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Email from former conservative


Would it be possible to post the email that Thom read this morning, March 18, regarding the former teacher who left the Republican party and became a Democrat. He had been a strong supporter of conservative organizations, but Wisconsin caused him to turn the corner

It was an amazing letter. I would really like to send this to everyone I know, liberal and conservative - and post on Facebook.

Many Thanks,

Lois Grandi

When did YOU stop voting Republican?

This obviously doesn't apply to everyone. For those it does, I'm curious what was the last straw for you and when did you wake up?

For me the last straw was Iraq and I voted for Kerry in 2004.

How about you?

Supreme Court Betrayals

Missing from the progressive conversation involving Supreme Court activism in recent years, is the case of the Plaintiffs vs Exxon-Mobil . Much has been said about Bush v. Gore, and of how the SC used the 14th Amendment to quash the Florida vote count, and about the more recent Citizen's United case, where the SC declared that corporate campaign contributions were "free speech". But, almost nothing is said about how the SC's conservative majority betrayed us all in our case (I was a Plaintiff).

Free Fair Trade?

My economic knowledge is about on par with a high school freshman but my freshman tea party congressman just sent me an e-mail that blew my mind. It's filled with the usual GOP nonsense and also divulged a revolutionary economic breakthrough called Free Fair Trade. I'm at least aware of the Free and Fair platforms and their respective political leanings but this new tea party concoction is better than cold fusion in a jar. It goes as follows:

Ronald Reagan's Letter of Support to PATCO

Below is the letter of support of the nation's air traffic controllers that candidate Ronald Reagan wrote to the Professional Air Traffic Controller's Organization in his run for the Presidency in 1980. History shows:

...that the incoming Presidency knew from the Jimmy Carter Presidency that there were labor issues with PATCO who represented all of the nation's air traffic controllers...

CBO: Obama understates deficits by $2.3 trillion

Yikes, we are in bigger trouble than anyone thought.

cost of war to US tax and rate payers, billion$$$ benefit private companies jumping into the "business" of war.

Please bring attention to the organization to Stockholm Internation Peace Research Institute

Halliburton is only one of hundreds of companies, big and small, investing and converting their products and services to warfare products, production, and services.

Dear Mr. Disney,

Dear Mr. W.E. Disney,

Here is my report on the present state of The Art of Walt Disney:

The line has to be drawn somewhere or Disney will become just another casino. The new Ice Show costumes are a textilic nightmare. Alice in Wonderland was remade creepy and ugly. Impolite f@rt jokes are woven into every script.

A new Handle

I like Thom's suggesting that perhaps the most appropriate name for the current rash of Rebuplican conservatives and Tea Partiers is that they are a cult. Their ideology overrides any form of logic, fact, historical precidents, Biblical interpretations and humanitarism. They are lemmings following an assortment of pied pipers heading for that cliff or willing to take their own life if these pipers tell them.

Japan crisis

We're questioning the radiation fall-out reaching the states! How quickly we forget the Ballon-bombs that were sent over in WWII. The balloons were released from Japan, and one actually DID kill people in Oregon.

Thom, I know you're a pet lover, Do you know if there are any orginizations fund raising to save pets that survived the disaster? Thanks

Adult with ADD need help plz

I was diagnosed with adult add. I am middle age and burning out because I don't know
How to control it any more. I just compensated over the years not realizing what I am
Any help would be appreciated. Don't know where to start


When people talk of Nuclear Energy plants they seem to overlook the waste these plants produce. Our planet is being saturated with toxins- does that matter or are we just using a fix for today and to hell with tomorrow. I look at the birds singing and feel sad nowadys for I fear we are losing them and everything else that makes this planet beautiful. Nuclear only produces 20% of our electric. I say ration energy- so much per person and do away with these destructive monstrousities.

Oil Shale? Tar Sands? Nuclear Energy? BP's Oil spill? Get Rid of Steven Chu and John Holdren

And replace him with somebody who isn't taking advice from Goldman Sachs

Pittsburgh in the 60’s - Sticks and Stones…

by Sherry Pasquarello | WWH - Sticks and Stones…

Radiation From Japan Detected At O’Hare Airport in Chicago

Updated 03/17/11 -10:00 p.m.

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