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The Money Game - who wins, who loses?

January 21, 2010, the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" decision unleashed unlimited anonymous corporate money into our political process. Becoming my #1 issue, I warned that we People CANNOT compete with (tax-exempt?) Corporate and supra-rich financing. Since then I've watched "Fund Raising" expand exponentially.

PHARMA Giant AstraZeneca LAYS-OFF another 2,200 research jobs so far this February.

the layoffs are in America.

Are Labor's Leaders Corrupt?


Beware Of The Republican Knuckle-Draggers

Those who wish to take us back to the beginnings of our evolutionary past.


...those who trespass against us:

Published in two NC Papers(2/2012)

My progressive friends (if any) please forgive my twofaceness.

Michael Hudson "The Monster"

It was a rather informative discussion that you and Thom held. I noted the mention of Enron. I don't know how many voters actually saw it but CNBC in 1996 aired the Enron Christmas Party Video with George Sr and Jr. in attendance. At the party, George Sr commented "You people here at Enron have been very good to my son". At the time, George W. was Governor of Texas.

Democrats are Pros at taking Credit: How much domestic job growth can be explained by economic activity being generated by foreign governments?

All in all, Obama hasn’t done anything for Labor but wait…for the trickle…and now we’re buying into it…say it with me “University of C-h-i-c-a-g-o”. After all, the excuse du jour by Obama apologists was that Obama couldn’t do anything for the People because of the Republicans.

Occupy the 1930s

We have to review two 1933 movies: 42ND STREET and GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933. In the 2nd one you find it all: a show being foreclosed and girls layed off, getting into misery.


Dear Thom,

I'm a faithful listener to your radio show on 1310 AM in the Detroit area. I'm disappointed that both you and Ed Schultz choose to advertise gold as a great investment option. You might want to read, if nothing else, the Feb. 2012 Smithsonian Magazine essay on gold to see that our obsession with gold is destroying rain forests and placing children in slavery. Do we really want that kind of portfolio?


Anca Vlasopolos, Grosse Pointe, MI

History shows that recessions start during Republican Presidents terms in office

Do you see a pattern here?


the real

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