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American worker generating $400k for employer

If you divide 150 million American workers by the GNP 15 trillion you get $100k not $400k. Saying things that are so false is silly and only makes you look foolish to conservatives. America generates $50,000 for every person and $100,000 for every worker. Obviously for rich people to become rich they need to get some of the $100,000 that might go to workers so that is why you have only $26k being paid to workers. Your general point is well taken. There is a lot of money on the table for workers to try to aquire for themselves. The amounts are going to be

Ayn Rand Equation




$5000 gold

According to Max Keiser it's going to $5000! The US Central banks and BRICS are buying gold. The US has acquired 60% of the German gold and they are pissed. This was found out when the German's hadn't realized their 3 year audit of gold was not done. So why is the Chinese government advising their people to buy gold?


I think we are ('socially') struggling with the aftermath/hangover from a "culture" of hedging and hoarding. More stupefying and dehydrating excess is not recommended. What has been proposed by the political-right is bleeding the weak and gorging the fat while force-feeding retrogressive (Inquisition-al) legislation from which we must be purged. :( .

Study: ObamaCare would raise deficit at least $340 Billion

All in order to subsidize the Health Insurance Industry so they support Obama's upcoming re-election.

"presidency at sufferance"

watching you



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trickle down

IF that don't work why can't we use the Sherman act to beak up the malti nationals in half and make them regrow again and hire people to regrow there income again the wall marts some of the health insurance and others like kock industries too. as bernie sanders why that can't be done

How Fascism Will Come

Although I didn't write this poem, I wish I had -- but I have said these things. Several of us have said these things and thought these things. Nevertheless, this is a great poem by Terry Ehret, a national award winning poet, and should be read in public places at least twice a day, every day until everyone has heard it and understood what it is saying. I say, with thousands of friends, in the words of The White Rose, "We will Not Be Silent." We must not be silent. love, Eliz

A question about our health care and our Government Officals.

Do you feel once Obama's government run health plan comes fully operational do you think our governmental officials such as our President and members of the House and Senate will be on the same plan as us or a private plan only they are allowed to have?

The M.E.'s Only Democracy???

News about the Middle East’s only democracy (or so Thom and others have incorrectly labeled it):

Read more here:

Mitt Romney calling Obama spending too much time at Harvard

Two men went to same school (Harvard), One learned how to create and enable a better society by creating new jobs while the other learned how to destroy a society by eliminating the jobs of the people who make the society to enrich himself and his high flotutent friends. Isn't it interesting, you can go to same school and learn two very diabolically different sets of lessons.

Raw Economic Data Needed

I am engaged in another blog on this site. It claims that the: “USA taxes more progressively than Old Europe.” The veracity of this statement depends on data.

Lies and truth…

It is a curious thing. Lies don't seem to anger people very much. I suppose it's because lies can be easily twisted, changed to fit circumstance and audience. Truth, on the other hand, can't be tempered to accommodate people's sensibilities - if you try to change it or to make it more palatable it ceases to be truth. Speak the truth and people bristle - they spit on you, revile you, hate you and occasionally kill you.

The Emerging Liberal Tea Party

Over the weekend, protesters took over town halls held by Republican lawmakers in New York and South Carolina.

They shouted slogans and demanded their elected representatives protect - and not repeal - Obamacare.