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Columbus Day

Columbus Day blows man ! The whole idea that Columbus "discovered " North America is so ignorant and self-centered it would be laughable if the results of his bumbling "treasure hunt" hadn't been so tragic for the MILLIONS of indigenous people who died as a result of the ensuing "activities". Christopher Columbus was no hero, and there is nothing to be proud of or celebrate about his "discovery".

Ireland should Seize Clinton's Personal Assets to help pay for Mortgage Fiasco.

America's leadership string - arguably two war criminals and a criminal of high finance. Yeah.

Hillary Bankster Clinton appoints Tom Nides of Morgan Stanley Bank as Deputy Secretary of State.

Probably a little bit old news but it evaded me.

She's brought on a deputy secretary of state for management and budgets from Wall Street (Morgan Stanley's Tom Nides).

Protest pic of the day

The Overly overlooked facts of 9/11..

Dear Thom.. Myself and many others in our small farming community of Wayne county NY love watching your show except for your continued use of misinformation of the events of 9/11 and the Over played use of the "terrorist" term and the name that it was given Osama Bin laden , He was used in the exact same manner Lee harvey Oswald was and guilty of nothing else .

"Slab City, USA": Apocalyptic squattersville for recession refugees.

ALL our politicians should be ashamed!

"Of course, Slab City is no city, and no picnic. Some 640 acres of state-owned sand and scrub near the Salton Sea, it offers no electricity, no sewerage, no running water. Once, it was a Marine training base. When it was decommissioned, nothing was left but the concrete slabs where barracks once stood."

From the Past to the Present

Men Acheve Power and wealth by standing on the backs of the poor. Where Prejeduse and entolerance are comon place and Power is an end unto itself.

Command Override Chips

Is there a way to detect these chips in the event they have found themselves their way to a computer ? Is there a way to reverse engineer them to check if they have command override routines embedded inside them ?

All comments welcome


Michel Montecrossa's Single 'Talking Occupy Wall Street Movement'

‘Talking Occupy Wall Street Movement’ is Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song dedicated to the ‘Occupy Wall Street Movement’ and its demand for change of the financial system.

Whqt's Your Occupation?

The Power Center Occupations accross the country (and the world) with thousands of people is not about makeing demands. what they are doing is establishing a party of people committed enough to stay on site for weeks. They are not all idealist but are informed savvy and above all unified. the Operation of the Occupation is to organize and network, establishing a nationwide party of people nationally in touch and connected WHO WILL NEVER GO BACK TO BUSINESS AS USUAL. They don't need a public figure or face to present demands or cast there platform. these are act

Opportunity Cost of the KeyStone Pipeline proves how bad the pipeline really is.

The Opportunity cost is a similar act in the direction of green energy that will help save lives, stablize food production, combat severe storms and generally slow Global Warming and today's Holocene Mass Extinction.

Book Title

Hey ,

Does anyone know the title of the book about Christopher Columbus that told the story of how men died and left a log book at Christopher Columbus's house and how he went and "discovered" America? Thom Hartmann was wondering what the point and where the caller was going with this story and then Thom seemed impressed by what the caller revealed about it...just womdering if anyone knew.


D Squire


Columbus was an explorer looking for a shorter way to the orient. Yes, he was not the first to see the new world, only the first European, the vikings didn't share their achievements. Hispaniola was exploited and the natives murdered by overwork and cholera, and the slave trade boomed. Not killed by Columbus. His men no doubt killed some natives and brought disease, but he was not personally a psychopath, murderer, rapist, or set out to slaughter and enslave natives. Bad history, and creative history are not truth.

Madison, WI: Public Television running show on Benefits and Safety of Keystone Pipeline.

Aren't there laws against propaganda?

Deregulation will Increase the Size of Government’s Impact on your life.

Large firms want to “deregulate” an entirely different type of regulation than those whose fees disproportionately drain the cash of small owner operator firms.

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