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Walker inconsolable upon hearing news that “Big Daddy Koch” plans to retire his “peek-a-boo” chaps.

and that's what ya get for discriminating in your recent Protest Permit bologna.

Adopting Mobile Web Development Standards is Now Critical for Website Designers.

Websites are ever increasingly being viewed on mobile devices. The total percentage of all website visits in the US in August of this year was 6.8%. Internet enabled phones accounted for roughly two thirds of this traffic with tablet devices accounting for the lion’s share of the remainder.(stats per Comscore) Global non-PC internet usage was 3%in 2010 but will reach 15% by 2015.(Cisco Visual Networking Index)So what does this paradigm shift in the nature of our online behavior hold in store for web developers?

Talking Germany, France and Europe - Michel Montecrossa's Single about Eurozone default and Robin Hood time

Talking Germany, France and Europe‘ released on Audio Single and DVD, is Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song about Eurozone default, Robin Hood time and change of power from politos to bankas.

Obama apparently more than willing to poop on the Postal Workers Union.

Free Market Economics given the current circumstances is nothing but trickle down fascism.

Not my President - just some jerk taking advantage of a desperate nation that doesn't have any real options.

3 years later and Shell still hasn’t cleaned up the Oil Spill in the Niger Delta – the Arctic is next.

For weeks Shell let it's pipes discharge oil into the once lush Niger Delta. It is now three years later and they still haven't cleaned up.

San Francisco losing its Progressive Station

KGO 810AM got rid of pretty much all radio talk show hosts...left and right wing but is keeping Ronn Owens. Ray Taliaferro is gone after 40 sad. Now, I see where Clear Channel ends Green960 on Jan. 3rd next year and replace the progressive people with Fox nuts and Glenn Beck!!! Green 960 is where we get Thom, Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, Norman Goldman, Stephanie Miller, Ring of Fire, etc. etc.

Who Expresses Disdain for both, the Poor or Unemployed and Professional Scientists?

As is well known, politics makes odd bedfellows. Attacking the poor or the unemployed, some of whom are involved with the OWS movement, and nitpicking spurious comments made by Ph.D.s in climatotology makes for a demonstration of conservative weirdness.

Walker now requiring waiver of personal injury and death from his law enforcement efforts as part of mandatory permit to protest.

Doesn't the Federal Government have to protect the American People?

<*yawn*> Obama once again yammering Economic sunshine up our backsides.

Higher taxes on the Wealthy?! oh really now

Talk is cheap during election time. Especially when Obama’s wealthy donor base understands he has to say such things about taxes to get the “little people’s” votes and that there really is no real threat of Obama actually raising taxes on the rich.

Hey Google

Coming to a Bank/Credit Union near you

Follow Thom's advice. Get your money out of all banks.


Let's consider who thinks it is okay to " thin the herd".
Yes, there are those for whom it is a logistical matter not a moral dilemma.
How many folks are at their core, content with the idea of mankind no longer on the planet?
How many think they will survive while others do not?
How do you feel about the idea your life has no right to continue?
How many folks do you know who have never considered they are as disposable as any enemy of america?
Do we join in being the killers rather than the killed?

occupy la Get Out Video on you tube by kelly deco

hi, A good friend of mine at occupy LA made this video his name is Robert Lowden.

i think it's great, what do you think?

youtube video by rlowden song by kelly deco

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How Can the GOP Run American Government If They Hate It?

The coal country state of West Virginia is in the middle of a special legislative session to deal with a $270 million budget shortfall, and it's setting the stage for Republicans to completely gut the state's government.

It's the same playbook we've seen the right-wing carry out in Wisconsin, in Kansas, in Michigan, and in Ohio.