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Brave New World

One of the reasons we find ourselves in the current right-wing corporate Republican strangehold is the lack of literary knowledge on the part of citizens. Reading The Federalist Papers or other writings of the other Founding Fathers or political philosophers such as Plato or John Locke or Hobbs or Rosseau is not enough. Only through art is the human experience truly and adequately revealed. In my view, that is one of the main reasons people read the Bible; it is great fiction, even if some of its readers believe it is completely true.

Franklin Roosevelt

As I listen to you talk today, Thom, I have to wonder why you will not see Obama for who he is. His pro-corporate, anti-middle class, anti-environmental actions are too numerous to list. You worry about the formation of an oligarchy if the Republicans/billionaires wrest complete control of the government. They already have control, Thom; Obama IS the figure head of the oligarchy.

marijuana and disabled veterans

my husband and i are members of free speech tv. my husband Walter is a disabled veteran who is no longer on morphine due to the legalization of marijuana i am also disabled and legal because i am no longer on lorcet and soma. on may 25,2010 i am going to Lansing ,mi to speak on the capital steps at noon

Smart words

Thom - I listened to you refer yesterday to the “banksters.” I like it when you use that word

Fight inequality, stand up for your rights!

Fight inequality, this means no royals,

Paul Ryan Throws Grandma Off The Cliff (spoof)

The video below is a spoof but it has an element of truth to it. What Paul Ryan's Budget Plan does… It takes a look at YOU & ME and sees us as leaches, bloodsuckers who suck profit away from the rich.

Yepper, that's the GOP in a nutshell.



Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reagan/Bush racketeers are forces of darkness.

They bought and paid for both houses of Congress.

Reagan/Bush racketeers, minions, clowns and twits.

Obama erroneously subscribing to "Drill Baby Drill!"

Secret meetings between the oil giant Shell and President Obama resulted in an announcement this week that Obama is fast-tracking new offshore oil drilling on the Atlantic coast, Gulf of Mexico, and opening up a 24-million-acre wilderness area in Alaska to oil drilling.

Ah-nold und his Schnitzel all hanging out, Das nix gut ya

Another Republican family values hypocrite

Indiana and the Fourth Amendment

Today I phoned the Indiana Supreme Court to register my dismay at it's majority attacking the 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.... After making the reason for my call known to the young lady who answered the phone, I was refered to another young woman who with great courtesy listened to my position, and took considerable trouble to let me know how judges while appointed in Indiana were subject, after two years, to election.

We need a fourth branch of Government!

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired letter writing, protesting and calling my so-called representatives with no redress. These “strangers” we elect into office have no interest in our interests and have no qualms with completely ignoring our demands or needs. They are beholden to corporations and are more concerned with their career advancements than what is best for the country and its citizens. What do we do?

Fukushima Fallout: Japan's Radiated Ocean

Picture of a steel floating structure used to store contaminated water.

Oceanographers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute are on the scene in Japan and suggest the groundwater around Fukushima and sediments in the seafloor nearby “will likely be contaminated for decades.” At this point the long-term impact on marine life, fish, and other marine animals can only be guessed.

$37 billion ?

Last year the government had to borrow $37 billion to prop up SSI for the first time, so when Thom tells you that it isn't coming from the General Fund, he is wrong. If you go to, Democrats Deny SSI Red Ink, you can read it for yourself. Making it worse, Obama lowered the FICA tax from 6% to 4%, which will add more to the debt. This year there will be $45 billion borrowed to keep it going and will continue to each year have to borrow more.


On Thurs May 12th (i think)

Thom spoke about a NEW study that echos the information he wrote about in his books On ADHD-hunter/gatherers, etc

Looking for this New study

What publication? Where can i find it ASAP


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GOP Blocks Equal Pay...again.

Just in time for election season, Senate Republicans blocked legislation aimed at closing the gender pay gap. For the third time since 2012, Republicans refused to allow debate on the Paycheck Fairness Act, and reminded women that the GOP doesn't believe in equal pay for equal work.