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Alternatives to the current technology for generating power from nuclear energy.

A recent article in Wired magazine brought to light (so to speak) an available alternative to the problems connected to the current technology for generating electricity from nuclear energy.

Dr. Kiki's Science Hour 84: The Nuclear Alternative

) is a podcast that explains the advantages of Thorium in easy to understand language. Thorium provides solutions to a number of the issues of concern, including nuclear waste and safety..

Navy Ships ordered to move away from Japan - but FEMA asleep on preparedness for "little people" living on US's West Coast

The Navy is getting outta there, but not a peep out of FEMA with regard to preparedness or instruction for the West Coast of America - with nuclear contamination only two days away after a serious discharge.

The right's spin on oil drilling

I've been wondering for awhile now why no one seems to question the people on the right when they say we need to "drill baby drill" to make the US independent from foreign oil. When OPEC controls the amount of oil on the market, if the US production went up by 10,000 barrels OPEC could just cut production by 10,000 barrels. Also, and more important, what would stop the oil company from selling the oil they got from ANWR or any other location in the US to other countries, if they could make more profit then keeping it in the US?

The ball is in OUR court

I have heard much complaining that President Obama has not spoken out against what Walker and his Republican partners have done to destroy democracy, and I would like to remind people that democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people. It is not up to our elected leaders to speak for us. (That's what Walker says he is doing.) It is up to the PEOPLE to let their will be known. It is up to the PEOPLE to get to the polls and make sure we remove the people who are not representing us and elect others who will represent us. It is up to the

Inspection- Of Public Broadcasting and Br'er Rabbit

Do what'nsoever you want to do with me, Brer Fox, but please, please, please! Don't throw me in that briar patch!"

"Do what'nsoever you want to do with me, Mr. Right Wing Congressman, but please, please, please! Don't throw Public Broadcasting into that commercial broadcasting pit!"



For the lack of 14 Democrats, the tyrants' plans trashed.

The Tyrants' stealth campaign, and all the minions unmasked.

Tho' Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey and Michigan fell under the tyrants' heel.

The State of Wisconsin, the tyrants, and all of their minions, could not steal.

Is there something even fishier than a fish boil in the last Wisconsin election.

Just read an article in TruthOut, and they mentioned the rather dramatic shift in Wisconsin representation from Democratic to Republican. Does anyone remember if a number of the state contests went unexpectedly against the polls? Found this article on Black Box voting where there was contraversy about ES&S wanting to change parts on all the various voting machines, seemingly one common part on all the various models of voting equipment, leading to concern that they might be trying to "Fix" the election.

Unequal Protection

Thom, Great, great work. The research is excellent. There is a way to get it done and I would love to talk to you about it. An experience I had some years ago might interest you. I'll dig and see if I still have the proof. I hope you'll be interested. If so, please let me know. You have my email. "Thank you for all you do, sir. "What would Thomas Jefferson do" will be my next read. Keep up the good work.

governor's title

About: Fuhrer Scott Walker-Governor Now Fuhrer of Wisconsin!

The Fuhrer of Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker, the lap dog of the Koch-whores, has been successful in achieving a portion of his Koch-whore ordered evil goals. He has also publicly stated that God tells him what to do.

Republicans vs Wobblies: Same Strategies 100 Years Later

In 1909, Spokane laborers spoke about the abuses they were experiencing by “Job Sharks” and deceitful companies.

Polio Data and Creation Science First we are reminded that those of us in America and Russia who received polio vaccine up until 1961 and even later, were exposed to the simian virus SV-40, which has been isolated in the DNA of human cancers including bone cancer, brain cancer, mesothelioma, and Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

According to THE STORY OF THE SALK ANTI-POLIOMYELITIS VACCINE BY M. BEDDOW BAYLY, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. 1956, the vaccine, made from rhesus monkey kidneys, was tested thusly:

The best way to save $10 BILLION

If you were the U.S. president with a huge financial shortfall and had to make a choice between the 2 separate options as follows:

A. Eliminate a program costing $10 billion which would take away $100,000 of benefit from each of 100,000 specific citizens or

B. Eliminate a program costing $10 billion which would take away $500 of benefit from each of 20 million specific citizens


Wisconsin's “shout heard round the world”.

Signaled renewed hope and determination unfurled.

Ohio, Michigan and Indiana must take up the call.

Join the fight for truth, liberty and justice for all!

"Jesus Christ? Hey Hi, Scott Walker Here."

Scott Walker, Another Crackpot Who Talks To A God "Lord, I’m ready . . ."

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Is George Zimmerman Right?

It's time to listen to George Zimmerman. Seriously, and I'll explain in a minute.