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For All Veterans

Today my Soul goes out for anyone who has been trained and, ordered to kill a Human Being, realizing that another Human Being has gone through similar training, and has been ordered to kill you. This action regardless of its motivation is not natural, and takes a piece of humanity from the person who must do it.

An American War Veteran On Veterans' Day 11.11.11

An American War Veteran

Medical care, Energy, Banking, etc. Obama is fundamentally incapable of envisioning an alternative to America’s social and economic organization.

Time and again, its the same old, same old with Oblahblah. With regard to his campaign pledge Change couldn't be further from the truth. The linked article is just one example.

And a President needs to have the strength of character not to be an enalber of a societies self destructive habits - fossil fuels! Even if doing so might make you unpopular.

making a living.

"BRAIN FREEZE" my big, fat, white, um... ah... D'oh!

Really, we're going with "Brain Freeze"? Cereally? Not "the hamster fell off the wheel" or "the train is stuck at the station because he didn't fund it" or even "this guy's about as sharp as a bag of hammers and about as subtle": I don't believe I'm letting any cats out of bags (isn't that cruelty?) when I point out that just about any time this evil twin of Forest Gump goes off 'prompter this happens? (It really sounds like he has already destroyed the department of education, at least in his own life...) Dare we ask about his reading material?

Herman Cain: Portrait of a Presidential Candidate

Herman Cain: "We will get through this. We will get through this. The fact is, these anonymous allegations are false, and now the Democrat machine in America has brought forth a troubled woman to make false accusations, statements, many of which exceed common sense, and they certainly exceed the standards of decency in America."

I mean, the guy wears a pimp hat.

He’s either a liar or he’s paranoid, and he disrespects the language: “Democrat machine...”

Obama is dangerous fool: Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline is a fuse to a massive carbon bomb.

It bewilders me why with all the fuss about how important it is to treat our teachers with respect, or how crucial it is to give as many people as possible access to a college education, and how important it is to be accurately informed and well versed on everything we do and then when thousands of people whose lives epitomize these values – our scientists and researchers – tell us we are well on our way to profoundly impairing the life supporting ability of the plane

Occupy SF 10-10-11 report

Unfortunately I have been and still am ill and with very little energy.

Obama gives the all clear to expanded drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska's Beaufort and Chukchi seas.

Obama has already forgotten last year's devastating Gulf of Mexico spill. Marine animals and human communities are still suffering from BP's 200-million-gallon oil gusher, yet the government just announced plans to expand drilling in the Gulf. The new plans will also allow dangerous drilling in Alaska's sensitive Beaufort and Chukchi seas, where polar bears, walruses and ice seals are already hurting from melting sea ice and oil spills are impossible to clean up. Meanwhile, ramping up drilling will deepen U.S.

OUTRAGES CORRUPTION!! Crews in Nebraska already clearing wildlands for Keystone Pipeline.


Crews were found clearing Nebraska grasslands and removing thousands of endangered American burying beetles even though the project hasn't been approved.



Dummies Guide to Health Care

Dummies Guide to Health Care

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Time To Start Treating Guns Like Abortions

It's time we start regulating guns like we regulate abortions.

Because it just makes sense that we regulate these individual rights in the same way.

Because the Supreme Court, in the Heller case, concluded that there is an individual right to own firearms found in the Second Amendment - just like they ruled in Roe v. Wade that there is an individual right to have an abortion found in the Fourth Amendment.