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I posted the video 'Thom Hartmann Reveals Tea Party's Winning Secrets --it ain't rocket science--'

on Current TV blog and got this response so, so very typical of the PARTY OF NO.


The Ugly Face Of The GOP

Isn’t it amazing that so many members of the GOP can tell their followers that they love them and then turn around and DO EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER TO BRING THEIR FAN CLUB TO ITS KNEES, they seem to know that whatever obnoxious stunt they pull, sooner or later their groupies will forgive them? Newt Gingrich is one such GOP member but he stands out above the rest. His over the top monstrous statements can even shock a battle-scarred, been around the block news media, which makes me shocked over their shock.

State of the Onion: In the Opera they warm up singing “mee, Mee, MEe, MEE, MEe, Mee, mee” in Democratic Radio its “Oh!, but the President said”

This is Post Citizens United America, you’d be better off judging all our politicians on their ACTUAL OUTPUT INTO LAW AND WHAT SUBSEQUENTLY HAPPENS EFFECTING THE LAWS IMPLEMENTATION and dismiss their words, excuses and most actions.

The heat is on

1% on Environment: Rape and Pillage the peasants lands!

They’ve taken all they could from the American Consumer so its time to go for the Resources held by the Consumers’ in Common under their so called representative Government

Obama and Oil Whore Salazar seek to implement Bush-era limitations on Endangered Species Act.

From the Center for Biological Diversity comes this info on the WORST ENVIRONMENTAL PRESIDENT EVER:

Ask President Obama To Stop Ignoring the Crime of Organized Stalking!

Why is President Obama in complete denial about organized stalking?

The United States Department of Justice's own figures show that it is a very real crime with hundreds of thousands of very real victims each year.

So why hasn't the Justice Department ever prosecuted a multi-stalker case?

Why does the Justice Department's Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), help single stalker victims, but not multiple stalker victims?..........("OVC does not provide any direct assistance to victims of multi-stalker incidents")

Let's hope and pray that we do not end up in as many more wars and economic disasters as came into being during the Bush / Cheney / Rumsfelt / Paulson years

We are spending way too much of our time and energy focused on the Republican Primary Debates and Candidates. We are doing this, while all the time the efforts of the Republican Party as a whole are focused on bringing all progress in government to a full halt until they remove the Black Obama Administration from the White House and slander all progressive congressional agenda so they can gain full control of congress. Way back in 2009 at the beginning of the Obama Presidency, Rush Limbaugh was allowed to set the Republican agenda for the next four years when he made the followi

And Crown Thy Good With Brotherhood

The Patriotic Speeches of Romney and Gingrich remind me of a football coaches giving pep talks to their losing team. Romney and Gingrich are blind to the fact (or plainly do not care) that TWENTY FIVE PERCENT OF ALL AMERICAN CHILDREN ARE NOW LIVING IN POVERTY because their parents cannot afford decent food, housing, transportation, or health care. (This is NOT a sign of a great nation.)The Republican candidates (and the FOX News pundits) are trying to motivate supporters by preaching that America is still the greatest nation in the world.

The Subjective Argument for God

Lots of Thom Hartmann listeners, like most progressives, claim to be both Atheistic and extremely "Scientfic".

Appropriate scientific use of "theory" and "hypothesis" may help average citizen understand climate change

Hi Thom,

Great program as always. I heard you refer to one of your caller's "hypothesis," that the reason SCOTUS ruled that a warrant is required in the case re GPS tracking may be because the Justices are afraid they are going to be GPS tracked, as a "theory." As I understand it, in the science community, a "theory" is generally accepted data/information/results whereas an "hypothesis" is the speculation about what the data/information/results will/might show.


On Facebook, my progressive friends have been posting the chart showing the different deficits of Presidents from Reagan to Obama. I have been in a big argument with another poster who claims that the infomation is doctored and I found several other U.S Government sites that appeared to back it up. And I challenged her to show where this is wrong.

Newt and Marijuana -- he used it when younger -- introduced Death Penalty bill later for it!

Go to to see a summary of the 1996 Bill that Newt introduced calling for the death penalty for "an amount the Attorney General has determined is equal to 100 usual dosage amounts to life imprisonment without possibility of release (or, if the defendant has violated such provision on more th

Bank Robbery? The banks proposed deal with the state attorney's general that would ignore thousands of illegally evicted people

So the banks are trying to avoid prosecution for illegally foreclosing and illegally evicting thousands of people from their homes by making a deal with state attorneys generals to deal to help struggling homeowners to stay in their homes? What a sweet deal for the banks! They already have a problem with too many bank owned foreclosure properties that are bank owned and that they can't sell. the banks policies are causing entire neighborhoods and even cities to be blighted.

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Big Oil Could Have Put A Dent In CO2 Emissions In 1970s — But Did Nothing

According to new documents from the Center for International Environmental Law, the industry chose to prioritize costs over the planet.

The new documents show oil companies chose to invest in climate denying instead of on technologies to reduce emissions.