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Occupy Roseburg

We had a great turnout for Roseburg Oregon. Over 200 people gathered on the courthouse lawn. Individuals and families from all aspects of our community and surrounding communities in Douglas county. Following a brief rally there most of the group marched the 2 miles from the courthouse to the BLM property which is off of I-5 @ exit 125. Here we chanted, showed signs and rallied. We have a group occuping 24/7 with others coming in daily. We will be having follow-up marches in Myrtle Creek on Tuesday then to Canyonville. On Saturday Oct. 22 we will rally again at 11 a.m.

Kochcain Message; Hate The Poor

Are we high, or drunk?

According to an audio report, Herman Cain told his stump speech audience that he would construct a 20 foot fence along the southern border with barbed wire at its top and electrification running through it. He words brought cheers and the analysis is the rich are telling the middle class to hate the poor.

If you believe in reincarnation, there is another line of reasoning that applies here. The Crusades are back.

When I wriTe

“Erp, [mumble], burp”: Bonner comments on 99% movement.

film at 11

Chuck Schumer D-NY: Total Campaign Contributions from Securities and Investment industry $2,644,799.

1,378 contributions totaling $2,644,799 from 01/01/2005 to 12/31/2010 for election cycles 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics. Total Campaign Contributions Received by Chuck Schumer from all sources including real estate, insurance, and finance: $16,434,033

Will Obama go down in history as "the straw that broke the camel's back"?


Sieze Clinton's Wall Street Speaking Fees.

Got to start somewhere.

Make New Higher Taxes on 1% apply Retroactively through Bush Years.

they'll make it back if the proceeds are used to correct aggregate demand

Obama’s Bus Tour Empathy for Anti-Wall St Protestors so insincere it’s bone-chilling.

Look at Obama's appointments, fund raising, and the energy he has spent on cultivating them.

Obama has no scruples whatosever. I am profoundedly disappointed that he got me to vote for him.

Countering Enemies’ Aggression

To Be Thankful...

"We should be thankful for the progressive voices we do have, and refrain from deriding them for perceived shortcomings. Instead, we should focus on issues, and helping our leading voices speak of them effectively". said Sterling Lambert earlier this evening.

Diverse Groups Occupy Orlando




Lyrics From Les Miserables

Just returned from seeing Les Miserables. Here are some lyrics for "occupiers" all over the world: " The color of the world Is changing Day by day... Red - the blood of angry men! Black - the dark of ages past! Red - a world about to dawn! Black - the night that ends at last!"

Solidarity: #Occupy Wall Street – Everywhere

Jubilant protestors react to the news that Bloomberg backed down (at least temporarily) in their fight to continue the OCCUPY WALL STREET! movement (with a base at Zuccotti/Liberty Park). “Sanitation” was a blatant ruse Hosni Mubarak would have used (and everyone knew it):

Full Post: Solidarity: #Occupy Wall Street – Everywhere

Human Vs. Person

There is so much going on these days it's hard to choose which one to dedicate ones time to. The Occupy Wall Street movement is so worthy of my time but today I came across something that is so ludicrous it certainly begs and deserves a few moments of all of our time. Please read and sign the petition below and perhaps read my 2 cents worth of rant because this is an abortion issue that is just too damn stupid and cruel...

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An Appeal from Thom Hartmann

Dear Friend,

I’m writing you today because the network on which my show airs, Free Speech TV, is only a few days away from the end of its fiscal year.