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Working To End Citizens United

Congressman Jim McGovern introduced a bill this week to overturn the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling. Working toward a constitutional amendment has been the work of John Bonifanz and Free Speech for people since the day the ruling came down. To learn more about this great organization, read the blog/interview I did with John earlier this summer. I've reposted it below.

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Stammering Stephanie can’t accept Ventura’s premise that the problem is people can’t see a solution outside voting for Dems or Reps.

The problem is very likely: A rigid unjustified belief in the minds of the Public in how to exercise their voting rights – its either Democrats or Republicans.

boycott christmas boycott chtistmas this year

Occupy Live Blog

For those who haven't found a good spot for updates on the Occupy Movement this might serve:

Also, if you want to find an Occupy location near you click on this URL then enter the town or city in the upper right "search" space:

Walker to leave WI after Recall to be David Koch’s Full-Time Butt Plug.


The Congressional Millionaire

The evening news announced, "47% of the members of Congress are millionaires."

That means 53% of Congress is lying. If we could convert just 7% of the liars, we would quash more than 50% of our daily troubles.


Indefinite detention proposed…

Everyone please read about 'indefinite detention' proposed in sections 1031 and 1032 in S.1253, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA) now under consideration by the Senate! Another handy 'tool' to go along 'non-lethal' or 'less-lethal' and sonic LRAD in the modern arsenal of those protecting us. Sounds like treason to me! or were all my history, government, and civics classes in the 50's and 60's complete b.s.?

Bobbi's Plan for full employment - Petition from and The White House. gov

Bail Out Main Street Like You Bailed Out Banks & Wall Street:
A Plan for Immediate Jobs For Veterans & Unemployed

Occupy Orlando-Wild Weekend!




I Occupied Riverside, and I Liked it

November 16

A Capital Idea Part 93: I Occupied Riverside, and I Liked it

On Sunday morning, I noticed a post on Facebook from Occupy Riverside which said that they would be having an "education day" that day with various workshops. I checked the workshop schedule, and decided that this was the day for me to make my first appearance at an Occupy site. Thus, I found myself headed for downtown Riverside, CA that afternoon.

Is Obama cutting Disabled Vets benefits ?

Can anybody help me with that question ? No matter where I google I can't find an answer about Obama only the righties suggesting that there should be cuts V.A. benefits .



Please post the facts and figures you stated in the second hour today. Where did this information come from?

Thanks for all you do!

Ignore the Occupy protests at your own peril ...

... No, that is not a threat, hopefully it's a wake up call.

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NPR Needs To Clean Up Their House

What happens when the news media stops covering news objectively - and instead becomes a source of very specific opinions that serve a very narrow agenda?

For example - in the case of the democratic primary - consider the news coverage of the mere possibility of Vice President Joe Biden challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's nomination for president.