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Viva la Revolucion!!!

Its time for another American Revolution! I think it can take form of education among us Americans. Finding a way to educate the masses of these atrocities on a even larger scale. So it will wake up the people and stir the nerve to do somthing.

"Tear down this False God!" ( a new ) "What Now Cartoon"

Think progress has complied "10 Things Conservatives Don’t Want You To Know About Ronald Reagan", for this centennial of his birthday, check it out, it's a worthy eye opening read...

Different looks at different issues

Feb. 06, 2011 -- Super Bowl Sunday

I have been posting blogs at http:// for the past fifteen months. In these blogs I have offerred up some unique ideas concerning problems that face our country. Though you, and most others, will initially find these outside of doable; I hope you give them a study, which may lead you to new ideas that are workable. Thank You

"It's a Twister!"

Numbers and symbols over time begin to associate, like any other professional association (PA-can) by the bond energy between them. With monetary in-breeding and chemical engineering, they become an external world-DNA ( Dirty Naughty Associates), a coiling, left-handed, two-faced helix.

Not Enough Serious Progressive Authors

Progressive talk show chat often involves complaints about 1) a lack of progressive programming on radio and television and 2) the heavy corporate financing of Republican candidates or conservative interest groups who may run ads on T.V. attacking a Democratic candidate or promoting some conservative agenda. A person does not have to be a millionaire to write books. Thom has certainly attempted to do his part by writing several books on various issues that he finds important, and he sometimes includes a historical perspective in his works.

Egypt, Out Of Unthinkable Cruelty, Comes Courage

The unthinkable tragedy (and courage) that is unfolding in Egypt should not go into the black-hole of history too quickly. There are many websites, videos, web blogs, social networks and news media’s reporting on this unbelievable story of raw, unabashed human resilience to oppression, abject cruelty and despotism but that is not enough. Each and every one of us needs to, in any way possible, cry out our support for the people of Egypt.

Oh, F-Reserve, Mine Pharoah!

"It's an F, " says Billina, "for failure to reserve, and for fibbing."

Direct from the National Information Center of data collected as monitored by JABA the Fed comes another absurdly anomalous coincidental changing of entity names from mispelled to spelled properly versions and vice versa. We must realize that the only logical reason for this is to have a dated entry in the database for keeping track of the SECRET financial associations which are enslaving us.

The Ass that is Fred Upton (R-MI) - 10 Facts About Fred Upton

10 Facts About Fred Upton

1. THEN: Upton supported the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. NOW: He wants to stop the EPA from enforcing commonsense safeguards to curb pollution under the Act.

The Jobs Report, and America's Two Economies

The Jobs Report, and America's Two Economies:

By Robert Reich, Fmr. Secretary of Labor; Professor at Berkeley

Maybe not the norm, but real

A woman called in to Senator Bernie this morning (It is so great, so valuable, to be able to call him that!) but anyway, she railed about how those selfish people without health insurance were sticking her with our bills.

The Big Picture is AWESOME, BUT it really needs better guest-screening!!

Dear Thom,

it is often a high-point of my day watching the Big Picture and I really wish to compliment your very specific and relevant info presented therein.

DROP Plans to build a Pipeline for Alberta's Oil production from Tar Sands

“Tar sands oil production generates almost three times more global warming pollution than does conventional oil production. Global warming pollution emissions from tar sands production already totaled 25 megatons in 2003, more than from all cars in Maryland that year. As production expands, this figure is projected to more than quadruple to between 108 and 126 megatons by 2015.

Very Nice

I am enjoying your input here as a new arrival...SLOAN

Mubarak should leave Penniless

His wealth rightly belongs to the Egyptian people - he should not be allowed to profit from the services he provided as President of Egypt.

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Has Kansas Found the Cure for the Reaganomics Disease?

Reaganomics is like a bad disease; It just keeps on spreading. Thanks to 34 years of failed Reaganomics, the gap between the wealthy elite in America and everyone else is at an all-time high.