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Congressman King's Conservative Flaw



Are you still waiting for Obama's "FDR" moment, Thom? According to him, cuts in the budget in Wisonsin are needed. Doesn't look like your guy Obama is going to stand up for working people.





Supporter's of LaRouche Pac Refuse Meaningful Political Dialogue/Put Picture of Obama Up as Hitler

I am posting a letter that I sent today to Mr. LaRouche, whom as I understand has aspirations for Congress? His supporters are ill-informed and are inciting violence by yelling slogans like: Obama is killing people on the street! I don't expect a response to this letter from Mr. LaRouche. However, after I challenged his supporters to justify their point of view, they left their spot on the street to move on to their homes or greener pastures where they can prey on the more ignorant.

Here is the letter:

Oh, No!

Sap-sucking Florida politicians I thought I liked are currently seeking ways to legislate a solution for the high speed Florida railway which will guarantee no financial risk to the State of Florida. In that case, they feel the Governor will have to change his mind. Don't they get it? Did they study history, ever? Do they even know the history of Florida? Do they know the history of "no financial risk?" The answer is no. Oh, no!

Organizing and connecting nationally then globally

Open letter: I would propose that we citizens organize under a common belief system of human rights and civil justice nationally and globally with other like minded citizens. One of the original models of this is our nation and recently the new method for achieving what we as a people did upon founding the nation was to organize. Recent events have seemed to indicate (in my personal opinion) that those who hold high office and power are getting too fat off the suffering of people everywhere.

Picture Yourself

I like to imagine that I am granted the unlikely opprtunity to sit down and have a civil conversation with Barack Obama. It is quite fascinating to think about. I urge everyone to picture youreslf in such a situation. I am joining the Thom Hartmann website to post random thoughts. I like the content Thom brings because it is rich with factual knowledge. While listening to Thom, I always find myself researching history. I would like to share some of this knowledge and potential wisdom.

City Staff

Union members were recently compelled to accept a 1% increase after the City Manager here gave himself a 5% raise and his Directors as much as 40%! And unacknowledged are all the consultants the city hires to help them figure out how to tax our community even further. The manager is given such sweeping powers over how the city is run, that even staff have no ability to speak to citizens about the importany issues of community.

Madison, WI suggestion

Why do do a recall petition?

Or, as they did in AZ, an impeachmwnt.

How will CBS cover business?? hmmmmmmmmmmm

CBS has plans for THEIR 2012 coverage, a business news Veteran from Bloomberg.. oh wait he did work for a while at another spot, FOX.

Enjoy your lack of diversity!

"greedy" unions vs. wall street bankers

in early '09, right after the bailout, there was all kinds of backlash against giving out huge bonuses to all the wall street bankers after they had just run our economy into the ground. and all the heads of the banks came on tv and claimed that "if we don't pay them these bonuses they'll go somewhere else. we have to pay them these bonses because we don't want to lose all these brilliant employees." which was total b.s. obviously.

Sources Anticipate $900 Million CUT IN EDUCATION in Governor Walker's coming Budget

Just because he got kicked out of Marquette for cheating doesn't mean the rest of shouldn't be able to go to school!

Jane Cunningham, Missouri Labor Law & SB 222

Thom, After listening to your show yesterday I searched for Jane Cunningham's bill and e-mailed her. Her aid responded the next day and is as follows:

Yahoo blocking - unoffensive - "Comments" on Wisconsin Protests and GE

Yahoo blocking "Comments" on Wisconsin Protests and GE

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Is George Zimmerman Right?

It's time to listen to George Zimmerman. Seriously, and I'll explain in a minute.