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History is often Slippery

Thom's comments the other day about the Crusades during his debate with the self-styled former terrorist/antiterrorism expert were wrong, and the guest was arguably right. Islam was fundamentally on an expansionist trip, almost from its inception. The Crusades were begun hundren's of years after the end of the Roman Empire and hundreds of years before the Crusades. As the guest pointed out, the Muslim powers invaded Europe hundreds of years before the Crusades. Some historians maintain that the Crusades began as defensive actions.

I am Pete

the nation's slow crawl out of joblessness

It will take years for jobs to come back because Bernanke is practicing trickle down economics.
The Federal Reserve has printed +$12 Trillion and climbing for Wall Street. Most recently Goldman Sachs borrowed from the Federal Reserve to finance their face book investment.

Wheeler Mitre Mystery 2

Continuing with The Mitre Corporation and its underground pool relatives:


6/13/1966 Directors of the Delaware incorporated The Mitre Corporation accepted the corporation non-profit act of Massachusetts; the Amendment was signed 7/10/1968 ;

6/13/1966 This entity was created: INDIANA PUBLIC SECURITIES INC : 194428-006 Creation : 6/13/1966 Inactive : 1/1/1970

The Problem is Demand - follow up

I think we need to be shrewder in the evaluation of our government’s performance. For instance, I don’t think Obama Care will be all that great of an economic stimulus. In fact, any stimulus it does provide probably won’t be in the direction of a balanced economy.

The Problem is Demand

The economy suffers from a demand side failure. In it’s simplest terms, there is not enough disposable income to fuel production.

Global Warming Turned Political, oopsie...

Global Warming

Dead Birds Dropping out the sky ! >>Navy / US Air Force Secret Weapon HAARP may be the cause of these birds dropping dead and dead Fish

Hello Tom, Love your show ! I'm JJ. Bell ( ) retired Navy after spending 8 years in the USAF ! Been a Dem , Born a dem, Die a dam !

OK the Birds and Fish coming up dead is most likly the result of this new weapon called HAARP ! This engery beam is either shot from and Air Craft and Naval Ship and even a groung craft ! We are seeing the results of it's power now !



By Brad Hurley

Thom and Matt T. -- The Republicans are skilled at picking those to blame

Thom and Matt in today's show agreed that if the House Republicans don't deliver, this will help the Democrats.

A Silent Voice

My name is Margie Mack and I have been an insurance agent for approximately 10 years. I represent all the big health carriers and offer individual health insurance to all my clients. I am somewhat different in my approach as I sell 90% of the time over the phone and 90% of the time in other states then the state that I live in which is Illinois.

Flock of birds die from the sky over Falkoping, Sweden

To have high altitude hail? Wouldn't you need a visible level of precipitate in the sky? both in the form of dust and water? Clouds?

When does this phenomena effect air travel?

Inspection- Of Sarah, Alivin and "It's Not 'Your' Money"


PayPal and eBay both have suspended my accounts with them even though

I have never violated either of their policies, and truly never did anything

wrong to deserve this.

PayPal currently has $441.83 of mine.

I called them, and they said that money would not be available to me

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Time for America to dump "homeland"...

It’s time to do away with the word “homeland." As the situation with ISIS continues to escalate, and as worries about terrorist attacks on American soil continue to spread, we’re hearing the term “homeland” mentioned more and more.