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What is a Teacher/CEO worth?

A CEO is worth about 30 times what the lowest person in the organization is worth. Also, regarding CEO pay I'm fed up with CEOs getting their pay in stock, hold it a year for long term capital gains and pay only 15% capital gain taxes on this income! This is a travesty! I'm to the point of wondering what other ways corporations can "game" the system so highly paid individuals get off by not paying their fair share. I think if a CEO gets $400,000 and about $1Million in stock, or stock options, he/she should have to report income of $1,400,000.

difference: Neuremberg & Bin Laden

Hi Thom:

I am old enough to remember WWll and the Neuremberg trials--after WWll, there were many people all over the world--including America--who thought the Hitler crimes were made up or exagerated. Truman and many European leaders wanted people to see and hear what Hitler had actually done. The trials were done, first of all, to educate and inform the doubters and those who would deny the crimes. To the best of my knowledge, no one denies what Osama Bin Laden has wrought!


Expressing skepticism about the government's version of events, especially when ZERO evidence is offered to support their claims, does not make one a "conspiracy theorist." It just means you're not willing to simply take their word for it, especially when that word has proven to be worthless time and time and time again. This country desperately needs to drop the ridiculous politics and get real.

The Customer is Always Wrong(ed)

May 10

A Capital Idea Part 69: The Customer is Always Wrong(ed)

When I was growing up, a fairly commonly heard phrase was "The customer is always right." By this, it was meant that business people are supposed to acquiesce to the wishes of the customers or at least attempt to please their customers. Service for the customer was to be the number one goal of the customer-business person relationship.

So. I guess non-violence as a national philosophy is out.

by SisterLee -WWH – After the Sunday’s announcement that proves there is a culture of death and retaliation in which the mainstream, from the President to the primitives that swarmed the White House, swims in,,,*swim with the fishes,* indeed; ergo, the fascination with the mafia & pop portrayals li


Its true Many are fearful of Muslims . Just like in WW 2 when we put Japanese in camps.- horrible. But our primitive instincts take over when we are afraid. Logical thinking goes out the window. This will abate at some point. But the vivid Memory of 9 / 11 and people jumping out to their deaths and millions of Muslims enjoying the sight of innocent women,children, dying sticks in our brains .USA celebrating BIN laden being killed is in no way comparable... Bin laden was an evil murderer of .

Westboro protestors get what they want

Invited to speak at another high school in the area, members of the Westboro Baptist Church decided to make efficient use of their time in Columbus by staging a non-descript protest outside of the high school where I work. Holding true to form, the church let everyone know that they were coming well in advance so that they could stir up the community and get what they really wanted… attention.


Oh great wealth concentrator of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, we, the peasants, the "little people", we beseach you your royal bankster, please leave after one term

Hippie TV News Video, with Joe McEvoy (Winston Smith) May 10

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Wake ‘N’ Bake 101: Early Signs

Dr, Woody - WWH – Of Nuns, Guns, and Freedom Runs:

Undoing Citizens United

The Supreme Court decision on the Citizens United case represents the single most devastating assault on our Democracy since the inception of the United States of America. In summary: The court decision allows both domestic and FOREIGN corporations to donate UNLIMITED and UNDISCLOSED amounts of money to any political campaign they choose.

Understand this! Our government is now being controlled by UNKNOWN persons AND GOVERNMENTS with absolutely NO OVERSIGHT!!

Obama trying to make the issue killing Bin Laden instead of interrogating him first

Nice try.

But you might want to have your head examined if you think after $5 Trillion dollars the American Taxpayers didn't have the right to know what Bin Laden knew prior to your killing him.

But then again, that is probably he was killed straight away.

If the Seals had been told to take Bin Laden alive, Bin Laden would have been taken alive.

Muslim civil rights movement

Perhaps if the Muslim clerics and their followers would stand up loud and clear and disavow violence, perhaps the American people might be less fearful of them. Also, if the clerics would speak up for the rights of Israelies to have their own land as well as the rights of the Palestinians, then the American people would see the Muslim followers as more fair minded (as most Americans are).

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Climate deniers are running out of excuses...

One-by-one, the excuses for failing to act on climate change are disappearing.

Earlier this month, China proved that it's possible to quickly and dramatically reduce carbon emissions. According to an analysis by Greenpeace, our planet's largest greenhouse gas emitter reduced coal use by about 8 percent in a single year.