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Constitutional Convention

Fellow Patriots, I see a number of states are petitioning congress to amend the constitution for various reasons. I suggest we start the dialogue to figure out how we petition congress for a constitutional convention as stated in Article V of our constitution we need 2/3 of the states to agree. I know there are a number of issues we need to address as a nation, and we need to come together soon to accomplish this before our constitution is done away with. I request that the Occupy Wall St. adopt this as their new motto. This could be the clear demand that the lamestream media says we lack.

Mormon: "White Horse" Prophecy

If you search "White Horse" Prophecy you will find numerous webpages dedicated to this interesting and timely topic.

I'm a new member and this is my first post.

Decembers Child

Minnesota is not being represented at the state level

As a citizen of Minnesota I am appalled by what my GOP controlled state representatives are doing. They are not focusing on jobs and remain focused on social issues.

First, they are trying to disenfranchise voters by passing a voter ID law. For more on that go to:

Wisconsin Republicans

What a bunch of babies or bullies, take your pick! - they can't get their way so they are going to investigate the Judge - please, give me a break -

Which is the Bigger Sales 'Flop'? The 'Vette or the Volt?

In case you haven't heard, GM is temporarily suspending production of the Volt at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant for five weeks. The reason given is to adjust production to demand, which, frankly hasn't been burning any barns since its launch in December 2010. Of course, that news elicited at least one pundit calling the car a "flop." But is it really? Not if history or even current sales is any measure.

EPA closure

Mojave Generating Station in Laughlin, NV was a coal-fired electric generation plant which used to be owned by Southern California Edison and employed some 700 people for over 30 years. It was closed in 2005 because it was too expensive to bring the plant up to EPA code. FYI

Bibi and Friends...

An image for our time. I think, if you haven't already opened this post, that you will first have to click on the title (above) and then click on the small image (scroll down below) for a larger view. After all that (and after the vomit) please read these two recent posts:

More Wars?

Lets be clear, if it was up to Senator McCain and Mr Gingrinch, we would currently:

Still be in Iraq in large numbers,

Be increasing rather than withdrawing troops in Afghanistan,

Have "boots on the ground" in Libya,

Be at war in Iran,

Be at war in Syria.

But Ed Schultz was out of line to call Sen. McCain a "warmonger"? Anyone who accepts his advice about a war ought to ask just what he learned from Viet Nam. His book suggests that he "learned" that we just need to drop enough bombs.

Yesterday's conversation about the General Motors volt

I love my old Chevrolets especially 70s pickups, I have owned high-performance Chevrolets as well.

Netanyahu's Nonsense

Benjamin Netanyahu's March, 2012 AIPAC speech was a tortured, twisted exercise in historical revisionism; convoluted at its core rationale of a demon Iran, sinisterly obsessed with killing and terrorizing Jews, Americans and freedom lovers everywhere. His American Zionist audience loved him, demonstrating it through their thunderous applause at several points during the speech.

Int'l Women's Day, Support Women by...

Helping SUMOFUS Get Limbaugh Off Our Airwaves

Sign Petition Here:

Women Ocupy and CODEPINK


I'm so glad i'm as well hooked up tot his site...i gues that's why they say our world is becoming smaller each day that passes by... Uganda/ Africa says hallo!

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America Is a Country - Not a Business!

America is, increasingly, no longer a country; instead, we're being run like a business, and in some cases it's literally killing us.

Take for example, the ongoing problem of foodborne illnesses like Salmonella, which infects over a million Americans every year.