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There’s still feed and bleed operations in progress at Fukushima disaster site

The ocean dumping has raised fears of seafood contamination, particularly in species that are imported or that migrate from Japanese waters. Three U.S. government agencies sought to quell those fears with a joint statement yesterday.

The threat of radioactive contamination reaching American waters is so low that the Food and Drug Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration do not plan to test American seafood for it, those agencies said in the joint statement with EPA:

Inspection- Curb Your Enthusiasm: When We Must Kill

Next week's Inspection flies into your digital mailbox a bit early, only to keep up with the $#@! news cycle.

"What if they had just shot him with a paintball gun, shot him, then said the next one will be real, you're under arrest?

Obama knew where Bin Laden was since January 20, 2009

Since Christiane Amanpour accurately disclosed Bin Laden’s whereabouts on the Bill Mauer show in 2005, George W Bush knew where Bin Laden was for the last three year of his office but did nothing about it. If you accept this, then it means you accept the fact that Barac Obama knew Bin Laden’s exact whereabouts no later than the first day he took office on January 20, 2009. Yet



Is Capitalism a Disease?

Here are some interesting thoughts on illness and health

Given that May Day just passed and the imbalance of power between the working class and corporations continues to grow, these are important things to think about. Health starts where we live, work, play, love, and learn.

Torture ?

If you captured a terroist and he had a bomb set to go off in 24 hours would you torture him to find out where it was? I'm not for torture but then again what conditions would be met to use it? If you didn't use it and a lot of people died, how would you feel, and live with it for the rest of your life? It may be necessary at a moment in time that you are forced to use something you don't like. I think maybe that was the point of the man who was talking to Thom, who supported use.

Defining the Debate

I think it is crucial for Liberals and Progressives to properly define the debate. We have to convince the public that the fight for America is not between Liberals and Conservatives, It's between WE THE PEOPLE an the Corporations.

Having said that I do believe that the Republicans are the Corporate Party. And need to be labeled as such.

Legalize Marijuana in Washington State with I-1149

Increasingly the U.S. Attorney General's office is commencing with threats and federal raids on medical marijuana dispensaries in several states, including Washington.

wishing Thom a Happy Birthday this weekend

Thom, as a fellow Taurean (mine was last week), I wish you a very happy birthday! We have many things in common...parents from Michigan, former Methodist, and similar political views...maybe because we are Taurus. Not bullish at all! Our progressive woman's book club has chosen your book "Unequal Protection" for our May read! I think the issue of corporations having rights as citizens is one of the biggest concerns that has far-reaching consequences, and election reform is up there too! I am so glad that the photos of Bin Laden was not released to t

Hussein execution

You said that Saddam Hussein was decapitated during his execution. It was his half-brother that was decapitated.

Bin Laden's Estate

If Bin Laden is dead why are they not talking of confiscating his estate which is worth billions for compensation for 9/11. When they took over the leader of Egypt that is the first thing that they did. Could it be that they had a deal with Bin Laden - a CIA agent - that his family would actually receive money for this hoax, since Bin Laden wasn't long for this world due to health reasons.

Wake ‘N’ Bake 101: Tracks

Dr. Woody | WWH –

Bin Laden

From what I know of Dan Rather, he was a reputable reporter,so was Barry Petersen. They reported that during the time of 9/11, Bin Laden was in an American hospital in Dubais negotiating with the CIA at this time. And according to Dr Pieczenik who worked under four administrations, stated that Bin Laden December of 2001. Also Madeline Albright, acting Secretary of State under Bush said he died also at this time and was frozen for later political advantages.

Civilian Property Re-alignment Act

Will sneak undeveloped wild places into energy, logging, and real estate development


Bin Laden: what did they not want him to say?

Changing their story already?!?

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