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Ayn Rand view on abortion

This from the Objectivist Center web site. Ayn Rand's writings indicate that she was an Atheist and had strong pro-choice views, including discussing the abortion issue in an article for the Objectivist periodicals. I am a bit confused that while she disdained Conservatism, that they are currently touting "Atlas Shrugged" as suggested reading for their followers.

Rand believed women had the right to choose an abortion. She wrote about this issue in several articles for Objectivist periodicals.

The '' 62 year war '' what dose cost U.S.

I don't have the number's on this one, but i'am sure it's a very large...

Oh ! the carnage, the bloody bullet's ... And in the end we will win this on-going

slaughter , and liberate yes The South Korean people from bondage...

Electric Cars Not So Green After All.

a new study produced in partnership between the British government and the car industry shows just how poisonous electric cars are. Not only do electric vehicles produce just as much carbon in their o

Afghanistan is one country on the GLOBE where Empires go to Die.

Afghanistan is one country on the

Pakistan’s Survival through Unity

Today Pakistan stands at the crossroads of its destiny, facing internal and external threats to its national security.

Re; Censorship....My Message to Patrick Lannan

Last week the Lannan foundation abruptly cancelled a scheduled appearance of John Pilger and the showing of his film "The War You Don't See" The film has disappeared from most websites but can still be viewed at I have watched it . My message to Patrick ( who has previously sponsored the apperance of many liberals including Amy Goodman, Seymore hersch, Chris Hedges....) follows.

Liberty Belle Crash Foretold

Ground control to Maj.Thom-"Tom i.e. (Can you see where we're going with this, i.e. Oswego?)" this direct quote from blog National Bank of Payola, Me-Tea Submitted by leighmf on 15. October 2010 - 12:45. Quote is a little more than halfway down the page.

Liberty Belle is also a Walt Disney World riverboat.

Inspection- Mike Huckabee is Right, "Nyuk, Nyuk"

Never thought I'd type that title.


Listening to Mike Huckabee being interviewed by Alex Bennett, amidst the usual right blather, I was struck by one comment that actually made sense. I'll get there in a moment, but let me cover a few of the more nonsensical things he said.

Plutocracy is...

Plutocracy is Societal Cancer.

Inheritance-Tax is Societal Chemotherapy.

Billionaires/corporations drain on society?

We hear news that state some banks paid no taxes or very few. (of course "we" bailed them out in 2008.) The United States hands out corporate welfare and basically throws money at these companies. (our money) These corporations are nothing more than a drain on society. The money handed out to them have not created jobs, show me the jobs! We can't afford them, lets cut them out of the budget.

Wasserman's "dog whistle"

Weiner should not resign

Do Women secretly laugh at men?

After a week of Weiner mashing I am finally fed up. Here we are with a young, brilliant outstanding young progressive who made a very very stupid juvenile error of judgement. Unlike Ted Kennedy he didn't drive off a bridge while engaging in (bleep) and kill someone, but Like Kennedy he has a great future and will be wonderful for the Democratic party. That is if all the "I'm better than thou" progressives don't kill him off first.

Pay our students

They are your children but in the public schools they become our students. Learning needs to be made important by paying for it as a job. What we do for work is how our society describes who we are (I am a talk show host). Students need to be paid wages if they do the job of learning subjects that society considers important (math and grammar for example). In past centuries getting an education was a privilege and available to few, now education is too important to have few high school graduates like a hundred years ago.

Drug Induces Remote Sensing

For the record, since the car accident November 15, 2010, I have been prescribed Linclonapin, thrice daily, which has triggered a phenomenon of experiencing certain events before they are announced.

To wit, I hesitated ever so long to say what I had to say last night, for fear of distressing my spouse, but finally I had to give in and say, "I feel an earthquake."

The hole in my torso made me say it. I become like the silver Terminator, with a pie size whole clear through my chest opening a window to the pillows beyond.

Kucinich Speaks Out About Assassination Attempts on Gaddafi

(No wonder the Republican/Democratic Establishment are trying to re-district Dennis out of existance!)

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Bernie Sanders Could be the Next FDR

Tuesday night, I appeared on the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell to talk about Elizabeth Warren, the rise of progressives within the Democratic Party, and what this means for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

At one point in our discussion, the conversation turned to whether Bernie represents the closest thing to an Elizabeth Warren candidacy.