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  • Why Bernie Sanders

    We tune into " Brunch with Bernie" in hopes to hear the one Senator who seems to care to speak to the real issues we all are living with every day..
    All due respect to Hon. Senator Sanders but what is the point?
    Nothing said during those times is revelatory and can be found by any casual researcher online.
    Comiserating with us is a nice gesture but there is a sinister side that hangs like a pall over everything.
    What does Sen. Sanders know that he WILL NOT talk about? What important information goes unspoken due to " security reasons"?

  • Oblahblah’s Jobs Bill: Necessary but in no NO way sufficient.

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    The principal purpose of the Job’s Bill is political – to help Obama.   He knew how the bill would be received by an obstructionist Republican Congress.


  • Favorite signs at Occupy Santa Rosa

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  • The Estate of Linda Eastman McCartney

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    For those who think the Kryder estate has nothing to do with the original stalking of the Sterling-Lindner interests by North American Allied Transportation, I will start from the near present and work backwards. We will see that since the year following Linda Louise Eastman's birth, in 1942 Shevell transportation interests and the Epstein end of Lee Eastman's family (Lee's name actually being Leopold Epstein) already were associated and making plans for the Estate of Linda's mother, Louise Sara Lindner (d.

  • We can really clean up the Earth by occupying our own stomachs and going vegan

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    Go Vegan Radio's Bob Linden tells how 51% of planetary pollution is caused by human/corporate meat and dairy food choices. He points out how a meat eater's diet uses 32 times more water than a vegan's diet!

    The single most potent pro-Planet personal choice one can make: GO VEGAN!


    I propose an additional occupation:  Each of us can OCCUPY his/her own stomach for the good of the Planet and of our fellow creatures...

  • Time to control The Greed Ethic and Get Back to the Future

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    Our current Western civilization has become so corrupted that it is literally robbing us of a future: Some examples --

    o we are being robbed of clean water and air because of corporate pollutionist policies

    o kids are being robbed of decent educations because of a ruthless bottomline mindset that puts abstract money before the actual reality of knowledge and learning

  • Every movement needs a theme song!

    Hard Times Are Here

  • Jobs and taxes

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  • Cost of War

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    Dear Editor,


    So many different Americans are convinced they know how to spend our tax dollars and balance our national budget. We should stand back and take a look at what we are doing.

  • Recusal to elected officials

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    Dear Editor,