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What are Natural Rights?

What are natural rights? Are these the rights protected (not granted) by the Ninth Amendment? Are these the rights that the government can not restrict but is the duty of society to encourage? Are these the rights that allows a person to choose who to talk with, be friends with, be intimate with or share a life with? Are these the rights that allow a person to choose what to eat? Are these the rights that allow a person to choose

Take some time to check out my music. Underground Anti-Fascist Hip Hop. Mind expansion. Profound Sound Productions.

Profound Sound Productions is a production company getting started out of Salt Lake City, UT. Founded by Levy Ruth (DJ Equil) and Tanner Bills (King Peace) originally, Robert Menasco (Roepoet) let King Peace use his studio to record an un-released EP of an album to be re-mastered called 'Topple 8.. It's infinity.' Roepoet was inspired to be part of the movement that is Profound Sound Productions, he took to the words of wisdom from King Peace who has been inspired by others to speak about things bigger than himself.

Solyndra's closing leaves environmental mess for landlord to clean up.

Shouldn't the huge bonuses paid to departing managers be recovered to pay for the cleanup, or will it be left to the 47% 'ers to foot the bill?

Obama himself reduced legal damages available to victims of BP Gulf Spill from around $2 Trillion to only $20 Billion.

Read Chapter 11 of “Vultures’ Picnic” by Greg Palast an America Hero regarding Kenneth Feinberg (aka “Mr Fairness”)

Both Democrats and Republicans are ROTTEN TO THE CORE!

Chevron still hasn't cleaned up after decimating the Rainforest, poisoning and killing the Ecuadorian People.

Texaco Oil, now owned by Chevron, operated oil drilling facilities in Ecuador from 1964 until 1990. According to alleged reports, the company neglected environmental safety precautions to the extent that "the oil infrastructure developed and operated by Texaco had utterly inadequate environmental controls...consequently Texaco dumped 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater directly into the region's rivers.” (like Gov.

Everybody! Please Weigh In On The 9th Amendment Blog (Feb. 22nd)

"pkrause" put forth a GREAT set of thoughts and questions concerning the real world applications of the 9th amendment.

I don't want my opinion to be the only other one represented. I want to know what "great minds" think of this topic.

There's something called, "The Wisdom Of Crowds". I would like to know if I'm "kinda right" or "WAY off" on my assumptions.

Thanks buddies!

One for the little guy

Hi, Thom. I'd like to start off by letting you know I'm a big fan of your show. I've been watching since RT started broadcasting in Philadelphia.

I have a story that I hope gives people some inspiration. I work at factory called SPS Technologies (also know as Standard Pressed Steel). It is owned by a company called PCC. They are known for making fasteners for the aerospace industries. Boeing and General Electric are among their customers.

Myth of Reagan: Republican revisionism must end (latest crazy Harris poll)

A Harris poll just revealed how well conservative propaganda has worked to utterlly bamboozle the American people: Reagan just won top spot as "best modern president".

Stories that work #2

Stories that work #2

Too much Government

The Supreme Court Justices Constitutional Knowledge

Thom; I'm Jim; I just caught your TV Broadcast on RT 35-4 out of the Philadelphia Metro area. Although my memory is seriously fading I don't believe I disagreed with one thing you said.


Due to the recent and relentless assaults by conservative groups (predominately male) on women’s health issues, a new national policy was passed unanimously today by women’s groups across the nation, to be effective immediately. The new national policy comes as a response to the increasing, unreasonable and archaic legislative mandates put on women, including but not limited to the following:

--Ban on commonly used birth control methods.

--Defunding of family planning facilities for low-income individuals.

Will The Corporate Media Stand Against Trump's Attacks?

Until Friday, the anti-media rhetoric coming out of the Trump administration had been just that - rhetoric.

But Friday afternoon, it turned into action. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer blocked reporters from a number of news outlets from attending a briefing at his office.