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Walker’s surviving recall to result in anti-Union, anti-Wage and anti-Middle class wealth initiatives across the country.

Wisconsin most significant export may be undermining aggregate demand and providing momentum to a right to work legislation.


The REPUBLICAN governor Scott Walker, with the OVERWHELMING SUPPORT of UNIONS( Most of which are not based in Wisconsin)squashed the effort of CITIZENS to remove him from office. The NOTORIOUSLY LEFT WING MEDIA QUEEN, Rachel Maddow confirmed on her show that ALL TEN OF THE BIG MONEY DONORS in the Wisconsin race were UNIONS.
Despite Governor Walkers Anti-Union reputation, the Unions backing him outspent his opponent by a wide margin.

Teachers in Chicago want to go on strike. They claimed they are not paid enought

They are currently over 775 million in debt; graduation rate of only 56% of the students; 34% go to College.and only 3% of the blacks go on to college thats a two year city college or a 4 year school The Rank and file want to strike because they are not paid enough (Average teacher makes $75,000) they want a 30% increase (Thats $22,500 more per year minus health, dental and retirement) over the next two years. So what do you think. Strike?

Perhaps Mr. Waldron could shed some light on Barack Obama

Wow! We now know everything expect what color underwear he wore and what Richard Nixon had for breakfast on the morning of the Watergate break-in.

Perhaps Mr. Waldron could now turn his incredible attention to minute detail to the current president's background.

We know absolutely nothing of Barack Obama's (Barry Soetero's) educational, and post-school community organizer background other than what he told us about himself in his autobiography, "Dreams From My Father". Much of what he wrote has been proven to be patently untrue.

Denying Tax Revenue for Fun and Profit (IE Enforcement of GOP Dogma)


Yes, THEFT. And on a closely related topic, why would the Right Wing be so committed to denying ALL tax revenue? Even in support of their own (former) programs? Not to mention intended sale of Public Utilities and privatization of related resources.

What Happened in Wisconsin?

There can be all kinds of analysis about why voters went against what a minority perceived to be against their own best interests in the Scott Walker recall effort.

Some will blame money.

Some will blame national leadership.

Some will blame one candidate's ability to lie convincingly.

Those all had a part in the defeat of a popular uprising.

Yes, Walker is under criminal investigation.

Inspection- Vice President Scott Walker

Why "Vice President Scott Walker?"

Isn't it obvious?


The bully


Your country? Willful ignorance, stupidity. Call it what you will it is destroying the nation. Maybe has already destroyed it. Here are a few paragraphs from an Al Jazeera article by Mark LeVine. Click on the URL for the entire story. It ought to shake you up from head to toe. Anyone here remember Bradley Manning?

Did Obama’s DNC effectively through Wisconsin under the bus so as not to antagonize Obama’s ALECy’ campaign supporters?

YES! The President's prospects for re-election are more important to the DNC than the welfare of the People of Wisconsin.

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My son and I in order to spend quality time together went to a Save Our Streams meeting close by. I knew of a good shallow spot in the local creek that we could easily use "kick-seine" method for coun ting bugs and critters which are the type living on stream bottoms. From the types and numbers of the types of bugs surviving you can determine the quality of the stream and perhaps gather info on the watershed which contributes to the pollution and how much and what kind of polution. We stopped surveying and a few years later went a meeting of a new group of Save our streams for our creek.

Doing the Lords Work: Catholic Hospital Denies Gay Man HIV Medicine.

but if you are a pedophile priest then the catholic church gives you money to relocate

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