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Mojo, DADT, BARFF, and Kitsch Obama Style

Kitsch is the inability to admit that shit exists" — Milan Kundera

It’s interesting—as soon as Don’t Ask Don’t Tell disappears, so too must our acuity, our memory, our mind disappear. As soon as Obama stands before us with his big beautiful smile and his big beautiful voice, articulating in heart-felt tones the positives that seem incapable of being understood as clichés as long as He speaks them, all of a sudden “Obama’s got his mojo back!”


[quote] Obama:

Ugh, Scott Walker and Becky Kleefisch in Wisconsin

Open Letter to Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch:

I’ll say it,

Main Street has Lost $9 Trillion in home value since Q2 2006

Apportionment isn’t the only thing about the recent 2010 Census that people should be up in arms about. Certain basic data on when contrasted with financial events in the last few years could offers some election turning revelations.

Krishnamurti 1932

In 1932 Jiddu Krishnamurti wrote,The present civilization is based on greed and individual competition; it cannot last forever, because it has no intrinsic value. The individual, who has created and is dominated by this civilization, is caught up in accumulation, which is his sole incentive; that is, the individual tries to express his ambition and attain his desired social position through the accumulation of wealth and power. He has therefore set up social distinctions and such a civilization, based on ruthless selfishness, must eventually break down.

The President of City of Gary Inc

On February 15, 2008, the entity CITY OF GARY INC. Control Number: 2008021500030 Status: Active Creation Date: 2/15/2008: 500 S. Lake St., Gary, IN 46403, was created in Indiana.

An unincorporated entity, "Custom Imports," shares the same address at 500 S. Lake Street Gary, IN 46403

According to the 2010 Annual Report filed with the Indiana Secretary of State, the president of City of Gary Inc. is Andy Young of Wadsworth, Illinois.

Transitioning to increased tariffs -- any suggestions?

If you are low-paid and are trying to make ends meet -- or even without a job (worse by far) -- what is the tax break, payment system, etc., that will help people transition from buying lowcost items at Walmart to (in the future) supporting living wage jobs?

Tax rebates? LIving expenses?

It sure has to be easy.

And it WILL happen -- but any suggestions as to the transition details?



We pass many laws to protect people

Why not pass a law that every American must vote. Only then will we have a true majority.

Liquid Mud Covers SoCal

Whether you prefer "Pay me, Scot" with a Spanish pronunciation, or "Pemiscot" in Indian tongue, the Chiefs are moving and Missouri's boot heel is doing th' walkerin. In its wake liquid mud courses through the streets of the City of Angels like a case of uncontrolled dysentery.

"Thank God for Flood Insurance!" one distraught homeowner preached to the news anchor. Just the sort of blasphemy we 2 million without Christmas trees love to hear: Oh God, thank you so much for insurance companies. What would our lives be like without them?

Obama Is “The best thing that ever happened to the right”

Title: Obama Is “The best thing that ever happened to the right”

By Julian Zelizer , Originally posted on

Reuters/Rick Wilking/Jim Young

we need new fresh governance

I'm not content with the Obama administration.

I want a leader who speaks for me

Ron Paul / Jesse Ventura 2012

2 common sense guys who have a can do attitude.

I'm sick of watching youtube clips of them and agreeing.

It's time that my voice be heard.
They'd beat Palin, or Romney...

even Obama in a real true debate.

Lake Titacaca

The lake is shrinking due to global warming

Balance of trade and its effect on the economy

In your last segement you discussed the negative impact of the Regan tax cuts on the economy. I would also suggest that over the long term that our inability to spend our money within our country "balance of trade" has also been one of the key elements for the crash. Our transferal of wealth to: Saudi Arabia, Iraq and China has scraped that money out of our internal economy and is one of the key elements for our lack of liquidity and is probably as important as the tax cuts in terms of the liquidity issue..

Listener Trip to Germany

Hi Thom:

How about organizing a "Thom Harmann's Germany Trip" for listeners?

I was impressed by the statistics you quoted today about average pay and the quality of life in Germany. I also heard you say that you go to Germany every year. When do you go? How about organizing a "Thom Harmann's Germany Trip" for listeners?

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