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Fed Passed Out Trillions under Both OBAMA and BUSH

To confirm, per Senator Bernie Sanders on April 22, 2011, approximately 2:30 pm, on the the Thom Hartmann radio show, the Federal Reserve Administration appointed by President Barac Obama passed out some of the trillions given to Wall Street and Rich Americans.

In response to Senator Sanders statement Thom Hartmann immediatedly sought to defend the Administration. Thom Hartmann's conduct in this regard is damaging to our democracy.

Words Do Matter

Progressive TV and radio hosts notice and mention the control Conservatives have on sound bites, and how listeners believe their lies and misrepresentations. I hear few try to turn the Conservative spin around. A gentleman on Thom's show today, 4/22, was sputtering he was so frustrated with Republican spin. Being a senior with a senior moment, I have forgotten his particular point already, but he was correct.


Hi Thom,

Pittsburgh in the 60′s: Plans and schemes and stuff

by Sherry Pasquarello | WWH - I’ve been trying to settle on one topic for this week but everything seems to be interconnected in some fashion. It’s like a big old knitted sweater that’s itchy and smells of something faintly nasty but you aren’t sure exactly what the smell is.

Wake ‘N’ Bake 101: Snacks

by Dr.

The Blind Eye

Thom has touted Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East. Here’s a more reasoned view, shared by many “on the ground” including several Israeli intellectuals:

Is Walker in bed with BouMatic?

The jackass Governor of Wisconsin's latest announcement of a tax credit to dairy farmers to offset their upgrading their milking parlor machinery may be a political payback to the billionaire owner of BouMatic (a manufacturer of milking machine equipment).

Obama’s indifference to high Gas Prices

Obama’s announcement that he would have the Justice Department look into illegal price fixing, gouging, etc. that may be contributing to high gas prices is nonsense and he knows it. Up to 60% of the price of gasoline at the pump is due LEGAL speculation by Wall Street in the commodities market.

“New” Energy Technology

To hell with Fracking, Tar Sands, Oil Shale, Coal, Gasification, Sequestration, and Nuclear Energy. And especially to hell with deep water drilling.

Book review: "Creative Evolution", Henri Bergson

This work was done without the knowledge of modern genetics, yet conforms admirably to the implications of science inasmuch as science is based upon materialist assumptions. Bergson avoids materialism as deftly as he evades Idealism, developing an analysis of the nature of life which recognizes the logical basis of philosophy by demonstrating the implications of following through with empiricist assumptions.

From the Book "Drive" from Daniel H Pink

Better than Ayn Rand that seems to be a philosophy that is often used to justify the narcissistic and sociopolitical tendency of the powerful to rule the weak.From the Book "Drive" from Daniel H Pink(After our basic survival needs are met these three things helps to complete our character, bob)*Autonomy- the desire to

I want you to always be here for US

Mr Hartmann Years ago I listened to an interview with Charles Manson. The only thing I remember is it was my introduction to Haroldo Rivera. He was a bigger Ass then Manson. I cannot recall ever hearing another of his interviews. I hope you are not losing listeners the way he did.

Will Roni Deutch Fold?

We know from watching Law & Order that the copious indictments against Roni Deutch are made to make her roll over on her clients. This was the case in Indiana with Ernst and Young who advised their clients to transfer funds to off-shore banking institutions for purposes of tax evasion. When the Department of Justice leaned on them they squealed on their customers, who then got into a lot of trouble and penalties.

Or, was Roni a set-up from the beginning- in an undercover game of Good Cop, Bad Cop?

"Atlas Shrugged #2": a farce from "Bob the Angry Flower"

I came across this hilarious farce, "Atlas Shrugged: #2", from "Bob the Angry Flower". Given the recent release of the film "Atlas Shugged", I thought others would enjoy this farce. It reveals the socoipathic mind-set of right-wing Republicans who believe in the Ayn Rand wacky philosophy that the wealth elite are (job) producers, and the nonproducers (working class) are useless parasites. In the current political atmosphere, Republicans in DC would rather shut (burn) down the government if they don't get their way.

Research and writing questions

Thom, I really like the article you posted today on Tom Shadyac's documentary "I Am" (which I have yet to see). I am therapist living in Portland, Oregon who practices Zen Buddhism and also studies evolution and human behavior.

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