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Hello Everyone

Just joined to tell Tom I'm going to call him "Tom Oreilly" or "Bill Hartmann" from now on.

Nationalize the oil industry in the US

Has anyone thought of nationalizing the oil industry here in the US? I think it is a very good idea for several reasons. For one, we would get Wall Street out of our back pockets. Two, it would give us control of the amounts being drilled, refined, and distributed. Three, it would reduce foriegn dependence on oil. And it would enhance national security by reducing big moneys strangle hold on our government.


what to invite you to progressives united in Texas". on face book you see a familar face sir if you do lol.

Thom saying only whites can be racist because they have the power is racist in itself.

I have been listening to Thom Hartmann 3-5 times a week since he was on Air America and I am astounded by what he said today (3/22/12). I am NOT being paid by anyone to post this, nor do I ever listen to FOX. Thom said today racism is only racism if it discriminates and suppresses a race of people. Look at 400 years of slavery he said. Where are these slaves at today? How are blacks being tangibly suppressed in our society in a way that anyone else is not? Are there any laws that say black people don't have the same rights as anyone else?&

Boy on Fire

I first heard the story of the boy set on fire on Ed's show this a.m. It was all over the right wing websites a couple of weeks ago.

The story is that two black high school kids tried to immolate a 13 year old class mate in Kansas City. The attack was reported as being racially motivated. The police were looking for the perpatrators. (Luckily the victim was not horribly injured). See

Trayvon Martin in the News Media

Thom, you said Nancy Grace/ HLN hasn't mentioned anything about this case... I watch HLN every day starting with Vinnie Politan earlier in the day - following Jane Velez Mitchell, Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew - and this case was covered continuously a week before it came out in other news media programs, CNN, MSNBC, etc. as info.

Calling on YOU...

Dear Sanford,

WAR ON FAIRNESS (For Trayvon Martin)

This killing of a child by a grown man, IS NOT A BLACK AND WHITE ISSUE... THIS IS A 99% ISSUE. I wish I could have attended the hoodie march to demand fairness for Trayvon Martin... I am so angry that this murder was almost swept under the proverbial carpet.

In this day and age, some conservative white folk are still trying to take the law into their own hands, vigilantly style.

Unemployment hits new bottom: “Unemployment Falls to Lowest Since February 2008.”

The pitfalls of anecdotal evidence mean anything to anybody?!

Oh well, can out-inform the State Run Media when it comes to disseminating misinformation to the Public.

Come As You Are

"Come As You Are" is a friendly welcome to the town of Aberdeen, Washington. It was also the most dangerous blow to the system the "system" had ever seen.

Human beings have communicated through music since the "dawn of man". In Africa, it was the beating of drums from one tribe to another. It is the common link that connects us all. It always has... until now.

Jim Jarmusch - "You only need 5% or less, to embrace ideas and change the way people think all over again"

The Neoconfederacy: One Year Ago!

My first post... cheers! A toke for Thom and his Merry Posters. One year ago...

A Sane Conversation About Abortion of Racism and everything else.

When we decide that we all really want to get along with each other and create a plan that works for all human beings for a better future, then the conversation should begin with education. Let's slow down on the teaching of addiction that runs our economy. Lets slow down on the teaching for the inslavement to larg corperations. The fact that basic psychology is not taught in elementery is confusing. We have such an oppertunity to evolve yet we scream at each other like ungrateful children.

A Tribute to Noam Chomsky

A Tribute to Noam Chomsky

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Is Amazon the #1 Threat To Jobs?

The conventional wisdom is that outsourcing to places like China is the biggest threat to American jobs.

And while that's definitely true, there's a new threat on the horizon.

As it expands out from its online bookstore roots, Amazon has approached virtual monopoly status - and regular retailers are paying the price.