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NDAA Does not apply to US Citizens

Thom, The NDAA does not authorize military detention of US Citizens. The version of the NDAA signed by President Obama Contains this Sentence regarding military detention:

Occupy Orlando-Free at Last?


To authority, the question “why” is a threat. To understanding, it is a friend.

The following article appeared Thursday, 22 December 2011, in The Guardian, a well known British newspaper


...or a rat's ass

Yes, I do, too. Do you? Here's another essay by a compassionate, passionate and supremely intelligent human being (the ranks are dwindling):

Robert Fisk: The 'invented people' stand little chance

Ideas for a New Self and a New World

Poor kids working at school

I understand that Newt wasn't being kind about this notion but I wish to say that if you remove the insulting nature it was said in this is not really a bad idea. When I was in HS in San Diego County in the early 60's I lived in a working middle class community and when our father died we were left in poverty. One of my teachers noticed that I was losing weight and she talked with me and gave me a choice of whether I would like to work in the cafeteria and if I worked there I would get free lunch and any treat I wanted. The free lunch was anything that the cafeteria sold. I said yes.

Regan knighted AFTER presidency. In 1989

That lady had her date wrong.

Houston, We Have A Problem...

If what was reported this morning is accurate about Coorporations being in fear of protests this year, then we have a problem in our country.

What this sounds like is that Coorporations want to have the military defend them against the consequences of their money siezing action. The question here is, are they prepared to issue shoot to kill orders and see the perimeters of their institutions littered with the bodies of people who are paying for their greed?

A note to Thom



And you don’t have to stand for it!!! Your friends and neighbors may take it lying down but in the end you’re your own boss. Choose your position. Insist on what’s coming to you. Make your point. Be firm. Don’t quit until you’re satisfied!!!

Note how cleverly I’ve used “you’re and “your”? Next lesson will include the proper use of there, their and they're.

How to Raise Smart Kids

Nurturing Emotional Intelligence in Children

If you think about it, Nature has given most normal mothers what they need to nurture intelligence in their babies and young children. They need four things:

1. Understanding of how to make their babies and children feel secure and treasured.

2. Willingness to talk and sing to their babies from the day they're born.

3. Common sense to know how to nurture the different types of thinking skills that don't generally come naturally (reading, writing, math, and other school skills).

Give a shit?

Yes, I do. Here's part of a fine essay that I read today (At the end I've pasted the photo that accompanied the essay):

Robert Fisk: The shocking truth that killing can be so casual


Are Some Republican Voters Starting To Finally Wake Up?

Are Some Republican Voters Starting To Finally Wake Up?


A Crush On NOAA & President Obama

I caught this magnificent info about President Obama’s plans for NOAA and the Dept. of Commerce on the Rachel Maddow show the other night and thought WOW; this has got to be my first video for the 2012 election. The Republicans with their shrinking Tea Party are trying to take this nation back to the mid 1800's NO, further back to the times of Pharaohs and Monarchs:

Un-Occupy the Marketplaces

Our National Surplus, our dignity, and our future as free people has been stolen by the New People: The Corporations that now enjoy the rights, trhe freedom and the money you used to have.

Here are the only tools you still have, barring becoming killers like your enemy:

Mass Protests



Hunger Strikes

Let's turn up the heat on the wealthy, and Un-Occupy the thing that makes them money; our lives.

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