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More must be done to enhance growth now, which will give room to "get out economic house in order". Sacrifices alone will not boost long-term prosperity, and the short-term damage of severe "austerity" is obviously unacceptable (see Euro-zone). If the GOP has forgotten that the debt-limit agreement of last year already "triggered" debt reduction criteria, so, to what "lack of seriousness" about debt reduction does Mr. Boehner refer, I wonder?

Corporate Obama

You just knew it was going to happen. Obama is in the pocket of the most evil of corporations, and Monsanto may be the evilest. Monsanto is out to destroy small and family farmers or, if it can’t totally destroy them, to make them wholly dependent on its products.

And there are fools who are going to vote for Obama?

Sources are Saying: The Chicago Police Have Decided Not to Use Military Tactics to Suppress Free Speech and Peaceful Assemblies.

News Flash: Uninformed Sources are Saying: The Chicago Police have finally woken up to the fact that if they use their new riot gear to suppress free speech and the right to peacefully assemble, they are being un- American and have become demoralized and degraded to the point that they themselves might justifiably be branded state sponsored terrorists. The administration of the Chicago is returning all their newly acquired riot gear to the military industrial complex and exchanging it for olive branches, bouquets of fragrant flowers and cages filled with white doves The pol

Why Obama Won the 2012 Election

Why Obama Won the 2012 Election

Rev Al, Thom, Press, Malloy, Schultz, Maddow


"UPSIDE DOWN STARS" RNC Pins from the 1980's

See the "upside-down stars" pin images in this blog. There are several RNC pins on eBay that show a date of 1996. This one I found with a date of 1984 from the Dallas Republican Convention. Here is another where the elephant doesn't face right, it faces left. "Peanut Buster" pin is from the campaign to defeat Jimmy Carter in 1976 or 1980.

a gathering

We are at a stopping point in world history. If we don't get embroiled in WWIII, we can use what we have built for generations to come, and enjoy the full environment of the world and replenish it. It would be wise now to stop and reflect.

A Spiritual, Cosmic Event for Lovers, Not Others

The white-hot explosion is felt deep within, her release of energy originating from the heart of the cosmos as super heated lava exploding from the far reaches of the earth seeking the stars.

Clackamas County Creeps' Should Pay Their Fair ShareIt's not surprising that Alpha Dope, Robb Kramer, would use a teenage promote his low quality, political propaganda radio ad telling all the 'Clackamas County Creeps' to vote against paying for

It's not surprising that Alpha Dope, Robb Kramer, would use a teenage promote his low quality, political propaganda radio ad telling all the 'Clackamas County Creeps' to vote against paying for the Selwood Bridge, which connects Clackamas County to the City of Portland and is ready to fall in the river What a hoot!

AUSTERITY: Clinton and Obama’s secretive Rahm Emanuel passes budget laying off Workers now moving to “reform” pensions.

Not your fathers Democratic Party...

Thanks Daily Beast for this oh so flattering insight into yet another miscarriage of the Democratic Party.

American could do better but is Obama serious?

Right turn for new French lefties?

Is the new Socialist French president not listening to Hartmann and Sanders? Oh wait. The new cuts will still cost the taxpayer more.

What's So Strange About Mormonism?

A Religion By Any Other Name Is Still Silly.

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Hedge Fund Managers' Outrageous Compensation is reporting on the outrageous compensation Hedge Fund Managers are getting.

New rankings show the top 25 managers had combined earnings of $12.94 billion in 2015.