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Fall of the Roman Empire

I am afraid that this country and this government, as we know them, are about to collapse. We are now unable to govern ourselves. We have one party, which has been completely purchased by special interests, that is set up so that even it's own members dare not disagree with the official party line. The other party is largely to spineless to stand up to them. We are now incapable of making a decision that will actually benefit the american people. We are watching the Fall of the Roman Empire.

Post Removed?

Hi Louise,

I added a post to your site this morning (5/8/2011) and it seems to have been removed. Is there a reason? Here's the text of thate post:

Where was Barak Born?

Before last week 45% of Republicans thought Barack Obama was not born in America!45% ! ! ! WTF! Who are these people? How is it humanly possible for so many to be so totally wrong???Now 14% of Republicans STILL think he was not born in America!14% ! ! ! WTF!

India’s Wishful Thinking

Secure Communities, implemented nationwide in 2013.

Under the program, fingerprints of all suspects arrested will be sent to the US Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Detainees could face deportation if they are in the United States illegally.

Activists blasted the program saying it will result in the deportation of immigrants who do not have violent criminal records. YES YES YES YES YES........................

obama killing a hoax

I voted for Obama..but I got to call a lie when i see one..there is plenty of proof that Bin laden died a long while ago...Obama is as bad as Bush I am afraid...

.No dialysis machines, no electricity or maintenance of said machines, death from Marfan syndrome complications likely a decade ago.

A Question of Balance

May 7

A Capital Idea Part 68: A Question of Balance

At the risk of repeating something I have written earlier, I will discuss the need for a balanced, and in balance with nature, economy. (And by the way, happy birthday to my mom, Thom Hartmann, and my graduate school advisor, Carolyn Murray!)

Obama is Liquidating our Natural World

Source: The Wilderness Society. Sign the Pledge at

Obama is the Worst Environmental President Ever.

Obama is the Worst Environmental President Ever

enuf said

POLITICO details Administrations Unconvincing Accounts of Bin Laden’s Death

It would have went something like this:

5,000 acres of open space are disappearing each and every day.

Source: The Wilderness Society. Sign the Pledge at

Obama is the Worst Environmental President Ever.


Take Away The Doubt

After trillions of dollars spent on these wars and on the search of Bin Laden resulting in the deaths of thousands maybe a million of mostly innocent people, the way Obama handeled this gave no closure to the families of 9/11 or to the rest of the American people who have so much invested.There should be more proof of the death of Bin Laden. I am not saying that I want to see the gruesome pictures. We have the technology to easily verify the authenticity of any pictures that would be produced.

Obama Plays the Osama Card

The Obama administration says Osama bin Laden's quick burial at sea was in accordance with Islamic tradition, and they did so because they didn't want to create a shrine for Al Qaeda sympathizers to visit by burying him on land. Obama is also refusing to release photos of the body, citing the risk of additional violence and claiming they would be used as propaganda tools.

NOVEL IDEA for countering corporate lobbyist problem by creating the LOBBY OF THE PEOPLE

I suggest that a token amount (at first maybe 1$/tax payer or even a penny (the utility of any denomination is explained below and has an alternitive application of statistical value) of our tax dollars be individulally assignable to proposed existing or future legislation via withholding choices made available from the employed tax payers withholding on a frequency of at least quarterly or at worst annually.

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Can we make California the last oil spill?

A state of emergency has been declared in California after crews realized that the Rufugio Beach oil spill was five times worse than original estimates. This week, the Plains All American Pipeline ruptured and dumped crude oil over a four-mile stretch of pristine California coastline.