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Because Corporations are people!

Why doesn't someone that owns a Corporation run that Corporation for President or for Congress?

The People will Be Heard!... Eventually! lol

Well this is the first time I have ever wrote my thoughts onto the internet. I'm 26! Ha! Anyways never felt like I had the proper audience and maybe now I will... Just yesterday July 13, 2011 I lost my DirectTV because I am a 99er. Anyways I called your program Thom and the lady wouldn't tell me what you were talking about so I could give my 2 cents on it. See I am actually a science nut... I was doing a 8 year study in the life of a poor, down trotten, homeless American entrepenuer. May have spelled it wrong and I'm sorry.

Call His Bluff

I wish the President would put forth a green jobs bill that would give everyone in Americia a job that wanted to work, and then publicly DARE the Republicans NOT to fund it. If he did this, everybody in this nation would clearly see who wants to help America, and who wants to hurt America.

Obama: Conducted himself in a fashion that earned him a shellacking

Yea, the vile and putrid vessels of flesh known as the Republicans are to blame but so is the Obama Administration. Blame it on his “…unfortunate failure to message his wonderful accomplishments during the first two stellar years of his presidency…” if you have to but he was in charge and now we are all suffering because of his failings as a leader.

US Creditworthiness Already Damaged

Clearly if we default on our Debt Payments the US’s credit rating will be damaged, but as even as Moody’s and Helicopter Ben have to have realized by now any Country – including the US – that goes through this amount of bullshit (aka debt ceiling proceedings) to decide whether or not to pay its bills is not entirely credit worthy.

Obama engages in Money Laundering

Remember how in 2008 Oblahblah’s single largest campaign contributor was actually the cumulative small campaign contributions of all the employees of Goldman Sachs. Well it is happening again.

Wall Street & Washington

How can anyone be surprised that members of the Wall Street “criminal cabal” are back in business?

Pic of Me & My Long Hair

Well here is the picture of the hair I was referring to in my last blog entry.

Samson, Murphy, and I: A Modern Day Hippy Finds His Lost Hair.

Well if any of you would have seen me a year ago it would have been quite a different picture. I had abandoned my long hair years ago at the behest of a striking young woman. It happened when I stopped into an establishment located around the corner from a small steel warehouse I worked in at the time. I was a material handler and band saw operator for a local outfit known as Halvorson Metals in those days. At the time I was riding my mountain bike to and from work frequently (Some really fun trails were behind that warehouse.).

Republicans do not want to tax the wealthy, but have no problem taxing the middle class.

If closing tax loopholes for the wealthy is a tax increase, then shifting the cost of previously guaranteed social services and the costs of community services, parks, recreation, highways, medical care, etc. to the middle class (and every person) is also a tax increase. While the Republicans do not want to tax the wealthy, they have no problem taxing the middle class.

How does one become truthfully informed?

If I were to listen to the opinion pitchers on Fox then I would have to believe that the health care reform bill is horrible and will bankrupt our economy (According to Mike Huckabee). Where can I go to read a truthfull accounting of this bill and how it will affect our country? I would like the reading to be less than 3000 pages.

Question for Laffer disciples

The line you always hear from republicans to justify their anti-tax stance in the face of record deficits is that cutting taxes on the rich raises revenue. They argue that lower taxes on the rich allows them to reinvest that money which grows the economy and GDP so more revenue is raised because there are more profits to be taxed even though they are taxed at a lower rate.

post-capitalist america

Financial instruments no longer directly represent ownership of real wealth, instead they are structures of a particular means of wealth distribution which allow the plutocratic aristocracy to manipulate the ownership of wealth through the means of incorporating loss into this mechanism in such a way as to function as a means of gain.

New Republican party = Neo-Confederates?

When are we going to start calling the Republican party, with their hatred of the "yankee gub'ment" and their hatred of rules (like Ron Paul's disdain for the Civil Rights Act) and their hatred of regulation and national taxes, CALL THEM WHAT THEY ARE: NEO-CONFEDERATES!!!


Recently I launched HTTP://DONTPAYCONGRESS.COM as a non-partisan response for providing US citizens a voice in the manner in which our leaders will undoubtedly understand.

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Climate deniers are running out of excuses...

One-by-one, the excuses for failing to act on climate change are disappearing.

Earlier this month, China proved that it's possible to quickly and dramatically reduce carbon emissions. According to an analysis by Greenpeace, our planet's largest greenhouse gas emitter reduced coal use by about 8 percent in a single year.