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  • Seattle Occupy Protester sprayed with Pepper Spray MISCARRIAGES!

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  • Main Stream Media Indications That Former Obama Supporters, Fed Up With His Actions, Call For Him To Resign

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    Two pollsters write in the WSJ, and Hardball host has a melt-down in an interview.

  • planet Earth

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    you are mentioned in this.

  • Report From Egypt

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    This was just posted on Ahram Online, the modern website for the Al Ahram English language newspaper which has been published in Cairo, Egypt for over a century.

    Army Captain Shoman, a popular hero from the January uprising against Mubarak, rejoins Tahrir revolutionaries. Shoman told reporters in the square that the armed forces belong to the people, and "should never be above the people."

    The captain added that his leaders attempts to pass constitutional amendments that put the military council above the rest of Egyptian society are "a very dangerous issue."

  • Hey read.

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    I have this silly feeling a bunch of us , from all thought processes, really want this. Republicians can not seriously want us to fail? Do they?

    The tea partiers are confused. Their leaders are evil.

  • Misunderestimation - A Strategic Mistake

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    A former communicaster or talk show host at KGO 810AM in San Francisco, Bernie Ward, predicted more than once that when the poor of this country had been pushed by the powers that be, beyond the point that they could tolerate, that they would rebel and storm the castles as in the days of old and take back what they lost.  Bernie Ward is spending time in a federal prison presently, but his prediction, it appears, has come true.

  • Douglas Murphy

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    Progressive Centrist.  On the receiving end of trickle down vaccuum for 36 years now.  Self employed due to the economy.  Looking to share some perspectives.

  • Memorial For Miracle Fox

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    It was reported today that we have the first fatality in the Occupy Wall Street movement, a three month old fetus who would have been named Mitracle Fox.  We should all take a moment of silence to honor this young soul.

    Personally, I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to Miracle's mother on her loss.  The officers responsible for her death should be stripped of their badges, never serve as police officers anywhere else, and should live with this moment plastered in their minds for the rest of their lives.

  • FSTV Fund Raiser and viewers.

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    Thom:  I feel guilty as you and Amy beg for donations; but I donated $100 only 6 months ago.  However, this Thanksgiving and Deer Season I intend to give each of my non-donating guests $10 and directions on how to donate.  That should give them about 10 new names.  Sure hope they just don't pocket it.  I told the wife that when we get our first Utica/Marcellus Royalty check, we are going to be guests on either your show or Amy's.  Unless it turns out to be a dry hole.  Perhaps you could mention this method on the air. Keith