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A Republican Standing With Fellow Union Members On April 4

Eversince I turned 18 I registered as a Republican and up until recently I voted that way as well. I am 29 now with a wife, a daughter and a boy on the way. I can no longer vote a straight Republican ticket the way I once did. I consider myself a conservative in the traditional sense of the word. The dictionary sense of the word. I was a devout Roman Catholic now an Orthodox Christian. I hold very strong social conservative views. However I also hold very strong anti-war views.

giant sport-fishing platform and 60,000 liters of sticky resin

<p><a href=""></a></p><p>TOKYO—In its battle to control radiation and toxic runoff at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Japan is set to incorporate two unorthodox weapons—a giant sport-fishi

New Arms in Reactor Fight: Mega-Barge, Sticky Resin

TOKYO—In its battle to control radiation and toxic runoff at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Japan is set to incorporate two unorthodox weapons—a giant sport-fishing platform and 60,000 liters of sticky resin.

Macroeconomic theory and recessions

1. Mainstream Macroeconomics

A recession can be caused by any distruption of economic activity. Most economic recessions lately have been caused by high oil prices. But sometimes, such as in 1980-81 the Fed purposely started a recession to end inflation. Other recessions have been caused by collapsing bubbles, like the Tullip craze, the Lousiana real estate craze in the 19th centruty, and then today with the internet, housing and now oil bubbles.

Best original Tea Party spirit

Brunch with Bernie, the national Town Hall meeting, easily wins the most-like–the-original Tea Party contest. After all, it was a town meeting at which folks were informed the Governor of Massachusetts had refused to send away the East India tea ships. At that moment a shout from the gallery went as follows, “Boston Harbor a teapot tonight"! In short order a number of men hurried towards Griffin's Wharf, you know the rest of the story…

Great video on Logical Fallacies, Philosophy Teacher hosting

A terrific show on logical fallacies is

This Philosophy professor in the above video looks at cognitive biases, including Anchoring Effects. All of his videos appear to be excellent!



A suggestion to counter the Republicans requiring photo ID's to vote or register to vote....

After listening to a discussion on the radio last Friday, talking about voting machines and voter supression, perhaps someone, smarter than me, could research if it would be possible for groups, who register voters, to set up the mechanism for photo Id's to be a part of registering to vote..put photos on your voter registration card. If that's not possible, a way needs to be found to provide people with cards with their photos, (maybe community Id cards)...we get photo Id's for gym club need to find a way try to stop the suppression of voting



I was greatly saddened and shocked to hear that two of my favorite political people, Thom Hartmann and Senator Bernie Sanders, are not endorsing our involvement in Libya- mostly on a financial basis; perhaps somewhat Constitutional grounds.


Do we really want to elect a leader, or listen to radio talk shows hosts, who fixate on President Obama's birth certificate? I hope voters and listeners automatically eliminate or ignore those who do, which would eliminate Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin and most of Fox News. There must be more, but who has time to listen?

Seattle Archdiocese teachers take it on the chin-yet again!!!

While the following article was being considered for publication in the Real Change Newspaper in Seattle a number of schools reduced teacher pay without consultation with the faculty/staff. The administrations did not present any business plan showing how teacher investment would turn around dismal financial situation. They did not disclose breakdown on contributions from Fulcrum et al.

Sorry Thom,but just supporting a Democratic candidate doesn't work.Remember Obama? Ari Berman Recounts Obama's Blow Off

Ari Berman Recounts What happened when Obama was elected,he kicked all progressive grassroots organizers to the curb.


It's funny how Thom complains about Murdoch when Soros does the same thing for the liberals.

What a bunch of hypocrites and cry babies there are in both parties. The left complains about Murdock and the right crys about Soros. The only reason they do that is because these multi-millionares don't support their lopsided view of how things should be run. Two faced sellout hyprocites in both parties. Neither side is any good as whole.

Corporate tax rate

Is it true that the corp tax rate is 35% and that it is the highest in the world?

If yes, and it was raised, wouldn't that result in even more jobs being cut by corporations?

The American Dream Has Turned Into The American Nightmare

The American Dream Has Turned Into The American Nightmare
When injustice HITS HOME!

(States tangle with teacher tenure--As momentum for school reform grows and state budgets continue to shrink, the system of teacher tenure is under increasing scrutiny)

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