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  • Keep Oblahblah’s bail out of the auto industry in perspective.

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    Be careful if you  claim “Obama saved the auto-industry”.  First off, Obama gave his select auto companies a fantastic amount of cash. Too much cash, so much so that only a fraction of what they were given actually resulted in the creation of value.

  • Walker's Target Mine in Northern Wisconsin to be 21 Miles Across.

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    Twenty one miles across, and that is just one mine.

  • 12 Reasons the G.O.P. Should Run Old Man Potter (Doug's Dozen VIDEO)

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    Thom, thanks for letting me give a few of my 12 Reason the GOP Should Run Old Man Potter on your show today.

    To see all dozen, see the video-link at my HuffPo archive of Doug's Dozen.


    And remember, every time you click Funny, a writer gets his wins!


    - Doug

  • Stimulating Economy

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    I have thought of a good way to stimulate the United States economy, while increasing the usefulness of the tax dollar. I am not sure if Thom has ever discussed this, but i know he supports American manufacturing, but my idea is this, every single penny, dime, dollar, that the United States Government spends on supplies, equipments, resources, must be 100% manufactured in the United States. That's local, state, and federal government, schools, libraries, government supported organizations, all of them! I also do not mean just assembled here.

  • Hey Koolaid!!

    I get a chuckle at times when Thom uses the phrase " Drinking the Koolaid" to describe the ideological dysfunction of elected represenatives.
    I am not posting to insinuate Thom uses the comment incorrectly either in this regard.
    What I offer for consideration is that the phrase is a " get off the hook" coupon for those actually engaged in the perversion of protocols that protect our collective interest in the face of growing evidence that just such a program is being implemented in every sector of governance captured by those forces.

  • More Obama Korporate Kronyism Kapers.

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    This is what happens when we choose for our Commander in Chief an economically incompetent progressive Chicago politician with no noticeable concern for our national security

  • Dear Tom as usual you have touched the pulse

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       In today's segment about disparity or inequality, the question raised by your guest was how do you address this disparity?

    Disparity is a tool, an economic tool, used to discriminate against ones self, in order to realize political gain. I'll try not to be long-winded.

  • GOP:

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    The GOP is passing all these bills as though they are not worried about the next election.  Could it be that they know something  we don't?  I think they know the outcome already.  Many of our votes will not be counted.

  • WTF is wrong with this site?

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    Why does this site need to be so anal about signing in? It seems to bust my balls over this password shit every time I let a day or two go by. Why? And it never accepts my password so I have to fill out that captcha bullshit then link in through the email. If I were a hacker I might already have broken into an email before worrying about a blog ;-).