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Iraqi Feelings toward the American Invasion -- any recent polling done?

Iraqi Feelings toward the American Invasion -- any recent polling done? And if there has not been much recent polling, is it because the media do not want to publicize thow the Iraqi people actually feel about our invasion of their country?

I believe the majority of the Iraqi people are very skeptical regarding our invasion of their country and I believe the polling would show it now and also more and more as time goes on and as sectarian violence breaks out more fulling.


In general the TH Community seems, judging by the almost total absense of commentary on the subject, to have little or no interest in a viable alternative to Obama. Wake up, there is a promising alternative. Rocky Anderson and his fledging "Justice Party" would have no chance at all alone but teamed up with the Greens there would be hope. Certainly it would need the support of liberals and progressives everywhere. Any of that sort here?

Paul Ryan is completely delusional

I was watching the Sunday Morning talkshows {shudder} as I do when the liberal guilt gets out of control and I need punishment {joking ;-)}. I was somewhat encouraged to see Barney Frank (though I'm pissed at him for encouraging the RWAs by admitting their bully behavior got him to quit) and Robert Reich against two of the most blind men in America.

Countrywide Underworld Details

Following are facts in the Kryder Estate database due to the relationship of the missing Kryder funds to North American Van Lines, and the relationship of North American Van Lines to mob-like hits (see Lita McClinton Sullivan, Palm Beach socialite), as well as the unauthorized conversion of Kryder federal securities in 1976 by someone inside the U.S.Treasury.

Keystone Pipeline jobs more like 1,600 and NOT 20,000 and even then they will be TEMPORARY!

momma mia! its hard to keep up with the disinformation!

Stop the Defense Authorization Act from jailing americans forever without a trial

This Defense Authorization Act will guarantee imprisoning our 99 %--- What is being done about it.

These congressional traitors are taking away all our rights. The fortune 400 families are the ones bribing congress and they are the ones that should be spied on and every step haunted.

This is a war on the 99 % , but these treasonous families are not even made uncomfortable. The link below is a list of the families. Occupy The homes of these traitors.

Govt Sales of Gulf Oil tracts go to Washington insiders for ridiculously low prices - the 99% got screwed!

I suppose, Wall Street gets their factors of production from washington almost free, why not the Oil and Gas industry

here is the link hhtp://getoffyourbutt/&lookitupyourself/.com

Speaker Boehner: Negotiating in Bad Faith as part of a pattern of behavior meant to inhibit government operations and Pres. Milk-toast won’t arrest him!?

Not that I'm not glad that year end travesty is hitting the pooper but, I give up, what is an enemy of the state? Someone who does things with the same effect of Boehner's actions only poor or middle class?

"All enemies foreign and domestic...whether they use artillery or a pen and propoganda."

Mits underwear gives me nightmares

Magic underwear does not exist. Does he really believe that stuff??

PLEASE READ THIS: Congressional Reform Act of 2011

I would like to suggest a Congressional Reform Act of 2011: (If it's good enough for us, it's good enough for Congress)

eloi unite !

The clash between social majorities and prevailing plutocrats is, I think, the sadly inevitable state at which we have arrived (as have others elsewhere).


The Space Between ~ We DO Know What it Looks Like

I’m beginning to understand two things: one, what I call the space between is the ground for holy exchange, not only between humans and the biotic world, but also between and among humans; and two, that the space between is hard to come by, even harder to hold.

To save time and money phone calls to White House to now be routed directly to Oil and Gas Industry and Wall Street.

Wall Street does not like Fannie and Freddie

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How Donald Trump Could Defeat Hillary Clinton…

Back in February, workers at a Carrier manufacturing plant in Indianapolis were told that the factory, and their 1,400 jobs, were being moved to Mexico.

That story was front-and-center ahead of today's Indiana primary, and it shows how trade has become the big issue of the 2016 election.