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Authors of Comments on Keystone article reek of being versed republican operatives

Read some of the Comments that follow this article. They are not in the typical voice, tone or candor of most of the run of the mill nuts. These sound like professional nuts hired by Big Oil..

Why Liberals Favor Campaign Censorship

If people can be totally convinced by a few campaign ads, then the real objection is not advertising but democracy itself.


On January 10th, Project Veritas reporters walked into New Hampshire Polling Locations during the Presidential Primaries, saying dead people’s names. We stated the name of a dead person we got from the NH obituaries. The names of the deceased were both Registered Republican and Democrats And in almost every case, saying a dead person’s name, we were handed a ballot to cast a vote.

Iceland show

Just listened to Thom's Iceland show podcast. While all the other idiot media was countining non-stop about the Republican convention - and what it means to America - Thom was actually doing something incredibly informative.

It Ain`t Social Security...

The drug trafficking problem isn’t just “throughout Latin America” it’s also very much a problem in the sovereign territory of the U.S.A. There’s just too much money, neither Wall Street nor Washington (nor the many other lesser officials and politicians at state and local levels) seriously want to kill this cash cow.

Today’s Mass Extinction together with the Holocene Anthrocene Thermal Maximum paints a very grave image of our future.

We are in extremely serious trouble.

C'mon Moderators—Notice the Spam!

I'm counting seven spam blog posts in the blogger's corner as of this morning. I also just noticed there's no button for "offensive," no way to notify the moderators about spam on the blog post itself; only comments have this option.

Republicans love income redistribution

As long as income redistribution goes to the wealthy the Republicons will continue to love it. Despite the intent of Congress when a high tax rate was assigned the top marginal tax rate Regan felt he knew best and started the lowering of this marginal rate down to 28%. This has resulted in the largest redistribution of wealth, from the middle class, to the benefit of the rich in the history of mankind.

Mitt Romney Is Ugglesome, Vercordious And Cause For Americans To Be Latrant

Welcome to the reincarnation of Phynious Taylor Barnum - Republican/

I just got through watching When Mitt Romney Came To Town at and identify with one of the targets identified in that film - Kay Bee Toys.

My Modest Proposal

So the other day I was thinking about all the climate change detractors and denialists, and about how they seem to be infiltrating the comment sections of online news sources or the news itself. At some point if we do no change our ways this planet is going to be in a dire situation. Upon reaching this hence coming climax of doom; resources such as food, water, and a place to live will become more scarce. Then it hit me; I have a wondeful idea to ensure enough resources will be available to go around on that fateful day.

How Microbes saved the Gulf

Great Article explaining how the ecosystem dealt with the gulf oil and gas rupture.


Perhaps none of the Thom Hartmann Community’s bloggers have any particular interest in world affairs but many events taking place in the broader world will almost certainly influence all our pocketbooks down the road and may provoke further erosion of liberties in the U.S. The short paragraph that I’ve pasted below comes from an essay by Shlomo Ben-Ami that can be read in its entirety at this Internet site:

Bill O'Reilly You're Useless!

A few videos that illustrate how useless Bill O'Reilly is to the world. Oh, he may have his followers but they are of the ditto-head persuasion that follow Rush Limbaugh. I hate to judge and categorize people in to groups especially if they don't deserve it... but O'Reilly is an ignoramus and he is proud of it. The Catholic church should be embarrassed that he so loudly touts that he represents them.

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40 Years of Reaganism Behind This Disastrous Train Crash

A train derailed and crashed into a station in Hoboken, New Jersey during rush hour this morning, reportedly leaving at least one person dead and more than 100 others injured.

After everyone was rescued from the train, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called into CNN and expressed concern and confusion about the accident, asking "How could this happen?"