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Our Clean Clothes...

Get your Iran War news here:

Iran War Watch: Threatening Pakistan

Why Running Out of Oil Would be a Blessing:

Not just to not be dependent on oil, or to stop feeding money into companies that Screw us and the environment, but to really start integrating the technology that is already out there would be the blessing.

Jeb Bush, Moderate?!?!?!?!?!

Mr. Hartmann,

On Thursday you referred repeatedly to Jeb Bush as a moderate, as Florida's popular governor, with lots of democratic support along with his own party.

As a long-time Florida resident, I can only ask, "what's the weather like on your planet?"

BP expects to pay $7.8B in Gulf spill suit deal

It's time to bite the bullet.

There are many things I severely dislike about what our President has done in his 3+ years: the 30,000 troop surge in Afghanistan and the continued occupation, the vast escalation in drone warfare, caving in on cutting tax breaks for the very rich (referred to as "punting on first down" at the time by Senator Al Franken,) signing bills that compromised our freedoms even more than the "patriot" act, not closing Guantanamo prison. I am sure you can add many more negatives to the list.


Does anybody watch PBS? You can watch a whole program on global warming that is funded by David Koch and ARCHER DANIELS MIDLAND genetically modified science deniers.

Subpoena the Kochs!

It's time for Congress to haul in both Charles and David Koch to explain their contango scam and a few other activities they've been involved in as part of their persistent efforts to dominate the ebb and flo of our economy and political system. It'll be terrifically interesting to watch and see who'll be doing the most squirming in their seats after they've been sworn in ... the brothers or the pols they've bought.

Kindergarten Insults

I was reading Anne Coulter's latest enlightened article (mostly just to remind myself what crazy sounds like)and I was struck by something seemingly innocuous. She refers to George Stephenopoulos offhand as George Snuffalupagus. It's totally a throw away line and the piece had nothing to do with him, she's just referencing him briefly. Making a lame joke about somebody's name; how childish is that? It's on par with making fun of someone's accent.

GM suspending Chevy Volt production due to low demand

I thought the Volt was the answer to Obama's wish for $7.00/gal gas. The people's car.

It’s time now to inform the Public - Not all life forms evolve at the same rates…

Listen, we all know Rush is a very radical right-winger and makes a lot of unintelligent and foolish comments. Rush's words are heard by a multitude of republican American's. These American's are not stupid, however some are not that educated and some may be ignorant and therefore believe the words that come out of his mouth as actual and absolute. Rush really outraged me yesterday too and now I think it's time for the news media start explaining to their viewers why some people behave the way they do and say the things they say. Republican's do think and behave differently than democrats.

Andrew Breitbart Gone and With Him Goes His Hate

Andrew Breitbart
1969 - 2012
Mr. Andrew Breibart is gone but he won’t be forgotten. He will be long remembered for his bigotry and lies; and for his hatred towards those he deemed unfit.

I feel sorrow for his mother’s loss but also I feel anger at how she apparently raised him. If I had a son who displayed such disrespect for others by using character assassination as a weapon to obliterate people like Shirley Sherrod, and organizations’ like ACORN, while feeling a sense of victory, upon their ruin, I would feel DEEP SHAME.

Oceans Turning Acidic Faster than Past 300 Million Years: unprecedented complete sterilization of Oceans probably immanent.

“the ocean is acidifying at least 10 times faster than it did 56 million years ago [during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum]”

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Yet More Tribal Land Under Threat

The battle lines for the next fight to protect sacred tribal lands are being drawn in Bears Ears in Southeastern Utah.