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PTSD and the Paratrooper

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They Call it Advertising

January 26

A Capital Idea Part 54: They Call it Advertising

Today's post is more about labels than anything else. I have recently called for restrictions on advertising and lobbying already. I think this is a good time to examine the memes being used by society and how these memes are being used to mislead us.

Concerning math and science education K-12

There doesn't seem to be much controversy as to whether there should be a major upgrade in math and science education. The STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) initiative is a positive goal begging the question of how?

Helpers of the Muckleshoots

I see that certain tribes were deliberately forced from their trades, fishing, ranching, hunting, and agriculture into the casino business. This was done by industrial engineering, draining, mining and agriculture which polluted the ecosystems which were supposed to sustain the reserved lands.

Freaky Flying Objects_VOL1 January 24-25, 2011

Here we have the first installment of FREAKY FLYING OBJECTS_VOL1 January 24-25, 2011. If you get up early before sunrise if the sky is clear, you too can witness FREAKY FLYING OBJECTS! It's easy, just go OUTSIDE and watch the sky!

OK, #1 is an early morning 5 second shot of what leaves those chemtrails.

#2 is a DAYTIME shot with the sun behind the trees with just objects, not really freaky and I can't tell if they were moving or not.

Paul Ryan's Tax Reform?

Sorry, but I don't understand from where Thom is getting his figures for Ryan's proposed tax rates--does anyone know? When I read Ryan's plan for tax reform, I see only two rates: 10% up to $100,000, and 25% over that. What is Thom talking about? Just a question...

On Talking to Conservatives

I was listening to the show last week, and Thom raised the question: “Is it possible to talk to conservatives?” Sadly, I was unable to listen to all of the calls, but, I did hear Thom's comment about how many people in the chat room were seemingly hostile to the idea that we can talk with conservatives, rank-and-file Republicans and the Tea Party folks.

"effective demand"

Thom you are correct, it is demand that drives the economy; In Dr. Miller's book "A Plan for America", effective demand is quantitatively analyzed; an excellent read on how to restore our democratic republic. Great show.

Meditation over Medication

by Diana May Waldman |

Brazil: Second only to India as fastest growing world economy

OK Lefties,

View this video on the Ford Assembly Plant in Brazil. I'm interested in hearing your comments. Pay special attention to the end of the video.

From Bolita to Lotto Balls, Bank of America

One thing I've learned about the Lincoln group is they may have the Balls, but imagination is something money can't buy. (That could account for a "hostile-takeover" of The Walt Disney Company, Inc. via the Amarillo Shamrock bank jockeys.) The Lincoln can, however, via unregulated unchecked financial power, buy lawyers to find loopholes in the law, and legislators to make laws loopier and penalties for breaking laws less intimidating, like for the early Florida gamblers who once only had to forfeit a $100 bond to be free.

Thanks Thom!

I've been a fan of yours for about the last year and started my Blog, and posting many (hopefully informative) Blog entries on this site over the last few months. I've been a life long Republican/Libertarian who gradually drew away from the "Republican" way. As for the Libertarianism I saw many flaws over the years but still in my gut feel that Libertarianism has a very positive feel IF we provide safety nets for people who just don't make it in life. I've gon

Ayn Rand Received Social Security, Medicare

Ayn Rand, Hypocrite?
Legendary opponent of “welfare state” received Social Security and probably Medicare

By Patia Stephens

Critics of Social Security and Medicare frequently invoke the words and ideals of author and philosopher Ayn Rand, one of the fiercest critics of federal insurance programs. But a little-known fact is that Ayn Rand herself collected Social Security. She may also have received Medicare benefits.

Pres Obama, Politics, Citizens

President Obama is.... well, he is a great politician. Those of us that worked hard to get him elected and whom had high hopes have realized that he is more of a centrist Republican than a Democrat. Forget the so called "Republican" party, they are no Republicans. They are Global Corporatists. Setting aside the Global Corparatists' agenda to derail any progress for our country, we need to focus on the things Obama has done. He has appointed the same banksters that destroyed the American economy.

All in the Same Boat Bill

Top-Down Congressional Change Bill of 2011 (or)
All-in-the-Same-Boat Congressional Change Bill of 2011

Civility and Reform:
Christina Taylor Green was 9 years old when she was killed. Congresswoman Gabby Giffords is working to recover from the wounds she received during the incident in Tucson, AZ. This year's heroes/mentors for many people include both Christina Taylor Green and Gabby Giffords.

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