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Let's start winning the language war

I used to manage at a resteraunt. We used to not let our waitstaff refer to the customers as customers. We made them refer to them as guest because we wanted to change the way they thought about our patrons. We wanted them to give good service just as if they were a guest in our home. Anytime we heard a wait person use the word customer, we would stop them in mid sentence and correct them.after a while they would stop using the word customer and started using the word guest. along with the language change , came a mindset change.

this IS a martin luther king moment--just read nichols in the nation and saw jesse jackson say we're all marching into DC ....

this is what i've been hoping for--honoring martin luther king's realization that the civil rights struggle against racism led logically to the civil and human rights for all races everywhere for economic justice. i seem to remember this as 'the poor people's' campaign' though i could be wrong....old hippies have long term memory probs added to their short-term ones--ha.

Wisconsin Union support

I contacted the AFSCME Wisconsin Online Action Center to let them know I support their struggle and they wrote back to say they could use help with donations if anyone is able.

Workers' Rights Emergency Response Fund

Meet Jackson Lewis , FedEx's Inspiration For "FedEx Workplace Website "?

Jackson Lewis presents itself as a reputable "national workplace law firm," yet under its polished veneer lies a for-profit unionbuster. In fact, Jackson Lewis is one of the oldest and largest union avoidance law firms in the nation. Jackson Lewis counsels businesses on labor relations strategies that prevent unions from entering the workplace. By operating in the shadows of corporate unionbusting campaigns, the firm remains virtually unknown to the general public.

fatal flaw of libertarianism #1

Libertarianism is essentially a reactionary philosophy, in the sense of being contrary to the goals of the French Revolution. As Karl Marx pointed out to the anarchist Proudhon, it is impossible to argue that current arrangements (then or now) we find within society can be thought of as being neutral in respect to the quality of expressing either pre- or post- revolutionary political legitimacy.

We found them!!

We found the Two Witnesses spoken of in Revelation 11 & Isaiah 44!

Get the info free: The Two Witnesses info package go to Facebook or Twitter and find or follow: "We Found Them" for further information.


It's Red's Tamale Day

For those of you not from the Bay Area or are waaaay too young to remember, Tuesday was "Red's Tamales Day." When I was a kid, they were great. I remember you would boil them (pre-microwave), peeled the "husks" off (actually it was paper and you'd boil them in the can) and it was great after school snack. As I recall there wasn't any real meat in them just a reddish sauce that pretended to be and sorta kinda tasted like meat but wasn't. But as a youngster, I didn't know the difference anyway so who cares?


Rather than a statement I have a question perhaps two of them. Is there such a thing as financial terrorism applied through fear and intimidation? Is the Republican Party a terrorist organisation?

Conservative Right Wing Nut Job Organization in Wisconsin - Send them your love!

The John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy

Brett Healy, President

Favorite Anti-War and Peace Song

Graham Parker's Don't Ask Me Questions("A crimson autograph, is what we leave behind, everwhere man sets foot...")

Graham Parker's The Sun Will Shine Again

Peter Wilson and I hope that more of your listeners will become familiar with this great song writer and of a kind....

Thanks. Julia

Denver Rally in Support Today

I attended the Denver rally in support of Wisconsin workers, and against corporations taking over the country/elections, etc. It was a decent showing on a sunny day. Some good signs. Then there was the group of tea baggers with the drums and fifes shouting about not wanting their tax money going toward unions. I wonder how they will like it when the govt shuts down March 4 and they have no social security checks, etc.? Maybe they will get it then. The crowds began yelling at each other, so perhaps we'll get more media coverag

Jimbo's Blog!

I'm in Illinois at a private owned workplace, I just tried to go to and it was FORBIDDEN! What up with that?

A Crisis in America ` An Urgent Message to My Fellow Americans - by Stephen Paine

Dear my fellow Americans,

In light of recent events regarding the extreme agenda of the right-wing; I have decided to post my e-book for $5.00 (as low as the publisher will let me go) for all that would like to read it. I humbly believe my book addresses many of the difficult issue we face and feel it will help to provide answers to so many of our moral and financial woes. The obvious problem is the lack of compassion and thus

Economic Impact of Pensions in Wisconsin

I don't hear any real discussion of the adverse impact on the state if pension for state retirees stopped tomorrow. According the the National Institute on Retirment Security, in 2006 148,978 residents of Wisconsin received $3.39 Billion in benefits from state and local pension plans. The average pension was $1,897 per month or $22,765 per year for retired teachers, public safety personnel and others who served the public. Modest by any measure! Each dollar paid out supported $1.33 in total econoimc activity in the state.

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When Eric Holder eventually steps down as Attorney General, he will leave behind a complicated legacy, some of it tragic, like his decision not to prosecute Wall Street after the financial crisis, and his all-out war on whistleblowers like Edward Snowden.