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OCCUPY MORE: Occupy Clinton’s, Geithner’s and Bernanke’s offices.

Remember Clinton’s testimony to the effect (if not verbatim) “I did not have sexual relations with that Women!” Well the Cigar sure as hell did. And how about that furniture that went missing when they left the White House (February 2001 in the NY Times)? Nah, no sense of entitlement there (rolls eyes).

Seven Months Later and 3 of GE's Nuclear Reactors still raging uncontrollably in Fukushima.

Today, seven months since the disastrous earthquake and tsunami in Japan, plant workers at the Fukushima Daiichi Power Station are still seeking to return three of the plant’s six reactors to a stable condition.

the long line of union reason

I was a coal miner,I understand the unclean , listen to Woody Gutheries song Ludlow Massacre this is a spot between a rock and a hard place where do I go?after I left the Air Force I was supposed to get my job back ,Coal miner, ?? unions have been at war since Man made a two system system work like dog, get nothing in return, and get rich,,must we dig caves for our children? 99%

Boston Authorities Use Fascist Tactics on 99%

All I heard was condemnation of the "terrible" Iranian, Syrian and Libyian authorities who tear gassed, shot and murdered their citizens who were "taking their country back" from the dictators running (ruining) their countries. Now, the "Mobs" (says Ryan and Cantor) are illegally trying to send the U.S. and particularly the Wall St.

Teachers Union Blocks Access to Learning

California’s university system — like the rest of the state — is in dire straits financially. Small wonder, then, that schools there have begun to give some thought to the expansion of cost-cutting online education programs. But predictably, the California teachers’ unions have something to say about that:

Demands of the 99%

Visit us here. Share your ideas, spread the demands. We need pressure from all sides to put the American agenda into the forefront of the American Conscious.
We need rhetoric that makes it okay and normal to talk about America's needs.
We can't be afraid to talk about universal healthcare or public elections.

Don't let people call this socialism - it's not. It's survival.

Don't let the rich ruin the fabric of American society.

Do you wish that we show up?

There is some interesting reading from Oct.

The Extremes Of A Circle

In high school I had a social studies teacher who ventured the notion that the extremes of an argument, instead of occupying the end points on a linear line, actually met at some point. The extremes mirrored each other enough that the resulting figure was a circle.


Few people want to actually do anything (most preferring to “gab” or “blog”) so a few alibis might be useful. I’ve jotted down a few and numbered them in order to make things even easier. Now when someone asks the non-actor “What are you doing?” or “Please help with this.” that non-actor can just hold up the number of fingers that coincides with the alibi of choice (or maybe blink both eyes the correct number of times if the excuse prevents overt use of fingers):

Various Issues

1. Many claim they don't see a leader/s in the Occupy Wall Street. I say, if there isn't one may come out. Remember the French Revolution? It started in a bakery. When the Emperor/Elite took away the flour from the market to keep it for themselves, people could not bake/eat bread! The results is history!

Pacification Of America

I grew up during the Vietnam War Protest Era. One word leapt out of that time to describe what the military was trying to do to the Vietnamese people - Pacification.

The funny thing is that strategy is back and is being used against the people in this country. What is disturbing is both conservative and liberals want to pacify us.

Occupy Wall St. Protest Song!

My husband and I are so moved by the MOVEMENT!! We just want to share the rock anthem we wrote for the protesters. Part of the inspiration for it was Thom talking about the power of "Eve of Destruction" in the 60's. Okay we ain't Barry Mcguire, but here you go! Lyrics pasted here : )

Means a Lot, Costs Nothing

I just checked and so far only some 2,200 people have selected the billboard they prefer in support of the "Occupy" movement. Unless more people show support for the movement it just may fizzle out. It's not much to do and it may be exactly what's needed to encourage those actively engaged in the "Occupy" movement to keep up the pressure.

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Bernie Sanders Could be the Next FDR

Tuesday night, I appeared on the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell to talk about Elizabeth Warren, the rise of progressives within the Democratic Party, and what this means for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

At one point in our discussion, the conversation turned to whether Bernie represents the closest thing to an Elizabeth Warren candidacy.