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The real cost of Gold: Mercury Poisoning

If gold was used for its natural affinities, instead of for wealth, it could be made into nanobars and used to clean up the mercury you idiots used to extract it from the land you've stolen, all over the world, through your genocidal quest to quench the unsatisfiable greed of Capitalism.

The owners of the gold could even have their gold back, after the cleaning is complete, since it would still be gold once the mercury is removed from it.

I'd suggest this is the best use of gold today.

It's a natural cure for a world-wide health problem.

Empirical Evidence can only support the Empire

As 'tensions rise' over a possible blockade of our ridiculous constructed need to ship oil around in quaint boats, consider the fact that everything you've been told about oil, our need for oil, our addiction to it, and the true nature of hydrocarbons in the Universe is a lie.

The Fossil Fool Theory is an antiquated, convenient lie.

Your Earthquake Science is a lie.

Your Climate Science is a lie.

Read "The Deep Hot Biosphere", by Thomas Gold, 'one of America's greatest minds'.

Get Out, NOW!

Once more, with feeling. Hey, the pause that refreshes. No barbarism here, right?

The U.S. sends young, poorly educated, ill-trained soldiers to kill and then expects them to act with honor and decency?

What the hell is the U.S. doing in Afghanistan anyway?

Occupy vs. Tea Party

The Democrats and the media have said that the Occupy Party was a civic group "just like" the Tea Party.

Iran, you ran, he-she-it ran.

Iran, you ran, he-she-it ran. Every one’s worried about the bomb, the bomb, the Hydrogen Bomb? No the Iranian bomb. Worried about the ethnicity of the makers, of a bomb.

An exceptional country...

The comment below followed Robert Fisk’s essay in UK’s Guardian newspaper. Is there any assertion that is false? They all seem true to me. I’ve only pasted the comment but you may want to read the essay.

Robert Fisk: This is not about 'bad apples'. This is the horror of war How many other abuses took place off camera? How many Hadithas? How many My Lais?


Putting the 2012 Elections in Proper Context

disclaimer: some of what is expressed in the following is not stated as fact but as conjecture or personal opinion

Remember George? Where is that guy? He's the Republican Party's "elder statesman" yet they keep him locked away like Typhoid Mary. Is it because he's a reminder to the public of just how devestating Republican rule is or could it be just that he's usually a couple of sixpacks too indisposed? Either way its another sad, sorry commentary on our national press (which has the attention span of a cocker spaniel) and our body politic.

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Nancy Shevell? Well Bust My NAVL!

I could start this out as one of those "Dear FBI" letters, though if they don't put the whole story together NOW with what has been uncovered and posted by the Kryder Estate, we'll know for sure who their real employers are and for what purposes information is filtered and deliberately not connected together for the public awareness so that heinously unlawful schemes of predation may continue.

what I say is...


Did Justice Roberts commit perjury?

"There is comparatively little difference in the strength of men; a corporation may be one hundred, one thousand, or even one million times stronger than the average man. Man acts under the restraints of conscience, and is influenced also by a belief in a future life. A corporation has no soul and cares nothing about the hereafter....

—William Jennings Bryan, in his address to the
Ohio 1912 Constitutional Convention"

Compromising her values for Cash: Feingold switched from Democratic to Progressive but Baldwin$$$ switched from Green Party to Democratic$$$?!

Baldwin is part of the problem and in fact participated in our National Government during the most painful portions of the middle class’s slide into relative poverty.

Gar Alperovitz is Someone we Should be Listening to!!


I strongly suggest you have Gar on your show, or at the very least, listen to my interview with him.

Gar Alperovitz will be on the show tonight. 130 million Americans are members of some kind of cooperative. 13 million Americans work in employee-owned cooperatives. Could a more democratic form of ownership be in the cards for America? Tune in to hear Gar make the case.


This was a letter posted on Daily Kos by one of its members. It was so, to the point, that I felt a need to circulate it around a little more thus this post. It is a rant to all those who like to refer to themselves as members of the Tea Party and their GOP leaders. The GOP has such an easy task when it comes to adapting people's minds to vote for them; Spread hate and they will be yours, is their message and it has worked for more years than I like to remember.

The moral of Nancy Pelosi: Don't expect Shrek to drain the swamp.


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40 Years of Reaganism Behind This Disastrous Train Crash

A train derailed and crashed into a station in Hoboken, New Jersey during rush hour this morning, reportedly leaving at least one person dead and more than 100 others injured.

After everyone was rescued from the train, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called into CNN and expressed concern and confusion about the accident, asking "How could this happen?"