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Let's Put Obama's Birth Location To Rest

Donald Trump's Show's His True Color "GREEN"

Quo Warrento

What happened to "Quo Warrento" By whose athority? Could that help in Michigan?

Chernobyl Today

Martial law spreads to Wi

It looks like martial law is now also coming to Wisconsin.

Why I have issues with the Democrats

Please read this entire article about the Westborough Baptists you will see where they fit in.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011, Posted by

A band of sociopaths had America in their grasp.

Then the people of Wisconsin kicked their ass.

Now all of the states' voters are on red alert.

Wall Street adjusted holdings Prior to S&P Announcement

Do I have this correct? A couple of months back when it became clear the political landscape wouldn’t produce a sensible deficit reduction plan, Bernanke and Geithner implement programs of quantitative easing and borrowings of cash from the Social Security reserve fund to buy off the banks books of Wall Street banks US Treasuries which are essentially now “Junk Bonds”!?!

My Interview with Ellen Brown.

I encourage all of you to check out my interview with Ellen Brown. Ellen is by far one of the smartest people out there.

Behind the Seamy Underbelly of ObamaCare – Exploit Labor?

“Moa completely reogranised the delivery of health care in the 1960s, for example, by sending an army of ‘barefoot doctors’ out into the hitherto neglected and impoverished rural regions to teach elementary preventive medicine, public health measures and pre-natal care. The dramatic reductions in infant mortality and increases in life expectancy that resulted just happened to produce the labour surpluses that fuelled China

Republicans - like Lenin's description of social institutionalists

“Institutionalists signal their adherence to a theory of social change that privileges command over and reform of institutional and administrative arrangements as fundamental. Capture and smash state power is the revolutionary Leninst version.”

The Perfect Business Model

April 19

A Capital Idea Part 65: The Perfect Business Model

John Boehner's Going Gault, compliments of Paul Ryan

John Boehner and Paul Ryan are going Galt on the United States of America. Yes, John Galt, the fictitious character in Ian Rand's Atlas shrugged. John Boehner and Paul Ryan along with the tea party under the watchful eye of veteran GOP candidates are waging a war against the American people. They have hamstrung government. Just like John Galt would have in the book. Going Galt is a form of political protest against taxes and is somewhat of a slowdown or strike where normally productive citizens or businesses become nonproductive.

Benton Harbor Michigan is just the beginning....

I am so bothered by Rachel Maddow’s story Monday night on Benton Harbor in SW Michigan.Governor EMPEROR Schneider has take over complete control of local government of small low income predominantly black community to allow development of beachfront golf resort in which he has interest. (See at )

Changing of the Spirit of America

Changing of the Spirit of America Has anyone noticed since the Tea Party has come into prominence we are no longer asking how can we help our fellow man? The objective seems to be how do I get my share of the good life, how do I get into the top 1 percent. Again has anyone else noticed this? Has society embraced Social Darwinism, if you are a failure it is your fault? Failure being defined in purely monetary terms, if you have failed, you are not worthy and should be kicked to the side of the road. Has anyone else noticed this?

Donald Trump

"Born Donald John Trump, on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York, the fourth of five children of Frederick C. and Mary MacLeod Trump."

Just maybe The Donald is not a South African.

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Waves of Destruction...

We've known for some time that warming temperatures pose a big threat to Arctic ocean ice. However, only now are we learning about so-called “waves of destruction” that are speeding up the disappearance of sea ice.