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The Meaning of Mother's Day

Thom talks about this a lot --

Mother's Day was first started as a reaction to the carnage of the Civil War, with mother's losing their sons in senseless battles.

The below is from a "Military Families Speak Out" posting at:



Barry Goldwater in 1964 when running for President

ran that we-The Federal Government- should end bailing out business and overseas aid to counties. So do you feel we should continue bailing out companies and giving money to other counties too and he also wanted to end funding then the USSR military programs. Do you feel we would have ended then or left it alone as we did today and have the Federal Government run it.

Louise and Thom, Please Read This Before Starting Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatments article: "Are Cancer Stem Cells the Key to Discovering a Cure?"


Chris Mooney's book--The Republican Brain-- a must-read to understand what is going

Thom interviewed Chris Mooney, author of The Republican Brain, recently -- great interview. I bought the book at the airport flying two days ago from Portland, Oregon and read it avidly on the plane here to Honolulu. Really a heck of an informative book about the differences between republicans and dems. Survey data, studies, physiological research, etc. Great insights!

Who do we blame?

If Obama's Health plan fails. Who do we blame? Obama? Bush?

Do our politicians have the courage?

I feel some do and most don’t have the courage. Case in point. Rep. Ryan introducing his blueprint as to how the Government should be like. That’s courage. Our Gov. Pat Quinn and Senator Dick Durbin they wait until their President says he is for Same sex marriage and then they say later they are for it. Strange isn’t it. Here in Illinois, our Governor and one Senator need a back bone.

THE PRESIDENT happy mother day

Say what? Another worm turning?

Governor Moonbeam caving in to reality? This is getting interesting.

note to GOP

Nothing "trumps" civil rights (fyi - marriage equality is a civil rights issue)

Student Loan Debt

Where does all that tuition/fee/book & supply money end up going?

99% Still disregarded by Conservative Media

Upcoming Elections and the "99%" protests

The GOP is intent on ignoring these Main Street protests.

Mitt Romney - A Meanness At His Core

Barney Frank, who knows Mitt Romney better than any of us, detected something very mean in Mitt Romney. The latest news on a hazing incident back in Mitt Romney's high school years may prove Mr. Frank right. Watch video below. thinkingblue.


Capitalistic Medicine Hits My Family Big Time

Capitalistic Medicine Hits My Family Big Time

Question: What do you get when you cross the medical profession with capitalism?

Answer: You get a gigantic, money sucking monster called the Health Care Industry.

Question: What costs $102,000 per year, costs money day and night, and isn't covered by Medicare or health care insurance and hasn't been alleviated by recent attempts to reform the system?

Answer: 24/7 elder care.

Question: What nation is stupid enough to create such a system?

Renaissance Fair in Moscow, Idaho, that is.

Last weekend I took a scenic drive to Moscow's Renaissance Fair, stopping in the beautiful little city of Coeur d' Alene on the northern shore of Coeur d' Alene to fill my gastank with BP product. Then I drove south through the reservation of the Coeur d' Alene Tribe over Fighting Creek, past billboards telling people how to get help with diabetes, and past the highway to Worley and the casino that gets back a lot of white folks money.

Evangelicals are Experts: Any topic, by their own declaration. Especially regarding Tolerance.

Fundamentalist Evangelicals OBVIOUSLY know what's best for the rest of us, aren't the least bit hesitant about stating that ENDLESSLY to anyone who'll listen. As most of us are already apparently aware.

Yet those same Evangelicals have what we (the tolerant sectarians) recognize to be twisted values, they'll quote Jesus and the New testament ONLY to the extent that it aligns with their NEW IMPROVED value system, a system that's morphed well outside of the new testament framework.

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Trump Gets His Talking Points from Storm Front

Donald Trump’s call on Russia to hack and release Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails was one of the stranger moments in what’s been one of the stranger campaigns in American history.

It was a sign that Trump is either stupid or trying to join the Ronald Reagan/Richard Nixon club of Republicans who have betrayed their country to get elected president.