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The World Continues to Turn

While knee deep in my new video creation I'm pausing to see what I may have missed over the weekend. Mmm let's see, Gabby Giffords gave her husband a neck rub which is cool anytime but especially now. News that she may be moved to a rehab center (not THAT kind of rehab) for her recovery from the act of a week ago (on my birthday btw) is heartening. Hopefully she will have full recovery and that she can join her colleagues in the House soon. That will be an emotional day for all of us.

Denied Giving Blood On MLK Day

I received a letter from our First Lady, Michelle Obama and wanted to give of myself for MLK Day. I decided to donate blood. I knew in the past Gay people were not allowed to give blood for valid reasons in my opinion, because the technology back then was not advanced enough for testing blood. now they ask in the questionnaire about a persons HIV status etc.which they did not do in the past.

HIPPA Myths Debunked

Today, 1/18/2011, on the Thom Hartmann Program HIPPA was discussed and it was obvious neither Thom or any of the callers had much of an idea of what HIPPA is or means. This post is designed to educate on the specific issues addressed on today's show regarding HIPPA.

The Health Insurance Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 or HIPPA was designed to reign in the health insurance industry while enumerating the Title 5 USC 552a (1974 Privacy Act) provisions regarding medical records in the 1996 version.

Poem to B. Edward Ewing

Hello, Bernie? I am Calling You

I am calling ew-
ew, ew, ew, ew, B. Edward Ewing.
Because blue spruce, doth rhyme with Bruce,
Your name I'm gluing
To the One you dread the most,
More than England's Holy Ghost!
It's Frank Kryder + Bernard Ewing,
Global Search Engines a'spewing!

How I've tried to stuff some sense
Into your head,
And pay me rents,
But your head's too stuffed with pence.

Policy Similarities Between O’bama and Gov Scott Walker (R-WI)

Obama shoveled money at the Health Insurance industry with O’bama Care and Scott Walker is doing the same with his Health Savings Accounts.

more education is not better education

While we are pushing more debt on students to get a college education Germany, who is growing at 9%, is not pushing higher education, but more lower formal technical education. They're having debt problems because they are bailing out the European Union so they aren't investing in higher education but they will still lead us in technology and jobs growth because they protect their manufacturing. Most of the students who graduated never use their major, but use the critical thinking skills in life.

tea patsies

I thought of a new name for the people who swallow the right wing propaganda: Tea Patsies

Could the NRA ever be changed from WITHIN?

I only want to ask this brief question. There are millions of SANE NRA members, who are aware of the insanity of allowing such things as semi-automatic weapons to be sold on the open retail market! Is there any chance that they can ever become a strong enough caucus to change the political profile of the NRA? Or, conversely, start an alternative group of hunters and gun owners?

(I didn't see how to POST on the message boards, and don't have much time now. So I'll pose my question this way. Thanks!)

DISCUSUSSION record shows I support this

The cleverness of the LONG LASTING SEMINAL tactic behind my position that both progressive talk radio and progressive TV should REFRAME THEIR IDENTITIES into being: "progressive discussion radio" and "progressive discussion TV" that us lefties CAN DISCUSS THINGS...and the righties CANNOT DISCUSS THINGS!

The right wing tactic is that they talk AT listeners, and do not LISTEN to their listeners.

Worldwide Hippies Activism

Worldwide Hippies is your network of independent news and views on the web.

Free press and unions only good for Communist nations?

I came across this little nugget on Newsmax: The newly-minted Republican senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, ranting about Obama's easing of restrictions on Cuba:

1911 Bank of Haiti

On the first anniversary of the earthquake which devastated Haiti, which coincides with the 100-yr. anniversary of Banque Nationale de la Republique D'Haiti, the Baby Doc has come to survey the damage. Another 100-yr bond has been revealed.

"Unemployment insurance is a pre-paid vacation for freeloaders."

"Unemployment insurance is a pre-paid vacation for freeloaders."

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