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Corruption$ attracts Corruption$: Walker wrapping up five day “listening tour” in Israel.

I’m sure he found a fellow nut-job in war criminal Benjamin Good-for-nothing-yahoo. And hoy! the money the Israel lobby will throw at him!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Attention: Senator Bernie Sanders (and Thom Hartmann):

I was watching an hour long program of “BRUNCH WITH BERNIE” on the Internet with the Thom Hartmann Talk Radio Program recently, and I noticed that you hardly ever looked at the camera! What you said was, as usual, brilliant, eloquent and profound, but something was missing.

Starting bid of $100 million was peanuts to Obama fueled 1% who bid in $1 million dollar increments until Picasso ended-up selling $179.4 million.

The 1%'rs of Obama's Oligarch class piss millions for breakfast while I’m still struggling to follow the old adage “watch your pennies and the dollars will follow." Do we really need a trade agreement to turn the country over to these super wealthy parasites?!?!?

By the way, bonuses paid by wall street firms - after receiving government bail-out funds - totaled in the billions.

Crucial Vitamin for Sheriff Mack

Dear Thom,

Please communicate to Sheriff Mack the necessity of supplementing with CoEnzyne Q10, as it is the very best of heart supplements. It will extend his life and wellness.

Thank You!

Kenneth E. Neybert

Bernie wants to break up the banks. Do you?

In the 1900s Teddy Roosevelt broke up the huge railroad monopolies because they were to powerful and to big to fail. They were able to "out lawyer" we the peoples government.


I am so glad that Sheriff Mack was on Tom's program today and I hope to see him and other Oath Keepers on his show in the future. Sheriff Mack is a great American Patriot who works tirelessly 24/7 to uphold and defend our blessed Constitution. He took an Oath many years ago to do just that - uphold and defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and he has proven time and time again to do just that.

President Obama's Unseemly Attacks on Progressives Defy Logic

Democratic Underground, May 13, 2015

President Obama is finally taking the gloves off and focusing like a lazer on publicly demoloshing his opponents in so far as he is able to without literally throwing tomatoes at them.

Great news, right?

Isn't it about time?

Mack and Archy Bunker redux

I hear ya. But Thom's purpose is to expose what every family is up against during Thanksgiving gatherings. We all have an Archy Bunker ignoramus like this clown. It's almost like he's a Stephen Colbert plant to satirize the twisted right wing mind. How can anyone be so gullible and ignorant ? Answer... about half the friggin' population. God, we need another FDR. And Bernie doesn't get how to sell his progressive policies.

Reagan Infrastructure

Reagan passed the biggest infrastructure project in the last 60 years. It transformed Boston. On the other side Obama gutted the space program

Mag lev

I've only ridden on the mag-lev in Shanghai twice. While fast (over 260 mph) it is uncomfortable and not smooth at all. My video of the ride ilooks like I'm in the middle of an earthquake. Forget about standing up or walking about the car. (BTW it only goes 14 miles each way from the airport). The European high-speed rail and bullet trains are a bit slowe, but they are incredibly smooth and very comfortable.

Sherriff Mack

It is difficcult to listen the the Sherriff especially when he discounts the events at the Bundy Ranch.

Being a Constitutiuonalist does not negate the role of government- nor the size of government. What people fail to realize that government size is relavent to the size of the population- ergo more people = larger government.

It seems that constitutionalists have coopted the constitution and have totally negated the people that belive that the government is for the people and by the people.

His fear of socialism shows his ignorance.

Sheriff Mack is a Joke and he is Ruining the Show

I don't know who I hate more, Neil McCabe or Sheriff Mack. I really, really, really, really hate this guy, he does not listen to what Thom is saying and he said he is a libertarian constitutionalist which is totally contradictory. Changed the channel because listening to these stupid people is too stressful and angering. I get enough right wing crap all day every day from everybody around me and all media local and national.

'Disappearing' Chemtrails

just a mention, the previous Blog Titled'Chemtrails', has been removed from Blog Archives...NO 'Conspiracy'?

What's In A Name? $20 When That Name Is Harriet Tubman

Let us hope most of the majority of men in Congress will see to it that finally a woman deserves the same kind of honor only granted to males of our species, their face on USA currency, too long a coming. Way to go Harriet Tubman!

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