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Conniving Louse leverages appointment of New after 2012 v Impeachment of existing Supreme Justices against American's vote.

What?! You don’t think Obama realizes it?

Romney's Plan for Job Creation and Economy Growth

I just reviewed Mitt Romney's new plan to create jobs and deliver growth to the economy. In his speech today Romney chastised Obama for blaming others such as George W. Bush for our current unemployment and stagnant economy. However, if you review his plan it is devoted to blaming the incompetence of Obama for unemployment, shackling of Corporate America from turning around the economy, and loss of our credit worthiness. He cites wrenches the Obama administration has thrown into the economy and claims misguided policies have acted as a severe drag on growth.


Sarah Palin lies in her first breath on Facebook 09/06/2011

Maybe it's because she doesn't read. Maybe it's because she uses GOP lying and manipulating talking points.

Notice she doesn't explicitly state the big bailouts that everyone remembers and will automatically associate with Obama per her statements:

I agree with Hoffa, but this Obama! With Jeffrey "ALEC" Immelt at Obama side 24/7!?

Its like pleding your alligence to a lion claiming he's been blocked in his attempts to stop eating meat!

An Economics Lesson Even a Liberal Can Grasp

September 6, 2011

An Economics Lesson Even a Liberal Can Grasp

By Herbert E. Meyer

From moving on

Why Elected Republicans have swung to the Far Right

I know Thom supports Closed Primaries because of a few cross over casualties, but those are but a few fallen trees in a vast forest-a forest of Republican politicians that is has become overpopulated by the Far Right. The prevalence of closed primaries in some 31 states over time has swung elected Republicans FAR to the right. It isn't that the country has moved right, but the closed primary system has elected too many far-right Republican candidates.

Taxes #2

Another blatant lie? Can someone verify?

John Steele Gordon, writing in The Wall Street Journal:

Many blame the Bush tax cuts for adversely impacting federal revenues, causing the debt to spiral upward.

But that is just not true. Federal revenues declined by almost 12 pervent in the early years of he decade,

but when the tax cuts fully kicked in in 2003, the economy began tro grow strongly again. Federal revenues

increased 44 percent in the next four years, while unemployment fell to 4.2 percent from 6.2 percent.

Labor Day Name Change

I expected the Republican control house to vote the change Labor Day to Ronald Regan Day as he did destrory PATCO and that was the beginning of the Republicans attack on organized Labor and should I say quite sucessfully, unfortuniately.

Kevin Carson of


You may want to consider having Kevin on your show. I recently interviewed him on my show. Here are some of the things we discussed:

How to make our posts incomprehensible to readers, but brilliant to ourselves.

Labor Day is a good day to work on our writing skills.

Let’s start with a simple sentence, such as, “Democracy without minority protections invites corruption.”

The sentence is clear and concise, yes? It communicates?

But wait—for many of us, that’s not enough. The sentence fails to show the weightiness of the intellect behind it. It needs more...and then more...and more after that.

Suggestions for a better sentence:

Health care

Green-jobs implosion

Green-jobs implosion

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Posted: September 04, 2011

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Corporations outspend taxpayers in Congress...

You may be surprised to learn that we spend about $2 billion dollars a year on our dysfunctional Congress. However, it's even more surprising to learn that corporate lobbyists spend even more to buy off our federal lawmakers.