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New ANONYMOUS VIDEO and poll Jan 21, 2012

What's Going On in Newt's Bedroom?

I feel compelled to monitor the behind-the-scenes occurences in the lives of Christian right-wing politicians to check for hypocrisy and lies.

Get the President to take a stand on Citizen's United

We all saw what happened when President Obama issued a policy statement on SOPA/PIPA. That statement resulted from a petition on the We, the People feature on the White House website. There is currently a petition on that site that calls for the end to corporate personhood and repealing citizen's united. There are over 20,000 signatures on that petition. Once there are 25,000 signatures, the President will state his position on the issue. One must create an account on the site, and then use the link below to sign the petition. Let's end corporate personho

Obama at Apollo Theater

Unbelieveable! He hit all the key accomplishments and what we need to do for 2012.

military whistleblower

Kerry Cassidy Interviews Bill Wood, an Ex-Navy Seal: Above and Beyond Project Looking Glass

Posted January 17, 2012

One law could change it all

If one law was passed by the people, AND enforced we could bring our nation back to the rightful owners. But it MUST be enforced


Anyone running for President cannot make more than $250,000 a year.--This would be government BY the people

Cannot have any stock,s bonds,investments, etc.-- This would be government FOR the people

Cannot own a business worth more than $500,000-- This would be government OF the people


Occupy PGA Tour

I am a member of golf's 99%. I play golf, but have not yet made it to the professional level!! I have played the game for over 40 years, but have not really put in the practice time and study to be the best. I also probably do not have the skills to really get there either. However, I now feel that I should be paid by the successful professionals for trying.

Who is Newt Galt?

Newt, is a character right out of an Ayn Rand Novel. The essence of Objectivist ethics says that "Man exists for his own sake and pursuit of happiness", Newt doesn’t think it was wrong to ask his wife for an open marriage because Newt feels he deserves as many wife’s as he wants.

Was Bradley Manning just being a good soldier in a criminal war?

And how about Timothy Dechristianson? He is prison. You may know him as the guy who illegally bid peanuts for oil and gas leases in an auction with big oil.

Must Keep American Peasants ignorant of their leaders! U.S. shuts

And you wonder why so much of the the American voting public aren't well enough informed - its on purpose! by or own government!

Internet laws are just one more part of an on going attempt by the 1% to undermine Voting

do me a favor

A vote for Obama is a vote for the Keystone Pipeline

and then there is kenneth salazar

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Grim News - CO2 Concentration Teetering On Point Of No Return

We start at Cape Grim in Australia - where an atmospheric measuring station is picking up atmospheric CO2 levels that are on the verge of breaking 400 parts per million for the first time in human history.