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Occupy: A Crucified Movement

Where Were You When They Crucified My Movement?

Chris Hedges: “And there comes a time when a true follower of Jesus Christ must take a stand that’s neither safe nor politic nor popular but he must take a stand because it is right.” “Where is the church now? Where are the clergy? Why do so many church doors remain shut? Why do so many churches refuse to carry out the central mandate of the Christian Gospel and lift up the cross?”

Understanding Obama

President Obama gave a rousing state of the union address that had us all pumped up and saying “YEAH! THAT’S THE GUY I VOTED FOR!!!”

Postal Workers

Does anyone know if there is a congressioanal mandat or law that prevents the postal service from firing any of the postal workers?

BOYCOTT BRAZILIAN AGRICULTURE: Save the Rainforest from Corrupt Corporate Agriculture and President Dilma.

Corporate Agricultural interests are purchasing the right to destroy an area of the Rainforest the size of the State of Minnesota from American-Style Democratically Elected President Dilma.


Breaking more eggs to make an omelet?

Looks like more green possibly flushing down the drain. This one is only $390 million taxpayer dollars. Don't worry, the top executives all are getting raises. The beat goes on.

Obama picks up key endorsement

Obama picks up key endorsement for the third time in his political career. Vote Chicago style this year. Vote early and often.


Pop psychology, I fear, would make "intuitive", to me, that a "leaner" (therefore overused) military may prove much "meaner" as the habits of unrelenting battle settle into subconscious animosity (perhaps there are no "mistakes"). It has been suggested that the "cold war" in the middle east should be influenced more forcefully, with respect to our refusal to let either Israel or Iran destabilize the region by threats of devastation and 'madness'.

Better Gender Equality = Better Society

A Capital Idea Part 109: Better Gender Equality = Better Society

Name and shame...

Who should bear the shame?

Hearing "Drill Baby Drill" means the 99% is getting played.

“Drill Baby Drill” means the Oil and Gas industry has the Government steal the oil deposits out from underneath what used to be People’s land so they can show it indefinitely as “Reserves” in the Assets section of their corporate Balance Sheet. Drill-Baby-Drill = use fear to extract from the Commons.




Stories that work #3 the hammer

Stories that work #3

The Hammer

Is Amazon the #1 Threat To Jobs?

The conventional wisdom is that outsourcing to places like China is the biggest threat to American jobs.

And while that's definitely true, there's a new threat on the horizon.

As it expands out from its online bookstore roots, Amazon has approached virtual monopoly status - and regular retailers are paying the price.