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  • How to galvanize the Occupy movement

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    It seems to me that all the "Occupiers" have one thing in common; They feel like 99% of the people are not being heard by the government and it's time their opinion made a difference.

    As I've heard it said that if you talk to 500 Occupiers you'll hear 500 different sollutions to the countries problems. That is the briliance of the idea of America, the majority rule. Everyones opinion's has value and all opinions should all hold the same weight. That's the key, majority rule and that is not what we have now.

  • David Stockman -- Reagan's budget director -- says low 15% capital gains rate's time has passed

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    Anyone else notice the comments made on NPR by David Stockman, Reagan's director of the Office of Management and Budget, regarding the current 15% long-term capital gains rate?  

    "It's an obsolete provision that originated in the 1970s when we had double-digit inflation," David Stockman tells weekends on All Things Considered host Guy Raz. Stockman, the budget director under Ronald Reagan, supported the capital-gains measure at the time as a congressman from Michigan. "With double-digit inflation," he says, "you were taxing phantom gains."

  • The Patriot Tax

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    For the past 10 years our country has been at war. A war, we are told, it is our patriotic duty to support. The only support that we have had to give so far is the lives of our brave and poor. That and the occasional yellow ribbon magnet stuck to our car. I think it is now time we ask more. We don't need victory gardens and we don't need peach pits. What we need is a war tax, a Patriot Tax.

  • Occupy my lapel

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    I wanted a nice "Occupy" lapel pin, but I wasn't happy with what I found. So, I decided to make one for myself (and only myself, I'm not mass producing pins... call me selfish). I'm still figuring out how to make molds for pewter but most of what's needed is available in kits. Designwise, I've narrowed it down to my two favorites, but now I'm stuck. If I can master pin-making, I might do both designs eventually, but for now I just want to work on getting one right. Which pin should I go with?

  • International trophy-hunting group trying to stop a government commitment to protect 757 imperiled plants and animals.

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    The Endangered Species Act is under attack like never before.

    Right-wing congressmen are trying to kill it in Washington, D.C., while an international trophy-hunting group is using the courts to try to stop a Department of Interior commitment to protect 757 imperiled plants and animals.

  • BP's 2009 North Slope PIPELINE SPILL may lead to criminal charges - KEYSTONE Pipeline Here We Come!

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    Two years ago, a BP pipeline carrying a mix of oil, water and natural gas blew open on the North Slope, spilling what the oil company estimated was 13,500 gallons of crude.


  • Forcing Monopolies\Oligarchies on the Internet: The Marketplace Fairness Act.

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    Another horrible idea out of Washington that craps on the 99%.


  • republican plan for our economy

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     Instead of the Cain 9 9 9 plan, it has been changed to the 3 3 3 plan. The american people can go 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food.

  • Torschlusspanik

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    Torschlusspanik German – Translated literally, this word means “gate-closing panic,” but its contextual meaning refers to “the fear of diminishing opportunities as one ages.” (

  • watch this video

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