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The aftermath of Reaganomics

Conservatives think the average citizen is not smart or engaged in what's happening around them. On the contrary, we are becoming very aware of how they've been pulling the wool over our heads. We are recalling times and events in history past that proves there maniacal agendas, that have brought us to all the news headlines we read and hear nearly every other day now. To prove my point, here's what a local person wrote in our hometown news paper (The Commercial Appeal) regarding air traffic can guess where this will lead back to...

Consumers are the Real job creators

You need a well paid labor force to have consumers who can afford to buy. Without that, the so called entrepreurial job creators have no
reason to hire anyone.

Our economy crashed, not because the rich didn't have enough money to provide jobs, but because consumers could no
longer keep buying. The rich have sucked them dry.

In my studies of economic geography I noticed that the venture capital always seemed to be most available in the areas

that were Unionised.

Hippie TV News Video, with Joe McEvoy (Winston Smith)

WWH- Worldwide Hippies brings you news and commentary, to inform you and move you to action. Worldwide Hippies News and Stuff is a weekly video, produced by WWH.

Businessman? Trump?

Businessman? Trump?

I hate to burst your bubble but Donald Trump, number 153 of the Forbes 400 richest Americans* did not earn his wealth. He acquired it the old-fashioned way: he was born rich.

Donald Trump inherited his wealth from his father, Fred, same as the Koch brothers. But unlike Fed Koch (the war-profiteer and John Birch society founder), Fred Trump was a real-estate tycoon.

How do you spell hypocrite?

Here in Orange County, CA our great watchdogs Move, 100 strong staged a protest outside a Bank of America branch on Monday. They were protesting BofA paying no income tax, forgetting along the way that the bank LOST over 2 billion dollars last year! Now I'm not a CPA but even I know that before Jimmy Carter, should a corporation lose money during the fiscal year they would be subject to NO income tax. Not to mention BofA paid over 2 billion in payroll taxes, SS contributions, etc...

Question – Why should the rich pay more?

What is the rational for the democratic/progressive belief that the rich should pay more with respect to taxes? I think they should because they owe the most to the country because they are successful but I’m having a hard time articulating this to my conservative friends. Can anyone elaborate for me

Socialist Elected in Detroit

Socialist elected in Detroit. If we're going to have social democratic policies we'll need elected officials who stand by those policies. Read more here


Tuesday, April 19, 2011 Posted by

Republicans are always on the wrong side of history.

When a new age dawns to them has always been mystery.

Invest in the country and the people, not in the banks.

Obama's Environmental Contempt Pours Out - Schneiderman To Feds: Commit To Fracking Study Or I'll Sue

Albany, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Attorney General Eric T.

GOP pushes to deregulate environment at state level

Weeks after he was sworn in as governor of Maine, Paul LePage, a tea party favorite, announced a 63-point plan to cut environmental regulations, including opening 3 million acres of the North Woods for development and suspending a law meant to monitor toxic chemicals that could be found in children's products.

Obama's despicable compromise on Wild Land Protections

Congress' compromise budget to fund the government until October would temporarily halt an Interior Department effort to protect roadless areas in a shock for conservationists who'd fought to retain the three-month-old program.

Minus Credit Rating for US?! Then NO purchasing Treasuries with Social Security Cash

nuf said

I have amended the oath of office it needs change

Oath of office

America! Wake up!

Michigan law

The US Constitution includes a requirement of republican governments in Article Four, Section Four as copied below. Would this clause prevent the imposition of the Michigan law to allow for unilateral (and therefore not republican) to usurp the local government?

Section 4 - Republican government

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The Post-Citizens United Era.

This month marks five years since the United States Supreme Court made their infamous ruling in the case of Citizens United v. FEC. That ruling turned a century of legal precedent on its head with the declaration that corporations have a First Amendment right to spend money in elections. And, that ruling opened the floodgates to massive spending levels in our political process.