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  • Rather than eliminating any Public Assistance Programs, we should end ALL corporate subsidies First!

    The government spent about $59 billion to pay for traditional social welfare programs, like food stamps and housing assistance in 2006, while Uncle Sam doled out $92 billion in assistance to corporations during the same year.

  • obscene costs for medicine

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    I take a shot for multiple sclerosis. This costs $5300 every month!!!! Thank goodness, it is covered by Medicare, although I still have to pay about $4000+ annually, but the cost has gone from under $2000 to $3500 to $4900 to $5300 in the space of 10 years. They can't claim the costs are because of research an development, as this shot is the same one I have had for a decade. The only thing that has changed in that time is that the company has been bought by 3 different companies, the latest one Bayer.  This upsets me every time I use this medication. 


  • Hobby Lobby

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    I just read in the Huffington Post a report from "Mother Jones" today about retirement investments that Hobby Lobby has for their employees 401 K.  They have mutal funds that are invested in multiple pharmaceutical companies that produce emergency contraceptives, the abortion pills and IUD's. Also they have two health insurance companies that cover abortions, emergency contraceptions and abortion pills.  I thought this was a brillant find on Mother Jones, and it should be talked about and shared.  Thank you, Helen

  • Post Andrew Hurricane/Insurance

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    After Hurrican Andrew in south Florida, flood insurance rates hit the sky. If you had a mortgage in Fort Lauderdale, the flood insurance rates for any property east of I-95 doubled or tripled.  My inlaws lived 2 blocks east of I-95 and were living on social security.  Anyone in the same situation was trapped.  Fortunately for my inlaws, my sister in law and my wife payed off their mortgage and dropped the insurance.  Problem solved for them.  I guess they were not significant enough to lobby for new flood zoning.

  • Greenhouse Gases created by BP GULF DISASTER

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    Before Grannie gets a Carbon Tax on the energy use of her little hot plate -- how about if BP and The Queen of England get a tax on their drilling disaster pollution -- since this type of Oil Industry pollution is overlooked despite its horrid extreme effects.  TAX POLLUTERS NOW.



  • Control medical costs by reigning in OVER-PRESCRIBED DRUGS

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    The government will reduce the overall available medical coverage for Medicare and Medicaid patients in cost-cutting schemes, such as reducing the desperately needed homecare allotments, but WILL THEY EVER CONSIDER getting to the bottom of over-prescribed pharmaceuticals?

    This video questions the brain chemistry approach to psychiatric care and its GIANT and ever-growing PRICE TAG--

  • MSNBC / Lawrenc/ watching a segmen

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  • Kochs’ efforts to debunk Climate Collapse make them guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

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    And this is not a sensational claim if you read the Hague’s definition of Crimes Against Humanity.  Our political leadership needs to deal with their fear of the superrich to  take the action needed – namely seizing their wealth for the Government and prosecuting David and Charles Koch to the fullest extent of ANY and ALL laws.

  • Climate action’s “free rider” problem.

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    If a country doesn’t take profound action to postpone climate collapse for as long as possible, then they don’t get our assistance.  Which means the "free market" can go to hell, because if another country propells us into climate choas sooner rather than later, then the US stops food shipments, military assistance, financial aid, first aid, etc.