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How the Occupy Wall Street Movement Can Succeed

Dear Mr Ronald Reagan and the Mob

When we were fighting to stop a landfill from coming to our town I read that dear Mr Reagan made a deal with someone in the organized crime circuit, no not Wallstreet or Congress, a deal was made to trade Americas Labor force & unions for Americas trash. All trash hauling, all landfills, and all the companies that clean up landfills after they get put on the Superfund list when they leak. They all leak eventually.

Romney said something last night that I hope the President heard

Thom, several years ago ‘2009' I gave a speech on the political environment.

Last year I kind of repeated just the highlights on this blog, in which I gave my take on who Obama would face, and I repeated it once again a few months ago, because I understand Karl Rove.

Now my worst fears are coming true, for I was hoping that I would be wrong.

Refine your demands "CHANGE SCOPE OF PRACTICE"

Hello. I have called Thom Hartmann show , spoke with Thom several times.

I have started to refine my wish list. I hope the 99'ers do the same.

I want healthcare for all.

Simple enough? Well, although complex, the healthcare system is in total chaos.

It all stems from healthcare being imbedded with Insurance regulation. This needs to end in order for healthcare to be afordable to all, thus quashing diseases and deadly germs from spreading.

The fight goes on


There is ONLY ONE WAY to save our country from the present fall into the abyss.

The Social Contract Breakers

October 12

A Capital Idea Part 87: The Social Contract Breakers


I am 68 years old, Vietnam era Veteran. How I wish I could be at Wall Street with my brothers. God bless you.

From Senators Sanders ways Wall street can help the other 99%

Second Solar company with 1.2 billion in taxpayer guaranteed loans in financial trouble

As failed solar panel manufacturer Solyndra rides through the investigative ringer in Congress, revelations of another politically-connected company that received what appears to be a less-than-virtuous $1.2 billion loan guarantee are surfacing.

The company, SunPower, received its $1.2 billion loan guarantee in September, immediately before the program’s deadline.

The Way Forward - Moving From the Post-Bubble, Post-Bust Economy to Renewed Growth and Competitiveness

This is a very worthy read. It is a sobering analysis of where we are, how we got here, and what we must do to move forward. Written by Daniel Alpert, Westwood Capital; Robert Hockett, Professor of Law, Cornell University; and Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics, New York University

Protester Pic o' the day

Bono and Gaga on WRONG SIDE of Washington-Wall Street nexus with Clinton gig.

Bono and Gaga are a couple of putz’s for playing the Clinton gig.

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As Obama talks of climate change in Alaska, oil giant Shell readies drills in the Arctic

And in 2041, the Antarctica could be opened up just as the Arctic has been

Scott Walker: Building a wall at the Canadian border might be "legitimate" idea

It's not just the southern border: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says it's "legitimate" to discuss building a wall separating the United States from Canada, as well

Malaysia's democracy is in worse shape than we thought

Malaysia's ethnic groups, and thus Malaysia itself, are looking more and more divided

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We’re at a Dangerous Climate Crossroads - Here’s How We Can Save the Planet

As President Obama tours the Arctic to raise awareness about global warming, we’re getting new evidence about just how dire a situation our planet is in.

In preparation for this fall’s big climate talks in Paris, 56 countries have come out with their own national targets for cutting greenhouse gasses.