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Malaysian elections & Hundreds arrested in protest against Malaysian PM

Malaysia democratic reformers and police leadership. For the week known as the Bersih coalition of NGOs called for peaceful protests to occur on 9 July Bersih Malaysia.... Read Ful Post >>

Thom Hartmann's Tea Party's Guerrilla Warfare Tactics Video, Deleted From Youtube

Thom Hartmann's Tea Party's Guerrilla Warfare Tactics Video, Deleted From Youtube

On June 22, 2011

A video featuring Thom Hartmann telling about the Tea Party's Guerrilla Warfare Tactics via youtube came my way. It was so alarming that I tried to put it out there for all to see.

Unbelievable; Letting THEM set the terms again

Why do the Democrats always seem to let Republicans and Rupert Murdoc Media Goons drive the bus? 8 years of deficit spending while cutting revenues under GWB; no bid contracts to Haliburton, two wars, homeland security ... Now we let THEM lecture US on the need for fiscal responsibility AND define it as seniors eating catfood without housing or medicine while their CEO's run record profits, get bailouts and pay no taxes. And not even a move toward a line in the sand by Obama and the gang. Unbelieveable! I am outraged & disgusted.

Difference between Democrats and Republicans

What’s the difference between them, besides the old "Democrats suck and Republicans blow".

IMO Democrats won't stand up for themselves, what they believe in, each other or the people they represent.

Nominees for U.S. Royalty

For months now a number of educated women, including Jane Pauley, have lamented that we don't have our own royalty here in America. Therefore it's Royalty on Tour for us to admire, because what do we have, "Paris Hilton?" one television commentator whined.

It is not enough to have pageant queens and American idols. There are various real castles left around the country built by railroad and coal barons which could be occupied by our own real American Royalty.

Some ideas which have surfaced for who should be American Royalty are:

Sending Sen. Bernie Sanders letter to the President-with slight alterations-to Republican Leadership


I loved what Sen. Sanders said in this letter so much that I copied it...made some slight alterations, and was just about to press the 'go' button on sending it to some Republican Senators... but stopped myself short in that I had lifted words that were not my own without permission...and evn though it was for a good cause, thought I'd better post it here, and get advice first...

So, if possible, could I get advice on what/if I should go any further with this idea. Here is the leter:

Dear Republican Leader…

soldiers heart

A Soldier’s Tale
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), “a soldier’s heart,” is
Too many of our country’s citizens have faith that our government takes care of our military combat veterans without exception, and I’d wager most of them don’t know what the process is for the provision of health care for our Veterans. Do we know in fact t...hat the process is working; and if not, why not?

Humanity's Obsession with Money -- Gambling

July 8

A Capital Idea Part 76: Humanity's Obsession with Money -- Gambling

Shred the Ronald Reagan Credit Card

It is time to shred the Ronald Reagan "Kick the Can - Pass the Buck To Some Other Generation­" Budget Credit Card:
13 of our 14 trillion dollars in debt has been accumulate­d since Regan cut the top marginal tax rates, leaving the debt for some yet-to-be-­born Americans to pay for. Cancel the card, shred it, burn it. Return tax rates to pre-Reagan­-era. Abolish the Social Security Killing Medicare Killing special-interest tax breaks of the Reagan era.

IWOS Strikes Again

IWOS (Israel’s Wholly Owned Subsidiary) strikes again.

Congress Threatens Palestinians With Aid Cutoff Over Statehood Bid

New World Order

Do you wonder why so much of our recources have been used to build prisons, convert closed military bases to internment camps? It is because once the tipping point has been reached, Real Americans will stand up and fight the conversion of Our Nation to a Feudal Society! T he forces of Forces of Evil who have been plundering Our Nation intend to imprison True Patriots with the Courage to defend the True American Ideals!!!



Friday, July 8, 2011


Everything is on the table for negotiations.

WE THE PEOPLE” against the corporations.

Madison Common Council Oks Full Monty!!!

Dear Thom, I've been a fan for years! Thank you for your intelligent approach to the issues of the day. My name is Jason E. Shaw and I am posting a story I've been involved with for well over a year. I am a resident of the ever-popular Madison WI. I am a founding memeber of Madison's chapter of the World Naked Bike Ride. This last Tuesday I sat patiently for 5 hours waiting to address the Council and voice my opposition to this proposed ordinance. Well worth the wait. Instead of me rambling on I'll pass along the links...peace to you and yours.

Dispatch from Menopausal Stoners: Interdependence

by PENolan,WWH – After reading Phil’s articles about C

Nancy Falling From Grace

by Diana May Waldman,WWH - An open letter to Nancy Grace.

Dear Nancy,

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You Too Can Buy a Congressman…

Ever wonder what the best investment you can make is?

I’m not in the business of giving financial advice - but I wanted to share with you this secret that every billionaire and large corporation in this country knows. The best investment you can make isn’t gold or some revolutionary technology.

The best investment you can make is to buy a politician!