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Social Darwinism

Obama sent a signal that he is.

Corporate Death Penalty

I caught the end of your show about Corporate Death penalty. Is that around now, and if so why haven't we implemented it? We could start with the banks, and at the same time begin campaigning for a "State Bank"--which you also made sound perty good. PLEASE talk more about this corporate death penalty, and how we can use it NOW! Thanks. Damian James, Oakland CA.

Pink Slime Sock Puppet

Failed Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry has dwindled into being a sock puppet for the Pink Slime cartel. Watch him and his unsavory fellow politicians abase themselves and wallow in their corporate masters filth. Perhaps they had the last ounce of self respect spun out of them in the corporate centrifuge.

thoughts from a patriot

Thom, mentioned on the 2nd of april's show that the Republican't and their associated partners; i. e. the Koch brothers want to turn America into a caste society. I believe they want a two tierd society. the rich and serfs. If the people do not band together and demand to take back their country they will surely end up losing it. .

Deep Fried "PINK SLIME" is the new "FRIED BUTTER" for Republicans.

Thats all I got

Homer Simpson says "There is nothing to worry about" Go home and eat yer "FREEDOM FRIES"

Doh! It was a small fire. Ever notice how the CONS love France's Nuclear program but hate France? Dont worry, those Frenchies are almost as responsible as the Japanese. Doh!

Stupidity, Obesity, Starvation

And what would you consider the greatest disaster? Please click on the photo below.

Obesity rates per country:

# 1 United States: 30.6%

Fast food sales per capita:

MIT researchers predict ‘GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE’


Americans brace for next foreclosure wave currently underway.

Do not buy a home thinking it is a good investment. Those days are gone.

Even if you can get "safe" mortgage terms you have very little control over government\business policy-du-jour will do to the homes value.

In today's America, your ownership of a home has been reduced to merely a pawn in a very cynical uncaring "game" of profit-for-political-favor-and-vice versa of the Washington\Wall Street Nexus.

These are the days of businesses using government to exploit unseemly profits off the Peoples' actual and relative necessities.

Obama's Holocaust takes shape: with +11F by 2100, Administration claims we have 10 more years for Climate Legislation.

Obama lied when he promised to keep the increase in average global temperatures to no more than +2C.

Walker Republicans to run fake Democratic Candidates to stave off general election.

and the hits just keep a coming

Thomas Linzey: 'We are awakening from our (enviornmental) slumber'

Grassroots organizing. Local communities reinserting themselves into the decision making process that impacts their communities. “We the People” reclaiming our role in democracy. Those elements serve as the most effective tools at our disposal today to fight the environmental battles of the 21st century says Thomas Linzey, Executive Director and co-founder of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.


i have heard about this pastor who sponsors christians 4 jews and he is born-again. i have read and studied the bible and i have faith that israel belongs to the jewish people. i am a christian-jew, also. this is a faith issue and without faith you cannot understand it. where can the jews go to find peace? they have the promise of God and Jesus, and this will be proven. Let the foolish go up against that!!!

The Rise of a Left-Wing Tea Party?

During a heated confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Georgia Congressman Tom Price, Donald Trump's pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services, refused to say whether or not he would support cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.