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GW Bush's grandfather, his illegitimate children are having children.

When George Bush got his tax cuts. After that every unfunded mandate became an illegitimate child, a ward of the state, as progressiveswe can no longer afford George Bush's illegitimate children. For that matter, neither can the Republicans.

1 Bush Cheney energy policy

2 Medicare parts C and D

3. The war in Afghanistan

4 . The war in Iraq

STEVE FORBES_Why Rupert Murdoch Will Survive And Thrive Again

Now, I called Tom Corbin of Oklahoma at his OKC office. I asked the woman voice if Tom would give a statement on the Rupert Murdoch scandal and FOX NEWS. To find out what she said, please call Tom Corbin's office at the number below and ask Tom 'to lead the charge for an invistigation to this scandal'.

Tom Corbin: 405 231 4941

What's Behind the GOP Drive to End Same-day Voter Registration?

In Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, Georgia and probably some other states now under GOP control there are efforts to end same-day voter registration. Generally, the opinion seems to be that Republicans simply want to make it harder to vote, apparently believing that GOP voters are more dedicated and will show up at the polls whatever barriers are erected.

Global Warming: Sue members of the Fossil Fuel Industry for Public Ownership

nuf said, make it so

Giant dust storm hits Phoenix again

twice this month

End 2 Party Government

It's clear to me that both the Democrats and Republicans act the same on the big issues, The answer is to fire BOTH the Democrats AND Republicans.

It's only the smaller issues that they fuss over during elections. They each have about half the seats in the House and Senate so they are deadlocked when it comes to doing anything useful.

The Dangerous Idiots

"News Corp Stinks!" ( the new ) "What Now Cartoon!"

Is this the begining of the end for News Corp? Oh I sure hope so.

Body Count


Thom mentioned the American dead from the Vietnam conflict, I feel the two and one half million dead Vietnamese should be mentioned as well, their lives being no less precious than our own.

Heat Index hits 108 F in Wisconsin, but,...

Take note,.... in the Tall Grass Prairie I was hiking in the ambient air temperature was 94 F, when I got home the temperature in the immediately adjacent city was 97 F.

You wanna cool off? Naturalize your lawn instead of mowing it.

Pie Charts and Other Lies

While making a comment to stymie's recent blog entry it occurred to me that someone ought to make clear whether Social Security is off or on budget. Congress ruled that Social Security assets or payments should not be included in the actual budget, that they should be off budget, but by some deceptive exercise they are allowed to be included in what is called a “unified” budget.

Blackwell lies...

It may sound counter intuitive but raising taxes on businesses would increase hiring at both small and large businesses because they are growth junkies and want to invest in them so that they can sell them and pay capital gains rates on them. Most of the jobs are created by businesses that have 35 or fewer employees, and are subchapter S companies, which the owners pay taxes at the same tax rate as you and I, around 1969 levels.

October Surprise

Can anyone see the dollar signs in Republican eye's when they speak of untapped minerals in Afghanistan? Pay attention, they are there. Could this possibly mean (based on Republican Treachery of the past) that the Republicans could be collaborating with the Taliban as we speak in order to keep the war going so they can win the 2012 Elections? Please respond and let me know.

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Reaganism is a Failure from Greece to Washington, D.C.

Thom plus logo We are witnessing the failure of an ideology on a global scale.

As the Greek debt crisis moves into its most explosive phase yet, many people here in America are asking themselves, “Why?”