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Republican assault on Public Employees Benefits

Don't the Republican governors shredding public employee benefits realize they are public employees?

Fishing Expedition

Okay, folks, I'm gonna cast out a line and see if I catch an clue.

Here's the bait:

Essay question, worth $2,000. Seriously.

"Given that Politicians seem to be unable to do anything about truthfulness in Political ads, what should the voter do to correct the situation?"

Now, my personal take; it's an iffy question. The straightforward answer is that voters should demand honesty in all political ads, and refuse to vote for liars and fearmongers.

Here's why Huntsman has the best shot at beating Obama...

Over the past couple of weeks I've watched with besmusement the exhaustive media analysis of the Republican Presidential candidate field. Even more so, the inexplicable amazement of the media as to why they just didnt tear up each other during the most recent televised debate by CNN. It should really come at no surprise as most of the GOP field is not out to sabotage their party chances at the presidency by putting real criticism out there which may place future doubt of any future GOP candidate.

If Obama "Compromises" with Republicans in Debt Ceiling Talks - THROW HIM OUT IN 2012

nuf said

Oh, Omaha!

Oh, Omaha! by leighmf

Oh, Omaha!
Aha! MO,
'Ho Palindrome of Mutual dread,
by the Water and the Word,
we are saved!
I somewhere read.

Ghastly, ghostly, ghouls and Walker,
Peter Falk, Whitey a Talker.
A Hollywood Star
will get a stalker.

Omaha foretells our Futures,
controls the cost of food and sutures.
There Bad Men are Badder Wizards,
selling all, from souls to gizzards.

Democrats Who Helped Put the Country in the Shape it's In: Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, Inouye,…

The following excerpts were taken from Award Winning author Robert Kaiser of The Washington Post book “So Damn Much Money, The Triumph of Lobbying and the Corrosion of American Government” pages 339-340:

The real truth behind fracking



X-NONE Barney Frank has accepted over $2 million from Finance/Insr/R.Est dating back before the Mortgage Meltdown

Barney Frank is a democrat

Barney Frank is a member of the House Committee on Financial Services (Ranking Member).

In the 111th Congress, Barney Frank was a member of the House Committee on Financial Services (Chair).

In the 110th Congress, Barney Frank was a member of the House Committee on Financial Services (Chair).

"Figgie" Plagiarized from Sheldon Script

It was discovered early this morning that the Disney Dreamfinder sidekick "Figment," or more fondly, "Figgie" originated in a Sidney Sheldon script for Mr. Ed, predating the opening of the Epcot Center. In the Sheldon episode, Mr. Ed had to teach Wilbur that bearskin rugs are an affront to the Animal Kingdom. A bear from the zoo volunteered to pretend to be a rug, then it chased Wilbur around his living room in the dark.

Thom's $35.00 cars

Hi Thom,

Public Employees, the Middle Class & Progressiv​es 2011

Progressives need to put up a candidate to run against Obama (as a Democrat) in the election.

Similar to other issues (progressive losses) across the nation, I firmly believe that the recent losses suffered in New Jersey were due in large part to the following:

Understanding 9.11 means Understanding Obama

At this stage of the game, some 10 years after the attacks of 9.11.2001, if one comprehends the effects of 9.11.2001 fully and honestly, then one can see exactly why Barrack Obama [BOMB-RACK O'DRONE'YA] is so hestitant to draw down his escalated troop levels. Perhaps this effect is best exposed in Cheney's paraphrased words from the 2004 election cycle [you remember this cycle...its when John Kerry was half-heartedly running and whole heartedly loosing]: "If Kerry is elected, we will get hit again...".

bio mass?

Why is bio mass being pushed as green energy when it emits greenhouse gas?

Pittsburgh in the 60′s: Mourning the Dead

by Sherry Pasquarello - WWH - The Burgh still has many little ethnic enclaves and we still have some old timers here that have kept to their own traditions for all the big family events.

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And Gilmore makes 17...

You need to know this... Support for Donald Trump's campaign is still growing nationally, and in early primary states, but he's not just gaining support in early primary states. A new poll from Florida shows that Trump is leading Jeb by 6 percentage points - and he's leading Rubio by 16 points.