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  • State's Rights: Walker trying to add requirement that all recall petition signatures be notorized.

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    Scott Walker's fellow Republicans are attempting to add a new requirement that all recall petitions must be notarized.

  • Criminal Investigation sought into Obama and Hillary’s Keystone Pipeline.

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    Thank god for Bernie Sanders.  Why this man isn’t President is a sad commentary on America.  If the 99% Movement doesn’t put forth a Candidate for President in the 2012 elections, please join me in writing in Bernie Sanders name.  It is absolutely unconscionable that a Democrat or Republican be allowed to ever hold the office of Presid

  • fox in the run

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  • Streets

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    Hi Thom  Been a follower since you were here in Portland. You were correct in about 2007 when you said it would come down to taking to the streets by the common people.  I know you never supported any violence, but I feel that some conflict resolution will be done by violence against our wishes.  I still agreee with you about the Banksters and the damage they have heaped upon us is tremendous.  Please keep up the good work.

  • Religion

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    I use the words religion,philosophy, and science to denote categories of human inquiry into existence.  Science being the study of how things work.  Philosophy being the study of how we derive knowledge and meaning.  Religion being the study of peoples experience of God's presence  and what that means to them. A person can be religious and not be involved  with a socially organized religious faith.

  • Oblahblah’s Executive Orders welcome but timing negates any goodwill.

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    He could have executed this recent executive orders anytime during the last 3 years of his Presidency – no blue dogs or republican congress to blame for blocking needed votes - but he not only waited until his re-election came up but also we had to see the 1% law enforcement agencies beating American Citizens in the street

  • Inexcusable Police Behavior

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    Dear Oakland PD,

    I am a nurse with over 1000 hours in police ride-along experience.

  • Go find out for yourself...please.

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    Agreeing with people is easy, finding the facts out for yourself is hard. As I was in a protest marching about police brutality on the community.  (This was just a couple of days before a protester that was an Iraq war Veteran was critically wounded in a protest in Oakland).  I saw protesters get separated and then blocked off and just before the riot police had boxed in the protesters (out side the eyes of the media) the police did not announce that they were going to arrest or trap the protesters.  They were just going to move in and b

  • What Our TV Says About Us

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    In Australia, their police drama currently is Cops L.A.C. (Local Area Command), in Britain it is Law & Order UK.  In Canada the popular police procedural is Flashpoint, while in the United States, the one that jumps out is NCIS Los Angeles.  

    What is consistant about all four of these dramas is the underlying philosophy.  We are the good guys, they are the bad guys.  It is our mission to get them in their place by any means necessary, including killing them.  All four of these dramas have killed bad guys.

  • Who Hit Hoffa

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    To be explained using the Shevell Asssociated Transport and Eastern Freight Ways connection to North American Van Lines in 1966 when the Kryder Estate disappeared, and who influenced Hoffa in the assembly of, and decimation of, the Central States Teamsters Pension funds, as compared with the crashing of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Trust in 1930. Also to be explained are Kryder assets at stake when Hoffa was declared legally dead 7/30/1982.

    But first, the scene of the crime- the restaurant where Hoffa's abandoned car was found in 1975: