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  • Obama uses Taxpayer Dollars to Fund exporting Fisker electric car jobs to Finland.

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    I am so over this guy.  Just hearing his voice makes me react like i just chipped a tooth. 

    How's that Pipe dream of a "Jesse Ticket" (jackson/venture) for president in 2012 coming?

  • Ok Obama we get it, the Republicans are against the People, now stop the politics and make some secret loans direct to Main St!

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    Same old story - politics before the People, else Main St could be bathing right now in its own $16 Trillion in secret Fed Loans at 0% (that don't require Congressional approval)

  • Bad Car Karma

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    This is a great day for Magwire, ubiquitous conductor and world traveler, with the unveiling of "Karma-1," produced for the rich with an involuntary grant from the poor. It can now be meaningfully pointed out that Car-Kar rhymes with Jar-Jar (either Binks, or the Ball Foundation) and mimics the Caracara, or "Two-Faced Falcon," Fig. 47, Birds of the West Indies, First American Edition, James Bond, 1961. Fig.

  • Libya: Hillary’s “build a new democracy” code for “ok lobbyists move in now!”

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    ripe for exploitation, such a gift to the rich and their oligarchs!

    Sigh, i wish i had my own government funded by others.

  • 'Talkin' Battle for Libya - Talkin' Battle for the World' - Michel Montecrossa says ..

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    'Talkin' Battle for Libya - Talkin' Battle for the World' is Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song about mercy, forgiveness and change based on compassion and goodwill.

    Michel Montecrossa says about ‘Talkin‘ Battle for Libya – Talkin‘ Battle for the World’:

  • Occupy Orlando Days 5 & 6 “Take it off-Take it all off!”

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  • Legalized Pot and The Post Office

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    I have an idea that could solve two problems. Legalize Pot and make it only available through the Post Office. Order it from The USPS and then they can deliver it. Two problems solved!!!

  • Term Limits, Occupy the World with changes

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    I have been listening to all that has been said  about the wall street views,the politics etc...

    We are the people we have been waiting for to make changes Now.

    The solution I see is that Term Limits need to be applied to all posts in the goverment as well the the Supreme court! where most of the problems are brewing..

    The corporations taxed and if they do not pay the taxes then they do not sell here in the US as they are not US companies! (any corp taking their jobs else where, stay there.

    Rich taxed and if they are the job makers then make the jobs!!!

  • Feudalism alias American Capitalism

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    Keep up the good work Thom! You hit the nail on the head a few shows back when you described how America was on its way to becoming a neo-feudal society.  Your listners might be interested to know about an excellent free online book called “Feudalism alias American Capitalism”

  • Wall Street

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    Obama has gotten more money from Wall Street than the GOP canidates.