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The Truth About The Death Penalty

The left demands that we abolish the death penalty; several arguments are cited:

the magic of reality

I just watched the greatest interview ever conducted by Thomm on The Big Picture tonight. I will have a copy of The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins as soon as possible.
One issue was during the latter half of the interview, several aspects of the human proclivity to religion was discussed and I was a bit dismayed that Womb Theory was not included.

EPA caves to Shell Oil’s demands to pollute Artic Air in search of oil.

EPA has granted Shell's drilling fleet a permit to emit more than 250 tons of pollutants a year into the Arctic air while looking for oil.

My two dads

I am 49 & I had a dad & a stepdad. Both could afford a house with a housewife in it, and neither had to bother with college. One was a convicted fellon who did not make it to high school. Although I have had it better than some younger than me, I cannot touch the stadard of living achieved by my two dads even with my Associates Degree. Is my story typical or atypical ?

Keith Smith

The Psychology of the Economic Cycle of Destruction

September 28

A Capital Idea Part 85: The Psychology of the Economic Cycle of Destruction

This is a topic suggested by my psychiatrist friend, David Malen, and I thought it would naturally follow from the previous one. Get well soon David!

A Few Notes on For Profit Prisons in America

Mike Elk of "The Nation" magazine appeared on "Democracy Now!" with Amy Goodman on 8/05/11 to discuss the for profit prison industry. One memorable quote : Mike Elk notes that "in 2005 more than 14 million pounds of beef infected with rat feces processed by inmates were not recalled, in order to avoid drawing attention to how many products are made by prison labor."
"New Exposé Tracks ALEC - Private Prison Industry Effort to Replace Unionized Workers with Prison Labor"

The Greed of Solyndra

In this piece, we take a look at companies that turned down government loans because they knew they wouldn’t have a productive use for the money. Amazing. It only brings more light on to the fact that these green boodongle companies, like Unions, are just a front to launder money from taxpayers to the Democrat Party.

is this possible

Republican writes about "Why we need less democracy"

Oh Wait, actualy it's Obama Budget Chief Peter Orszag, President Obama's first Director of the Office of Management and Budget, has a piece in The New Republic that dips its rhetorical toe in the same authoritarian waters as

If a corporation is a person, is a person a corporation?

A family incorporates: Smith Family, Inc. All its expenses to earn income are deductible: transportation to & from work, meals at work, clothing worn for work, etc. Investments in future income growth, college education for the kids, is deductible. You can make political contributions without limit, anonymously, and for your "corporate" interest.

When you get real good, you get to pay as much in taxes as GE.

Yes She Can...

Elizabeth Warrren for president! We need to encourage this brave lady to get In the primary, against Obummer. All she needs is a hat, the ring couldn't be bigger.

The Snitch In The Hard Drive?

I'm having a dispatch exchange with the makers of my one terrabyte external hard drive because the drive sent an alert signal to the software partners after I tried to defrag it in responce to an information problem.

My new computer hardware never asked me if I wanted to send out this alert - it just did so. The software partners have a $60 dollar solution and a trialware option to fix this problem. While the tactical implications indicate computer hardware that can fix itself. strategically, this sends a shiver down my spine.

Hacking the republican ticket

If you intend to have Scooby Doo on the republican ticket, then Peppy LePew should be his running mate: The LePew-Doo ticket.

Republican calls for suspension of Democracy

Oh wait, I meant Democrat.

"The Monster that Ate My Vote!" A classic "What Now Cartoon!"

I'm so glad that Thom has devoted so much time to this topic today, these voting machines should all be scrapped and we should go back to good old fashioned paper ballots!

It's interesting that Democrats have only won enough seats in congress to look like their in charge, but not enough to pass anything!

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The Union of Concerned Scientists is very concerned about politics!

The Union of Concerned Scientists say that they're worried about the political pressure that is undermining scientific research. According to a new report from that group, scientists in all of our governmental agencies feel that political interests get in the way of their research.