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Deepwater Horizon up North: Wisconsin State Assembly has just passed the open-pit mining bill 59 to 36.

the mining bill fobs off billions of dollars of mining costs on to the Wisconsin People.

This isn't deregulation this decriminalization.

Lies, damn lies, and Geithner’s growth estimate for the economy – pure propaganda.

If this is true, how much of that growth is attributable to growth being experienced overseas by American international corporations? Is the American government collecting all the taxes it should from this increased activity? And furthermore, is “little timmy forehead” talking about GNP, GDP or what?

Hillary Clinton says she’s done with ‘high wire of American politics’.

Not so fast, I'm sure there is a mountain of indictments for your money grubbing ways that need to be issued.

Her and Bill deserve to have ALL their earnings while they held public office disgorged.

Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice.

And that goes for racism against the Asian Community espoused by a certain "Progressive" (?) talk radio show

Parallels Abound

Parallels abound between the way the Ruling Elite of the past responded to challenges to their monopoly on power, and how the Ruling Elite are responding today. So know your history.

The Vatican's 'Holy' Empire and the U.S. Corporations' Empire are very much alike in their responses to having their faults realized by their victims.

Austerity designed to contract economy fails to create expansion.

Here is a chart, showing the UK economy in recessions, the y axis is GDP going down and then recovering back up, the x-axis is months from start of recession. Utter and Complete regulatory and policy takeover of US's electrical needs by Nuclear and Coal Industry.

Add Obama and players in the corrupt Nuclear industry to a map to see why solar power takes a back seat in America. Now do you understand why job-creating life-saving solar is taking a back seat in the Obama administration?


Zuccotti Prk 1/26/2012 Seems we need to rekindle the fire!

Mighty Apple

WOW - Apple sells over 400,00 iphones and 100,000 ipads a day! And every one made in a Chinese sweat shop!

Water Power Engines

Time has told what a lie democracy turned out to be, I dont have an answer from TSA as to why the 7th building at the world trade center turned into dust like towers 1 and 2 with out getting hit by a plane or anything else. The fact that Thom does not understand what 911 was all about is sad.

Banksters feeling the potential heat.

While watching CNBC this morning, I watched Maria Bartiromo interview Jamie Dimon of B of A at the Davos Switzerland big shots conference. It might be interesting to watch a clip of it at; if available. Jamie was starting to sound or trying to sound like one of the 99%. A Wolf in Sheep's clothing.

In a Country of lies, the truth is heresy


Somewhere a broom is the drearly sweeping, up the broken pieces of yesterday's life.

Somewhere there is a governor who resembles the working end of a broom. Truth be told she has lost the handle to her broom.Woud someone in Arizona please help Jan fixer broom so she can fly away out here.

The race to control the World's fresh water continues with heavy involvement by Wall Street.

this is going to be a problem if it isn't already.

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Did the Fossil Fuel Industry Bring Us to the Point of No Return?

As runaway climate change continues to wreak havoc on the planet, it’s getting harder and harder to disagree with the idea that we’re in the middle of a potentially massive extinction event. It’s also getting harder and harder to ignore the potentially criminal liability of at least some fossil fuel companies for causing this mess.