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Obama Administration: STOP Hillary Clinton’s Global Campaign of Environmental Destruction in the name of antiquated Energy.

Change your heuristics or go find your own planet trash. Existing concentrations of wealth both private and corporate should not dictate unwise energy choices.

Hillary it is way past time for you to get out of Politics.


Poisoning Arafat...

I just received this from Gush Shalom, Israel. Some of you might be interested. It's long, I know, but I'm only permitted to post these items provided I don't change them.

Obama’s Energy Policy of Climate FUBAR: Agriculture be Damned! Global Warming is Shrinking Plant Leaves

Heat and drought also kill off soil bacteria – Good luck growing something.

Boots in the Dirt

My father was half deaf
from trying to shoot Japanese airplanes
out of the sky in WWII
on the Pacific Island of Saipan.
He never was much into loud bangs or guns after that.
I think I inherited that from him.

One of te few war stories my dad did tell,
Was about how when he landed on Saipan,
One of his buddies saw a Japanese boot
In the dirt at the newly graded airfield.

My dad's buddy rushed over
to collect the Japanese boot as a war souvenir.

Democracy as International Spectator Sport/Gladiator Arena?

Here's a couple of photos I peeled off the web. They are just examples of messages designed to call the attention of the world to a particular issue or struggle. There's nothing new about this necessarily, people have been aware to some extent that the "marketplace of ideas" and discourse has been international to some extent. When democracy itself becomes the object of contention then perhaps this discourse is reaching a new stage.

Catering to People's Fantasies

Catering to People's Fantasies

I am straying into a new topic now, but one which as a social psychologist and social critic has always concerned me -- how fictional films cater to people's wishes and fantasies to create an unrealistic world view. My decision to present this topic resulted from some conversations with my good friends Zenzoe and Nimblecivet, on Facebook.

Is a probllem

Think Big ? Let's Make the Panama Canal Obsolete !

I would rather think Big than think fast. Long-Distance, High speed rail is an outdated twentieth century concept based on the premises that masses of people must be moved further and faster. In the twenty first century and beyond, more and more people will using video conferencing to conserve fuel and energy by staying closer to home .

Madison, WI: Heat causes Toxic Blue-Green Algea in Madison lakes.

yea, you don't want to be playing "fido jump in the lake and fetch the stick" because fido will die.

And as far as you Big Pimping Lake Home livers living on the shores of a toxic body of water is just another way Obama's and Walker's special interest groups take value away from you.

Now, how about that Arctic Oscilliation after Obama's Shell gets going with their Arctic drilling! Can you say "climate fubar"?


Backlash, ignorance, boredom, empty lives? Best sellers, all three awful books, right on top of the NY Times list of most popular books. This is feminism, women’s lib? It’s to puke.


Welcome to TrumpCare...

After years of anticipation, Trump and the GOP have finally begun to unveil their healthcare agenda - and to paraphrase CBS' chief Les Moonves: it might not be good for America, but it sure will be good for the insurance companies!