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Occupy Orlando-You Cant Make This Stuff Up.....Or CAN You?

By Jerry Waxman

Who pays the $26 billion?

Ever play three card Monte? That’s when someone moves three cards around and asks you to pick the right one, and you never do because it’s rigged. However, the guy in control of the game knows that he can sucker you back again if he lets you win the last game, letting you feel great that at least you won one.

What is pro-life

Is pro-life protecting one's child? Feeding bathing clothing educating and loving one's child and then sending your child to war. Sacrifices are made but why don't I hear the pro-life advocates speaking up as conscientious objectors. This is not an attack on patriotism or one's right to serve his country or to choose to defend his or her country proudly.

As always have a nice day

Abortions don't kill babies

Abortion doesn’t kill babies, people do. Guns don’t kill people, people do. If a person has the right to kill another with a gun in self defense, then a person has the right to kill an unborn fetus, who has no name or address.

War on Women

My mom's dad was a tent evangelist when she was a child. She hated moving from place to place, staying in the homes of strangers, and sitting in the front row at the meetings. My grandfather was way too strict, wanting his kids to be examples of his abilities and beliefs.

american revolution

We had a revolution in this part of the america's to through out the very wealthy, and their corps that controled what, were and who could produce products around the world. The Boston Tea Party was a revolt over the importation of tea for example.

I have heard that after the American revolution corps. were limited to temporary short term bases, "for the good of the people". Is this true? And if it is, what happened to those laws?

peace, Steve

Banksters force Population of Greece into SLAVERY: Greek People forced to work for free and some even pay money back.

They entered into Geithner revised Financial Services Agreement under duress.

Also, Private Entities working with Quasi Public organizations (that they basically own) to make a Country's People personally responsible for the debts of the Nation should cause People a good deal of alarm. I know that I didn't benefit directly from the US ringing up all its debt!

Is Italy next?

Cat Stevens, Yusuf Islam.

Do you remember Cat Stevens? Ever wonder what happened to him?

Robert Fisk: 'If only Hague and Clinton would listen to Yusuf Islam'

they call me violent !

With Increase in Global Temps between +11 to +18 degrees F, severity of today’s MASS EXTINCTION GROSSLY UNDERESTIMATED

Fuel has been added to MASSIVE STARVATION from the extinction of available food sources.

Associated Press hereby declared BIGGEST SOURCE OF MISINFORMATION on Climate Change.

Petro Tool Associate Press (AP) is hereby declared to be the BIGGEST source of misinformation on Climate Change. The attached article floated by AP that downplays the greenhouse effects of the Keystone Pipeline as negligible was originally written by the Canadian Press. Not

Alternative Energy Source

Hello fellow Thom listeners! I was listening to an infomercial on magnetic generatorsn. I had never heard of them but thought the concept was interesting. Does anyone know anything about magnetic generators as an alternative energy source or do you know where I can get information without someone trying to sell me something? Thanks for the help.

The Ninth Amendment

The Ninth Amendment Was created to prevent the importance of the constitution to be filled with sand box rules and rights. The Ninth Amendment prevents rules of laws to determine automatically that only pink shovels can be used and purple pals are the right of the people. The Ninth Amendment is the equalizer to prevent the government from micro-managing the people. The Ninth Amendment prevents the government

Freedom Watch

Did EVERYONE see what got "The Judge" fired from FOX?

No offense Thom, but it's the best 5 minutes of political diatribe that has EVER been aired on television!

"The Judge" could no longer ignore "The 40 Foot Owl" in the room! He went off! He had the courage to bite the hand that feeds.

I beseech everyone to watch it on YouTube while you can. (SOPA)

Lincoln - Douglas = Obama - Paul

Yes. I think if Ron Paul and Barack Obama were to have a series of presidential debates, they would "that" historic.

Mr. Hartmann has said many times that "FDR" would say something to the effect of, "Yes. I made a lot of campaign promises... now make me honor them." (I hope I paraphrased that right.)

If we are "treated" to a series of Romney and Obama debates... what are they going to talk about? Each one will pretend to be different, but there is zero substantial difference between the two.

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Carbon Tax... Where Should We Start?

In Washington State a fierce debate has erupted over a ballot measure aimed at fighting climate change. As the reality of runaway climate change continues to sink in, the question of what do about it gets even more pressing.

We are not just dealing with the possibility of a few hotter days there - or a few nastier thunderstorms there.