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PLEASE... Indoctrinate your children NOW!

For the first year or so of my son's life you would have been hard pressed to get into our car and not hear songs from either a Barney or Sesame Street CD coming from our radio. I felt a duty like so other mothers to make every waking moment about entertaining my child. Only when I was absolutely sure my son was sound asleep would I sneak a little listen to something I connected with in the car - a little talk radio.


I read the new article on AP that Social Security is going bankrupt in 2017 by him. I searched for him and he appears to be the one who did the article that 49% of people pay no taxes and a number of other articles that have been changing the discussion people are having about important topics. I think he is a right wing plant! and an unknown but very effective one!

Jon Huntsman...The Real GOP Candidate for President in 2012

I think it is time to talk about the ONLY serious GOP candidate; Jon Huntsman.


Re: How To Make A Republican's Head Explode

Regarding the list of Reagan facts to lay on the blowhards: here are a few highlights from the actual life of Ronnie Raygun and His Criminal Gang (The "Law and Order Administration" and "Moral Majority" minority). He had well over two hundred of his office holders resign, be indicted, be investigated, arrested, or convicted of violating the criminal or ethical standard. Just for one, the Attorney General Edwin Meese was before four seperate Special Prosecutors (the nation's chief law enforcement officer of the Law and Order gang...) unless I've forgot one.

SHELL has OIL SPILL in the North Sea

The Artic is next.

ABC questioning the veracity of the Texas Miracle Man

Oh yeah! Journalism isn't dead! I sit watching the ABC Evening News on Sat 20 Aug 2011.

There was a blurb that in this show they're going to play an expose of the perry. I hope Bob Sheaffer and Christianne Ammenpour give him a good shredding tomorrow morning. There may be few reporters outside the great Echo Chamber, but they exist!

Why I ♥ Jon Stewart & why the GOP/TP hate him so.

I HEART You Jon Stewart!


Thoughts About Aliens

I've been reading a book about the history of Native American culture ("The Earth Shall Weep" for anyone who might be interested). Unlike many of the "history" books available on Native Americans, this particular author sets out on a quest to dismantle one of the most commonly held and poorly conceived notions about their cultural DNA: the notion that Native American culture -- or for that matter, aboriginal cultures on the whole -- are nothing more than lesser-evolved primitive stops on the Culture Train of Human Progress.




The Great Financial Magnifying Glass

A Capital Idea part 81:The Great Financial Magnifying Glass

Since I am in Taiwan, ostensibly part of China, this seems the ideal time to start a post with a Chinese example.

I can't chat in the community anymore

Ever since Java came out with it's update, my Mac OSX doesn't have the required "java magic" to chat. When is this problem going to be fixed?

Anti-Balochistan Collusion Exposed

By Sajjad Shaukat

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Is the Gun Lobby's Power Overstated?

Without doubt, the gun rights lobby is a formidable force

Turkey warns Russia over airspace violation

A Russian aircraft entered Turkish airspace near the Syrian border on Saturday, prompting Turkey to scramble two F-16 jets to intercept it

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The Billionaire Hypocrisy of Helping the Poor

There's one thing that both progressives and conservatives can agree on, and they can quote both FDR and Ronald Reagan on it.

And that is that, "The best welfare program is a job."

FDR extended the idea to say that when there are no jobs, the government should act as an employer of last resort.