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Democracy versus Plutocracy

A Capital Idea Part 48: Democracy versus Plutocracy

Increase in Luxury retail sales to top 7% - Campaign donations have never looked rosier!

Meanwhile, demand for food assistance remains at record high levels that may even break the Food Stamp Program.

All this is playing out while the commons continues to collapse with the environment, most notably in California.

But, Ah Yes! the prospects for Campaign donations has never been rosier! A second term should be a breeze especially with the coming chill to the right of electronic free speech via the Internet.

Washington has been busy, Busy, BUSY [applause]....with Soft Balls, <*yawn*>

Washington was busy this week alright. Busy hiding the fact that the truly difficult paradigm changing legislation like Climate Change and Campaign Finance Reform - to name but a few - didn’t get addressed.

The Manufacture of Consent - Ignore special groups of people, just get the money and you will get the votes

President O’Blahblah said something during the campaigning this fall that struck me as more than just a little pregnant with meaning. Maybe you can even recall it. I don’t remember all his exact words but he said something that people aren’t “hardwired” to use reason when they are fearful of the economy.

This conclusion comes right of the book “The Assault on Reason” by Al Gore. Specifically, the middle of page 28 of Chapter 1 titled “The Politics of Fear” reads:

Big Government can be "good" or "bad"

Big Government can be good, or bad. Arguments about the size of government always devolve into the many examples that BOTH sides of the debate have at their disposal. It's just like the idea of a "Benevolent King". If you have a benevolent King, and he has the wisdom of Solomon then THAT would be the best Government possible for any country. Of course nobody wants to live under a dictator or a King we dare not EVER go that route. I'm old enough to remember having long conversations 40 years ago

"insidious" ain't the half of it

well...i realised They were in full smirkdom during the hypedom of UNgelina's SALT movie this summer, while Their left brain
"communications" told the tale of
"russian spies livining amongst us...for years...
but they were rounded up smoothe and serene-like.
i was gonna let that one slide as the usual ploy to sell flik tiks
alas ...during Their start treaty finale this week, Entertainment Tonight saw fit to run a story on UNgelina's make-up transformations whilst filming...SALT which i thought tanked so why waste airtyme. whatever

What Ended The Depression?

Whenever I hear one of these small government libertarians or conservatives arguing " that it wasn't Roosevelt's policies that brought the US out of the Depression but that it was actually World War II that brought us of of the Depression": Excuse Me! Then you must be arguing for Really Big Government.

"The 111th Congress Adjourns!" ( a new ) "What Now Cartoon"

Here's a good article to check out too,

Storytellers Campfire

As I've listened to Thom over the years, I've often been reminded how as a people, many of us have lost all sense of the

Social Contract. In my own humble way of expressing how we are in the same boat and sink or swim together, I am offering this greeting. It is also in the spirit of Ubuntu- the African philosophy that I am who I am because of who we all are together.

Net Nuetrality is a actually OBAMA killing the Internet as we have known it

Originally posted by Matt Locksmith of CREDO Action:

Workers should not rely on Barac Obama for Employment

This originally appeared at Robert Reich's blog. History will record 2010 as the year Washington became "business friendly." Not that it was all that unfriendly before. Some would say the bailouts of Wall Street, AIG, GM and Chysler were about as friendly as it can get. In addition, Washington gave windfalls to drug companies and health insurers in the new health bill, subsidies to energy companies in the stimulus package, and billions to domestic and military contractors. But for corporate America it still wasn't friendly enough.

the elimination of pacifism

Pacifism is not acknowledged today as a valid political philosophy. The prevailing fallacy regarding that attitude or stance is that it requires of the individual that they forsake in all situations any mode of action which could be categorized as "violent".

Lame Duck Roars Like A Lion

I'll admit that I've been critical of President Obama, Harry Reid and I can't say that I've been one of John Kerry's biggest fans either. However, after watching a good bit of the START treaty hearings, I have been throughly impressed with the statesmanship of Senator John Kerry.

The Insidious Nature of Tyranny Today

In the 1930s the rise of fascism in Germany was centered on Hitler. In Germany, all citizens were required to give allegiance not to their nation, but to the person - allegiance was sworn not to humanity, but to a despotic individual.

Today, the tyranny that we are experiencing - the closing down of our democratic society - does not have a single face on it. There are many faces and many actors on this particular stage. The actors include both Democrats and Republicans.

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