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There are no winners or victory in War

nuf said

Greece: Wall Street acting through IMF and EU first bankrupt then strips the bones

Prime Minister George Papandreou of Greece (who is worth millions) decided to go with the threat not of a “liquidity crisis” but rather a much grander “global financial meltdown” should Greece default on their loans that were ultimately supplied by Wall Street. Information on which Wall Street bank held what amount of the – let’s face it – rather small amount at risk was deliberately withheld,….I guess to protect the firm’

Faux News Declares Bill Maher Insane (on air)

Hunh... if anything this'll boost Bill's ratings.

The Power of Consumer Boycotts

I hope that greater consideration will be give to the power of consumer boycotts as a means of putting pressure on our corporate would be masters. Strikes and public demonstrations are hard to organize and can be counterproductive as they could be used as a basis for invoking more "emergency powers". However, in a consumer based economy, boycotts can have tremedous power if they are sufficiently mass based and organized. For example, Koch Industries includes many subsidiaries which could be vulnerable (Georgia Pacific, Flint Hills refineries, cattle ranches etc, etc.....).

Election Reform Idea

The amount of our GNP that is directed toward financing politics is a shameful waste of our financial resources - especially in hard economic times. With so much "Big Money" buying power, it puts pressure on the rest of us to contribute toward our candidates and causes in an attempt to curtail their abuse. This means that money that would have gone toward food banks, medical research, educational scholarships, etc., has been spent, instead, on fighting abuse of power.

Instead of public funding of elections, consider this idea:

Proof there is a god.... Marcus Bachmann...

Hey folks,

I just learned that Michelle Bachmann's husband, Marcus, is a "Christian Counselor."

It seems he got his PHD in Clinical Psychology from a non-accredited college.

He calls gays "barbarians".... And said that parents should punish children who behave that way...
I can see him with a foster child.....
"Damnit now Billy, bend over this bar stool." Whap! "Put down that Barbie doll!" WHAP! "Drop It!"
"But dad, it's Ken dressed in Barbie's clothes." Whap! Whap! WHAP!

Corporations R Us on steroids

Understand Capitalism

Over the weekend I watched book TV, and listened to HOO Joon Cheng, talk about his book "23 Things they don't tell you about capitalism." Everyone should read this book because I thought I knew but didn't really know that there is no scientific way to determine a free market.

Above the Law.

Why in this country of "laws", is their a tiered justice system? Why are the rich and politically powerful above the law? Are the international courts so weak that they don't what to offend the U.S.


Las Alamos National Lab becoming a plutonium production facility

Canada's Right Turn

A lot of Americans see Canada as a liberal bastion to the north. An example of a compassionate sensible country that cares about it's citizens first. This has been true for the most part until the recent Conservative majority government got in to power. For the last 5 years there has been a Conservative minority government who could not pass any legislation without the cooperation of the slightly left Liberals and the more left New Democratic Party (NDP). Now that the Conservatives have a majority all that has changed.

New law makes S.C. hardest place to vote

I thought the following editorial column from The State newspaper in Columbia, SC would be of interest to your readers and listeners.This is just one of several bills from the SC legislative body that South Carolina Democrats throughout the state are attempting to stop.Teresa HarperAiken County Democratic Party1st Vice ChairBy BECCI ROBBINS - Guest Columnist

Republican's Two Santa Theory

A couple of people have asked for help in finding an essay from 1976 that Thom mentioned several days ago. Thanks to Bruce Bartlett it's on Internet. Here is the URL:

Yet another invader from Planet Zenon

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Chris Matthews is a Shill for the Insider Machine

Mahatma Gandhi supposedly once said about all successful political revolutionaries that “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”