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Here's why this New Apostolic, Dominionist or Reconstructionist pseudo-evangelical movement is so dangerous

Sorry for the delay, it's been a rough couple weeks. The second hurricane took out my cable in the flooding, and I was seriously beginnning to wonder before the internet was restored. I had TV and phone for days without Net, though the same craporation supplies the same signal...

The American Government should Buy American

Thom had a 3 part plan to return a manufacturing base to American shores. His third point, enforce a provision that requires governmental entities to "Buy American", is so obvious one wonders why are we not doing that already?

Sure conservatives would cry that this is big government nanny state politics, squandering tax dollars on over paid (Un-employed) American workers. But the Military alone spends almost 2 Billion dollars every single day. Spending that money in America, even if it costs more to

Ron Paul's $50 Million COMA

Especially after the Ron Paul question at the Republican debate, I'm wondering just how much money would one have to make in the U.S. to ensure they wouldn't go bankrupt after a major medical emergency?

The one thing that nobody is discussing is that even if that man in the question posed to Ron Paul HAD INSURANCE.... he probably would not have enough to pay the portion of the hospital bills that were not covered by insurance. Many plans only cover 60% of hospitalization or less.

The Death Penalty

We have got to move past the Levitican rules on the Death Penalty and we have to stop using the bible as a reference for our justice decisions.

A way to fix our surpose voting problem!

To those who claim the Republicans are restricting people from voting (how about those Black Panthers in Philadelphia blocking that polling booth with blackjacks in their hands and our wonderful AG Holder doing nothing!)


You are wrong when you state that we have to change trade policy to turn the economy around. NAFTA and CAFTA would not be possible if the United States paid the same amount for gasoline and petroleum, as Germany or France or any other developed nation, it would void NAFTA and CAFTA. For anyone to look at the American economy over the past 30 years and deduce that it's bad trade deals and lack of tariffs that run the economy, you're naïve. This economy was developed around oil.

Dorothy Rocks

Hey, Dorothy just hit the heart of the matter with her comments on Thom's radio program. DOROTHY speaks truth to power, with love. No one want so put Obama down, but he just doesn't have the spine we thought he did - talk, however powerful, is cheap. His actions tell us all we need to know - why "settle" for his schmaltz?

The Let-Illegals-Drive-without-a-License Bill

A bill being proposed by California 'DREAM Act' proponent/Assemblyman

The Grapes Of Wrath; A Reminder

It is time to remind people about one of the best labor movies ever made - The Grapes Of Wrath.

Made in 1940, just before World War II, TGOW was an unfiltered view of the Great Depression. The Joad Family, whose oldest son was portrayed by Henry Fonda, were sharecroppers who were forced off their land after the Dustbowl effects ruined their farm.

After raising $250 for a truck that was a jalopy in 1940 and supplies, 12 people loaded their furniture and belongings into its bed, climbed in and set out on Route 66 to pick oranges in California.

The Blitzer Question?

After the Teapublican Debate, a lot of attention has been focused on the audience reaction to the Health Care question Wolf Blitzer posed to Ron Paul. More consideration should be given to the question itself.

Kryder Estate Personal Representative Challenges Claim of Yoshannah

"The truth is that the Scrigna Bros. are really the true Heirs to Walt Disney Productions which is the Owner of Real Walt Disney Trademarks. " - Yoshanna

As a means of introduction, Yoshannah has submitted this information on himself in Wikipedia:

Today's Republican

I’ve deduced through observation that to be a Republican today, one must be rich, cruel, or ignorant i.e. low information voter, and they are not mutually exclusive. I can understand why a rich person would vote Republican because the Republican Party supports the Rich, as evidenced, for example, by the low tax rates for the privilaged. But I cannot understand why a poor working person would vote Republican against their own best self interest or against my best interest unless, of course, they fall into the latter two.

AG's Comments


what is the difference between being a citizen and being a person.

citizen by birth also a person.

but a person is not always a citizen.

show me the birth certificate.

Green card


how does this work with the wording in the 14th?

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Bernie Sanders Could be the Next FDR

Tuesday night, I appeared on the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell to talk about Elizabeth Warren, the rise of progressives within the Democratic Party, and what this means for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

At one point in our discussion, the conversation turned to whether Bernie represents the closest thing to an Elizabeth Warren candidacy.