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Presidential hubris and probably re-election bid take its toll on Afghanistan Seals.

Just like Bush with the Battle of Fallujah in Iraq

Obama IS the Republican 2012 Candidate

Now THIS is Scary

You want scary? THIS is scary. This image (scroll down to the bottom of this post) appeared in a video clip on the CBS evening news (Saturday evening, Aug. 6th) of the Rick Perry religious/campaign rally in Texas. I can’t imagine a more sinister combination, a more ominous threat to the U.S. than the lethal mix of Christian Evangelicals, Radical Right and Israel.

Single Payer Health Care System in Toledo?

There was a caller on a couple of months ago that spoke about a single payer health care system in Toledo and the surrounding area. This man said that it was very popular, and had been duplicated in other parts of the country. Thom said he'd do some research and I haven't heard him talk about it since...though I haven't been listening as much since it is summer. Does anyone know the name of this health care system? Thanks, Sam

Is it too early to be too late?

Can we start to write to the DNC and other Dem groups demanding that they distance themselves very publicly from Obama before they see another $ from us? Let every member of both houses know that if Obama shows up for a visit that they will lose donations and votes until they call for him to do his job like an adult?

Answers to global meltdown

So many progressive stations are concerned with Washington gridlock that they have ignored the environmental arguments driving the current global meltdown of economic and natural resources. I hope that Thom can enlarge his domain of discource to include arguments from  Until we recognize the impact of overpopulationi on the world's resources we are left with the illusion that these factors are irrelevant. Without natural resources to exploit, Wall Street has nothing to place bets upon.


There was a time when the Democratic Party was the Party of compassion and concern for others – the public at large - while the Republican Party was the Me First Party. The Republican Party hasn’t wavered – it’s still the Me First Party – but it seems to me that some of those who profess to be Democrats, and this Congress is rife with them, have adopted the Republican slogan, Me First.

Downgrade could have been avoided had Obama invoked the Consitution

The reason stated by Standard & Poors for downgrading the US Credit Rating - simply put, the inability to resolve a critical political issue without generating a profound lack of confidence - could have been avoided had Obama invoked the Consitution.

Nation’s Credit Downgrade didn’t Dampen Obama’s Extravagant Birthday Bash

Let 'em eat cake alright, birthday cake that is

Supreme Court Ultimately Responsible for Downgrade of US Credit Rating

think about it.

Credit Rating in Pooper, Now Obama's Clandestine Super Congress eyes Cuts to Social Security and Medicare

The austerity bill signed into law by President Obama this week creates a clandestine Super Congress designed to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits.

The Super Congress has to deliver a $1.5 trillion package by December.

Future is so bright I gotta wear shades.

Tung-Hong Hospital

People have often said I belong in a mental hospital. Well, here I am in Tung-Hong Hospital, "High Hero" City, Taiwan. Actually, this is Kaosiung City, which means "High Hero" in Mandarin. The original name for Kaohsiung (spelled Gao-xiong in the Pinyin Chinese of mainland China) came from the native tribe which lived in this area, which has a natural harbor.

should we call Boehner bust or the tea party depression

With the stock market tanking and S&P downgrade which the better label for the economic disaster that the republicans have given us. Apparently they did shot the hostage.

How I Helped to Take Over Our Democratic Party- Phase 1

This evening I went to my county fair which is held once a year. Half of the county I live in here in Colorado is rural so we still have good turnout at the fair. I have been a county worker in the social services department for the better part of a decade now and free food tickets to the fair is one of the last perks we get these days. I never say no to free food and love to look at the farm animals (I live in the urban part of the county) so I go every year. Last year I stopped by the Democratic party's booth and got little notice.

Lowering The Debt/Campaign Contributions

It should be required that 50% of all campaign contributions be used to pay down the debt!



This is the lead paragraph to Noam Chomsky's essay in TruthOut. Do take the time to read it all.

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As Obama talks of climate change in Alaska, oil giant Shell readies drills in the Arctic

And in 2041, the Antarctica could be opened up just as the Arctic has been

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We’re at a Dangerous Climate Crossroads - Here’s How We Can Save the Planet

As President Obama tours the Arctic to raise awareness about global warming, we’re getting new evidence about just how dire a situation our planet is in.

In preparation for this fall’s big climate talks in Paris, 56 countries have come out with their own national targets for cutting greenhouse gasses.