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Let Actual Science Actually Speak

Kennedy's Next Books: "Aluminum: Let the Science Speak," "Formaldehyde: Let the Science Speak," "Monkey Kidneys: Let the Science Speak," and "For God's Sake - Vaccinations: Let the Science Speak." Those who defend vaccines with 'science' use no science.

Wha? how did my last post get duplicated?

enuf said

Obama’s good friend right wing Democrat Rahm Emanuel has got to go!

This from “Working Families” who apparently Rahm and Obama don’t have a clue about:

Which politician did this?

Congressmen Fred Upton and Greg Walden just introduced legislation to block Net Neutrality.

Comcast owns them

3 Muslims killed

This man was an atheist and he does not care anything about their religion, He was just another old white guy that sees his power going away and he does not know how to fit in this new world of EVERYONE COUNTS. He has lost his place on top and he is squirming like craz


Central Banks Deliberately Creating Another Bubble

Did anyone see Erin Ade's interview with Marc Farber this date on RT? According to Farber, the central banks in the G8, possibly G20 , are "passing the baton" of quantitative easing. His theory is QE (printing of money) by each successive country (passing the baton of QE) will eventually strengthen the dollar at which point it may embrace QE again. According to Farber, QE via printing money has created bubbles since 1998.

Were Vicks VaporInhalers banned? Can't buy them anywhere anymore.

I've been looking on the internet for why no one sells them anymore. Seems that they contain a form of methamphetamine called Levomethamphetamine. It is supposed to be a form that is non-addictive. and other on-line merchants only sell the fake ones made in India...they say on them Vicks Inhaler but not Vicks VaporInhaler. The original Vicks VaporInhalers were .007 oz but the ones from India are something like .025 oz and do not contain the Levo-methamphetamine, or just L-methamphetamine, only menthol and camphor.

Can I get today's show audio from "On Demand"?

This is my first time with a message. I tried the chat but need a java plugin so it didn't work.

Anyone can answer my question.

There is a subscription service of $7.95 per month or $59.40 per year to get pod casts. Can I join today for the month and get the pod cast from today's show?



Lack of Campaign Finance Reform hurts the economy by frustrating creative destruction, a central tenant of healthy capitalism.

Creative Destructive is the abandonment of existing for new. It is a process that keeps a capitalist economy healthy and competitive. Examples of where creative destruction has been frustrated by lack of campaign finance reform include the energy industry (e.g. big oil) and our continued reliance on a health insurance industry. Frustrating creative destruction by allowing money in our political process is a drag on the economy. Firms, products, services, and entire industries must be allowed to die and be replaced by something that is more competitive or simply better.

American Medicare

My mother was a passenger in a vehicle accident in October, 2013. The release of the air bag crushed her lungs, resulting in permanent acute pulmonary failure. She spent the Medicare allotted 2 weeks at UCLA Medical Center in Westwood, California where she was prematurely discharged to Berkeley East rehabilitation center in Santa Monica. The following day, as a consequence of her respiratory failure, she was ambulanced to UCLA Emergency Hospital in Santa Monica, where she spent the Medicare allotted 2 weeks.

Failure of Ideology: Bobby Jindal leaving oil industry’s Louisiana billions in debts and deficits with no good way out.

Looks like Louisiana republicans have their lesson all laid out for ‘em, soon it will be Wisconsin’s turn. Then it comes down whether or not they’re willing to learn.

Democracy and Defense

Defense is just that, Defense.

Democracy is worth fighting for and that is exactly what we need to do right here in our Homeland.

Setting a Glorious example is a good way to export Democracy.

U. S. Financed Middle East "Marshall Plan" Suggested

I'm leery of the frequency the suggestion has been made by various media personalities for a U. S. financed Marshall Plan for the middle eastern area. I seem to recall we did a mini Marshall Plan for Iraq which was none too successful. The U.S. is continuously dumping money into the Middle East with mediocre or worse result. We need to get the hell out and let THEM resolve their internal problems.

To Be Or Not To Be, Liberal or Neoliberal?

Are you a liberal in the LIBERAL TRADITION? John Gray identified four basic elements to which all liberals adhere.

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Obamacare is not some socialist marxist leftist plot...

Obamacare is not some crazy communist, left-wing, socialist plot. It’s a Republican plot.

Back in 1971, then President Richard Nixon was extremely concerned that he would have to face then Senator Ted Kennedy in the 1972 presidential election. At that time, Senator Kennedy was pushing a proposal for a national single-payer healthcare plan that would extend coverage to all Americans.