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WI public employees

With the Citizens United case, it is more important than ever that public/government employees be allowed to unionize and participate in collective bargaining for all issues because we are losing our ability to lobby our state legislators for increased pay and other issues. Most categories of government workers are relatively small and their campaign donations as a group is a pittance compared to the corporate donations now allowed.

Are there plans to turn State over to Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP / Creative Financial Staffing for Admin and Scabs?

Hmmm,....i smell political favors for campaign donations

Ronny Reagan's (Nancy's!) Curriculum Vitae

Hello Mr. Thom Hartmann,

Your 'cirriculum vitae' of Reagan reflects Nancy being a snob, and Ronny
doing what she wanted. She was the program director, yes, very much.

You should include, for sure: The S&L scandal. That was the way they
paid the Mafia groups who gave much money for his and GHWB's re-election.

I used to read Covert Action Information Bulletin of that era. It was glaringly
obvious how they used the S&L's to grant loans to the Mafia types to buy

Help Organize Koch Industry Employees

On Saturday, as I was marching around the Capitol with my sign that read "If you like our benefits, uniionize your job," I was wondering why the Republicans switched from running up huge government deficits to now wanting immediate reduction of all deficits at the states and federal levels. I knew that Gov.

Sign of ChristChurch in Ruins

Like Minnie's 1963 Estate closing, it was a 6.3 which destroyed ChristChurch, New Zealand, toppling the spire of and causing great damage to Christ Church there. I am qualified speaking since I said to my husband yesterday just before the occurrence, I can feel an earthquake, is it going to be Florida?

Planet could be 'unrecognizable' by 2050

WASHINGTON (AFP) – A growing, more affluent population competing for ever scarcer resources could make for an "unrecognizable" world by 2050, researchers warned at a major US science conference Sunday.

The United Nations has predicted the global population will reach seven billion this year, and climb to nine billion by 2050, "with almost all of the growth occurring in poor countries, particularly Africa and South Asia," said John Bongaarts of the non-profit Population Council.

Governor Scott Walker Of Wisconsin should be Baker Acted

Enacted in 1971, the Baker Act is a statute created in the state of Florida, and sinced adopted by other states, aimed at protecting the rights of persons with mental illness along with maintaining public safety.

WWH News and Stuff (Video)

WWH- Worldwide Hippies brings you news and commentary, to inform you and move you to action. We believe in “power to the people”.
To point out injustice or right a wrong is all of our responsibility. Join with us and get active.

50 million 'environmental refugees' by 2020 - FULLY FUND THE EPA

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Fifty million "environmental refugees" will flood into the global north by 2020, fleeing food shortages sparked by climate change, experts warned at a major science conference that ended here Monday.

"In 2020, the UN has projected that we will have 50 million environmental refugees," Cristina Tirado, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, said at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

2012 earth changes

I believe that mother earth is way over due for her shifting and that the world will be cleansed. There have been cultures that understood that all life is sacred, that Gaia is alive and that everything is connected.. Unfortunately, if there are any survivors, they will probably not have this ability to be part of the spiritual system. I do blieve that the human beings that are currently killing this planet will mostly be exterminated, as were the dinosaurs. Vedic writings have described the shiftings and cleansing that our planet periodically goes through...if


Am I stupid or are the same bunch that has been running this country into debt for the last 30 years , now claiming they can fix the problem by crapping on every working person in the country ?

I'm not stupid, I've seen this coming for years. You can jump out of a ditch , but you can't jump out of a well !
They dug this well by selling tax cuts to the greedy, morality to the mortified, guns and war to the rednecks and scared.

a simple solution to Wisconsin's budget problem

$32 per adult in Wisc. will cover it. See:

My Interview with Angelo Carusone of Stop Beck and Media Matters.

If you haven't heard of him, Angelo Carusone is the man behind the Stop Beck campaign, which has led to 300 sponsors dropping Glenn Beck. Angelo is also with Media Matters. He appeared on my radio show today for an interesting discussion. The interview starts around the 24 minute mark.

On this episode of Carson's Corner, New Jersey's only fm progressive radio show, Bob speaks with Angelo Carusone of the Stop Beck Campaign, and Media Matters for America.

The United Nations

Now that Middle Eastern countries such as Libya, Iran and Bahrain have turned away from their default setting of hating America and directed their anger against their own people, the question has to be asked;

Where on Earth is the United Nations?

That's right, it is too busy condemning Israel for building houses for people to live in.

Isn't it time to defund this absurd waste of our money?

We are all connected..... We are one.... We are all Wisconsin!

Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) was an ardent nationalist and prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last 7 years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:

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