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Can Fully Informed Juries Help Cannabis Prohibition?

Of the many numerous peaceful and constitutionally-respectful means employed for decades by which cannabis law reformers have been to try to bring about about an end to Cannabis Prohibition laws, one of the most benign, yet most powerful arrows in the activist’s quiver is jury nullification–whereby jurors are educated and informed about their right to vote not guilty in cases where they morally question the underlying law itself (and not just to cast a verdict ‘for’ or ‘against’ individuals the government has charged with ‘crimes’).

"Brutish Petroleum is people my friend".

Does antbody remember? I think, I remember a MASS MURDER that was called an ACCIDENT in the Gulf of Mexico sometime in recent history.

Where is the DEATH PENALTY for this person? We know where HE(definitely NOT a she) is. We know what he did. We know this, AHEM-"person" has nowhere near enough resources or the inclination, or the conscience to even attempt to make ammends for the unspeakable suffering he has caused. Lets give him another tax break and another ocean to destroy.


Obama tries to woo students knowing full well they have yet to be stiffed by his Economy.

Matthew Robinson vs. Pete DeFazio_CRAZY ALERT!!!


Glinting object in sky 04-22-2012. Seen darting in and out of distant chentrail cover to the SW over Eugene Wetlands, then suddenly changend direction comming towards Eugene rapidly NE direction.

As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end

When I stand amongst you and see
A life of pain and misery
Thinking to myself;

"O Father this was not how it was meant to be"

Where is the Love and compassion for my sister and brother?
Who dwell here with me on this Earth?
Our provider and our Mother.

"O Father this is not how you meant it to be"

We take from our Mother Stripping her bare,
Leaving her barren, without a care.

"O Father this is not how you meant it to be"

Instead of living in Harmony
Some of my brothers and sisters Live by Greed,
War and Hypocrisy


What would happen if Mitt Romney wins?

The thought in inconceivable but it is always possible. President Obama could be thrown out of office and Mitt Romney will be the President. Do not think it is an impossible scenario?

Many of us could not imagine George Bush being chosen over Al Gore or John Kerry but that is exactly what the country did. It is not inconceivable the country would shoot itself in the foot again.

What do you think? It it possible?

I have included my latest video for your inspection.

Hey Rev Al, another chance to bring the community together.

hartmann, schultz, malloy, miller, jesse, goldman, anybody, anybody ???????????????????

Maybe not enough media coverage to keep you on the air? Or what?

How does a 3rd Party get around the Washington 2 Party\1%'s control of the Media?


Where is our PRESIDENT now?

Where is the President on the debt and deflect he made under his watch? His plans to reform entitlements?Tax Reform? The 26 different job programs the Republicans have in the House but Senator Reed refuses to bring it out in the senate. Raise our standings with Standard and Poor? General Services Administration? Or is he simply going to blame Bush again?

The Jefferson Lies by David Barton

Thom, I know you r a fan of Jefferson, and so I was going to purchase this new book until I saw it has a forward by Glenn Beck which made me wonder if the book is historically accurate or a conservative attempt to reinvent Jefferson as a social conservative. What do you and your readers think? Is this book worth the purchase?

1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed.

“the future is so bright, I gotta wear shades”

TAX those bloodsuckers and solve everything

Projected deficit spending over the next ten years (2013-2023) is 3.072 TRILLION dollars more than we are taking in..

This is a very conservative estimate based on the fact obama has spent more than half of that in three years in office.


In 1886, hundreds of thousands of Americans filled the streets of New York, Boston, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and Chicago demanding an eight-hour work day. The demonstration was dubbed the “Second Declaration of Independence.” Now the Occupy Movement is saying it’s time for a Third.

A Specific Epithet

A Specific Epithet by leighmf on the state of the ACE

Did WAMUBA get your Hut?
Each day must you drink wine?
Has Monsanto engineered your nut?
Who owns cotton, jute, and twine?

Bales and bail-outs, rotten Balls,
and cotton balls forgotten,
Nylon made by duPont-Balls
Exchanged Atlanta Cotton.

Nylon, Krylon, Zyklon B,
Lincoln, Linclon, LNC,
a plot within theTreasury-
Teflon, Garlon, PNC, opiates and TNT:

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We Have All Won An Oligarchy and Lost A Democracy

Here's a thought experiment for you. Ask yourself, "When was the last time I heard any conversation at all about the role of corporations in America in the American public media?"

In the abstract, it seems like a silly question. So let me rephrase it: