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Refer to taxing income, not people...

I think progressives need to frame the discussion of tax increases differently. Stop saying tax the rich or raise taxes on the rich. Pople don't necessarily understand the progressive tax system and so it is understandable that repubilcans would be successful in appealing to a person's sense of fairness by embracing the current way of framing the discussion.

This question is for all those in a Union

Question: Do you vote straight Democratic? Straight Republican? Or Mix your vote; and Why?

UFO Amnesty: Ex-Army Colonel John Alexander Seeks Amnesty For Military Who Witness UFOs

If you're in the military and have ever seen what you believe to be a UFO, but were reluctant to mention it for fear of ridicule or, worse, repercussions that might end your career, take heart. Things may change.

wrong spelling for Bain Capital

I would spell it Bane Capital.

wright or right ?

Unfortunately, the Romney campaign managed to step on their own "subliminal" message. In the background, during Mr. Romney statement about the despicable attack ads aired, while the thousands and hundreds columns of the national debt ticker whizzes along, they made the mistake of showing the debt per taxpayer (which remains mostly motionless) - highlighting a contradiction - why is the national debt a crisis for us when our hundred dollar 'share' remains constant?

Is the Republican Party rooted in anarchy

My point in case Jamie

Impressions of various presidents viewed through a SS agent eyes

One man's recollections of what some of our presidents and first ladies were like behind the scenes.

Obama sez, "Private equity firms OK if I benefit @ $35,000/plate"

Minutes after bashing private equity firm Bain, obama attends a fundraiser sponsored by private equity firm Blackstone. Hipocrisy, party of one!

Federal agency “WILDLIFE SERVICES” kills 10’s of thousands of animals per year for Special Interests$$$ regardless of Laws to the contrary.

Wildlife Services is basically a government ran contract killing services for animals that should NOT otherwise be killed by Law.

What are students worth?

I have family living in Quebec Canada and after talking to them recently, apparently there is a huge debate around college tuition fees. The government wants to increase them by a total of something like 1000$ a year, and this increase is supposed to be spread out over 5 years. This has pushed a lot of students to go on strike and most of them are even demanding that education be free.

Mitt lies his way to the top


Smuggling... Least Violates the Consciences of Men

Congress has tunnels in their brains dwr
So, our morons Congress have come up with a new law! Because there weren’t enough already.

You know how traffickers have been using tunnels (along with submarines, aircraft, corrupt TSA employees and just about any other device) to smuggle drugs into the country?


Can anyone tell me who this org is and what their agenda is? They have a UTUBE video that is big business oriented for unregulated free enterprise. It is very scary how convincing it seems.

Reboot of the Grid - Update_From Portal 2012

The critical mass for this visualization to have desired effect is about 118,000 people worldwide actually doing it with focus. If we consider that human concentration and meditation skills are not perfect, we need 144,000 people as the critical mass.

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Nuclear Plant Has Been Leaking For Four Years

According to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Entergy Corp has allowed highly radioactive waste to leak into a contained area at the FitzPatrick nuclear power plant for the last four years.

The FitzPatrick plant is near Oswego, New York, but the NRC has said that the leak "poses no immediate risks to any residents or the environment."