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An Honest Economy

June 16

A Capital Idea Part 74: An Honest Economy

We all know what a dishonest economy looks like, as discussed last time. Now, it's time to consider what an honest economy would look like. This topic is largely a reframing of material from earlier posts, but such reframing and summarizing might prove useful.

The following are some characteristics of an honest economy:

1. An honest economy will make a serious attempt to create economic fairness;

2. An honest economy will be resource-based, not money based;

The death of the American Dad

These are tough times to be a dad in America, and indeed in general, an American man.

The Un-united States of America

by Phil Polizatto - WWH – It became apparently clear to me, when I announced my candidacy for President of the United States on Facebook last week, that we were not a “United” States, but rather a “Republic” for which it stands.

Which Corporations will get the Mining, Oil and Gas Rights to burnt Arizona forest?

Occidental Chemical?


T. Boon Pickens for more fracking?

Environmentalist Al Gore praises Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

yep, obama is that bad on the environment



watch taking money from any government agency because they will say they gave you to much money because of there mess up and punish you by wanting it all back in thirty days .

Some fun for all my liberal friends.

Enjoy the video... I know I did!

Must see documentary: Sri Lanka's Kiling Fields

I just finished the Channel 4 documentary Sri Lanka's Killing Fields, which gives gruesome details regarding war crimes committed in the Sri Lankan civil war. The documentary only covers the last couple years of the decades long conflict, so check the wikipedia articles below for background information. The documentary is extremely graphic, so viewer discression is advised. The links I provided are temporary and will be down within the next few days.


June 14, 2011
(Tit for tat is an English saying meaning "equivalent retaliation")

Who is really causing economic stagnation?




Supreme Court allows Wisconsin's union law to take effect

By SCOTT BAUER, Associated Press Scott Bauer, Associated Press – Tue Jun 14, 10:48 pm ET

MADISON, Wis. – A divided Wisconsin Supreme Court handed Republican Gov. Scott Walker a major victory Tuesday, ruling that a polarizing union law that strips most public employees of their collective bargaining rights could take effect.

Oracle in the Bay

This does not portend well in times of earthquakes and things of this Nature.


My children

Family that lost eight children in march of 2005 to the corporations that Thom Hartman seems to support. Reason they dont need any.

just statements made in the media about one child being burned by his parents and nothen about what they are doing.


Neighborhood Vegetables Garden Work Parties.

In Berkeley and Oakland I have been organizing "Neighborhood Vegetables." Most weekends we have at least one "garden work party." Ten or fifteen people gather in someone's front or backyard garden and help them do whatever they need to grow food.

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