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wtf is going on here

Difference Between Liberal and Libertarian in My 1719 Dictionary

"Libertin", explained as 'the heretic, misbelieving people, who take godless freedom'

Action v.s Reaction.

In any struggle, be it between individuals or groups it is the one who acts who has the advantage because the other is left to react, or in other words be on the defensive, this is true in politics, and worse, in politics the time gap between action and reaction is long, special interest groups and their political puppets count on this, action is required by the people, something that disbalances the forward march of those who seek to destroy our Democracy , might I suggest petitioning for a Constitutional Ammendment to end incumbency, now this could be a banner issue for Occupy and a popular

Union chief with $300G-plus salary on school voucher debate: 'Life's not always fair'

A New Jersey teachers union chief whose salary tops $300,000 is under fire for saying in a recent interview that "life's not always fair" while arguing against vouchers to send poor students to private schools.

Hurrah for Redundancy and Inefficiency

A Capital Idea Part 107: Hurrah for Redundancy and Inefficiency (Sort of)

Here's a really exciting topic, economic diversity, redundancy, and inefficiency. It must be right up there with bored meetings -- oops, I mean board meetings -- in terms of excitement. Actually, this is a very interesting topic on an intellectual level, which is usually where I am at, although, speaking of redundancy, I know I have touched on this topic before, but hey, that was so long ago, I can scarcely remember what I wrote. Hopefully, this post will add something new to what I had done before.

Don’t forget the contribution to Wall Str Mortgage Fiasco caused by the Lobbying efforts of the Nat’l Assoc of Home Builders and Nat’l Assoc of Realtors.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, everybody was making money but the home-owner being led to slaughter

"Inequality produces unemployment": James K. Galbraith, "The Predator State", pg. 96

not to put too sharp a point on it,

"Scandinavian Model": Ref. the work of 2 Swedish Labor Union Economists, Gosta Rehn and Rudolf Meidner circa 1950.

And furthermore, who are the bowel movements behind thinking you could deal with the country's failing aggregate demand by undermining labor?

Facebook IPO to be recorded as boost in Economic Statistics including via Cap Gains.

Government Statistics are primarily for political purposes and, much like stock market indices, are generally not an accurate gauge or reflection of what is actually being experienced by the 99%. Politicians just hide behind them and bludgeon the People with them to keep discontent down. For instance, 8.6% Unemployment.

the new occupy.

The new occupy should start anew as it did in the begining, in small towns and cities, but each should designate a representative individual or group and establish communication with the other groups and set up a defined line of action such as introduction of legislation or repealment of legislation, protests do not bother politicians, but an organized group with defined goals scares them, just notice their efforts to end labor unions, the right to peacefuly assemble is abouu the last thing we have in this "Democracy" let's use it fully and and right so that we can begin to exert change in our

The Greatest Generation - WWII Stories Before They're Gone.

Greatest Generation telling their history of America before it is lost forever. A wonderful project.

I saw this on Nightly News with Brian Williams... It was so poignant; a ten tissue event (a whole box if it had lasted longer than a few minutes).
I downloaded it so that I could share it on thethinkingblue youtube channel...
Amid all the nasty nonsense of this election season, we all need a proverbial breath of fresh air to realize we are not all NUTS!

Republican respect for the vote.

I think I just heard on the news that the republicans did not count their own primary vote because the people of that area did not follow the republican dates. It only cost the voters 7.5 million dollars to run the election and then the votes did not count. Is this how the republicans value money and value a person's vote. This is what the republican party stands for wasteful spending and your vote does not count.

I will occupy for 1% of your sins

One of the few things that hasn’t changed since I pulled some ‘mad moves’ and left for my ‘crib’ some 2000 years ago is the power structure of your world. Somehow, an extremely small minority enjoys wealth and power unlike any other. It doesn’t matter what box you put society in or what colour you paint it with, the rich always end up on top. It’s like throwing a cat. Shaped like a pyramid.

Inspection- Of Right Wing Talking Heads and Eric Cartman

He punches, he pushes, he insults he uses name calling, race baiting, degrades women, ethnic stereotyping, says anything: pretends anything; willingly lies, to get his way.

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Obamacare Price Hikes Put Public Option Back in Play

Obamacare is in trouble. With just two weeks to go before Election Day, the White House announced Monday that premiums on the healthcare law's state-level exchanges will increase by an average of 22 percent next year.