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  • Occupy Rockford protest

    This link  -->!/photo.php?fbid=1900596214726&set=t.1836322319&type=1&theater ... leads to a picture from our Occupy Rockford, IL protest in front of a brand new federal courthouse this last Saturday, Oct 29th, 2011 where a "dedication" occurred.

  • nobody's talking about phase I or phase III any more. So enjoy the ?Super Bowl...Until Phase V

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    It must be pretty obvious to those in the 'Occupy everything movement' that Fox has been a master at manipulating the "distracted, ignorant masses"! Through its "News", sports talk, and entertainment channel. Our friends at Fox have done a great job at lowering the standards of decency in terms of how "you's people" treat each other. But that's the plan. Like the sports talk morons who call everyone "retard" and publicly humiliates anyone who objects to our process of desensitizing "you's people" ("angry white cane guy")...and it works-

  • A Very Scary Halloween 2011

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    {{{I wanted to blog something REALLY scary and frightening this year for Halloween. I thought of the usual icons of Halloween: Frankenstein, Ghosts, or perhaps Freddie Cruger of ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ fame but when I saw the article 'Various '7 billionth' babies celebrated worldwide' I thought... 'THERE AIN'T NUTTIN SCARIER THAN THAT"!


  • Phandemonium

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    A wiser one man than me once said that ppportunities are what you make of them. Another wise fellow also said "where there is chaos there is opporunity" - or was that just in some fil? Regardless the world is showing a distinct lack of vision and clearly fails to see the bigger picture. We are giving in to a hierarchical system when this should be seen for what it is -the illusion of the grand wizard of Oz and his phoney-ass system.

  • 99%’rs: Organize State by State then Nationally, develop Databases,…prepare Your Party to assume Power.

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    a humongous vote of "no confidence" in the two parties of bozos the country is currently bogged down with.

  • Obama’s Presidency: 3 years 9 months in service to 1% and 3 months bribing votes from the 99%

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    It is absolutely unconscienable that a Democrat or Republican should ever again hold the office of President.

  • Occupy Orange County/Occupy Irvine

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    Occupy Orange County began with a question by one person, "what is the financial center of Orange County, CA?" The answer turned up as Irvine, CA.

    We occupied on October 15th. Until Tuesday, October 25th we Occupied but were circumscibed in the extent of our occupation. Without Council guidance the police chief opted to enforce equitably the city codes. They were exceptionally accomodating of our presence but we had to take down our encampment by 10pm and rebuild at 6am; between the hours of 10 and 6 we remained awake, on our feet or seated.

  • know you want justice

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  • Occupy World Series

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    As a life-long Cardinals fan, I did not wake up the day after the World Series with the same exuberance as the night before.  Instead, I woke up feeling guilty.  Was I guilty for being one of tens of thousands in the 99% who bought a World Series ticket?  Guilty of jumping up and down like an excited little kid while cheering on the 1%

  • Occupy SF for 10/28-30

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    The mood has been festive these last several days. People were glad that the occupation remains in place, and Halloween weekend in San Francisco is still special despite the cancellation as of a few years back of city-wide parties. The Critical Mass bike ride did its usual thing but this time with cyclists in costume. Their usual ending spot for their ride is in front of our camp, and they typically have a little dance party. There were a couple of kids there. Unfortunately, I observed some people drinking beer but I think I was the only one who noticed.

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