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cuts to assistance programs equal to gifts to the rich

This morning (7/26/11) Thom gave a list of assistance programs to poor, sick, working class, that have been cut, and the list of tax cuts,subsidies, and gifts to the rich which are roughly equivalant in dollar value.

Does anyone have a copy of, link to, or know a way I can find that list?


Instant run-off voting has its problems too. A good scholarly book on the subject is called Gaming the Vote by William Poundstone.

How Gov. Walker and the GOP are rigging the Wisconsin vote in 4 steps

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the Republican majority in the state legislature have embarked on a radical agenda to permanently rig the vote in their favor. Here’s how they’re doing it:


National Citizens Union!

I'm writing to you on the subject of national citizen unions. Using the union model to organize and direct American citizen in a collective effort to combat social injustice. Citizen united (Not Citizen United) in common causes shared by most working class Americans. A system based on the concerns of the members of the union. I will not get into structure or philosophy on the citizen union concept as I see it, because I want to keep this brief.

No More Peter

Peter was awful. I hope you won't take his call again.

Please Thom

I've been listening to you since April of 2003 when KPOJ turned to progressive talk, I called you my drummer guru. I learned alot from you but your continued defense of the democratic party is getting old. These conservatives one sided conversations are getting to regular, I used to enjoy Carrie??? and ??? and maybe a few others but I had to turn off the radio with that Peter. Very irritating, he talked so fast who could keep up and he was rude and told you to shut up. You were patient but I don't know that your listeners are that patient.

Calperson and Holly A

Shills for the Republicans, Tea Baggers, Wall Street, and everything bad in this country. I suggest that if you must read their posts, and if you disagree with them, that you not respond. It's impossible to have a reasoned discussion with them. By responding you keep their posts alive and perhaps help to shove other reasonable ones off the page.

Its Time....

I am 58 and the son of a WWII veteran, as a child, I used to pore over my father's books, especially a 5 volume set called "A Pictorial History of WWII". My question as a youth was how a good and decent people like the Germans could be led so far astray by Hitler and the Nazis. After watching the Republican performance on C-span this morning, I no longer wonder. Nothing but lies and propaganda by Boehner, Cantor, etc. Lets face the truth of what these people are about before its too late!

Even Mel Brooks couldn't make this up.

Anybody thinking that this whole debt ceiling stand-off is reminiscent of that scene from “Blazing Saddles”? (No, not that one! Although if you watched C-SPAN long enough, I can see why you would think that.) No, it's the scene in which Bart, after every citizen in town has drawn guns on him, pulls out his own revolver, presses it to his own temple, and says “Drop it, or I swear I'll blow this [deleted]'s head ALL OVER THIS TOWN!"

Chinese Factory Workers

Hello all,

Here are two more comics from my website, This week's topic, Chinese Factory Workers.


Sterling Lambert

THP subscriber

What is government?

Although now retired, I am an engineer by trade. In engineering, you learn that inside every big problem is just a bunch of little problems intimately connected together. So when tackling a project, solve all the little problems, and this solves the big problem inherently. After many years you begin to find your daily life being fit into your philosophy. As a result, my life has been guided by these engineering principles, so I tend to be a "simplifying" kind of guy.

paper trail to document bush/chenny actions

How do find the documented paper trail to document the comments Thom makes about Dick Chenny’s and George Bush’s comments and actions about gas and oil rights in Iraq and Iran and the wars that were started from before they took office through their terms in office.

Once There was a Statesman,

and now there are none.

These quotes are attributed to Benjamin Disraeli (late 1800’s) but might well serve us today. I've changed a few of them but I don't think that Ben would mind)

To tax the community for the advantage of a class is not protection, it is plunder.

Obama's fuzzy tax math

Obama wants to tax the top 2% in order to balance the budget, a campaign line that Obama has used since 2007. Unfortunately, that won’t solve the problem, not even if we taxed the top 2% at a 100% rate.

Currently Chatting

The Middle Class Needs More Than Talking Points

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been talking a lot about the middle class. But, that talk is cheap as long as their in bed with Wall Street.