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Obama Democrat Ed Schultz uses his show to shill for the Fracking Industry and deny Global Warming.

Hey Ed you big Jackass the reason there is snow in most of Minnesota and Wisconsin this December is not because of “El Nino” its because of Climate Change. Its 12/26/2011 in Madison, WI and its over 40 F outside. And btw, brain trust Climate Change and Global Warming can make or break El Ninos!

Frustration with our current political environment

I am so frustrated with things as they are now, and that some things don't appear to change. I am 56 years old, but have paid attention to politics for the last 10 years. So I think they are getting worse, but is it just I am just realizing how bad it has always been.

The United Fiefdom of Vespucci (A "Natural Lefty" Production)

A Capital Idea Part 99: The United Fiefdom of Vespucci

Barac may have been a good man, but with the Clintons and Koch brothers he fell into the wrong crowd.

Remember Barac’s campaign words “judge me by who I surround myself with”.

Sorry Barac, I got no more votes for ya or for that matter any democrat or republican.

The Royal Christmas

The Royal Christmas, a review by leighmf of the efforts of British Publicists toward improving the palatability of "Royalty" to Americans whose every last cent is siphoned away as royalties of one sort or another

Old Prince was rushed to Hospital,
the Queen was dressed in yarn.
Charles gave Camilla
a box of socks to darn.
The Duchess was so fetching
dressed as Robin Hood-
no Alms this year will be dispensed
for the commmon good.

IMF Ratcheting up the Fear!? Look out, the 1% Banksters are trying to justify a forthcoming wealth consolidation.

Wall Street wants another country? Billionaires want another bailout? Gov’t approval of an unpopular business deal? I can’t wait to see!

a few facts

"Michelle Obama’s taxpayer-funded spending is an embarrassment for the White House."

Swarosvki crystal toilets and $2 million dollar bras have a friend in Michelle Obama courtesy of the American Taxpayers.

...good will towards men

The "capitalist orthodoxy" (rugged individualism) cannot, I think, be permitted to dominate the discussion in the public forum; but a coherent, if "unconventional" (protestant?), creed as yet escapes the "new nationalists" upon whom the President called. The pervasive pauperization and privation that deceit and greed have wrought pesters our consciences and provokes our ire, but that is not enough to trigger relief (perhaps the triggers in economic policy and demographics will be), I say.

Government Personhood

The words "The Government" are no more human than "Corporation," yet we accuse government of every sort of bad behavior, misery, waste, hypocrisy, and act of poor judgment generally associated with humans. "The Government" itself is too "General" a term, if you know what I mean, since there are various forms of government.

You can gain a junkie’s allegiance by giving them dope, but it is an irresponsible and selfish thing to do.

The same dynamic holds true for a President who enables an electorate’s addiction to cheap gas. All the President ends up doing is harming the electorate for his own personal gains. And give the circumstances with Global Warming it is wildly irresponsible for Obama to take measures to cater to the Oil, Gas, and Nuclear energy industry.

What if Obama Lost in '08?

Given the behavior of congressional republicans this past week, well really since the dawn of the Obama Era, I shudder to think of what a truly miserable country we'd be had Obama not been elected: McConnell and Boehner would have piratized Medicare and Social Security, we'd be at war with Iran and who knows who else while still in Iraq, we'd be <

Trading robots, transaction tax

Trading robots account for 70% of all shares traded on Wall Street. The transactions take nanoseconds. The average “investment” lasts for two seconds.

The really sad thing is that these computers and associated algorithms are remarkable in their ability. If the resources that went into developing them were instead diverted to tasks that add value to society we would all stand to benefit greatly.

Could Upton Sinclair Be Delared A Terrorist? How Ugglesome.

1934 was an interesting year in California Gubenatorial politics, not because a first time Republican candidate won. This was a fate common in the Golden State during the first half of the 20th Century.

Rather it was the man who lost, Upton Sinclair, who ran in part on the basis of his ground-breaking book, The Jungle. He came within six weeks of winning, but GOP tactics similar to those we're experiencing now swung the state for his opponent.

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