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Poetic Just-Us: In a competitively lawless ("unfettered") environment, where conglomerates are "too big to fail", free men are prey. But, when the standard of fairness is unfurled and the faithful stand surely against the ravaging selfishness of predatory jackals cannot prevail nor the currish odium of the wicked master best.

Bushmeat. It's what's for dinner

The article Bushmeat. It's what's for dinner, by Gale Scott ought receive The Title of the Year Award, says Grand-Paw, who is tired of coming up with new ways to serve varmint.

FBI Child Enticement probe uncovers Scott Walker’s name used to Log into Porn sites.

Paterno, Gingrich, Walker, Climate Change Deniers, etc. what is it with all the variations on the practice of sacrificing the welfare of children as part of building a so called “success”? It’s depraved and disgusting. What is wrong with our society?!

WI Mining Law product of a Walker Adm set to explode into flurry of Child Enticement and Kelptomania charges from FBI

Special Thanks to Isthmus weekly newspaper’s January 27, 2012, Vol. 37, No. 4 Edition from Madison, Wisconsin

The names of those WI State Assembly and Senate members that voted in favor of Walker Admin Mining Law despite Admin’s links to Child Enticement are:


Reference Isthmus weekly newspaper’s January 27, 2012, Vol. 37, No. 4 Edition from Madison, Wisconsin for additional information

National Defense Authorization Act

We need to hear more about the National Defense Authorization Act. I understand that it gives power to the government to hold American citizens indefinitely without trial. I'm surprised it passed the Congress so easily, with little public information. Why aren't we talking about this? From what I've heard about this, it's a terrible attack on our Constitution.

Three more stimulus - taxpayer backed “green energy” companies head south - LAST WEEK

Last week alone, Ener1, Amonix Inc, Evergreen Energy are sinking, along with millions of taxpayer $ down the drain again.

BP Spills Coffee

mayday or m'aidez as the French say

When "Fairness" actually means Discrimination.

President Obama’s definition of fairness is precisely the opposite: "His use of the word fairness ultimately begs the question of

Obama’s Erroll B Davis of GM and BP: Big Oil and Big Auto converging to over consume Oil and Tax Payer’s dollars.

Erroll B. Davis' wikipedia entry has been severely cut back but for a full accounting of his corporate$$$ connections add him to a map at

Progressives, Let's Get Focused

I don't get to blog everyday, but I get here when I can. It's been about a week since I've been out here, and today I look at all of the blogging that's going on right now, and it's a little scary. Individual comments about everything under the sun all over the place. While there are a lot of good blog topics going or right now, such as issues in Indiana and Wisconsin, there's also a lot of meaningless crap. It's also clear from a lot of the comments that right wing hacks are cluttering up the scene.

If Republicans get their way, might lobbyists become less important ... maybe endangered spieces ... maybe ... (we can only hope !)

On the Friday 1/27/12 Brunch with Bernie hour, Sen. Sanders made a comment about Republicans wanting to end all restrictions on corporate donations to candidates ... isn't that a reason for lobbyists to support Democratic candidates, that want to go in the other direction ? Who would need lobbyists any more ?

Screw Austerity: only just fix to Eurozone is raising money by liquidating bankster and Wall St firms that caused the problem.

at least cancel Geithner's Financial Services Agreement - it is not a legitimate trade agreement for a diversified economy like the US

Did Carrier Fleece Both Trump & America?

Donald Trump took a victory lap in Indianapolis yesterday afternoon, where he and Vice President elect Mike Pence officially announced a deal to keep 800 Carrier jobs in Indiana.

That's 200 fewer jobs than the 1,000 jobs that Trump initially said the deal would save, but that's kind of besides the point.