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Stop Blowin Smoke

This video is a little way for me to express my support for the progressive causes. Including (fightback union busting,political leaders throwing a class or city under the bus,crooked judges ,broken promises).

Please excuse some langague ,strong actions demand stronger actions or words in this case. But they`re not that bad.

Emergency Financial Mgr. fires entire government of Benton Harbor, MI.

A friend of mine in Michigan just posted this.... unbelievable


New Listener

Just wanted to say i'm a new listener and glad to be on board. I really enjoy your show. Please keep up the good work. Finally, someone out there who makes absolute good sense and tells it like it is. Thanks Thom

Where is my Primary Challenger to Obama?

The outcomes of having a primary challenger are not determined by historical observation

Sharia law and why the RepubliCONS are afraid of it

Thom mentioned today that Sharia law is basically the 10 Commandments, but that's not why the conservatives are freaked out and want to make it "illegal" to base laws on Sharia law. Sharia law requires the wealthy to contribute extra tithes (or taxes) to take care of the least among them. If the states adopt legislation outlawing anything based on Sharia law, they will have a means to strike down any tax increases on the wealthy. There's always something just a little bit more devious hiding under the obvious when it comes to the RepubliCONS, isn't there?

"risky behaviour," consuming fresh milk or vegetables with large leaves Radiation risks from Fukushima 'no longer negligible'

The risks associated with iodine-131 contamination in Europe are no longer "negligible," according to CRIIRAD, a French research body on radioactivity. The NGO is advising pregnant women and infants against "risky behaviour," such as consuming fresh milk or vegetables with large leaves

Walk to Cure Capitalism

Walk to Cure Capitalism!

From a random conversation came the idea of having a "Walk to Cure Capitalism" - it is now a "cause" on FaceBook - check it out if you'd like.

Sore Loser Laws Impacting Democracy

Multi-party democracy would likely be the best chance to get social democratic parties which implement policies mentioned by Thom in the Sweden Doesn't Mess Around clip. This article on election law may point out why our duopoly is dysfunctional. Beyond just the reality that we do not accept only two choices in any one area of life we do for our politics. Lack of democratic contestation seems to be the issue behind the disatisfaction with Obama not having valuable options for non-corporate politics.

Read it here

Public Good

Wealthy individuals, as the Kochs, who are spending millions to influence elections, and middle class tea party people, are equating keeping their money and taxation with the Founding Fathers and their belief in liberty.

Address the Oligarchy

There are four countries with the largest income inequality and growing million, billionaire clubs, and they are: Russian, Mexico, Brazil, and the US.

Down with corporate taxes...

Even Bernie Sanders doesn’t - or doesn’t want to - understand why corporations seek tax havens. Well, as we learn from Amy Goodman’s interview this morning with British journalist Nicholas Shaxson it isn’t altogether taxes that cause companies to seek those havens. Even so, if there were no corporate taxes in the U.S.

President Obama accomplishments


Yesterday you have a list of President Obama's accomplishments and said it is located on Could you put a link on your website, I can't locate this list?


The Theory and Practice of Oligarchial Collectivism

Dictionary of Newspeak 10th editon

Who controls the past

controls the future

who controls the present

controls the past

My pro-Obama Letter to the Editor in Oregonian Newspaper today, 4-15-11

I can believe again.

I was uncertain of President Obama until this speech, but he was great. I want to see this President Obama in the campaign season ahead.

He laid out basic math and also the basic premise that we cannot let the weak among us suffer while the tax breaks go to the richest among us, as they have gone for so many years. He also believes in a safety net that will embrace us all, not simply allow the rich to prosper and the poor to die along the wayside.

Terrific speech. Keep it up.


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The biggest mass extinction in the history of the world was caused by carbon dioxide. That’s the conclusion of a shocking new study published last week in Science Magazine.

According to that study - the Permian Mass Extinction - which occurred 252 million years ago - started when a group of volcanoes erupted in Siberia - sending tons upon tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.