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  • John Kerry made $3 million in stock market with information obtained while working on Govt Committee.

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    Kerry made 3 Million dollars in the stock market with information he recieved while working on one committee.

  • Homemade Geeky Science

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    If you are a science nerd you may find this post interesting but, with apologies to Thom for my selfish use of his site, you should know that the reason I am posting this is only to establish a historical record for the following thesis. I am prepared to have it attacked or even discredited but I don't want it to be stolen out from under me.

  • A let them eat cake moment on the network news...

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    Here's another example of what the Occupy movement is about, and what they, I mean we are up against.

  • feels like i've been here before

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    If OWS occupations are assembled as "constant reminders" then the conceptual "staging" of those reminders should not be restricted to any particular venue/circumstance (only reminded when in passing by a particular park) - I am surprised that the modern Hooverville is not more mobile. I also think that there are different kinds of "demonstrations of displeasure"; some intended to be both non-violent and "illegal" (sit ins) while others might be solemn shows of force (mass meetings) or general assemblies (congresses).

  • Good News! UAW cost the taxpayer even MORE than expected.

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    Previously you were expected to lose $14.33 billion on paying off Obama's union clients, but that's now been upped to $23.6 billion.

  • Just a thought about "The Pledge"

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    In my opinion "The Taxpayer Protection Pledge" has gone too far. I now look at it as "TREASON" because the actions of the republicans that signed the pledge are not protecting the 99.5% of taxpayers from irresponsible favouritism to the super rich.



  • Tomatoes Are Ovaries

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    It's just impossible for a botanist to keep silent on whether pizza is a vegetable when a certain amount of tomato sauce counts as the vegetable ingredient.


    Tomato, squash, eggplant, avocado, and cucumber are all fruits which are mistakenly called vegetables.

    The botanical definition of a fruit is, "a fruit is a ripened ovary," and a "a seed is a ripened ovule."

    If you think about fruit, you will note that fruits have seeds inside. If you plant the seed from inside a fruit, it might grow into a bush, a tree, or a shrub.


  • “For 75 years the Poor having been voting for Democrats and you know what?! they are STILL POOR!”, Jesse Ventura.

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    The Country desperately needs a 3rd Party.

    Don't let Hartman, Schultz and Miller force you into to thinking the solution lies within the existing system of Democrats vs. Republicans.  That is why the country is in the mess it is in.


  • Lunch with Bernie Sanders

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    Call it what it really is, dangling a glittery ball in the eyes of Left leaning Americans.  All Bernie is doing is talk if we don't get OUR Government to listen something needs to be done!

    If we can't get action details it's all talk to waste our time and that's frustrating. 

    All I hear is that it's difficult to do anything to make the changes we need.

    We don't need to hear that our questions or points are good ones. 

    Writing to our money bribed congress people and Senate people does nothing!

     We need a course of action!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Where was all the "support" for the Tea Party

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    Where was all the "support" for the Tea Party when they were speaking up at the town hall meetings or marching in washington D.C.?  Looking back a couple of years in the blogs I cannot find any support for the rights of the Tea Party to protest.  I also do not recall any store front windows broken, property damage, police being slashed with razors or feces and urine thrown on them ,rapes, drug use, sucides, shootings, or police actions to evict Tea party members from private property. Not even bulldoziers to clean up the mess after a demonstration. Quite odd.