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Union of Concerned Scientists: Global Warming steadily decreasing agricultural yields throughout the Planet.

especially coffee bean production!

The keystone pipeline and further subsidies or assistance (of any kind) to the fossil fuel or nuclear industry is absolutely asinine.

The American Government can not be allowed to concentrate wealth by gnawing away at the People's ability to feed themselves.

Coal Whore John Hoeven (R-ND) seeks to free up dirty coal ash from regulation.

Oppose Senator John Hoeven's (R-ND) dirty coal ash bill, S. 1751. Passage of this bill would allow states to continue operating every leak-prone and high hazard toxic coal ash dump without requiring basic federal safeguards and virtually blocking EPA from stepping in to protect communities.

This are video shots of the protests from the people

Bronze-Age Mythology/Superstition defeated again in Ole Miss

Another sad attempt by the delusional to force us all to do what they can't persuade us to ends in Epic Fail! Or probably doesn't, because all these anti-democracy, anti-Constitution, anti-American Zealots just don't quit.
(Note: if you have a belief or a philosophy which comforts you but doesn't include forcing others to conform I do Not mean you!)

Tear that Statue Down!!

Thom and Louise,

Too bad the guy in the pickup couldn't get that statue "lost." I have zero good feelings for Ronnie Baby. I blame him entirely for the homeless on the streets (He stoped funding the mental hospitals in CA), but mostly I blame him for the wealth disparity because of his raising taxes on the middle class, in CA, and reducing the state income tax on the wealthy.

Fast and Furious and I'm speechless

Next Wall Street Financial Crisis developing nicely.

Workers Pay Surcharge to Fancy Enclave

Though I was recently fortunate to get a little project from a member of the 1%, which means I can pay up my periodontist, I have to say, I have never consulted in such a stuck-up, snooty country club community in my life, where workers are charged $10 per day to work there. What is that, a rebate?

as i promised you

Cyber-Occupying, Micro-Occupying, and Voting-Booth Occupying

A Capital Idea Part 91: Cyber-Occupying, Micro-Occupying, and Voting-Booth Occupying

As a social scientist as well as an interested observer, I have noticed how culture consists of a coordinated set of norms, standards, rules, customs, language, and so forth. The same applies to cultural change. What we are talking about here, is actually cultural evolution.

Horny, horny Herman Cain does stand a frigg'n chance.

shame much?!

Flea Baggers steal from the Homeless

Not all Occupy protests are exactly the same as the vandals of Oakland. In New York, for example, the Occupy Wall Street crowd refuses to feed the homeless “freeloaders” who wander into their camp. In Boston, the Occupiers insist on eating the food intended for the homeless:

Reagan Falls - Newport Beach

Private money paid for this very recently installed statue of Reagan in Newport Beach amid much criticism about placing in a city he cared nothing for and one he only visited for a fund raiser, years ago. Today's local paper has a photo of the statue partly dismounted from its base.

Check it

Obama fundamentally incapable of envisioning alternatives for a better America.

He’s shown himself to be a disingenuous putz hell bent on business as usual.

Can Occupy Wall Street Push Us To Single Payer?

In the mid 1990s, I worked with an individual in Minnesota who fought hard to enact legislation for universal health care. His passion and desire to see health care reform that included coverage for all was as heartfelt as any I've ever seen.

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One Iowa Caucus Delegate Comes Down To Coin Toss

The Iowa caucus convener flipped a coin. Bernie Sanders supporters called "heads" and it landed on tails.

Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by 31 points in N.H.: Poll

Sanders was at 61 percent support in the University of Massachusetts Lowell/7News poll, followed by Mrs. Clinton, at 30 percent

Martin O'Malley suspends presidential campaign after Iowa caucuses

The announcement came after O'Malley barely registered in Iowa against his better-known rivals Clinton and Sanders, failing to meet already low expectations

Comparing 2016 America to 1972 America Doesn't Work

Bernie Sanders' big win in New Hampshire has given his campaign a big boost, but even Bernie knows that there's still a long primary season ahead.

One of the biggest criticisms about Bernie Sanders, one that I hear frequently from pro-Clinton callers, is that Bernie Sanders could be the next George McGovern.

And it's a serious criticism that's being thrown at Bernie.