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Transportation Funding Revenue Streams

Are the funding streams now in place adequate for the present and future needs of both the metro and statewide systems? The needs are many and the funding sources are diminishing. The needs:

Reconstruction of Colorado I-70 and Fas Tracks completion are paramount.

I-70, both east of the mousetrap and westward to a point beyond the Eisenhower tunnel need to be addressed first. Does the present state gasoline tax offer a solution? No, it needs to be enhanced. How enhanced?

The Great Health Insurance Debate.

Health insurance, they very mention of these two words will cause worlds to collide. People on both sides of the issue seem to possess adamant thoughts on our nation’s healthcare system. I must admit that for several years I have held the supposition that our current healthcare system was the best system anywhere in the world. Americans do receive some of the highest quality healthcare available in any industrialized nation. This fact is one that I am sure most people would not argue.

New Fair Tax System


Feast of the Epiphany

Please tell Thom that the feast is celebrated on January 6. I googled it to be sure but when I was growing up, January 6 was the day we took down our Xmas tree and put the creche and ornaments away. And as a matter of fact, I am delivering a Little Xmas gift tomorrow.


Thom -

What are you thinking when you say "Obama Care" instead of the "Health Care Bill"? Dick Morris and Dick Armey - a couple of Dicks - encouraged all Republican organizers to use the term "Obama Care" rather than "Health Care Bill" when funding the Tea Party Express and all its branches to have rallies across the country before the mid-terms.

Advice for Congress #112

Every two years faces change, rules change, agenda changes in Congress. The rest of us make New Years resolutions that, if you still are holding on to them you are a remarkable person. More power to you. Are you still going to the gym? Have you cut back on the fatty stuff? Yes! Good for you. Keep it up. Make us all proud. You are certainly much better at keeping resolutions that will make you healthier than I am. In the days leading up to the second of November this year and more recently the days leading up to the swearing in of the 112th Congress, a ton of "new" resolutions have been made.

America's Culture of Fear

I should have posted thus article here but you can read it in my blog at

Wikileaks to Hippieleaks. You need to watch this secret video.

HippieLeaks reveals the conspiracy with GE, Haliburton and The TSA.

Dollywood meets Michelle Bachmann meets faith-based "science"

Hello Thom:

Thought you and others would find this of interest- another disturbing development of our potentially backwards evolution:

MinnPost - A grandfather's concern: Literacy, literalism -- and the measure of truth

Wow. Where does one start?

Thanks for all that you do,

Will in MN



Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you

Walter Mittee’s

We are a positive progressive, liberal advocacy for the incredibly brilliant future of the United States of America.
PROGRESS is the natural, essential process integral to human existence. There can be no existence without progress.



This letter serves notice to ALL Americans who are emotionally disturbed that THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA legitimately elected a black man to the presidency. ( That’s putting it politely.) We understand that you are angry.

Most of you are white Americans. Obviously there are some black Americans that also belong to this group. ( No doubt, there are some Hispanic, Asian, etc. Americans as well.)

War on Terrorism

Please support the work of Greg Mortenson (Three cups of Tea).

He is building schools, mostly for girls, in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Defeat ignorance, not bombing. That is the answer.

Julian Assange for President

Julian Assange for President

The Truth Party’s wish list for top advisers in the [responsibly] ‘transparent’ White House… While we’re at it, let’s paint that mansion on Pennsylvania Ave.

Ending the need for a war on terror

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Get. Money. Out.

Last week, the United States Senate actually considered a constitutional amendment on campaign finance. Last Monday, the Senate advanced Tom Udall's proposed amendment, which would allow Congress to regulate money in politics. Seventy-nine senators voted to allow debate on the measure.