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Dead Wolves are politically important to Democrats found in their range.

Got to get those votes.

Specials on public television, articles from the State controlled media, etc. there is way too much energy going into justifiying the shooting of 100's of Wolves that is currently taking place.

Doug's Dozen: 12 Unfortunate Incidents at Cheetah's Funeral

News item: Cheetah the Chimp, from 1930s Tarzan films, dies in Florida at age 80.

Doug's Dozen: 12 Unfortunate Incidents at Cheetah's Funeral

1. Clyde the orangutan gets in drunken fight with costar Clint Eastwood.

2. Caesar from 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' turns eulogy into call for uprising against humans.

3. Gorilla pallbearers decide to throw the coffin around for awhile, see how tough it is.

Where's the Change We Voted for?

I understand the Republicrook obstruction and sabotage preventing the President from making progress, in fact accomplishing anything! Trying to appease the Repunlicrook Obstructionists gave US Obamacare which is a Travesty, betrayal and insult to Honest Americans who Work For/Earn the meager living left after the elitists have stolen most of the money!! The last 2 men proposed by the President for Treasury Posts are an OUTRAGE, an Economics Professor who supports continueing the Policies that brought our Nation down (Reaganomics), and even worse a former executive of the Carlisl

Glimmers of Interesting Possibilities in the Milky Way

Part 2 of NASA's Year in Review for 2011 was placed on the NASA website yesterday. This entire report is focused on the Kepler Space Telescope, which has been wonderfully successful so far in its mission (1) "to discover rocky planets that lie within the habitable region of their parent stars" and (2) to help "scientists learn more about the stars in our galactic neighborhood."

info about Medicare rate change

I received an email from a friend who forwarded an email he received from "Stacy". Stacy's email stated that Medicare premiums were going up 8% in 2012 to $104.20, 15% in 2013 to $120.20, and 105% in 2014 to $247. She/he stated these rates were in the "Obamacare" legislation and the big jump in cost was being delayed to allow Obama to have a better chance of re-election. The emailaddress for "Stacy" is and she is urging all seniors to spread the word and that Obama is throwing us under the bus.

Part 2 of "Everything You Know is Wrong" about: Your Body

In the Bhagavad-gita, recognized as the most important scripture of India, Krishna gives knowledge to his dear friend Arjuna on a battlefield, 5000 years ago. He teaches, “You are not this body.” This is the beginning of knowledge. But where is the university that teaches this knowledge? There is none. That is the position of education: there is no knowledge. They simply advertise ignorance as knowledge.

That's Moxy for you

If Victoria Jones was any less of a reporter.........

That iphone is an ugly thing to see next to her perky hairdo and quality reporting.
Admittedly, my past posting concerning the odd disconnect folks have over the truth of apple's complicity in slave labor and treasonous corporate activities ( see Phone Phony posting) was due in part to her, I had hoped to plant the seed of discontent in all nice, compassionate folk concerning this core issue of America.

Speculation on Oil Futures drives up prices at the Pump – actual change in supply caused by Iran: ZERO.

Extracting all our fossil fuels from locations within the United States isn't going to change Wall Street's ability to speculate households into price shocks at the pump.

What Will We Do If Our Voices Can't Be Heard ?

I watched Glen Beck the day Massachusetts Senator, Scott Brown was elected to fill the seat left vacant by Ted Kennedy's death. On the day of the election, Glen Beck was aggressively pressing his listeners to call everyone they knew in Massachusetts and tell them to be sure to get out and vote. His zeal and enthusiasm in exhorting the voters seemed to mimic that of a successful televangelist.

Keystone Pipeline: BP breaks up Teamsters.

The following excerpt was taken from Greg Palast’s book “Vultures’ Picnic” published by Penguin:

Aleyska Pipeline Consortium (Exxon, Arco, Sohio\BP, etc.) responsible for Exxon Valdez Oil Spill STILL not charged under RICO.

Maybe the Justice Department should change its name to......any ideas?


Billionaire Hendricks family can do better than Paul "petey" Ryan.

but then again raising your prices after a storm isn't very nice

Maine Tips Over The Edge.

Maine can boast of a milestone that ought to make members of the Thom Hartmann comminutiy puff their chests in pride. It is now home to more welfare recipients than taxpayers.

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Grim News - CO2 Concentration Teetering On Point Of No Return

We start at Cape Grim in Australia - where an atmospheric measuring station is picking up atmospheric CO2 levels that are on the verge of breaking 400 parts per million for the first time in human history.