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Your rumble sessions are not much different than the mainstream media's habit of having two guests to argue the right and left side of the issues. It is noisy, confusing, predictable (for the arguments on either side of the issue) and not very productive. You are better than this.

Breaking the barrier...

When do you suppose Thom will begin to see Israel and Obama for what they really are? Israel as the terrorist nation that it is and Obama as the patsy of Wall Street and champion of the wealthy. Thom seems, slowly and reluctantly, to be coming around to the anti-Obama side but he remains unwavering in his support for Israel, even going so far as to call it the only democratic state in the middle east - patently absurd by any reasonable definition of democracy.

For the people - part two

Experience is A Knowledge. Not gained by words but by touch, sight, sound, victories, and emotion of the this earth and of oneself and other men, perhaps too, A little faith and reverence for things you can not see. Adieu Stevenson

Low Income HEAP Program so low funded this will put it out of its own misery

HEAP program to help folks for Heat expenses has been so defunded that it serves only the poorest of the poor...

Initially it helped the working poor but its been so depleted. The Obama's cut might be an attempt to stop the pretense of a program and start all over.

Facts for "tax-cuts-to-create-jobs" - or Dear Senator,

What I'd really love to see are congressional hearings to gather facts from the wealthiest of Americans about our "tax-cuts-to-create-jobs" policy. Bring America's richest citizens to DC to testify exactly how may jobs each has created by keeping more of their personal fortunes instead of the government using the tax revenue to create jobs or pay down the debt. Bring them all on to congress: Meg Whitman, Bill Gates, the Walton family, Koch brothers, Warren Buffet, Oprah, Donald Trump, et al.

Where is Obama's Bully Pulpit for Wisconsin Workers?!

At the very least, our Democratic Leader should can say something against union busting? shouldn't he? Or is it politics first, workers second? Do we have to wait until the Wisconsin National Gaurd actually shoots first?!

States in Financial Difficulty

Hi Thom,

The Collateral Economic Damage of Privatization

Break down every dollar of public money the government spends on a good or service. Just like any other cost accounting exercise you’ll find that the different parts of the dollar go to cover a variety of expenses and costs incurred in delivering the good or service.

Terrorist Nations

Mubarak, bowing to reality and the demands of 18 days of peaceful revolution, has resigned. Egyptians – perhaps the entire world - will never forget the astonishing courage and determination of the Egyptian people. As the euphoria wanes, as it must, attention will naturally turn to the immediate future of Egypt under military control. That future remains murky indeed.

Understanding the events of today.

Something to think about.


Thom Please put a rant together about what Monsanto is doing to our food. O C A ( Organic Consumers Association ) has a website . Please encourage your viewers to sign up to help. The USA and Canada have done no research on these GMOs They took Monsanto's word that they were safe. Japan has done research on genetically modified organisms and have found them harmful. This same corporation that put out Agent Orange and Round Up, which is now shown to be causing cancer.

The Economic Balance of Nature

February 13

A Capital Idea Part 56: The Economic Balance of Nature

I have made the argument previously in this series that the economy should be treated like an ecology. If so, what is the balance of economical nature? What does economical diversity look like, and how does it benefit us?

The Republicans Again trying to take NPR & PBS forever FROM OUR LIVES

The Republicans Are At It Again!
This time with a vengeance to take NPR & PBS forever FROM OUR LIVES.

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