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Food Stamp Prez...What A Joke!

The use of Food Stamps has become a derisive task, but there are a few points that have to be made about it.

First and most important; in California food stamps and SSI are mutually exclusive. Those on SSI, at 855 dollars make too much money to use food stamps.

This term food stamp is a misnomer now. What was a set of coupons that came in the mail each month is now a debit card where the determined amount is deposited in an account that the shopper draws against each time they shop for non-taxable groceries.

Propaganda Talking Points are Devised to Control our Minds and make us Fearful and Angry.

It would be enlightening to us simple brainwashed people if every time we used the phrase "talking point"; we added the four syllable word "propaganda". Then we might start to understand just how the totalitarian right is trying to control our minds with their talking point propaganda and drive us into a mad riotous frenzy.
If we replace propaganda ignited anger with truth; reason and compassion will become values that will rule.

Here is an affirmation we can say to ourselves:

Vulture’s Picnic: Clintons have a history of meddling$$$ in the World’s energy industries at the People’s expense

the Keystone Pipeline is just one more example.

The following excerpt is from page 255 of “Vulture’s Picnic” by Author Greg Palast:

Elliot Spitzer on Sunday's "UP" show: "Romney is not a capitalist -- he is a financial speculator!"

Elliot Spitzer on Sunday's "UP" show (hosted by Chris Hayes) said something we should always remember about Romney and Bain Capital -- that "Romney is not a capitalist [or free enterprise person or business person, etc.] -- he is a financial speculator!"

That is all that Bain Capital was set up for -- financial speculation as well as sheltering funds, etc. Dress them up in nice suits and their business is still stripping companies of their worth and selling the organ parts to those willing to pick over the carcasses. (This last paragraph is mine, of course, not Spitzer's.)


Happy 100 th Birthday to New Mexico & Arizona

New Mexico Jan 6,
Arizona Feb 14

Out of Touch -- the media, Senator Scott Brown, and other members of the "intelligentsia."

Four years ago, Charlie Gibson who moderated the Democratic debate at St. Anselm college took Obama to task for daring to propose raising taxes on couples taking home more that $250,000 a year. "But it will affect you family members here working for this college," Gibson stated, "a husband and a wife professor." And the crowd there at the college jeered him, because probably no couple teaching at St. Anselm ever comes close to that without extraordinary outside circumstances.

30 jobs bills passed by the house

I was watching Fox today and John Boehner was talking about these 30 jobs bills stuck in the senate. As if there would a dramatic improvement in today’s unemployment if the senate would just pass them.

Could Obama’s Fracking effect the Yellowstone Super Volcano?

earthquakes, etc.

moving on

There is a big difference, in my opinion, between a family taking on a 30 year home mortgage and an investor flipping and refinancing as many houses a possible. I argue that the ability (freedom) to endanger the commons isn't the same as the right to undertake equitable enterprise (regulated commerce), and that promoting opportunity is not the same as leveraging then flipping corporations. Piratical financing doesn't make Mr. Romney an ordinary "businessman" because cheatin' aint "success".

The Sky is the Limit

January 22

A Capital Idea Part 104: The Sky is the Limit

The President at Disney World

Fantasyland, or This must really be important


Jerry Waxman

odd man out

Rampant Insider trading revealed by Senate and Congress members.

(no wonder they don't like Julliane Assange!)

Volume XVII No. 3: January 20, 2012, Taxpayers for Common Sense

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