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The Political and Spiritual Bases for this Progressive's Stand Against Obama

With the richest 1% of us having more wealth than the "bottom" 90% of us, and with that richest 1% doing what they can to take even more of our wealth, perhaps the greatest threat to the vitality of our society is this redistribution of our nation's wealth into the hands of the elitist few. Obama's actions (despite the pretty words of his election campaign) have at best thrown a few meager bones to the "bottom" 90% while essentially doing nothing to stop that redistribution of our wealth.

Vanity Fair/Sixty Minutes Poll -- most say raise taxes on the rich to balance the budget

The Jan 3 National Journal wrote:

"The best way to balance the federal budget is to increase taxes on the wealthy, according to a majority of respondents to a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll released on the Vanity Fair website on Sunday.

Ready to Rumble

Are you ready for some football? Congress style. Oh yes it will be fun. Speaking of fun-fact, did you know that in spite of Darrell Issa's (R-CA 49) hyperbolic statement that the President is one of the most corrupt in the history of the universe…then he changed it to the corrupt Obama administration and I think there's a few more step-downs but I haven't checked on what he's saying now…any way Obama's popularity is twice as high as any member in congress. I always thought he was a socialist and a nazi, that he was leading this republic into the darkness. Go figure.

Measuring economic progress

Thom, Yesterday Dollar General announced it was hiring 6,000 new workers and would be opening new stores all over the US.....and its stock went down. Can we put together a General Welfare and Profit Index (GWPI) that truly computes economic and actual progress in this country where current Wall Street indicators fail miserably? The GWPI would include stats on new manufacturing happening in US, less overtime and more hiring, standards and progressive regulation rising, more locally produced foods, etc. GWPI could b

The Big Lie

The following article was posted on the Huffington Post by author Robert Riech:

Who are the happy people?

Many years ago I had a summer job during college as a janitor in a large apartment complex. All the janitors lived in the inner city in poor neighborhoods and would drive together daily to work. They were all black, working in a white, fairly affluent neighborhood. To cut to the chase - All of the men seemed jovial, happy, and one just exuded joy, peace and happiness. I still remember the beauty of his countenance, that never seemed to fade. I was friends with the family that owned and operated this monopoly set of 2 apt. complexs and a large shopping center inbetween.


The Republicans have invested decades and fortunes in learning how to frame issues to reach down into the fearful guts of their supporters and effectively scare them into voting against their own economic self interest. Michele Bachmann & company make Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels proud! Tell a lie loudly and often enough it becomes their truth. Remember, a medical appointment became a Death Panel! It worked because Palin and Bachmann knew the fears of their target audience. We can do better!

The Doctrine of American Exceptionalism. From my blog at

What’s the best way to be? Is it: Better than everyone else? Stronger than everyone else? Smarter than everyone else? More morally pure then everyone else? Wealthier than everyone else?<p>The Doctrine of American Exceptionalism offers you the opportunity to be all of the above. And you don’t even have to try, you just have to be born here, or successfully immigrate and obtain citizenship and preferably w

Oregon Politics, an independent view

DeFazio linked to $1.7 BILLION mystery fund
Some background documents at

From (requires free registration to view IRS 990’s)
“The Faye and Lucille Stewart Foundation”
Faye Stewart II Director (Lane County Commissioner, Oregon.)
IRS Form 990 page 30 year 2007
US Government Securities – End of Year Book Value: 1,684,955,468
From: TY 2006 Investments Government Obligations Schedule, page 30 of 37 of

A Universal Sign

5,000 Dead blackirds at (Roswell) Beebe, and 100,000 Dead white drumfish at Beebe's Little Rock. Drumfish, like bats, are nocturnal.

January 3, 2011

A Bathurst theatre roof caved in on an Australian audience attending Disney's version of Narnia.

Biblical floods "the size of Texas" cover Australia.

The Dudley-do-Right Ripsaw waterfall burst into flames at Universal Studios, Orlando.

The United States Navy is disgraced.

A different kind of cooperative for consideration

It seems like this idea has been in my head for years now and I have spent too long thinking of it and asking close friends without getting the larger picture and views from the multitude so I am posting here to see if anyone has ideas on how likely or not this would be to work

OK, if you were in charge of $1 Billion fund to make the world or even just the USA a better place what would you think that would benefit people more from the list below or add what you believe the whole package should be aimed towards in order of importance, please

Activism, “Hippies may be the only sane and rational force left.”

WWH-The Hippie Movement of the sixties started the environmental movement, fought racism, encouraged change and questioned a life built on materialism.

For Lady Liberty

A few pics for you

Reince Priebus - RNC chair front-runner - a personal comment

I posted a brief personal experience about Priebus' failed state Senate campaign at my blog:

There is Always Hope

Without hope there is depression. Without hope there is anger. Without hope there is frustration. Without hope there is confusion. Without hope there is fear. What will you do to help create hope for 2011? Will you be a conduit for the destructive lies of 2010 that people have voiced about the U.S. turning into a socialist country? And freaking people out with images of Hitler and Lenin in the process? Lies and ignorance have pushed this country and some of its people into intellectual internment camps. I hope that changes. If not, you lose, I lose, the country loses.

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The Real Carbon “Monster” Revealed

Another day, another stupid assault on the truth by the fossil fuel industry and its paid lackeys. In a recent op-ed for the New York Post, Tom Harris, the executive director of the so-called International Climate Science Coalition -- an organization that’s funded, in part, by the fossil fuel industry -- blasted Leonardo DiCaprio for his work on “Carbon,” a new documentary on climate change that I helped write and present.