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Resetting the Economy / Way beyond union busting

Most people have already figured out that Scott Walker was not just trying to balance the budget.

It is said that it was about “Union Busting” Let me tell you that it goes way, way beyond that.

Possibly the coolest, most important Progressive initiative ever!

The regulatory response to the economic meltdown of 2008 was wholly inadequate. In response, the Institute for Local Self Reliance has launched a community bank initiative. It would be great if Thom would invite somebody from ILSR onto his show; but, failing that, check out these folks for yourself:

Labor's role in Government’s efforts at Surplus Capital Accumulation for the select few

“Perpetual accumulation at a compound rate depends on the permanent availability of sufficient accessible reserves of labour power. What Marx calls “an industrial reserve army” is therefore a necessary condition for the reproduction and expansion of capital. This reserve army needs to be accessible, socialized, disciplined and of the requisite qualities (i.e.

Karl Marx’s thoughts on Capitalism surprising Republican Like

How ironic that one of the two failed political parties in the U.S. – the Republicans – who use “communism” as a frequent rallying cry to opposition have a view of capitalism remarkably well described by Karl Marx’s. For additional reading try “Capital” and “Grundrisse der Kritik des Politischen Okonomie”

He shifted on you.

The conversation shifted from middle class demise to the supposed vices of the poor. That is nuts. Most poor do not spend their money on cigarettes and lottery tickets (another meme for black Americans?). But he also implied that the middle class is failing because of the same vices and lack of foresight. Make them stay on topic. Don't let them shift to a right wing rant.

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Allocate Your Tax Dollars Survey

If you have taken the survey to create national spending priorities, THANK YOU! See the spending averages below!

If you would like to add your priorities, go to

THE TRAITOR by Marcus Tullius Cicero:

THE TRAITOR by Marcus Tullius Cicero:

“A nation can survive its fools,

and even the ambitious.

But it cannot survive treason from within.

An enemy at the gates is less formidable,

13 Illegal Immigrants Arrested Wearing U.S. Marine Uniforms

Border Patrol agents recently arrested 13 illegal immigrants disguised as U.S. Marines and riding in a fake military van, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Tuesday.

The illegal immigrants were clad in Marine uniforms when they were apprehended at the Campo Border Patrol Westbound I-8 checkpoint at 11 p.m. on March 14 near Pine Valley, Calif., border officials said. Two U.S. citizens in the van also were arrested.

Concerned citizen from Denver

I listen to AM 760 from Boulder, Colorado. Almost everyday and enjoy how knowledgeable you are Thom.

Obama engages in Privatization

People need to be objective.


BURY THE ENTIRE PLANT - ENCASE IT IN CEMENT - LET THE JAPANESE LIVE WITH IT..... They caused it ...They have put my wife in danger; and that really pisss' me off.

States Drain U.S. Disability Fund .

Wall St Journal, Mar 22, 2011.......................written by DAMIAN PALETTA

The SSDI is set to soon become the first big federal benefit program to run out of cash—

My little trip to Lansing

'working part time, and enjoying last weeks great weather I thought I'd listen to WTKG going down ol' M50/43 to Lansing with my 4cyl Chevy.




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The Post-Citizens United Era.

This month marks five years since the United States Supreme Court made their infamous ruling in the case of Citizens United v. FEC. That ruling turned a century of legal precedent on its head with the declaration that corporations have a First Amendment right to spend money in elections. And, that ruling opened the floodgates to massive spending levels in our political process.