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Debtor's Prison

Random drug test in Florida for state employees is a good idea

If you think that a state employee who drives a state vehicle should not be tested for drugs, you a truly disconnected from reality. There are hundreds of state vehicle and we don't need a drug user behind the wheel.

Nebraska needs the federal government

This past fall Congressman Lee Terry ran on a platform that the stimulus did not work. My Joannes Sen. from Nebraska spoke on the behalf of Lee with the same message. At the same time Democrat mayor of Omaha Jim Suttle is enduring a recall. Mayor Suttle survived the recall and now is about administering the city's business. For quite some time a $1.6 billion infrastructure rehabilitation of runoff and sewage has been on the back burner. In recent news Mayor Suttle asks state legislature to lay down the groundwork for federal grant money to accomplish the Renovation.

Finding Gentleness in a Harsh World

by Diana May Waldman | WWH-I tossed and turned last night. I was thinking about my father. For the most part, I am estranged from him. By choice, of course.

Is small-scale agriculture "the answer"?

Relationship between mass-agriculture and small-scale agriculture.

Among the left it has become somewhat commonplace to hear expressions of desire for a more rustic way of life. Small-scale agriculture has become one of the mainstays of a progressive agenda. Urban gardens, public and private are springing up. Small farms, including various forms of co-ops are flourishing across the country.

Incorrect rebuttal to $20 law

In an on-air exchange with Steve regarding the $20 MN law for poor people, Thom countered with the position that rich people were not subject to spending laws. This was a very poor rebuttal for several reasons, the main one being that Steve types, with some justification, see that as completely irrelevant.

Let's just bomb the unemployed to fix the problem!!


20% of U.S. Power comes from nukes.

1% per year we should pan to reduce.

This wind and solar can easily replace.

Our Country's energy policy is a national disgrace.

The lords of dirty coal should clean their dirty mess.

National Airport - No bodys home


Officials In Pink & Lavender Ties

The recent rash of elected officials and newscasters appearing in pink, mauve, and lavender tie colors PLUS yellow is a statement about our American Men Who Run Things- Big Men in Girly Ties. Boehner has even appeared in a pale pink and blue diagonal striped tie, which may be fun on Easter Sunday, but come on!

Why the President wears mauve is a mystery. His lips and lower face become whatever shade of mauve he wears, like a chameleon.

What does Japanese Nuclear Plant and BP’s Oil Spill have in common?

In both instances the damage to the commons was made worse by the responsible corporations first dealing with the crisis’ in the most economical fashion available.

Spill of "less than 5 Gallons" of Crude Oil pollutes 30 miles of Gulf Coast

Another oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico illustrates White House's failure to regulate a politically connected industry. As a result, wealth concentrates further and the commons suffers.

Cigarettes, Booze & Food Stamps

Yesterday on Thom's radio program one of his guests came on the show to defend a proposal in Michigan that would limit the amount of cash that a food stamp recipient can carry in his pocket to no more than $20. Setting aside the fascist nature of this idea, on the crazy scale it rates up there with the assertion by some conservatives that environmentalists are responsible for the scope of the nuclear disaster in Japan and the proposal in a southern state that women be required to report miscarriages so that it can be determined whether they were natu

China: The New America?

by Phil Polizatto | WWH – Last week I wrote why I would not pledge my allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.

We have a President that cleaned up a Nuclear Site for the Canadians!

Thom got my way-back machine going mentioning 'Big Rock Point' the other day on the air. I'd heard it was shut down, and explored the former site one day along ol' US 31 east of Charlevoix half way to Petoskey on one of my wifes' Indian Casino expeditions. It was one of the first plants around, and Illinois has had 30 - 35 Nuke plants going, thank you. Makes you wonder if that New Madrid fault went again down there in Missouri where'd we be? I could go on about the Clinton plant in Illinois when I lived there, but I'm trying to stay regionally centered around my Michigan.

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