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O'Donell -- great question!!! When has a successful businessman succeeded as a president?

When has a successful businessman succeeded as a president?

Lawrence O’Donnell asked this tonight on his show of Tim Pawlenty.

Obama’s BP propaganda out of control, NPR just announced festival musicians playing non-stop in the 9th Ward (?)

reported on January 25, 2012, at 3 PM central time

We’ve Arrived! Japanese style economic deflation - it's going to be a long one!

Our Man Mitch responds to the President

Thom is right, I'm sure Mitch wants to be the Vice President. The rumor here in Indiana back in '08 was that Mitch wanted to run for president, and our bluest blue dog, Evan Bayh, wanted to be the govenor again. Alas, the GOP chose McCain, and so Evan had to settle for a multi-million dollar job with WellPoint and an office down the hall from his wife, Susan, who was appointed to the board there just after Evan was elected to the Senate (not unlike her appointment to the Eli-Lilly Board just after her husband became govenor).

Gifford’s fund raising drawn into question, Democrats counsel her out the door.

Millionaires Pay Off Deficit

I'm no accountant but....It looks like this:..... IF....136,842 Mitt Romneys currently making 21.5 million dollars a year currently paying 13.9% in taxes..........INSTEAD paid 25% as many middle-class Americans pay...... (a 11.1% difference)....I think the 13 trillion dollar deficit would be pretty much taken care of in TWO years. You do the math.

How Mitt Can beat Newt

All Mitt has to do to beat Newt is to hire Newt as an historian for the Mitt campaign. Probably cost less then what he will spend on televistion adds.

Maybe one day a month of Mitts income goes to Newt?

NPR propagandizing “unnecessity” of popular drugs

The Oil and Gas industry pays for university studies saying all is good, and if there is a study out there questioning the necessity of a popular medication you can bet NPR will be repeating it on the airwaves. I guess it is just conditioning for what might happen under Obama Health Insurer Care.

The 3 million jobs President spoke about

Of the 3 million jobs he spoke about in the State of the Union address which of them his policys did "create" and how many did they "safe" does anyone have the right amount for each?

In the average time it takes to take a piss Romney will have earned $29.00.

No quote available on the number of domestic jobs that can be outsourced, eliminated or created overseas in the same amount of time but I got a call in to Obama’s Jeffrey Immelt.

O'blah blah SOU:Day-To-Day operations of a sitting President it’s “bipartisanship”, but in Campaign mode it’s “Game On”

What’s changed? Obama wants something from the People.

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CEO's Putting Profits Before Country Are Un-American

If I declared right now that I won't be paying any taxes until the U.S. government lowers my taxes to a "fair rate", I'd almost certainly be arrested for tax evasion.