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Thom -- a reason to go on MSNBC is to expose yourself more to people who will LIKE you!

Thom -- I do think that the audience on the Keith, Rachel and Ed shows -- as well as, perhaps, Rattigan -- are low-hanging fruit for your show! You don't have to say things that necessarily inflame the hosts but your comments will be heard by appreciative additional millions over time. Now the major TV audience on Fox may be more aware of you than the audience of MSNBC.

You don't need any advice from me, but think about it with Louise, etc.

We sure like your views and have listened to you repeadtedly over the years. Many others will like you as well if they knew about you.

The more polarized the country grows, the more severely O’bama can triangulate against his base

yes or no?

Let's be careful to avoid mistaking Greed with Envy

Let's be careful to avoid mistaking Greed with Envy

Obama Administration Two-Year Environmental Report Card, Overall Grade: C- (minus)

The Administration’s Environmental Crimes Against Humanity Include, but are not limited to:

50,30,2 Years Ago

Yes yes I know, it's Thursday already and I bet you were looking for Wednesday…well I skipped yesterday because (1) I was tired; (2) I went to a movie at the Castro; or (3) I forgot. If you chose 1,2 & 3 you are an instant winner and your name has been dropped into the bin for the grand prize! (along with 3 million other names). Well today is article #246 for Thursday, 20th of January 2010. Today is also the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's inauguration as well as the 30th for Reagan's first term and the two year anniversary of Barrack Hussein Obama's inauguration.

"Guess who's Not Coming to Dinner with Hu?" ( the new ) "What Now Cartoon"

Here's my latest cartoon about the real reason he missed the dinner with Hu...

"Ask not what your country can do for you...." over an entrance at Choate School

That phrase is terrific! "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!"

Over a building entrance at Choate (according to my brother who went there in the 60's) the phrase is this: "Ask not what Choate can do for you -- ask what you can do for Choate!"

Great that Kennedy used this wonderful line and applied it to the whole country, not simply a school (excellent as it is) in Wallingford, Ct.

Kennedy was a class act, as have been the Democratic presidents since then.

Economic Nincompoopery will cost us

Chairman Hu’s momma didn’t raise no fool. And neither did the mommas of a lot of other leaders throughout the world. So if, say, one dominate party in the United States – the Republicans – have announced their intention to make huge cuts in government spending that is, for better or worse, propping up a fragile US economy they are

T-Shirt Clue for Pipe Bomb FBI

There was no Treasure Island Spring Music Festival in 2009 as has been stated about the pipe bomb Treasure Island Spring 2009 T-Shirt. The 2009 Treasure Island Festival was held 10/17/2009 and 10/18/2009.

On 10/17/2009, according to Missouri Secretary of State Records some Missouri X Files expired simultaneously:

Wanted to share this with Thom and his fans. It's FDR's Fala speech and is so apropos even in 1944

WELL, here we are together again - after four years - and what years they have been! You know, I am actually four years older, which is a fact that seems to annoy some people. In fact, in the mathematical field there are millions of Americans who are more than eleven years older than when we started in to clear up the mess that was dumped in our laps in 1933.

55 MPH Nationwide Speed Limit (Thom is wrong)

NIXON not Carter implemented the nationwide 55 MPH speed limit.

Please do not repeat more right wing lies about Carter.

An article I would like to share. What a read!

I was going to e-mail this to Thom, but I figured he has more email than he can handle.

So I suppose the best way to spread the word about this article that was just brought to my attention is to post it here.

I know Thom will find it interesting, as will the rest of you.

Fighting, "The Good Fight"

- Joe

Its NOT Protest...its Civil Informationing...

Coleen Rowley, the FBI whistleblower [who is trying to establish the "Incompetency Theory" so as to make the events on 9.11.2001 as explainable, simple and innocent as merely the failure of poor communications between the various spook agencies-NOT!], has posted an op ed on where she is doing very good work at taking on the authoritarian agencies put into place to thwart PROTEST. She presents a great treatment of the process that is frightening activists into hiding all over the country.

Today from Worldwide Hippies Jan 20

by Phil Polizatto for WWH-Hey! Don’t get pissed at me! I think men and women are created equal, but it seems that there are some people in very powerful positions who do not agree.

Alternatives to a National Third Party

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