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Why we should support the no-fly zone over Libya

First, a little history: In 1801 President Thomas Jefferson sent a squadron of frigates to attack the Pasha of Tripoli with the objective of forcing him to sign a peace treaty that would end the ransom of U.S. ships and crews. He did it without a declaration of war, and before notifying Congress of his action. (Tripoli - how ironic is that?)

It's a Man's World

The question being, how did men get the idea to batter each other in boxing rings for sport? What kind of bets are being laid now, with our five U.S. battleships in place, and three vessels of Great Britain fencing off the coast of Libya? Hello, CDR? is this Cayman Islands? I have written a little War Prayer of Thanks for you to chant with your brandies.

MSNBC as a Gatekeeper and myth...and cut CPB, PBS and NPR loose as they are another myth...

Many of us in the progressive community fondly look at MSNBC with Rachel Maddow and Shcultzie...and a while back-Keith representing the "left" on-air TV news-opinion. And likewise, progressives and lefties actually think that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Pubic Broacasting System and National Public Radio actually represent some reasonable form of "public broadcasting"...and in some minor ways, both positions are true.

A National Progressive Radio Network

Your Presidential Primary State...New Hampshire

Dear Robin,

Jobs: The Problem Government Doesn't Want to Solve

Most news stories these days are framed around the word "jobs". Political parties make their cases couched in phrases such as "job killing" or "job creation". They tell us unemployment is a persistent problem that will take years to solve. The truth is: they don't want to solve unemployment.

Time for Progressives to MoveOn from MoveOn...

I am anti-war and pro-Palestinian...period! is pro-war and anti-Palestinian...period!

If anyone on the left has any lingering doubts that remains pro-war and anti-Palestinian/pro-Israel, then the past week's conduct by should firmly inform you.

You know its AIPAC's first "grassroots" web-world adventure that AIPAC quietly put together to get out front of the wave of on-line organized activism that was soon to surge across the country...the USofA that is...

Nuclear Energy and the "Free(?) Market"

Two things that we all know the Rethuglicans are TOTALLY in favor of are Nuclear Energy and the allegedly "free" market" - you know, the (non-existent) market that the government keeps it's hands out of, and is allowed to be controlled only by the "invisible hand" of market forces.

Well then, it seems to me that we perhaps ought to examine the relationship between these 2 things that our esteemed conservative representatives are SOOOOO in favor of - do they work and play well together? NO, THEY DO NOT!!

Reduction of corporate influence in Washington

I have an idea to reduce the corporate influence in Washington. How about taxing political contributions at the top marginal rate? The funds generated could be dedicated to education or health care in the politicians home state or even district.

Manning's Quantico Torture

Anyone who thinks Bradley Manning is a traitor is apparently not familiar with the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The UCMJ not only requires soldiers to refuse illegal orders, but also that evidence of crimes must be reported. For the act of honoring his oath and truly serving his country by leaking evidence of war crimes, Bradley Manning has been rewarded with solitary confinement at Quantico.

Cutting Welfare Spending (The "Red Herring"!)

SO many people bash "Welfare" spending that I thought I'd do a very simple exercise. All it takes is an Almanac and a calculator...

Michael Moore condemns Obama for attack on Lybia

Deja vu? He's putting Obama in the same category with Bush. Blood for oil? Or because it's Obama it's for a different reason? NOT!!! Hypocrites!!

Inspection- When We Are the Enemy

Is Mike Tyson from Planet Zenu?

Mike Tyson raises and races robot pigeons. See Video.

Premiere On Call

Beck, Limbaugh and Hanity have actors call into their show pretending to be articulate listeners becaues their base is comprised of brain dead mouth breathing rednecks. I heard this on Howard Stern and googled it. Here is a link to story.

Currently Chatting

Economists Demand Universal Health Care

It’s time for universal healthcare in America.

More than 100 economic professors from across our country have signed on to a letter, calling for Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin and that state’s legislature to enact universal healthcare in the Green Mountain State.