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How Governor Walker Rigged the game of Chicken

Thom, I am flummoxed by the audacity of Mr. Walker. I say mister because we need to remember he is not just a temporary (or potentially permanent) public figure of politics. He is also a man who is willing to play a metaphorical, all-in-hand of poker with his 'political career.' As a mathematician, I understand what is called game-theory. The game of chicken is called a zero sum game because if neither entity diverges, an impact would render both parties at a COMPLETE loss.

Peace through meditation - The Eastern self-help method

I agree whole-heartedly with Thom on the coment he made (Feb 21 morning show) regarding the "powers that be" in their tactics of divide and conquer, and how this is the ONE MAJOR method they have relied upon for so long (I would dare to speculate for millenia)... I believe that one of the STRONGEST defenses against this is a COMBINED EFFORT by the working masses to INFORM themselves about every aspect of the world around them.


Thom my brother is a Teacher

Thom my brother is a Teacher and lives in janesville Wisconsin he cuts wood and fills his garage to the roof during the summer so he can heat and afford his bills and tells me walkers new deal will leave him in a Tom Joad position HOMELESS . He has been on the protest line since it began. Thank you for your coverage of this Issue.

Wisconsin Assembly Republican Dirty Tricks - Video Link


This is Keith from Columbus Ohio. I called in to Thom's show today and made reference to this clip. At Thom's request I'm posting it here.

Sen. Carl Levin World Affairs Council speech 21, Feb. 2011 / Grand Rapids, MI

Although Sen. Levin is supporting the Presidents 'transition to begin' this July, he spoke of Washington Post articles reciting local commanders in theatre saying " No one is talking July 2011."

Senator Levin also quoted Sen. McCain's statement that 'President Obama begining a pullout this July 2011 is the most awful thing he could do.' - and/or words to that same meaning...

Another Madison Pizza company helping out

I just found Ian's Pizza on State in Madison on their Facebook page. They say they have had orders from all 50 states for pizzas to deliver to the demonstrators at the state capitol. Their page says:

Monday, February 21 (12:15pm) Thank you all so much for visiting!

If you are here to learn how help feed the protesters in Madison, here's how you can do that:

Theodore Roosevelt; THE MAN IN THE ARENA

Excerpt from the speech "Citizenship In A Republic", delivered at the Sorbonne, in Paris, France on 23 April, 1910 - download PDF


Rally in Rhinelander, Wisconin near the Pizza Hut and Burger king, tonight,2/21,2011from 6pm to 8pm. See you there. Bring your signs and flashlights.


Two anti-war songs submissions: "When Will the Warring Stop?" and " Ask My Son"

"When Will The Warring Stop?" With its style and ardent emotion, this song could have been penned generations earlier. A peace ballad written in folk style tradition reminiscent of 60's anti-war protest songs, When Will The Warring Stop reflects the anguish of all mothers with children "placed" in mortal danger.

PRE-TEST...and maybe you Won't have to...PRO-TEST!

Every "protest day" in Madison, WI expends 500,000 person-hours of political activity. Multiply this by the 8 days of protest actions and you get FOUR MILLION person political far.

HAD these same "PRO-TESTERS" taken their energies to the streets in CI...Civl Informationing [PRE-TESTING] every week of 2010 before the election, where they would talk and inform their neighbors in their own home towns and help get out an INFORMED VOTE for progressive issues and candidates, then maybe, just maybe...there would NOT be a need for this PRO-TEST n Madison, WI!

We The People of the USA Need To Thank The Wisconsin 14



Walker Bill gives sole and absolute discretion to Governor to sell off state owned power plants using No-Bid process

Hmm,....Koch Brothers might like that, so would, Madison Gas and Electric, WE Energies and the rest of the utilities listed in his Compaign donations

Gimme a Break Ezra Klien

Ezra Klien at the Washington Post pumped out an article that minces budgetary definitions in what sounds like a correction of some protesters claims.

Does George 'the second' Bush get credit for ...

Does George 'the second' Bush get credit for Democracy breaking out in the middle east?

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We Need to Stop Worshipping Cops

If you protest police brutality and you don’t protest police deaths, then you’re a hypocrite.

That’s what conservatives have been saying ever since two New York City cops were murdered Saturday in an apparent revenge attack for the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.