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Cheaper than Slavery

A Capital Idea Part 86: Cheaper than Slavery

A note to Thom

I am encouraged with the protests and sit ins. I can't imagine so many people numb to the truth. As I watched the news on CNBC business these guys are just a bunch of right wing homers, they would have us all believe that if the government printed the money back by the people, then gave it directly to Wall Street and the banks that they would disperse it equitably and justly, it would trickle down like rain and float our boats. The problem with this is that greed never sleeps, no matter what we do to appease the free traders it's always going to be one more needy complaint.

Tea Party vs. Wall Street protesters

It is interesting how, when the Tea party was organizing, the left would taking every opportunity to belittle and bash them in every form of liberal media. Hours of airtime was spent trying to convince themselves that this was a passing fad. Now, it is the Wall Street protesters, a group with no defined agenda, and the Democrat party is trying to latch on to them and create their own form of a reform movement and suddenly it is good. America at it's finest.

Is the Federal Reserve a non-profit?

Tom is always saying the Fed is not federal, so i read Ellen Hodgson Brown's book, "The Web of Debt," and Thomas H. Greco's, "The End of Money and the Future of Civilization." Both authors take a very dim view of the Federal Reserve. This is some of what I learned. The big banks that make up the Fed are not doing it as a service to the American people, but because it helps make them richer than nations. When Lincoln wanted to finance the Civil War he went to the bankers and asked them how much it would cost.


It seems to me that the one umbrella under which the "Occupy ________________" protests might all be able to agree upon is the term CORPORATOCRACY which was coined by John Perkins in his brilliant book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman"...and what better way to describe FoxNews than "One Percent News"?

so should we give them a free pass?

California solar company makes its way without subsidies.

After laying off 40 percent of its local staff and phasing out a once promising line of business,…

Lawsuit leaves large gas storage fields in Kansas unregulated.

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GOP pushing for more logging in national forests - Obama to seek "Bipartisanship."

Obama gave away logging rights to 60,000 acres of Virgin Old Growth Pacific Northwest Rainforest to get the votes he needed for Obama "Health Insurer" Care.

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Walker’s Free Hunting and Fishing Transparent and Extremely Unwise.

Pandering to his base in a bid to avoid recall Scott Walker has proposed free hunting and fishing in the state of Wisconsin.

Leigh Wins Coca-Cola Fortune from the Queen

I am to be congratulated for winning a Coca-cola wealth for the world promotion which I may receive in person in London or by wire transfer through the Reserve Bank of India, with some heavy stipulations-

Liberal Intolerance

Since I was banned by the progressive intolerence I had to change my ID to voice my opinion on this blog site. Those who accused me of being intolerent are guilty of the very thing they accused me of being. With a lack of facts to back arguments, it appears that progressives are not able to control their emotions when it comes to opposing points of view. The "CONS" as Thom so affectionately calls them are not so intolerent when a lefty blogs on their web sites. Weak arguments can't stand the heat.

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