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It's the Viet Nam Protest thing all over again.

Eve of Destruction cover done in honor of those brave folks out in the streets throughout our country. Welcome to the long awaited revolution.

Peter Ferrara is clueless

Thom is absolutely correct that the origin of the problem was the CDS's

Peter Ferrara

Every time I listen to that rude, immature child talk (and continue to talk over Thom...and then accuse Thom of talking over him), I want to throw up.

I give Thom a lot of credit for giving that idiot a forum, but he gets out-shouted by the Bevis-sounding fool time and time again. He gets called names by the obfuscating fool and rises above Ferrara's childish attacks, trying to explain his points based on facts. But he's just wasting his time. Ferrara is clearly a sociopath and there is simply no reasoning will some sociopaths.

Thom....please stop giving that moron a forum.



While in college in the early 70's, in response to the Militant Atheists, some friends started a group called The Apothetic Agnostics who's motto was "You don't know anything, and we don't care."

"Government" and "Free market" as tautologies...

Over and over instruments of power in social relationships try to make us believe that some abstraction they call "free market" can work without some form of instrument, which they pretend to be against, called government.

If one wishes to think for oneself, it's imperative to deconstruct tautologies, because tautologies cannot help us to think things through:

government is virtually always coercive since....

the free market is always non-coercive since....

The Next Step In Having The Republican Presidential Canidate Chosen For Us.

Once again we have another opportunity to watch how corporate money is making our choice of presidential candidate for us. All this is happening in the Republican party since the Democrats have only one candidate at this time. That does not mean the Democrats are immune to all this, but, it does give us an opportunity to learn.

The Stormtroopers are Busy

Remember a couple months ago I told you about the Tampa Tribune story about a private army of 4500 well-trained, well-armed thugs being trained by our new mayor? These, I can only call them mercenaries armed with chemical weapons, were "intended" to prevent us citizens from exercizing our civil rights at next year's Teapublibot Convention. Aged pretty boy Bob Buckhorn (I kid you not, he is an old person's version of dubya) was spouting nearly Dirty Harry-esque lines, actually bragging about preemptive violence.

Occupy Oakland

Hey Thom Hartman We had our general assembly last night for occupy oakland and had presentations of proposals of occupys direction

and voted on it and it is official that we are going to have a general strike on oakland on november 2 wed. I would like to invite you to join us or help support us. thank you 99%

Washington Wall St Nexus commences Iran’s Creative Destruction with Banking Scandal.

Oh the fun the Oligarchs will have recasting Iran’s markets into a Capitalists nirvana dominated by Western Financial hegemony. And by all means, commandeer greater influence over their oil supply so the currency du jour remains the US dollar.


I blame Congress on the inane deals & laws they passed due the prodding of the lobbyists, also this SUPER COMMITEE , They will fail on purpose so the automatic cuts will be implemented. Think about that for a monment , are the auto. cuts good for " WHOM "

Occupy America: An American’s Political Journey from Blue to Seeing Red

What I love about politics is that no matter how right you are there will always be idiots who will disagree with you loudly and no matter how ridiculously wrong you are there will always be idiots who will agree with you loudly.

"OWS" Orderly in Little Rock, AR; includes video

Protesters march through downtown LR

A New Constitutional Ammendment - Might be a good idea!

This is part of an email chain going around the Portland Oregon area. This would make for great conversatons.

The New Environmental Protection Agency?

Under the proposed, “National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act
House Republicans want to give the U.S. Border Patrol unprecedented authority to ignore 36 environmental laws on federal land in a 100-mile stretch along the Canadian & Mexican borders!

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Is the Gun Lobby's Power Overstated?

Without doubt, the gun rights lobby is a formidable force

Turkey warns Russia over airspace violation

A Russian aircraft entered Turkish airspace near the Syrian border on Saturday, prompting Turkey to scramble two F-16 jets to intercept it

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The Billionaire Hypocrisy of Helping the Poor

There's one thing that both progressives and conservatives can agree on, and they can quote both FDR and Ronald Reagan on it.

And that is that, "The best welfare program is a job."

FDR extended the idea to say that when there are no jobs, the government should act as an employer of last resort.