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Progressive or Regressive?

There's no left or right

There's no Democrats or Republicans

There's only Progressive or Regressive and guess where the big money is?

The rich should not have to pay any income tax under my new proposal. However to get out of paying taxes they would have to create jobs.

The politicians have rewarded the rich by setting up a tax system that rewards the wealthy to produce high unemployment. High unemployment makes the rich better off because then they can pay lower wages. Lower wages result in higher profits. In the interest of creating a just society it is the duty of the rich to be job creators. They need to be encouraged to create good paying jobs through a sane taxation policy. Keep reading on how this can be done. . .




Television access should be cheap with the internet -- does this work?

I am disheartened about Keith's leaving MSNBC, although some of the others there -- Rachel, Ed, and Lawrence -- are very good!

I remember several times having to set my Cable to get MSNBC and it was a true hassle, with the equipment being difficult to modify. (We have COMCAST.) I took it as a particular badge of honor when I did not smash the components, although I did have to call COMCAST numerous times to get the darned thing to work. (It is a bizarre unit that fits on top of the cable box and has to be aimed "just so.")

National City Bank of Haiti

Though Polk's Bank Directory of March, 1961 features Banque Nationale de la Republique D'Haiti, est. 1911, it is more clearly seen in Moody's Banks-Insurance-Real Estate-Investment Trusts, American and Foreign, 1929 that the Haitian Bank was one-hundred percent owned by National City Bank or Standard Oil and International Harvester, plus Winthrop, whose mother was a blue-gened Taylor, Winthrop who warned us that "the Wells Fargo Wagon Is a' Comin."

What losing a representative Government looks like

My, my, my,….Washington has been busy and here I thought Citizens United wouldn’t have an effect.

MLK Insurance Heavy Ink Link

The World Service Life file may be viewed in Colorado Secretary of State files, except for the Illegibility Flasher, some guy they apparently can't keep up with in the back rooms of public record imaging. In my opinion, Illegibility Flashing should be some sort of civil offense, at least.

Nicole's excellent Youtube

On Turning Old - It's a Grace

Student loan Policy

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Weepin' and wailin' liberals

There was Thom yesterday, commiserating again with some righteous liberal caller about how the Obama administration refuses to seek criminal charges against Bush and company. Oh, woe is us! The betrayal...the hypocrisy of it all. If only we could take our vote back. We would, I tell ya, we most certainly would. I know that's what you all are thinking.

Hidden Duvalier DuDu

Duvalier has returned by reason of an unseen bond between the 1911 Haitian Bank to now, 2011, and an underlying 99 yr. lease made in 1912, the revelation of which would pose a number of questions Congress will not be able to answer, much less the banks.

A warning from a Native-American

"Here in Ohio, they got a place underground.
Last week they built a camp, on the other side of town.
Can't say what's going on, but something in my bones tells me something's wrong.
Haven't seen a bird today, something big is coming this way.
Better head for higher ground, got a cabin up there no one's found.
Grandpa built a city underground, he said, someday boy, the shit will come down!"

Obama can't be re-elected

“Desert Storm Commanders Together Again”

Brian Williams’ Round Table Discussion With The Desert Storm War Mongers.

I don’t know about you, but this latest NBC series

“Desert Storm Commanders Together Again”
(this title almost makes me want to sing the old drinking song "TOGETHER AGAIN" by Buck Owens)

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When Eric Holder eventually steps down as Attorney General, he will leave behind a complicated legacy, some of it tragic, like his decision not to prosecute Wall Street after the financial crisis, and his all-out war on whistleblowers like Edward Snowden.