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Irresponsible Senate Democrats to cave in on Keystone Pipeline.

When House Republicans passed their payroll tax cut extension bill on Tuesday which included language to force a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, Senator Harry Reid said "It was dead before it got to the Senate."

But despite that, by late yesterday, The Hill was reporting that a deal, potentially involving the Keystone end run, was in the works as Senators try to return home for the holidays by this weekend.


After more than 18 months of confinement Bradley Manning is finally to appear before a military court. This travesty of justice is the shame of a nation. Shed a tear for a country that has lost its way and stand shoulder to shoulder with Bradley Manning. The person who ought to be on trial is the feckless president Obomber. You can read a fine essay at the URL below (I've pasted a paragraph from it):

Why was show time changed on AM 1510?

Why has the Thom Hartmann show been moved to the middle of the night (10PM - 1AM) in the Boston area on AM1510? This makes no sense.

Your application goes to Neverland!

What's wrong with you?


Somehow I'm sure you've wondered why your unsolicited job applications are never answered, why your online applications receive nothing but a simple confirmation, why the recruiters you try to approach seem ignorant and - well - why it is just so difficult to be heard in the job market. Have you? I have.

Tales from a WalMart employee

Essential reading for anyone concerned about government over reach.

awful times

As a Canadian and outside observer, I've been watching and reading about the multitude of problems you are facing. I recently had a call from an old American friend who wants to immigrate to Canada. The process is quite mind boggling, beaurocratic, belittling and expensive.

AP News: “The job market is healthier than at any time since the end of the Great Recession.” 50% of American’s are struggling at or near Poverty!?!?

I see that Net Neutrality is taking its toll.

why does evil spead so quickly but nice hits red tape my mindles ramblings

why have the republicans always had a strong influence on our politics, why have there views always came first no matter who is in office they seem to controling the game when clinton was in office they were non stop shouting about one thing or another and when bush was in office they were the only voices that could be heard, why can't Ayn Rand be looked at by us americans the same way we look at karl Marx. why can't they go after people who follow Ayn Rand the same way Mcarthy went after communism. Why are the republicans turning us into north Korea.

Nancy Pelosi

To my dismay I heard Thom bragging about Nancy Pelosi on my podcasts today.

Nancy Pelosi not only voted for NAFTA, she recently voted for both the Panama and South Korea "free trade" agreements. I think the only reason she did not vote for the Colombia "free trade" agreement is because she was directly confronted about this by the press, and claimed she was concerned about the treatment of collective bargaining advocates in Colombia.

OWS Fleabagger puts 4 year old child in path of moving train.

Just when you thought the smearing of feces on police cars, or the shooting of gay porn in public was the lowest the fleabaggers could descend. We now have a new low. A "mother" placed her 4 year old daughter in the path of an oncoming freight train in protest.

Maybe the child just wasn't "viable" yet.

Over 507,000 signatures obtained in 30 days to Recall Walker, NOW ARREST MITCH MCCONNEL, BONNER, ETC.

VOTE ALL - both democrat and republican - INCUMBANTS OUT OF OFFICE

Republicans Looking Down Ticket...

In fully acknowledging that projecting possible positive outcomes for the democrats have historically "lulled" the knee jerk-lefty-panic stricken-liberals-crybaby types into NOT voting because of the famous:

"Well, it looks like we will be winning anyway so there is no need for me to vote or get involved with turning out the vote beacuse someone else will perform MY responsibilities in supporting my democracy, and of course, OBVIOUSLY, others will vote FOR ME..."

I know how to end debtors prisons

End debt. Make credit cards illegal. You must trade collateral . Demand real wages. Demandsocialized medicine and school for all. Including the 80 year olds, if they wish. End occupation . Bring service men stateside. Ground planes and drones. Make solar energy affordable to all.

Protect the bad at math. Make it illegal to have credit cards. It is abused on both sides.Everyone gets burned eventually.

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July 4th 1776 - The First Brexit

The markets have recovered from the Brexit panic, but people are still reeling in the aftermath of the UKs vote to leave the European Union, at least in part because it seems like such an unprecedented action.

But it really isn't so unprecedented.