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Maybe not the norm, but real

A woman called in to Senator Bernie this morning (It is so great, so valuable, to be able to call him that!) but anyway, she railed about how those selfish people without health insurance were sticking her with our bills.

The Big Picture is AWESOME, BUT it really needs better guest-screening!!

Dear Thom,

it is often a high-point of my day watching the Big Picture and I really wish to compliment your very specific and relevant info presented therein.

DROP Plans to build a Pipeline for Alberta's Oil production from Tar Sands

“Tar sands oil production generates almost three times more global warming pollution than does conventional oil production. Global warming pollution emissions from tar sands production already totaled 25 megatons in 2003, more than from all cars in Maryland that year. As production expands, this figure is projected to more than quadruple to between 108 and 126 megatons by 2015.

Very Nice

I am enjoying your input here as a new arrival...SLOAN

Mubarak should leave Penniless

His wealth rightly belongs to the Egyptian people - he should not be allowed to profit from the services he provided as President of Egypt.

Calling Superbowl '45 Cursed

Newscasters in Florida billed the snowslide off the Superdome retractable roof, along with video footage of Dallas being icily unnavigable, a "Superbowl Supercurse." As an expert in the strings which pull 100 yr. bonds, I believe the problem lies in the number 45, like 1945.

8/6/1945 Hiroshima 8+6+1+9+4+5=1933;

8/9/1945 Nagasaki 8+9+1+9+4+5=1936;

because it's all about bonds and what's due.


est. New York Life/Mutual Benefit Life;

Bloody Uncle...

Somewhere there ought to be an attached cartoon??? I believe that you can click on the small image on the right and then click on F11 to see it in large format. A parting gift from Sanford Russell (blocked from Thom's community).

The REAL Ronald Reagan - Add to the Rebuttal of Ronald Reagan's 100 Birthday Celebration

As America braces for the 100th anniversary of Reagan's birth, we face another "Neo-Con-niption" fit of disinformation, myths, revisionism, and lies about his presidency. I propose this new topic, "The Real Ronald Reagan". Please find below but a few concise, historically verifiable facts and incidents from his 8 years in DC. And PLEASE add more to this thread, for there is so much truth that needs to be told and understood about him, his decisions, policies, and legacy...

There's Hard News then There's Beck

You won't hear me commending the Fox Channel for their reportage much so you can mark this day on your calendar. Fox's reporting from Cairo is indeed commendable and worth noting. They are trying their best, along with other journalists, to report the 'real' news happening on the ground. They, along with others in the news business, have been targeted by pro-government thugs, roughed up, equipment damaged, arrested and otherwise intimidated. The corpulent Rush Limbaugh ridiculed the beating of two New York Times reporters belittling it to the point of saying:

Lee Yee Phang and Think Progress

Who is this guy and why did Thom reference him regarding the world economy's direction?

Is There a Talking Lizard In Your Subconscious Mind? Hope Versus Advertising

Special Note for Thom Hartmann readers -- please do continue to support the advertisers on Thom's national show, and the advertisers on your local station that carries Thom's show -- do support progressive talk on commercial radio! - R.B.

Employment news,...if any

Oh Great Wealth Concentrator of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I beseech you,

Nay I beg of you, Oh great compassionate potentate,

Elegant Miami Mayor Hopes for Elegant Ending

Miami, Florida

Mayor Regalado, in consideration of this being Miami, hopes the embroglio between City Hall and the Chief of Police will resolve with elegance. This means Chief XPosito will humbly step down so as to avoid a protracted scandal, and lose $100,000 accumulated sick pay.

Chief XPosito has adopted the "Hell no, I won't go" stance and his demeanor on camera has progressed from starchly grumpy to really ticked off.

I digress

How hard could it be? A fifth grader should be able to figure this out! Yes three pies. One pie is assets the second pie is hopes and dreams America's future. The third pie is liabilities. Job killing tax cuts has left the liabilities pie half eaten.? All right three quarters eaten. The hopes and dreams pie is looking somewhat stale. Not too appetizing.MMMMM! Assets pie is overflowing with rich fruit dripping from the edge of the crust. It is simple take what is overflowing out he assets pie and replace what is been eaten or misplaced from the liabilities pie.

Pittsburgh in the 60’s- I loves me some PHIL

Sherry Pasquarello - Well we all know what’s been going on in the past few days. Unless of course you happen to be related to Phil. Yes, you must know Phil, don’t you? Pennsylvania’s most famous groundhog!

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