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Poverty in the USA

The BBC was doing a feature about poverty in the USA. I tuned into the this on the BBC radio program that plays after midnight on my public radio station. The reporter interviewed a couple who was living in a tunnel under a casino in Las Vegas. They had had good jobs prior to the recession and were dressed fairly well and trying to maintain their hygiene while maintaining their "home" in a dirty, undesirable place.

The reporter also visited a tent city that was overflow from a homeless shelter. She interviewed some children--very sad.


I just got this information in my email about a "Green Jobs Western Conference" in Los Angeles and wanted to share this information for those who might want to attend.

Here is a link>>

Clooney, Baer, Shaffer, McGovern, Hedges, Asner and ME

WOW...since our very own FBI, most likely at the prompting of Obama's "tool" Cass Sunstein who has called for the illegal infiltration of "alleged" terrorist groups, has just created a poster that calls us 9/11 Truth Seekers potential TERRORISTS because we dare to make connections between the success of the 9/11 attacks and the deriliction of duty by our very own CIA, this puts me into pretty "high faluttin" company:

Has anyone heard of this

Lunchbox lunacy - Government swaps out child's lunch do a search and see the article.

where the govenment sent people to a North Carolina to inspect lunches and a child was made to feel bad because he or she didn't bring a balanced lunch to school?

I want to know if this is true or if it is just more right wing BS being slung at the Obama administration.

anybody know?

Rational Intelligence Is On Our Side

I am still trying to figure out HOW and WHEN soundness of mind was laid to rest in America. I know a lot of foul incidents that heavily strained America’s sanity, occurred during the 8 long years of the Cheney/Bush’s reign of 9/11 terror that we are still reeling from but I thought with their departure, we-the-people had emerged (from their fiasco of not caring what happened to America as long as it made billionaires, mufti-billionaires), a bit stronger and wiser. NO SUCH LUCK!

Walker's Mining Bill will destroy surrounding Property Values and devestate property Tax Collections.


I can only imagine the number of Million dollar cabins put up by Chicagolanders that will be rendered worthless by irresponsible mining operations.

Also, who is going to open a business in Northern Wisconsin (or any other place in Wisconsin) if they can't offer their employees a decent school system for their children?

More Oil and Gas B.S.: House and Senate have bills to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling: Exxon’s last Qtr Profits =$9B

Will the Oil and Gas industry’s Trojan Horse Obama allow them to succeed where Bush only dreamed?! So far, it has clearly been money well spent!

Government owned, union operated, Senate barbershop gets bailout

Another reason we do not need Government owned healthcare.

Family planning could have helped Rick Santorum's and Sarah Palin's families.

I am sure that that the youngest child of both of these families -- the Santorums and the Palins -- are terrific youngsters! But both of the youngsters have chromosomal damage, with Sarah's baby being Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) and Rick's being Trisomy 18. What are the implications of Trisomy 18? Take a look at

In short, Trisomy 18 this is a condition we would not wish on anyone, and it is associated with early death, severe disabilities, etc.

civil rights

Husband's Edict: My decision is that whatever my wife says shall be done!

It is a must see !An An injury to one.! Frank Little!

Today a guest comment on your program, speaking about the Anaconda mine and the Berkeley pit.A outspoken union leader, . . This union leader or agitator who lost his life by way of Pinkerton.Frank Little had crowds up to 8000 men and women. It is every bit as important today, to understand the sacrifices of those who came before us. A wonderful way to understand this era of mining in Butte Montana, is a documentary titled An Injury To One.

After a record profit year, UAW union and U.S. taxpayer owned GM is cutting pension plan payments for NON UNION employees?

It appears deficits DO matter.

"There are still 500,000 workers who have now left General Motors who they are still paying pension plans to. That's a $9 billion shortfall that General Motors is facing. In a company that's making about $8 billion in profits, that's really hard to continue to pay out over time,"

The GOP's Insane War On Women

I saw Sandra Bernhard on The Young Turks show the other night and she NAILED IT. She said of the GOP Republicans' War On Women...

"This is a whole new level of Ignorance that we've never seen in this country."

Walker violates the Law to advance Mining Bill

Gegobic Mining (pronounced “jej-a-beck”) and Obama’s frackers were glee-filled$ when Walker’s co-felon Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald dissolved the special mining committee and sent the Assembly version (AB 426) of the open-pit mining bill straight to the Joint Finance Committee, indicating his intent to have the full Senate vote on the bill ASAP. An unprecedented rejection of proper pu

How big is the TOAD?: Total of All Distortions in the U.S. GDP (“Gross Distorted Procedures”)

For instance, this gem from an excellent book by Kevin Phillips titled “Bad Money, Reckless Finance, Failed Politics, and The Global Crisis of American Capitalism”:

Did Carrier Fleece Both Trump & America?

Donald Trump took a victory lap in Indianapolis yesterday afternoon, where he and Vice President elect Mike Pence officially announced a deal to keep 800 Carrier jobs in Indiana.

That's 200 fewer jobs than the 1,000 jobs that Trump initially said the deal would save, but that's kind of besides the point.