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Before you react emotionally to these words....just turn on the evening news..... and then...If you haven't already...take the pledge.

The Pledge For America

I Pledge to not be indifferent to The Divided State of America

And to the greedy corporate Plutarchy for which this nation has fallen

The disunited multi-national, lingual, racial and financial aggregation

Rotting in vanity, pride, and cultural decay



I think it is ironic that so much of the anger and chaos among our U.S. population are currently coming from the right wing conservatives and the Tea Party protesters. I say "ironic" because I think that most of the core issues that affect the quality of life of millions of people negatively everyday are not usually mentioned by most of the loudest and richest voices on the right.

The tea party conspiracy

Yes Americans I am afraid that the tea party is acting in concert with Sen. Inhof to clear the runways

in America. Laying off tens of thousands of American workers who have wives children and mortgages .
This isn't funny.

The Worst Hand-Me-Down...Big Event Only Politics

As its outlined clearly in my White Paper "CI...Civil Informationing: modernizing political activism" found with a quick search on this site, the main problem that we progressives have is a the demographic group which I call "The Great Gray Nappers".

Not our "explainer"

While GWB prided on explaining himself as "the decider" (see note), BO does NOT make a very good "explainer". I continuously find myself trying to second (or third?) guess what the WH and Dem's strategy even is, and not just during this last fiasco, but ever since his taking office. When GWB was in office I remember seeing either him or his press secretaries quite often explaining the Bush "strategy" (at least the Faux News version). On the other hand, I didn't even know Jay Carney WAS the current press secretary until a recent press conference. &nbs

Here's what I don't get about the Super Congress.

If it is comprised of 6 Republicans and 6 Democrats to me that seems like a recipe for deadlock. To get a majority one person has to be a traitor to their party. Who is going to want to be seen in that light?

You "Boners" Can Get Back to Football and Your Important Video Games and Leave the Serious Government Stuff to US

UNBELIEVABLE!We've shredded the constitution and created a new 'branch of government' with unlimited power! You might say, the Speaker blew a major wad in the face of the "no boner crowd" with this Bill - And "wait til you's people" see which of "your" DemocRats we select for the "Special Congress"! What a hoot!

Is FAA defunding a Tea Party jobs bill?

I guess the Tea Party members come from the lower 25% of our population who didn't graduate High School? The inability for them to understand that to sacrafice the jobs of 54,000 American workers because they don't like a small part of the bill shows why they would of destroyed the U.S. credit rating because they wanted to cut Grand Ma's medicare and lower her social security. Tea baggers are Christians NOT. Like one of the blue collar comedians states (they would know because of there audiences) "you can't fix stupid".

Chewing holes in Safety Nets won’t cure Nation’s fake debt\deficit problems despite what Wall Street would like to see

Loss of revenue resulting from:

(1) the cuts in government spending on domestic programs, as well as

Pat Buchanan called Obama a "coonskin" !!!

America at War:The Failures of Petraeus and McChrystal

Brig Asif Haroon Raja

Broken Health Care

As a Priest, I took someone to a Psychiatric ward near my town tonight because he was hearing voices that were telling him to kill himself and also harm others. When on the proper levels of medication, this is a very good man. However, tonight he was in great psychiatric distress. When I left him in the care of a nurse who told me he has now been admitted into the hospital under P.C.

Inspection- Slightly Less Crazy

Damn, we need run off voting.

Crossing the finish line the other evening it was the crazy party by more than a nose, followed up by the slightly less crazy party. Or would you prefer the party that often refers to themselves as "progressive" behind with the fascists in the lead?

The fascists are the true revolutionaries: willing to be traitors; destroy the village... and the nation... to save it. A "progressive" doesn't settle for a mild version of a very, very bad idea.

What's so damn bad about it?

Fast And Furious Scandal

Just because the Fast & Furious gunrunning scandal is slowly exploding in Obama’s face as the public finds out about it is no reason the operation can’t be used to advance its original purpose — creating propaganda to undermine our priceless Second Amendment rights.

We've been in a Coma since Gore 2000

Keith Olbermann once again you say what I'm feeling Protest to the streets! Dems have been in a coma since Al gore in 2000.

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The Billionaire Hypocrisy of Helping the Poor

There's one thing that both progressives and conservatives can agree on, and they can quote both FDR and Ronald Reagan on it.

And that is that, "The best welfare program is a job."

FDR extended the idea to say that when there are no jobs, the government should act as an employer of last resort.