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Disney to Die For

Disney to Die For by leighmf, on the importance of being a better Mouseketeer

Come, ye rich! It's 2012 and Disney World is 40.
The Richy Rich Express Lines are,
Shortier and Shorty.
"By-pass the Disney of the poor,"
say Perpsicolan perps of war,
"the Art of Disney is no more than cash flow for our sortie."

Wisc Labor Unions REJECT Obama Democrat Tom Barrett.

Front Page, “Wisconsin State Journal”, Sunday March 4, 2012 edition.

Is Baldwin and Pocan next to hit the Labor pooper?!

FDR vs Obama Who is the greatest?

The Unabashed Ignorance of Rush Limbaugh

I can’t stand the big WINDBAG Rush Limbaugh but his sycophants are even more pitiable than he is because they BELIEVE what he spouts and do not realize he is just doing it for the $$$$,which he takes to the bank, laughing at the stupid numbskulls all the way...

oil prices?

Mortgage “Settlement”, BP Legal Farce, etc. what makes you think Obama will overturn Citizens United?

And even if Citizens United is overturned by blue dog’s appointments to the supreme court the evidence just isn’t there that President Judas would finally take definitive action to purge his filthy brand of wealth concentrating campaign finance from American Society.

Our Clean Clothes...

Get your Iran War news here:

Iran War Watch: Threatening Pakistan

Why Running Out of Oil Would be a Blessing:

Not just to not be dependent on oil, or to stop feeding money into companies that Screw us and the environment, but to really start integrating the technology that is already out there would be the blessing.

Jeb Bush, Moderate?!?!?!?!?!

Mr. Hartmann,

On Thursday you referred repeatedly to Jeb Bush as a moderate, as Florida's popular governor, with lots of democratic support along with his own party.

As a long-time Florida resident, I can only ask, "what's the weather like on your planet?"

BP expects to pay $7.8B in Gulf spill suit deal

It's time to bite the bullet.

There are many things I severely dislike about what our President has done in his 3+ years: the 30,000 troop surge in Afghanistan and the continued occupation, the vast escalation in drone warfare, caving in on cutting tax breaks for the very rich (referred to as "punting on first down" at the time by Senator Al Franken,) signing bills that compromised our freedoms even more than the "patriot" act, not closing Guantanamo prison. I am sure you can add many more negatives to the list.


Does anybody watch PBS? You can watch a whole program on global warming that is funded by David Koch and ARCHER DANIELS MIDLAND genetically modified science deniers.

Why the MI Electors Should Not Be Counted On Dec 18th

With recount efforts now underway in Michigan - election officials have discovered something strange going on in Wayne County, the home of Detroit, and the largest single county in the state.