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The Measure of a Life Worth Living

Euthanasia has a tendency to slide from the voluntary to the compulsory, as people increasingly make judgments on behalf of others as to what is a human life worth living. The opinion is widespread that the persistent vegetative state — the condition in which a person with some kind of brain injury remains alive but unresponsive to stimuli — is one such life not worth living.

Occupy LA Protestors still jailed

Hundreds of Occupy L.A. protestors remain in jail despite rumours otherwise as of Thursday, December 1. For futher details:

Economist Stephen Keen is excellent on free trade too!

I've just ordered his book, "Debunking Economics," after listening to Thom interview him. This is part of what he says on Free Trade on his website, at:


U.S. taxpayers to buy back their own cars

It’s been a mixed day in the world of the American auto industry. While Ford Motor posted huge sales for November — propelled by a strong demand for SUVs — General Motors has been forced to make the unusual offer of buying back cars from consumers.

Just joined up!

Just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Jason Kay and i work as a writer for a company called Emap.

Agent 99

The Clarkson Solution

I've been waiting for someone in the One Percent to speak honestly of the way they would solve the present civil unrest. This is the comment by Jeremy Clarkson, host of the BBC hit series Top Gear. This is the link;

and this is the text of the interview;

How to End Voter Fraud. It's Simpler than You Think.

If we claim to be a true democracy, every adult person who wakes up in the morning in a America and breath the air here, should have a say in how he or she is governed. We should use only paper ballots and protect against any voter fraud with a purple thumb print. We should do away with all types of voter disenfranchisement because of citizenship, failure to register, or failure to posses certain ID papers. We should even do away with voter disenfranchisement due to past criminal behavior.

The Spy Files: WikiLeaks releases surveillance documents.

01 December, 2011

WikiLeaks has released the first portion of sensitive data revealing a new global surveillance and interception industry spanning 25 countries.

Site founder Julian Assange has held a press conference revealing the secrets of the industry.

The whistle-blowing site has published some 287 documents from it's huge database, collected from 180 international intelligence contractors.

here we go

Hurry, Hurry...

Calling for some balance

First of all, let me preface my remarks by saying that I have been a renewable energy activist for over 30 years, and even worked building and installing solar collectors back in the 80s. I got really angry at first when Stewart Brand announced he had gone pro-nuclear. Traitor, I thought! But I have since changed my thinking, because I have taken the time to educate myself about nuclear vs. all the other available options--the ones that are actually available because they have been implemented in the here and now. Yes, I've gone pro-nuke.

The New 1%, Public Sector Millionaires

A New York City public-school teacher earning $100,000 can retire at 55 with a pension of $60,000. A private-sector worker would need $1.2 million to buy an annuity with the same yield and starting at the same (relatively young) age, according to the online pension calculator developed by the Manhattan Institute’s Empire Center.

Inspection- The Sometimes Clueless Creators of South Park

Stop the Merry-Go-Round; We (The 99%) Want to Get Off

Stop the Merry-Go-Round; We (The 99%) Want to Get Off

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The Union of Concerned Scientists is very concerned about politics!

The Union of Concerned Scientists say that they're worried about the political pressure that is undermining scientific research. According to a new report from that group, scientists in all of our governmental agencies feel that political interests get in the way of their research.