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Elected Officials voting in favor of Walker’s Mining law are guilty of Reckless Neglect regardless of their constituents, if any, wishes.

Now that is one prosecution I'd donate a dollar toward.

caption on jan brewer obama picture

Yes Senator, your finger does smell like anchovies.

Inspection- Is Idiocy Viral?

"What's in the package?"

"Oh, probably a bomb."

That's a... joke? ...your author asks.

They evacuate the base.

caption on jan brewer obama picture


answer this

Economically depressed area of Southwest Virginia excited about adding some low wage jobs

I see where my Tea-bagging US Representative, Moron Griffith, (R -VA 9th District) got his picture in the Roanoke Times at the announcement that Vaughn-Bassett Furninture was going to bring 116 new jobs over the next three years to the Galax, Virginia area. You can read all about it here:   I'm sure he's going to try and take credit for their creation.

Milton Friedman was an Ass.


JOBS: Large Scale Public Works project for Ocean to Fresh Water Desalination Stations run contrary to 1%’s efforts to Commercialize$$$ necessary goods and services.

...face it, wall street says no on construction of desalination stations

Want Jobs? Try retooling the entire US Automanufacturing industry to build auto's with much MUCH higher mpg, sooner in time.

MPG standards that Obama is about to set is an opportunity to prove that he is serious about representing the 99%. But $10 says he'll put forth new mpg standards with wussy mpg increases to become effective after 2015.


Obama\Salazar: Shell Oil approved for massive Oil Spill after summer 2012 in Arctic’s Chukchi Sea.

Unfortunately, in December 2010 Interior Secretary Ken Salazar issued a revised offshore plan allowing drilling in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea — putting polar bears and the entire Arctic ecosystem at risk, even after the disastrous April 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We’ve filed a notice of intent to sue over the issue.

New-Home Sales Were Worst Ever in 2011.

And we were told that the Banks needed the bailout so it could restore Main Street via liquidity.

Corruption$$ scandal shakes Vatican as internal letters leaked.

I have sooooooo much to say that I am biting back right now

Once again, Big Oil and Big Auto working together to water down any proposed Vehicle Fuel Efficiency standards.

Transportation accounts for 20 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, and right now the Department of Transportation and EPA are proposing new fuel-efficiency and global warming pollution limits for cars and light trucks. By instituting better, stronger rules we can make real progress.

Deepwater Horizon up North: Wisconsin State Assembly has just passed the open-pit mining bill 59 to 36.

the mining bill fobs off billions of dollars of mining costs on to the Wisconsin People.

This isn't deregulation this decriminalization.

Lies, damn lies, and Geithner’s growth estimate for the economy – pure propaganda.

If this is true, how much of that growth is attributable to growth being experienced overseas by American international corporations? Is the American government collecting all the taxes it should from this increased activity? And furthermore, is “little timmy forehead” talking about GNP, GDP or what?

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