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Cooperative Argumentation and Differing Worldviews

Differing Worldviews in Higher Education:

Can We Get The Equal Rights People To Stand Against The Wars That They Oppose?

Maybe, just maybe, since one of Clinton's disasters [don't ask-don't tell] has now been signed away, the Progressive Movement can benefit from the missing support from some "usually" anti-war progressives who have been duped into supporting illegal wars and invasions for 20 years now?

Comparing Mitch McConnel to Julian Assange

It seems like it is O.K.

Cool it on the accolades for the Lame Duck,…

Nothing, if not sliding into reverse is going to happen once the Republicans come on line for the last two years of numb nuts’s presidency. He just wants to make it look like he is owed a taxpayer funded luxury vacation to Hawaii for what frankly is his simply doing his job….on some way past due, no brainer, common sense items (and they act like he cured the common cold?!)


It boggles my brain to no end when I hear Republican GOOD OLE BOYS AND GALS talk out of their butts about their experiences concerning race, religion, gender, creed, nationality, income or whatever else superficially (IGNORANTLY) separates us from one another. There have been so many remarks spewed from the lips of the unschooled that are poker tells, exposing what these people really believe.


Truthfully, 'we' really never had any problem with people being "gay", whatever that means. For a time, we had to suck up to the 'Jesus People', but it's all over now, if I can quote one of your favorite dead heroes.

But serious, killing other human beings on behalf of our corporations, I mean our country is an honorable thing to do. It's also a way to insure your family won't be gathered up when we implement phase seven. But we'll miss your whiny, pathetic cries for "social justice!" Really, you guys are so much fun-

Anonymous - Kindness is Defiance - The American Holocaust

Claims of bailout profit are most likely bologna

The word “profit” lends a positive connotation to the judgment of those responsible for the underlying activity.

Net Neutrality and sewers

Not only is net neutrality important to the commons like healthcare, its akin to public sewage systems and garbage collection. Both were vehemntly fought by landowners as a 'power grab by government' and an 'assault on freedom'.

A Very Berry X Mess

And to all my friends at Baker and Daniels and Shoaff and Evan Bayh, to the James Barretts, the James Bonds, and the Ewings, especially B.Edward; to "Walker," to Walter P. Helmke and the son of Robert Beams; to Ian M. Rolland, Rob Morrow, Billy Salin, Orange W. Maxfield, and dear Kenneth W. Maxfield; to Fred Marolf of County Line Cheese, and to all they in Leo, Indiana, Cedarville and beyond who continue to keep Minnie and the unmarked grave of Frank H.

The Republican Sausage Feast

Well, I happened to watch another day of the Senate START treaty debate on Monday. And lo and behold, the right wing kitchen known as "The Republican Think Tank" had been busy grinding out more sausage to be served to the Senate. The sausages were dished out on silver platters to three Republican senators that were each allowed to stamp their names on them. There was the Uncle Jimmy Inhofe sausage, and beaming brightly and bursting with pride were the two junior senators offering up, the Cousin Johnny Thune sausage, and the Little Georgie Lemieux sausage.

“Compromise” and “Bipartisanship” with today’s Republican Party

“Compromise” and “Bipartisanship” with today’s Republican Party means incorporating the objectives of Special Interest Groups and subordinating the needs of the people.

Challenging Obama from the left

I've lost count of how many instances President Obama has opted to capitulate to conservative politicians and and sell out to corporate interests while betraying issues previously held as sacrosanct by democrats and those who voted for him. I've lost track how many times my jaw dropped and said to myself... he's done it again. His position on net neutrality once again shows Obama to be nothing more than a lackey for corporate interests. I guess I should stop being surprised when he comes out with yet another betrayal bomb.

The continuing farce that is Barac Obama

Fresh off his latest morally repugnant wealth transfer to the rich, howsoever sprinkled with incremental peanuts for the peasants and concurrent with 21 States posting higher unemployment his royal highness Barac “Anti-Robin Hood” Obama paused only briefly to allow the gays to put themselves in service to the country (sure, why not, didn’t cost any money, and he can spin it as Civil Rights move, make them think their getti

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