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Koch-Puppets and Madison Politics…

Koch-Puppets and Madison Politics…

There Goes the Environment

While the presently proposed high speed rail may one day in fifty or seventy-five years become a necessity in Florida, why build it now when it is not a necessity? Only the rich can afford to use it. By the time we need it for public transportation, it will be rotten then, and mortgaged three times, and will have to be replaced at taxpayer expense.

Executive Order 11988 & 11990, Protection of Floodplains/Wetlands, (1977): Requires Federal agencies to minimize impacts of Federal activities on floodplains/wetlands.

Of Oranges and Railroads

This is a short history of consolidation of the Florida and California citrus holdings and the rotten inside Washington, DC deals of the railroad men. The proposed route of the Florida High Speed Rail clearly shows who benefits- Old America, the Union Pacific, the heirs and assigns of the 37th Congress, big gas and oil, Walt Disney World, and Publix. Plus, the federal billions will pay off a century old mortgage debt of the Florida East Coast Ry.

USA - An Invalid Government?

The prank call to Wisconsin is evidence that the philosophy of Ayn Rand is the credo of the Republican Party. The Wisconsin Govenor was so eager to do the biddng of the wealthy elite, David Koch, just as in some Ayn Rand novel. Apparently, politicans like Gov. Walker see themself as overlords of the working-class. Govenor Walker actually thinks that he's going to enable the next big transfer of power because as he said to the fake David Koch, "it's the right thing to do". Is America becoming an invalid government?

FDR: Public V. Private Unions - Have fun trying to worm out of this one....

The teachers union protest in Wisconsin isn’t just a battle over employee benefits. It is an important ideological fight between public unions and taxpayers that forces elected officials to decide whom they side with.

Let's Start an Obama Shoe Campaign in Support of Wisconsin Union Workers!

Someone called Thom today (2/25/11), saying he's going to send Obama a pair of comfortable shoes. This suggestion comes in light of Obama's campaign promise to join union workers on the picket line, if their rights were ever threatened. I agree with that caller, and I'm going to send Obama a pair of shoes. I implore that you all do the same--regardless if they are used shoes, slippers from the dollar store, etc.

City of Madison Police Officers to Start Spending the Night with Protesters in the Capitol Building

just in case freak-a-saurus Walker tries anything

What will be the next Republican subject change?

Just curious, when Bush was getting killed by the failure of the Iraq campaign, during re-election he changed the subject to "gay rights" and changed the focus. When Obama was in control of congress the Republicans changed the subject to "deficit" (which they had a huge roll in). Now with their obvious attack on Unions, they are looking bad, so my question I keep asking myself; what will be their next subject change?

Workers of the World Unite!!!!!

People are finally waking up to the real threat to our country and it isn't from abroad.

Do Liberals have Anything to Offer Anymore but Guilt??

In the old-days (40-50 years ago) an exciting group of freethinkers hit the world stage advocating human rights, social consciousness, free love, recreational drug use and peace. The background for this new movement was an uptight, conformist society known as the United States. This shiny, affluent land symbolized progress, technology and opportunity. But every coin has a 'tails' and this land of Chevy, Polaroid and Brylcreem was made up of a virtual forest of pecking orders, stress, secrecy and frustration.

Wisconsin's Fitzgerald Connection

Hmm…why were Wisconsin’s police and trooper unions not included in Walker’s “budget repair bill” union busting? Could it be that the Assembly and Senate leaders' daddy will be at the helm of the troopers, so Walker thought he’d get the law wrangled to his side?

The Supreme Court believes Americans to be mere Chattels of Big-Pharma...

The landmark 2008 Supreme Court decision, commonly referred to as 'Preemption', makes it illegal for an injured party to sue a corporation for adverse effects from any healthcare item that was approved as safe by the FDA. The families of people who died because of the defective Medtronic Sprint Fidelis Heart defibrillator lead, were unable to sue Medtronic for compensation, because the FDA had already approved the product as safe. The lead was later recalled, but the FDA will not offer recompense to those families and thus, any injuries suffered by those people become their own

Just Another Part of Rove's Tactics...Progressives really need to WAKE UP!

If you listen closely to the "punking" interview with the governor in Wisconsin, you can hear two parts of it that indicate that this action, and anticipated reaction by the citizens, has been long planned...I suspect as far back as 2007, or even earlier, when the Republican Elites knew that they would loose the house, senate and White House in 08'.

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The other way we're subsidizing Walmart...

Most of us know how taxpayers subsidize Walmart's low wages with billions of dollars in Medicaid, food stamps, and other financial assistance for workers. But, did you know that we're also subsidizing the retail giant by paying the cost of their environmental destruction.