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cost of electric vehicle

The cost of electric vehecle put forth by the heriage foundation was highest case surporting their distorted information cycle.

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New Mexico protest in solidarity with public service union workers in Wisconsin

Since the mainstream media isn't bothering to cover the protests at state capitols in solidarity with Wisconsin public service workers, we have to take it upon ourselves. Here is the video of our efforts in New Mexico.

Messaging: Take it back

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Vote Republican?

Due to the current dynamics in the Middle East (and likely polling towards waning support…possibly caused by region dynamics), there appears to be a growing number of Republicans in support of LEAVING Afghanistan! Next thing you know they will support the protection of US jobs (like Thom has warned) and start getting rational people to vote Republican again! Say it ain't so.

What would you do?

If a man surreptitiously pays your brother to sell you into slavery, what would you do? Koch Bros in Wisconsin

if a family left their own and state and economy in disrepair, then came to your state and wished on you their wake . What would you do in?

When a country or ecosystem, gives life and nurturing protections and preference to children and they grow up and disrespect the memory and the legacy of said country, what would you do?

If a member of your clan or family soiled your matriarch or patriarch, what would you do?

Wars in Afghanistan & Iraq

Would some one please explain to me why we are not talking about stopping the 2 wars that are costing BILLIONS of DOLLARS every month.

As I understand the Afghanistan war costs the US tax payer approx $7 BILLION a month to keep going. In this time of debt and budget cuts why is this not the first piece of spending to be cut.

Thom could you please talk about this on your radio show.

Walker deploys private security forces inside palace,, I mean capitol - "DCI Security"

Blue jeaned wind breaker wearing private security forces have descended on the State Capitol Building in Madison, Wisconsin.

It’s Much Easier in Black and White

by Mitchell Waldman | WWH – It’s easier for them. The black and whiteness of it all.

The Story of Citizens United v. FEC, an animated short. Video

The crisis of corporate influence over American democracy is the latest subject of award-winning Internet filmmaker, Annie Leonard, who on March 1st will release The Story of Citizens United v. FEC, an animated short.

Scott Brown for President?

What are the odds that a popular first term senator who has just written an autobiography would enter and win the presidential race during a time of great national upheaval? Not bad…just ask Obama!

The Magician's Other Hand

I suggest that WORKING AND LURKING within the magician's "unnoticed hand" [in this case the VISIBLE HAND is the Left's KNEE JERK REACTION to all things Koch and all things Citizen's United which all knee-jerkers are watching intently] is perhaps the deeper and real reason behind why the GUVNA in Wisconsin is attacking unions in general.

For decades now, the religious right wing has been attempting to shift public funding for education into supporting their religious educational school systems. Its what I know as The School Voucher Project.

G.H. Walker Series State Bank of India

Key Numbers for this series

Wells Fargo FDIC#3511
Lincoln National Corporation FEI#351140070

#315203612 Frank fed id
#30070 Kryder Company Folio
G.H.Walker Charter #13974 + Frank Estate #13934= 27908 -31520= -3612; or 27908 + 3612 = 31520
Minnie Estate #14518

NEW SERIES: FDIC#33664 State Bank of India

33664-31520 =#2144 = WF #3511;

In Wisconsin, What Is It That Does Not Stink?

There is a vulgar expression from days of old that was applied to those who thought themselves to be superior to others. If one acted condescending and snobbish, people would say of them… “They think their S**T doesn’t stink!” Well, last night on ‘The Last Word’ with Lawrence O’Donnell one of his guests absolutely suited this nasty verbalization like a tailor-made piece of clothing.

Coffee Party Progressives

Thom, please help get the word out on this group, another way for progressives to get active and stop the Tea Party

Coffee Party Progressives

Jim Maynard, Memphis Coffee Party progressives

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Can Democrats Set Out a New Path?

Democrats must embrace a pro-government platform, not run away from it.

Those were the sentiments of Senator Chuck Schumer today, in a speech given at the National Press Club. Talking about the reasons for Democrats’ losses on Election Day, Schumer said that those losses were proof that the American people and middle-class want a government that will work more effectively for them.