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Public Comment period for Obama’s five year Arctic Drilling plan ends JANUARY 9th, 2012

A recommended response can be found at Save Our Environment.

Also see previous post for additional information.

Obama’s Arctic Drilling Plan: 8 years after Exxon Valdez Oil spill and Natives still cleaning up Oil - only 8% was cleaned up.

Vultures’ Picnic: “Eight years after the spill, Gail and Larry invited me again to stay with them in their cabin. In the morning, I boated out with him and other islanders, to watch them pressure-blast the rancid oil still left at Sleepy Bay. To look at their spattered outfits after an hour, you’d think they’d hit a gusher.”

The Vecordious Epiphany About the Ubercons

I feel the need to latrant. I've had another moment of clarity while connecting the dots in today's news. it starts with this uber-conservative movemnt to strike down the Environmental Protection Agency and government medical care.

The report today is about a major Gulf Coast cancer belt, primarily among poor people in states that have already severely limited trial lawyers ability to recover medical expenses for individuals.

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70 Story Column of Fire Erupts from surface of Ocean.

From Vultures' Picnic:

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Vultures’ Picnic: Oil Industry Bonanza: global warming is opening up once ice-locked oil fields and tanker routes.

The worse global warming gets, the more money the Oil and Gas industry can make!

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Will Fracking companies compensate millions of landowners for physical depreciation cause by their earthquakes?

If you don't think the structure of your home, farm, apartment building, office building, etc. hasn't been at least made slightly less valuable by an earthquake - however small - you might want to think again.


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Will the Arctic Be Ice-Free Within the Next Two Decades?

David Appell, Yale Climate Connections, is asking the question - Will the Arctic Be Ice-Free Within the Next Two Decades?

When white sea ice melts, the ocean loses its reflective surface and the darker water absorbs more heat from the sun.