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Crazies Keep Repeating Supply-Side Economic (i.e, Reaganomics)

On March 2, 2011, Thom Hartmann drew attention to Pres. Carter for his very rational solution to a serious energy crisis during his term. However, Pres. Carter's renewable energy policies became his downfall, which was made into laughable idea by wiseguy Ronnie, who could deliver a punchline like a professional actor - no surprise. Americans bought into Ronald Reagan political platform that included taking jabs at Pres. Carter's concern for renewable energy and "deficit reduction" through supply-side economics. Is this sounding familiar?

Ode to Working Americans: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness 2011

Do you hear it? Do you feel it through out this great land?

"Andy Martin" is a wrong number

Thom: You got punked by "Andy Martin." Check him out. His name back in the 1970s, when he first emerged as an annoyance in Chicago press rooms, was Anthony Robert Martin Trigona. Giving him air time demeans you and your program.

National Sales Tax Needed

A renaissance of local manufacturing in every city in the nation would reinvigorate the economy. I heard a guy on KPOJ the other day float this idea of a national sales tax imposed on all imported goods.

This would not be a trade tariff, but a tax at the retail cash register. Buy anything you want, but it's either going to be made in America, or it will be heavily taxed to level the playing field.

you decide baby boomer or lab rat

Since WW2, no generation has been subjected to more drugs and chemicals introduced into their enviroment than the baby boomer generation. We have fought bugs, weeds and even the Vietnamese with all these chemicals. Dioxins, DDT, asbestos, lead, no need to mention more I think everybody gets the idea.

Wisconsoners...How to Elect The New Judge

An open mesage to the 100,000 Wisconsoners and others who have been looking for something to do in Madison. Here it is...its simple.

Break up into 25,000 four person groups...

Find 20,000 busy corners in Wisconsin and send a group of four there for two hours every Friday night during rush hour until the election of the judge...

Find 5,000 special "many people are there" events between now and the election of the judge and send four person groups there too...

Carry simple signs that say ELECT JUDGE [fill in the blank]...vist [website]...join us

Thom and the Catholic Church

I tried to get in right after Thom's comments today about his fond memories of the Catholic Church (meeting a couple of Catholic girls on the way home from school and liking their uniforms--cue the folksy yuk yuk sounds), his reference to "His Holiness" Pope John Paul II and his memories of meeting the Pope at his "summer mansion".

Higher Education Not Blameless

The University of Wisconsin may lose funding and professors and other staff may lose collective barginning rights, although I do not live in Wisconsin and am not sure how Walker's policies would affect the university.

The Events of Madison, Columbus, etc., from a Larger Perspective

I am frustrated, saddened and angry about what has been occurring to our country ethically, morally and fiscally. The USA has been systematically dissembled, converting it to a shell of what we all believed it could have been.

BIrth Certificate

I know I am rare, but I do have my original blue birth certificate. I accept that Obama was born in Hawaii and I think it is a waste of time to make an issue of it. I wonder if McCain had his since he was Panama? I wonder how many of Congress could provide their original ones?

Anti-Fox Domain for Sale

Excuse me for this shameless plug. I am trying to sell domain. It is listed for sale on eBay.

cost of electric vehicle

The cost of electric vehecle put forth by the heriage foundation was highest case surporting their distorted information cycle.

Taken from wikipedia

New Mexico protest in solidarity with public service union workers in Wisconsin

Since the mainstream media isn't bothering to cover the protests at state capitols in solidarity with Wisconsin public service workers, we have to take it upon ourselves. Here is the video of our efforts in New Mexico.

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Time to Rethink the War on Terror

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When Eric Holder eventually steps down as Attorney General, he will leave behind a complicated legacy, some of it tragic, like his decision not to prosecute Wall Street after the financial crisis, and his all-out war on whistleblowers like Edward Snowden.