom Hartmann on Trolls

The Thom Hartmann Program Forum and Chat Room Rules:

Rule # 8..Trolling.

"Trolling is to deliberately post derogatory or inflamatory comments in order to bait other guests into angrily responding.

They may also focus on changing the subject or diluting the discussion with content-poor posts, or focus on only one topic and point of view whatever the discussion.

The troll has no intention of taking part in discussions, save to try to ruin the quality of the community for others.

Send Jimmy Carter a Card, Plains, GA. 31780

By Howard Park, Daily Kos, August 13, 2015


"I urge those in our community to send a get well card to Jimmy Carter.....Just address it to Jimmy Carter, Plains, GA, 31780 -- It will get to him and his family and it will be appreciated.

While he maintains an office in Atlanta, President Carter lives about a block or two from the small post office in Plains.

When $8.5 Trillion is Chump Change

Three cheers for Reuters pointing out that the Pentagon can’t explain what it did with $8.5 trillion that taxpayers gave it between 1996 and 2013.

If Hillary is allowed to get away with her private email server shaninigans, she will turn into America's worst nightmare.

It's just typical human behavior (most often seen in teenagers), if hillary gets away with her bullshit here, she'll just get worse, She'll think she can get away with murder and/or otherwise convince herself that she is untouchable and she'll double-down on her bad behavior as a public official.

Whether she gets away with it or is held fully accountable, hillary is done as a public servant.

Stock market down as China moves down?!: Washington$ doesn't have much incentive to act with Economic Patriotism.

Think about it. The 10%’rs who own 85% of the value of what is traded on the financial markets also owns our Washington politicians and dictate their behavior by giving them cash.

The Decline of American Media

This blog will be my space to discuss the decline of America's media with a focus on cable and network news. Anyone who happens across this is welcome to comment and re-post with credit given. I love to engage with others who are saddened or angered by what's become of our daily & nightly newscasts.

If Black Lives Matter Was Truly A-Political And All About Parity and Justice, One Teensy Little Word Would've Done The Trick ---BLM "TOO"

I fear BLM is an Astro-Turf organization, much like what became of the aTea-Party movement. This has become a bogus political tool, almost right from the gates. Shame that they'd throw their fellow black Americans under the bus for personal engrandizement and enrichment. Bigger shame on the handlers who've corrupted and prostituted some sincere but unsophisticated young people for their own political purposes. But that's USA under Citizens United. Thanks, SCOTUS.

Aggression is a hysteric fit.

It might be caused by frustration, of course, but the point is - hysteria expresses itself through human behavior depending of what hormones are available. Uncontrollable crying fits happen in estrogen -rich bodies, while testosterone causes the same hysteria to express itself in uncontrollable aggression fits. And, of course, we have all seen infantile type hysteria expression in juvenile tantrums.

President Carter DYING of CANCER

Jimmy Carter one of the finest most honorable people ever elected to public office, was CHEATED of his Presidency by Ronald Reagan, who committed TREASON against his own country to do it.

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Pulitzer Prize Reporter Exposes Trump’s Lack of Wealth, Mob Ties, Failure to Support Charity, and Much More

Author: K.J. McElrath is a former history and social studies teacher who has long maintained a keen interest in legal and social issues (From:

Taxpayers Fund Yet Another Unneeded Building in Afghanistan

The latest disclosure raises the total for surplus buildings uncovered by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction to nearly $42 million

Hillary Clinton email trove shows concern with Netanyahu's psyche

As US secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton spent plenty of time in daunting foreign territory

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Time To Start Treating Guns Like Abortions

It's time we start regulating guns like we regulate abortions.

Because it just makes sense that we regulate these individual rights in the same way.

Because the Supreme Court, in the Heller case, concluded that there is an individual right to own firearms found in the Second Amendment - just like they ruled in Roe v. Wade that there is an individual right to have an abortion found in the Fourth Amendment.