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Buffett's Berkshire Owes $1 Billion In Back Taxes

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett triggered a major debate over taxes recently when he wrote in The New York Times that he should be paying more to the federal government. He called on Washington lawmakers to up tax rates on the rich.

Thank you, Thom!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your comment on the radio show yesterday (Sept.1). You said this political mess with the Republicans is because Obama is black. I have been saying that for the last 2 years, but it seems no one wanted to "play the race card" however appropriate it is. I've never seen the level of vitriol in Congress and political commentary as there has been since Obama was elected. Thank you. megsmom

One way to create jobs

Hi, I am a small business owner in the Chicago land area and I have 12 people working for me and I offer full benefits. When President Bush left office I had 12 pages of regulations to follow to hire a new employee. Since President Obama came in I have now 48 pages of regulations to do to hire a single worker.

Thoughts about the Righteous Right/Rabid Republicans

"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power." - Benito Mussolini

"When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." - Sinclair Lewis

Disney On Ice- Just the Facts Please

"Disney on Ice" is coming to Florida. Aside from the mobster-origin double entendre in the billing, it is advertised as "100 years of Magic." In 1911, Walt Disney was 10. He did not commercially produce any art until after completing his tour with the Red Cross as an ambulance driver in World War 1, which ended in 1918.

Shellacking Obama gave himself stands in way of Economic Recovery

poor management of the office of the president,

To hell with ALEC'y Dems and republicans, the country needs a fair minded, forward thinking, social conscience THIRD PARTY leader who is not out for him or herself.

Bungling Professwhore Obama building Keystone Pipeline to ship oil OVERSEAS, NOT for US consumption,…arrests exceed 840.

More than 840 people total have been arrested as of today (9/1/2011), making the People’s condemnation of the Keystone Pipeline an historic action in size.

It is a form of insanity to continually complain on all the problems that arise when government forgets to whom it is servile to and then do nothing about it

This article states the problem, gives a 200 year proven world solution and with your consent goes the extra step and cleans up the whole mess. The problem; Libertarians are a small faction who have no understanding of the whole and the commons that belong to the whole as was taught in civics class.

"Obama Didn't Have a Choice" re. jobs address--WRONG

Here we go again, with the useless Obama excuses.

Look: Suppose you throw a party and invite 2 families. One of the families rudely refuses to come. So, what do you do, cancel the party?

Or just go ahead, have the damn party, and the hell with the rude family?

Corporate Tax

Thom, my husband told me that today you listed The Coca Cola Company among companies who do not pay Federal taxes. According the The Atlanta Journal and Constituion TCCC did pay Federal tax. Did my husband misunderstand or did you get it wrong? If you were meaning to say "Coca Cola Enterprises", you should have made that distinction. This may seem like a small mistake, but it makes me uneasy about trusting you as I have in the past.

Hellfire and Damnation

Please look at the website The Scrigna Brothers, Inc., The New Walt Disney World Company and The Walt Disney Company. They are also accountants and bookeepers in Arkansas. Here are the Scrignas in the Wiki Corporation Visualizer.

i found this at open and frankly i'm a bit disturbed

Double standard?

Why does tom spend an entire segment blaming the high prices of cell phone service in the United States on a lack of competition and then push for single payer health care?

Once again, Obama baits Boehner.

I won't hold my breath, but i think that there's another way to look at their most recent volley.

The President asked to be heard on the floor of Congress on a day that had a Republican debate scheduled.The responce was "No, you're just playing politics." The President was asking them to come and do their jobs and they said "No" because they would rather be at a political debate, than doing what they were elected for.

So, once again, who are the ones sacreficing the greater good of the nation for nothing more than an up-coming election?

US-backed Afghan Infiltration in Pakistan

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The biggest mass extinction in the history of the world was caused by carbon dioxide. That’s the conclusion of a shocking new study published last week in Science Magazine.

According to that study - the Permian Mass Extinction - which occurred 252 million years ago - started when a group of volcanoes erupted in Siberia - sending tons upon tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.