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Mitt is Mean.

The reason behind the Condi Rice VP rumors

Mitt Romney's speach to the NAACP in Houston last week, and his subsequently beeing booed by the audience, is directly tied to the Drudge Report's claim that Condi Rice is the frontrunner on a short list to be named Romney's Vice-Presidential candidate. The faces of the people attending Romney's speach in Houston (at the least) show a strong dischord exists between themselves and Romney's most recent political opinions. See for yourself: ht

The Plan Expanded

And you might want to sign this petition:


BABA & Wolfie

Those who take stock in words and numbers, and the phenomena of vibration, after years of concentration and practice are rewarded with a special pair of glasses. They are all the better for seeing you, BABA & Wolfie- BABA (Bank of America x 2) and WF, Wells Fargo. Anyone who will actually read and absorb this entire text will get a special pair of glasses too, compliments of Frank Kryder et al.

What is True Wealth?

A Capital Idea Part 125: What is True Wealth?

I am getting to the point where I am starting blog posts on economics topics, then realizing I have already done a post on that topic, but I did save one really good question for the last stage of my Capital Ideas series: What is true wealth?

Lets Hope it comes in very soon

Lets hope the touch of Socialism that Obama who feels this county should have, falls and lands in our heroes blood and sweat who fought for this county free of big government, sputters and blackens, then tiny wisps of smoke marking where we once traveled for four years goes away for good when Gov. Romney comes in riding on his white horse of Capitalism.

Obama "Clarifies" Medical Cannabis Position

President Barack Obama has publicly replied to his administration's stepped-up controversial crackdown on medical marijuana after having beforehand pledged to assist states' rights on the matter.

Bad Habits: It is way past time to drop America’s penchant for British lawns.

Scarcity of fresh water; spread of hazardous herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals in the environment; extinction of economically beneficial pollinators; C02 production related to mowing devices; etc. all provide overwhelming support for the obvious – it’s time to drop American’s penchant for British lawns.

WI Family Farms miss out on Drought Relief, Corporate Agriculture makes Campaign Contributions.

Wisconsin Family Farms will not be receiving any – not one dime - of drought relief because they failed to meet the definition of being in a drought for 8 weeks.

Gov. Ronmey's speech

When Gov. Romney was at the NAACP Convention in Houston the members were not actually booing him. That’s what the Press wants to believe. They were actually telling those in the room that the Food wasn’t cooked well.

Our President

I was their watching the President make his speech in the rain and it reminded me of a movie and march his buddy-Louis Farrakhan-did a few years ago -with hundreds and thousands. That movie makes me teary eye because I know its so true. That movie? Gorillas in the Mist. Dont you agree. It was something seeing our President make that great speech. Attacking what American is all about. Freedom of speech

The Living Canvas: Eureka

The Living Canvas: Eureka by Pete Guither dwr

One of my many involvements is as Artistic Director of The Living Canvas, and I've got a new show running in Chicago this summer at National Pastime Theater (941 W. Lawrence).


Is Amazon the #1 Threat To Jobs?

The conventional wisdom is that outsourcing to places like China is the biggest threat to American jobs.

And while that's definitely true, there's a new threat on the horizon.

As it expands out from its online bookstore roots, Amazon has approached virtual monopoly status - and regular retailers are paying the price.