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The Oil, Gas and related Construction industries need to pay for Katrina’s damage to New Orleans.

Katrina would never have flooded New Orleans without the topographical modifications made to enhance the profits of the oil and gas industry.

Five years after Katrina corpses could still be found inside damaged homes posted with foreclosure notices in the predominately African American community of New Orleans’ 9th Ward.

Republican's want power not jobs......................

If the Dems show up and vote in 2012, we can vote these people out of office.....I believe there is a silent majority that is sick and tired of what is going and a good sign is what is going on in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan & OWS.


In 2010 CO2 Emissions took their Biggest Leap in History.

From the Center for Biological Diversity:

Are Obama and the republicans currently working together to share credit for granting the Oil and Gas Industry their Keystone XL Pipeline?

Or is Obama using the Republicans to deflect responsibility for his approving the Pipeline as part of a much greater tax assistance/unemployment benefit package? The last time Unemployment benefits got extended didn’t the Bush Tax Credits get extended?

godrick 2

Occupy 'Wall Street' where you are now!

Here are some thoughts about the occupy movement.

Obama Preaches Class Warfare To The 99% — Today: Meets With His 1% Backers At $38,500 Per Person Fundraiser…

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has met with a small number of donors at a Washington fundraiser to benefit his re-election bid.

Unable to get Food Stamps, San Antonio women shoots herself and children.

Anytime Obama wants to intervene at the State level is fine by me.

Michigan Governor using Financial Manager Law to attack predominately African American Communities.

Michigan is proving itself to be an absolute disgrace not only to our Democracy but also the entire human race!

Our national government is a complete failure when it comes to protecting the Nation's Citizens from domestic enemies.


True Economic Freedom

A Capital Idea Part 96: True Economic Freedom

Its 80-20 a Rove Idea...but we are now hijacking "Occupy____?"

After attending Occupy Seattle several times...Occupy Albuquerque once...Occupy Santa Fe three times...Occupy Boston once...Occupy Kingston, WA every week [its me]...and the Kitsap 99rs several times, with the exceptions of: Occupy Kingston [where I am throwing spaghetti around to see what sticks as I help give example of how "Small Town USA can get involved in the "Occupy_____??

How to really waste some money.

Here is an unusually depressing article in the Boston Globe. It is one of those fluffy and airheaded “lifestyle” pieces, the print equivalent of empty calorie junk food and like many such articles it provides a horrifying glimpse into the vacuous nature of the modern American mind. In this particular case, the reporter, who hopefully is affecting rather than spontaneously producing prose redolent of relentless stup

Are China’s underwriting standards for Bond purchases a source of austerity measures?

Are the Republicans acting in accord with the financial wishes of Communist China?

HOLLOW WORDS: Obama’s “Fairness” doesn’t extend to Bernanke’s recent fear induced European bank bailout (currency swap funding rate cut by 50bps).

It was all just another example of socialized losses, this time via devaluation (or fobbing off the risk of loss or actual loss in the form of heightened risk of devaulation) of the US dollar. See New York Post article titled “Fed coordinates Europe bailout, but buck may suffer” at

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Libertarians Want to Make a Fool Out of You Again…

On Sunday, the Libertarian Party selected former New Mexico Republican Governor Gary Johnson to run for president with former Republican Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld as his running mate.