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WHO ARE YOU? (who, who - who, who ... I Really Want To Know!

I chose the name "Fletcher Christian" because my previous job was on a boat.

Seriously, it was. I was reading posts on a web site that my buddies turned me onto and saw that my employer's had posted threads on it under the guise of supposed workers. They would literally talk about how their decisions to fire people were actually good decisions. Because I was management as well, I knew "who" was posting "what". So I went underground and posted what was really said in the office about the workers. I like the sound of it, so I kept it.

A Liberal Site?

And, other than mine, not one single blog about the recent slaughter of 16 Afghans by a U.S. soldier. About Limbaugh, yes, one blog after another. As if disgraceful outbursts directed to one woman can't be tolerated but the cold blooded killing of women - and children - is not worth a mention. Blogs about the economy, sure. Dental care, you betcha. Electric vehicles (soon to be museum pieces)? Sure, why not. My Love Life? My tax return? Absolutely.

In what strange land do you bloggers live?

This is a "liberal" site? This is a "progressive" site?

Fracking Democracy: Pennsylvania's Act 13 strips citizens of self governance and outlaws Doctors from reporting health problems.

The Obama White House remains silent.

ALEC Scores another victory during the Obama Administration!

Rush Limbaugh,The Pied Piper of Dittoland

Rush Limbaugh,The Pied Piper of Dittoland

MSNBC’s Strategist, Steve Schmidt, is the only Republican to speak the truth about Rush Limbaugh's vicious attack upon the young female Georgetown University student, Sandra Fluke whose testimony (her opinion) on why Insurance Companies should pay for birth control, giving several references on other students who needed this type of medication for health concerns other than birth control.

NEW BOOK: “Reckless Derangement” of the Economy by Democrats and Republicans by Author: Gretchen Morgenson.

Glass–Steagall Act - 34 pages

Dodd-Frank - 2,200 pages of lobbyist influenced garbage with the result of hurting small banks and consumers more than the banks that caused the problem.

NEW BOOK: “The Triumph of Crony Capitalism” in Obama’s ‘Democratic Party By Author: David Stockman.

Glass–Steagall Act - 34 pages

Dodd-Frank - 2,200 pages of lobbyist influenced garbage with the result of hurting small banks and consumers more than the banks that caused the problem.

the draft

People should understand that the longer troops are in a war, the more brutal and savage it becomes. Having said that, I believe that Thom is dead wrong when it comes to the draft. I was drafted in 1969 and I must say that the amount of deferments and backroom deals by the rich and politically connected to keep THEIR kids out of it was staggering. If the draft came back, the same thing would happen that the poor and middle class men would end up going while the " OTHERS" would get off the hook. I would enjoy a debate on just what deferments would be allowed.

Limbaugh ranting about women getting birth control? REALLY????

Why don't Republicans address ILLEGAL OXYCONTIN USE that insurance companys pay for??? Gee...I wonder...Remind listeners that this hypocrite Limbaugh has the NERVE to speak about the issue of women being covered for simple,legal,hormone pills while he was busy in the past ILLEGALLY pumping down the opiate narcotic, controlled-substance, Heroin-like,high-inducing drug,Oxycontin. REALLY??? Listeners need to know the fact that oxycontin is a narcotic opiate that the medical field states gives a heroin-like high and that is why it is so heavily addicting...HEROIN!

Accountability for atrocities is our inroad to stop atrocities!

If only the world community had stopped Germany's atrocities against Africans in Namibia -- would the world have prevented the Holocaust of World War II?

This video clarifies Germany's genocidal policies in Namibia as discussed in the book "Germany's Black Holocaust 1890-1945" by Firpo W. Carr, Ph.D.

Should we now want Government run Dental care?

On Friday's Show Sen. Sanders is talking about seeing if the Government should run our dental care. Are you for that or do you feel they should have put it in when they passed the Obama Health plan two years ago?

If you had the power....

Suppose you were given a chance to redo the U.S. Constitution . What would you add? And what would you keep in it?

Financial Institution Resignations world wide

Hi Thom, first of all, I hope you don't dismiss this article because it mentions SaLuSa and Galctics. Of course I'll humorously ask you why you have a math test for securty, to check if the person is human.....!!! SaLuSa is an individual I believe and the Galactics are a group of extraterrestrials, who speak as one, channeled by some amazingly gifted individuals who contribute to

My Taxes are Way too Low

A Capital Idea Part 111: My Taxes are Way too Low

Inspection- The House Rush and the Right Built

Listening to all the hubbub lately over Limbaugh's comments I can't help but have mixed feelings. What he said: hour after hour of rancid slander about one woman, was disgusting. Yet, I can't help but feel that our politicians and, yes, we the public, have let him and the Right build this insane rhetorical whore house featuring a huge stable of hate-based crazies.

I'd say

I am impressed with dealings between church, state and business to maintain good medical business practice (Affordable Care). Attacks on quality-of-life provisions/services coming from the political right would risk lowering the competitive standards that makes "comprehensive" insurance plans reliable, effective and fair ("contraception" is a life-time decision for women, not just a trip to the drug store as the Republican dumbing of public discourse would surmise).

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Income Inequality Has Gone Up

The chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Jason Furman, recently wrote in the Washington Post that "Last year saw the largest single-year reduction in poverty since the 1960s."