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Bin Laden: what did they not want him to say?

Changing their story already?!?


Thursday, May 5th, the leader of the free world, the great assassin-in-chief, will make a campaign appearance at ground zero, favorite haunt of today's demagogues.

A few years back Kenneth Clark said something that I’ve never entirely forgotten. It seems appropriate now. Some of you may appreciate it as I do:

And if civilisation is to survive society must, somehow, be made to work.

At this point, I reveal myself in my true colours, as a stick-in-the-mud.

Mispronunciation of a poet


John Donne's last name is pronounced, "dun" (as in the word "done"). This is the second poet you've mispronounced the last few weeks.

You also mispronounced, "William Cowper". His last name (believe it or not) is pronounced, "Cooper". (Blame this on the British, not on the messenger!)

I'm past President of Florida State Poets Association with lots of credentials, but you can probably check on these for yourself.

Robert Blenheim, Daytona Beach, FL

Googling Santorum

Most of Thomm's fans are probably well aware of the fact that when you google Rick Santorum the first search result is a site that defines "santorum" as a sexual neologism.

I agree with picture policy

As a military member and citizen, I agree with the policy to not show pictures of Bin Liden. I called and wrote the Whitehouse and Sec. of State to voice my opinion. I am glad they made the right decision.

When are you going to make an android app available?


What really happened to bin Laden

First of all, if there is a gorey picture, I don't want to see it. The same people that want to see this kind of stuff stretch their necks to gawk at accident victims. I'm with Secretary of State Clinton on its inflaming passions and would lead to his becoming a martyr figure. The Obama administration will be damned if they do - ("It was photoshoppped") or damned if they don't - ("Terrorists will react to this, putting us all in danger.") And the truly brainless are already giving full credit to George "He's-not-on-my-radar" Bush and Jack Bauer.

Bush's bin Laden quote

Hi Thom

On today's radio show you quoted Bush's

"I don't know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don't care. It's not that important. It's not our priority."
- G.W. Bush, 3/13/02

Am I prejudiced?

Thom...I have no need to see the damaged
Face of Rep Giffords. Do I want to see the wounded
face of a brown-skinned terrorist because a
Brown-skinned male is "less than"? Maybe
there is some bigotry in me if so. I do Not equate
The actions of Giffords with Bin laden.

To clear up photo dispute

Call in all the right wing talk show crazys and show them the pictures. Then let them explain it to their people. Dare them to lie.

Alex Jones - A Neo Confederate Racist

Alex Jones is a long time ... a really long time racist and white power dude. He, George Noory and Ian Punett were actually the incubators for the Tea Party and the NeoConfederacy movement. Alex has used the N word numerous times on his show (in the early days) and is accused of physically assaulting a reporter.


by Diana May Waldman | WWH – Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion don’t just dream about making things happen — they inspire to change the world. These poets and activists have planned a community action event that stretches across the globe.

Celebrating Death? Forgive Me, I Don’t Get It.

by Skye Leslie | WH – I’ve got a small problem with “celebrating” the death of anyone – even, forgive me if this makes you hate me, bin Laden. Celebrating death gives me visions of the crowds which would form at lynchings or lawful hangings back in the day.

Wake ‘N’ Bake 101: And you wont go blind…

Dr. Woody |WWH – May, if you haven’t heard is National Masturbation Month. No, really, said Tom dryly.


Don't you think that if Osama was NOT dead he'd be the first to put a video out and make Obama a laughing stock?? How ridiculous that his death is being questioned.

Bin Laden’s Death: And another thing…

Fine! So the Administration held a photo of the guy next to his corpse and said “close enough, chuck’em over the side”. Whatever! But my questions don’t end there.

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