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A Crush On NOAA & President Obama

I caught this magnificent info about President Obama’s plans for NOAA and the Dept. of Commerce on the Rachel Maddow show the other night and thought WOW; this has got to be my first video for the 2012 election. The Republicans with their shrinking Tea Party are trying to take this nation back to the mid 1800's NO, further back to the times of Pharaohs and Monarchs:

Un-Occupy the Marketplaces

Our National Surplus, our dignity, and our future as free people has been stolen by the New People: The Corporations that now enjoy the rights, trhe freedom and the money you used to have.

Here are the only tools you still have, barring becoming killers like your enemy:

Mass Protests



Hunger Strikes

Let's turn up the heat on the wealthy, and Un-Occupy the thing that makes them money; our lives.

Greenhouse Gas or Toxic Mercury in Our Homes and Garbage ? How Can We Effectively Deal With Fluorescent Light Bulb Waste ?

Toxic mercury pollution is spreading exponentially today even in areas where mercury is no longer used to extract gold from ore. In a few years we will look back and say that our rush to energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs has allowed toxic mercury pollution to contaminate every home and every garbage dump in the country. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury solids and vapor. The bulbs are easily shattered and their fragments are impossible to eliminate.

I Miss Michele Bachmann

Lately I find myself pining away for Michele Bachmann, I really miss her! For one, now that she isn't running for president who will stick up for light bulb consumers. Without her help I am stuck without the option of purchasing woefully inefficient light bulbs, and will have to suffer with lower electric bills as a consequence. I was really counting on those high utility bills taking a huge cut from my pay in any minimum wage job I may find in this depression.

The Commons: It's About 'We', Not Just 'Me"

While interviewing the visionary writer, speaker, storyteller, (and all around nice guy) Jay Walljasper, a fellow of and an editor at last week for our

Hartmann Mobsters in Common

Reference: The Men Behind the Murder

I'll start at 2007

3/29/2007 EDWARDS REALTY HOLDING LLC Charter Number: 36415487 K Registration Date: 3/29/2007 Domicile Address 239 TUDOR AVENUE RIVER RIDGE, LA 70123 Mailing Address C/O FRANK B. GIOVINGO, SR. 239 TUDOR AVENUE RIVER RIDGE, LA 70123 Status Status: Active CARLOS J. MARCELLO Title: Manager: 4905 KENT AVENUE City, State, Zip: METAIRIE, LA 70006

book review: "Aftershock," Robert Reich

Reich focuses on wealth inequality and income disparity as he relates his perspective on the events leading up to the crash of 2008 and the causes of that crash. While doing so, Reich downplays the role of globalization. He treats globalization as an issue similar to immigration; that is, as a focus of irrational, reactionary fear which he warns can lead to a devastating "populist" backlash. The solutions which Reich proposes, however, are of the nature of inter-class solidarity.

An Overlooked Aspect of the "Corporations are People" Debate

The argument that is put forward by supporters of the "Citizens United" case, the Supreme Court case which opened the door to allowing unlimited slushfund cash to influence our elections, is that corporations are "people" because they are made up of people. This is the argument put forward on Thom's radio show just this morning by conservative Seton Motley.

Government to Blast Tops Off of Badland Hills, Extract Gold; Obama to Expand Fort Knox

The government will extract gold from them here mountains for deposit.

Should Political Candidates be Psychologically Tested?

A Capital Idea Part 102: Should Political Candidates be Psychologically Tested?

thomm listen please

I hate to characterize ANYTHING you produce as a disservice...but:

Let's stop teaching folks about whats going on financially using the "western dollar mystic" model and start from the "fiat currency" model that is really in use.
I know you understand personally and should remain committed to removing the confusion about certain functions of fiat currency manipulation required by today's markets/political imperatives.
So many times there is a moment where your real knowledge would convert a listener from slave to master if pursued.

The real cost of Gold: Mercury Poisoning

If gold was used for its natural affinities, instead of for wealth, it could be made into nanobars and used to clean up the mercury you idiots used to extract it from the land you've stolen, all over the world, through your genocidal quest to quench the unsatisfiable greed of Capitalism.

The owners of the gold could even have their gold back, after the cleaning is complete, since it would still be gold once the mercury is removed from it.

I'd suggest this is the best use of gold today.

It's a natural cure for a world-wide health problem.

Empirical Evidence can only support the Empire

As 'tensions rise' over a possible blockade of our ridiculous constructed need to ship oil around in quaint boats, consider the fact that everything you've been told about oil, our need for oil, our addiction to it, and the true nature of hydrocarbons in the Universe is a lie.

The Fossil Fool Theory is an antiquated, convenient lie.

Your Earthquake Science is a lie.

Your Climate Science is a lie.

Read "The Deep Hot Biosphere", by Thomas Gold, 'one of America's greatest minds'.

Get Out, NOW!

Once more, with feeling. Hey, the pause that refreshes. No barbarism here, right?

The U.S. sends young, poorly educated, ill-trained soldiers to kill and then expects them to act with honor and decency?

What the hell is the U.S. doing in Afghanistan anyway?

Occupy vs. Tea Party

The Democrats and the media have said that the Occupy Party was a civic group "just like" the Tea Party.

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Fossil Fuel Billionaires Kill Children

Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, Prince may have had a drug problem, and a record breaking 88,000 people have been evacuated from Fort McMurray.

If you've turned on a corporate 24-hour news network in the last couple of days, those are three things that you have definitely heard about.