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Help me out, PLEASE!

Please help me. Here’s the dilemma with which I’m about to be confronted. Normally my wife mows the lawn while I do the dishes but tomorrow, lawn cutting day, my wife has to change the oil in her 4X4 before she goes hunting. She says that I’ll have to cut the grass.

Journal of Tibet Uprising Day Events in the San Francisco Bay Area (With Pictures and Links to More Pictures at Bottom of Page)

I broke from my extended stay at an interfaith prayer retreat to support my Tibetan in Exile friends who were commemorating their March 19, 1959 uprising against the Communist Chinese occupation with a day long series of events in the San Francisco Bay area. The first event of the day was an early morning raising of the Tibetan flag at the Berkeley City Hall. It was attended by a couple of hundred Tibetans.

Lessons From Segovia, Spain

The Beautiful town of Segovia, Spain offers the world two great icons and one great lesson. Segovia is the home to the largest, and best preserved Roman aqueduct in the world. Google aqueduct and you get a photo of it. There's only one that large. It was built around 1100, A.D. The other is Al Cazar Castle. It is the best preserved fortress castle in the World. Disney used it as a model when designing Sleeping Beauty's castle for Disneyland. What Disney excluded from their design was all the Moorish designs on it's outside.

Forward Into The Past!

Have you noticed it? Have you noticed that time is slipping backward into the past? I first noticed it with the run up to the Iraq war. All the old arguments from Vietnam seem to be dusted off again. "If you're not for the war, then you don't support the troops!" There were others. I found myself longing for Country Joe and the Fish.

Illiquid Opaque Products: a Dear John Missal making waves

A Muppet responds to Lloyd Blankfein and Gary Cohn:

Wed Mar 14, 2012 at 01:19 PM PDT

Bye! Bye! Goldie!

by Karen Hedwig BackmanFollow

Shoes For Industry!

The true genius of Peter Bergman and "The Firesign Theater" can best be judged by the fact that so much of what they did forty years ago, is still relevant today. Is not Rick Santorum embodied in the figure of Decon E. L. Mouse from the Powerhouse Church of the Presumptious Assumption of the Blinding Light to see it: Mouse: Dear Friends, in these troubled times, when you can't tell the A.C.s from the D.C.s, don't we need someone who can turn on a little stopping power? Dear Friends, I mean a smokey glass?

CBO: ObamaCare Price Tag Shifts from $940 Billion to $1.76 Trillion

This law is not even in effect and the governments cost projections have already doubled.

Way to go, B.O.!

Whatever it takes to win an election. (emphasis mine)

Obama seeking to recoup Billions$$$ in Unemployment Benefits with hunt for clerical errors.

Dot all our “I” s? cross all your “T”s? Belong to the Occupy Movement? Still unemployed but not receiving unemployment?

Specious, misrepresented, and incomplete news leading to economic euphoria prior to election.

You had to have hear some of them by now......

1. Washington\Wall Street Nexus designed privately brokered bank stress tests to “provide markets assurance”, sans Citi.

DEMOCRAT Steny Hoyer maneuvering to cut a back room deal to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

If Rep. Hoyer wants to cut the deficit he should be working on rolling back the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans and bringing our troops home from the disastrous and costly occupation of Afghanistan


Over last weekend I discovered three super intelligent GOP presidential candidates.

They were standing immediately next to a Sasquatch.

Welcome to TrumpCare...

After years of anticipation, Trump and the GOP have finally begun to unveil their healthcare agenda - and to paraphrase CBS' chief Les Moonves: it might not be good for America, but it sure will be good for the insurance companies!