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  • Recuse Scalia and Thomas from Healthcare ruling

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    Let us get the ball rolling so these two with a vested interest recuse themselves from the hearing on Affordable Care Act.  With a groundswell of support it could happen.,0,7978...


  • still ranting?

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    The 99% movement risks the characterization of others as only amorphous disquiet, rather than the demand for revenue/investment to remedy immediate stultification and damage, as well as systemic reforms that preclude, or at least disincentive-ize the "too big to fail" monopolizing and profiteering which has had such terrible consequences (rather than re-enforcing/re-entrenching them) by the majority of us.


  • Hire a Prisoner, Help the Rich

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    For profit prisons, for profit schools, for profit medical care, etc. Why Calperson even found a way to profit from posting on TH Community. Well, there are lots of profiteers these days, many of them in the U.S. Congress. But nobody beats the one percenters.

  • Democratic Echo Chamber: Ed Schultz speaks to group of our National Democratic Politicians on the state of the Country.

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    Groan, I’m not sensing Ed’s going to be very objective. If any criticisms are uttered these politicians would have be living on another planet to not have heard them already.


  • talk about the bill censoring the internet today thom...

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  • I hope you can pass it on - cjs

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    Hi Thom

    Love your comments.

    I sent this poem to Huff and to the office of the President and got no response. I hope you can pass it on to the country:

    Evening Star

    Ah there you are, you precious evening star,

    appearing when the sun has scarcely gone.

    A portent of still more to come,

    to spread a bed of light across the sky.

    You brightly shine, provide the lead

    that they, your timid sisters, need.

    As children, often fearing to speak out,

    to question actions of adults they see,

  • 'Occupy Wall Street' - 17 New-Topical-Songs & Movies by Michel Montecrossa

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    ‘Occupy Wall Street – 17 New-Topical-Songs & Movies’ is Michel Montecrossa’s poignant song expression of the need, the anguish, the unrest and the hope of the people of the world. In his topical songs Michel Montecrossa not only confronts conflicts, controversial issues and grave problems but above all leads to solutions and hopeful answers.
    The 17 ‘Occupy Wall Street’ topical songs are:

  • occupation

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    Once there were agrarian communities who pooled their economic resources in communes (we would call co-ops), which worked well for them, and then some political despots there convinced them that their entire country should work like that and they should call it "commune-ism" (with the despots in total control, of course), but that political idea with an economic name failed both economically and politically.

  • Mayor Sam Adams Molotov

    "Mayor Sam Adams said this morning that the person who planted a Molotov cocktail in a stairwell of the World Trade Center was linked to the Occupy Portland camp.

    He said in an interview with OPB's "Think Out Loud" that the suspect was seen “by others” returning to the encampment after planting the device. The explosive, reported by someone who called 9-1-1 about 9:10 p.m. Tuesday, damaged the exterior stairwell but no one was hurt. And no one has been arrested.