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Everyday something new is pointing in the wrong direction.

Here is a collection of observations and readings of late that really gotta make ya wonder:

12 Casinos for 12 FRs

Like "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" the Federal Reserve, according to NIC, is exactly 12 banks and monitors exactly 12 casinos. That means each bank has a way to chute cash in and out of the country or in and out of the FDIC which is a mutual fund of Lincoln National Corporation 351140070 which mingles concealed property in the funds collected by banks for deposit insurance and distributes returns disguised as stock gifts, royalties, and mortgage satisfactions to its own mob.

Obama Supporters vs. Cheerleaders


Obama Supporters vs. Cheerleaders

There are two types of people who support president Obama. There are his supporters who want to see him be a success, and then there are the cheerleaders who simply go along with everything that he does and deeply resent his supporters who don't.

Need a Progressive TV Station. Political corporatist Churches with their tax subsidies.

How are Progressives going to get a TV station!! If we had a Progressive "Fox" Station the public would be informed and not be so naive and misdirected and so stupid. People watch TV. No amount of radio or internet will equal a Progressive TV Station. What is the answer to getting a Progressive station.
Another huge area of "mind control" are political corporatist Churches with their tax subsidies (nonprofit status). If the public got the equivalent of church-welfare, we'd have community centers on every corner instead of mega-rich-churches.

German Business man

I hope someone has this info quickly as I need it for a class debate. Several times Thom has mentioned the German business man who commented to the reporter that he didn't want to be a rich man in a poor country. I want to use that quote but would like more info - who he was, who the reporter was, something, if possible.



Health Care Facts

Today's caller who asked about the health care related tax to be imposed upon sale of property should google the issue to get all the facts. Thom was not clear himself on the facts and may have left folks to further believe everything that the republicans continue to spread. My understanding is that the information that will be requested on the 1099 is for information only and that the proposed tax will only impact those who sell their property at a

Obama spoke about a Sputnik moment but here's the truth about the Sputnik.

I debunk the myth about the Russians 'beating us' to outer space.




Obama Plan to Eliminate Oil Subsidies a Good First Step, But "Clean Energy" Shouldn’t Include Coal

Contact: Kierán Suckling

Obama Plan to Eliminate Oil Subsidies a Good First Step, But "Clean Energy" Shouldn’t Include Coal, Nuclear, Biofuels or Natural Gas

Presidential election 2 years instead of 4...

to minimize/eliminate further damages to the economy, employment opportunities & nation's deficit/wealth.

Rich Miami Teens Destroy Grand Piano for Fun

A once beautiful grand piano was set on fire by drunk teenagers at a New Years Eve party and later toted by an expensive boat to a sand bar in Biscayne Bay where it has become a news item and tourist attraction of the last two days. Many people claimed responsibility for the prank, including one man and wife who had the nerve to say in a national interview before news cameras that together they had pulled it off.


That's all I really have to say. I just finished reading the first 11 chapters of "Rebooting The American Dream" on, and all I can say is wow. Every word is spot-on. Actually, I bought the book a while ago, but before I had a chance to get through it I lost my job, and apartment. Unfortunately the book now sits in a storage unit in Cleveland, OH while I live in a weekly hotel in Hendersonville, TN just to find work.

Worlds Happiest Countries story

Not sure if you have seen the story which I think was originally in Forbes about worlds happiest countries. Here is link--


It appears the blogger, Zenzoe, has been denied access to the Thom Hartmann Community. I am outraged. Rarely does one find such intelligence, humor, and insight combined in such an honest way. That such a one should be banned from a progressive site is ludicrous. Certainly this decision is not made arbitrarily by one person? I appeal to your sense of decency and fairness.

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The GOP war on workers has killed again...

It’s time to stop the conservative's war on working people in America.

Since the birth of our nation, conservatives have always been wary of average working-class Americans having too much political or economic power. John Adams, the second President of the United States and a Federalist (precursor to today’s Republicans), was very wary of the working class, which he referred to as “the rabble.”