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Obama the whiner

If Obama doesn’t like the Partisanship tone of Congress then he probably shouldn’t have earned himself a “shellacking” by doing nothing of legitimate value for the American People during his first two years in office. And don’t give me the “a few bad democrats wouldn’t cooperate with him” excuse because even Boehner can get a bunch of tea-party crazies to fall in line.

Song against citizens united.

This song won't be showing up on the top 20, but is quite accurate.

DNC to blame for Republican President in 2012

Drop Obama and find a legitimate candidate to run against the republican presidential hopefuls/freaks.

US: Corporation vs People

The American people contribute nearly 80 percent of the country's tax revenue, yet corporations are the ones benefitting the most from it. Nomi Prins, author of "It Takes a Pillage: Behind the Bonuses, Bailouts, and Backroom Deals from Washington to Wall Street," talks about how big business-backed lobbyists are calling the shots but for their own betterment.


Yesterday, my wife Eunice went to Clara's memorial. She died a week earlier, of metastatic cancer. At least Eunice got to see Clara one time before she died, the morning after we arrived here in Taiwan. The problem was, by that time, Clara was in a coma and did not recognize anyone, and I was so tired and jet-lagged that I was practically in a coma, too, so I didn't go.

How many different intrest rates are there?

The banks are not too excited about people savings. The rates are pretty low. Very low! On the other hand,people who need cash can not borrow it within the ranges that banks offer to people who wishes to have a saving account. It doesn't add up?

Can some communities start an account and have people use it to deposit their cash and then people who need the cash pay the interest rate that is much lower than what banks are charging to the borrowers and much higher than what banks are paying for interest rate to people who are saving it?

Representative Boehner can you hear me NOW

HOORAY - AMERICA is waking up. STOP THE TEA PARTY NOW.August 11, 2011//

Democratic Primary?

The "other" option concerning the 2012 election is not being seriously considered: sacrifice the Queen to get better position on the (chess) board.

Who Disrupt Pak-China Relations?

By Sajjad Shaukat

Fed up with doing nothing but complaining for four years

I am just a citizen that is ready to act on this desperate situation. To follow the example of every generation before us. That when they were faced with desperate times they banded together to do something about it. The American Revolution, The great depression and WWII, The Civil Rights movement. What about this generation. We had 911 but how long REALLY did we Chang for that. Please help me with advice your time or anything else. I'm not affiliated with any corporation or special interest other then reviving our economy. It is going to take a MOVEMENT. I'm waiting for someone to start one.

collapse of society bwo lack of production?

I am not sure if it was on Thom's show or where I heard/saw about cancer drugs becoming extremely expensive because the generics were not being produced and people were forced to buy the brand name drugs in place of generics that were not available? On Alternet I found this article:

How America Could Collapse
By Matt Stoller, The Nation

Seeking book title

There was a book mentioned on the Thomas Hartman show recently about the history of countries where the divide between very rich and very poor is extreme. Can you tell me the name of the book and the author.

Rick Perry is pushing ALEC agenda in Texas ... Are the Koch Brothers buying him also ?

From Think Progress :

"Perry’s Legislative Agenda Bears Strong Resemblance To ALEC’s Corporate-Backed Model Bills"

"Rick Perry Pushes ALEC-Backed Education Policies To Turn Texas Universities Into Businesses"

Money out of politics

What are the sites for getting money out of politics?

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2nd & 4th Husband of KY Clerk who denies issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses says “I’m a redneck hillbilly”

By: Joshua De Leon Josh de Leon is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire

Guatemalan President Resigns

The depth of the alleged corruption is shocking

Uzbekistan apparently just banned political science studies

Uzbekistan is also known to take aim at pop stars and other cultural figures because the government says they’re not “patriotic” enough

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NPR Needs To Clean Up Their House

What happens when the news media stops covering news objectively - and instead becomes a source of very specific opinions that serve a very narrow agenda?

For example - in the case of the democratic primary - consider the news coverage of the mere possibility of Vice President Joe Biden challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's nomination for president.