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Obama on Republicans - It is better to be the right hand of the devil than in his path.

Obama didn't come out and say this, but it sure seems to fit Obama's approach to dealing with the republicans

Gov. Walker aka Team Hubris, a wholesale restructuring of Wisconsion via "budget repair"

This is all about starving the state so that public revenues can become sources of private gain for big money; sell off public utilities, privatize schools, pensions, services, etc. Everyone, and everything in this logic becomes a commodity, bought and sold, without social, civil, or public rights. What astounds me is that about 40-45% of people in Wisconsin still support Gov. Hubris. Do they somehow accept the wholesale restructuring of their state, without a discussion, without deliberation, without debate or without a real vote on the plan?

A question for birther's

Outside of the group of raciest embedded in the Republican party (or as I call them the Confederate Party); those who think President Obama was not born in the U.S.A. I have this question for you. "If the FBI, CIA, DIA, The Clinton Political machine and any of our other Intelligence Agency's could find out that fact, then we have far greater concerns about what is happening in America.

An Open Letter to the People of Wisconsin from Concerned State Employees

I am a part-time student at UW-Parkside, part of the University of Wisconsin system. As part of that community, I couldn’t be more proud of the state employees whom I rely upon for my education. I recently received an e-mail that had an open letter to the people of Wisconsin, which I posted on my blog over at the Tea Party Pledge.

Adding on to Thom's "Cookie" Analogy

Adding on to Thom’s brilliant analogy about Union Busting and cookies:

Incorrect conclusions drawn due to Excessive Wall Speculation on Commodities

Unnecessary force is give to calls for “Drill baby Drill” and “energy independence” due to Wall Street’s excessive speculation on the S&P GSCI and DOW-AIG commodities indices.

Not a poddle. Walker's a "Con of Koch"

Whether he's a neo-con, con-man or co-conspirator, he's in on the "con" and bad for our health.

Bradley Manning (&)

By all sane reckoning Bradley Manning is being tortured by the US Military. It is obvious that the Military is seeking to destroy him emotionally, mentally, and ultimately physically, as an example to everyone to NEVER do that sort of whistleblowing again, ever. And back sits Barach Obama, and doesn't say a word. Shameful.

What products do the Koch brothers sell? I'd like to avoid Koch and FOK (Friends of Koch)

What general products do the Koch brothers sell, have a hand in, etc.? I'd sure like to avoid them and would hate to have my money go into their pockets if I can help it.



Herb Kohl of Wisconsin refusing to fight for the EPA

Herb please leave office at the end of your term.

Matt Damon: Obama Misinterpreted His Mandate

Matt's most quotable on Obama has to be "I no longer hope for audacity." But it didn't stop there, in a recent interview he commented further on the president:

On MERS in The NY Times

Since many are interested in piercing the veil of MERS, let's review the actual data supplied by the Federal Reserve at NIC to start:

NIC 1998-06-30 MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEM, INC. located at MCLEAN, VA was established as a Data Processing Servicer.


Cash only please

I belive the current spate of irrational fear of Islam has a simple explanation. When attempting to undersand the dynamics behind virtually any viewpoint espoused by American right, it is helpful to keep one primary motivation in mind above all else. Of course, I speak of profit. One simply needs to follow the dollars to understand any of the ideas that motivate the true motives of the right wing in today's America.

Change FedEx To Win

This is a forum for FedEx employee's to communicate and educate each other , on the importance of becoming a Union company. This forum is open to any FedEx employee who is interested in working towards a secure future and for our Unionized brothers and sisters to help us learn the importance of a Union in the work place.

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Time to Rethink the War on Terror

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When Eric Holder eventually steps down as Attorney General, he will leave behind a complicated legacy, some of it tragic, like his decision not to prosecute Wall Street after the financial crisis, and his all-out war on whistleblowers like Edward Snowden.