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U.S. sales of fighter jets soar in time for campaign.

It blows my mind that people don’t find this reprehensible.

Obama puts sanctions on Iran Oil: How will you cope with gas at $5.00 per gallon?

The sanctions will boost circular profit making. For instance, $5.00 gallon at the pump will bring more justify pursing more dangerous, damaging, and expensive oil and gas production. The dangerous and damaging aspect of this marginal exploration will be justified using claims like “energy independence”.

Obama -- Take them on! Take names and kick rumpus!!!

When I went to get my New York Times Sunday paper today, I saw a terrific article by Mark Landler talking about a new aggressive Obama strategy for the next election.

The article is certainly worth reading…

Hartmann Fans Tune into My Show Tonight 8PM EST!!

My fellow progressives,

It is so important for us to support any progressive media out there. I hope each and everyone of you will tune into my show tonight as I interview Harlow Unger, author of the book "Lion of Liberty Patrick Henry And The Call to a New Nation." Deciding to go outside the bounds of journalism, Mr. Unger decided to go on what seemed to have been a right-wing, anti-government tirade at the end of this interview, which surprised me. I would love to get your reaction.

Obama’s America: “OH BABY! Beat Me! Whip Me! Take Away MY RIGHTS! YEA!!”


NDAA Bill Signed by Obama - Section Authorizing Indefinite Detainment of American Citizens Explained

I just read this very disturbing analysis of one of the most offensive parts of the bill and I'm wondering what Thom and others have to say about it. I heard Thom try to dismiss concerns about it, but I think Mike Adams makes some good points. Yes, Adams is an angry Libertarian - but is his analysis correct or not?

New Approach to Create Jobs

I have given a great deal of thought to the state of our economy and have developed a new idea that I would like to share. It is a three prong approach which is intended to gain bi partisan support, lower the corporate tax rate, create homeland job growth and encourage a balance of trade. I will not attempt to recommend specifics but will

What does it Mean Progressive?

Progressive means to improve who you are. If who you are is not effective enough, if it is not going enough, that is okay. Now you have to progress and grow.

unedited opinion

Unfortunately, I fear, no fundamental option contrary to "austerity" has been consistently announced by the political left and no stubborn consolidation of the left has been determined to rectify the treachery of 'blue dogs' in the Senate (who blocked Democratic legislation), and despair and discontent has prevailed. I do not think that a "third way" is necessary when the second variety (liberal) has not been resolutely pursued.

What happened to Occupy?

We won't be divided

New Year Thoughts For 2012

Something to ponder on this first day of a New Year.

The 10 Smartest Pot Smokers on the Planet… Cool Enough to Admit It

Obama signs Defense Authorization Act: Oil and Gas Industry, Wall Str, Oligarchs breath a sigh of relief.

Azerbijan here we come! Let socially reprehensible profit making commence!

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