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Rainbow. War. Love. Machines

It's been a big year for the LGBT community: DADT was struck down and the military is paving the way for gay folks to serve their country openly -- while -- New York became the largest state to open the altar to gay couples, a huge shift in momentum following the Prop 8 decision out in California.

Fascism in the making in Aurora Colorado... CORPORATIONS are about to be able to VOTE in Aurora Colorado. Fascism in the making and no one is talking about it.

Scott Walker’s Opposing Positions on Biomass

Scott Walker must think Wisconsinites have short memories.

Another rumor?

I got this post from a concerned Mom.....Talked to my son on the phone yesterday...He said they got a notice that the Pentagon is working on a deal that will do away with Military Retirement or they will only get a small portion of it....or it will be put in a 401K that he can't touch until older...He was told 11 years when he joined that he would get a good retirement after 20 years...He has been to Iraq like so so many of our men and women to fight for our co

Norway’s Terrorist Exposes Hindu and Zionist Dangers to Christians

By Lt Col Zaheerul Hassan (R)

Obama and his Democratic Controlled Congress: Sorry Apologists, you can’t have it both ways.

Either Obama was wildly productive during his first two years of office which would have required a complaint democratically controlled Congress or the Congress was blue dogged enough that it frustrated Obama’s efforts to ensure the rebound of the People’s Economy.

Reeling Back to the Future, Again

8/19/11---Interesting that

getting elected

Please explain in simple deatail how the Tea Party was able to get themselves elected. I am in the prosses of writting a Screenplay on how they where able to arrive in Washington. I need your help. If I may be so humble in asking. I appreciate any help you may render.


John Walters

AKA John Dark Walters writter director of short films/movies/ Ramona/Menta Glitch/ Lead man in Rope Art the Movie

'Ex-Evangelical Denounces Michele Bachmann & Calls Christian Reconstructionist Politics "Anti-American"' - from Democracy Now!

Frank Schaeffer appeared on Democracy Now! on August 17th

Recent articles by Frank Schaeffer :

"Michele Bachmann Was Inspired by My Dad and His Christian Reconstructionist Friends — Here’s Why That’s Terrifying."

The Magical Mystery Tour

This 3-day bus tour is being touted as The Magical Mystery Tour, or The "STIMUBUS"..........bought and paid for by the American taxpayer.

PLEASE... Indoctrinate your children NOW!

For the first year or so of my son's life you would have been hard pressed to get into our car and not hear songs from either a Barney or Sesame Street CD coming from our radio. I felt a duty like so other mothers to make every waking moment about entertaining my child. Only when I was absolutely sure my son was sound asleep would I sneak a little listen to something I connected with in the car - a little talk radio.


I read the new article on AP that Social Security is going bankrupt in 2017 by him. I searched for him and he appears to be the one who did the article that 49% of people pay no taxes and a number of other articles that have been changing the discussion people are having about important topics. I think he is a right wing plant! and an unknown but very effective one!

Jon Huntsman...The Real GOP Candidate for President in 2012

I think it is time to talk about the ONLY serious GOP candidate; Jon Huntsman.


Re: How To Make A Republican's Head Explode

Regarding the list of Reagan facts to lay on the blowhards: here are a few highlights from the actual life of Ronnie Raygun and His Criminal Gang (The "Law and Order Administration" and "Moral Majority" minority). He had well over two hundred of his office holders resign, be indicted, be investigated, arrested, or convicted of violating the criminal or ethical standard. Just for one, the Attorney General Edwin Meese was before four seperate Special Prosecutors (the nation's chief law enforcement officer of the Law and Order gang...) unless I've forgot one.

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Can we make California the last oil spill?

A state of emergency has been declared in California after crews realized that the Rufugio Beach oil spill was five times worse than original estimates. This week, the Plains All American Pipeline ruptured and dumped crude oil over a four-mile stretch of pristine California coastline.