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  • No to veteran tax break jobs

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    First of all I thank the vets who served. My blog doesn’t dispute your honor but I believed you were used for one of the biggest tax hoaxes ever pulled off on Americans by congress, the military complex and the 1%. This was led by Obama who I believe is not that good of a guy. He seems to be the best of bad choices but no matter how much Thom Hartmann or any of these other Blue Dog radio hosts try to twist Obama’s legacy, I’m not buying it.

  • Occupy OSF report 11/19/11

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    Only a few minutes till the library closes, so this has to be short.

    There was not raid (yet)! There was an expected raid that did not happen. I believe the fear was unjustified. Unless the Dept. of Public Works declares that the camp must be shut down, the mayor does not have much of a basis to act on. Not politically.

    So the ball is in our court. Where do we go from here? How do we grow the movement? How is the "occupy" movement faring nationwide.

    We should have some news within a few days about whether Oakland re-established.

  • Once upon a time the government

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    Once upon a time the government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of a desert.  Congress said, "Someone may steal from it at night."  So they created a night watchman position and hired a person for the job. 

  • Democrats and the Cycle of Abuse

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    As Obama’s hand-picked, right-wing Super Committee is poised to initiate cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and protect the wealth of billionaires, big corporations and the military/industrial complex, I think it is appropriate to compare the relationship between Democratic voters and Obama to that of an abusive husband and his long-suffering wife.

  • my angryest

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  • Mister ONE PERCENT

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    The Town Cryer Cries;

    The People Respond.


    ========= the poem for public reading follows =========


    Mr. ONE Percent

    I Know Your Name!

    Your name is ZACK-EEEEE'-USSSS!!!!




  • OCCUPY TO CAUSE COST OVERRUNS – time is money for the 1%.

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  • Pay the national debt in one year.

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    Wikipedia states that the total household net worth of Americans in 2009 was $56.2 trillion dollars. Wikipedia also states that the national debt is $9.133 trillion dollars. 20% of Americans own 85% of the aformentioned wealth, again from Wikipedia.

  • Can I get a copy of Thom's summary on how to reverse corporate "personhood" he discussed on-air?

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    I was listening to Thom's show here in Los Angeles on AM 1150 Ktalk. He described how we could remove corporate personhood without a constitutional amendment and listed some other great ideas concerning a listeners questions about getting public funded electios, etc. Are these topics listed by Thom anywhere I could read them? I was driving at the time and coulnt write it down. I have tried searching the website to no avail Can anyone help me?