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Progressives and Catholicism

I’m a regular listener and an admirer of the work Thom does. While I try to tune in daily, I haven’t listened to every single minute of the radio show. So, if this issue has already been addressed, all the better.

Use of "Geronimo" as code name for Bin Laden upsetting Native Americans

We found this code name to be in poor taste. When will Native Americans stop being stereotyped as savages (ie. primitive, wild, barbaric people)? Progressive media hasn't picked up on this but Native America is talking about it. We don't take it out on Obama, since it was presumably not his choice (I hope). What would white Americans think of using the code name "Washington", "Jefferson", "Nixon" for a terrorist being hunted down? Of course these names would justifyably never be considered but using the name of a Native American leader doesn't get a second thought.

Thom I love your show but I disagree with your stand on Obama

rather than going into this whole explanation of why I thought I would just give you a link to check out .. Pat Condell "Justice for Osama Bin Laden"

If you have a moment to spare please check this out.

Bin Laden


Would it be any different if Bin Laden was a Serial Killer hiding in a house and the SWAT team busted the door down. Do you think they would have questioned weather to capture him or Shoot to kill?.

The Dis-service of Talk Radio Economic Optimism

Since Obama was elected and put the Stimulus in place, I’ve been hearing from one Progressive Talk Radio host after another that the “Stimulus is working” and the “economy is getting better”. Thom is the exception, predicting a crash approximately within the next 18 - 36 mos., if I recall correctly.

A Very Modest Proposal

With so many bodies scattered around the globe why do we simply waste them? I say: “Convert them to bio-fuel!” For instance, instead of dumping Bin Laden’s body in the sea (how utterly wasteful!) it might have been transformed into a gallon of eco-saving bio-fuel.

His Approval Rating Up Obama asks Americans to "Bah" like sheep

Fresh with an illegal war under his belt, wealth concentration worse than most third worlds, chronic high true unemployment, a failing environment, concentrated media, high gas prices for his friends on Wall Street, food inflation through the roof, etc. etc. ...and with the help of his zombie shills and no clear alternative (thanks DNC) His Lordship of Wealth is up in the polls.

New threats at Japanese nuclear plants

A picture of a Ceesium 137 particle

As of May 11, 2011: The Japanese authorities have denied permission to the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior to enter Japan’s territorial waters to take samples of seawater.

Whose Intelligence Failure?


One of the biggest reasons that working people vote against their own economic interests, is gun ownership. Blue collar people that hunt are constantly afraid of "the liberals" coming to take away their guns. As a liberal and a hunter, I hear this all the time from my republican voting hunting buddies. Your program today only reinforces the anti gun paranoia that keeps people, who should be embracing the progressive agenda, from even listening to what progressives have to say. I also think fear of losing gun rights is a major cause in people buying even more guns than they otherwise might.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011, Posted by

Congress and Assemblies are given representative power.

In the face of the special interests' wealth they cower.

Taking money from the special interests' cult of the sociopath.


Homeland Security

It was Tom Ridge, governer of PA who was Bush's HS secretary. Tommy Thomson, governer of WI was the Health and Human Services secretary. I'm in WI.

Love your show

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