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National City Bank of Haiti

Though Polk's Bank Directory of March, 1961 features Banque Nationale de la Republique D'Haiti, est. 1911, it is more clearly seen in Moody's Banks-Insurance-Real Estate-Investment Trusts, American and Foreign, 1929 that the Haitian Bank was one-hundred percent owned by National City Bank or Standard Oil and International Harvester, plus Winthrop, whose mother was a blue-gened Taylor, Winthrop who warned us that "the Wells Fargo Wagon Is a' Comin."

What losing a representative Government looks like

My, my, my,….Washington has been busy and here I thought Citizens United wouldn’t have an effect.

MLK Insurance Heavy Ink Link

The World Service Life file may be viewed in Colorado Secretary of State files, except for the Illegibility Flasher, some guy they apparently can't keep up with in the back rooms of public record imaging. In my opinion, Illegibility Flashing should be some sort of civil offense, at least.

Nicole's excellent Youtube

On Turning Old - It's a Grace

Student loan Policy

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Weepin' and wailin' liberals

There was Thom yesterday, commiserating again with some righteous liberal caller about how the Obama administration refuses to seek criminal charges against Bush and company. Oh, woe is us! The betrayal...the hypocrisy of it all. If only we could take our vote back. We would, I tell ya, we most certainly would. I know that's what you all are thinking.

Hidden Duvalier DuDu

Duvalier has returned by reason of an unseen bond between the 1911 Haitian Bank to now, 2011, and an underlying 99 yr. lease made in 1912, the revelation of which would pose a number of questions Congress will not be able to answer, much less the banks.

A warning from a Native-American

"Here in Ohio, they got a place underground.
Last week they built a camp, on the other side of town.
Can't say what's going on, but something in my bones tells me something's wrong.
Haven't seen a bird today, something big is coming this way.
Better head for higher ground, got a cabin up there no one's found.
Grandpa built a city underground, he said, someday boy, the shit will come down!"

Obama can't be re-elected

“Desert Storm Commanders Together Again”

Brian Williams’ Round Table Discussion With The Desert Storm War Mongers.

I don’t know about you, but this latest NBC series

“Desert Storm Commanders Together Again”
(this title almost makes me want to sing the old drinking song "TOGETHER AGAIN" by Buck Owens)

Consumers need to start demanding Made in USA

Tired of flipping merchandise over to read labels only to constantly find "Made in China", I decided to do something about it and started a non-profit website where I share my MADE IN USA FINDS. I also write letters to companies, (Costco, Fred Meyer, Sur la Table, etc.) to point out to them that my friends and I WANT to buy made in USA items, so it would benefit them to start offering more products Made in America. When I do find companies that still manufacture goods in the United States (Wigwam socks, Epicurian for cutting boards), I write to them as well to THANK them.

Buying China in America

Visit any sate or national park, in any of the 50 states, and you can buy souvenirs which represent America that are made in China. I recently visited Yosemite and there in a shop where I watched people buying souvenirs of their trip tht were not made here. Heck it may be cheaper to make things in China but come on. Do you really want to buy a souvenir of a wonderful trip that was not made there?

Could someone make it a law that to sell anything in a national park that it had to have been made in that state or at least America?

Website a mess...


Would you please tell Thom and your website webmaster that your website is a mess. I have communicated directly with your webmaster and he said they were working on it--that was 1-2 months ago. Many things are out of alignment and I just got done commenting on the Fox news posting and it did not apprear. The website reminds me of technology one may have encountered 10 or more years ago. It needs stuff like remembering a person, and making it easier to find and post to the forums, etc.

there are many kinds of deficits--the budget is just one, and not the most important

There are rumors that President Obama will soon, perhaps even in the State of the Union address, propose changes to Social Security in the name of fighting the deficit and the national debt.

This makes no sense. Social Security is not contributing to the debt. Social Security is on sound footing for at least two decades. Social Security cannot solve our current deficit problems.

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