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We wonder why so many people in the world take advantage of us. Why they must cheat and steal there way to enrichment, power and authority.


Military to Use High-Carbon ‘Liquid Coal’

An amendment to a major military spending bill before the House would rescind a 2007 federal law barring the Defense Department from using alternative fuels, like synthetic oil made from coal, that produce more climate-altering pollution than conventional fuels.

5,000 new oil wells in ' tight rock fields '

An engineer concluded that the techniques used to extract natural gas from shale — fracking, combined with drilling horizontally through layers of rocks — could be used for oil. Chesapeake and a few other independents quickly followed. Now the biggest multinational oil companies, as well as Chinese and Norwegian firms, are investing billions of dollars in the fields.

The Texas field, known as the Eagle Ford, is just one of about 20 new onshore oil fields that advocates say could collectively increase the nation’s oil output by 25 percent within a decade.

Obama hoping to thrive on lies of omission

Candidate Obama said whistleblowers were Patriots who should be encouraged! And rightly so, without whistleblowers we’d have never learned about Abu Ghraib or Warrantless Wiretapping.

IRA documentary videos/ and some recent things that happend!

These videos go over some of the history of the IRA! Aside from the videos there are some things that you might find interesting. I have spoke with actual Irish Republicans, and i asked them about what they thought about Peter King and that whole Muslim witch hunt thing. They told me that it is good he supports the IRA but for the Muslim witch hunt he is an embarrassment and a disgrace to the IRA!

Queens visit to Dublin, Ireland. What you were not told about!

Dublin is not part of the British/English colonized areas of Ireland! Yet they told people they could not be in thouse areas the Queen was going through, and some people were not allowed to return to their homes! There were also large protests that as far as i know were never talked about on the news! And under section 21 of the public order the Irish national flag has been banned, remember this is in Dublin! The video of a women getting her flag taken away from her, has been deleted several times already on Youtube, and no the flag did not have a pole!

Entitlement Nation: Makers VS Takers

Nation's Economic Fix staring our Politicians in the face

The nation’s Economic fix is a matter of political will and not complexity.

Killing Terrorists, American Style

But, but…why do they hate us?

Article by Rolling Stones..a must read!

Title is:

How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory

Reverend Billy's Freak Storm: Off-line On-earth

The Church of Earthalujah

Reverend Billy's brilliantly bombasting boldly brief, quirky, quixotic Earthalujah sermons --

Mmmm...yum...Ayn Rand's Head Cheese

Patriots, or War Criminals?

May 28

A Capital Idea Part 71: Patriots, or War Criminals?

Today I am going to combine an earlier topic of my posts, about the psychological nature of war, with the current one.

A Few Truths About The Phonies Who Say They Are Anti Social Safety Nets

Entitlement Hater Paul Ryan Was A Social Security Baby
April 19, 2011
By Ray Medeiros

When Representative Paul Ryan was 16 years old , tragedy struck his family. His 55 year old father had passed away from a heart attack. Young Paul Ryan found his father’s lifeless body and was burdened by the fact that he had to tell his mother and siblings of this horrible situation.

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We Need to Stop Worshipping Cops

If you protest police brutality and you don’t protest police deaths, then you’re a hypocrite.

That’s what conservatives have been saying ever since two New York City cops were murdered Saturday in an apparent revenge attack for the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.