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Thom Hartmann exactly like President Obama

12-14-2010 - Joseph Farah completely dismissed Thom Hartmann on the Thom Hartmann television broadcast today. For the first time it has become crystal clear to me that Thom Hartmann's personality when debating a hot topic seems exactly like that of President Obama.

Ohio, not Wisconsin

In Ohio, not Wisconsin, Gov.-elect John Kasich had declared dead a $400,000,0000 project that would have created passenger train service between Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland, not Milwaukee and Madison.

Thom’s insulting dismissal of progressive disgust with Obama

Thom just now said, in effect, that outraged progressives are like spurned lovers, suggesting an irrational response to having been "seduced and abandoned." So now not only is Obama insulting his base, Thom is too.

We're not that stupid, Tom

My disenchantment, and perhaps that of many other liberals, began long before this latest Obama fiasco.

Main Street Protest Song

Hello Shawn Taylor or Thom:

You might get a charge out of my Main Street Protest Song at

Love the show!

Happy Holidays!+

Police Jail Hungry, Disabled Palm Beach County Senior

In Palm Beach County, Florida, is Palm Beach island, a seriously eroded oceanfront province of traditional American industrialist luxury, an ever so eye-catching, well-tended residential area and business district as money can maintain. The biggest mistake of the rich there was to build their winter retreats along the top of the primary dune which was nature's buffer between the sea and what would have been sensible areas for humans to inhabit.

Do we know who we are?

More than 90% of Americans are being overwhelmed in the "class war" being carried out by the entitled wealthy. The rest of us are victims of a campaign of misinformation intended to confuse us about who we are. We are the working class. We are the barely-middle class. We are not the wealthy. Even if we win a million dollars in the lottery, (and the winners make headlines because there aren't many, and it isn't frequent, or it wouldn't be news).

Enabling Bad Behavior

The End (or Beginning?) of "The Great Society"?

In perhaps the ultimate irony; by choosing to stake his politcal fortune on this "Tax Deal" and appointing Alan Simpson to his defecit commission; a Democrat may be wrtiing the obituary for the great society. The evil gremlin George W. Bush started and ended his presidency by manipulating us into stunningly huge give away programs of our public's resources and power to wealthy offshore corporate monsters, and in essence to fear.

RepublicObama's "deal"

What does mean that Obama is proposing to weaken social security as a sweetener on this tax cut "deal" and continues to employ & support Alan Simpson who's anti social securiity retoric is (or should be) infamous? What's it mean that the republicans filibustered the "one time" payment to elders at the same time as he announced his "deal" and he/his administration not only had no sway but never said a word? Why wasn't at a minimum COL adjustments for social security and unemployment funded for two years or our tax give away only funded for one year?

Lean toward the Light

Labels. They help us pigeonhole people and thus begin to own them. In the book of Genesis, one of the powers that was given to Adam was to "name" the animals (Genesis 2:19). That act didn't make him stronger or more powerful over them, it just gave him an intellectual knowledge over the animals which they could not have themselves. That did not mean he could cross them off his list. His job was to guard and care for them and understand them. Except for the "care" part and "understanding" part this has been the approach of many folks in this country.

Beyond Elections Part 3

I really think that working for a democracy that gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the decisions which impact their life is a major part of what being progressive is about. American is about choice and voice! And right now we need both. We definitely need more choices than billionaire bailout or nothing! And we need more voices - voices like Bernie Sanders.

This video also shows some youth, something we definitely need more of in our political lives!

They're going to hang this around his neck....

I'm no poli sci major or anything like that, but I can see this play 7 moves out (for thosee who still think Obama is playing chess). It's sad, but this latest "deal" is just another step in the end of the country as we know or want it to be. This isn't a small issue. it's huge because it's being executed during a time when the progressive movement should be progressing. In other words, if we're allowing the republican agenda while we have power and they're pushing only republican agenda's while they're in power, who do you think is going to win the war. M

Unemployment and the Bill before Congress

I was wondering if I could get an answer to a question for which I waited 90 minutes on hold on a Cell phone during Mondays show.

If I was Anonymous....or maybe I already am?

If I was Anonymous, I would use this recent media opportunity to push as hard as possible for the global agenda of eliminating censorship and thought control. I call it global, because that is exactly what it is. Our world has become one giant network of individuals, finally freed from the constraints of time and space, through our technology. We are one world voice, one world mind, one world of people.

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Keystone would be way worse than we thought!

We already know that the Keystone XL pipeline is a disaster waiting to happen. But, it turns out that the impact of that tar sands pipeline could be even worse than we thought. According to a new study by the Stockholm Environmental Institute, Keystone could add four times more carbon pollution to our atmosphere than the State Department originally estimated.