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Inspection- Will the Curse of the Big Ad Campaign Strike Again?

I want to throw a bottle of homebrew beer at my beloved.

New Poll suggests the Wimp factor is a PROBLEM FOR ROMNEY

I was being polite. 9 out of 10 males were asked why they didn't like Mitt Romney. All nine said " He's a PUSS@! the 10th guy was incoherent.
So there you go. You can't argue with facts.

Jesus says Welfare encourages laziness

I was at the bar with Jesus and Satan. We were celebrating my birthday. 5/7/62, maybe some will notice that #.
"Jesus, I think I'm losin my FAITH"

Milk shot out of Satans nose.
"I pray but I don't get any answers-I try to......
Dan-Dan- I hate to admit this- The Rebublicans are right- My old man doesn't pay any taxes, then he has this FAITH BASED scam and gets GUVMENT checks, then he has a bunch a suckers who worship him and will give him their last dime-AND IT IS ALL LEGAL!

Morman "Magic Underwear" protects people from EVIL - BUT THEY WON'T SHARE!

Jonah Salk gave away the Polio vaccine. If he invented underwear that protected people from evil he would have shared it with the world. Why didn't the Morman Church donate Magic Long Johns to our Troops?

Chicago Tribune proves "FIRE RETARDANTS" don't work

The notoriously Liberal Chicago Tribune is reporting that Chemical companies manipulated the science and outright lied about the effectiveness of so-called "FIRE RETARDANTS". The next thing you know they will be telling us that GLOBAL WARMING is real and Oil Billionaires are manipulating the science and funding a campaign to disprove it.

Tagg Romney pays prostitute to give birth to his twin boys

Mitt Romney's Son not only paid this woman to have his kids, his wife approved of the whole sordid affair. What happened to the unwanted little babies they callously discarded.


While I enjoy The Thom Hartmann radio program... I am appalled by the members of this site.

Everything that I think is good about the program... I think 180 degrees of (many) the listenership.

I have never seen a wider gap between the messenger and his listeners (outside of religion).

I have had a hard time figuring this one out.

The SHOW = Honesty, integrity, knowledge. The listeners = liars, deceitful, willful ignorance.

Thom Hartmann Testimonial

Ever since I found The Thom Hartmann show on the radio (WCPT 820 AM) here in Chicago, I was instantly hooked.

Earnest, intelligent, sincere... also, a willingness to debate ON AIR with someone who has an opposing view. This greatly appealed to me. I also liked the idea of "Everything You Know Is Wrong". Which, by it's nature, implies humility. After all, making a mistake is the quickest way to learn something.

I have found The Thom Hartmann show to be only ONE of a few programs that will actually educate me. There is SO much garbage out there!

Gays and Right-Wing Christian Conservatives: I have a theory.

The reason Right-Wing Christian Conservatives harp all the time about the evil’s of homosexual behavior is because it is that big of an issue in Right-Wing Christian Conservative Heterosexual Marriages. So when they harp about it or act against it they are really just preaching to themselves and/or trying to save their own marriages.

Great for Obama to support marriage equality!

President Obama--you rock! What a great and gutsy call to say that you support marriage equality!

In a few years, we will wonder why it wasn't done earlier, but at this time, it is a brave, thoughtful, and deeply supportive move!

I add this action to one of the very many great steps you have taken during your presidency and again will strongly support and vote for you!

Yours truly,


Marriage vs Civil unions

The government shouldn't be involved in spiritual matters anyway. Just make it "civil unions" for everybody, and let the churches et al deal with calling it "marriage".

New group to hate? Blacks, women, gays, and now the obese?

I was shocked to see the "just eat less" contingency reently on Thom Heartman, and several other liberal news programs. There is too much science available and too little common sense for this sort of uninformed misinformation to be allowed to encourage another group of self-satisfied haters. Please do another program on obesity and tell the truth...if we stopped poisoning people we could stop obesity.

Treaty of Versailles

Today’s fascist has no homeland, no fatherland, no motherland; they share only in their lust of greed, the idolatry of their soul.

Military service

Thom. I have heard you drone on about Mitt Romneys military service record. You are about the same age. Which branch of the service did YOU serve in and what province in Vietnam were you assigned to during active duty?


It must depend on which party does it. Thank you President Obama for elininating the possibility of any of the radio talk show disc jockeys ever using the flip flop word in the same sentence with Mitt Romney. The campaign stunts must continue.

Save the whales.

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