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With Increase in Global Temps between +11 to +18 degrees F, severity of today’s MASS EXTINCTION GROSSLY UNDERESTIMATED

Fuel has been added to MASSIVE STARVATION from the extinction of available food sources.

Associated Press hereby declared BIGGEST SOURCE OF MISINFORMATION on Climate Change.

Petro Tool Associate Press (AP) is hereby declared to be the BIGGEST source of misinformation on Climate Change. The attached article floated by AP that downplays the greenhouse effects of the Keystone Pipeline as negligible was originally written by the Canadian Press. Not

Alternative Energy Source

Hello fellow Thom listeners! I was listening to an infomercial on magnetic generatorsn. I had never heard of them but thought the concept was interesting. Does anyone know anything about magnetic generators as an alternative energy source or do you know where I can get information without someone trying to sell me something? Thanks for the help.

The Ninth Amendment

The Ninth Amendment Was created to prevent the importance of the constitution to be filled with sand box rules and rights. The Ninth Amendment prevents rules of laws to determine automatically that only pink shovels can be used and purple pals are the right of the people. The Ninth Amendment is the equalizer to prevent the government from micro-managing the people. The Ninth Amendment prevents the government

Freedom Watch

Did EVERYONE see what got "The Judge" fired from FOX?

No offense Thom, but it's the best 5 minutes of political diatribe that has EVER been aired on television!

"The Judge" could no longer ignore "The 40 Foot Owl" in the room! He went off! He had the courage to bite the hand that feeds.

I beseech everyone to watch it on YouTube while you can. (SOPA)

Lincoln - Douglas = Obama - Paul

Yes. I think if Ron Paul and Barack Obama were to have a series of presidential debates, they would "that" historic.

Mr. Hartmann has said many times that "FDR" would say something to the effect of, "Yes. I made a lot of campaign promises... now make me honor them." (I hope I paraphrased that right.)

If we are "treated" to a series of Romney and Obama debates... what are they going to talk about? Each one will pretend to be different, but there is zero substantial difference between the two.

Santorum “why should I pay for other people’s mistakes?”

Santorum “why should I pay for other people’s mistakes?” Because you are making decisions that affect other people’s lives. For every law the government makes or for every job that is cut, or any person that is harmed; society is responsible. The law of unintended consequences: some how we are all responsible.

Does Anyone Notice "The 40 Foot Owl" In The Room?

I say from now on... forget the "White Elephant" or "Pink Elephant" or even the "White Rhino in the room" saying, and let's replace it with "The 40 Foot Owl In The Room".

I first became aware of "The Bohemian Grove" through The History Channel and after it was over, I immediately looked it up on the net. Dear Lord!

Roe v. Wade Underling Issue

Roe vs. Wade decision was to allow both the mother and doctor to decide, prior to the first trimester, on abortions. Emphasizing on viability in today’s modern medical technology the earliest premature baby was 20 weeks into pregnancy. In today’s terms still allows for Roe vs.


There is now a widely held view that the last 10 or 20 or even 40 years have been a time of great stagnation for the average American. Yes, the overall economy has grown, but all or most or nearly all of the gains have gone to the top 1% or top 10% or top 20%.

Susan Lindauer, CIA asset, Patriot, Hero... Whistle Blower...

For those of you not familiar with Susan Lindauer, I urge you to research what she has to say. It's taken 10 years for her to tell her story. She was arrested and jailed under the Patriot Act because of the incendiary knowledge she possessed. There is a 96 minute video on youtube that blows the lid off "plausible deniability" that people in the Bush Administration and the various intelligence apparati... HAD ADVANCED knowledge and specificity of the 9-11 attacks...

Religous freedom

The religous-right have been going down a very dangerous path. The way they talk about passing laws to "protect marrige", try to ban abortion. Or in my home state of Michigan, a law to stop bullying in schools called "Matt's Safe School Law" is being discussed, the republicans put in language that it is OK if their bullying was based on “a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction.” At the same time they claim that the president is "attacking religion". We have a problem here.


Oil prices in the US are set per the West Texas price or by hedging or by purchasing long term contracts. Since we buy our oil on a world market and prices are set by contracts, some speculation or West Texas crude, to suggest that there is a conspiracy or big oil is out to get Obama is sophistry and borders on guile when making comments such as this.

Thom, I suggest you perform more research.


Greg Kramer

Moooshelle Obama?

Hey Thom,

Tuesday on your program you had Tea Party leader Mark Williams on your program in the second hour. I couldn't believe it when I heard him slip in the slur Mooshelle, infering that the First Lady is a cow.

I understand that in the moment you may not have recognized the slur but if you play the tape back you will be as horrified as I. If by chance you did hear it then why not call him on it? I understand it may have been said as a means to derail the interview and shift the pre determined subject matter to a rediculous argument about this ad hominem attack.

Thinking Outside The GOP "Good Book"

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