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Your country? Willful ignorance, stupidity. Call it what you will it is destroying the nation. Maybe has already destroyed it. Here are a few paragraphs from an Al Jazeera article by Mark LeVine. Click on the URL for the entire story. It ought to shake you up from head to toe. Anyone here remember Bradley Manning?

Did Obama’s DNC effectively through Wisconsin under the bus so as not to antagonize Obama’s ALECy’ campaign supporters?

YES! The President's prospects for re-election are more important to the DNC than the welfare of the People of Wisconsin.

Latest Podcast is Live


My son and I in order to spend quality time together went to a Save Our Streams meeting close by. I knew of a good shallow spot in the local creek that we could easily use "kick-seine" method for coun ting bugs and critters which are the type living on stream bottoms. From the types and numbers of the types of bugs surviving you can determine the quality of the stream and perhaps gather info on the watershed which contributes to the pollution and how much and what kind of polution. We stopped surveying and a few years later went a meeting of a new group of Save our streams for our creek.

Doing the Lords Work: Catholic Hospital Denies Gay Man HIV Medicine.

but if you are a pedophile priest then the catholic church gives you money to relocate

Fundamental Issue with the Progressive movement

Back in the early 70s, I was a resident of Detroit.

As a resident of The City, I faced an issue with a teacher strike against the Detroit Board of Education. The schools were shut down for several weeks after the usual start of the year because "the teachers" wanted better wages.

I worked as a journalist, and was involved in orgnizing workers in my news outlet under The Newspaper Guild (TNG).

GOP Dirty Tricks segment would make an excellent YouTube Mini Documentary

Starting 25 minutes into the third hour on Monday (I think) with the history from Truman to present, complete with the Nixon video, would make an excellent 5 minute documenatry. It was just about perfect.

I wish I had recorded it, but unfortunately I was listening to a replay at 3:25 AM (CST) on an iPod.

cause for change

Greetings Tom,much love,wanting to inspire u to include progressive shakers,for organizing against Monsanto, nuclear, ,working groups who are doing the work and need our support.I and others do know what is going on with the right and dont want to hear about it ev eryday.They have taken us and divided us for too long.Your coverage of the sitution with them everyday is really hard on all of us.I give u permission to change it up and give the activists time to cordinate thier much needed support.Nuclear,Monsanto and other concerns are more than lacking with ur ability of bringing p

Military Veterans Say Pot Eases PTSD

Military Veterans Say Pot Eases PTSD June 05, 2012

Gov. Moonbeam should be the next recall

Complaining that the union benefit packages are unsustainable. Robbing the union workers of their paychecks. Leo, get your boys organized. Go west young man.

Obama's Kill List...

June 5, 2012


The Emerging Liberal Tea Party

Over the weekend, protesters took over town halls held by Republican lawmakers in New York and South Carolina.

They shouted slogans and demanded their elected representatives protect - and not repeal - Obamacare.