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Boehner to Mitch McCon-hole: “TAH! Too soon?! Well you just make sure next time your nails are clipped!”

Jeff Gagnon press pass - yea, right

USA: Far too many good People making too big a sacrifices to settle for Obama or Romney, etc. in 2012.

My vote is for the 99%

Keystone to be linked to U.S. highway bill: Boehner

In move a kin to Prostitution showing the same spirit of disregard for the welfare of the Peoples’ children as Pedophiles, Republicans try to get the Keystone Pipeline approved by attaching it to something needed to ensure the publics safety.

Ok, everyone, Federal Employment Under Obama Is Virtually FLAT, But Reagan Blasted It Off

These two charts have the potential to really hurt the Republicans' talking points and may ultimately kill their campaigns.

ever day

No Warming since 1997??

What's Going On In Ohio?

There's something strange going on in Ohio. Sightings of odd, out of place signs are re-emerging. I may be paranoid, but "just because your paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you". I prefer to be cautious.

Jan Brewer - The Ugly American

Jan Brewer Republican from Arizona is really one UGLY AMERICAN... inside and out! Her rudeness to President Obama was unprecedented. She is so full of bigotry, its thick enough to see and one can literally cut it with a knife!

How is Obama and BP\GM’s Errol Davis not cranking MPG standards sky-high real fast not energy independence or job creation?!?!?!?!?!?!

Do we not give both the oil and auto industry a lot of Taxpayer money anyway?

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Poetic Just-Us: In a competitively lawless ("unfettered") environment, where conglomerates are "too big to fail", free men are prey. But, when the standard of fairness is unfurled and the faithful stand surely against the ravaging selfishness of predatory jackals cannot prevail nor the currish odium of the wicked master best.

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Grim News - CO2 Concentration Teetering On Point Of No Return

We start at Cape Grim in Australia - where an atmospheric measuring station is picking up atmospheric CO2 levels that are on the verge of breaking 400 parts per million for the first time in human history.