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PRE-TEST...and maybe you Won't have to...PRO-TEST!

Every "protest day" in Madison, WI expends 500,000 person-hours of political activity. Multiply this by the 8 days of protest actions and you get FOUR MILLION person political far.

HAD these same "PRO-TESTERS" taken their energies to the streets in CI...Civl Informationing [PRE-TESTING] every week of 2010 before the election, where they would talk and inform their neighbors in their own home towns and help get out an INFORMED VOTE for progressive issues and candidates, then maybe, just maybe...there would NOT be a need for this PRO-TEST n Madison, WI!

We The People of the USA Need To Thank The Wisconsin 14



Walker Bill gives sole and absolute discretion to Governor to sell off state owned power plants using No-Bid process

Hmm,....Koch Brothers might like that, so would, Madison Gas and Electric, WE Energies and the rest of the utilities listed in his Compaign donations

Gimme a Break Ezra Klien

Ezra Klien at the Washington Post pumped out an article that minces budgetary definitions in what sounds like a correction of some protesters claims.

Does George 'the second' Bush get credit for ...

Does George 'the second' Bush get credit for Democracy breaking out in the middle east?

List of Scott Walker Campaign Contributors – BOYCOT THEM ALL

The following is just a partial list. For a complete list of the 38,901 contributors, their contact information and amounts go to:

Scott Walker - Narcissistic personality disorder

By Mayo Clinic staff


Can the Windsors Be Next to Go?

One can only say from this side of the Atlantic, the wedding of "The future King and Queen of England" is off to a tasteless, ominous start. Clearly, the way things are going along, the word Monarch is bound to be anachronous by the time the pair are old enough.

Delusional Walker reports $64 Billion Dollar Deficit on FOX !?!?

In his interview on the FOX network, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker went on to say cutting medical programs to 1 million handicapped and low income persons would save $1.8 billion. He commented that entitlement payments to handicapped people should “not be a way of life.”

WWH: Homegrown – Here is our best from last week

Worldwide Hippies is your most trusted network of independent news and views on the web.

Undergrad at Hartmann U.

Surviving in southeast Georgia on a strict diet of Thom podcasts, and excess stomach acid generated by reactionary Southern politics...

The war on labor and public employee unions

I have been a member of AFSCME for about 30 years, and during that time, I've been one of those evil union "thugs" or know the type...we protect other workers, we speak to power, we try to get the other side to understand our side...and we figure out what's most important to our members. Yes, our local members. I was elected at my workplace to represent workers' best interests, I served on negotiating committees, steward committees, some committees for parties!

bumper music

My particular favorite anti-war song, Universal Soldier, Donovan has a good version.


Wisconsin Judge denies Walker's injunction

Wisconsin Judge denies Walker's injunction that would have forced teachers out of the protests and back into the classroom.

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Time to Rethink the War on Terror

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When Eric Holder eventually steps down as Attorney General, he will leave behind a complicated legacy, some of it tragic, like his decision not to prosecute Wall Street after the financial crisis, and his all-out war on whistleblowers like Edward Snowden.