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How much are drone attacks costing the U.S. in dollars and hate? What is the cost in grief and suffering to families of those innocents killed?

Arrest of ex-CIA lawyer sought over drone use

Human rights lawyers seek warrant against John Rizzo for approving drone strikes in Pakistan that killed hundreds.


For 30 yrs Real Wages have declined and Wealth continues to Concentrate!


Inspection- The Kid in the Candy Store

Doesn't have to be a candy store: can be any store. But the child keeps saying they have to have the "candy." And like the center of an Oreo cookie, for some the best part is the center of it all: jerking Mommy's, or Daddy's, chain; making them perform to the little creep's every craven demand.

Democracy is a brick wall, a working class guys analogy...

I look at a brick wall and I see democracy in action. I view it not as a single object, but rather as a series of bricks held together by a common bond. For us to have a functional "wall" there must be cooperation between the bricks or it will collapse under its own weight. If this were to happen, our entire "wall" vanishes and we are left with a pile of bricks and mortar.

Christian Persecution Complex

Do the Christians not know what is a "tyranny of the majority"? Do they not know that democracy is not only majority rule but a majority rule with a protection of minority rights? They both claim to be and admit that they are not "persecuted". I know them well. As exhibited on The Big Picture, they consider themselves persecuted if they are not allowed to persecute others.


I want to thank our Governor, Mark Dayton.

When he stood up to the republicans in our legislature, he did so with courage, heart, soul and the knowledge that what he was doing was for the good of the people of MInnesota; something the republicans will never have.

When he agreed to the 6/30/11 republican proposal, he did so with the same knowledge, and on his terms.

Happiness is Good for Denmark's Economy

July 16

A Capital Idea Part 78: Happiness is Good for Denmark's Economy

ode to Reaganomics/Cantor's creed

Three score and one years ago our keepers brought forth on this continent a new notion, conceived in greed and dedicated to the proposition that some men are created more than equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil debate: testing whether that notion or any notion so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. We are met in a great courtroom of that debate. We have come to dedicate a portion of our time as a token memorial for those who have given and will give their money so that that notion may live. It is altogether fitting

Ahh Yes Colorado!

Where the land is grand and the people are nice.

This is a poem i wrote entitled America Lost

Feed the rich, and starve the poor
ignore poverty, national unrest.
Corrupt officials funding war
greed and power fuel their quest.

How to ensure a one-term Obama Presidency

The workers and employers contribute to the Social Security Trust Fund (SSTF) via the FICA. The legislators borrow money from the SSTF by issuing T-Bonds and use the money to pay for items that should be procured from the General Fund. When the Republican legislators cite our national debt as $14 Trillion, they include the money owed to the SSTF. When President Obama said, the other day, that Social Security checks are in danger of not being mailed on August 2, the Republican Legislators scoffed at the idea and called the President's statement a scare tactic. One eve

Organizing around a People's Congress

Americans are facing so many issues this year it is difficult to know where to begin, and Congress is not listening. Banking institutions have failed the public good, Wall Street continues to hand out record bonuses, gas companies are fracking the rural landscape and leaving behind a legacy of neglect and abuse that will take decades to repair. Environmentalists have been marched to jail for trying to save our national treasures while military personnel are sentenced to years in prison for exposing war crimes committed in our name.

Eric Erickson's latest on Red State

Check out this rant from Eric Erickson on Red State, particularly the 5th paragraph. It's directed to the House Republicans, enjoingin them to "hang tough" on the debt ceiling fiasco they've created. Translated: It's okay if the country/world slide into a depresssion if we default, because Obama will be blamed, not the Repubs. Incredible!



Friday, July 15, 2011


The New Deal slowly being chipped away.

A tough political fighter needs to enter the fray.

Why It's All Due on 8/2/2011

The Kryder Estate will now demonstrate why so much debt is DUE on 8/2/2011 because it has been pyramided upon stolen and concealed assets in a pool in which the Kryder Estate circulates under the auspices of G.H. Walker & Company, MO.

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