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Walker v. Barrett: Two bowel movements to face off for Wisconsin Governor.

Thanks Kathleen Falk for your efforts, please stay in politics.

A few thoughts...

Just watching Thom Hartmann tonight, and saw the piece about Rev. Petersson and how he believes that women should never have been given the right to vote. Thom did not mention it, but Sean Hannity sits on the board of Rev Peterson's organization.

Ty's Take

Thom Hartmann's show is not only informative, but thought-provoking and honest reporting not seen on any other network. Thank heavens for RT for producing an excellent show!

Republican caused "Austerity"

The Republican agenda, started by Reagan in 1980 is the root cause of our Western Democracies decline. First came de-regulation; then a power play versus the Middle Class by increasing our taxes and decreasing the taxes of the very wealthy. Then, Republican-backed Wall St caused a complete freezing of the U.S.

some thoughts on "globalism", installment 2; Michael Berube's "The Left at War"

Berube's assumption is that to take a moral stance necessarilly implies a correct rational foreign policy with a military component. The example of Kosovo is said to provide a paradigmatic example of the application of B's ethical imperatives; given that the fundamental decision to intervene is correct, it is always possible to determine that the same imperatives will be the basis for deciding what is correct in the future. Limited to the considerations of military excercise, foreign policy is defined paradigmatically or axiomatically as the justified application of force.

The President needs to show the American women that he is on their side and will not condone this kind of race baiting using the sensitive subject of gender equality.

The FOX News Strategy is to Discredit all Black People by Inciting Fear and Racist Feelings in the Hearts of Their Woman Viewers

Here is the real reason what happen Millions of years ago.

I feel this is the real proof how Dinosaurs bacame extinct. Thanks to Gary Larson It wasnt climate change or anything like that. I trust Mr. Larson for showing us what really happen to our friends and how it can happen to us too..

The Occupiers need your help

Do you know that the Occupiers are asking people in the Chicago area to provide them a place to stay while the NATO Meetings will take place here in a week from now. I am guessing that these Occupiers don't like living outside anymore. The weather around the time is often in the mid 70s around that time. So what should I do my civic duty and allow them in my place? I feel if President Obama is compassionate he could allow some to stay at his Hyde Park House. Do you agree?

Making Money Real

A Capital Idea Part 118: Making Money Real


The knee-jerk and ridiculously incompetent left political "dreamworld" types should take some time to remember exactly how Karl Rove and the Republicans continue to win elections while only having a significant MINORITY of voters who are actually republican...and how the republicans accomplish this feat year after year.

In the Obama case its RACISM plain and how do Rove and Romney get to pull this off? Its easy.

Leadership Deficit...

Those few who have been reading my postings will remember that I have continually decried the lack of leaders, both in the “Arab Spring” uprisings and in the more recent Occupy Movement. This essay discusses that issue in depth:

Leadership deficit on both sides prolongs the unfinished uprisings

Additional Child Tax Credit costing you Billions

Illegals claiming dependent neices and nephews in Mexico getting refunds????? Don't watch without a vomit bag.

Rahm Emanuel selling off Chicago to Wall Street – holding the public hostage with “infrastructure trusts”

“…virtually unintelligible legalese designed to give the private partners an advantage in court, while also rendering public scrutiny of the contract exceedingly difficult….”

France embarrasses the US (again)

Once more our French cousins have taken a stand. Maybe this will be the beginning of the end of those fake austerity moves countries are making in order to appease the various right wing elements.

Easier to trigger Climate Change than you think: Gassy dinosaurs helped warm Earth.

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July 4th 1776 - The First Brexit

The markets have recovered from the Brexit panic, but people are still reeling in the aftermath of the UKs vote to leave the European Union, at least in part because it seems like such an unprecedented action.

But it really isn't so unprecedented.