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When it comes to Presidents of the US, don’t defend them instead make demands.

Get off it, when an employee doesn’t measure up you don’t make excuses for him or her and let the problem persist. Instead you demand they perform as they represented. Same goes for public SERVANTS, including President Oblah blah.

100s of Wolves are being killed in the West as part of Obama's environmental policy.



2011’s Most Manipulative Rhetoric of Moneyed Interests: “Energy Independence”

You need only look to the example of little Timmy “Fore-head” Giethner and his escapades with the REVISED Financial Services Agreement where foreign countries were told that if they didn’t stop buying our manufactured and start buying Wall Street’s financial products they could no longer sell anything to the U.S.

Vote Democratic?

Thom, Considering the corruption of the Democratic Party, how can you say that anyone should vote Democratic - for a party that has revealed itself as, at best, a watered-down GOP? What should we do now?

Lynn Faulkner, msw

Airport "security"

Of course we're no safer with these unconstitutional body searches. Terrorists will not subject themselves to these invasions of privacy and the only "criminals" absconded are people trying to smuggle their shampoo, thier lunch, or their medical marijuana. It's a complete waste of taxpayer dollars.

Keyless Kryder Houses Auctioned

Fort Wayne, Indiana (Magwire)- Houses in Kryders Addition Extended are being auctioned by the Allen County Board of Commissioners for around $1600. With one caveat, the houses have no keys so you must break in if you are the winning bidder.

Ben Nelson's "retirement" can't be as neat and tidy as government run media would like us to think.

Something is up.

Yea Nelson is 70 but he had to know his retirement would send the Democratic party's control of the Senate into a probable death sprial.

Hmmm, there is a story to be told here. What is unique about Nebraska?! or Nelson's interests?

Leases for $10s of billions of oil sold by Alaska Govt for mere $24 million.

And Obama signed off on an EPA exemption for the oil and gas industry operating in the area.

Help, I’m in an alternate universe!

I just realized tonight that by moving to Silicon Valley, I once again moved to an area stricken by Stockholm syndrome. Why do working class conservatives refer to gambling money won by a bunch of selfish day traders as money “earned”. I’m sorry, earned, I ask. Money earned is when you provide goods or services

a 2012 Pledge for candidates...

Taking a page from Grover Norquist, why not create a pledge to be signed by anyone running for federal office which declares that the signer will not accept money or gifts of any kind from lobbyists. With an approval rating of less than 20% any congress or senate candidate should have trouble winning a close race if they haven’t signed this pledge. It will be amusing to see and hear how any of them will defend not signing such a pledge.

Did the moneyed interests behind “net neutrality” get to Reuters?

It looks like the moneyed interests behind "net neutrality" has gotten to Reuters.

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Can Food Preparation Conveyor Belt Plastic Make Your Baby Fat?

According to a new study published in the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, Benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP), a chemical commonly used in the food manufacturing process, can increase fat storage in the body even before birth.