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I agree that Corporation are people (a legal entity) but Corporations are not Human. This is where the battle must go.

Corporate personhood, and corporate free speech is the wrong battle.

Bill Gates can pull out his checkbook and corrupt our government or microsoft, can.

Therefore why put our resources trying to take away microsofts speech and personhood, when David Koch can corrupt the government.

The fight is not with the corporations, all corruption is dependant upon the three branches of government. (officers elected and unelected).

Double Down

Many share the opinion, that Rick Perry is, essentially, George Bush "extra strength" or on steroids.

An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President:

My wife and I are one of the many who donated $125 each to your primary and main campaigns when you were still a candidate. My wife and I are one of the many to whom you have turned your back. You have extreme gall to return after this dismal performance and ask for our active support after you have demonstrated your active disdain for us!

Supposed death tax

One thing that I believe is missing in the debate on the inheritance tax is that upon the death of an individual, the heirs get stepped up basis on the assets they inherit. As such, they bring the taxable basis of the asset to current values. When the heir wishes to sell the asset, it is the capital gain from the stepped up basis to the sale's price upon which the capital gain is calculated. As such, if the decedent owned an valuable asset but had a very low basis compared to the actual value of the property, the heirs get an boost in their profit from the sale since they

Some relief for Wisconsin teachers

Relief for the Wisconsin teachers. Now the union can lower the monthy dues that the Teachers never even see because the unions mandate union dues are subtracted and paid by the State. "Out of sight out of mind"

Rick Perry & the Bilderbergs

Veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker (American Free Press), wrote last month about Perry’s likely entry into the 2012 field, pointing out that his sources at the June St. Moritz gathering reported that the Bilderbergs “predicted” he would be the next president of the USA. (Tucker is the author of “Bilderberg Diary: One Man’s 25-Year Battle to Shine the Light on the World Shadow Government.”) Tucker writes: “Bilderberg, true to form, wants the U.S. recession to continue throughout 2012 and for oil prices to remain high and increase further. This could make Obama a one-term president.

What would a Tea Party Utopia look like? Part 1

What would a Tea Party Utopia look like? Part 1

In following the actions of governors, candidates, congresspersons, and senators, I am speculating this is what a Tea Party Utopia would look like.

Obama’s Law Making in first two years came AFTER “shellacking”

If you recall, the American People first had to make a credible threat against his losing his job by electing a bunch of even bigger loser Republicans to Congress – Obama’s self described “shellacking” - before Obama would apply himself to Public Service. Look at the distribution of his attempts to serve the American People over his first two years of his term.

Obama's Midwest Tour: Whew! Finally some relief from this economy in the form of Speeches!

Whew! Finally! some relief from this economy! I can't wait until Obama brings some of his speeches to my town!

Actually, the local used car dealership is hiring salespeople and I think Obama is coming to set up his next job.

I Like Ike!

Yep, I Like Ike. Just as Thom says that it is best not to create a third party (to the left of the Dems) because it dooms BOTH the Liberal candidates; it is much better to reform the party from "within". He's absolutely right! That's why I stay in the Republican Party in the somewhat vain hope of reforming it back to the Conservative, yet "populist" party of Eisenhower. Looking at my party now makes me want to cry, and yes, I tend to support the progressive candidate over "my own" party's candidate quite often. If you take some of Eisenhower's quotes an

Welcome to my blog, said the spider to the fly

Come back soon and I will have made a few pithy remarks. I meant what I said. Listen carefully or I will edit your personal info.


The Rich have used the Government to create a criminal enterprise

It is almost too late. There is no question how the people would vote if given a real choice - - they are ready to storm the gates of the castle and abolish the current feudal system. The really rich have the money and power to control not only the Government but also most major corporations - - - and they are getting more money and power every day, Their major initiatives: "free trade", "immigration reform", "bail-outs", "perpetual wars", "media control", "debt limit fallacy", "elimination of labor as major cost factor in business", "market manipulation". Many so-ca

Corporate Tax Rates

It dawned on me after watching a 60 minutes piece on corporations moving their headquarters out of the Country to avoid paying income taxes. What’s changed since Ike was President, when corporations paid 47% of profit in income tax. Today I think it’s around 6%.

Ron Paul on Sunday: Hypocrisy in Action

Did anyone catch Ron Paul's little "dog whistle" to the Theocrats in his speech in Iowa before the straw poll? I haven't found an exact transcript of it but I heard him appeal to the RWAs by asserting that the (tyrranical) Federal Government is sending armed IRS agents to steal their (the Tea Partiers') hard earned money and deliver it to the Abortionists (among other BAD groups).

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And Gilmore makes 17...

You need to know this... Support for Donald Trump's campaign is still growing nationally, and in early primary states, but he's not just gaining support in early primary states. A new poll from Florida shows that Trump is leading Jeb by 6 percentage points - and he's leading Rubio by 16 points.