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Has Craigslist been hacked by the right?

On the Detroit board of Craigslist no posts critical of Governor Rick Snyder (the subject of a recall petition) stay up or even appear on the political or rants & raves categories. On my account page it shows posts that are active but they don't appear on the board. However posts of a racists nature stay up on the boards without getting flagged, anything progressive comes down in minutes. If you are curious go have a look. I would like to see CL Detroit rants & raves and politics boards deluged with Recall Snyder posts.

America is Exceptional....without the Republican Viewpoint

America is an exceptional nation in it's generosity to Allies in trouble; to the poor of other nations; of our Military's help to women and children in Afghanistan and Iraq, and in it's ability to show the world what a fantastic choice they make when they imigrate to this country. We have solicited from others, and have given much to, immigrants throughout the world who were under danger in their countries; whether in poverty or disaster.

It is disheartening to see how the "Conservatives" have chosen to treat the "rest" of the citizens of America.

let all go to jail

A lot of republicans have never hit real adversity. And belive that they got there on there abilitys. And the superority they feel is uncomplicated by an understanding of real happinings, that are not under our control.

On man robbing bank to get prison healthcare

Many people going to prison is consistent with the Republican model, since they have made great effort to privatize prisons,

and earn their Republican owners a nice profit. More people in prison means more money for Republican buddies.

In addition, since a high percentage of prisoners are black, it keeps them from voting Democratic. So, it's win-win for the Repiglicans!

Ivory Towers without Stairs are Not Much Good!

Why are Liberals always loosing ground? Maslow tells us. The GOP appeals to base selfishness. In the 60's the Left pulled some in with things like Free Love, but now there is no entry-level draw. THIS MUST CHANGE! Maybe we PAY for the best Leaks & Bad Cop Clips, but the Left must start drawing people in the short term - and over time, we will grow a Liberal class that evolves to endure on higher principles.

iPhone camera shutdown patent

The implications are chilling. But, since it's an optical system, perhaps it is a problem that can be solved with a roll of black electrical tape...

The Cost of Medicare Will Double by 2040

If you look at the findings in this week’s chart from the CBO, it won’t come as a big surprise to anyone. The chart, which uses data from the 2011 Trustees Report and the Congressional Budget Office, shows the growth of Medicare costs over time.

The 30 Mile High Stack of Money

While listening to Thom's show yesterday, 6/20/2011, it seemed clear to me what our situation is here in America, for all of us average Americans. First, please know that I love my country and everything it stands for. My family were immigrants and my father was a small businessman, (although he never like the term "small business" because he thought he was a big deal!). The country that we live in today has vastly changed in the past 40 years - we have experienced a major game change and it's important to plan accordingly.

Shiela Bair, the peoples banker, quits FDIC

Oblah, blah nominates Congressional insider Martin J. Gruenberg, currently vice chairman, to take her place

With Immelt in and Bair gone, is Wall Street's takeover complete?

Is it all a hopeless pit of vipers now?

How much campaign cash is Obama netting on the deal?

Pakistan’s Fruitless Dialogue with India

On June 23 and 24 this year, the foreign secretaries of Pakistan and India will meet in Islamabad to discuss various issues such as peace, security, Kashmir and friendship.

ATTN: RANDI RHODES - Please Drop two arguments in defense of Obama

1) Improvements in GDP Growth under Obama from Bush: Who cares, under Obama the principal benefits of GDP growth continue to flow to just a few families.

Mass Extinction

Can someone tell me how many people planet earth can support? The answer is probably no.The reason I ask this question is a recent report by IPSO, that is predicting a mass extinction in our oceans if we don't change the way we are treating this planet. So my question about how many people we can support and have we reached that point already and beyond. Someone calm my fears.

Living Wages

Thom talked about a Living Wage today - would be great if we heard more about that.

Check out slide #6 at the quantifiable health benefits of a living wage:

Religion, Power and Propaganda

If you want to take your brain out of your skull and hand it over to a southern-accented bigot who is conversant in biblical gibberish, have the heck at it with by blessings. Coerce your family into falling for this crap too as it keeps your little unit together, for awhile. Read the bible til your eyes fall out. Talk to fellow cult members in your respective "churches", or social clubs, as I like to call them. Disregard any news that might call your beliefs into question because that is Satan trying to deter you from following god and other beings from the bible, ma

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The other way we're subsidizing Walmart...

Most of us know how taxpayers subsidize Walmart's low wages with billions of dollars in Medicaid, food stamps, and other financial assistance for workers. But, did you know that we're also subsidizing the retail giant by paying the cost of their environmental destruction.