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Government Should Regulate Business, Not the Other Way Around

A Capital Idea Part 106: Government Should Regulate Business, Not the Other Way Around

The Republican Path for the United States Of America

I am a republican,

San Onofre

to Ms Rieman... spot on, we , my family ( sister ) still has a house in Harbor Estates, off Calle Estrella, used to be Capo arte exactly right , if you have a boat, @ Dana Point Harbor, else, only way out up PCH, or I 5....good luck wwith all that , or, maybe ATV back inthe old Forster Ranch land, if there is any thing left, outside of the developers, I doubt it, .....

Citizen's United -- Candidates or special interest groups...who's really running?

Boy, I was pretty upset when Thom lost a debate on his own radio program last Thursday, Feb 2, 2012.

He was rehashing the same old topic, corporate personhood, with a very smart man from the Institute for Justice -- this was on an anniversary of the Citizens United case.

Should corporations have the right to vote? Of course not, that's idiotic, corporations aren't people both agreed. And corporations don't vote. Only people vote.

There is no such thing as a Progressive that belongs to the Democratic Party, but remember Roseanne Barr’s Working Class Roots for 2012.

somebody get Obama some boxes so he can clean out his desk

Geology and Global Warming: Heat = Energy, don’t make it worse with Fracking.

Look out Environment! Obama needs votes.

DEMAND Obama use his National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to detain Koch Brothers indefinitely!

Or is the NDAA just for peasants that get in the way of further wealth concentration and corporate profits? (nod your yes)

"Obama's NDAA - Velvet Fascism gets a set of teeth"

President’s Weekly address on $5 Billion in Homeowner’s assistance welcome but uninspired.

"The housing crisis has been the single biggest drag on our recovery from the recession. It has kept millions of families in debt and unable to spend, and it has left hundreds of thousands of construction workers out of a job," Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address.

Syria kills another 217

Another 217 people have massacred by the Syrian government and no one anywhere even talks about it?

G.W.Bush said democracy would flourish throughout the Middle East and it truly is a shame Obama doesn't have it in him to defend the principles our nation is based upon and what all humanity strives for.

To The White House: Rather than the "Buffett Tax Plan", call it "Reagan Tax Plan" -- as a caller on Thom's show suggested.

A caller phoned Thom today and said Obama and the Democrats should "Luntzify" the "Buffett Tax Plan" and call it the "Reagan Tax Plan."

The caller noted that most Republicans are not interested in what a Democrat like Buffett would suggest, and advocated instead calling it the "Reagan Tax Plan." Reagan advocated virtually the same approach, the caller and Thom both noted. Thom said that investment should be taxed at least at the same rate of work, about 28%. And he played the Reagan quote about wanting the rich to pay at least the same in taxes as a bus driver.

Changes in F1 and H1B Visas

US proposes changes in F-1 & H-1B visas to attract skilled workforce

Amidst pending comprehensive immigration reform, the United

any body out there

Wow! Koch Brothers coordinate 100 Million dollars to defeat Obama in election!

See the story at for more details of the Koch brothers and their pledge (along with allies) to donate about 100 million dollars to defect President Obama in the upcoming election.

And anyone thinks Roseanne Barr can take on this crowd? These guys are playing utter hard ball!



End the Democrat’s Triangulation to the Right! Vote President Elect Roseanne Barr in 2012!

Obama was right, we just had to hope. Hope that somebody from a third party would come along and give the 99% what we want!

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