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Inspection- Things are Not Always What They Seem

I think it was 1966. Dell Setzer and I were passing the old theater in Nyack, NY on our Schwinns. Not sure which one of us noticed, but there were bricks missing on the side of the theater, and maybe even ghosts behind the wall...

How Many Degrees of Seperation is there between Obama and the Koch Brothers?

Being as rich as they are the Koch Brothers have got to be deeply entrenched with Wall Streeters

Obama is also deeply entrenched in Wall Street to the point of Geithner, Bernanke and Jeff Immelt

Yea, the Koch's hold stuff privately but some information on entity organization are filed at the Secretary of the State's office and you might want to take a look at the filings of publicily traded Wall Street firms.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Obama has met one, the other or both of the Koch's and may be even taken money from them.

hope and change

Had enough words just speeches ?

hope and change

Divide and Conquer

Through his state rights, and a general reluctance to get involved in state issues like voting laws, etc. has Obama created a “divide and conquer” opportunity for Capitalist interests to take over the entire Country one State at a time?

Hi Thom... this is mostly your fault

We're new at this stuff...was in touch with nigel with an e-mail...trying to get to you with a request for 7 minutes of your time...We tried to follow your lead and get involved in local politics ("tag you're it")...we really tried, but after endless hours of listening to anyone that wanted to talk about anything for as long as they wanted, (complete with powerpoint presentation on a bus stop sign that was in the wrong place), we tried other chapters, we came to the realization that the dems are somewhat ineffective because they are too nice.

Monsanto crimes

Last night I was watching FSTV and saw their summer documentary about Monsanto. Now, Monsanto's activities vis a vie Ogent Orange has been well known to me for a long time. And I have been long opposed to their GM program. What disturbed me is that e-mails published to scientific journals were traced back to Monsanto employees or their public relations firms. These posts are evidence of Monsanto's policy to INTENTIONALLY contaminate the wild environment with Monsanto's GM seed.

Why We Can Not and Will Not Leave Iraq and Afghanistan

All this talk coming from the "intelligent" left about why we need to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is so disappointing, because it demonstrates what seems a complete lack of understanding of the underlying reasons we are there. Our involvement there has less to do with fighting terrorism or setting up a Democratic Afghanistan than it does with understanding global energy strategies against nations competing for Super Power status.

Let's Restore the Electoral College

Let's be real here. How many of you have ever been able to sit down with a Presidential candidate and discuss issues with them? Only the smallest fraction of voters even get to press flesh with a candidate for our Presidency. We are expected to make our choices based on hearsay. Does anyone else see this as a problem?

Community Isurance co-operative

About Two weeks ago (between the 7th and 14th maybe), Tom had a caller describe his community, which had bandeed together to self-insure. He gave their website and was going to send information into the show. I thought he said he was from Ohio, maybe Indiana - I tried searching the old tapes... no luck. I wanted to bring this idea to a few people I know in Madison, WI - Walker asside, there are some people in Wisconsin who still believe in cooperator (as opposed to greed). Can anybody recall this and point me to their website?

Thanks, Rock


The President has authority, under the Antiquities Act of 1906, to proclaim national monuments on lands already under Federal jurisdiction.

Can the President declare the Great Lakes a National Monument to preserve this great natural resource from grabby thieves?

Demand Nobel Committee Revoke Obama's Peace Prize, e-mail:

Purge the Filth - Turn Bush, Cheney and their other senior officials over to the Haig for prosecution as War Criminals

Email the Nobel Committee to Revoke Obama's Peace Prize:

Afghanistan: Slick Tongue Barry’s Depravity Seemingly Bottomless

Forget the fact that he promised he would end the Afghan war as soon as he got into office and that we are now still in it 3 years later and consider the ego it takes to use War games – destroying and ending peoples lives – in a bid to further your own personal career goals as a politician.



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How much did "fast track" cost the corporate elite?

It cost corporations less than $18,000 bucks per vote to get “fast track” passed in the United States Senate.

According to a recent analysis by The Guardian Newspaper, corporate members of the US Business Coalition for TPP donated more than $1.1 million dollars to Senate campaigns in the first quarter of 2015. The average Democrat received about $9,700 dollars and the average Republican raked in almost $20,000.