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Scientists at Leiden University Discover Water (H2O) Ejected From Stars in Constellation Perseus

scientists at Leiden University Discover Water (H2O) Ejected From Stars in Constellation Perseus MORE

Mitt Romney denies using LSD and Marijuana

After confessing to getting the MUNCHIES and being BLOWN AWAY by the AWESOME TECHNOLOGY in 7-11 and shit, Mr Romney was confronted by lots of life-long 7-11 patrons about Weed, and Burritos, Asteroids, and if he has an opinion about why there are so many Indians and Palistanis instead of fat old women behind the counter. Mr Romney denies ever playing PAC MAN or Asteroids at a 7-11.

Republicans prove FAST and FURIOUS not politically motivated.

After relentless attacks from the Liberal Media the Patriotic Republicans investigating the Obama-Holder conspiracy to provide ASSAULT RIFLES to ILLEGAL ALIENS and MEXICANS,

The Knee-Jerk-Left Idiocy...

Yeah, right...while the USofA arms merchants sell more guns all around the world and the Intel agencies work closely with the Penatgon to fulfill the Military Industrial Complexes addictions to WAR PROFITEERING by figuring out ways to start up the NEXT arsenal expending conflict, the "naive beyond all description" Knee-Jerk-Left buys into the guns for Mexico deal thus following, LIKE THE LEMMINGS THEY ARE, the manipulation of "today's story" from the right wing corporate news spin machine.

face it we are screwed

Face it we are screwed. Citizens United law written by the Supreme Court makes the rich choose the president & congress.

Citizens United Solution Proposal

I am disgusted by the obscene amounts of money pooring into the campaign funds for both political parties. I am not as commited to tilting at windmills in pursuit of a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision as some folks. I have come up with an alternative solution that I think will equally offend and delight. Here is the plan:

I am not the enemy..... even if my opinions and values differ from yours

Disclosure up front. I am an Independent, lean conservative, voted in the last election as a Republican. Based on that disclosure I fully expect to be prejudged and stereotyped as a loon and ignorant fool. Fair enough. I'm sure that we can all agree that a liberal posting on a conservative site would be similarly prejudged. Therein lies the problem. Politics have become a sport. Entertainment for the masses. Cheering sections clearly defined. Team colors, mascots, pep rallies. Win at all costs. My team is better than yours.

Medicare-for-ALL bus tour COOPTED

"Economic Saboteurs!"

This really nails the party of NO's agenda that we all saw unfold these past three years. Only the conspiracy makes it all the more subversive, and the callousness in regard to the people their actions have hurt should make people run away from these economic saboteurs in droves! I had to draw a cartoon about this, it's all too important a topic.


TrutherGirl Infiltrates NWO Conference - 18th International Economic Forum of the Americas

TrutherGirl Sonia successfully infiltrates this year's NWO conference with subversive journalist Ken Fernandez and brings you a full report on what Elites such as banker and Bilderbergers have been discussing. MORE

Corn and other Commodities prices driven up by Wall Street Traders’ worrying about global warming induced crop failures in Midwest.

Alternatively, Obama could have found a way to impose a ban on Wall Street speculation. and trading period.

Get used to it.

Law enforcement restricts media wildfire coverage similar to how media restricted was restricted during Barac Obama’s BP Oil Spill.

Continued Denial of Climate Change hinges on keeping such images and journalists’ comments out of the State Controlled Media. If media was allowed full coverage of the Wild Fires they might get the correct idea regarding the true problem the planet faces.

Marla Saeger

Being from Oklahoma and terribly ashamed of our Senators, I am pleased to announce that 53 senators voted to support the EPA instead of Senator Inhoffe on his referendum to attack cleaner, healthier air.

gardener francisco reynoso

I was just thinking, if george zimmerman can get an account and have people donate to him, why can't there be a page for this poor gardener who has to pay for his dead child's outstanding student loans?? i'd send in money for that!

Get Ready For A Climate Denier Heading up the EPA?!

You need to know this....

So far, Donald Trump's choice of cabinet members has been - well - deplorable.

He's picked someone who wants to privatize Medicare to oversee Medicare as his secretary of Health and Human Services.

He's picked a bankster who foreclosed on a 90-year-old over a 27 cent underpayment to oversee banksters as his Treasury Secretary.