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Pittsburgh in the 60’s - Taking a deep breath

Sherry Pasquarello | WWH - Taking a deep breath

Trimming the Budget

Two budget items have cost, and continue to cost, the U.S. taxpayer billions yet get scant attention.

You’d think that if the Republicans were truly serious about cutting government spending they would have focused on U.S. aid to Israel and the expense involved in maintaining the International Space Station.

Most estimates peg the cost of the International Space Station to U.S. taxpayers at 100 billion and counting. NASA, not surprisingly, put the cost at much less.

Obama serves up “tough talk” on Libya – Too Bad Wisconsin doesn’t have oil

How’s that switch to green energy coming for ya?

Walker's Budget an Assualt on Environment

Wisconsin Governor Scott "Jackass" Walker is using his Budget Repair Bill to attack the environment. Here are just a few of his ideas from the Bill:

Big Smoke Hides Miccosukee Casino

Dade County, Florida- A brush fire along the Tamiami Trail in southwest Miami has caused the Micccosukee Casino there to disappear behind thick clouds of smoke. Fifty acres have burned so far, but it is felt a dirt road will protect the casino from the flames being fanned by strong winds from the east. Troopers will probably close down sections of S.W. 8th Street since you can't see a thing while driving and the air is dangerous to those with respiratory conditions.

Thomas Jefferson nailed it!

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered...I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies...

Citizens United Question

Wondering if this ruling strips states of the right to set limits and regulations for state elections. For example, Texas had regulations on corporate donations lead to the Tom Delay conviction, So does the ruling supercede the state laws for state elections, or is it just allowing corporations to side-step the issue by indirectly making or breaking a candidate by funneling money through the Chamber of Commerce and other groups, which then pay for ads?

How about the poisons in vaccines, most of which are made in China? Supreme Court just said you can't sue

When someone explains to me why I can say " I love cars, cars are good but I have a right to the safest possible car" but I can't say
" Vaccines are good for most children, but I saw mine get harmed with my own eyes and then found out vaccines have neurotoxins in them that some children can't process" then maybe parents like me will let this go.

Please play the song Utah Phillips - There is Power In The Union

Please play the song Utah Phillips - There is Power In The Union This Wisconsin union debate has totally woken me up from my 40 year political sleep, I am ready to go out and demonstrate like back in the 70's.

i have never been prouder of the Dems in my state assembly of Indiana--and those that came out today to support them in a Skype meeting...

....many of my fellow Hoosiers made it a point of honor to articulate, as one woman i happened to see on our local Fox! station just now, that she ,,,'stand(s) with the working men and women...' and i think she said families, too. this was in the same local Fox channel moments ago that reported Wisconsin Walker plans to arrest their Dems who also went to Illinois as the Indiana Dems have--to prevent the Repubs in each state's legislature from having a quorum to pass some laws that will do grave damage to education and workers' rights.

Huckabee Has a Series of Brain Farts

Thanks to Fox, you know the cable channel that is fair and balanced in their own minds, (remember they helped elect their "eloquent" and former host John Kasich, governor of Ohio) had the Huckster on Bill O'Reilly this week talking about how "different" (read un-American-not-lie-us) Barrack Obama is. It's interviews like this that validate the survey that was taken by the University of Maryland back in December concluding that Fox viewers are the most misinformed viewers of, well, news.

How Scott Walker & Company plan to 'clean out' pensions

Must read. Walker & Co have a plan on how to clear out and pensions and prevent any in the future.

"Meow Meow" Aliens confuse Russia for Wisconsin during recent visit to take Walker back to home world

Sorry, but I'm trying to maintain my sense of humor ...get a load of this

“Close encounters of the purred kind: Aliens spoke to us in a 'cat-like language' claim Russian flight controllers”

80- 85% premium payout rule lacks real teeth - abuses to continue under ObamaCare

Obama Premium Rule Would Effect only 16% of Insurers

By Gavin Magor

Thoughts about program aired on Chicago radio 3/3/2011

. . Though I'm generally aligned with views from Thom . . a couple points made I think were a little weak or off . .

1) Thom made the analogy in his conversation about bombing Libya . . that though he had issues with many stances of former President Bush, if someone came and bombed our air fields (back then) . . . He (Thom) would become more aligned with Bush . . (( I forgot some words in his analogy, but I think the spirit of his analogy was clear enough )).

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