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Rick Santorum claims "killing Grandma" is standard practice in The Netherlands

During an American Heartland debate on February 6th, Rick Santorum made outlandish statements about euthanasia and the Netherlands. He claims that the Dutch are "Killing Grandma" by the thousands every year, by stating that 10% of all death in The Netherlands are euthanasia related death. Half of them, according to Santorum, are involuntarily death of elderly in hospitals. It is so bad in The Netherlands he claims that elderly are wearing bracelets with the text "No euthanasia please" and are fleeing outside the country for medical treatment.

Republican: Right To Work

I am a Republican. It is the sole right of an employee to be fully exploited by their employer as a worker. The employee should have the right to work at any union shop without having to join the union. The employer has the right to be terminate any employee at will without warning or reason. The employee will enjoy full minimum wage. Since the government pays for food stamps, housing, college tuition and healthcare these items can be p

The Tallahassee Two Step

By Jerry Waxman

America's POOR 101

Isn't it strange that we need the BBC to tell us that America does not give a damn about the poor (mostly working poor) of our country (or the middle class for that matter), even though it is apparent and all around for us to watch how quickly our country is becoming a Plutocracy.


How can one argue that our social contract is intended to bring us together to protect the rights of the ruthless and release the felonious from responsibility (further insulate the irresponsible) for promoting the common well-being? No socially unbalanced libertarian-ish notions nor unbalanced conservative-ish 'austerity added to injury' can manage our socio-economic recovery well.

Stories that work

Stories that work #1


Does WI Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Barrett suffer from any brain damage from his beating?

Barrett has just announced his plan to go on campaign tour with rahm emanuel, Mayor, City of Chicago. His Honor Mr.

Manufacturing Jobs Now Available!!

Announcing that several factory openings are now available for the production of the first of its kind 21st century chastity belts (the recent highly acclaimed contraceptive alternative). Production will include regular and deluxe models (includes a reusable aspirin) for all ages. Wages are guaranteed to below, hours high, and there will be no confusing benefits to choose from.

Why Catholic church do not believe in contraception?

The Catholic Church does not need contraception, Why? It could be because contraception is against original commandment: Genesis: 1:27: So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

“New Technology Jobs” is ObamaSpeak for more filthy and more dangerous methods in the Fossil Fuel Industry.

E.g. Fracking has been referred to as a “New Technology” and Shale Oil has been referred to as a “New Technology”, etc. etc.

Obama’s Job Policy: Make em wait (discipline them), obscure the problem by focusing only on changes in deceptive statistics, and let the other aspects of Labor’s life decay.

Net Overall Effect to Labor = worse off.

Going to have to face the fact that Obama has surrounded himself with Jeffrey Immelt of GE (Leading Member of ALEC), Geither, Bernanke, and a host of other that couldn’t give a rat’s rear end about the “little people”.

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Income Inequality Has Gone Up

The chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Jason Furman, recently wrote in the Washington Post that "Last year saw the largest single-year reduction in poverty since the 1960s."