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The One Termers

Here is an idea. What if we organized a bunch of people to run for congress and senate who were completely uninterested in running for more than one term. Wasn't that the whole idea of the U.S. government back in the day? Normal people doing normal jobs and then serving for a bit and then going back to their normal jobs. Maybe I'm naive but couldn't we go back to this?

Obama's promotion of crowd gambling preys on the vulnerable and is a con-man’s substitute for offering the real American Dream.

The American economy is rigged. The rewards that used to came from working hard and realizing the American Dream can now only be achieved by members of the 99% through outright lottery and other gambling. And this is condoned by the Office of the President.

Crazy Rick Santorum's jihad against gays..

I pick apart the loony's comments about gays.

President Obama takes a dump on California

President Obama takes a dump on California by Pete Guither DWR

With the Obama administration continuing an all-out war against medical marijuana in California, despite overwhelming support for it amongst the voters, it seems clear that the Obama campaign has done the electoral math and figured that there’s no possible way that California goes to Santorum or Romney, so Obama has already banked the 55 electoral votes.

Its not a Home made bomb, call it like it is, Its an IED.

Its not a Home made bomb, call it like it is, Its an IED.Killer Sheep.

Should we start calling the the 'Dept. of 1% Security'?

I guess that is one way to deal with Occupy Wallstreet.

Yes,the Social Security Trust Fund is intact...But here is what you never mention...


You have to stop this. Of course the SS Trust Fund is there, but where does the money come from to pay it off? It comes from the General Fund which is now running at a huge defecit. When Treasuries are redeemed by the Trust Fund they are turned back to the Treasury Dept who has to get the cash from the General Fund. They don't have it!

Is their hope in our Attorney General?

The New Black Panthers party (Congressman Bobby Rush was once a member) spoke that they will have a million dollars from various people in the media; screen and sports, to put a bounty on George Zimmerman. Should our Attorney General Eric Holder-the same who didn’t investigate them when they were in Philadelphia blocking people's right to vote-find out who is going to give money to them-The Black Panthers and arrest them? Or will it never happen?

Just a Question

I was just watching Thom take phone calls and he mentioned to a caller that the Supreme Court decided eight to zero that prosecutors are immune from suit for lying. First, there are nine justices, so did someone recuse themselves on that? Second, the only case I'm aware of on that issue was last year. It was the Connick vs. Thompson case, and it was decided by the usual 5-4 margin. What case was Thom referring to???

Disappearance of Thom

Where can I find Thom since he left KTLK 1150AM, Los Angeles, CA? HELP!!

Police State

The more I hear about the direction our govement, the more I fear we are heading into a "Police State!!

IT'S spring

How Marines welcome a President

It would seem the U . S . Marines know something that many of the civilian population do not .

Occupy SF Commune occupies empty building

Here is the press release and some photos including from the preceding march. A real hacker made sure this message went through. 101 Market has been occupied for a month but now we have word that it is being shut down. Police are outside trying to make sure that people and supplies cannot come and go.

"Tonight Occupy SF, through the OccupySF Commune, has inhabited a vacant building onTurk St. for the purpose of creating a community center in the spirit of this building’s original intention–to create a center for health and healing.

Can We Trust Gorsuch On Women's Rights?

Yesterday Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer signaled that Senate Democrats would try to filibuster Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.