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This tragedy in Dallas is beyond comprehension, however for the news media to link the protesters with the Assassin and to say that the police were undermanned and under armed as they were marching with the protesters makes no sense. The protesters had nothing to do with the Assassin. There was one lone person in a building shooting down at police officers. The protesters were peacefully marching and participating in their right to a peaceful assembly here in the United States of America

What if we do leave some behind?

What if President Obama’s decision to leave all 8500 soldiers in Afghanistan is because it’s too dangerous to bring them home? These are the best trained, and most indoctrinated killers we have “doing their job” - ‘over there’.

How progressives can change the economy?

You say, "implement Bernie's platform." Easier said than done given the supreme court decision led by the corporate justices and the military industrial complex controlled congress.



It is wrong that these police officers were shot last night. It is wrong that guns were pulled on public servants who serve the cities of America every day, putting their lives at risk with criminals both Caucasian, African Americans. It's is wrong that these people were shot last night.

right to resist arrest?

In my last post I promised something of a guide as to how to avoid the same outcome as Occupy. This will be delayed indefinitely, but its not a hard concept. All it takes is a mutual commitment to respect different viewpoints and a means to express effectively what people are thinking and communicating to others. Essentially all this means is that no participant will view the other as a representative of the state.

Don't drive lifted trucks or you'll get shot

19 year old kid gets shot after getting pulled over for speeding. this happened yesterday in California...

FSTV / no Science and Green News

Thanks for not airing Science and Green news at the top and bottom of every hour on FSTV. We like your pre-recorded breaks instead. They're much more listenable because they're not so repetitive.

Every Police "Paper Target" a Black Man?

Driving down ‘41’ towards Oshkosh, WI was a huge billboard advertising a gun shop: "We sell silencers". The image was a black 'paper target' with a 'smiley' face made with 'bullet holes'. At first I saw a 'black man', not a black 'paper target' every police man practices his shooting skills with. It does not take too much of a psychological leap to believe that every police officer in this nation is being programmed to shoot blacks. Granted, there are other target profiles, but the black profile seems to d

Cops and the public.

I will in no way defend rouge cops. I will also not defend the actions individuals, black, white, brown, LBGTQ, or otherwise, that commit a crime and run from law enforcement. Do they deserve to die? Absolutely not, but I was not there at the time. Not having all the facts in most of these cases make it very hard for those of us on the outside to correctly evaluate.

To Protect and To Serve: Reckoning in Dallas

Since the uprising in Ferguson subsequent to the murder of Michael Brown, I have written incessantly on the systemic, and insidious, police misconduct that is as much a part of American society as is the proverbial “Apple Pie”. Though this is news to some white folks, it is not news to Black People in America. The purpose of the police, by and large, is to instill fear in Black people. Whether you white folks know it or not. They do your dirty work for you.

The Song Remains the Same: Message to the Black Man (Part II)…From the White Man

Well, well, well…here we go again.

Alton Sterling.

24 hours later: Philando Castile


Oh God, the news is awful, but I can't help but wonder if Trump and the NRA are going to tell us it all would have been so much better if only there was a good guy with a gun?

Book recommendations from Wednesday, June 29th show

During the June 29, 2016 show a caller recommended 2 books to Thom and unfortunately I've forgotten the names and/or authors. Can someone help me track down the names of the books? I believe one book was on the topic of serfdom. The second book had something to do with white vigilantism in the 1930s.

Thanks for the assistance!

Terrorists Under the Color of Authority- Is Trump going after them too??

US police kill more American citizens each year than ISIS does, but I have not heard a word from Trump about this problem. He has, however, gone out of his way to praise police in general. The threat to Americans, and especially to minorities, is real, and there is no way to describe the chilling effect for them as anything but a form of Terrorism.

Thom asked What Do We Do ?

There is only one answer, We adopt The Ombudsman System, oh, too late, we already did. The problem is nobody knows what the Ombudsman System is that we adopted, No movies or TV shows like CSI or The FBI with Efrem Zimbalist JR showing this system as was done in Canada.

Websters New World Dictionary 1972 lists only one definition, the new second definition is what people think Ombudsmen are (Arbitrator) but still no one ever heard of ombudsmen.

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