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If we lift the cap on premium payments for Social Security over $106,000 do you propose to pay benefits that are proportional? If we did Gates and Buffet would be making hundreds of thousands a month in Social Security.

I actually AM a "rocket scientist"

I am an aerospace engineer who has worked with NASA for upwards of 25 years, and I'm here to tell you that government engineers do not make nearly what our private industry couterparts make. I has been my experience that we accept this disparity, for or the most part becuase we love the work and beleive in the mission. Also, the trade off for that has been job security, as it tends to be much more difficult to fire a governement engineer that it is in the private sector- but that is changing.

Getting Real

Thom, I'm afraid the person who thinks the GS whistleblower will influence GS's stock in any meaningful way is the same person who thinks contacting the station is the way to deal with a Rush L. I'm betting even Gandhi would know better.

The number 1 progressive voice on talk radio is no longer on Am or Fm radio stations in Los Angles!

I'm furious that Thom Hartmann is no longer on KTLK Radio in Los Angeles. The highest rated progressive talk show is off the air in LA and I intent to start RANTING about this for as long as it takes to get him BACK ON.

The next word! Energy independence! Energy dominance more like it.

Is anyone tired of the phrase energy independence? Could it be that in a carbon-based, petrochemical economy ,deception is the key? Blasphemies you say, I don't think so. An industry that is based on the consumption of oil, claims energy independence is the goal. Then why is America subsidizing world markets with gas and oil. If Big Oil used North America's oil reserves at home and drove the prices down ,the aforementioned slogan, energy independence would apply. Our economy would generate excessive revenue, equating to growth.

Have you heard now the new numbers on Government run health care!

When Obama proposal it three years ago, his health plan (call it like it really is: Government Run Health Care) its cost 800 billion. Then when it passed by a single vote it went up to 968 Billion. Now 8 months before it kicks in Jan. 2013 its now 1.6 trillion. So when Jan. 2013 comes it might cost 2 trillion. Oh I forgot Sen. Sander's dental plan add 500 Billion. So the cost will be then 2.5 trillion dollars!

Maybe We Shouldn't Hush The Rush

When I heard that one of my favorite comedians was defending Rush Limbaugh with this tweet: “Hate to defend #RushLimbaugh but he apologized, liberals looking bad not accepting.

Walker moving toward special session to reverse the mining bill decision defeated by 70% of Wisconsin Voters.

The week of Monday March 19, 2012.

support the efforts of the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.

Obama and big oil count on you confusing supply and demand pressures on prices with overall price LEVELS.

draw a distinction in your mind between what causes movement in prices and what things contribute more to the overall level of prices.

A few hundred names. You can keep the book.

You asked for prosecutions and convictions, here are a few examples. Now you can put that argument to rest.

White-Hot Wack-a-Doodle Alert: Sen. Inhofe declares The Bible Proves Global Warming Is A “Hoax”

Read more:

AGENDA 21: The Global Conspiracy That Never Existed

I love a good conspiracy, even if there is little evidence there is one. Okay, I still question whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald alone killed President Kennedy. But there’s one supposed ‘conspiracy’ that is simply vaporware and that’s “Agenda 21.”

What are some the worst lies of Rush Limbaugh?

Aside from many other lies, one that really, really bothered me was when Rush called soldiers "phony soldiers" when several soldiers and vets said that the wars abroad should be ended rapidly. And so Rush would beat up on representatives (including in the Republican party) who wanted to bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Los Angeles Dodgers, Inc. Not 4 Sale

Angelo Scrigna wants Americans to know he is an assigned beneficiary of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Inc. trademarks and servicemarks through his uncle Franklin Schultz, a relative of Dutch Schultz.

"Yes, Dutch is a relative- more money gone amiss," says Angelo, about the Dutch Schultz estate.

New York Secretary of State Records confirm that Angelo Scrigna, CEO, incorporated the entity 3/5/2012:

No, Mr. President there is a silver bullet for high gas prices, but for you it’s unthinkable.

First and foremost stop Wall Street Speculation. This one act alone would slash prices at the pump by half.

How Do You Have Freedom If You Don’t Have Healthcare?

Unless it's replaced with something better - like single-payer - repealing Obamacare will make life miserable for millions of Americans.