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A Rich Man's Dream (A "Natural Lefty" Production)

March 26-27

A Capital Idea Part 62: A Rich Man's Dream

"To have dragons one must have change; that is the first principle of dragon lore."
— Loren Eiseley (The Night Country)

Note: What follows is a sarcastic allegory and is not meant to represent the actual views of the author (in case there would be any doubt about that).

Towards a Blue Island Confederacy (tentative) (&)

What we refer to as "blue islands" are the stronghold of the Democratic Party, the urban centers of the nation. The inhabitants of these oases of youth, culture (post-super-humanism), society, and business may be accused of failing to take the reins of the progressive movement. That is, as employees of the corporate empire, their participation in the Democratic Party may be one of the demographic factors in the rise of the Democratic Party as we know it today.

sorry i dont to be vile or inflammatory

I edited all the politically correct and incorrect comments, the comments that could be considered offensive, the ones that had dirty words and the ones that I could be accused of inciting a riot with.... and below is what was left.


I believe


John McKinney

A song you might be interested in:

I was listening to my Ipod at work when I heard an old song I had by Bob Dylan. It was "Slow Train Coming". This is from the album of the same name. Made in 1979, produced by Mark Knopfler. I think it's the best recorded album Dylan ever made. This was made during the "Jesus Years", written off by some as "God Awful Gospel".

(a few words about God)

When I see Politicians use God as an issue to vote for them...I curse.

When I see churches use God to intimidate people into donating their last dime to them...I curse.

Nuclear Waste

Watch Dr. Sternglass on youtube made March 18th.

To whom it may concern: (that would be all living things… especially those not born yet)

New Listener, Hey Thom!

I randomly found this station after my dad returned my car to me after burrowing it for a weekend and this station happened to be on when I got it back. I love the show and I envy how much knowledge that you (Thom) have about the most improtant aspects of our lives. I am a recent college graduate and hope to be teaching in the Illinois Public School system in a year or so. Despite all the recent negativity in the media, I am thrilled to become a teacher and helping each and every student I have achieve his or her dreams in life. I look forward to reading your books!

Freelance Casual and General Labor odd job Services

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Will it take a Civil War?

I am a Democratic Socialist like Thom here! I do think there comes a time, like now when we might have to use violence to protect our nation! After all we have to protect our nation from all enemys foreign and domestic! Is that not the saying? Look at it this way, all of these rich people are sucking this nation dry, and the Republicans are helping them! Most people on the left im sorry to say, are a bunch of cowards, and eventually give in to Republican demands! Protesting is not doing much good, do you see them going to jail yet? I thought we are all equal under the law?

Is What You've Been Led To Believe It Is?

During the Brunch With Bernie segment of the March 25 broadcast... Bernie said something like "Social Security does not contribute one cent to the deficit.." Most every member of the progressive media... both radio and Internet... have expressed the same belief. My understanding of the structure of Social Security is consistent with this progressive perspective on the relationship between Social Security and the deficit. Specifically... they are disjoint.

MultiMillion March on Washington

100,000 in Wisconsin, x 16 other states = 1 million 600,000. 15 states more states x 50,000 = 1 million 250,000 29 more states at 10,000 = 290,000 total = approx 3 million people in Washington Dec in July before they go home for their August working vacation which will be campaign for money. Let's talk with Ed Schultz and Tom Hartmann, Ring of Fire, John Stewart, Rachel Maddow and other to do it together and coordinate the effort and plan for the next four months. Copy and paste this and e-mail to all of them.

New Civil War erupts, led by super rich, GOP

By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch

Yes, “there’s class warfare, all right,” warns Warren Buffett. “But it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” Yes, the rich are making war against us. And yes, they are winning. Why? Because so many are fighting this new American Civil War between the rich and the rest.

Flaws faced by household income

Monopolies result in distorted prices that lead to an unproductive misallocation or concentrations of capital. This exacerbates the countries failure in aggregate demand most notably by taking household capital away from fueling demand for consumer goods. Consumer goods are the goods sustaining the needs of the nation’s labor force.

Japan Can Relax

The hysteria about radiation we're seeing now would have been quite understandable in 1950, but we've had several decades of scientific research since then that should calm our fears. Of course such stuff doesn't sell a lot of newspapers. When people think of radiation, they think of mushroom clouds and ladies painting dials on airplane instruments with radium paint and licking the brushes.

Obama’s Crocodile Tears over GE’s Tax Breaks given on Multi-Billion dollar profit

Obama’s recent cries for reform of the Tax Code are bologna! He had two years at the start of his term to enact meaningful reform of how businesses are taxed and he did not! Are we supposed to believe that GE’s performance on their tax return is a surprise to him? When he hired the CEO to take basically take over the domestic econom

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The Death of the Middle Class was by Design...

Even in the face of the so-called Recovery, poverty and inequality are getting worse in our country, and more wealth and power is flowing straight to the top. According to Paul Buchheit over at Alternet, this is the end result of winner-take-all capitalism, and this destruction of the working class has all been by design.