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Hating Haiti

A dispute has arisen between Haitian and U.S. officials, the latter claiming that the Haitians have over-reported the number of earthquake related deaths by as much as ten-fold, and that some people are lying, claiming to have lost their house when they didn't really. Who of our U.S. officials would give up their free pup tent on a concrete pad for life alone in a shack on the edge of the landfill, I would like to know ?

Happy Father's Day

I was probably the only kid in my first-grade class who knew the names Jerry Voorhis and Helen Gahagan Douglas. All the more remarkable as they were both Californians, and I grew up in Washington State.

What Place is This?

What place is this? Why it's Iraq or Afghanistan. Next stop Yemen then on to Syria and Bahrain. Good old Uncle is everywhere.

Grass, by Carl Sandburg

Farewell: A load, err, an ode, to Anthony Weiner

Unbending and firm, your defense of being hacked. Your will, mightily stiff. After tacit admission that the wiener belonged to you, Mr. Weiner, your eyes pulsated, becoming engorged with tears, so anticlimactically squirting down your cheeks. So many tears, you could not see men in the pressroom. Because you blew your job and because your story so penetrated the media, you aroused a near orgasmic surge to see you, Mr. Weiner, ejaculated from your post.

Conservation measures are contrary to Free Market profit idealization

What’s so wrong with paying for $3.00 worth of water usage every time you flush the toilet? After all, fresh water is now scarce resource (especially with fracking) and according to (,….wait for it,….here it comes,….) Obama we could only be so lucky to have Wall Streeters impose the discipline of Free Market prices on our usage! And furthermore, blah, blah, blah,…blah, blah-did

Stepping Stones - The Inn Between - Longmont, Colordo

This is my friend Monty who I meet at the Boulder Homeless Shelter last year and we have been friends ever since. A group up in Longmont did this video with him describing what it is like to be homeless and on the streets.

"The Free-Marketeers!" ( a new ) "What Now Cartoon"

The Free Market guys are constantly telling us that the free market will magically sort itself out, a very Utopian view that has NO precedent in the history of the planet. So we loose our jobs to outsourcing, while these guys gorge themselves. Regulation worked from FDR's time till Reagan's era of deregulation, and look where it's gotten us!

Stop promoting Union theft from their workers!!

Everytime I hear Thom and others interviewing pro union con men I am irked that he never asks about how they cheat their workers out of their defined benefit plans and pass the bill to the US tax payers. Union pension funds are promised by union leaders but guaranteed by federal tax payers through the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation

Legalize Drugs

The only reasons that I can think of that prevent the legalization of drugs are:



Suckers; America’s greatest natural resource




Heat Wave: Beat the Cooling Costs$$$

If you want to cut your Air Conditioner bill by as much as 75% get your self some - MADE IN AMERICA - "Space blanket" or "Emergency Blanket" and put it on your windows.

One brand - made by Grabber Outdoors in Grand Rapids, Michigan - comes as a 56" x 84" thin foil blanket (think along the lines of the foil wrapper inside a pack of cigarettes or stick of gum only more durable). Depending on which Camping or Outdoor store you go to it is just a couple of bucks.

Pittsburgh in the 60′s: Why ask why?

by Sherry Pasquarello - WWH But I’m going to ask anyway!

Fukushima Nuclear FUBaR

Brought to you by GE.

GE: "Where Wall Street makes Chernobyl look like a Girlscout Jamboree"

Heat Waves: Sound Civil Defense Sytem at Dangerous Heat Levels

or sue your local officials

BMW outsourcing Union jobs

I saw an interview on youtube that Thom did back in October 2010 about BMW outsourcing in Carolina. I would like to see if he could help the union save the jobs of over 65 hard working middle class employees at the BMW, Parts Distribution Facility in Ontario, CA. On June 10th management held a meeting telling employees that effective August 31st (term of their contract) that they will no longer have jobs. BMW plans to outsource their jobs to inexperienced, low waged workers the very next day in the same facility. Its hard to understand how they could displace so many

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Can we make California the last oil spill?

A state of emergency has been declared in California after crews realized that the Rufugio Beach oil spill was five times worse than original estimates. This week, the Plains All American Pipeline ruptured and dumped crude oil over a four-mile stretch of pristine California coastline.