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Reinstate the Glass–Steagall Act

Pass Responsible Climate Change Legislation

Break up the Too big to fail Banks

nuf said.

Audit the Federal Reserve

nuf said.

Que Sarah, Sarah

At first, I thought that Ms. Palin was just mouthing the words her handlers' were putting her mouth, without really understanding the history of, "blood letting". Well, after viewing her most creepy video, you know, I think she does undertand something about the term. Now we know why it's so cold in Alaska! peace.

The Grown-Up-In-Chief Speaks

There is not much I can add to what the President said last night. He verbalized what many of us believe down deep. What we know is the right thing to do. We as a nation can only be as strong as the attitude and companionship we have and actually show with each other. Words and visualizations have power and taking responsibility is what makes us a nation of grown-ups. Outrageous hyperbolic comments and false equivalency has no place in grown-up conversations. The art of listening is difficult and does not come with the package of being human. It is learned.

Miami City Employees Under Gag Order

Miami, Florida

Certain Miami City employees have been forbidden to speak to the press because of today's City Commission meeting where it is expected that Police Chief X-Posito will be asked to step down.

We are now also for the first time hearing that this is somewhat of a double feud, the six police shootings being the feud of the first part, and electronic gambling machines being the feud of the second part. Today is the first mention of a gambling machine, which we saw being rolled away on a handtruck flanked by Chief X-Posito.

Palin the manufactured candidate

The fabrication or manufacture of candidates like Sarah Palin is to look into the looking glass and not recognize our own reflection. To choose not to address the truths the facts that dictate the outcome of economics and political trends in this country, has become legitimate. In defense of the indefensible, she contends she is a patriot, she contends she is authentic, she cries out that manufacturing a bloodlet on the party. She is the blood letter she does not speak for herself, she has ghostwriters of which we really would like to know who they are.

Just a note

I think it is time to step back take a look and see how we have all been manipulated by the corporatist and get back to the Bible. I mean actually read it, and see for ourselves the truth of what we have done and are doing as a people. See, how far we have strayed from Mercy, Civility and Tolerance.

Where is Harry Belafonte?

During Jon Stewarts Entertainment for the Empire which he held in DC, I missed any edge of anger or criticism of the illegal Occupations we are engaged in. "Let's all come together" was the mantra, find common ground. Yea, the common ground. Turns out most of America has been used, abused, lied to, and robbed. That is the common ground we share. The entire initiative was fairly meaningless to me.

An Attack on Social Security Is an Attack on Women

The dismissive attitude in our culture toward women and what happens to them is being illustrated clearly with the attitude toward elders in this developing attack on Social Security! Women already are challenged by poverty in this country's economic system, and anything that plunges women further into poverty is a direct attack on women.

Law Enforcement Officer infiltrates anti-war group in Minneapolis: is outed

Fight Back News has a story regarding the outing of an law enforcement who infiltrated and disrupted an anti-war group in Minneapolils.

This could become a big deal.


Sarah Palin

How about if the media stops talking about/commenting about Sarah Palin? She obviously feeds on attention and influence. She will realize that her supporters are a small minority, that her influence is very limited and that the gold mine she founds has dried out. And that her actions, tweets and speeches have consequences. Nothing will prevent each one of us to address her personally, if we wish to let her know what we think of her actions, positions, opinions. It's time to give attention to what really matters.

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