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Encouraging Michigan Prosperity: Oligarchic Version

Phil Power has been deemed "liberal" by some in Michigan.

Here, the public thinker who established a large publication conglomerate in Southeast Michigan and now lives on the dividend checks he gets from investing the profits from its sale, pontificates on how to resolve the state's issues with special interests:

Oilly Olay

The best medicine doctor is the oilly original the drug companies have always derived their products from Clue:

real plants like ginger ,dill ,rosemary you name it it has medical aps ...

read "Reference Guide to Essential Oils" by Connie /Alan Higley... anyone going throw chemo show have this life saving info

If you have no immune system keep cinnamon bark on hand ,throat bottom of feet ...test prove no virus bateria or fungus can survive cinnamon barks chemical constitution of over 30 chemicals

Hooray For The 99% You Did It Again!

I never thought I would say this but h00ray FOR wALmART too...

Healthcare costs to rise 7.5 percent in 2013.

The cost of healthcare services is expected to rise 7.5 percent in 2013, more than three times the projected rates for inflation and economic growth, according to an industry research report released on Thursday.

World Bank stumps for Corporate Agriculture by demanding Zambia drop price supports for small farmers.

The World Bank is condemning Zambia’s price setting practices for corn as a way to subsidize local small agriculture because the practice “…limited private sector investments in the agriculture sector," And without catering to large agricultural Oligarchs the World Banks maintains that Zambia won’t be able to achieve a “reduction in rural poverty and

Milwaukee Archdiocese paid pedophile priests to leave the ministry.

Nuf said.

from the president

Church after public school announced hours on loud speakers as children leave school.

Church Study Club after public school announced on loud speakers as children leave school. I have heard this announcement many times about the church study club. This announcement made on the loud speakers of the school. The announcement is made as all the children leave for the day. I never hear anything about coloring book club, art club, reading club, boy or girl scouts or any other club announced on the loud speakers.

Disenfranchising voters

I do not understand why Eric Holder has allowed states to disenfranchise registered voters. This is an obivious violation of a civil right granted by the Constitution to ALL Americans who have attained the age of 18 and beyond. It is outlandish that our Attorney General sits on his hands and does nothing about these irreprehensible laws these states have passed to block a sizable segment of the population from voting. Since Robert Kennedy held the post of Attorney General, it seems we have had a succeeding line of lackluster and ineffective AGs ever since. Obama shou

No More Stock Option Handouts

It is ridiculous that CEOs can make $10Million/Yr and have most of it delivered as a stock option, or something similar, which will be taxed at 15%!

We need to ask our Congressmen/women to push for 70% taxation on any stock options over $250,000/Yr.

This will knock down these crazy gifts of stock that come in the millions of dollars. They are nothing more than wages to begin with and should be taxed at a much higher figure. I don't know why some of them even get millions when the Corporation doesn't do well.

Obama's health care aid to small firms disappoints: only 4% of eligible firms found it worthwhile.

Many small businesses struggle to afford health insurance for their workers, but a a new tax credit meant to help them seems to be turning into a disappointment.

Just Sayin'

Just saw you on Ed's Show, and you asked why Republicans, so fond of letting things like GM go bankrupt, had a problem with cities doing the same. No, it appears that they have to appoint their cronies to positions of limitless power. You forget, Thom, that Republicans are the party of First Principles. And the very first principle is: "It's okay when we do it."

Seraph Phrase anagrams

To save time and reduce redundancy I'm going to store this info here so that anyone that wants more detail can get to it more easily by either searching on "Seraph" or looking at my UserBlog.

The last book of the New Testament is called The Revelation. Early part of it tells that there were letters written to seven churches.

Those Churches were referred to by their town names: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.

LEED buildings and congress

LEED has nothing to do with health and everything to do with energy efficiency and resource conservation. Talk to anyone from the multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) community and you will know that LEED buildings, no matter at what lever, can be very toxic. There exists no health standard for the building industry. No wonder the energy providers have pushed their shills in congress to reject LEED building standards for government buildings...they would lower the need for energy.

Fun with With Mitt app (must use old With Mitt 1.0.ipa)

You cannot use With Mitt 1.0.1 cuz they fixed Amercia to America.

I'll email the old app to anyone who wants to put it up :) you should not install it from the App Store cuz I think they fixed the AMERCIA part. When you get it, add it to the library and then don't let it update it. sync it to your pod, pad, or phone.

These were all shared with Twitter via the With Mitt app. Captions were (duck) "I got free fuel oil from Mitt Romney!" (Bain capital looters) Government doesn't work! Help us prove it! (Seamus on car) "Don't let Amercia go to the dogs!"

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40 Years of Reaganism Behind This Disastrous Train Crash

A train derailed and crashed into a station in Hoboken, New Jersey during rush hour this morning, reportedly leaving at least one person dead and more than 100 others injured.

After everyone was rescued from the train, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called into CNN and expressed concern and confusion about the accident, asking "How could this happen?"