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Money in the Mix

Continuing with a look at the declaration of the "No-Labels" group they address one of my pet peeves, the corrupting influence of money in government. This seems to be at the root of the lot of problems facing honest, caring governing, like Health Insurers killing the "public option." Buying off politicians sounds like 19th or early 20th century shenanigans. Well, Virginia, it still goes on.

Why didn't the Democrats expose the Republicans on Bush tax cuts prior to the election?

The Democrats, especially Harry Reid, are scrambling to get their priorities done during the lame duck session. Why didn't the Democrats push the Republicans on the Bush tax cuts prior to the election? The majority of Americans are against the cuts for the top 2% of income earners. Do Americans know how much this adds to the deficit? No. Fox News and the inability of the White House's message has perpetrated this. Tax cuts do not create jobs, demand does. Why would a business owner hire someone if they have, say $5000 more in their pocket?

The Political Calculation

Thom, you may be correct in that Repubs will not be able to play Santa Clause next year, but both calculations depend (or bet) on the economy remaining stagnent or failing. If it fails, we can , once again, say, "See, tax cuts for the rich don't create jobs". But at what cost Thom? And, if the economy should somehow improve, the Repubs will take credit again. The way it looks now though, is that Mitch McConnell has taken over as the dictatorial defacto leader of the country and is calling all the shots on behalf of the corporations and the neo-cons. Meanwh

Obama is naieve and immature

I saw on the news tonight about Obama meeting with 21 CEO's of major Corporations to see if he can get them to create more jobs. I think it was a nice lunch with the boys (I wonder if there were any women.) Ed Schultz showed Obama saying he was going to try to get them to let loose of the capital, help America. Stunning, literally. I turned Mr. Ed off so I could let it sink in.

Obama's Biggest Loss

The imminent passage of the Obama-Republican tax break for the wealthy may prove to be a big political victory for him at the end of the day, but -- personally -- what he will wind up losing is his POLITICAL VOICE.

Progressive NRA member

consumer protections for news agencies

Silly idea here but why don't we have consumer protections from news agenies they sell a product to consumers but seem to be under no obligation to be correct or correct themselves if they get a story wrong it seems to me if you call yourself a news agency you should be under some obligation to live up to standard journalistc practices. If you sell an organic egg it must abide by certain rules or it is just an egg why is something as important as news immune from this logic.

Here would be my proposal

Politician crime

Politicians ethical amd noral impulses tend to be much weaker than their political ones, and in order not to stand out they will do anything to fit in, and they have no shame about what they have become.

In many cases the members of the Democratic Party have been turned into masochists, getting paid to just lay there.


New language: "ruling oligarchy" finding its way onto MSNBC, "Morning Joe" today!

Imagine my surprise to awaken and tune in Morning Joe to hear the general "we-try-to-be-civil" morning news and discussion including reference to the enormous control of income and wealth held by the, "ruling oligarchy". OMG, are we going to see cable TV lead the way to expanding the discussion to include the problems posed by the very, very wealthy becoming more and more wealthy?

Did anybody else pick up on that this morning? What thoughts? Will this just quietly fade away upon being ignored?

AT & T

Thom - NO it is not the status of cell phones today, it is AT&T. Do yourself a favor and switch to Droid X on Verizon. Better phone, light years ahead network.

Silver linings are right in front of our noses...

After all the crying has ended and the crocadile tears have dried from the faces of the knee-jerk-lefty-liberals who have yet to figure out that progress is made by thinking liberally, but acting as a progressive...and NEVER acting knee-jerk liberally, then we will be able to have a worthy conversation, perhaps even a strategy session, regarding what GOOD can come from the Republican in Blue Drag Party's and centrist Obama's handling of the TAX GIFTS TO THE RICH.

Obama meeting with CEO's

The effect of any economic stimulus is strongest, if not for all particle purposes limited to, the actual recipient of the cash assistance or the primary vehicle used to deliver the policy. For example, consider the difference in the ability of, say, the Civilian Conservation Corp and the Wall Street bailout to put cash in the pockets of the general public. And i

The Narrative is enFEEBLING our poor little American Minds

I wish we could look look at the behavior of our political representatives without having to fit everything into some sort of GREAT AMERICAN narrative

Personally, I never expected much from Obama.

On the eve of his election my comments were: It's going to be a lot less fun to hate him than it was to hate Bush.

Obama abandoned his deal with McCain to publicly fianance his campaign.

Is our Nation all that it can be?

"Social-Capitalism". Is our Nation all that it can be?

Sarah Palin/Scientology Is NO JOKE!

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