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A Rather Secret Bank in Haiti

It is vara vara suspeecious that the Fed has a bank it monitors in Haiti which is not listed in 1959 and forward in Moody's Manuals of Banking and Finance. NIC says

1959-12-31 BANQUE DE L'UNION HAITIENNE, S.A. located at PORT-AU-PRINCE, 0, HAITI was established as a Foreign Bank the same day that

EPA Under Siege! Republicans and Special Interest Groups try to block Clean Air Act

On Monday, Senator Barrasso from Wyoming and Senator Rockefeller from West Virginia both introduced separate pieces of legislation that would keep the EPA from protecting public health and would allow big polluters to run roughshod over the environment.

Not from the founders

No Taxes for churches is Historic? It seems that Thom is mistaken on this. The 1802 law cited seems to have nothing to do Churches it corrects an 1801 law that addressed issues about who had the powerr to level taxes in the newly formed Distric of Columbia.

This blog helps to debunk the Jefferson myth about tax exempt churches.

Seeking answers

I am a Senior and have posed this question to many, including our Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, who is part of the lawsuit calling the Affordable Healthcare Act unconstitutional (and have not received an answer). As I understand this bill, if you have insurance, you can keep it, if you don't, then you must purchase from the policies offered by your state and run by private insurers or be penalized, thus preventing people from getting sick before they seek insurance.

Be Kind – Simple, right?

WWH | by victorclaude

WWH – My personal answers to the ludicrous state of affairs on our planet are these:

Regarding Egypt -- Two things I'd like to see: how to support the protesters and how to criticize the greed of investors who helped cause it.

Very interesting Ed Schultz show tonight on how Goldman Sachs helped raise food prices in needy countries -- Thom talks about this a lot, and both Thom and Ed seem to be spot on! (Thom has talked about this issue for quite a few years.)

1. Is there a donation site to provide food, etc., to the protesters? I sure would do that in a general supportive way. Got Freedom!

A Self-Serving Video by Smooth Edward

Like most of you, I’m here because I think Thom Hartmann is the most intelligent, interesting, and well-informed person on radio. Now, that my ass-kissing is out of the way, I must say I’m sorry that my first entry had to be a self-serving piece of me doing stand up but as a comic there’s nothing worse than having a joke and no one to tell it to. I’m a somewhat disgruntled Baby Boomer, and my material is just filled with disgruntled-ness. Being disgruntled is just one step below a bitter, cranky, old guy.

On Becoming a Minimalist

by Diana May Waldman|

Doc? I have this pain...

Part of the Affordable Health Care Act seems to be unconstitutional, at least that's what a judge in Pensacola, Florida has ruled. Judge Roger Vinson a district judge says it violates the "Commerce Clause." He focused his attention on the "individual mandate" that requires people to buy insurance. States rights versus Federal rights will be the issue. Over 25 states have pending lawsuits. To change this discrepancy the entire law needs to be dumped. I wish certain weak parts of the law could be amended. Throwing out the whole law is just plain dumb.

National City Minnie & the Haitian Bank

I am leading up to Oliver North and the $12,000,000 he accused Baby Doc of stealing tied to huge Haitian land bank fraud in 1954 when the Banco Popular de Bogota arrived on the scene. But first,

1/8/1928 Capital Times, Madison ,Wisconsin

6 U.S. Marines Who Laid Down Their Lives in Nicaragua Believing in the Justice of Their Cause Were, History Shows, Sacrificed to Greed!


Crazy Alert Highly Offensive...

I'm extremely frustrated at the use of crazy alert.

Young, Aspiring Thom Hartmann... Please Support My Radio Show!!

I received good feedback and a lot of downloads the last time I posted my show, so I shall again. I'm a young college radio host who is inspired by the wisdom of brother Thom Hartmann.

Muslim Brotherhood also known as "the engineers"


In your first conversation this morning, you and your caller seemed to think the Muslim Brotherhood was some kind of charitable and benevolent organization.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded circa 1929 with the then "Grand Muffti" of Jerusalem as the prinipal leader. This was a pro-Adolph Hitler NAZI and anit-semitic organization. Hamas and Hezbollah are branches or offshoots. Al Queda is the core of the Muslim Brotherhood.


With a megaphone type media and their paid for propagandist we hear them constantly telling us: Capitalism is the greatest system ever devised. Capitalism allows for personal iniative, hard work, and creativity. This may be true on the ground floor but when you get to the top it is a completely different game.

Not only are they unregulated they are also unshackled from moral principles. Nothing other than personal wealth matters. Life and liberty are things only they should enjoy.

Re: GREAT youtube video on that (&^%$@!!) Palin

Hope you see fit to air this if possible.....IT"S GREAT!!!!



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