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Are corporations people?

In England, corporations are known more accurately as limited liability companies. William Schwenk Gilbert said it best in 1893, and the listening King Paramount replies, "At first sight, it stikes us as dishonest." A Winding Up Petition equals Bakruptcy. (with thanks to the Gilbert and Sullivan archives):

China Syndrome

Thom, et al: Although the movie The China Syndrome brought that term to many American dinner tables, I learned about it a decade before that movie came out in the book The Prometheus Crisis by Thomas N. Scott and Frank M. Robinson. Published in 1975, the book presented many arguments against nuclear power, based on the potential hazards, including theft of Plutonium for purposes of terrorism.

Politictionary - Words to clarify what is going on in our crazy world!

Our lexicon can use some new words to describe the realities of our super chaotic, twisted, crazy world of politics. I have some gems that I'll add from time to time, I hope you have some to add here too. Then we'll do what can push these words into the popular lexicon! Stay tuned for the definitions of "Treasonomics", "Piratize", "Supreme Courtesan", "Corporatanical" ...

Jobs Bank

Two things are readily apparent. One, we need a massive influx of money to create jobs and stimulate the economy. Two, Congress won't provide even a dollar for that purpose. Obama seems to want to simply create the conflict and hope the voters blame Congress in the next election. I would rather see the problem solved.

Interesting thoughts

Corporations exist because?

Corporations came into being to allow people to take on risky activities (i.e. Dutch trade ships to the East Indies in the 14th century) but be shielded from personal liability (loose a ship, a cargo, a sailor). Giving a corporation the same rights as an individual would argue that a corporation (the people in it)can do anything they want without personal liability. If the corporation dies (runs out of money) the same people can form a new corporation, do the same thing again.

The movie 2012 currently being seen on HBO

The first time I saw this movie the obvious popped out. It was a movie about desperate times and their political superiors choosing the haves and have-nots. The last scene where the the actors, an assortment of nationalities , the characters were standing on the helm of this super transport(Noah's Ark of sorts) and the captain said Africa has survived, Africa is the highest place on earth, we are plotting a course for Africa.

Congressman Lamborn changed the sign

I found out on David Sirota's program that congressman Lamborn put up a sign in front office that said No loitering

in front of his office in response to the growing Lynch Mob in the front office.

NAACP and others have been protesting ever since he called president Obama a TAR BABY! on a radio show 2 weeks ago.

I went there to see for myself what the sign said. Protesters were getting ready on the side of the building. I walked up to them, they gave me a shirt! I held a sign for them and brought my own.

Meaningless Cubicles

Another comic from my webcom,


Sterling Lambert

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When & what will be our tea-party revolt & who's Going to be our George Washington???

Corporate republicons are capturing government offices to run them badly to make gvmt look bad & replace it with corporate-gvmt which is what the the original 1776 tea-party was a protest against & this led to George Washington's organization of a militia to revolt & send the British corporate-gvmt back across the ocean. Here they come again!!! WE NEED A NEW REVOLUTION WHERE IS OUR GEORGE WASHINGTON???

The profession of Economics compared with the Republican Party view


A few days ago on TV you noted that a petition was signed by a huge number of economists, many who won the Nobel prize, who urged the

govenment to NOT do an austerity approach at this time. How can a copy of this petition be obtained? This is very substantial.

Is it known what percent of economists disagree with the GOP approach to economics? Are there any good books that you are able to

If the other 49 knew Ricky, like we know Ricky...

...then everyone would be saying "NO NEW TEXANS"...

Its All About RACISM...the only card in their hand...

To my naive, knee-jerk, overreactionary, lefty-liberal, wimpering "Its just not fair...they are not following the rules..." friends who are struggling to become viable players in the game of hard hitting politics instead of thinking that discussions over tea in the mornings of your lives AND pouting-not voting is what one needs to do to be a REAL citizen, what is going on right now with all the Republican Presidential candidates is very, very, very simple. Its RACISM STUPID!

Walker’s J.B. Von Hollen joins Tommy Thompson for Senate Campaign


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Save the rainforest, save the planet…

Trees are like our planet’s lungs. Every second of every day, they’re absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, and converting it into energy.

In fact, according to a study by researchers at NASA, each year, tropical rainforests absorb a staggering 1.4 billion metric tons of CO2 from Earth’s atmosphere.