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Obama Apologies Grow Absurd

The contention that a legitimate job creation plan is absent because of the Peoples failure pull a Roosevelt style "Go Out And Make Me Do It" on Barac Obama is absurd and alarming!



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Supreme Court radicals in 5 to 4 agreement.

Corporations purchase American government.

video on how we got into this economic mess - MUST SEE & FORWARD TO THOM

Everyone should watch this video by Economist Richard Wolff

it is 1&1/2 hours long... but you can hit pause, at any time, note where you are... then reload (buffer it) at any time in the future, and move the time marker to just before the same place you paused, and start watching where you left off.

NOTE: Look up what is an ESOP? (employee owned companies)


I think it will help explain a lot... broken down into plain English... for all us "lay people".

Apocryphal Starvation is in the Mail

With the death of the Oceans imminent mankind will lose fish that account for 1/5 of the World’s protein. Worse still many – if not all – species of pollinators will not make it out the other side of an anthropomorphic warming event that is fully expected to last at least a couple thousand years. Pollinators, like the honey bee who simply can not survive in high heat (heat wave

Don't Be a Sucker

Propaganda film put out in 1947 by the U.S. Dept of War describing how socities are divided against each other. Worth watching and the comparing with what is happening in the U.S. today.

WHITECO Behind Billboard Junkets

WHITECO is nothing more than a veil for the Carlyle-Buckingham CIA which has done whatever it wants since Prescott Bush created his own tyrannnical fraction of Intelligence. The Kryder Estate has copious notes on WHITECO, an outdoor advertising monopoly, before and since the death of Clarence F. Kryder in 1950.


I know that it has been along time, in fact I was just a teenager. Reagan said that we were going to do away with manufacturing, and become a service economy. Well he got his dream. Now repubican's are trying to say we need a manufacting stratedy. Wow!!! That would be going after their God's Reagan statement wouldn't it.


Has Craigslist been hacked by the right?

On the Detroit board of Craigslist no posts critical of Governor Rick Snyder (the subject of a recall petition) stay up or even appear on the political or rants & raves categories. On my account page it shows posts that are active but they don't appear on the board. However posts of a racists nature stay up on the boards without getting flagged, anything progressive comes down in minutes. If you are curious go have a look. I would like to see CL Detroit rants & raves and politics boards deluged with Recall Snyder posts.

America is Exceptional....without the Republican Viewpoint

America is an exceptional nation in it's generosity to Allies in trouble; to the poor of other nations; of our Military's help to women and children in Afghanistan and Iraq, and in it's ability to show the world what a fantastic choice they make when they imigrate to this country. We have solicited from others, and have given much to, immigrants throughout the world who were under danger in their countries; whether in poverty or disaster.

It is disheartening to see how the "Conservatives" have chosen to treat the "rest" of the citizens of America.

let all go to jail

A lot of republicans have never hit real adversity. And belive that they got there on there abilitys. And the superority they feel is uncomplicated by an understanding of real happinings, that are not under our control.

On man robbing bank to get prison healthcare

Many people going to prison is consistent with the Republican model, since they have made great effort to privatize prisons,

and earn their Republican owners a nice profit. More people in prison means more money for Republican buddies.

In addition, since a high percentage of prisoners are black, it keeps them from voting Democratic. So, it's win-win for the Repiglicans!

Ivory Towers without Stairs are Not Much Good!

Why are Liberals always loosing ground? Maslow tells us. The GOP appeals to base selfishness. In the 60's the Left pulled some in with things like Free Love, but now there is no entry-level draw. THIS MUST CHANGE! Maybe we PAY for the best Leaks & Bad Cop Clips, but the Left must start drawing people in the short term - and over time, we will grow a Liberal class that evolves to endure on higher principles.

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The War on Drugs is a War on Americans

The War on Drugs isn’t a war on drugs; it’s a war on people, and this weekend it claimed its latest victim.

On Sunday morning, exactly one week after an encounter with police left him with 80 percent of his spine severed at his neck, Baltimore resident Freddie Gray died at a local hospital. He was just 27 years old.