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  • our ball of gas

    To all whom are charged with the task of creating awareness of the issue of atmospheric alteration..(u say climate change) I call upon all to stop saying "Climate Change" primarily used in conjunction with other terms to describe the chemical and thermal effects of the constant infusion of unwanted and dangerous elemental gases within the massive volume of our atmosphere.

  • phone phonys

    Today's modern citizen doesnt care that they are giving away their life and fortune to carry what is an invasive digital monitor made by foreign interest that can and do, activate backdoors or penetrate cloud computing at will. Oh its fun and lets us spend time away from living our lives and oh look at the birdy game! Yet the spy in your pocket is loved and considered important to modern folk. Now there are those geeks and techies who promote turning those devices to honest helpmates. Rooting as they say is the new dumb. Who amongst us should root our dataphones? NOBODY!!

  • GOP Debates

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    There are about 7 more debates scheduled.  Seems to me that (what was it 13?) is giving them a quiet advantage over the Dems for the upcoming election.  The mainstream media has nothing else to talk about! The left is getting hammered every day, and aren't doing enough to respond....maybe there should be some kind of media blitz from the left that can get some of the attention, and get a more balanced presentation to the voting public, many whom turn on the debates to watch, and then actually start believing this crap that they keep hearing....Speak up, Dems!

  • generally speaking

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    Two aspects of energy industry practices which I think we can rightly be suspicious are quality control of "design flaws" (fracking wells have often leaked, off-shore oil wells explode, etc.) and contingency/risk management (inadequate technology and investment for response to failures). Possibly disastrous effects of ignoring these concerns requires "conservative" regulatory ruling/law, if you ask me (but, obversely, reckless irresponsibility can yield abundant, if ill-gotten, gain, I suppose).


  • Stimulus Spending and Overpowering Trade Deficits in Considering Job Growth

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    There is a very nice posting at that looks at a variety of important issues related to job creation in the us.

    The author quotes from an article in The Nation magazine by Thomas Geoghegan in the October 17 2011 edition of the Nation. (See the entire article at entire article.)

  • Are our Candidates and Nationally Elected Officials the ethical dregs and/or weirdos of American Society?

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    nod your head "yes"

  • How will prices at the pump change during the Presidential election and why?

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    There is an indisputable amount of evidence showing one hell of a lot of brain energy going into manipulating the prices at the pump during Presidential elections and I don’t expect it to be any different this time around.

  • Obama’s ruinous plan to politicize our National Forests nears completion.

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    Wow, talk about sticking it to the Commons Obama’s!  In a clear act to socialize the cost of his re-election the Obama administration is nearing completion of a new Forest Planning Rule, which governs every planning decision made on national forests for decades to come.

  • all enemies both for and domestic regardless of whether or not they use military might.

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    Kochs, ALEC, Rove, Michigan Financial Managers, Walker, Norquist, Dick Army, etc. etc.  somebody's got to get busy on this!

  • “We Need Radio, Television and Web Piracy – Seriously!”

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    Watching corporate sponsored television news is almost the equivalent of watching reality T.V.