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Still Voting For Mitt Romney ?

There is a reason why Mitt Romney is Called a Flip-Flopper

He believes he can be all things to all people and that he will become a God and rule the new world order as instructed by the great profit and the Mormon Church... Listen to the pod cast of a former Mormon bishops daughter who spills the beans on Mormom Mitt and why you cannot believe a word that comes out of this mans mouth...

Inspection- China, You Suck

I am aiming no insult here at the Chinese people themselves: most of us try to survive whatever government we have. But the government and the type of manufacturing they allow: especially prison labor?

Jail Time for the LIBOR fraud

Yes, once again, I'm asking for jail time for the higher ups in all the various financial firms, etc. who profited, (stole from the people), from their fraudulent manuvers in the LIBOR. No, not some underling, but the CEO, President, etc. The CEOs cannot say they had no idea of any inner workings doing the fraud. THEY ARE PAID MILLIONS TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS ON THEIR WATCH!

This is one of the worst, and greediest, situations I have seen from our Wall Street Wizards!

Goldman Sachs Wins! For Sale By Owner: Greece.


I got the mail today and what did I find? A letter from the Republican Party wanting me to donate money. Since I'm Democrat, that really chapped my butt. Why did they presume I was a Republican? Maybe because I live in Texas. But there are still a couple of Democrates left in the state. Anywhoo ... I was going to throw the letter away, but decided not to. Let them pay for the return postage. And let them know how I feel about them. As I was fuming, I came up with the new name for the Republican Party...

BOYCOTT WYNN HOTELS: Casino mogul Steve Wynn reportedly contributes big to Karl Rove group.

Hypothetical candidate change!

If that Romney were to lose a greater percentage of confidence by the Republican Party. Who would run? There's only one! There can be only one! Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush with deregulation of pharmaceutical markets pain clinics.(Pill mills). These pain clinics saturated the southeastern United States with pharmaceutical drugs. His lack of conscience netted Florida hundreds of millions of dollars. And caused hundreds of millions of dollars worth of drug addiction and social destruction in southeastern states. I hope this doesn't come to pass, but Thom the question is valid.

The Collapse of the American Dream

The story behind conspiracy

(HHO) or Hydrogen/Oxygen Fuel Production

Hi Thom,

How the banks create money out of thin air

This cartoon tells the truth about the banking system and how it works and why it's not working today.

Impossible Expectation

So, the Tea-Publicans just want us to live under bridges and eat from dumpsters. Well, look at their plans for us - no minimum wage - we could end up working for $2 or $3 per hour. Even at the current minimum wage it's impossible to pay all your bills, food, clothing, housing, transportation, health care, etc., without any assistance. Because they don't want us to have any social safety net programs - no food stamps, no housing assistance, no health care, no fuel assistance, etc. The don't want us to have a free public education, nor do

Can We Trust Gorsuch On Women's Rights?

Yesterday Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer signaled that Senate Democrats would try to filibuster Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.