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To save time and money phone calls to White House to now be routed directly to Oil and Gas Industry and Wall Street.

Wall Street does not like Fannie and Freddie

Enemies of Oligarchs beware: Profitable Corporations and the Oil and Gas Industry are our national security and the military will make sure you understand that.

a new era of political prisoners has dawned on America. The threat alone now makes us a military state.

60 days to Decide on Keystone is a LIE - Saturday morning Congress made a back-room deal that would rush a decision on Keystone.

60 days to Decide on Keystone is a LIE - Saturday morning Congress made a back-room deal that would rush a decision on Keystone. It’s ALEC. Walker in Wisconsin is doing the same thing – securing approval before the full extent of the environmental damage can be discovered.

Keystone XL pipeline and Obama.

•Oil pipelines have proven to be dangerous -- from the June 2nd spill of more than 42,000 gallons of oil into Montana's Yellowstone river, to last summer's 840,000 gallon tar sands pipeline spill into Michigan's Kalamazoo River, to the 12 spills along TransCanada's Keystone pipeline in its first 12 months of operation.

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Christopher Hitchens on Smoking

I often take the train from Washington, D.C., to New York and back. A few years ago they put the smoking car on the end of the train so nonsmokers wouldn’t have to go through it to get to other parts of the train.

Poverty doesn't make thieves, liberalism does.

This week, the Los Angeles Times reported a wave of theft plaguing area high schools. The objects at stake? Tubas. According to South Gate High School music teacher Ruben Gonzalez Jr., thieves broke into the band room and stole nothing but tubas. A few weeks before, thieves took eight sousaphones from a Compton high school.

Happy Birthday, Bradley

Although that maybe tough this year.

Recent events indicate our Executive Branch has been wasting its time and resources trying to figure out how to reduce public knowledge about its Joe-PaterKnow-style leadership in overseeing the handling of just this one person - when alot of those resources could have been used to investigate and pursue the financial predators (see GAO reports) who continue to line their pockets on the misery of others.

Christopher Hitchens talks Abortion.

One might assume Hitchens was pro-abortion, since he was also an avowed atheist. But he was not, in small or large part due to his history with abortion, as he explained in a 2003 Vanity Fair column:

Money Is A Social Contract

A short while back I posted a blog addressed to Thom stating that when any guest o n his show says"I made all my money by myself" he should stop them right there and say to them, No You Didn't, for all the reasons about the commons that Thom brilliantly articulates virtually all the time. I also stated that the money these people make is dependent on other people accepting their money. That is the part I want to e-blabber-rate on now.


Christopher Hitchens' death..

Another good man lost to us. Christopher Hitchens died of cancer just a few days ago. Richard Dawkins has a moving remembrance of him here:

Popular Gift amongst Washington’s Chosen 1%? $130,000 Swarovski crystal toilet.

Silly peasants its a must have! It pairs well with the $2.5 million dollar diamond studded bra from Victoria Secrets.

Did Dems and Reps just work together to undermine social security by making poor and middle income homeownership more unaffordable? with more air pollution to follow?!

sugar the mess with extended benies and wha-la! you have the quintessential spoonful of Obama’s brand of velvety fascism. OH! But the Republicans, the republicans its ALL their fault!

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