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Single Payer Health Care

I have a question for anyone who believes that a single-payer health-care system (where the single payer is government) will reduce the quality-adjusted cost of health-care: will a single-payer pet-food system (where the single-payer for pet food is government) reduce the quality-adjusted cost of pet food? That is, under a single-payer pet-food system will consumers be better supplied, at a lower cost, with pet food than consumers are supplied today wit

Pronunciation of Fukushima

I owe Thom an apology. I stated earlier that he mispronounced the Japanese city, Fukushima, where the nuclear plant blew up. I had it backwards. Thom is pronouncing correctly.

Inspection-The Biggest Wiener in Weinerland Awards

Three awards for the biggest wieners in the Weiner situation.

A very close contest. I'll only allow one award per creep.

Unlike tradition, let's start with #1.

TEA Party in the White House....Fascists with the bomb

What would happen? Where the Kochs et al focus the military might of the US? In exactly whose interests would the US military actually serve?

Government can help expand the economy

This is just some information that supports the idea that government spending can help expand the economy.

It comes from an article written by Paul Wiseman, who is an AP economics writer, and appeared yesterday, 7 June, 2011 in my local paper, The Corvallis Gazette-Times. In this article he says

"Moody's Analytics estimates that each job in state and local government supports an additional 1.3 jobs elsewhere in the economy."

Social Security Info

Before I speak on my point about social security, I lived for a total of five years in Japan and my wife is Japanese. The way you pronounce Fukushima, saying that American pronouce wrong, is the correct pronunciation. I am not good at doing phonetic but I would suggest Fu is like the pronunciation of FUBU as in the clothing line. Ku is like pronouncing the sound pigeon makes. Shi is like she and ma like a baby learning to say ma ma. Hope this helps.

Gaint Step Backward - Obama ends designation of Wild Lands protection

“In a memo to Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Director Bob Abbey, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today confirmed that, pursuant to the 2011 Continuing Resolution, the BLM will not designate any lands as "Wild Lands." - US Department of the Interior Press Release, June 1, 2011.”

Arizona’s Burning National Forest

Where do I start,…

Weiner’s weiner

Here is a news flash for ya, people do on line what they used to only do in bars.

Should Weiner resign? I love him (in a manly way) but...

Should Weiner resign? Yes or No in 5 to 10 words to justify. My submission: "Yes he should. Trivial but a huge distraciton."

My hubby and me

Weiner's Woes Under the Rules of Empire

Friends, know thyself, know thy culture, know the tools your rulers use to control us.

Do Empires usually punish sexual behavior like that of Congressman Anthony Weiner? I say they do if they want to. And they have devised the tools to do just that.

Democracy at work

Red hot news: Egypt opens border crossing with Gaza.

Red phone rings. “Hello. President speaking.”

Hold the line, Mr. President, Mr. Netanyahu is on the phone.

Bringing back the Monarchy

Rick Santorum wants to go back to an America that did not show equal justice for all Americans, a America that did not give equal employment opportunities for all Americans, a America that wish to restrict equal opportunities to education for all Americans, a America that allow sexual harassment of women in the work place to be common and covered up, a America that some states was Jim Crow was openly practiced and the other states open observed, a A

The Cost to Human Life

Until the value of human currency exceeds that of man-made currency, we will continue to have arguments about what is and is not acceptable. I find it amusing that especially so-called Christians put more value on something man created (money) than on that which God created. If God really was the ruler of their lives, there would be no need for conversation about healthcare, homelessness, hunger, etc. And this is one of the reasons I call them the Pro-Liars.

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Climate deniers are running out of excuses...

One-by-one, the excuses for failing to act on climate change are disappearing.

Earlier this month, China proved that it's possible to quickly and dramatically reduce carbon emissions. According to an analysis by Greenpeace, our planet's largest greenhouse gas emitter reduced coal use by about 8 percent in a single year.