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Why does Russia and China own oil rights in Irag and the U.S. does not? Also, why don't we, the U.S., own any oil rights in the Gulf of Mexico?


Chuck B...some what confused.

Why are we celebrating Osama bin Laden's Murder

I don’t believe this paper will be popular, but I believe it must be said. Despite what Obama said tonight, justice has not been done. Osama bin Laden’s death will forever be a reminder of how this country has changed in yet another way from what it was founded on.

A list of GOV-Represestatives who signed a quasi CONTRACT & WHY

There is a pdf file of the "Taxpayer Protection Pledge" (a quasi-contract) from the website of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), a lobbying group that advocates for the special interests of wealthy elites.

Ban All Advertising by members of the Energy Industry

Ban All Advertising by members of the Energy Industry, including but not limited: the oil and gas industry, coal industry, and nuclear power.

NO MORE TV ADVERTSING, or any other form of advertising.

Dead Pope's Society

Dr. Lawhon was Wesleyan through and through, as his diaries of 1933 -1936 state so wittily in both poetry and prose, especially on St. Patrick's Day, with a lot to say about Shamrocks. Despite his five degrees from Baker University, and truly noble heart, the Reverend was fated to be poor and frequently raked leaves for $1.00. LeVonne, his daughter, married Frank Kryder, another Methodist, to be rich, but as "Bunny," had me, her grand-daughter, raised Episcopalian, a Catholicized branch of Methodist which better suited the cocktail, fox-fur generation.

Thomm's Coal Proponent - for what it is worth/"brain droppings"

Your Coal guest of Friday April 29, 2010.

If Only They Could Hear

April 30

A Capital Idea Part 67: If Only They Could Hear

Q: How do you address the "Raising taxes on Corporations/Top 2% will only raise costs on the middle class" position?

This is a bit of a logic trap for me... I understand how things were prior to 1980, and I know "fair taxation" is the key to a successful society. However it has been tricky for me to tackle this position.

Any input is appreciated.


The Earth's view of us

Whenever another natural disaster occurs, including earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and tornadoes, the below "Hidden Word" from the sacred texts of my faith occurs to me: NOTE: This is God speaking to us humans ---


William and Kate - Royal Wedding or Weapon of Mass Distraction?

Was the whole thing orchestrated by WI's Paul Ryan to take away from his appearance of shamelessness and stupidity?!

Q: How Many Republicans does it take to Screw in a Light bulb?

A: It depends. How much money you got?

Obama to change name to "President Profit"

nuf said peasant, surfs, bums, "little people"

Let the contempt for the commons continue! Negative externalities for Everyone!

oh hi

My Teabagger congresswoman's view of the buget

Thank you for contacting me regarding the Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 budget. It is a privilege to serve as your Representative in Congress. I welcome your thoughts on this critical issue. As you know, the national debt of the United States has already surpassed $14 trillion, which is equal to $125,000 for every taxpayer. The

greg from kentucky

i think tom hit it on the button

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