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Walk to Cure Capitalism

Walk to Cure Capitalism!

From a random conversation came the idea of having a "Walk to Cure Capitalism" - it is now a "cause" on FaceBook - check it out if you'd like.

Sore Loser Laws Impacting Democracy

Multi-party democracy would likely be the best chance to get social democratic parties which implement policies mentioned by Thom in the Sweden Doesn't Mess Around clip. This article on election law may point out why our duopoly is dysfunctional. Beyond just the reality that we do not accept only two choices in any one area of life we do for our politics. Lack of democratic contestation seems to be the issue behind the disatisfaction with Obama not having valuable options for non-corporate politics.

Read it here

Public Good

Wealthy individuals, as the Kochs, who are spending millions to influence elections, and middle class tea party people, are equating keeping their money and taxation with the Founding Fathers and their belief in liberty.

Address the Oligarchy

There are four countries with the largest income inequality and growing million, billionaire clubs, and they are: Russian, Mexico, Brazil, and the US.

Down with corporate taxes...

Even Bernie Sanders doesn’t - or doesn’t want to - understand why corporations seek tax havens. Well, as we learn from Amy Goodman’s interview this morning with British journalist Nicholas Shaxson it isn’t altogether taxes that cause companies to seek those havens. Even so, if there were no corporate taxes in the U.S.

President Obama accomplishments


Yesterday you have a list of President Obama's accomplishments and said it is located on Could you put a link on your website, I can't locate this list?


The Theory and Practice of Oligarchial Collectivism

Dictionary of Newspeak 10th editon

Who controls the past

controls the future

who controls the present

controls the past

My pro-Obama Letter to the Editor in Oregonian Newspaper today, 4-15-11

I can believe again.

I was uncertain of President Obama until this speech, but he was great. I want to see this President Obama in the campaign season ahead.

He laid out basic math and also the basic premise that we cannot let the weak among us suffer while the tax breaks go to the richest among us, as they have gone for so many years. He also believes in a safety net that will embrace us all, not simply allow the rich to prosper and the poor to die along the wayside.

Terrific speech. Keep it up.


What kind of compromise will we see in the 2012 budget debate?

I'm worried about this. The CorporateGOP and Paul Ryan have presented the most extreme far right budget proposal they could. Obama gave a strong, progressive speech that made great points that I and would guess most other progressives will rally around. But I'm worried that once the negotiations begin, we will see Obama compromise which could mean moving to the "middle" which is now WAY WAY right. I offer the health care debate as an example of how Obama compromises...

Tongue in cheek: Rush Limbaugh reveals tax reform plan

Rush Limbaugh revealed yesterday, at a secret GOP meeting, his “Cuban Tax Correction Plan“. It suggests fixing our current fiscal crises in no less than five years – this, by introducing five brand NEW taxes.

“Thy whom uses it – pays for it” is the basis on which he crafted these new taxes.

Side Speak

The Professional Right and the Professional Left

Friday, April 15, 2011 Posted by

Critics to the right, critics to the left.

President Obama gets short shrift.

Put the President in a box.

Give him some hard knocks.

Getting the job done

The 1930's affected me in a lot of ways. It was a period of suffering but also a time of great hope. Obama and his people try to convince us that the first two years of Obama’s administration were the most productive in history. They point to the many measures enacted during the two years when there was both a democratic House and Senate.

Pittsburgh in the 60′s: “Come the revolution…”

by Sherry Pasquarello | WWH - My gramma used to say that every now and then. Not often, but whenever something truly unfair happened in the country. Odd thing, I can’t remember my grandmother voting. I’m sure she did but it’s one of those memories that have slipped away from me.

Wake ‘N’ Bake 101: Pants

By Dr.

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Would You Like Some Crippling Debt with that Degree?

Wall Street-style predatory capitalism has taken over our education system, and it’s absolutely devastating a whole generation of young people.