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Transcanada and Obama work together to propose new route for Keystone Pipeline with view toward Obama having “more flexibility after the election”.

Democrat verses Republican solutions?

Democrat:Protecting forests and trees by replanting and recycling programs. Government spending on research to protect the forest by stretching the use of current resources and creating better recycling programs. Unemployment benefits and relocation for displaced and downsized workers. Also, education opportunities for displaced workers and unemployment benefits while in school learning new skills and day care for any children.

Justice Thomas' recusal during hearings on "Obamacare."

Thom you forgot one salient fact in your rant about Thomas recusing himself--that of Kagan. As Solicitor General, she was instrumental in drafting and defending Obamacare. Should she not recuse herself? She already has an inherent bias. And what about that wizened crone Ginsburg--she actually had the gall during a speech in Egypt to call our Constitution outmoded and "flawed" and held up the 400 plus page South African "constitution" as the light for which they should strive when rewriting the Egyptian excuse for a charter. Should not this communist crone be im

Voter I.D. Laws

The requirement that a person show a photo ID to vote is NOT in any way a hindrance to the "poor", minorities, or seniors. In Maryland there are many instances of illegals in Baltimore and other places voting. When cashing a check, a photo ID is required, when opening a bank account an ID is required. In Maryland, a state issued ID is available for FREE at any DMV location. I would expect the "progressive" left to bleat about the usual suspects being disadvantaged. When the "poor" go to athe local welfare office in my state they are required to show photo ID.&n

So let me get this straight, Organic Farming is Domestic Terrorism??? Oh, Agra-business is at it again!

A terrific documentary about illegal, heavy-handed and sometimes violent crack-downs on those brave enough to offer healthy, sustainable agracultural choices to the US public. Federal and local officials acting as hired guns for corporate business - Fascism at its worst!

This is a MUST SEE for believers in healthy food and farming.

Honestly -- aren't all national Republican leaders against major improvements in the lives of average Americans?

It struck me again yesterday that Republican leaders are oppsed to any major improvements in the lives of average Americans -- in such things as affordable health care, affordable educaiton, a cleaner environment, better roads, mass transit, protection from rapacious lending and investment compaies, tax fairness, etc., etc.

Another voter/election fraud?

In addition to the voter fraud by Mitt Romney, check out Wikipedia for Representative Brian Bilbray. Click on Reference #7, "Where Does Brian Bilbray Really Live?"

Results from Homeland

Rush as Propaganda Machine

Did anybody said on the air, that Rush getting parents worked up in hate propaganda against others with diffent views, so it affects children watching and listening there parents and live out there parens blieve system in School, bulling other childen like gay or diffent religion or color.

Machevelli, Goebels and Wisnekowski?

Hello! I listen to Thom Hartmann whenever I
am in the car which is usually to and from college. A couple of months
ago he was talking about some guy who wrote in the 1940's the playbook
that many of the Repubs are using now and I wish I could remember the
name of the guy. It was something like Wisnewksi or Wisnekowski...
ANYWAY, some guy called up yesterday and made a comment that the
methodologies of the Repubs are like Machevelli with an overlay of
Goebels and it reminded me of the other guys' writing. Do you know who

Review of Colin Flints' "Introduction to Geopolitics"

I am always flattered when a scholar finds my area of expertise, international relations, more interesting than her own. I strongly champion interdisciplinary approaches to important research questions, but "interdisciplinary" does not mean abandoning the tenants of one's field for those of another. A case in point is Colin Flint's Introduction to Geopolitics 2nd. (Routledge, 2001).

Underwater mortgages

Hi, I there is NO real help for underwater mortgages in California. I paid an attorney to help, well my home is scheduled to be sold at auction May 3, 2012. Any suggestions?

Teddy Nugent has LMS

Teddy Nugent has little man syndrome. Big truck, big gun, big ego, big mouth and loves to kill .And like Cheney is a deferment PRINCESS.

a question

if law makers and corporations sit down to make laws isn't that at very best a conflict of interest and at worst fascism where the corporations are in control of the government and us too by proxy

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