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Gun Control!

I'm 74, I can read, I'm educated . . . but can someone please tell me .. . the 2nd. Amendment starts out with "a well regulated militia" . . . so why can't our government regulate ALL of these guns . . . they won't be prohibiting gun ownership, but can setup some common sense rules to regulate them and restrict their use (like automatic weapons) to gun ranges. I'm sick and tired of the NRA saying "guns don't kill, people do" . . . but if guns were regulated and we had that "well regulated militia" , maybe, just maybe there wouldn't be so many senseless killings!

Is Clarridge Norfolk Southern CIA?

It is known that Duane Ramsdell Clarridge comes from Nashua, NH. He married a Kokomo, IN girl in 1955. He uses the entity Eclipse Group. Now carefully note this official FDIC data and data of the Indiana Secretary of State:

10/10/1991 the non-profit entity ECLIPSE FOUNDATION, INC.:, IN : Control Number: 1991100460 : Non-Profit Domestic Corporation was created in Indiana; Inactive Date: 5/18/1994

Should Thom Step Up and Replace Keith Olbermann?

The progressive world lost a valuable voice Friday when MSNBC pushed Keith Olbermann off the air. There really isn't a suitable replacement currently proposed at that network. I'd like to propose that we all see if we can get the ball rolling with the idea that Thom Hartmann step up to cable TV and become the strong, thoughtful advocate for progressive ideas that he has been on the fairly obscure medium of progressive radio.

Come on. We can do this. What do you say Thom??

Obama's "magic asterisk" moment may becoming up on Tuesday night!

During the administration of Reagan, David Stockman, Director of the Office and Management Budget for Reagan, employed a device that he called "a magic asterisk" to explain his lack of logic. How to balance the budget? Well the "magic asterisk" indicates how savings would occur in the future to balance the budget. That is, no one really had to come up with practical ideas as long as there is a "magic asterisk." (So what if it's a fraud?)

Well, and how did that work out for the country? Disastrously, as David Stockman now says.

Understanding Haitian Financiers

I have attempted a graphic to illustrate financial ties as they exist beyond our life expectancies, and therefore our ability to figure out what's going on. I have limited the vertical column of years to just those years which are relevant to the establishment of Haiti's primary bank in 1911 to 2011 and the return of J.C. Duvalier.

Keith Olbermann To Leave MSNBC, Wait Up Keith, I'm Leaving Too!

Say it isn't so!! I keep searching; hoping to find out that it is a joke. But it appears to be another kick to the head, by the powers that be, for those of us who enjoy truth delivered by one with so much integrity that his very presence oozes goodness & honesty. Now, for me anyway, there's no reason to keep the package Dish charges me ($15. monthly that's $180. yearly) for delivering MSNBC. Without Countdown MSNBC will just be too sad to watch. :-(

Belief System/Terrorist/Religion/Orthodox

Sorry to go to the cause of all these problems, but it is the 800 lb gorilla that no one will admit is in the room.

Trying to subscribe...

Trying to subscribe... Confirming info and return...


Progressive or Regressive?

There's no left or right

There's no Democrats or Republicans

There's only Progressive or Regressive and guess where the big money is?

The rich should not have to pay any income tax under my new proposal. However to get out of paying taxes they would have to create jobs.

The politicians have rewarded the rich by setting up a tax system that rewards the wealthy to produce high unemployment. High unemployment makes the rich better off because then they can pay lower wages. Lower wages result in higher profits. In the interest of creating a just society it is the duty of the rich to be job creators. They need to be encouraged to create good paying jobs through a sane taxation policy. Keep reading on how this can be done. . .




Television access should be cheap with the internet -- does this work?

I am disheartened about Keith's leaving MSNBC, although some of the others there -- Rachel, Ed, and Lawrence -- are very good!

I remember several times having to set my Cable to get MSNBC and it was a true hassle, with the equipment being difficult to modify. (We have COMCAST.) I took it as a particular badge of honor when I did not smash the components, although I did have to call COMCAST numerous times to get the darned thing to work. (It is a bizarre unit that fits on top of the cable box and has to be aimed "just so.")

National City Bank of Haiti

Though Polk's Bank Directory of March, 1961 features Banque Nationale de la Republique D'Haiti, est. 1911, it is more clearly seen in Moody's Banks-Insurance-Real Estate-Investment Trusts, American and Foreign, 1929 that the Haitian Bank was one-hundred percent owned by National City Bank or Standard Oil and International Harvester, plus Winthrop, whose mother was a blue-gened Taylor, Winthrop who warned us that "the Wells Fargo Wagon Is a' Comin."

What losing a representative Government looks like

My, my, my,….Washington has been busy and here I thought Citizens United wouldn’t have an effect.

MLK Insurance Heavy Ink Link

The World Service Life file may be viewed in Colorado Secretary of State files, except for the Illegibility Flasher, some guy they apparently can't keep up with in the back rooms of public record imaging. In my opinion, Illegibility Flashing should be some sort of civil offense, at least.

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When Eric Holder eventually steps down as Attorney General, he will leave behind a complicated legacy, some of it tragic, like his decision not to prosecute Wall Street after the financial crisis, and his all-out war on whistleblowers like Edward Snowden.