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We Need a National Land Use Policy NOW

Homeowner’s have lost around $13 Trillion of dollars value; A growing population is putting ever increasing pressure on agricultural production; Our coastal cities are scheduled to be inundated with rising sea levels; and the mass extinction fueled in part by habitat loss and homogenization is threatening our ability to pollinate our crops, develop immune systems and feed ourselves.

3 July Jim Morrison’s 40th Death Anniversary

3 July 40 anniversary of the untimely death of Jim Morrison – a day to remember his life, his music, his poetry. Drummer John Densmore to date is probably better to forget. What July 3?

Friday Afternoon?24 hours after an Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan!

2 When the unit starts to shake, the first instinct Hiroyuki Kohno, with the wind that something was wrong. He pauses a moment, then measure the radioactivity of the day to record. He is expected to pass.......... Read Ful story >>

Afghan War will Shift to India?

In the post-Osama scenario, taking cognisance of the recent major terror-events such as militants’ assault on Pakistan’s naval base, cross-border attack of 500 heavily armed militants who entered Pakistan’s Upper Dir from Afghanistan on May 22, and again targetted the Bajaur Agency on June 16 in wake of intensity of subversive acts and drone strikes...............


To begin with, I am new to this blog. Everytime I listen to the Thom Hartman show I learn somtheing new. I particularly like the show because Thom is thoghtful and cordial with everyone, even the opposition and builds his arguments on logic not vitriol (I wish this blog had spell check). My question:

Question for you, Thom.. I hope I'm posting in the right area..

First off, I want you to know that I listen to you when my work schedule allows me to, and I respect you and feel that you are sincere in what you say. You also give very strong arguements (in my opinion) on a number of the political topics that are being debated so heavily these days, that the many hosts on the right have to switch to their ideological attacks/defenses because they cannot discount what you say with statistics or facts.

High corporate taxation?

Maybe I just think differently than most.

Kate's Hat of Late

Though a fetching shade of red,
did look a rooster on her head.
'Tis the waist should dominate
when not an ounce of fat on Kate!

No feathers real or pleated fake
should ace her face, for her dear sake.
Pretentious height and daring angles
ought be put to bed with spangles.

Teacher Unions/Tenure/ Negative effect on Schools


I have served as a building principal for 13 years in two different that did not allow unions and one that did . I have never heard this point discussed on any talk show, either Progressive of Conservative. I would love for your producer to contact me so that we could have an extended conversation on this issue.

Advice on negotiating idea

It seems to me that the GOP and Democrats have pulled back into their corners, and are waiting for guidance from public pressure on how far to take things in the budget negotiations. If I have this right, the GOP felt like 17% of the needed money coming from revenue was too much. In olden days, didn't Congress compromise, and take a 50-50 (cuts vs. revenue) approach towards debt reduction? I guess I feel like we need to push harder, and push towards 50-50. I'd like your advice on my newbie attempt to spread the idea:

"Rewriting History for Dummies" ( the new ) "What Now Cartoon"

So someone is out there changing Wikepedia history to cover Sara Palin & Michelle Bachmann whenerver they make up new history.

How interesting!

Bytes, Blood and Technogods: The evolving future.

We must build a network of thinktanks, we cannot win this publicity war without a solid base of concrete foundational thinking. We spend all our time defending our beliefs; we should't have too...period. Our beliefs are based in logic, vetted out in historical experience, but we have no great spearhead to present our values. The Cons have great thinking (lying) organizations, with unfettered media exposure, we have little or nothing (Sorry Thom, I love ya; but until we are main stream, we are nothing.).

Question that needs a truthful answer

Why does Bernie Sanders always sidestep and not answer this question?:

Why don't the other Senators agree with and speak out with your progressive views?

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Bernie Sanders Could be the Next FDR

Tuesday night, I appeared on the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell to talk about Elizabeth Warren, the rise of progressives within the Democratic Party, and what this means for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

At one point in our discussion, the conversation turned to whether Bernie represents the closest thing to an Elizabeth Warren candidacy.