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Douche bag Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) filibustering the extension of low interest rates on student loans.

Senator Ron Johnson phone number is 202-224-5323

Thanks CREDO

Does Jesus really hate the gays? I don't think so!

Not the Jesus of the Golden Rule -- "By ye acts are you known!" and also "Whoever does unto these, the least of my children, you do unto me!"

Or do the righties think Jesus would really strap on a Glock and go over and shoot people up? or drop bombs on them? Perhaps they can find a new testament quote to that effect? Oh? I thought not.

Or how about the admonition to pray in a closet rather than out in public? Seems to me that many, many righties ignore this direction intentionally so they can appear "superior" to others.



Barrett vs. Walker: Rematch of the Century

This last Tuesday, voters in Wisconsin finally headed to the polls to determine a candidate to run against Scott Walker in this historic recall election. Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett easily defeated all 3 of his opponents. Pulling in 58% of the vote, Barrett’s win was clear and decisive. Fire Fighter and political newcomer, Mahlon Mitchell won the rights to face off against Rebecca Kleefisch for the office of Lt. Governor. Scott Walker was on the ballet as he defended his place on the ticket against 23 year old protester, Arthur Kohl-Riggs.

Why Is the Central Bank of Any Country Like It's Health Care System?

Why is the central bank of any country like its health care system? Because it only works for the people when its in public hands. That's because when the monetary system is being controlled by the private banks, they act as middle men, and they don't do it for free. Oh, so you say, "Well, the government can't just print money!" Why is it that so few realize that right now, the four big banks in the Federal Reserve are "just printing money," and they're doing it like crazy. How do they get it into circulation? They make loans with this new money.

Should our President pay for it?

I feel if President Obama makes same sex marriage the law of the land (It might be next) I feel he should have it done in the Oval Office; boardcast on the networks; have him as best man and Vice President Biden in attendance and have the President pay for it all. If he is indeed wanting this so such a long time. BTW, he decided this Surport after North Carolina voted and how much you want to bet dollars to dounts the Democratics will pull out and go to Chicago for their convention. Chicago Stadium has space open in September.

stop giving the Koch Brothers free airtime

Today, an interview with a circular thinking facists, yesterday someone on the payroll of the Koch Brothers...the guy from the Rason Institute yesterday could not even look you in the face as he danced around not answering you.

You are not going to convince them they are wrong...MONEY IS ALL THAT MATTERS TO THEM.

Thom, please use the valuable airtime with progressives who can figure out who to stop the onslaught of Mission Accomplished, that is the complete takeover of the courts, Congress and all media outlets.

severely moderate

I think marriage equality is inevitable.


The Christian Taliban

You gotta keep 'em separated...

The Church


The State

Fed clears China's first US bank takeover.

Ah yes, America used to have financial sovereignty but now the only financial sovereignty that is relevant is that of the 1%.

Walker’s Dept of Natural Resources caught spreading 300% times the legal limit of Human Waste throughout State.

That ought a help tourism! And here I thought I pooped my pants when I went outside to get the mail!

Inspection- Will the Curse of the Big Ad Campaign Strike Again?

I want to throw a bottle of homebrew beer at my beloved.

New Poll suggests the Wimp factor is a PROBLEM FOR ROMNEY

I was being polite. 9 out of 10 males were asked why they didn't like Mitt Romney. All nine said " He's a PUSS@! the 10th guy was incoherent.
So there you go. You can't argue with facts.

Jesus says Welfare encourages laziness

I was at the bar with Jesus and Satan. We were celebrating my birthday. 5/7/62, maybe some will notice that #.
"Jesus, I think I'm losin my FAITH"

Milk shot out of Satans nose.
"I pray but I don't get any answers-I try to......
Dan-Dan- I hate to admit this- The Rebublicans are right- My old man doesn't pay any taxes, then he has this FAITH BASED scam and gets GUVMENT checks, then he has a bunch a suckers who worship him and will give him their last dime-AND IT IS ALL LEGAL!

Morman "Magic Underwear" protects people from EVIL - BUT THEY WON'T SHARE!

Jonah Salk gave away the Polio vaccine. If he invented underwear that protected people from evil he would have shared it with the world. Why didn't the Morman Church donate Magic Long Johns to our Troops?

Wage Hating Burger Czar As Labor Secretary?

In just a two hour span, Donald Trump has completely exposed his whole "I love the workers" routine as just another classic Trump scam.

It all began, where else, on Twitter, where on Wednesday night, Trump went after Chuck Jones, the local union president for the factory at the center of his Carrier deal.