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can a felon use a legal persons gun to kill an intruder or dog in nc

In North Carolina If there is a threatening dog or intruder invading your home or property and a convicted felon lives with you,is it legal for them to use the non-felons firearm to disable and/or kill the dangerous dog or intruder? If they would not be able to use a firearm what about a machete or knife?


It is through voting our country stays free.

The right to vote retains our freedom and liberty.

Since 1776 many have died to defend this right.

Vote and you're a soldier in our democratic fight.

Nation in Ruins, President Raises Money for Self

Is this real? The President announces campaign fund raising trips to the strategic Federal Reserve Bank Districts of New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. Meanwhile the nation bites its nails over a unique New Threat, "Government Shutdown," three wars and a nuclear meltdown about which no one really knows the final outcome. Can't Mr.O ever stay home in the Big House and figure out the Big problems?

Seperation Corporation and State

What we need here in America is a constitutional amendment called the seperation of corporation and state.

The corporation has no legitimate reason to manipulate government purely for profit. If government can help

business make maximum profits that not only benefits its stock holders, but also its workers, and

the community in which its based then this is a means to strengthen the general welfare of its people.

If government is manulated to purely help business profit without any benefit to the workers and the community

My sad adventure today - but with a silver lining

Well today was a very sad day for me today... Heartbreaking, in fact. We had to let our alpacas, whom we've nurtured, grown, and gotten to know from birth, for the past 8 years, go to new places today. They couldn't stay here, it's far too dangerous, the rockslide that impacted us on March 21 (thank you, Gaia), was far too dangerous after it slammed into the corral. The alpacas were endangered living here, and we were endangered every time we went into feed them.

book review: "On Revolution", Hannah Arendt

At times threatening to deviate into academic irrelevance but always recovering to continue a highly accessable treatment of the topic of revolution in the post-nuclear age, Hannah Arendt's "On Revolution" makes the argument that the American Revolution was a successful revolution while the French Revolution was not. More importantly, the relevance of this conclusion lies in the manner in which her arguments lead her to advocate for the continuation of revolution, in a qualified sense, and the continuation of the republican form of government in the United States.

Failure To Communicate

There seems to be a lack of communication as well as understanding between the average person and the representative’s that are elected.

We Need More People?

The debate over social security has brought up an interesting point about population growth here in the US. In fact it’s worth talking about population growth all over the world. There was some mention about the lack of people who are of working-age to support the number of people now eligible for social security.

A Republican Standing With Fellow Union Members On April 4

Eversince I turned 18 I registered as a Republican and up until recently I voted that way as well. I am 29 now with a wife, a daughter and a boy on the way. I can no longer vote a straight Republican ticket the way I once did. I consider myself a conservative in the traditional sense of the word. The dictionary sense of the word. I was a devout Roman Catholic now an Orthodox Christian. I hold very strong social conservative views. However I also hold very strong anti-war views.

giant sport-fishing platform and 60,000 liters of sticky resin

<p><a href=""></a></p><p>TOKYO—In its battle to control radiation and toxic runoff at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Japan is set to incorporate two unorthodox weapons—a giant sport-fishi

New Arms in Reactor Fight: Mega-Barge, Sticky Resin

TOKYO—In its battle to control radiation and toxic runoff at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Japan is set to incorporate two unorthodox weapons—a giant sport-fishing platform and 60,000 liters of sticky resin.

Macroeconomic theory and recessions

1. Mainstream Macroeconomics

A recession can be caused by any distruption of economic activity. Most economic recessions lately have been caused by high oil prices. But sometimes, such as in 1980-81 the Fed purposely started a recession to end inflation. Other recessions have been caused by collapsing bubbles, like the Tullip craze, the Lousiana real estate craze in the 19th centruty, and then today with the internet, housing and now oil bubbles.

Best original Tea Party spirit

Brunch with Bernie, the national Town Hall meeting, easily wins the most-like–the-original Tea Party contest. After all, it was a town meeting at which folks were informed the Governor of Massachusetts had refused to send away the East India tea ships. At that moment a shout from the gallery went as follows, “Boston Harbor a teapot tonight"! In short order a number of men hurried towards Griffin's Wharf, you know the rest of the story…

Great video on Logical Fallacies, Philosophy Teacher hosting

A terrific show on logical fallacies is

This Philosophy professor in the above video looks at cognitive biases, including Anchoring Effects. All of his videos appear to be excellent!



A suggestion to counter the Republicans requiring photo ID's to vote or register to vote....

After listening to a discussion on the radio last Friday, talking about voting machines and voter supression, perhaps someone, smarter than me, could research if it would be possible for groups, who register voters, to set up the mechanism for photo Id's to be a part of registering to vote..put photos on your voter registration card. If that's not possible, a way needs to be found to provide people with cards with their photos, (maybe community Id cards)...we get photo Id's for gym club need to find a way try to stop the suppression of voting

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The Death of the Middle Class was by Design...

Even in the face of the so-called Recovery, poverty and inequality are getting worse in our country, and more wealth and power is flowing straight to the top. According to Paul Buchheit over at Alternet, this is the end result of winner-take-all capitalism, and this destruction of the working class has all been by design.