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Help, I’m in an alternate universe!

I just realized tonight that by moving to Silicon Valley, I once again moved to an area stricken by Stockholm syndrome. Why do working class conservatives refer to gambling money won by a bunch of selfish day traders as money “earned”. I’m sorry, earned, I ask. Money earned is when you provide goods or services

a 2012 Pledge for candidates...

Taking a page from Grover Norquist, why not create a pledge to be signed by anyone running for federal office which declares that the signer will not accept money or gifts of any kind from lobbyists. With an approval rating of less than 20% any congress or senate candidate should have trouble winning a close race if they haven’t signed this pledge. It will be amusing to see and hear how any of them will defend not signing such a pledge.

Did the moneyed interests behind “net neutrality” get to Reuters?

It looks like the moneyed interests behind "net neutrality" has gotten to Reuters.

Obama gives Wall Street more representation at the Federal Reserve.

Obama appears to be loath to change the status quo.

Clear Channel San Francisco's Green960 radio program change 1/3/2012 for Thom Hartmann

This is Bad News for this faithful listeners of Thom Hartmann on San Francisco Green960 from 9-12 daily. Clear Channel, owned by Mitt Romney and Blair Capitol has decreed that KKGN Green960's broadcast name will be changed to 960KNEW as of 1/3/2012 and will present a new broadcasting format for it's Talk Radio Show. They will start the day with Glenn Beck from 6-9 am replacing Stephanie Miller followed by Dave Ramsey from 9-noon, in Thom Hartmann's old spot. Then comes Randi Rhodes and Norman Goldman at their regular time.

Voter id

I've heard you mention several times that voter id laws will adversely affect "Blacks". I don't know any person without an id. I do not support the attempt to infringe on the right to vote, but the idea that "Blacks" don't have id, is not true in my family. I have no idea where you get your stereotypes and misinformation, but it is very obvious you have been misinformed about "Black" people.

I5-IRV...The Pacific Northwest Gets Into the Presidential Primaries...

Its the I5-IRV....aka...Interstate 5 Instant Runoff Voting...the I5-IRV Presidential Primary...

If citizens in the Pacfic Northwest cannot see CLEARLY that the existing Presidential Primary selection-manipulation process is a HUGE JOKE...then they never will.

some thing to do

Occupy???...80-20 A Rove idea...who's the 20%

So, who is the 20% "other" behind the origins of the "Occupy Wall Street Movement? Most likely its AIPAC...

My test Blog

WAKE UP: The benefits of discounting our future for paychecks now will be more than offset by the cost of continuing environmental failures.

A good example is the Oil and Gas industry.

Fracking: Another example of Obama leveraging the Environment for political gain.

60,000 acres of virgin old-growth pacific northwest rain forest got liquidated by Obama so he could get the votes he need for ObamaHealthInsurerCare. Now Fracking is flourishing throughout the U.S. with the expected damage to our environment - especially potable water (a critical resource.)

Everything You Know Is Wrong?

I am out to prove to you that everything you know is wrong. I'm going to write a book about it, and eventually get on Thom's show to explain it. I'm willing and happy to debate anyone on this.

Everything You Know Is Wrong?
About… (chapters of this book will include:)

Your Body
Your Mind
Your Intelligence
Your Ego
Your Family
Your Wealth
Your House
Your Nation
Your Democracy
Your World
Your Universe
Your Religion

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