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Japan must ask the citizens for kamakazi haxmat workers to enter the disaster site and bury it now. Put the names of the martyrs on a wall for posterity, and save the pacific ocean, and the americans of washington, oregon, and northern california.

The bombs in Lybia are absolutly nothing next to the radiation that is coming our way right now.

The politics of budget cutting is absolutly nothing next to the radiation that is coming our way now.

There is no safe radiation and ignorance is or a 'blind eye' by this nation will kill many americans.

The House that "Jack" built

Jack= John Boehner etc, The evil house is what the Rpugs want and accept for health care in this country. I'm in the trenches of humanity, like 50 million of my fellow Americans without health insurance. So the Community Health Clinics are my life savior. There is just one problem. They are overwhelmed with patients and it is nearly impossible to get an appointment. You must show up at 7:30 in the morning and hope for a cancellation (if you aren't working). I'm Type II diabetic and 60 years old. I cannot GET health insurance.

Private Equity Groups also involved in purchasing public assets for resale?

Buying utilities, parking meters, and what not from governments for resale assuming higher rates is not just limited to Wall Street's JP Morgan Chase, and Government Sachs. For instance, Blackstone Private Equity Group may also make an appearance in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan.


EVERY MEXICAN in america is possibly illegal (A CRIMINAL), has an illegal in his immediate family, or has 10 cousins who are illegal mexican immigrants (CRIMINALS); or 10 mexican neighbors in the house next door that are illegal mexicans - criminals.

Assault on EPA reaches crescendo lead by Upton, McConnhole, Rockefeller and Max Baucus

Last week, Big Oil and Dirty Coal's congressional allies kicked their calculated, devastating plan to cripple the EPA into overdrive.

First, the House Energy and Commerce Committee – led by Big Oil-backed Rep. Fred Upton – passed a bill to block EPA scientists from enforcing public health protections and setting air pollution standards.

Fair Tax Act 2013

Income inequality is not illegal, unconstitutional or even immoral. Hell, it's the American Way! That said, additional income inequality caused by tax policy should be criminalized.

Isn't a tax policy that allows someone with a higher income to have a lower effective tax rate than someone of lower income essentially unconstitutional on the grounds of equality. This isn't even "separate but equal". It's just plain unequal and unconstitutional.



The declaration of war is the tyrants' delight.

It takes their power to its great height.

To find new enemies, the tyrant endeavors.

It gives access to steal America's treasures.

International criminals, past leaders are labeled.

Obama's NCAA picks

Last week the media and politicos made a big stink about President Obama “wasting time” on his NCAA bracket selections. Not to take a play from Mike Huckabee, but I think if we take a closer look at where President Obama came from we can how his background, heritage and upbringing may have affected his decision making.

Kate Chooses Rolls Royce

While much of the world is looking down a smoking gun, pondering a nuclear waste meltdown, as millions are homeless, bewildered, grieving and starving, Kate Middleday is having the Rolls polished for her historic drive to Westminster Abbey, which at 1 million per missile fired, should not be too costly in the long run.

Hippie TV News with Joe McEvoy ( Winston Smith ) Video

WWH- Worldwide Hippies brings you news and commentary, to inform you and move you to action. We believe in “power to the people”.
To point out injustice or right a wrong is all of our responsibility. Join with us and get active.

You call this a Democracy?

Not only did Obama declare war on another country without the approval of our Congress but he did it from another country, not the United States of America. He could have at least had enough respect for our U.S. CONSTITUTION to declare war from the White House. I say impeach him, he is a fraud. I do not believe the lies that dropping bombs on another country is just enforcing a no fly zone. B.S. that is not true. If Obama can continue to be allowed to do whatever he wants then what we have here in America is a dictatorship and Democracy is dead.

Enrico Fermi Meltdown

Unit No. 1 of the Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station suffered a partial fuel meltdown on October 5, 1966. This plant is midway between Detroit, MI and Toledo, OH. Supposedly there was no release of radioactive material. (Who was checking back then?) This fact rarely gets included in the list of nuclear accidents in the US. I haven't seen it mentioned yet in the main stream media. By the way, Fermi 2 is a GE boiling water reactor opened in January 1988.

What happened to fair, balanced news?

Remember the Aesop Fable?

It goes like this; a wolf comes upon a lamb and they have a breif conversation before the wolf then proceeds to eat the lamb. After having no good reason to eat the lamb because all of the wolf's imputations had been meet, the wolf concedes that he has no good reason to attack, yet commits the act anyway. The famous quote being: "A tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny".

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