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What's The Deal With These Boarders?

Love is Progressive Part 41: What's the Deal With These Boarders?

Inspection- Big Brother and The Hound: 2015

Can the Senate Negotiate Treaties?

"The Constitution gives to the Senate the sole power to approve, by a two-thirds vote, treaties negotiated by the executive branch."

Weasel Joe and his Morning Guests

Weasel Joe and his Morning Guests

47 GOP Members Send Treasonous Letter To Iran

The GOP Fifth Column is at it again... Why haven't they been arrested for TREASON?


Entire Republican Senate Caucus is Guilty of Treason

I just wrote this letter to Senator Portman; once my congressman, regretably now my senator:

Stunts like GOP letter to Iran can get us all killed.

I gotta get the following off my chest – YOU FUCKING MORONS!!!

All that letter did was signal to America’s opponents throughout the world that the US suffers from severe dissension amongst its ranks. That it would be an excellent time to launch an assault on America because her decision making capacity is fragmented and unified about what to do,….and that indecision by the nature of its leadership extends over its military. YOU SIGNALED A WEAKNESS. More countries than just Iran saw what you did!

Republicans Warn Iran -- and Obama -- That Deal Won't Last

BloombergView, March 8, 2015

A group of 47 Republican senators has written an open letter to Iran's leaders warning them that any nuclear deal they sign with President Barack Obama's administration won't last after Obama leaves office.

Wisconsin’s social recession is raging full blast and only gaining momentum.

shootings, gangs, homes tagged with hate crime slogans, Low income people without food or proper medical care, wages plunging, ....

Completely over the top

A prank that might require detention gets capital punishment. Has the president listened to any gangster rap

Central America

We you all over the demcrats when they messed with Reagan's foriegn policy in Central America. The democrats were in support of communist regimes

fox new most trusted because their viewers are one stop shoppers

democratic and independents will view multiple sources for information. but the fox viewers are loyal nose ringers that will not waiver from Fox. they are true believers! they vote for fox, they support fox, they totally stay within the fox realm of entertainment! they don't accept other sources. so when it comes to voting - the one stop shoppers tip the scale.

50 Year Anniversary of Bloody Sunday Will Fix Voting Rights Act?

Could it happen? Could the GOP awake to a reality that has never seemed appealing to them and forsake their bigotries...?

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