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"News Corp Stinks!" ( the new ) "What Now Cartoon!"

Is this the begining of the end for News Corp? Oh I sure hope so.

Body Count


Thom mentioned the American dead from the Vietnam conflict, I feel the two and one half million dead Vietnamese should be mentioned as well, their lives being no less precious than our own.

Heat Index hits 108 F in Wisconsin, but,...

Take note,.... in the Tall Grass Prairie I was hiking in the ambient air temperature was 94 F, when I got home the temperature in the immediately adjacent city was 97 F.

You wanna cool off? Naturalize your lawn instead of mowing it.

Pie Charts and Other Lies

While making a comment to stymie's recent blog entry it occurred to me that someone ought to make clear whether Social Security is off or on budget. Congress ruled that Social Security assets or payments should not be included in the actual budget, that they should be off budget, but by some deceptive exercise they are allowed to be included in what is called a “unified” budget.

Blackwell lies...

It may sound counter intuitive but raising taxes on businesses would increase hiring at both small and large businesses because they are growth junkies and want to invest in them so that they can sell them and pay capital gains rates on them. Most of the jobs are created by businesses that have 35 or fewer employees, and are subchapter S companies, which the owners pay taxes at the same tax rate as you and I, around 1969 levels.

October Surprise

Can anyone see the dollar signs in Republican eye's when they speak of untapped minerals in Afghanistan? Pay attention, they are there. Could this possibly mean (based on Republican Treachery of the past) that the Republicans could be collaborating with the Taliban as we speak in order to keep the war going so they can win the 2012 Elections? Please respond and let me know.

How Can Anybody Take Ken Blackwell Seriously?

I had hoped that K.B.'s political career came to a sudden crash after the atrocities he pulled as Ohio's Attorney General durring the 2004 elections for his puppet master W (pronounced dumb of you) against Ohio's electorate. For those unfamiliar or who have forgotten, our voting system was usurped! Most predominately Democratic precinct suffered violations ranging from last minute location changes to insufficient voting machines; I was told by several people that votes cast for Karry were would show Bush on the preview, and would not allow the voter to vote for Kerry --Thu

debt ceiling

Can someone explain or answer how GWB got "off budget" appropiations for the wars past congress in debt ceiling votes?

Where the costs of the wars in the budget ceiling amounts or not? And if not how was this obligation passed without affecting the debt ceiling?

With that in mind could Obama delete the cost of the wars from the current debt ceiling considerations and pass it that way, if it does make a difference?

Cancer Factory

Here's another cartoon from my webcom,, this week about our effect on the environment. Cheers!



THP Podcast Subscriber

An important counter to Conservative talking point about "redistribution"

I just heard Ken Blackwell accuse Thom of being for "redistribution" and I wanted to scream at my radio.

CONS are the ones supporting redistribution!

Since they support having a lower tax reate on unearned income than on earned income, they are supporting UPWARD redistribution of wealth. The 15% rate on unearned income is blatant policy of redistribution. Entrepreneurs and workers are the producers in the economy. Why must we pay higher rates than the idle rich?


And yet again...

Obama Backs Bipartisan Senate Plan in Debt-Limit Standoff; Deal Would Reduce Taxes on Wealthy

Did anyone ever really believe that our very own “Man Without Qualities” would appoint Elizabeth Warren to head the office that she created? Once again, in the finest Obama tradition, the spineless, inept president caved in without even a fight.



Monday, July 18, 2011


A New Revolution continues in Wisconsin.

SaLuSa 18-July-2011

SaLuSa 18-July-2011

Take Money from a C02 Contributor or Nuclear Industry and LOSE MY VOTE

this goes for the oil and gas industry, as well as coal industry

It goes without saying that if a candidate accepts money from the Nuclear Energy industry they will not receive my vote.

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