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Does "Bain Trust" Use Minnie, Magnavox, & Rebozo?

I can flush out details that will cross your eyes, but this is the Cliff Notes, so we can know more about what has been done and where we really stand against the hornswogglers.

For the short form I will list the Bain Capital NIC Entities. These are entities of Bain Capital which the Federal Reserve has chosen to enter into its database and monitor for its own particular reasons. Entities are created for the sole purpose of holding assets under a created name. Money moves as entities change.

Gingrich Claims Obama is Receiving Food Stamps, Offers to Go To NAACP Convention to Lecture on Presidential Diet

Newt could probably stand to lose some weight.

It's Time For a Nuclear Free Zone.

This is the perfect time for Iran to call everybody's bluff and grab the moral high ground by proposing a nuclear free zone in the middle east with inspectors in every country including Israel. Israel will refuse, and the real motives for putting pressure on Iran will be exposed. Shutting off the oil raises the price of oil worldwide and benefits the oil companies. Oil wars are to keep the price of oil up, not down. It also helps right wing politicians in the US, Israel and Iran by using the fear of war to stay in power by rattling the sword.

Romney's tax plan

Romney's tax plan allows for a tax holiday for the money he holds offshore . Why has no one asked him about this or how much money did he bring back under the 2004 repatriation tax holiday at a 5% tax rate?

Billionaire Butt Kisser Walker meets his Waterloo, Is Obama next?

Oblah blah's widely heralded 8.6% unemployment rate when adjusted for those who stopped looking for worked over the same time period was actually only an improvement of 0.1%. According to Robert Riecht at the current rate of job growth employment will take until 2019 to recover, while it too Wall Street all of 2009 to recover.

Def. “A Tammy Baldwin SnowJob”: publishing a piece of legislation just for the sake of telling constituents that you authored it.

Even though you know the legislation doesn’t have a chance and you have no intention of ramming it through. Often used to craft an image that is agreeable to voters while retaining a good working (“ball playing”) relationship with the special interests at the center of the “lip service” legislation crafted. Often accompanied by a phone call to the special interest explaining wh

if there right

What does it take to get someone to buy you food?

In case you’re wondering what it takes to qualify

Warren Buffett

In his challenge, issued in a Time Magazine interview last week, Buffett promises to match voluntary contributions aimed at reducing the deficit by "all Republican members of Congress, and I'll even go three for one with (Senate Minority Leader Mitch) McConnell."

Mittens tax rate probably much lower than 15%...

as there are plenty of write offs. One of which is, I believe, donations to churches. My brother was a Mormon for a while (only two years) and they are supposed to tithe 10% of their income. If Mittens income is $2 million or $2 billion, the percentage would proportionally change.

Postal Service being tanked by...

the Republicans, what with the 75 year retirement funding requirement.

Question: Was it lobbying from UPS, Fed Ex, DHL that led to that legislation?

The Origins of Envy

Essential reading for all members of the Thom Hartmann community.

Rebozo Subdivision

Which section proceeds tying the G.H. Walker Lincoln Credit Suisse shares of 1959 to Charles G.

A Peacefully Creative Revolution

A Capital Idea Part 103: A Peacefully Creative Revolution

Content Producer Against SOPA

As a content producer I state that the law should NOT be used to do something the MAJOR campaign contributors could do themselves tomorrow. All they have to do is release everything all at once instead of dribbling content out to theaters, then DVD, then TV, etc. iTunes killed record stores because they went WITH the tech, not against it. Laws already exist dealing with piracy and if the studios would just use extant tech and insert unique ID codes in content audio any illegal copies could be traced to the original offender.

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Income Inequality Has Gone Up

The chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Jason Furman, recently wrote in the Washington Post that "Last year saw the largest single-year reduction in poverty since the 1960s."