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$3.7 to $53 billion: estimated value of bats' pest-control services in the United States.

$45 million: estimate of amount needed for white-nose syndrome response, over five-year period.

$1.9 million: amount allocated to white-nose syndrome in 2011 federal budget under Barac Obama

special thanks to the Center for Biological Diversity

Judge finds Obama and Erroll B. Davis’s BP GUILTY (NOT Transocean) of liability in Deepwater Horizon Mega Disaster that continues to kill the 99%.

You didn't see this in the Line up of News articles on Yahoo’s splash page

Campaign Promise for Obama: “I will never allow the Keystone Pipeline to be built ever – no exceptions.”

let's hear it, after all you can say it and be lying.

How is it “energy independence” to turn our Oil production over to British Petroleum in the Gulf and Shell Oil out of Paris, France in the Arctic?!?!?

i think the Washington\Oil and Gas Nexus needs a new buzz phrase

Its time for Salazar, Inouye, Baucus, Kerry, Schumer, Durbin, Pelosi, etc. to follow Hillary’s lead in getting out of politics.

And yes, you can add to that list: Geithner, Bernanke, Immelt and the rest of the Banksters.

It's our Country too.

Doug's Dozen video: 12 Subtle Differences Between Mitt and Newt (Doug's Dozen #76)

Some of the differences between Romney and Gingrich are glaring:

One is a smug, overprivileged millionaire. The other could buy and sell that smug, overprivileged millionaire a hundred times over.

One is two-faced, but at least the faces are normal scale. The other has just one face...that's the size of two.

One was disgraced by being greedy. The other feels disgraced for helping the needy.

One is a terrible speaker. The other was a terrible Speaker.

Social Security Bankrupt?

I opened the internet today and the first thing the yahoo webpage has is a story that social security will be bankrupt by 2036.

Special Interest Group’s firing of Hillary Clinton marks a new phase of corruption in Obama’s 2014 abortion of the Public Interest named the Keystone Pipeline.

Hillary couldn’t bring in the cheese for the Oil and Gas industry and she suddenly considers herself of no use to the Obama administration.

Elected Officials voting in favor of Walker’s Mining law are guilty of Reckless Neglect regardless of their constituents, if any, wishes.

Now that is one prosecution I'd donate a dollar toward.

caption on jan brewer obama picture

Yes Senator, your finger does smell like anchovies.

Inspection- Is Idiocy Viral?

"What's in the package?"

"Oh, probably a bomb."

That's a... joke? ...your author asks.

They evacuate the base.

caption on jan brewer obama picture


answer this

The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount

It's almost like they have something to hide.

With one Jill Stein-led recount effort already underway in Wisconsin and additional recounts pending in Michigan and Pennsylvania, supporters of Donald Trump are now taking legal action to stop what they say is a baseless attempt to smear their candidate.

In Pennsylvania, Trump himself has joined up with the local Republican Party to block Jill Stein's request for a recount.

In Wisconsin, Trump Super PACS are doing the dirty work and have asked a federal judge to stop what they say is a violation of due process rights.