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The Pathologically Rich, and the Complexities of Social Darwinism

Lately, Thom has been riffing on how the rich are arguably mentally ill and pathologically acquisitive. I totally agree but would like to make a related point – the ascension of the pathologically acquisitive is naturally selected for in our society.

Music and our social discourse....

The Doobie Brothers title track from World Gone Crazy pays respect to everyone trying to make their rent against all odds in this rigged economy and Far From Home, (although was written about letting go of your kids when it’s time for them to make their way in the world), makes a broader statement in honoring the handful of military men and women and their families that have given up more than the rest. I wanted to share:

Reason Republican candidates are waiting until June

This has probably already been pointed out by many other minds greater than mine. But just to reinforce the thought... the majority of Republicans are waiting to see if President Obama is still here after May 21st, you know "the rapture". All seriousness-aside, of course!


not to mention all the other banksters in the Administration

Fukushima Could Be Worse — And It Will Be

ceesium crystal in ceesium dust

Fukushima will exceed the Chernobyl release in a year no matter what else happens. It will easily exceed the fallout created by all 2000+ nuclear tests – which were stopped because enough tests make a nuclear war unnecessary. Once you irradiate all the plants and all the animals and all the fish and all the people, dropping bombs is superfluous.


Monday, May 9, 201,1Posted by

All Americans should use their 20/20 hindsight.

To see this country ruined by the Reagan/Bush blight.

Hedge funds glutted with tax cut investors.

Attracted by hedge fund profit tax favors.

Ravi Batra, economics and Peak Oil

As a regular listener to the Thom Hartmann Show, one of the things I really appreciate about Thom over other Liberal talk radio hosts is that he is aware of Peak Oil.

And yes, there is a ‘but’ coming.


Assimilate to your new lot! - as you may expect no more!


Your President

Am I a liberal deather?

I voted for Obama and expect to vote for him again in 2012, but I don’t buy this week’s Bin Laden assassination. For years, I have been hearing how Bin Laden was on kidney dialysis back prior to 911. I just Googled the life expectancy of someone on kidney dialysis and it’s not good, way under 10 years. Furthermore, facial comparisons of known photos of Bin Laden prior to 911 to Bin Laden on the latest tapes supposedly released by Al Quaeda show significant discrepancies.

suggested story line: Arbitration! One of the reasons colonists fought over!

When you read the articles and news stories that led up to the fight for independance, one of the key issues was ARBITRATION! This is used what ACCESS to the courts is DENIED! Why? Because the people assigned to arbitration roles are usually against the PEOPLE! This is a way to prevent people from seeking justice and obtaining it! The law may well be on their side, but ARIBITRATORS can slant the system and make their own recommendations and biased findings!

Fall of the Roman Empire

I am afraid that this country and this government, as we know them, are about to collapse. We are now unable to govern ourselves. We have one party, which has been completely purchased by special interests, that is set up so that even it's own members dare not disagree with the official party line. The other party is largely to spineless to stand up to them. We are now incapable of making a decision that will actually benefit the american people. We are watching the Fall of the Roman Empire.

Post Removed?

Hi Louise,

I added a post to your site this morning (5/8/2011) and it seems to have been removed. Is there a reason? Here's the text of thate post:

Where was Barak Born?

Before last week 45% of Republicans thought Barack Obama was not born in America!45% ! ! ! WTF! Who are these people? How is it humanly possible for so many to be so totally wrong???Now 14% of Republicans STILL think he was not born in America!14% ! ! ! WTF!

India’s Wishful Thinking

Secure Communities, implemented nationwide in 2013.

Under the program, fingerprints of all suspects arrested will be sent to the US Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Detainees could face deportation if they are in the United States illegally.

Activists blasted the program saying it will result in the deportation of immigrants who do not have violent criminal records. YES YES YES YES YES........................

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Largest Climate March Ever!

On Sunday, the world's largest climate march took over New York City. In addition to the 400,000 people who showed up to demand change in the Big Apple, hundreds of thousands more joined events in at least 156 counties. From London to Rio to Melbourne to New York, people around the world joined together to demand action on climate change.