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Jack Nastyface's wise words

Progressives ought to take a look at the old media and the art of the editorial letter, also known as: Letters to the Editor.

The Old Wal Mart Story

Okay, so, I'm on this website, just kicking back and having fun. All of a sudden, the old Walmart story once again rears it's UGLY head. Here is the way it went down:

GOP Carnival coming to town - Beware Obama!!!

If the GOP can tip-toe through the primary season without drawing too much attention to the fringe lunacy that is the “Modern Republican Party” and spit out a consensus candidate that strongly supports just 2 policies:

Don't Like Fox? Do Something About It

You can own domain. It is listed for sale on eBay. This domain,, is unique. It is the only domain in the world. It is a golden domain which will quickly be recognized by the search engines. Buy it and put it to work.


Have you heard Obama's done radical things in Africa?

It is inconceivable that none of the several national dominoes falling in the Middle East will end up on the wide and easy path of religious extremism. We can only pray that Egypt is not the one.<

Tariffs at the State Level?

It's obvious the federal government has no intention of protecting the manufacturing base, but maybe there is a way for states to step in. States are in a position to affect automotive sales, in particular, because not only can they impose sale taxes, but also licensing and registration fees on vehicles.

Can We Shut Down Federal Reserve? I Mean, It's Just A Big Bank!

Here's a very interesting video by Aaron Ruosso. It's amazing how the line of questioning stops when Aaron challenges Mr. Cohen a little too much. So, if poor people are discriminated against by the IRS, simply because they cannot AFFORD the means to get "expert tax help,"should we just shut it down? Like the Repubs want to shut Government down? STOP paying. Big Americans corporations that kill our infrastructure and send jobs overseas, then stockpile HUGE PROFITS into off-shore bank accounts, DON'T PAY.

Why should we?

Is Obama really a Mau Mau??

Huckabee, the darling child of the religious right, was at it again. Once more he put his foot in his mouth and now is blaming everyone else for misquoting him or some other nonsense. However, the real story is why there was an actual uprising in Kenya in the first place. Your history lesson begins with this video.

Martyred Children of Florida

South Florida, USA Happy Thursday, South Florida! How about a jaunt to South Beach for an insane party and lots of sex and food and drugs and drinks and fun? Aren't we lucky to have such marvelous weather and such booby bulging weather girls to keep us in an up mood? Aren't we glad we can afford Versace and Chanel?

Privatization of State Goods and Services screws the Wisconsin Taxpayers

Privatizing the delivery of non-profit goods and services is dis-economic. The overall savings is an illusion and in the end the effects of the move cycle back to damage the public coffers. All this is especially true here in Wisconsin where the Public Unions have offered to make unnecessary concessions.

Obama and Jeb! Upstage Gov. Scott

Miami, Florida Following the Florida Governor Rick Scott's deep education cuts and refusal to approve the veiled G.H. Walker & Co. Harriman High Speed Rail being shoved down the throats of Floridians, the President is in Miami shaking hands with Jeb! in their joint effort to support education in Florida. Meanwhile the Florida Supreme Court is suing the Governor to reverse his final stand on the road project for which the President is fronting 3.5 billion federal dollars .

Comment on Cookie Joke

Thom, I enjoyed the joke about the rich guy, the Tea Party member, the Union Member, and the plate of twelve cookies. Here's my suggestion for a logical extention of the story, and an alternate conclusion. Picking up the action after the rich guy makes his comment to the Tea Partier about keeping an eye on the Union Member, who might be wanting to take "his" cookie; "in the confusion of the ensuing scuffle, the rich guy quietly slipped away with the last cookie, leaving the other two to fight over the crumbs." Now for the optimistic conclusion; "

Crazies Keep Repeating Supply-Side Economic (i.e, Reaganomics)

On March 2, 2011, Thom Hartmann drew attention to Pres. Carter for his very rational solution to a serious energy crisis during his term. However, Pres. Carter's renewable energy policies became his downfall, which was made into laughable idea by wiseguy Ronnie, who could deliver a punchline like a professional actor - no surprise. Americans bought into Ronald Reagan political platform that included taking jabs at Pres. Carter's concern for renewable energy and "deficit reduction" through supply-side economics. Is this sounding familiar?

Ode to Working Americans: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness 2011

Do you hear it? Do you feel it through out this great land?

"Andy Martin" is a wrong number

Thom: You got punked by "Andy Martin." Check him out. His name back in the 1970s, when he first emerged as an annoyance in Chicago press rooms, was Anthony Robert Martin Trigona. Giving him air time demeans you and your program.

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The other way we're subsidizing Walmart...

Most of us know how taxpayers subsidize Walmart's low wages with billions of dollars in Medicaid, food stamps, and other financial assistance for workers. But, did you know that we're also subsidizing the retail giant by paying the cost of their environmental destruction.