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Patriots, or War Criminals?

May 28

A Capital Idea Part 71: Patriots, or War Criminals?

Today I am going to combine an earlier topic of my posts, about the psychological nature of war, with the current one.

A Few Truths About The Phonies Who Say They Are Anti Social Safety Nets

Entitlement Hater Paul Ryan Was A Social Security Baby
April 19, 2011
By Ray Medeiros

When Representative Paul Ryan was 16 years old , tragedy struck his family. His 55 year old father had passed away from a heart attack. Young Paul Ryan found his father’s lifeless body and was burdened by the fact that he had to tell his mother and siblings of this horrible situation.

WikiLeaks: Saudis often warned U.S. about oil speculators

  • From McClatchy News Service: What role Wall Street investors play in the high cost of oil is a hotly debated topic in Washington. The Obama administration, the Bush administration before it and Congress have been slow to take steps to rein in speculators.

When Protesting Turns to Activising on THE Complaints...

I just thought that: as Madison moves into its "action" stage AFTER Wisconsin screwed up their 2010 elections due to "teenage pouting" the unions "turn more local and less aligned with the 'faux dems" [aka...republicans in blue suits] the usual 1960s style lefty "complainers" are now only hearing themselves as they STILL complain-and STILL do NOTHING but complain, that I would repost what I think will be the handbook for future "public activisms"...for THIS century. Its 2011 and NO LONGER 1968,,,GET IT YET???

The Nobel Winner

When is President Obama, finally going to earn the Nobel Prize for Peace he was given? Why is he continually moving us into new wars or police actions, all while Congress hands him more power to conduct wars without their approval? Our country needs to help itself right now, not the Middle East. I understand helping ourselves means making sure we also have oil, but where does it stop?

Friday, May 27, 2011 makers and takers

On the issue of makers and takers the makers take more than they make! And they took the Bush tax cuts intended to create jobs and growth and they made excuses. My second issue is with demand , demand does not drive economies fuel drives our economy, fuel drives our foreign trade policy, when deregulation allowed Wall Street to speculate on fuel, it circumvented the taxpayers right to control their own trade policy and destiny. We are forever subservient to the oil industry. Second, and Wall Street. First.

"You should never discuss politics and religion"

One of the problems that I have been confronted with is the actual process of convincing people of what is really going on in our country. Many people believe that discussing politics and /or religion should not be done. It is OK for citizens to be misguided and misinformed by powerful information/propaganda centers such as Fox news. But, a common belief persists that you shouldn't bring up poitics or religion in social environments. We seem to have mostly opportunities to simply preach to ourselves.

Response to a viral rant about how the gubmint is the problem

I received this viral email (found after my response) from a family member and had to respond.

Dear x,

This is a terrible article.

Who voted in the 545?

Wake’N'Bake 101: Power

by Dr. Woody | WWH - XCEPTIONAL: In the last 10 years, the Executive department of the US Gummint has arrogated unto itself an unprecedented number of ‘powers’ it had hitherto been forbidden the exercise of, either by convention or by fiat.

Pittsburgh in the 60′s: I yam what I yam

by Sherry Pasquarello | WWH - I yam what I yam-and that’s all what I yam – Popeye

And it is, what it is! – Me

A vote for Obama in 2012 is a vote for BP and Ken Salazar

Obama is really overplaying his hand going into the 2012 elections with his assorted appointments throughout the Administration

NETANYAHU SPAT (shat?) in Obama's eye.

"NETANYAHU SPAT in Obama's eye.The Republicans in the audience must have enjoyed that. Perhaps some Democrats too."

Here's Uri Avnery's essay on Netanyahu's address to the U.S. Congress:

The Gush Shalom team

Uri Avnery

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The biggest mass extinction in the history of the world was caused by carbon dioxide. That’s the conclusion of a shocking new study published last week in Science Magazine.

According to that study - the Permian Mass Extinction - which occurred 252 million years ago - started when a group of volcanoes erupted in Siberia - sending tons upon tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.