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Courage Earth

I've titled this Courage Earth for two reasons: one, for it's connection to The Center for Courage and Renewal; the other because it will take courage to accomplish what is required for the healing of our planet. This post is my most recent attempt to offer the condensed version of my new book: The Space Between Church & Not Church ~ A Sacramental Vision for the Healing of our Planet (2011). I've got it in one page, a considerable accomplishment for a word lover.

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One threat posed by a Greek default

Economically there is no certain reason that Greece's default will send America into a recession. The Stock market will and does flucuate. What will put America into something that feels like a recession if Greece defaults will the countries and banks involved unnecessarily passing their financial losses through to the People in the form of all manner of cuts, fees, rate hikes and advantageous legislation.

Repairing Our Social Safety Net, If it ain't Broke, Don't Fix it.

Our Social Safety Net: If it Ain't Broke, Don't Fix it.

Repairing a Broken Nation

Repairing a Broken Nation:

Half Hour Conversation with Chase Bank Manager

I closed accounts at Chase and moved to a credit union yesterday. The manager of the branch talked to me for half an hour. She thought our concerns were that the bank was not giving enough to local concerns and that we were complaining that Chase had made loans to people who didn't deserve them in the first place.

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US 'absolutely' concerned Israel will attack Iran.

Silly peasants, your destiny will continue to be in the hands of the rich and their military industrial complex no matter how you protest.

If there is no money available for jobs, where did the $0.5 B that Obama just gave Fisker Auto's to move its Jobs to Finland come from?

Obama is unfit to hold public office.

And the solution is not to re-elect him and give him a fresh cess pool of Democrats in Congress.

We need a third party candidate for President.

The experience of Both Parties incumbents – including obama - is grounded in Cash based politics and that makes them unacceptable.

And this makes them unfit to hold public office in the New 99% America.

Bullying is really, really awful ...

except, of course, when it's religous based:

'But the [Michigan anti-bullying] bill also has language that says requirements don't "prohibit a statement of a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction of a school employee, school volunteer, pupil, or a pupil's parent or guardian."' (Schools Chief Blasts Anti-Bullying Bill for Religious Exemption, Detroit Free Press article as posted on EdWeek at

Name that party?

To what political party does Jon Corzine — former head of Goldman Sachs, and architect of the eighth-largest bankruptcy in US history — belong?

Less manufacturing jobs is a good thing!

Hardly a day goes by without Thom lamenting the loss of the U.S. manufacturing base, and with it, jobs. Usually the blame is placed on China, or Reaganomics.

It's nice, frequently heated rhetoric. But it's also utter nonsense.

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"Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became People."

Thom Hartmann Here with an excerpt from my book “Unequal Protection: How corporations became “people” - and how you can fight back.”