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Republican lapdog?

What do you call a republican lapdog?

a Kocher spaniel

If Obama is the only choice then we have no choices.

The Democratic Party will not change while there's no pain for offering us Obama. I'll vote against him in the primaries if given the chance, and if he get's there, I'll vote against him in the general election.

I don't value any difference between him and a Republican, more than I value the opportunity to express my dissatisfaction with corporate Democrats from Clinton on.

This is not a conversation anymore, it's a datapoint that Democratic leaders can ignore or use.

Money Erodes Confidence

Here is an enlightening hypothesis by Lawrence Lessig explaining to UT Law School students how the Influence of Money Undermines Confidence in the system. It is about 20 minutes.

I agree with you that an intellectual revolution is necessary to preserve our representative democracy. It must be a movement from the roots up and it must be a movement based in truth. Can it happen in the America we see today?


Art Rochester

Republicans and Democrats share this concern

Medicaid in most states finances nursing home patients when their money is gone. Pennsylvania nursing homes are full of patients on Medicaid, and my mother is one of them. I would bet that if you repeated this fact often enough, many Republicans with family members in nursing homes would be frightened into fighting cuts to this program. I haven't heard anyone make this a major issue. Medicaid is not for corrupt welfare moms.

My Wisconsin

I grew up in Wisconsin, in southeast Wisconsin, in a community where car manufacturing was king and unions were a force, especially the UAW, the united auto worker’s union. My father had a unique position, not only did he work at the auto factory, American Motors, he was also a city council man. Both positions he held for most of his adult life.

Triangle Shirt Waist Co Fire 100th Anv.

Monday night (in NYC) BPS played a documentary on The Triangle Shirt Waist Company Fire. This should be required watching for everyone. It detailed the attempt of the garment workers to organize in this city. Triangle's owners refused to compromise with the general strike that hit the industry. Most other manufacturers agreed to the work and wage demands and allowed their workers to unionize. Triangle refused. When they did settle, the workers got wage and hour concessions but were not allowed to unionize or have a say in working conditions.

Jack Nastyface's wise words

Progressives ought to take a look at the old media and the art of the editorial letter, also known as: Letters to the Editor.

The Old Wal Mart Story

Okay, so, I'm on this website, just kicking back and having fun. All of a sudden, the old Walmart story once again rears it's UGLY head. Here is the way it went down:

GOP Carnival coming to town - Beware Obama!!!

If the GOP can tip-toe through the primary season without drawing too much attention to the fringe lunacy that is the “Modern Republican Party” and spit out a consensus candidate that strongly supports just 2 policies:

Don't Like Fox? Do Something About It

You can own domain. It is listed for sale on eBay. This domain,, is unique. It is the only domain in the world. It is a golden domain which will quickly be recognized by the search engines. Buy it and put it to work.


Have you heard Obama's done radical things in Africa?

It is inconceivable that none of the several national dominoes falling in the Middle East will end up on the wide and easy path of religious extremism. We can only pray that Egypt is not the one.<

Tariffs at the State Level?

It's obvious the federal government has no intention of protecting the manufacturing base, but maybe there is a way for states to step in. States are in a position to affect automotive sales, in particular, because not only can they impose sale taxes, but also licensing and registration fees on vehicles.

Can We Shut Down Federal Reserve? I Mean, It's Just A Big Bank!

Here's a very interesting video by Aaron Ruosso. It's amazing how the line of questioning stops when Aaron challenges Mr. Cohen a little too much. So, if poor people are discriminated against by the IRS, simply because they cannot AFFORD the means to get "expert tax help,"should we just shut it down? Like the Repubs want to shut Government down? STOP paying. Big Americans corporations that kill our infrastructure and send jobs overseas, then stockpile HUGE PROFITS into off-shore bank accounts, DON'T PAY.

Why should we?

Is Obama really a Mau Mau??

Huckabee, the darling child of the religious right, was at it again. Once more he put his foot in his mouth and now is blaming everyone else for misquoting him or some other nonsense. However, the real story is why there was an actual uprising in Kenya in the first place. Your history lesson begins with this video.

Martyred Children of Florida

South Florida, USA Happy Thursday, South Florida! How about a jaunt to South Beach for an insane party and lots of sex and food and drugs and drinks and fun? Aren't we lucky to have such marvelous weather and such booby bulging weather girls to keep us in an up mood? Aren't we glad we can afford Versace and Chanel?

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Can Democrats Set Out a New Path?

Democrats must embrace a pro-government platform, not run away from it.

Those were the sentiments of Senator Chuck Schumer today, in a speech given at the National Press Club. Talking about the reasons for Democrats’ losses on Election Day, Schumer said that those losses were proof that the American people and middle-class want a government that will work more effectively for them.