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Geoge Bush

Bush had and has a habit of giving friends and associates a nickname, sometimes unflattering. This is his attempt to reduce that person to a less than human status, conforming to your assesment of his as a high-functioning pyschopath.

Ed Asner speaks out at premiere of controversial documentary: "9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"

Los Angeles - 6/13/2012 - Veteran actor Ed Asner has walked the red carpet at the premieres of countless Hollywood films, but this time he took the podium to support the producers of a controversial new documentary that challenges the offical 9/11 story. The premiere of "9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out", a film by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth), took place at the Beverly Hills Music Hall Theatre in Los Angeles, California, as


Another miss for the investigating authorities when it was said in today's Miami Herald ,

CHEMTRAILS: Geoengineering the Skies to Mitigate Global Warming...or something else?

Coming Fall 2012: - The revealing Documentary: "Why in the World are They Spraying?

Produced by the Originator and Co-Producer of "What in the World are They Spraying?" Michael J. Murphy Co-Produced by Barry Kolsky is an investigative documentary into one of the many agendas associated with chemtrail/geoengineering programs, "weather control"

Brazil’s Rio+20 Earth Summit for United Nations warped “Green Economy”: Saving nature by putting a price tag on what nature “does” for us.

Aka the United Nations Environment Program concept of “Greed Economy”

Michigan School District, After Budget Cuts, Plans to Cut 200-Year-Old Trees for Timber$$$.

The epitome of a one time only liquidation of natural resources for a bit of good economics. I wonder if they learned the trick from Walker or Obama?

Republicans OUTRAGED at "PROMETHIUS" portrayal of MORMANISM!

Some people are saying that the new SciFy movie PROMETHEUS is an attack on MORMAN THEOLOGY. I HAVE NO EVIDENCE TO BACK THIS UP-but- some people are saying - the MAYANS 2012 PROPHESIES were about MITT ROMNEY winning the election and the MORMON GOD sends all those Aliens. Many BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS were traumatized by the film. Even Non-believers were discombobulated when confronted with ALIENS and MORMON THEOLOGY.
SOME OTHER PEOPLE are saying the MORMANS paid the VATICAN to not object to Mitt Romney as the PRESIDENT.

FOX News channel locks all tier 1 TV programming

FOX News channel is the only general, "news and views" channel offered in tier 1 (least expensive) program packages offered by all cable and satellite TV providers in the U.S.! (CNN is "business news," and like the networks, does not include political talk shows ["views"]).

The severly disabled among us

In this area we have Lakeland Village, a state institution for severly disabled. From time to time, billboards will plead for nurses for Lakeland Village, asking "Are you up to the challenge?" Only a very wealthy family could afford to care for a member who is helpless to care for themselves. How many Americans believe that we the people in the form of our government should stay out of the caring business?

Why so many right-wing lunatics on your TV show?

As a longtime loyal viewer of The Big Picture on RT, I never cease to be amazed by the crassly-low quality of right-wing guests on the show. Can't you find any right-wingers to bring on the show who aren't compulsive liars, so abjectly brainwashed as to actually appear lobotomized on TV, and clearly barely borderline literate?

Iowa Politics - Congressman Braley and Secretary of Agriculture Vilsak

I attended a gathering for our new Congressman Bruce Braley. His guest speaker was Secretary Vilsak.

As background, I live in Linn County Iowa, which includes the Cedar Rapids area. With redistricting, we have been moved into the 1st congressional district, which is currently represented by Congressman Braley. We were previously part of the 2nd district and represented by Congressman Loebsak.

Fossil Fuel Industry launches bipartisan attack$$$ on Science.

The House of Representatives will soon vote on yet another fossil fuel industry-backed bill, attacking clean air and public health. It is critical that we stand up for strong standards based on independent science, not false economic claims from big polluters.

Norquist the mole



I hope that we can vote out the TEA PARTY MEMBERS. This highjacking of the republican party is on out rage to our rights and our feedomes. The lack of connection to reality is astounding to Me. We are in a fight for our fights. Money is the source of income inequatity. If you have enough money thay will buy there way into what ever thay want.

dan goodwin

Land Tax: So when the state can take your property from you for not paying your Tax, and is sold to the highest bidder. What hapens when the property so called owner is the person and or persons living on the property or the property has no mortage, and is sold by the state for unpayed land tax. Let us say 500$ back tax, state auctions off the property and is sold for 200K where does the balance go? Dose this mean that the banks that we pay a mortage to realy do not own that piece for property? Also if the property is taken by the state and sold to the highest bidder.

Why the MI Electors Should Not Be Counted On Dec 18th

With recount efforts now underway in Michigan - election officials have discovered something strange going on in Wayne County, the home of Detroit, and the largest single county in the state.