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Pop psychology, I fear, would make "intuitive", to me, that a "leaner" (therefore overused) military may prove much "meaner" as the habits of unrelenting battle settle into subconscious animosity (perhaps there are no "mistakes"). It has been suggested that the "cold war" in the middle east should be influenced more forcefully, with respect to our refusal to let either Israel or Iran destabilize the region by threats of devastation and 'madness'.

Better Gender Equality = Better Society

A Capital Idea Part 109: Better Gender Equality = Better Society

Name and shame...

Who should bear the shame?

Hearing "Drill Baby Drill" means the 99% is getting played.

“Drill Baby Drill” means the Oil and Gas industry has the Government steal the oil deposits out from underneath what used to be People’s land so they can show it indefinitely as “Reserves” in the Assets section of their corporate Balance Sheet. Drill-Baby-Drill = use fear to extract from the Commons.




Stories that work #3 the hammer

Stories that work #3

The Hammer

WARNING: Cloud Tops Dropping Closer to Earth.

What is disturbing about this article is the off handed mention of changes in “circulation patterns that give rise to cloud formation at high altitude."

Anti-Climate Education Program to be taught in Public Schools.

A.L.E.C. is invading the classroom.

The moring after


Like themselves, my parents raised me to be a devout Catholic. During my upbringing, the only kind of birth control the Catholic Church permitted my parents was for them to use the "Rhythm Method". For those not familiar with this birth control method, it is a form of natural family planning, where a woman learned to recognize the days she was fertile, and she did not having sex before and during those days. Did I forget to mention that I have 10 brothers and sisters?

Another Brick in the Wall-The Story of Bennie, the Stone Dancer

A Brick In The Wall

At age 15 Bennie felt as if he had awakened for the first time. As a young boy, Bennie simply believed what he was told. A child of Libya, Bennie did not question what the Kadafi regime taught, until he began to grow into a man.

Total abstinence solves the problem of fertility??

Women can control our fertility issues by abstaining. Interested to see a social exercise if women did choose total abstinence and only participate when we want to have children. What could that do to our society? Personally think it could be a disaster but it is a solution, probably not a very good one.

Why did Bernie Sanders co-sponsor the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act causing the postal system to be destroyed?

A look at the list of the Senate co-sponsors proves interesting.

Birth Control

Hi Thom,

I just wrote to the President. What do you think?

"Dear Mr. President,

Your arguments are ignoring the elephant in the room. The issue of birth control funding for employees of Catholic (non-church) institutions pits the interests (Constitutional rights?) of religion-run organizations vs. the Constitutional rights of the individual woman. Expanding the debate in this way should make the conservatives' heads spin. Whose rights are supreme: the individual or the soulless corporation?"

Jeff Garrison, MD

Bellingham, WA

Did Carrier Fleece Both Trump & America?

Donald Trump took a victory lap in Indianapolis yesterday afternoon, where he and Vice President elect Mike Pence officially announced a deal to keep 800 Carrier jobs in Indiana.

That's 200 fewer jobs than the 1,000 jobs that Trump initially said the deal would save, but that's kind of besides the point.