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Why back a government program that will fail?

Every week Senator Bernie Sanders says, and Thom echoes, that Social Security is safe, sound and secure. Every week, in the same breath Senator Sanders says that Social Security will be able to pay out approximately 70% of benefits in 2037, and that with minor adjustments it will be sound beyond that. A failing program is one that requires constant "minor adjustments" and handcuffs the country financially. The minor adjustments can come in only a few forms: higher FICA taxes, lower benefits and a higher retirement age.

Loafers Beware!!!

Local news flash: 200 truck drivers making $34/hr are loafing and driving other city workers to work when those workers could drive themselves, but can't due to Teamster contract with city ..... blah, blah, blah.

What Does It Mean to be a "Progressive"? (&)

There are two basic categories to this question I would like us to explore. The first is what I will term the "quantitative" answer, the other is the "qualitative." I will argue for the "qualitative" answer, and although I do not have a specific strategy for accomplishing it beyond what we all already know (support whatever aspect of the progressive movement that you can) I would like to suggest a more specific vision of what a progressive future means.

A Patriot Tax

Since the tea party is into symbolism and so patriotic and we have always had tax increases during. Let's support Senator Sanders in proposing a "Pariotic tax" on Millioners and up of 6% until all wars have ceased. This would return the tax rate to the level that it was during the Clinton era when we had a budget surplus.
A second part of the tax would be 10% on all corporations with profits over 1 billion dollars and 20% if they are defense company

Radiation found in beef near Japanese nuclear plant

By the CNN Wire StaffMarch 31, 2011 3:24 p.m. EDT

Who Took The Public out of Republic

Wealthy individuals, read Kochs, are equating keeping their money with the Founding Fathers and their belief in liberty. However, the founders, and most colonialists, at the time were talking and expressing that a republic was only good as its whole. That the "Public Good" was to be upheld over private liberty, when individuals got in the way of liberty for the whole, if the new America was going to survive into the future. Virtue was as important ingredient to liberty and public good.

Kindergarten Economics

Budgets are all the rage these days. How much are we gonna cut?

Message to all non-conservatives:

$R(revenue) - $S(spending) = $B(budget)

Please note the first term of this equation commonly called revenue. All 3 terms are required for the equation to work.

Here is the incorrect equation conservatives have peddling:

$S(spending) = $B(budget)

The Special Interests Playbook

Our Vietnam war began with military advisors .

Then special interests set their incisors.

A great President was killed by their madness.

The Maddox and Turner Joy wrought great sadness.

The special interests' playbook is still the same.

False flags and mission creep is the name of their game.

A Libyan false flag and more death they will reap.

Learn from history or it will repeat.

GE soicalizes losses

In the wake of GE not having to pay for taxes, you might want to sit down when I tell you that they took $100 billion in bailout money when their GE Capital got in trouble with bad loans. I got this information from the book, The Great American Stickup, by Sheer, a great book to read about how Reagan started the deregulation of financials when Congress passed the Garn-St. Germain bill. It aloud the S&L scandal to happen, and then at the end of his term, the Democratic Congress regulated them.

Privatizing Profits And Socializing Losses

White House Chief of Staff: Represent the people, not AT&T

AT&T's $39 billion dollar proposal to take over T-Mobile is bad news for consumers, and a perfect example of what our anti-trust laws are supposed to prevent.

Obama’s concessions to unconscionable “Tea Ideas” a horrifying miscarriage of office

According to the AP on March 29, 2011: "Democrats indicated Tuesday they may be willing to accept Republican-backed curbs on the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal regulators as part of an overall deal on spending cuts."

Koch Brothers

This is more of an inquiry than a blog, can anybody help me to find out, to the Koch brothers own interest in the Journal broadcast system?

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The Middle Class Needs More Than Talking Points

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been talking a lot about the middle class. But, that talk is cheap as long as their in bed with Wall Street.