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Thoughts About Aliens

I've been reading a book about the history of Native American culture ("The Earth Shall Weep" for anyone who might be interested). Unlike many of the "history" books available on Native Americans, this particular author sets out on a quest to dismantle one of the most commonly held and poorly conceived notions about their cultural DNA: the notion that Native American culture -- or for that matter, aboriginal cultures on the whole -- are nothing more than lesser-evolved primitive stops on the Culture Train of Human Progress.




The Great Financial Magnifying Glass

A Capital Idea part 81:The Great Financial Magnifying Glass

Since I am in Taiwan, ostensibly part of China, this seems the ideal time to start a post with a Chinese example.

I can't chat in the community anymore

Ever since Java came out with it's update, my Mac OSX doesn't have the required "java magic" to chat. When is this problem going to be fixed?

Anti-Balochistan Collusion Exposed

By Sajjad Shaukat

Dr. King

Thom, on todays show in Chicago you mentioned that my frat brother Dr. King was a registered Republican. This is false information being spead mostly by Black Republican groups. There is no evidence he was a registered Republican. In fact he repeatedly stated he was non-partisan so as to affect both parties. To further confirm this search the King Research Center's website and search the term non-partisan. Also, look for his stinging comments about Barry Goldwater. I listen to your show daily and learn much but this time maybe I can actually add to the discussion.


I think you should read this.

Maxine Waters and the black cacus are pissed and calling out Obama.

The Prez bypassing Congress to create American Jobs

A room of one's own

This is a comment/question regarding the scope on the "war on women". It is pretty well known the attempts to thwart women's ability to make their own decisions regarding their reproductive rights and general health care by the conservatives around the country. My thoughts go to a more insidious campaign and its ramifications to women in general that is embedded in the war on economics.

Regarding jobs

Is it true that a prospective employers can check my credit rating? How can that be legal? I was laid off shortly before my 60th birthday from a $60K annual salary. I have a master's degree, and I retrained to teach non-credit adult education classes, but the work is part time and pays $16 per hour. How does one pay the mortgage, car payment and utilities on that? Impossible to get an interview for jobs I am perfectly qualified for. Am I being discriminated against because I'm in the danger zone with my mortgage?

Sometimes I Really Hate It When I Am Right!

Unfortunately, it looks like the war with Syria is heating up.

Somebody (on a different message board) was questioning my assertion that all the safety-net cost cutting possible will never accomplish anything, because we are not at just two costly wars, but EIGHT. Hey, I'm not happy about it, either.

Feeding America

Not my fault so I'm going to the Vineyard (?!)

Obama may think that - and maybe even believe it - but one thing is clear and that is the economy and sorry state of American Society is most certainly his responsibility.

Another Stimulus won't change Trade Policy.


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If you'll be in L.A. this weekend (March 28-29) join me at SisterGiant3 presented by Marianne Williamson...I'll be speaking on Saturday together with (former) Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) - for tickets and information go to