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“Maybe…Might…Someday…If...Unless $$$ issue...” - Fear Works Well

Fear works well to advance the establishment's interests.

It worked extremely well in Portugal.

It works in America as evidenced by the Debt Bologna.

And it looks like Ireland is next,...

Global Warming: “…she’s a little run-a-way…”

[can't remember the name of the song this comes from]

2 Trillion Transported to Walker's Minnie Kryder Vault

Good Mourning America announced that yesterday 2 trillion of American personal wealth "evaporated," while the Whitehouse statement was that the stock market plunge was the fault of the Europeans, which includes most of the world's Royals.

Beam me up, Scotland Yard. As we learned by the Starship Enterprise, the proper word for materializing and dematerializing is TRANSPORT.

Because matter can neither be created nor destroyed.

Budget so-called Compromise DID raise taxes

Whether or not the recent so-called compromise on the federal budget raised any taxes is a matter of framing. As I see it, taxes on neither corporations nor the filthy rich were raised. They remain disgustingly lower than ever. On the other hand, the cuts to social welfare programs such as food stamps, WIC, and Medicaid take from recipients of these programs who otherwise would have received benefits, just as a tax takes money from citizens.

Alan Colmes defends money in campaigns – Not Good

Good God ! I frigg'n give up here!

If a caller wants to condemn accepting campaign donations and all the money in our political system - AGREE WITH HIM! EMPATHISE WITH HIM!

There are jobs out there, people are just too lazy to take them.

The Georgia Agribusiness Council says nearly half of the farmers it surveyed don’t have enough workers to harvest their crops.

About 130 fruit and vegetable growers, cotton and peanut processors and other agricultural employers responded to a survey on labor needs.

Treasonous display of “no confidence” in Domestic Economy?

The establishment continues to maintain that at some point in the future it could come to pass that we might not be able to make our payments on the Countries debt without cutting into essential social programs so best to make cuts now. And now it looks like we are signing deals to the effect into the Nation’s malleable body of laws.

WingMakers_Credo Mutwa

I posted this in the chat room several months ago and it got quite the reactions.

The Illuminati Card Game - 1995

Here is a card game released in 1995. Don't let Rick Perry see this.

Promoters of Violence in Karachi

Promoters of Violence in Karachi:

Sajjad Shaukat

Fewer cops, more potholes: How debt deal could hit states hardest: Patrick Wall-Christian Science Monitor Aug 2, 2011

The debt-and-deficit bill signed into law on Tuesday forestalled a dangerous federal government default. But it will also slash aid to states already reeling from the recession, almost certainly forcing them to curtail services and raise revenues to pay for programs once bankrolled by Congress.


Quit complaining about the Party and become the Party.

It’s as easy as showing up.

bumper sticker

Our "conservstive" friends seem to need one liners to understand any thing.

"Freedom isn't free" is one I see all the time.

What everyone needs to see is....FREE TRADE ISN'T FREE , BUT WOULD THEY NOTICE?


What Is America's Flash Point?

What would it take for masses of U.S. citizens fed up with the deaf, dumb, and blind politicians and corrupt corporate lobbyists in Washington to get off of our asses and do something about it?

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Why the Media isn’t Covering Citizens United

Americans have always been skeptical of corporate power. In fact, this country was founded by a revolt against the biggest corporation of its day - the British East India Company.

You know how conservatives are always going on about how the Boston Tea Party was an example of America’s anti-government roots?