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Andrew Carnegie’s Opinion on Organized Labor

With the battles raging across America over Trade Union's right to collective bargaining it brought to mind a piece that I'd read years ago. This was written by Andrew Carnegie. A man who knew a little about business. Most people think Carnegie was "anti-union", but in fact he was more a Realist when it came to the relationship between Capital and Labor. Take a minute and read what he had to say. Strange how hard headed the Corporate bosses have remained in America.

Peace, Randy

Bill O'Reilly warned Juan Williams Monday night.

Bill O'Reilly warned Juan Williams Monday night that he should be careful because he works for a corporation, as Juan was making strong statements about corporations. Then Bill said, "I hope newscorp doesn't fire you". I found that interesting.

Fed Pays Interest to Banks on Excess Reserves

Thom asked for the location of the information that recently came out about the Federal Reserve paying interest to banks on their excess reserves. It is one explanation of why banks aren't loaning to small businesses.

The article was written by Ellen Brown and can be found at the following URL

The article is titled:

Why Banks Aren't Lending: The Silent Liquidity Squeeze

Meditations On Hunting

Several days ago two long time friends and I began a conversation prompted by Meditations on Hunting, an extended essay by Ortega y Gasset.

Dramatic Change_The Hoax Of Money And Politics

"As you can see, the financial situation in the world is out of control and before much longer; our allies will have to step forward to implement the new policies.

FDR: We are not going to turn back the clock!


Tuesday, August 28, 2011

President Franklin D. Roosevelt:

Riots Part of Shock Doctrine Plan...

The riots are part of the shock doctrine plan ---

This Country is Not For Sale

When we look at the criminal element behind the founders and major financiers of the Tea Party, a pattern emerges. Neither the Kochs, Trumps or Murdochs earned their wealth – they inherited it.

Why compromise won’t work in the current partisan environment…

Compromise is an effective tool if (and only if) the parties are “honest brokers”. Honest brokers state their goals clearly; have no hidden or unreasonable agendas; and are willing to negotiate “win-win” outcomes.

Yes, We Own a Microwave

Recently the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank, released a report entitled “Air Conditioning, Cable TV and an X-Box”. The premise of their report is that the actual incidence of poverty in the U.S. is vastly exaggerated.

America's IQ is Showing

It has been argued that the average IQ of a nation has a direct correlation to its national wealth and rate of economic growth.


It only makes sense until it becomes clear how much OBAMA will be cutting from your Social Security and Medicare.

[Obama is clearly playing economic Jujitsu and three dimensional chess here - rolls eyes]

many will compain, who will act?

I notice a lot of people complaining about how messed up the state of the union is. I was wondering of those people, how many of you would be willing to do something about it? The governement has shown they are too devided to fix anything. What if the only alernative was people needed to rise up and do something significant. Our Grandparents banded together for the World Wars. Some of our parents were involved in the civil rights movement or grew up during. What the hell has our generation done. Very few of us went to fight over seas (regardless your stance on the war).

How ALEC wants to write your laws and profit from prison labor ----- Interviews from "Democracy Now!"

From "Democracy Now!" with Amy Goodman show on 8/5/11 :

"Secretive Corporate-Legislative Group ALEC Holds Annual Meeting to Rewrite State Laws"

"New Exposé Tracks ALEC - Private Prison Industry Effort to Replace Unionized Workers with Prison Labor"


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Doing Our Homework

I took the opportunity to read David Brock's book 'Blinded by the Right' this weekend. If everything he states is factual (and one must believe it is due to the lack of lawsuits filed against Mr. Brock), then this book is a textbook must for those of us who oppose the vituerative actions of certain members of Congress. Additionally I am appalled that the words and actions of raconteur Clarence Thomas has not received the kind of publicity and scrutiny it deserves. From what I read, his actions is tantamount to treason.

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Activism Works!

When he was elected, President Obama told us to push him. Well, it looks like we may have pushed hard enough when it comes to the Keystone XL pipeline.