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Military man at the CIA???

I am interested to know what any posters think of the appointment of General David Petraeus to head up the CIA. While I understand that our military and CIA just might one in the same anymore, what do you think intelligence community veterans think of having a career military man foisted upon them to take orders from now? I would have to think that many of them would be quite irritated at the prospect of a non-intel career man now giving the orders and laying down the direction.

Hysterical Thom wrong again

Sinking ship? Is that what you want, Thom? Progressives like you really want the president to fail just to prove your miserably narrow point of view. How is this fundamentally different from the hard right? The truth is that it isn't.

Anthony Jury Decided Correctly

While crazy Americans are devastated by the escapement of their scapegoat, going so far as to issue death threats against the jurors' decision, I rejoice knowing Justice was done in this case and I'm very relieved to have the chance to hope for a better future for the accused. Though Casey Anthony has been acquitted of murder, throngs of national mourners for "little Caylee" (actually, the lucky one, to be free-) are outraged that a killer mother has been set free. They make shrines at the phony gravesite- people who never knew the deceased.

TREASON & EXTORTION by the Republican Party....

The Republican Party raised the Debt Limit 9 Times under Bush…without a Whimper...NOW…the Republican Party….

For the Love of Royals

Royal oil
pollutes our soil,
we ran 'em off once,
but they had a foil,
so Americans would take 'em back-
they mortgaged every pipe and track.
And in the middle of the night
instructed banks in Scottish Rite.

Coal from the mountaintops,
oil on the shore,
gold from the rivers
-they cyanided for.
Phosphate pits and nitrate traps
aluminum plants and nickel.
It really is the Royals
gives us the bloody pickle.

What "Debt Limit Crises"????

There is only a crisis of executive competence


I know this is a bit dated but I have never seen this phishing email before and perhaps there are one or two of you that have not been confronted with this either.

India’s Self-deception on Kashmir

On June 28, this year, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in an interview that Pakistan should “leave Kashmir alone.” Singh’s statement came after Pak-India secretary level talks concluded on June 24 at Islamabad.

Nuclear Power

To the question of what should be done about nuclear power I think we have to explore every possibility that will allow us to use nuclear power without the dangers that currently come with it.

We cannot just quit trying to figure out how to use n. p. in a safe and sane manner. Also, we need to have more and better thinking on how to control the wastes of n. p.

More pictures from Michele Bachmann's Tea (Gag) Party

Some supporters.

Dancing Michele

More pictures from Michele Bachmann's Tea (Gag) Party

The "visiting opera singer:

The photographer who took many shots of me. Anybody recognize him?

Michele Bachmann's Tea (Gag) Party

Well... I'd wager pretty much everybody has some things they'd like to permanently wipe from his/her memory. One of those things, for me, would certainly be seeing down the front of Michele Bachmann's dress a couple days ago. I truly wish I could get a memory wipe on that one. OK, now that I've piqued your interest, and/or thoroughly disgusted you with that morsel of salacity... I'll get back to it.

Gaza-Bound Freedom Flotilla (updated comment)

Today - independence day in the United States - I received this message from several peace groups, Jews and Arabs, located in Israel.

Oil Spill: Exxon Devastates Yellowstone River

BP’s oil spill in the Gulf; Wall Street speculation at the pump; Not a peep about nation wide energy conservation efforts; ill-legal war acts in Iraq and Libya; Ground water being spoiled by fracking; Price Inflation and food insecurity due to energy speculators; and generally unlimited consequence-free conversion of the public commons into a cost free production factor for for-profit private enterprises…..

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Is George Zimmerman Right?

It's time to listen to George Zimmerman. Seriously, and I'll explain in a minute.