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Common Sence thought of the day.

I work for a local water delivery service as an office manager and love my job but I want to compare it to another job we have in this country. As part of my daily responsibilities I prepare invoices and send them to our customers. I pay the bills for the business. Answer the phones and respond to customers. I also do what my bosses ask of me. If I were to compare my job to the job of a congressmen It would basicly the same except their customers and their bosses are the same people.

Democrats Need to Step-Up Policing of their Own or Face Extinction with Republicans

And I want to hear it out of Mark Pocan and Tammy Baldwin (technically the Green Party) if they want my vote. Do not put the President’s career before the maximum expression of the best interest of the tax payers!

More Gore Hot Air

And we also doubt that anyone else connected with the sympathetic media will. The CERN report, which we covered on this page two weeks ago, has been largely ignored by the mainstream press.

Obama’s Clintonesque “Jobs Plan” results in BofAmerica laying off 30,000

The future is so bright I gotta wear shades

More on MI Senate Leader Randy Richardville’s attacks on teachers and municipalities

This is cross-posted from Blogging for Michigan

Let Texas Burn

Texas is a modern economic utopia. Just ask Rick Perry, master job creator, fiscal wizard, top notch haircut. Cut taxes and government spending, remove regulations and watch the private sector soar. Our master hay bale straddler showed us the way, Texas is a great model for the nation.

Is it possible to put our Politicians under Citizen's Arrest for acts against the Economy?

Pffffft,...boy wouldn't that be day!

ALEC: Obama and Walker share same disrespect$$$ for the Environment.

Worse still, there is no denying what ideology is symbolized by Obama using Labor Day as a weapon of distraction against the people in order to concentrate wealth. In a manner, I might add, that undermined clean air laws in the wake of a devastating hurricane no less.

Obama’s Call to Increase Taxes on the Rich to pay for Job Plan: Same old Posturing and Double Speak

Obama's Payroll Tax Cut will go to some of the same wealthy corporations that are already sitting on $2 Trillion dollars. The Executives and Investors of these same corporations fill the ranks of the Millionaires and Billionaires he now taunts Republicans to increase taxes fully knowing that they won't.

Murder by Veganism

Abortion isn’t the only means liberals have of killing children.

small fights count

In our democratic mayoral race we had a sudden influx of local pac money. I voted for the other guy, called party headquarters and wrote a letter to editor....which got printed in local paper:

Unhappy with a "pre-owned" mayor

Firewall Economics by JD Phillips LCSW


Well, we got by a 9/11 and nothing happened even though President Obama didn't even make it off the stage after his jobs speech without getting hit with a running banner that warned of another attack. The fear machine gets bigger every year. My subject today is the question of why we are not marching in the streets. Economic conditions are worse than the 60s when we hit the streets hard. Why so little direct action?

The role of chance....Nagasaki not Kokura because of rain and clouds

Bad weather and fate. Nagasaki August 9th 1945 During world war two a nuclear weapon was dropped on Nagasaki , Japan on August 9, 1945. Many people do not know that the primary target for that day was to be the city of Kokura, Japan. Heavy cloud cover made the air force drop the bomb on the secondary target for that day:Nagasaki!!!! Fate!!!!! Clouds/ the weather took and changed many lives that day!!!!!

why does England hate the US?

does it have anything to do with the wars? I really noticed it when... forgive me.... the Potter films final movie was released and most of the actors were a no show for New Yorks red carpet release of the film series....

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57 Percent of Republicans Want to Undo the American Revolution

America is a Christian nation. That’s an idea former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has harped on time and time again during his political career.

And while he didn’t explicitly talk about it today during his presidential announcement, it’s bound to pop up some time during his campaign.