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Saving Social Security

The Republicans keep saying that Soc. Sec. needs to be saved because it is running out of money. One way to save it is to raise the cap on the amount people pay into the fund. The raise, each year, in the cap should be the same as the raise given to recipients which is based on cost-of-living or inflation. The cap has not been raised since the inception of the program in1964 at $106,800. This should keep the fund financailly sound for decades.

Democrats for Premium Support-Based Medicare Reform.

" would shift costs to beneficiaries and eliminate the guarantee of affordable health insurance for older Americans"

Exercise or....

Success! Western banks and oil firms long awaited denationalizing of the Libyan oil reserves arrives!

Final letter to my president...

Dear Mr. Obama,

Why is MY country supplying weapons & supporting the Corrupt & Oppressive EGYPTIAN ARMY while they brutally Murder & maim their own freedom-seeking people?

If this reprehensible, IMMORAL, behavior on OUR part is consistent with "American interests" then we truly are a bankrupt nation.

Encouraging "restraint on ALL sides" can only be accurately described by one word I know of (pardon me): "Chickenshit".

Immigration Regulations, Big Government, Free Markets & Punks.

Why is it necessary for those who hate BIG GOVERNMENT and Regulations and believe the "free market" is All-Powerful to so quickly abandon their rhetoric on the subject of (Hispanic) Immigration? Do they have so little Faith in the strength of their Great "invisible hand" that they must cowardly abandon their principles & resort to Big Government style regulating on Immigration to hedge their bets?

since corporations are now "people" are they subject to people things like the draft and iminent domain?

Since the "Supreme Court" has ruled that corporations are now "people", they should be subjected to the same rules that we people are subjected too. For instance, EXXON could be "drafted". When a person is "drafted", they lose all rights and are subjected to the whims of military rule. They lose most all possesions while under military rule and they lose most rights that everyday people enjoy. We need to demand that our government "DRAFT" EXXON and all other energy companiesin the United States as part of our "war" against OPEC. Otherwise, these great Ame

Black Christmas

Black Christmas, by leighmf, to the tune of White Christmas

Who's dreaming of a Black Christmas?
Every poor merchant that we know.
Where the crowds come shooting,
and owls are hooting
at pepper spray upon the snow.


I hope Christ saves me a gift card
for braces and a few months rent.
Peace on Earth is Not for Sale or Lent-
Because Black Friday crucifies the Gent.


OWS and Anti-Semitism

Liberalism is about feeling, not thinking. The emotional sentiments of the Occupy Wall Street movement are crystal clear, even if the ideology used to justify them are an incoherent jumble of left-wing lunacy.

Playful yarn-minded Raccoon gives man painful outhouse experience.


Global Warming


Military Industrial complex desperate for conflict and frankly Obama’s actions may be showing it.

Troops in Australia and China?! Russia and missiles?! But then again, it is what’s not being run in the Corporate media that we have to worry about.

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