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IMF Calling For Mortgage Debt Relief: CRAZY ALERT?


Judge Rules Against NLRB Union Poster Rule

Monday, April 16, 2012


Judge rules against NLRB union poster rule

by Kevin Bogardus

A federal judge ruled Friday that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) exceeded its authority when it required employers to post notices explaining workers’ rights to form a union.

Amount of Income

The press spoke that some of his income (President Obama) came from his books that he wrote. Does anyone know the amount he collected? What charties he gave his money? And where on the Best Seller List is his two books listed as of this week?

pronounce correctly "Iran" and "Iranian"

You know, Thom, you make many efforts during each show to correctly pronounce names and places. Yet, you are unwilling to pronounce correctly "Iran" and "Iranian."

I lived in Iran for 5 1/2 years in the 1960s, I know how to pronounce "Iran" and "Iranian," and if you bother to listen to Christian Amenpour or any other Iranian, you will hear the person pronounce correctly "Iran" and "Iranian."

Iran is ee-RON. Iranian is ee-RON-ee-an.

War On Women? Unless of Course, you're a man With a "Disability" or a person With Brown Skin...

"We" got to chuckle a little at the idea of there being some kind of specific "war being declared on [able-bodied white] women, when our slums, prisons and morgue are filled with "useless cripple" men and people with brown skin. But the nonsense about women getting 75% of the pay of men is a real hoot for "US", when you actually compare the wages of men and women who aren't part of the "'relevant class"!

As ice cap melts, militaries vie for Arctic edge.

Simply scrapping over who will extract the most profit out of our dying Arctic is the wrong response.

OCCUPY: Obama slaps Goldman Sachs on Wrist With $22 Million Fine for Insider Trading.

GSA profligacy and Secret Service Whore’n around (sex not corporations) are continuing signs of Obama’s inferior leadership skills.

it's a matter of what people think they can get away with under his leadership,

Government agencies, State Governments, as well as private corporations and entire industries are running rough shod over the interests' of the People.

Michel Montecrossa's 'Günter Grass hat recht: Weltkrieg ist schlecht' speaks out on controversial poem

'Günter Grass hat recht: Weltkrieg ist schlecht' / 'Günter Grass is right: World War is bad' is Michel Montecrossa's New-Topical-Evolver-Song triggered by the controversial Günter Grass poem ‘Was gesagt werden muss / What has to be said’. It is not a song about politics but about what the people want in these times of world war fears, disinformation and big trading of weapons.

Michel Montecrossa says:

Kryder Missing, SS Parties-On

The missing Kryder Estate is a Secret Service jurisdiction as it involves treasury notes, treasury bonds, and a long suspected double-mint pool of phony paper backed by Kryder, The Frank Freimann Trust, North American Properties, et al., originating in the gangster days when Gus Winkler stole 2 million in federal securities from Lincoln National Bank and then convinced the Treasury to print an identical new set because he had burned them.

My Wife and I Now Own a Hybrid Car

A Capital Idea Part 115: My Wife and I Now Own a Hybrid Car

I guess this is incrementalism or "lesser evilism" at its best.


The patriotic millionares

The patriotic millionares seem to be well intentioned. They have invidually and collectivly created a cause for the better of the common good. I applaud them. Because they came on Thomms show prior to April 17th means they have already put thier money where thier mouth is. Good on you Patriotic Millionares; and thank yo

Chis Hayes shows Romney's utter hypocrisy on definition of work -- flip-flop, flip-flop!

On his MSNBC morning show, "UP," this morning, 4-15-12, Chris Hayes demonstrated how Mitt Romney is deeply hypocritical, this time about his views on the meaning of work.

Chris played (at about the 55th minute into his two-hour program) a clip of Romney sharing the stage with McCain and Romney was then advocating that mothers of children as young as two years of age enter the workforce. (see for the clip itself.)

Forget the job, I want land

Take your petroleum economy and shove it, and your Homerland Security jobs as well.

Americans need land, where they can make their own jobs.

The banks, in penance to thr nation, should provide for every homeless, jobless person in America.

Doesn't that sound fair and balanced?

The Money Masters

Hello All -

This documentary, made in1994, is a very compelling, comprehensive indictment of why our economy and political environment is in its current state of corruption and money influence and who/what has been behind it. It poses that this problem goes back thousands of years and walks us through it's history to the 1990's; ending with predictions that nailed the 2008 crisis 14 years before it happened.

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Nuclear Plant Has Been Leaking For Four Years

According to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Entergy Corp has allowed highly radioactive waste to leak into a contained area at the FitzPatrick nuclear power plant for the last four years.

The FitzPatrick plant is near Oswego, New York, but the NRC has said that the leak "poses no immediate risks to any residents or the environment."