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Kindergarten Insults

I was reading Anne Coulter's latest enlightened article (mostly just to remind myself what crazy sounds like)and I was struck by something seemingly innocuous. She refers to George Stephenopoulos offhand as George Snuffalupagus. It's totally a throw away line and the piece had nothing to do with him, she's just referencing him briefly. Making a lame joke about somebody's name; how childish is that? It's on par with making fun of someone's accent.

GM suspending Chevy Volt production due to low demand

I thought the Volt was the answer to Obama's wish for $7.00/gal gas. The people's car.

It’s time now to inform the Public - Not all life forms evolve at the same rates…

Listen, we all know Rush is a very radical right-winger and makes a lot of unintelligent and foolish comments. Rush's words are heard by a multitude of republican American's. These American's are not stupid, however some are not that educated and some may be ignorant and therefore believe the words that come out of his mouth as actual and absolute. Rush really outraged me yesterday too and now I think it's time for the news media start explaining to their viewers why some people behave the way they do and say the things they say. Republican's do think and behave differently than democrats.

Andrew Breitbart Gone and With Him Goes His Hate

Andrew Breitbart
1969 - 2012
Mr. Andrew Breibart is gone but he won’t be forgotten. He will be long remembered for his bigotry and lies; and for his hatred towards those he deemed unfit.

I feel sorrow for his mother’s loss but also I feel anger at how she apparently raised him. If I had a son who displayed such disrespect for others by using character assassination as a weapon to obliterate people like Shirley Sherrod, and organizations’ like ACORN, while feeling a sense of victory, upon their ruin, I would feel DEEP SHAME.

Oceans Turning Acidic Faster than Past 300 Million Years: unprecedented complete sterilization of Oceans probably immanent.

“the ocean is acidifying at least 10 times faster than it did 56 million years ago [during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum]”

This is good, big stuff

The young team in Oakland worked in the rain past midnight this week to erect more portraits in preparation for Oakland's Art Murmur event. Pictures like the large one taken at night were possible because neighbors and onlookers provided car lights and construction lights so that the work could continue. This is good, BIG stuff. This is commitment, dedication, passion. A lot of people will see it.

Of Course its Jeb!

The Bush Crime Family has nothing to loose...and its usual "bounty" to gain by having Jeb run against Obama in 2012.

First, win or loose...the Bush Crime Family wins...still! Its pretty well known that Republican presidential candidates usually run and loose either in presidential primaries or in the general elections proper.

Alpha N-R / Massey Energy / Big Coal Official is Sentenced to Three Years for Lying about the Upper Big Branch Disaster that Killed 29 Miners

" A federal judge in West Virginia has sentenced Hughie Stover to three years in prison. Stover is the former security chief of the Upper Big Branch mine, where 29 miners died in a massive explosion in 2010.

I nominate Michael Savage as "very very ugly"

I posted video of this disturbing segment on both Democratic Underground and now Feministing. Given that Savage chose to be an apologist for teen bullies the day of the Ohio school shooting when 3 teenagers died, Savage deserves so much outrage like how Rush Limbaugh is for calling Sandra Fluke a "slut" for testifying IN FAVOR OF BIRTH CONTROL before a congress committee.

The Walker Wisconsin Example: The Country needs to hit bottom with a Republican to rally a correction beyond what’s available with today’s Democratic Party.

Long live the 99% - Vote Romney in 2012 to recruit activism and end the B.S., once and for all, in a time frame favoring the People. Send President Judas, the Pseudo Republican Blue Dog, packing!

fracking - dilbert cartoon

Revised Mass Extinction Estimate: The end of birds!?!

Today’s Thermal Maximum is expected to wipe out birds by the millions. Species left and right will go extinct and populations will crash.

Are we missing the point?

Are we missing the point with the revving up of the ultra right wing? It seems that the left is rather dismissive of the organizational power and longetivity of the ultra right wing and relegates the tea party to the wingnut corner. I think that dismissing the ultra right is a mistake. Even if they are crushed in the next election, shouldn’t we continue to be vi

Freedom to vote linked with energy independence.

Gas prices go up supply limits and we vote for the person that says they will fix the problem. Or Gas prices go up supply limits and we vote for huge tax breaks and oil subsides and deregulations. Or Gas prices go up supply is high and we do not have enough refiners. Or Gas prices go up supply is limited and we drill for more oil. Or Gas prices are stable as we are


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