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Reporter has more foresight than the President....

Link to the exchange Thom talked about today which happened December 2010

Glowball Warming Casulties...


The golden toad which, according to environmental groups, was the first casualty of global warming

Everyone is right

Everyone is right. I think that the government needs to get more $ AND spend less $ to get us out of the hole that W created. Your thoughts?

Wisconsin Is the Real Source for Hope and Change

I listened to Thom's interview with Sandy Pasch today (Aug.

Who Brainwashed the TeaBaggers?

What if you had a Neighbor who Founded the John Birch Society…and he Homeschooled (indoctrinated) his Sons. What would you get??... The Koch Brothers. What if the Koch Brothers inherited Billions of Dollars….

Public Enemies #1: Barac Obama and His Republicans

THE SCAM: (1) Republicans think it up, (2) Obama sells it, and (3) the Vast Majority of the American People can Shove It!

Climate Action

Later this month there will be civil disobedience to protest the Keystone Pipeline project to bring oil based on tar sands from Alberta to Texas.

President Obama

I'm going to remain ever hopeful that President Obama will not let us down. He has something up his sleeve, (14th ammendment) and just wants to get past this debt ceiling and then he will start a jobs program like they did in the 30's and 40's. He will let the Bush tax cuts expire. We need this President next time around for putting in supreme court justices. Let's face it, there is so much money and power on the other side we can't give in to them. We still need a Democrat in the White House. Don't give up people! Don't lose faith!


Why not reframe the argument to entitlements to the the tax loop holes to big business, big oil ,ect as entitlements.

Vote Democrat in the recall elections to keep University of Wisconsin college education affordable!

Governor Walker, first through the former UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin, and now through a task force, wants to split UW-Madison from the rest of the University of Wisconsin system:

The present administrators of the UW System are UW President Kevin Reilly and a governor appointed Board of Regents. They have been able to keep the system together so far despite Biddy's ex-campaign.

It's Offshoring of Jobs and Free Trade Stupid

...but let's continue to cut taxes (Obama extended the Bush tax cuts and added more tax cuts for small businesses) as if that has anything to do with hiring or investing. Even Mark Cuban said on Bill Maher that taxes have nothing to do with what he invests in. Globalization presumes that the workers can follow the work. Are you planning to move to China or Vietnam anytime soon?

Why not think outside the box

I've been perusing message boards since 5am regarding the latest political debacle. Many of us have come to the conclusion that this isn't a Republican vs Democrat situation. We know that they are all crooks lining their pockets at the expense of the middle class. What many of us want to see is a vote to come before the people regarding term limits on all of our politicians AND to be able to vote regarding their salary, benefits and continued severance pay.

Mr. President, When Will The Deal Makings Cease?

When does the recreant deal makings cease? When does the majority control, begin to act as if it is the majority in control? When does the time come when “we” begin to play offense, hence, having “them” to become acclimated with the unfamiliar feeling of playing defense? When do we stop fighting these battles on THEIR terms, in OUR own front room?

The Government We Deserve

Because Democrats stayed home in 2010, we have to suffer for two years, at least. What the heck do you expect Obama to do? There was no way he was going to be able to get Elizabeth Warren into that job. Why try? Let's make sure she's elected senator. Let's make sure these teabaggers get sent back to wherever they came from, then maybe we can get some progressive legislation passed. If Congress is not returned to the Democrats in 2012, don't whine about Obama, if we're lucky enough to have him re-elected. Go ahead, call me an "Obamapologist!"

Proposed Debt Ceiling Bill Wrong for the Future of America

It is my fervent hope that the debt ceiling bill that is being proposed is defeated in the House. It will cruelly exacerbate the quagmire in which our poor and working poor are already suffering through. It will not create an atmospehre condusive to job creation or economic growth. If it passes it will not salvage the credit rating. Congress has clearly demonstrated that the US does not deserve a triple A rating. This country is no longer in the top anything that's indicative of a country on sound financial, technological/industrial footing.

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Thousands of Syrian refugees continue to reach Europe

According to reports of several Syrian refugees, the price for the boat is around 1,200 U.S. dollars per person. The captain of the boat is one of the passengers that receives training for five minutes

US sanctions czar due in Israel for Iran deal talks

President Barack Obama was set to speak directly to the North American Jewish community about the Iran nuclear deal via a live webcast to shore up support for the agreement

Obama calls Merkel to discuss recent violence in Ukraine

Obama said Ukraine had made progress in implementing its obligations under the Minsk agreements, and reiterated that Russia must do the same

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