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Did no one explain to Corey Booker that the thrust of the Obama campaign accusations are not about whether or not venture capitalism creates or destroys jobs, nor how many, but about Bain's damage control. It was not Bain that "bailed out" the pensions of those terminated, while Bain's fees and profits were not connected to the "success" of the weak business they raided (Bain won regardless of the outcome). The argument is that wealth creation for its own sake is no guarantee of job creation (as Romney proposes) nor is Mr.

War With Iran? It's in the works!

The new NDAA, 2013 version, H.R. 4310, sec. 1221 (policy) and 1222 (preparation). Also, H.R. 568, SEC. 6 and 7, eliminates non war options!

Rep. Dennis Kucinich on the House floor (YouTube). , and .

Stop the insanity, no war on Iran!

"Hey Kid Those Sure Nice Shoes You Got. You Fast? Let's Go Race While This Kid Finishes His Game. How Long You Gonna Be Kid?"

I usually don't support anything progressive, but I did send the local communist radio station (KBOO.FM) a considerable check today for the recent hilarious piece they did on Paul Lucifer Lindman, who is one of "our" best local Clear Channel corporate shills, and who loves to bounce his grand kids on his lap (Maybe a little bit to much, perhaps Paul?).

A War On Women? Poppycock!

Hypocrisy To The Highest Degree.

Aggregate Demand v. Wealth Concentration: Compensating Labor NOT Enriching Investment Bankers & Mgrs should drive Merger and Acquisition activity.

If we want a stronger economy, demands for ever increasing compensation by the masses of Production Labor (front-line and near-front-line labor) should drive Merger and Acquisition activity by firms NOT the lust for Profit by a few already rich Investment Bankers.

A reply would be nice

A few months ago, I had asked here how many jobs did President Obama saved or created and I got no response. I am guessing their were people going to answer, but they didnt get their mono from or from the DNC or even from Debbie Wasserman Schultz's office. It happens. Its the Post Office's fault. Ok. this time how many jobs did we lose in this recession before Obama got on his white horse and saved? And how many did we lose under the last one.

The most dangerous species in the oceans


What do republicans think a living wage is?

I would like to be able to ask Romney or anyother republican running for any elected office what they think the minimum wage should be.I would personally ask them to live on SSD or work for $10.00 an hour for six months with no access to any other type of credit or cash and let them live in the real world.It might get through their thick skull's just how far they have pushed this country to the brink of a class war.I don't mean friendly protest's and marches eighter.I feel my son's generation will actually see a civil war in this country if the far right dose not stop this economic ba

Ole Trench mouth Robertson spouts his nonsense again.

Ole trench mouth is at it again so I take his comments apart. And what the hell does 'twain' mean? He quotes a bible about the 'twain not coming apart'. Was that Mark Twain? If so, I thought Mark Twain was an atheist. LOL

NATO Chicago: troops in FULL BATTLE GEAR to patrol RED ZONES

Homeland Security urging downtown residents to "leave the city"

Billionaire has spilled the beans on the 1%'s dirty little secret.

The rich are not job creators,


I once wrote a brief summary on how my family helped create jobs, for an on-line petition. I can't remember the petition but I've located the word doc that I created with my 2 cents worth: (Watch video below)



rules of engagement

More must be done to enhance growth now, which will give room to "get out economic house in order". Sacrifices alone will not boost long-term prosperity, and the short-term damage of severe "austerity" is obviously unacceptable (see Euro-zone). If the GOP has forgotten that the debt-limit agreement of last year already "triggered" debt reduction criteria, so, to what "lack of seriousness" about debt reduction does Mr. Boehner refer, I wonder?

Cory Booker's Vote Shows Why To Get Money Out Of Politics

On Friday House Republicans joined their Senate colleagues and approved a measure that will allow them to repeal Obamacare using a process known as budget reconciliation. Meanwhile, the pressure is growing on them to come up with some kind of replacement plan.

Unfortunately, they still don't have one.