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How many different intrest rates are there?

The banks are not too excited about people savings. The rates are pretty low. Very low! On the other hand,people who need cash can not borrow it within the ranges that banks offer to people who wishes to have a saving account. It doesn't add up?

Can some communities start an account and have people use it to deposit their cash and then people who need the cash pay the interest rate that is much lower than what banks are charging to the borrowers and much higher than what banks are paying for interest rate to people who are saving it?

Representative Boehner can you hear me NOW

HOORAY - AMERICA is waking up. STOP THE TEA PARTY NOW.August 11, 2011//

Democratic Primary?

The "other" option concerning the 2012 election is not being seriously considered: sacrifice the Queen to get better position on the (chess) board.

Who Disrupt Pak-China Relations?

By Sajjad Shaukat

Fed up with doing nothing but complaining for four years

I am just a citizen that is ready to act on this desperate situation. To follow the example of every generation before us. That when they were faced with desperate times they banded together to do something about it. The American Revolution, The great depression and WWII, The Civil Rights movement. What about this generation. We had 911 but how long REALLY did we Chang for that. Please help me with advice your time or anything else. I'm not affiliated with any corporation or special interest other then reviving our economy. It is going to take a MOVEMENT. I'm waiting for someone to start one.

collapse of society bwo lack of production?

I am not sure if it was on Thom's show or where I heard/saw about cancer drugs becoming extremely expensive because the generics were not being produced and people were forced to buy the brand name drugs in place of generics that were not available? On Alternet I found this article:

How America Could Collapse
By Matt Stoller, The Nation

Seeking book title

There was a book mentioned on the Thomas Hartman show recently about the history of countries where the divide between very rich and very poor is extreme. Can you tell me the name of the book and the author.

Rick Perry is pushing ALEC agenda in Texas ... Are the Koch Brothers buying him also ?

From Think Progress :

"Perry’s Legislative Agenda Bears Strong Resemblance To ALEC’s Corporate-Backed Model Bills"

"Rick Perry Pushes ALEC-Backed Education Policies To Turn Texas Universities Into Businesses"

Money out of politics

What are the sites for getting money out of politics?

A Taunting Randi Rhoades claims all Asians are “Good At Math”

Nice Randi, real nice.

Fresh From Undermining Safety Net Obama Goes on Lavish$ Martha’s Vineyard Vacation.

Unemployed? Underemployed? Suffering from Inflation and high gas Prices? Maybe lost your home? EAT CAKE

3 yrs into Obama: Top 1% own 40% of the Wealth, more than 90% of all Americans.

With Tremendous$$$ gains achieved under the Obama Administration

Obama Compromise: Republican intransigence met with Democratic accommodation


Mountaintop Removal Linked to 60,000 Cancer Cases in Appalachia’s

Same disregard for the environment will soon be shown here in Wisconsin with Walker's upcoming mining wet dream legislation,...oh! but he will have created mining jobs

H.R. 2584 Environmental Ghouls sound-off further against the Commons - Obama set to "Compromise" despite failing planet.

OPPOSE the House Interior Appropriations bill.

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“Rebooting the American Dream.”

Thom Hartmann Here with an excerpt from my book “Rebooting the American Dream: 11 ways to rebuild our country.”
My radio show has a mission statement. We don’t say it on the air, as it sounds a bit pompous, but it’s the metric against which we measure our work: Saving the world, by awakening one person at a time.