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Can Obama Win Votes

DRCnet: Can Obama Win Votes
by Waging War on Medical Marijuana?
I Don't Think So.

Colorado: State Democrats
Officially Support Marijuana Regulation Initiative
NORML blog

The Buffet Rule

I appreciate your attempts to talk logic using facts to lunatics. Since the idea of tax breaks for the wealthy is based on job creation, Lets Truely have a person create a job using their income. For instance if you earn 1 milllion dollars from all sources in a year, Hire two people. Pay them $50K w/Benefits (health insurance, 401K...etc.) annually on a permanent basis.

Creating an Obama Scandal

Within the last 10 days or so there have been two would be scandals reported in the so called mainstreeam news. Firstly there was the episode with the secret service and their Columbian prostitute incident. Today there is the Hillary is a party girl hoopla. Are we so pristine in America that a woman can't have a drink and relax off duty? She is human afterall. Heck, with the tension and stress that goes with her job, Hillary deserves a moment to kick back and the tabloid who broke the story should be ashamed of this blatant scandal baiting.&nbsp

Obama’s Fracking Up our Water: 5,000 gallons per well of: Benzene (Carcinogen), Toluene (Central Nervous System Depressant) and Xylene (Neurotoxin).

Obama’s 6 Scary Extreme Energy Sources (aka "New Technologies") Being Tapped to Fuel the Post Peak Oil Economy.

From Alternet:

Think of this as taking fracking to the next level so that we can continue to speed along on our highway to hell -- peak oil, and the earth, be damned.

Liar Obama’s new Carbon Rule actually increases Climate Change with much worse methane!

From Alternet:

What's the long term goal as a country- a planet- a species?

What's the goal? I have only been into politics for a few years now and I still have not heard from either side as to what the long term goals are even as a country. Long term meaning at least a few hundred years into the future. As a father I have a 150 year plan for my family and that's only because I'm poor. If I had wealth then I think I could have a 300 year plan or better. It's really not that long of time. And for a country like ours, I woould think that it's time to have a vote on the future in at least a 500 year plan.

Just went to another 1960s 99% gathering BUT in 2012. And CI...Civil Informationing needs to be presented once again...

After attending another 1960s-1970s RETRO 99% gathering/training program in Seattle, I am forced to present, once again, my vision of MODERN DAY PUBLIC ACTIVISM...all in the WILD hopes of actually moving old farts from the 1960s-1970s into THIS century.

I'm so tired of reading the latest reprinting of words and approaches that are nothing more than revised editions of tactics that have LONG lost their effectiveness for over 40 years now.

April 10, 2012 a great day?

April 10, 2012 is the greatest day the day that Rick Santorum drops out of the GOP presidential race. Rick Santorum realizes that he will not be president in 2013. Now just to work on Romney’s realization. I announce a new campaign: “Realization for Romney for the Republican party”. The realization: there will be no Republican president for the next 50 years and dissolution of the Republican party.

Yo olenzekm, Bush_Wacker, THISAA, pshakkottai...MMT


I'd like to make a suggestion. Let's continue our discussion in a new

Stockholm Syndrome: A Nation under Siege

A caller on the show asked you, Thom, how citizens can be so easily fooled by certain politicians... remember "Shock & Awe"?

The Buffett Rule

Today, I read a letter in the Wall Street Journal that gave these numbers:

20% of the population own 84% of the wealth and pay 60% of the taxes

80% of the population own 16% of the wealth and pay 40% of the taxes

In comparison in Sweden:

20% own 37% of the wealth and pay 27% of the taxes

80% own 68% of the wealth and pay 73% of the taxes

80% of the people in America are getting a royal screwing from the Republicans!

End the WARS everywhere.

Some people believe that war can be a good method of population control. That war is there to control and make sure population does not over populate. Or the other reason is always create a demand for their goods and services because of the constant destruction of items. This portion of the population has been selected because they are meaningless and worth eradicating the population. These people that make these decision must have proven there is no God. These people would have to know that there is no higher power or God. These people must have proven that there is no God.

LIENS FILED!! All 12 Federal Reserve Banks Involved_CRAZY ALERT!!


Why are narcissistic talk show disc jockeys always correct?

Because they will never let a guest that is better prepared and brighter than themselves speak. Constantly talking over guests shows a great deal of ignorance and lack of desire to possibly learn something. Maybe that is why so many stations are changing formats.

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