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Doug's Dozen: 2012's Worst Rose Parade Floats

What do Barack Obama, MItt Romney, Ron Paul, Halliburton, Goldman Sachs and Occupy have in common? They all had one of these...

Could Citizens United crumble?

A brave and opinionated judge in the Montana Supreme Court speaks out against Citizens United:

“Organizations like WTP that act as a conduit for anonymously spending by others represent a threat to the political marketplace,” wrote Mike McGrath, Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court, for the majority. “Clearly the impact of unlimited corporate donations creates a dominating impact on the political process and inevitably minimizes the impact of individual citizens.”

the dark matter of international politics

Ever wondered why in the last 30 years, most of the world's governments just keep moving right. In the US, a rightward move is often followed by a few years of no movement, but we never seem to get a leftward correction, as a reading of American history would suggest we should have.

God's Anti-Republican Sarcastic Wit

Ooooh-Kaaay; I might as well fess-up, right up front - NON BELIEVER!

However, if I were a believer, I could only conclude that God really has in for Republicans. Like he's really trying to tell them something - Like he's really trying to expose them for the corrupt, greedy, money grubbing, non-Christian, bigoted, anti-American, ideologues, they have become.

The Occupy movement needs to move to phase 2: the MINS movement - Money Is Not Speech!

Thom, it got cold out here in NYC and now it's time to move the Occupy movement into phase two, and start to make a single cohesive demand. I propose we take a page out of the Frank Lunz book and brandname ourselves as the MINS movement: Money Is Not Speech movement. I thought of Corporations Are Not People movement, but CANP just does not sound very good. We are not going to win against corporatist republicans until we fight like they fight. Branding and coalescing behind a simple message is a basic strategy that democrats and liberals are consistently lacking.&nbsp

hope this happens

Republican Leadership Must Be Taught

Arguably since the the swearing in of Ronald Reagan, and more obviously since W, the leadership of the Republican Party has been on a steady course to disolve all that Americans hold dear in order to improve their own personal wealth and power. Finally the American public is starting to wake up to that fact, yet few Republicans are willing to hold them accountable and vote outside party lines. If these ultra-right leaders aren't shown that they are not more powerful than the public that they try to manipulate, then nothing will change.

Obama’s sanctions against Iran Oil is HUGE hand out to Oil and Gas Industry.

Sanctions will do at least two things: 1) raise prices at the pumps and 2) the seven sisters will have less competition. Sometimes, I wonder if the threat posed by Iran nuclear blah blah is even real.

Obama unnecessarily letting economic hardship to persist in order to disparage Republican Party.

"oh its the republican's fault" is what Obama wants to hear and repeating it is part of the problem. Obama needs to take ownership.

Jesus is sitting in a bar with Mother Nature,....

Jesus is sitting in a bar with Mother Nature and says “I give up! I’ve tried everything to warn them! Birds falling from the sky, fish die offs, record temps! But they just won’t listen!”. “It’s Ok, just drink your beer, don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it, and we can try it again using a clean slate”

Obama’s Profits for International Oligarchs: “Working the petroleum plantation in the cancer corridor”

Obama said he "would do everything possible to make sure our international corporations were competitive overseas" and apparently that includes exporting oil and gas and sticking the American People with the environmental cost.

New Military State: The intent of Obama’s Defense Authorization Act is irrelevant, what matters is the final wording.

The “intent” is just the marketing piece of the equation. Whether that intent is manifested in the final wording - or more precisely what the final wording lets a President get away with - is a different matter.

As our leading export Oil and Gas guts our supplies and fuels profits of International Oligarchs at the expense of the American Peoples’ Commons.

Only lobbyists say that Oil and Gas has to be our Leading Export.

U.S. sales of fighter jets soar in time for campaign.

It blows my mind that people don’t find this reprehensible.

Obama puts sanctions on Iran Oil: How will you cope with gas at $5.00 per gallon?

The sanctions will boost circular profit making. For instance, $5.00 gallon at the pump will bring more justify pursing more dangerous, damaging, and expensive oil and gas production. The dangerous and damaging aspect of this marginal exploration will be justified using claims like “energy independence”.

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Nuclear Plant Has Been Leaking For Four Years

According to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Entergy Corp has allowed highly radioactive waste to leak into a contained area at the FitzPatrick nuclear power plant for the last four years.

The FitzPatrick plant is near Oswego, New York, but the NRC has said that the leak "poses no immediate risks to any residents or the environment."