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401K contribution limits

Thom, just listening to you and your statement that annual contributions to 401K plans is limited to $6000.00 is incorrect. For 2012 the limit is $17,000.00 for people under 50. For those 50 and older there is a provision allowing an additional $5000.00 per year for a current possible total of $22,000.00 for older people (like me...age 61). I know you are a stickler for accuracy and thought this should be brought to your attention. As to Romney and his 100 million 401K...beyond belief and credibility.

Thanks for your daily insight and wisdom


GOP will Never Repeal ObamaCare

The republicans are trying all that they can to capitalize on the political heat over the supreme court decision to uphold the Affordable care and patient protection act. Many right wing governors, such as Scott Walker and Rick Scott, have come out and said that they will not implement the law until after the November election. Mitt Romney continues to run against his own healthcare plan, and the House republicans are planning a vote to repeal the law, over the next few weeks.

Commission Deems Fukushima Crisis Man-Made, Preventable

Meanwhile, today's Heat Wave in the US is the realization of a GE\Electric Utility profit-by-creative-destruction come true - the worse Global Warming gets, the more electricity the 99% will consume to stay cool. Time to raise rates!

Climate Collapse: Nation’s Bread Basket has turned to Toast.

But it's Ok, Wall Street will set commodities prices for us, including a hefty profit margin for themselves. And if their price setting doesn't reflect the outcome of actual buyers and sellers of the good, well no worries because you can't stop 'em, Washington protects them.

The Guardians of Privilege (GOP) and their Gospel of Greed

Stephen Colbert’s statement sums up the Gospel according to the GOP. The Guardians of Privilege have created their own version of Christianity. Their modern version of the Bible, King Greed has replaced King James. In their gospel, it’s the word according to Mitt, Michelle, Rick, Herman, Paul, and Newt.


There, TElliott, Alberto, antiK, etc etc.

Please take the day off, I've got yer fillosofy covered.

Take a week off, I've got your back.

Tax, mandate, penalty? duhhhhhhhhhh....

Tax, mandate, penalty? duhhhhhhhhhh....

Here's another clue for you all.

Roberts cut the legs off of Grover Norquist's monster, by pointing out that this power to tax was as American as Apple Pie.

And the original Tea Party were smugglers and criminals, not rich fuchs saving their own asses at the expense of everyone else.

Reaganonmics: how it affected us poor people.

When Reagan came into office, my ex, Mark was working at a dream job for him at The Crippled Children's Society in Pasadena, Ca. We lived in my parents converted garage and had been there for a year or so. We had a little boy and soon I'd be pregnant with a second child. Mark had several disabilites that made it extremely hard for him to support us. I had neuro-biological disabilities at the time and was not diagnosed or aware yet.


Slick talk by some governors about an "unreformed program" (meaning un-cut) into which we should not add so many needy folk translates, to my ear, as refusal to easily expand health insurance coverage "on principle" about the cost-effectiveness of any federal program (notoriously cheap and potent, as we all know) - and other such hollow bromides upon which their principles seem too often built.

Cats in the Cradle...?

THE PRESIDENT romneys off shore account

Woody Guthrie, A Great American Troubadour and Patriot: at 100

I watched an epic tribute to Woody Guthry on the Amy Goodman's Show yesterday. I sat and watched transfixed to the screen as I learned volumes of little known facts about this great American Patriot's life. Particulary moving was his transformation from being a racist whose father was connected to a highly publised lynching of a negro mother and her teenage son, to one of the most active voices speaking out and standing up for civil rights throuhout the 1950's and 1960's.

And yet there is no alternative...

The best analysis of Obama and his (mis)administration that I’ve yet read. Here’re are just a few paragraphs from a splendid essay by David Bromwich. Read the entire article here:

Is Trump Making America White Again?

It turns out that Donald Trump was completely serious when he said he wanted to deport millions of people who've done nothing wrong except live and work in the United States without the right paperwork.