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American Indirect Support to Pakistani Taliban



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Creed (Rain): Full Circle[s] (& Cups)

Creed (Rain): Full Circle[s] (& Cups)

Jesus of Nazareth: Higher (Creed)

Social Security ALREADY being cut under Democratic President Barac Hussein Obama

3 Ways Your Social Security Payments Are Already Being Cut

by Alicia Munnell, Friday, June 3, 2011, Provided by SmartMoney

Don't pay Red State Bills !!

If the caller who stated that by law the Sec. of the Treasury can determine in what order and when the US Government bills are to be paid, then cut off all states that are Federal Welfare States and of course those RED STATES. I forgot they are one and the same. If that law is true; then Mr. Hartmann start a movement to E-Mail Government officials; from the WhiteHouse on down. One way to solve the unemployment problem is to require Corporations to produce 15 to 20% of there produces here; and let them average the cost across then total goods sold.

Solar Panels from China

The caller today that told about the solar panels from china for $2.00 for a 80 watt panel was mistaken in the price. The price is listed as $1-65 ti $1-70 per watt plus shiipping and handling.


Whatever you think of Reagan, the Republicans always point to him as the one who fixed our economy. But what they don't tell you is that he had a Democratic controlled Congress who was willing to work with him. At the present we have a Republican House and minority Republican Party in the Senate, who is unwilling to work with this President, on anything.

How Money Created a Whole World of Deceit

June 3

A Capital Idea Part 73: How Money Created a Whole World of Deceit

Today I plan to discuss something dreadful about the psychology of money -- namely, how it makes possible a plethora of deceitful practices, and magnifies those which might exist even without money. In short, money, the stuff that people strive to get because it can be used to buy stuff, opens a pandora's box of dreadfully destructive deceitful practices -- practices which I believe could be prevented. These are not necessary evils; they are just evils.

Wall Street's Romney: Does Washington need another W.O.R.M.?

Obama’s Environmental Philosophy

Fields are cleared, marshes drained, cities, roads and bridges built, while plants and animals are domesticated and bred, habitats transformed, forests cut over, lands irrigated, rivers dammed, landscapes grazed (voraciously, by sheep, goats and cattle), climates altered. Whole mountains are cut in half as minerals are extracted, quarries scar landscapes, waste flows into streams, rivers and oce

God Calling

Just curious. If more than one person claims that God is calling them to run for the same office, such as POTUS, does that mean the omniscient (all knowing) God can't make up His mind on who He chooses to support? After all, He's asked more than one to run. Is He weighing His options? Does He want to hear a 2, 3 or 4 person debate on the issues to convince Him who is the best candidate? Yet, if He's omniscient, wouldn't He already know who He supports by calling on just ONE, and only ONE, to run? I'm confused.

Sarah Palin's intentions

Hi Thom,

I think I have a clue to Sarah Palin's bizarre behavior and her political intentions.

She will not enter the Republican primaries. She doesn't want to expose herself in public campaigning. Her aim is to be drafted by a third, , maverick political party composed primarily of Tea Party adherents and donors.


Black retired federal employee

Govt Deregulation means Concentrating Wealth

Generally deregulation ignites the geography of capitalism with the vast majority of the wealth benefits going to the capitalist class. Increases in land values and rents resulting from deregulation accrue to the title holders and their financier’s much like deregulation of certain business practices increase the profitability of commercial enterprises for the benefit of business owners.

Inspection- A "Siege: Mentality

In 98, about 3 years from 9/11, Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, Annette Benning and Tony Shalhoub starred in a movie called The Siege. I saw it at the movies when it came out and enjoyed, then went on with life. A few nights ago REEL channel played the movie and I was struck by, and stuck on, how predictive and prophetic the movie was.

TEPCO & sodium-silicate, known as liquid glass

Radioactive water accumulating in Japan’s crippled Fukushima plant may start overflowing from service trenches in five days

Tepco has pumped millions of liters of cooling water into the three reactors that melted down. By May 18, almost 100,000 tons of radioactive water had leaked into the basements of reactor and turbine buildings

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Right-Wingers Get Tip from Waitress

Tip the schools instead.

That’s the message waitress Chloe Hough gave Republican Kansas Governor Sam Brownback this weekend when he stopped in for a bite to eat at Boss Hawg’s Barbeque in Topeka.