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Accountability for atrocities is our inroad to stop atrocities!

If only the world community had stopped Germany's atrocities against Africans in Namibia -- would the world have prevented the Holocaust of World War II?

This video clarifies Germany's genocidal policies in Namibia as discussed in the book "Germany's Black Holocaust 1890-1945" by Firpo W. Carr, Ph.D.

Should we now want Government run Dental care?

On Friday's Show Sen. Sanders is talking about seeing if the Government should run our dental care. Are you for that or do you feel they should have put it in when they passed the Obama Health plan two years ago?

If you had the power....

Suppose you were given a chance to redo the U.S. Constitution . What would you add? And what would you keep in it?

Financial Institution Resignations world wide

Hi Thom, first of all, I hope you don't dismiss this article because it mentions SaLuSa and Galctics. Of course I'll humorously ask you why you have a math test for securty, to check if the person is human.....!!! SaLuSa is an individual I believe and the Galactics are a group of extraterrestrials, who speak as one, channeled by some amazingly gifted individuals who contribute to

My Taxes are Way too Low

A Capital Idea Part 111: My Taxes are Way too Low

Inspection- The House Rush and the Right Built

Listening to all the hubbub lately over Limbaugh's comments I can't help but have mixed feelings. What he said: hour after hour of rancid slander about one woman, was disgusting. Yet, I can't help but feel that our politicians and, yes, we the public, have let him and the Right build this insane rhetorical whore house featuring a huge stable of hate-based crazies.

I'd say

I am impressed with dealings between church, state and business to maintain good medical business practice (Affordable Care). Attacks on quality-of-life provisions/services coming from the political right would risk lowering the competitive standards that makes "comprehensive" insurance plans reliable, effective and fair ("contraception" is a life-time decision for women, not just a trip to the drug store as the Republican dumbing of public discourse would surmise).

DEMAND GE and Big Oil reimburse the Taxpayer’s for Hillary’s trips To and From Brazil.

Belo Monte Dam devastating a gargantuan portion of the Amazon (over 1 million signatures collected internationally against the project that Dilma proceeded with anyway) and Obama giving Taxpayer money to a foreign Corporation to develop a consortium’s Off Shore Oil Drilling off Brazil’s once beautiful coast?

Electric Car Range: How Far Is Enough?

ANSWER: 437 kilometers or if you wish, 271 miles.

Not About Rush Limbaugh...

My apologies, this post isn’t about Rush Limbaugh, nor about some gas pipeline somewhere, nor about climate change, nor about any of the other pressing issues that have been on the front page of every newspaper from Podunk to Paduka and on every local radio and TV station for the last month or so and - as if that weren't enough - stories that must be repeated and pasted daily right here on Thom Hartmann Community.

Obama letting Climate Change rage unabated with view toward cramming Bush-Cheney 2005 Action Plan of faulty Carbon Sequestration down the People’s throat.

[The damn fool will kill us all if he doesn’t get his nose out of the money.]

The following excerpt was taken from an article at AlterNet:

Demiocatic Talking Point

Demiocatic Talking Point

Keystone Pipeline Two Words. eminent domain If you really understand Big government its is xl pipeline eminent domain !!!

Google it .

why the left cannot use soundbites and memes as the right does

In my opinion the attempt to use the same tactics as the right in this area are futile. People tend to speak of creating "memes," short phrases which encapsulate ideas or are designed to influence peoples' thinking in a certain direction, as something which anyone can do no matter what their perspective. But the difference between the right and left accounts for why the former is better able to appeal to people's reflexive reactions. Right-wing rhetoric is a defence of privelege and property.

Warren Buffett, please pay your taxes.

If you really want to be a darling of the left, Pay Up sucker...... Maybe your secretary???

Back From the Brink

They’re breathing a bit easier at the Unites States Department of Energy and, undoubtedly, the Oval Office. Two of the green tech companies the Obama Administration, through the Energy Department, had either given grants or provided loan guarantees are returning from the brink of bankruptcy. Technically speaking, both Beacon Power, the flywheel energy storage manufacturer, and Ener1, the parent company of lithium battery producer EnerDel, last year filed for Chapter 11 reorganization.

Why Chelsea Manning Is Going Free

In his eight years in office President Obama has waged a devastating war on whistleblowers, prosecuting more people under the Espionage Act than every single president - combined.

But that war on whistleblowers took a possible step towards armistice today when the President commuted the prison sentence of former US Army private Chelsea Manning.