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The Greatest Generation - WWII Stories Before They're Gone.

Greatest Generation telling their history of America before it is lost forever. A wonderful project.

I saw this on Nightly News with Brian Williams... It was so poignant; a ten tissue event (a whole box if it had lasted longer than a few minutes).
I downloaded it so that I could share it on thethinkingblue youtube channel...
Amid all the nasty nonsense of this election season, we all need a proverbial breath of fresh air to realize we are not all NUTS!

Republican respect for the vote.

I think I just heard on the news that the republicans did not count their own primary vote because the people of that area did not follow the republican dates. It only cost the voters 7.5 million dollars to run the election and then the votes did not count. Is this how the republicans value money and value a person's vote. This is what the republican party stands for wasteful spending and your vote does not count.

I will occupy for 1% of your sins

One of the few things that hasn’t changed since I pulled some ‘mad moves’ and left for my ‘crib’ some 2000 years ago is the power structure of your world. Somehow, an extremely small minority enjoys wealth and power unlike any other. It doesn’t matter what box you put society in or what colour you paint it with, the rich always end up on top. It’s like throwing a cat. Shaped like a pyramid.

Inspection- Of Right Wing Talking Heads and Eric Cartman

He punches, he pushes, he insults he uses name calling, race baiting, degrades women, ethnic stereotyping, says anything: pretends anything; willingly lies, to get his way.

Eight Ways Monsanto Fails at Sustainable Agriculture

Monsanto’s marketing efforts would have you believe that its product line—centered around genetically engineered (GE) seeds and the chemicals used to grow them—is a silver bullet to addressing the world’s food and agricultural challenges.

Q: Once the Poles are melted how can the higher sea levels remain equally distributed?

Once the Poles are melted how can the higher sea levels remain equally distributed when a greater mass of water has to travel a greater distance during the same period of a earth's rotation?

Fisker announces layoffs, renegotiates loan

Now I'm 99% Sure That Occupy_______? is all Rove's scam...

I believe that in the end, when the Occupy Wall Street Movement has morphed into something 10,000 times more effective than the MANY STOOOOPID street actions that the OWS and its descendant movements have undertaken and are undertaking right now, and then some OBJECTIVE analysis has been completed regarding the OM, it will be seen and accepted that the OWS Movement was set up to fail by someone on the right wing.

Airlines and Labor...a word from PATCO

30 years after being fired by Reagan because I went on strike as a member of PATCO in 1981, I have come to the conclusion that when the Corporate Structure wants to hammer workers, they line-up some LABOR element within the AVIATION INDUSTRY to accomplish it...and here are a few reasons why:

We deserve a sensible President who honestly thinks in terms of the best interests of the People: Vote Barr in 2012!

Break the cycle: Roseanne Barr of the Green Party for President in 2012.

Obama\Salazar\Big Oil: the thawing Arctic! Oh the profits Global Warming will Bring!!!

Making money off making Global Warming worse should be outlawed.

"Environmental Crimes against Humanity"

STOP OBAMA's FOOLISH plan to open up 5 more years Arctic Drilling Plan to get Alaska Votes$$$.

This from the Defenders of Wildlife:

As a supporter of Defenders of Wildlife and someone who is concerned about polar bears, sea turtles and other marine wildlife, I am writing to urge the Obama administration to reconsider its pursuit of risky offshore oil drilling as it formulates the 5-year outer continental shelf oil and gas leasing plan.

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Will the Arctic Be Ice-Free Within the Next Two Decades?

David Appell, Yale Climate Connections, is asking the question - Will the Arctic Be Ice-Free Within the Next Two Decades?

When white sea ice melts, the ocean loses its reflective surface and the darker water absorbs more heat from the sun.