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  • Californication

    Vlperez's picture What gives? Ledt wing California is in third place when it comes to workers who are unionized but have 8 of the top ten cities with highest unemployment rate . Let the " blame Bush" posts begin.

  • London Derriere

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    Today I shall discuss the media promotion of the backside of Pippa, Kate's sister, though I have already forgotten their maiden name. I want to say Greenaway, but I know that's not right.

  • How much of Obama and Bush's $16 Trillion in Secret Fed Loans went to develop the Chinese Economy?

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    yep, face it, supernormal growth in value is best had in developing economies like China.

    Now, let's talk treason,...

  • RICH, NOT Millionaires and Billionaires, and My Boycott

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    Every time Thom says the phrase, "Millionaires and billionaires", I agree with him, but the words aren't exactly hypnotizing.  Please consider using the phrase "the  rich".  Each one of us knows exactly what "the rich" actually means (at least we think we do).  "The rich" packs more punch, whether it's said in front of a mirror or on the radio.

  • The Truth About The Death Penalty

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    The left demands that we abolish the death penalty; several arguments are cited:

  • the magic of reality

    I just watched the greatest interview ever conducted by Thomm on The Big Picture tonight. I will have a copy of The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins as soon as possible.
    One issue was during the latter half of the interview, several aspects of the human proclivity to religion was discussed and I was a bit dismayed that Womb Theory was not included.

  • EPA caves to Shell Oil’s demands to pollute Artic Air in search of oil.

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    EPA has granted Shell's drilling fleet a permit to emit more than 250 tons of pollutants a year into the Arctic air while looking for oil.


  • My two dads

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    I am 49 & I had a dad & a stepdad. Both could afford a house with a housewife in it, and neither had to bother with college. One was a convicted fellon who did not make it to high school.  Although I have had it better than some younger than me, I cannot touch the stadard of living achieved by my two dads even with my Associates Degree. Is my story typical or atypical ?

    Keith Smith 

  • The Psychology of the Economic Cycle of Destruction

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    September 28

    A Capital Idea Part 85: The Psychology of the Economic Cycle of Destruction

    This is a topic suggested by my psychiatrist friend, David Malen, and I thought it would naturally follow from the previous one. Get well soon David!

  • A Few Notes on For Profit Prisons in America

    Mike Elk of "The Nation" magazine appeared on "Democracy Now!" with Amy Goodman on 8/05/11 to discuss the for profit prison industry. One memorable quote : Mike Elk notes that "in 2005 more than 14 million pounds of beef infected with rat feces processed by inmates were not recalled, in order to avoid drawing attention to how many products are made by prison labor."
    "New Exposé Tracks ALEC - Private Prison Industry Effort to Replace Unionized Workers with Prison Labor"