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Liberal Intolerance

Since I was banned by the progressive intolerence I had to change my ID to voice my opinion on this blog site. Those who accused me of being intolerent are guilty of the very thing they accused me of being. With a lack of facts to back arguments, it appears that progressives are not able to control their emotions when it comes to opposing points of view. The "CONS" as Thom so affectionately calls them are not so intolerent when a lefty blogs on their web sites. Weak arguments can't stand the heat.

The 1%

The wealthy remind me of the boy from a wealthy family, with the only ball on the playground; if you don't do it his way he will take his ball and go home, so no, I don't think the wealthy care one little bit about the struggles of the middle class, small businesses and the poor and disabled.


Safety involves 2 major areas! Economic security is never talked about! I am concerned that sometimes the government thinks that safety just concerns military matters. The government forgets about the economic safety and security of the middle classes. The economic safety of the middle classes is never ever thought out! A country without a working and educated and strong middle class is DANGEROUS! I worry that the American dream is dying! Will China have their own version of an American dream---while the Americans will not?


History is important! Historians are being hi-jacked! FDR should be remembered. Can you do a show about how the powers that be are somehow trying to erase FDR from history! Bank deregulations and an improper analysis of the effects of globalism hurt the USA. How many jobs in the world are there and how many people need those jobs! Not enough jobs for the people, eh? This makes me think that economic chaos is going to happen throughout the world! Or then again, since no one in the mainstream media mentions this maybe i am wrong!

Another Betrayal

Ken Salazar

Interior Secretary

United States of America

Justice Thomas

In addition to the obvious conflict of interest regarding his wife's affiliations...


Its a pretty simple statement...

Citizens need to OCCUPY or REOCCUPY their individual responsibilities to be a functioning and responsible citizen in our democracy by doing two simple things:

1. Become more...and remian more INFORMED...about all the important elements of war and peace, our environment, economy, commons and politics and democracy...

2. Change historical "big event only" voting habits and give or withold their consent by voting in EVERY ELECTION-EVERY TIME...

Mr President, Call 2008 a full blown panic, not a recession...

GDP dropped more than 30% collectively in the 3rd and 4th quarter 2008, and the stock crash and wall street meltdown was by definition in hindsight a panic. Google panic of 1872 and the panic of 1872 and was referred to as the great depression prior to the 1929 crash. At the time President Obama was sworn in, he could not use alarming language and calling it a panic in January 2009. Doing so would have just freaked people out more and so the severest recession since the great depression language was adopted to talk people down from the ledge. However, now 3 years pos

wouldn't it be nice

Why did Harry Reid Block the vore on Obama's job bill yesterday?

The Obama campaign sent out an email today asking supporters to urge Congress to at least vote on the president’s jobs bill almost immediately after Democratic majority leader Harry Reid blocked a vote on the bill in the Senate.

Obama: “…force me to do it.” or else what?! Is he simply going to do for the Cash?

The latest and perhaps lamest excuse being offered by Progressive talking heads that undermines our democracy is the one that says Obama needs us to “…force him to do it.”

Senate Resolution 6 yields control over internet content to Cable giants.

Senators who put the interests of big corporations before their constituents are trying to push through a measure that would give phone and cable corporations complete control over the Internet.

Quote to make you think...

Quote from a Libertarian Magazine

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If You Want to Win, Go Progressive

The big question right now is whether to call Hillary Clinton a progressive, or a "moderate."

And then there's the question of who is more electable in a general election: an unabashedly progressive democrat, like Bernie Sanders; or a "centrist" democrat, like Hillary Clinton.