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  • know you want justice

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  • Occupy World Series

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    As a life-long Cardinals fan, I did not wake up the day after the World Series with the same exuberance as the night before.  Instead, I woke up feeling guilty.  Was I guilty for being one of tens of thousands in the 99% who bought a World Series ticket?  Guilty of jumping up and down like an excited little kid while cheering on the 1%

  • Occupy SF for 10/28-30

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    The mood has been festive these last several days. People were glad that the occupation remains in place, and Halloween weekend in San Francisco is still special despite the cancellation as of a few years back of city-wide parties. The Critical Mass bike ride did its usual thing but this time with cyclists in costume. Their usual ending spot for their ride is in front of our camp, and they typically have a little dance party. There were a couple of kids there. Unfortunately, I observed some people drinking beer but I think I was the only one who noticed.

  • What does the Gop have up its sleeve?

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    I know they have very deep pockets.With all the obstruction and blantant disregard for the 99%ers,  what do you think they are planing for the election in 2012?


  • The Genius of the Occupy Wall Street Movement

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    October 30

    A Capital Idea Part 90: The Genius of the Occupy Wall Street

  • holiday grog

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    If the government no longer offer the conduit through which our sentiments and needs are addressed and our rights and safety protected, and only the "free" market granting those wants, then must we not also unwisely forgo the oversight and referendum that government would provide (Mr. Paul) in favor of libertine oligarchy (the danger of which threatens us now)?

  • If I disrupted peaceable society as much as David Koch I’d be arrested.

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    i'm just saying, this two-tier justice system blows.

  • Economist David Harvey on “Can the capitalist class reproduce its power,…”

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    The following quote was taken from page 215 of David Harvey’s book “The Enigma of Capital” published in 2010 by Oxford University Press:


  • Economist David Harvey on “Another electoral cycle,…”

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    The following quote was taken from page 220 of David Harvey’s book “The Enigma of Capital” published by Oxford University Press:


  • Occupy Wall Street 6 Weeks - We Shall Overcome

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    Occupy Wall Street, still going strong in spite of police brutality.