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Lets Have Class Warfare

There should be no surprise when President Obama says that the wealthiest among us should pay their fair share in taxes that the right is sent crying class warfare with a truly remarkable quickness. Fact is these guys are just rotten shills, bought and paid for political hookers looking out for their oligarchs. No surprises, this is the way of things. These Tea Party sons of bitc

Job-killing tax cuts

Wake up Liberals! The GOP mantra of "job-killing taxes" is pure bunk. In fact, it is really just the opposite. Job-killing tax cuts take money away from infrastructure and other worthwhile, job-creating projects and leaves more money in the hands of the "job creators', as styled by our Republican friends. This is good, they say because these are the people that create new jobs. Well, it turns out that is absolutely true. They do indeed create jobs . . . in China, India and elsewhere but not in the good old USA!

The Car Seat Generation

I have wondered what the effects of raising an entire generation in car seats were. The car seat puts a baby in an external womb, one that is buckled in the back seat of a car for their safety. The safety engineers even ask that we face the child toward the rear of the car. The child cannot see where they are going, only where they have been.

This sets their perspective before they can think. Safety is the most important thing in the growing youth, more so than a Constitution of the United States. It is not safe to look at where they are going.

The TRUTH about Taxes

Let’s hope that Warren Buffet is better at managing funds than he is at tax policy. After Buffett complained that his secretary pays a higher tax rate than he does, Barack Obama decided to call his new class-warfare taxes “the Buffett Rule” and emphasize that he wants to make taxes more “fair.” But was Buffett right? According to an AP fact check — and just about every ounce of common sense that exists outside of the class-warfare fever swamps of the White

Why ObamaCare when its Trillions$$$ cheaper to go Medicare/cade For All?!?!?!

In Matt Taibbi's recent book he refers to ObamaCare as a direct cash exchange (launder taxpayer money through the health insurance industry to get some back in the form of campaign donations) with the Health Insurance Industry in order to secure the industry's backing in Obama re-election bid.

White House-backed cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

This just in from CREDO:

"The president's plan which was unveiled yesterday includes raising taxes on the super wealthy, but it also opens the door to damaging cuts to Medicare and Medicaid benefits. These programs are protected from cuts unless the so-called super committee votes to slash them to protect military spending and the wealthiest taxpayers. "

Occupy Wall Street Protest: Five Arrested on Day Three

The people don't Obama eve if he did respond to the People's call for Change - REAL, SUBSTANTIVE, ACTUAL Change.

Get rid of Obama in 2012. No more getting spoonfed velvety mouthfulls of criminal republican ideology.

A picture is worth a thousand words

I just wanted to share this interactive map of "poverty in the US"

You can see in an instant how the "honorable" Rick Perry's great state of Texas rates.

Failure of US Drone Policy


This is from an E-Mail that was floating around awhile back. (Author unknown to me.) I thought I'd share it for anyone who's never read it. It's SO true...

Peace, Randy


US Ploy behind Haqqani Network

Something to remember before making comments about the wealthy and their Bush Tax Cuts

Let's all remember that the Bush Tax Cuts were part and parcel of the Deficit - they will die in 2012, HOPEFULLY - we need to get close to 60 Dems in the Senate so we can start to turn things around - The Repubs will lose the House - the new members of the Tea Party AKA Republicans, all made an ass out of themselves with the Debt Ceiling....The Republicans are nothing but a bunch of bullies - Obama needs to back them down and call them out - there have been numerous Jobs Bills all have failed due to Republicans - the Dems need to have better communication and let that info out so

Class warfare or math?

Class warfare or national accounting?

Nuance musings

Keeping it simple but always curious.

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A state of emergency has been declared in California after crews realized that the Rufugio Beach oil spill was five times worse than original estimates. This week, the Plains All American Pipeline ruptured and dumped crude oil over a four-mile stretch of pristine California coastline.