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Congressional Committee passes Bill requiring Construction of KeyStone XL Pipeline.

House Republicans hell-bent on ramming through the Keystone XL pipeline passed a bill in committee on Tuesday requiring permits to be issued for the project in 30 days. The bill, which would reverse President Barack Obama's rejection of this dangerous project earlier this year, could go before the full U.S. House of Representatives any day

Washington state legislator warns of upcoming year of voilence by Gov't against the People.

see J. Rothschild post under post re: use of drones over U.S. Soil.

Capitol Assets: Legislators send millions$$$ to groups connected to their relatives.

Some members of Congress send tax dollars to companies, colleges and community groups where their spouses, children and parents work as salaried employees, lobbyists or board members, according to an examination of federal disclosure forms and local public records by The Washington Post.

House committee votes to stop providing citizens with data about climate change and its impacts.

If this isn’t proof of Global Warming I don’t’ know what is. And here is one for ya, is this related to Obama authorizing the use of drones over US soil? Or how about the sales of military grade weapons to police departments throughout the Country? NDAA?

Libertarian Child-Rearing

Here's another scribble from my web comic,, updated three times per week.



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doing better?...

Barbara Walters, Morally Insane!

Even progressive apparatchiks in the liberal media establishment can show compassion when it comes to abortion.

Geeky Science

You say you love science and thursday you claimed you love it more than politics.So how about you start doing a "science minute", or whatever you want to call it, every day. I doubt you'll run out of stories, so bring it on Thom.

Who can bring back the jobs?

Certainly not the Republicans. They can't get out of one anothers way tripping over thenselves to get to wall street and the banksters for a handout. What ever happened to this country. Can't we take care of our own citizens. We now have more poor people since the great depression. We need another FDR and HST. Someone with leadership and guts to tell it like it is.

A really concerned citizen

If the Catholic church doesn't want the government's money, they should give up their non-profit status.

Currently, churches are non-profit corporations.

This means there is no private ownership - by law the community owns them. There is also virtually no taxes income, sales, property, some wage taxes, etc.

That means that all churches get money/subsidises from the federal government...indirectly....

Therefore, if they don't like what the government asks of them, don't take the government's money and give up their non-profit status.


President Obama has frequently justified his policies—and judged their outcomes—in terms of equity, justice and fairness. That raises an obvious question: How does our existing system—and his own policy record—stack up according to those criteria?

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Income Inequality Has Gone Up

The chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Jason Furman, recently wrote in the Washington Post that "Last year saw the largest single-year reduction in poverty since the 1960s."