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Prosser tries to Strangle Fellow Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Opposed to Walker Ruling?!

Heard it on TV,...anybody?

Web full of Koch Brothers ties to Wall Street, including the Obama Administrations Goldman Sachs


Here is a small sample

Social justice, solidarity and sharing open doors

The system is incestuous I am a freelance translator of German articles on economic ethics,anti-militarism and liberation theology.and grateful recipient ofsocial security disa


Imran Farooqi who founded this website News Center Pk in June 8, 2011, had a greater enthusiasm to launch it in the ongoing cyber age which has in fact changed the world into a global village as envisaged by the past media anchors...... Read More >>

Domestic Problems in Politics

Thom :

I just finished viewing Kevin Kostner in the movie JFK. You are correct when you say we have fascism.

I fought in Viet Nam and I am embarassed to have lifted a finger for our corrupt government beginning with the JFK assasination.

As time goes by I realize how much we have gone overboard with the present day fascism. Please do not placate me with your reserved optimism. This country is very broken with all three federal branches being choked to death.

When the country falls into Chaos, there will be an appearance - Patriotism is born again.

Public school lunch's

Michelle obama has been pushing the issue of healthy eating with the focus on children. I love the fact that she is using her power for this message but I feel she is missing one huge aspect. She needs to push the issue of federal subsidies on "crap" food. The public schools are backed into a corner because their tight budget forces them to serve our children food that causes diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. The subsidies on corn and soy need to be reduced or removed and placed on healthy alternatives.

Corporate power grab at UN

Hi Tom and staff,

Love your radio programming and show. You provide so much information and i am grateful for that.

Please read this article as we can add more corporate takeover to the list.

Republican assault on Public Employees Benefits

Don't the Republican governors shredding public employee benefits realize they are public employees?

Fishing Expedition

Okay, folks, I'm gonna cast out a line and see if I catch an clue.

Here's the bait:

Essay question, worth $2,000. Seriously.

"Given that Politicians seem to be unable to do anything about truthfulness in Political ads, what should the voter do to correct the situation?"

Now, my personal take; it's an iffy question. The straightforward answer is that voters should demand honesty in all political ads, and refuse to vote for liars and fearmongers.

Here's why Huntsman has the best shot at beating Obama...

Over the past couple of weeks I've watched with besmusement the exhaustive media analysis of the Republican Presidential candidate field. Even more so, the inexplicable amazement of the media as to why they just didnt tear up each other during the most recent televised debate by CNN. It should really come at no surprise as most of the GOP field is not out to sabotage their party chances at the presidency by putting real criticism out there which may place future doubt of any future GOP candidate.

If Obama "Compromises" with Republicans in Debt Ceiling Talks - THROW HIM OUT IN 2012

nuf said

Oh, Omaha!

Oh, Omaha! by leighmf

Oh, Omaha!
Aha! MO,
'Ho Palindrome of Mutual dread,
by the Water and the Word,
we are saved!
I somewhere read.

Ghastly, ghostly, ghouls and Walker,
Peter Falk, Whitey a Talker.
A Hollywood Star
will get a stalker.

Omaha foretells our Futures,
controls the cost of food and sutures.
There Bad Men are Badder Wizards,
selling all, from souls to gizzards.

Democrats Who Helped Put the Country in the Shape it's In: Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, Inouye,…

The following excerpts were taken from Award Winning author Robert Kaiser of The Washington Post book “So Damn Much Money, The Triumph of Lobbying and the Corrosion of American Government” pages 339-340:

The real truth behind fracking



X-NONE Barney Frank has accepted over $2 million from Finance/Insr/R.Est dating back before the Mortgage Meltdown

Barney Frank is a democrat

Barney Frank is a member of the House Committee on Financial Services (Ranking Member).

In the 111th Congress, Barney Frank was a member of the House Committee on Financial Services (Chair).

In the 110th Congress, Barney Frank was a member of the House Committee on Financial Services (Chair).

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During a speech at New York University Friday, Hillary Clinton took aim at “quarterly capitalism,” her name for corporate America’s endless - and senseless - pursuit of profits.