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  • Why Tension Increases in Pak-US Relations?

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  • Knights and White Dragons

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    Knights and White Dragons by leighmf, on the solid state of you-know-what

    Knights and White Dragons
    mean this is the end:
    "White Satin" crocheted notes
    from Atlanta she'd send.
    Coke- C & S Bank,
    Judge Mills B. Lane,
    the Henry C. Heinz hit-
    he can explain.

    Here are some clues
    00 Magnavox Hughes
    00 aren't G.H.W's.
    00 Walker the fuse,
    Zapata play dough shoes,
    00 are their just dues.

  • Drama Punishment By Bullet, How Lethiferous?

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    I just discoverd Canadian drama television; not just their better known exports like Flashpoint (CBS) and Rookie Blue (ABC), but two interesting dramas originating from

    The first series of note is King, a police drama lead by a strong and complicated woman seargent of detectives who is put in charge of Toronto's major crimes unit.  Still in its first season, King depicts a character that would interest many people.

  • "Junk Food" not actually cheaper

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    THE “fact” that junk food is cheaper than real food has become a reflexive part of how liberals explain why so many Americans are overweight, particularly those with lower incomes. I frequently read confident statements like, “when a bag of chips is cheaper than a head of broccoli ...” or “it’s more affordable to feed a family of four at McDonald’s than to cook a healthy meal for them at home.”

  • California nurse's comments about strike and lockout

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    Thom or whomever:

    I say the following as a former union steward and generally a supporter of worker's and union rights.  However, I was somewhat appalled by a recent exchange between Thom and a guest on the radio show two days ago.  She was a nurse and head of a Californian nurse's organization that had participated in a one day strike of her hospital and several other hospitals in the Bay Area.  The nurse and Thom discussed the fact that after a one-day walk out by several thousand nurses from these hospitals that, the next day, the hospitals locked them out. 

  • goldman sachs article

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    cannot even post to book face with a thumbs up. so what's up. they own this web site too?


  • How to fix the country and get people working (and there's nothing the Republicans can say about it).

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     Texas and other states are suffering from a deadly drought.  I propose a WPA-like program where desalinising plants can be built in the gulf and a series of pipelines be built to bring the water up to the affected states.  It will require our steel mills to hire to produce the pipelines..  Construction contractors will have to hire to build structures and even the infrastructure.   The auto industry will have an accelerated demand for its products.   Farmers will have arable fields and will be able to supply the world again.  Towns will spring u

  • Pesticides kill 72 million birds each year

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    Two billion pounds of pesticides are sold in the United States every year, killing millions of animals and driving hundreds of endangered species closer to extinction.


  • A right wing organization has stole my cartoon for recruitment of people for their vile racist organization!

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    I have just found out that a right wing organization has stole this cartoon to use for recruitment of people for their vile racist organization.

      Let it be know that I have no connection to this organization!!

    ( American Third Position Party, a far right white nationalist party )

     Here's the Wikipedia page on them;

     A party who seems to feel copyrighted artwork is theirs to steal, why am I not surprised!