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Was Lehman brothers allowed to go bankrupt on purpose to frustrate Capital formation unsympathetic to the West?

In some respects Lehman's bankruptcy helped set off a chain reaction that dramatically changed the wealth of many developed and developing countries. Was the financial shock meant to disrupt formation of Capital skills and abilities somewhere that may prove to be unsympathetic to existing concentrations of Wealth in America?

Libya, Egypt, and Afghanistan are examples of Capitalist Creative Destruction.

Libya, Egypt, and Afghanistan are examples of the Capitalist economic concept of Creative Destruction. The Obama and Bush Administrations engaged in these three situations, in large part, in an attempt to create conditions that could absorb surplus Western Capital. There are Capital opportunities in chaos and even simple change.

Obama and money from Wall Street

Thom keeps sounding off that president Obama is getting less funds from Wall street and the financial sector than Mitt Romney is but he should check the Washington Post today (10/20/11) and their article showing how Obama IS still way ahead of all the republicans COMBINED when it comes to monitary contributions from the financial sector - he is still in the pockets of Wall Street and will always be (I'm afraid to say).

Saddam's half brother, NOT Saddam, was decapitated during their hangings (ugh!)

Just a correction to something Thom said today, that Saddam Hussein was (accidentally) decapitated during his hanging. Not true, though an easy mistake to make. It was Saddam's half brother, Barzan al Tikriti, who "lost it" that way. See:

(Randi Rhodes made the same error back in August.)

Investors like OWS

I subscribe to an investment advice service at The Motley Fool. They visited the occupation and liked what they heard. Here's the report:

Thom's Guy

We all know that Thom supports Obama's re-election so we have to commend him for mentioning this:

OWS is not going away

For all the pundits and politicians hoping for cold and wet weather to end OWS. Wake up! There may be a pause in the protests when the weather gets bad but it's only going to be taking a breather.

What it means is that the politicians have 4 months to really accomplish something for the majority in this country before spring. It took almost 3 years for the majority to really start getting fed up with nothing being done. And it took the youth of the country to get it started.

Leaked Memo: The Corporate Boardrooms Fear The Occupy Movement

Here is a NEW way to contact your 'elected officials'! Since coorporations run the world, now we can contact them directly. It's part of the 'ASSHOLE HIPPIES FROM OUTTER SPACE' movement.

Oct. 19, 2011

Grecian Formula

As the cradle of democracy twists in the grip of unrest, has anyone considered why?
It has come to light that the rioting and countrywide decline is to close on loans so they can pay third party creditors.
Who benefits? Who does not?
Would Greece be fine internally as the trouble is centered on finance and not caused by some natural disaster?
Is a forced famine over fiat currency manipulation worth the unrest?
Something that is a printed piece of paper is causing this. Why not print more for them as we have done for ourselves?

If Republican Corporatists Had Their Way...

If Republican Corporatists Had Their Way...

This is what Middle Class America Would Look Like.

America's New Foreign Policy: Just kill 'em.

Awww,… Obama got to assassinate another leader, I’m happy for him, it will help his career.

They Can't Take Me Away

They Can't Take Me Away by leighmf

The way I think my thoughts,
the way I sip green tea
through a plastic straw,
as sharks are swimming in the sea-

The way I sing a song,
the way I talk to trees
in Latin is a gas-
change banks if you have big late fees.

I may never go to Paris, France
or stay in any Hilton Suite.
Though I love LeJaby underpants,
for the same price schools of kids could eat.

Conspiracy against Balochistan Accelerates

Good Book Title

"Relax, God has pledged not to destroy Earth"

This is the statement made by Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) of 19th District of Illinois, House Energy Committee Chair after GOP Voctory in November 2010.

Would this make a good title for a book on global warming?

This is the article that inspired me.


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