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Fear, loathing, need and greed!

Once I was lost, but now I am found, only to be lost again. The Ronald Reagan doctrine of destabilization and deregulation of markets. Is in itself regulation for hostile takeover of states. When rebel aggression on federal regulation is successful it creates a void. The seed is planted, as it grows to fruition and produces fruit, the fruit is gathered by the states unsuspecting of the poison. 30 years ago when the fairness doctrine was abandoned, the states should have been alarmed and enacted their own standards for broadcast of propaganda.


You are the ruleing class!

Saint Andrew's Casino

Who would argue that playing cards with a group of friends or family is not a fun thing and sociable pastime? I wouldn't. Then, who put the "sin" in Casino?

A Saltire, Saint Andrew's Cross, or crux decussata

In order of appearance:

1.The Flag of Scotland,: Banner o Scotland, Saint Andrew's Cross or The Saltire
2.The Railroad Crossing Warning.
3.The State Flag of Florida.
4.The Confederate Flag.
5.The State Flag of Alabama.
6.Saint Patrick's Cross.
7.The Crucifixion of Saint Andrew
8.The North American Exploitation Company
9.The Naval Jack of Russia
10.Standard European Warning

The Messenger


The Messenger

He stepped from the mist,

eloquent and bold,

a message from our forefathers

and the dreams they foretold.


He spoke of honor and courage,

and the ideals we embrace,

the trials left before us

that he assured us we'd face.


Poised for greatness

against enemies of yond,

but oblivious to within


I think the USA should support the Egyptian people. By support , I mean we should just come out and say we support the people one hundred percent! These people are risking their lives and are subject to injury for this cause. For the past fifty years the USA has spread tyranny through the Far East as well as other parts of the world by supporting corrupt governments instead of the people. At the same time , we have been told here in this country that we are saving the world. Propoganda!

One Way or Another We'll Get the Job Done

Okay then, are you all done holding hands now, and ready to get back to the business at hand - implementing phase II. We expect to begin implementing phase III by this summer, and phase IV and phase V will come very quickly, afterward. Perhaps it's true and those phases should have been combined, but we really wanted to have a total of ate, I mean eight phases-

Hey men, do you think these women and the "gay people" refer to the Speaker as a "boner" because he walks around with his massive equipment showing? Not hardly, no pun intended. Well, actually it was intended-


PRELUDE: Years ago, I use to read the Harper's Weekly Review "religiously" I had it delivered to my email address so I wouldn't miss it. Then during computers going kaput, new email addresses replacing old ones and whatever… I lost track of it.

An Idea For The Situation In Egypt

This is an idea on how President Obama should handle the current situation in Egypt. It is either a really dumb idea or pure genius.

Weekly Hippie Trivia

American award winning television and theater actress and singer. God mother to a famous “spoon”-player. And landlady to a famous conga player. Who was she?

the sixties A Poem

by victorclaude WWH

the sixties

Casino Federale: the List

Here, in chronological order of first data entry, is the list of the 12 casinos and their RSSID numbers as monitored by the 12 banks of the Federal Reserve. It could be a Biblical reference to the 12 X12 =144,000 saved. Little Orphaint Annie says we may add as many 00s to the end of the 144,000 as would be correct, time tolling from the date where the passage said it was 144,000 until now.

Inspection- Lying for the FOX

With slightly less makeup than Tammy Faye Baker her wide angry eyes look at the camera and then her guest. She asks him if he has ever watched FOX News programs and before he can answer she claims she watches every day and they never make Nazi references, like he claimed, when talking about the Left. Jon Stewart then airs many of the Nazi references made on FOX: including on her program.

Egyptian government firing American Made Tear Gas at its People

I think its time to STOP THE COMCAST MERGER while we still have some control over the Internet and Free Speech!

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GOP Blocks Equal Pay...again.

Just in time for election season, Senate Republicans blocked legislation aimed at closing the gender pay gap. For the third time since 2012, Republicans refused to allow debate on the Paycheck Fairness Act, and reminded women that the GOP doesn't believe in equal pay for equal work.