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Public Relations firm tells Walker he may as well shave his butt and walk backwards.

(kind of corny, but I couldn't put what I really wanted to say about Walker)

Thomas Jefferson

You have mentioned Jefferson's original tombstone several times, intimating that it is at Monticello. Actually, it is located at the University of Missouri on Francis Quadrangle near the Columns. Mizzou was chosen to receive the tombstone because it was the first land grant university in the territory of the Louisiana Purchase.

Figments of someone else's imagination

We've fooled ourselves into believing that America built itself on freedom, when in fact we stole the land and murdered the native human beings that used to live here.

We believe our capitalist system works, yet it was built by handing out the land and resources we stole through genocide to a few families.

We are taught lessons in history designed to make sure we do not understand history, and thus are condemned to repeat the same mistakes.

We ask ourselves the wrong questions, and come up with the wrong solutions.

We compete, instead of cooperating.

NDAA Already Being Put To Good Use In Chicago By Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Formerly the President's Chief Of Staff

"Not even a month has passed since Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, a Democrat, requested that the Chicago city council enact what he termed “temporary” and “one-time only” anti-protest measures in advance of the overlapping NATO and G-8 summits that will be held in the city from May 15-22. During a press conference held on January 4, Emanuel claimed that he “misspoke,” and that many of the proposed antidemocratic ordinances will in fact be permanent."

Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Industries deserve the treatment the Tobacco Industry got only much worse.

Kenneth Salazzar is guilty of Crimes Against Humanity for his conduct with respect to the Energy Industries and should be turned over to the Haig for Prosecution.

Phrases like "Climate Change", "Global Warming", etc. are inaccurate, the correct expression is "Thermal Maximum".

it is what it is, so let's get the connotation correct

'I Did Not Want To Be On The Side Of History That Remained Silent'

It’s been almost a year since the state of Wisconsin mesmerized the nation and some say planted the seeds for what ultimately led to the Occupy Wall Street Movement that captured national headlines by the end of 2011.

It is irresponsible NOT to enact an Emergency Restrictions on Green House Gas Emissions immediately.

How big of an inconvenience should the future be?

The Islamic Way

Accused would-be suicide bomber Sami Osmakac is

Romney Poor Choice for America

You ask who I would like to see beat Romney? That's easy - Obama. But I know you mean who in the Republican field? That's harder. I think all are a poor choice.

Bill Daley's leaving -- great article on why this is GREAT NEWS about Obama! describes a recent shake-up in the White House with Bill Daley being given the boot for not allowing Obama be more populist, more liberal, etc.

If the article is accurate, we -- and Obama -- are far better off without Daley.

Daley apparently has been very much pro-business, anti-liberal, etc.

Great article! I sure hope it's true and a harbinger of things to come!

We may want to take good care of the Arctic because it may be the last place future generations of children can live.

As the desertification of the equatorial latitudes slow creeps north, people are going to migrate north...only to find that the Oil and Gas Industry turned the north into a toxic waste dump.

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Bloomberg said on Monday the pound had sustained its biggest fall against the dollar in 11 months

Clinton: I'll defend Israel but push for 'two-state solution

Hillary Clinton believes both Republican candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz "missed the mark" with their approach to the Israel-Palestinian Arab conflict

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July 4th 1776 - The First Brexit

The markets have recovered from the Brexit panic, but people are still reeling in the aftermath of the UKs vote to leave the European Union, at least in part because it seems like such an unprecedented action.

But it really isn't so unprecedented.