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Today from Worldwide Hippies Jan 20

by Phil Polizatto for WWH-Hey! Don’t get pissed at me! I think men and women are created equal, but it seems that there are some people in very powerful positions who do not agree.

Alternatives to a National Third Party

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News from Washington DC: There is a new whore in town

"I think our interests and his...align, especially on EPA stuff."

- Anonymous oil industry lobbyist on Rep. Fred Upton, House Energy & Commerce Committee Chair

FBI Pipe Bomber Clues

The pipe bomber who threatened the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade in Spokane, WA left three clues for the FBI to put together who and what was intended. The signs left were secret signs, and they were signs intended to be interpreted by intelligence.

Two T-shirts and a practically new Swiss Army backpack:

1. Swiss Army Bag: UBS, Union Bank of Switzerland, Union Trust, Union Pacfdic; synonyms -easy

WA WA Boeings & Pipe Bombs

7/15/1916 Boeing was incorporated in Seattle, Washington by William E. Boeing, on July 15, 1916, as "Pacific Aero Products Co." -Wiki

7/15/1916 GEORGIA LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY was Florida, Number 800864 Filed 07/15/1916 State GA WITHDRAWAL 04/01/1949

WA WA, BA BA & GA GA, Why was GD given a shot presidential in the arm? And the bankers in WA? Are BOEINGS all we have for sale?
G.H. Walker & Co. Missouri Charter X00021757 Active 9/7/1946 21st Century Boeing?

Baby Boomers Starting To Retire

Well, now that us "Baby Boomers" are starting to retire a lot of people hold varying opinions on how this will effect the economy. It seems that there's a sense of worry over how Social Security and Medicare is going to hold up under the weight of paying out the benefits due those of us who placed our trust in these programs. I'm wishing to posit a point of view that I've seldom heard discussed. I'm proposing that having us "older folks" retire is one of the B


Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Levin, Savage, etc., are all integral to the evolution of human kind.
The regressive forces of existence fuel evolution. There could be no life without consequences that perpetuate counter activity.
Why acquire food to eat if there were no consequence of not eating?
Had it not been for the utterly disastrous presidency of G.W. Bush, Americans would not have legitimately elected its first African American president. The lions share of credit truly must be attributed to G.W.

Robert Reich nails it! About why corporations are not interested in American jobs -- and we don't have a jobs program.

He tells us that China is eating our lunch, gives us specific insights into how they're going it!

Dr. MLK Merged into Swiss Re

In 1947 Dr. Martin Luther King was a director of World Service Life.

In 1957 World Service Life changed its name to United American Life, not to be confused with American United Life, and Dr. Martin Luther King remained a director.

UNITED AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Document Number 811910 Filed 05/10/1957 State GA MERGED 06/12/1962 with


Before you buy from Amazon ... maybe take a look around ...

All of these products are perfectly legal to sell. Whether they should be is another post and debate. But I, for one, will not be buying anything from Amazon until they change their policies about selling parts for weapons of mass killing:

Oil and Gas Lobbyists

While most of the big oil and gas companies operate their own lobbying shops in Washington, the industry also farmed out a substantial amount of its work to some of Washington's largest and most influential lobbying firms.

2011 and the Power of the One

The year 2011 is upon us, and underway. This year presents us with an interesting set of synchronistic definitions, events, and possible implications.


The symbol of the vertical line, the number ONE, dates back to at least 30,000 BC with tally marks discovered on cave walls. The vertical line has always, in numerology, mathematics, symbology, and poetry represented:

God, Sun, Self, The Whole, The Unit, The Prime (although it is not a prime number), The Root, The Common, The Indivisible

Priority, it’s what Campaign Donation gets ya with Obama,….

The following quote was taken from page 64-65 of “AFTERSHOCK” a book by Robert Reich published by Knopf:

Mills B. Lane, Jr.

1961 is the 50-yr midpoint in a 100 yr. (Standard Oil/Haitian Bank) bond between 1911-2011. Sure enough in the great Book I found Mills B. Lane, Jr on the Citizens & Southern Advisory Board with Uncle L.H. Parris, inventor of the blue-jay spanker. Though it was his last year in banking. Bunny met Frank Kryder while living with Aunt Ep and Uncle L.H. in Atlanta.

What relative events to the bond might I have for the year 1961?

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It’s Time for Bill O’Reilly to Get Real about White Privilege

It’s time for white America to get real about white privilege. Last night, Bill O’Reilly came from back vacation early to host a special edition of “The Factor”, one that he said would “tell the truth” about what’s going on in Ferguson, Missouri.