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Article: Spooning With Banksters

Or, "Unkiss The Austerity":

article here

peace in our time ... ?


Response to conversation regarding the U.S. founded as a Christian Nation

Even if that was true, we have what is known as FREEDOM OF RELIGION in this country. That means the FREEDOM to practice ANY religion we so choose without persecution. I say to anyone that supports the argument that this country was founded as a Christain nation that if you don't believe in freedom of religion, you don't believe in the United States of America. The American concept is about diversity, not singularity. So many hard-core Christians see Muslims as their enemy. They have forgotten the words of their Savior "Love your Enemy." Only thro

Former Mansfield High School Teacher Here

I worked at Mansfield High School for six years so I can speak about that district pretty well. All Texas students are REQUIRED to take a foreign language to graduate. Most schools offer one or two (usually Spanish and French) but Mansfield has been proactive about offering languages. They include:

Mandarin Chinese
and now Arabic.

Mansfield is a suburban district of Dallas and is VERY multicultural. They also have an openly lesbian Superintendent and Principal.

Christian values & vices

Do you know the 7 sins, if you do I'll bet you don't know the virtues!

We are told about the sins and what not to do but I don't recall ever hearing about the virtues and what to do.
The point here is that you can't expect virtious behavior by enumerating sins and omitting virtues. I believe this is at the core of much failure!
Regardless if your christian or believe the US was founded on Christianity (I am not & do not) good values and good habits along with education makes good citizens. Good values, virtues and spirituality should belong to every person, including corporations.

Past Video Projects

Teaching Arabic.


You should have told him to be happy with the teaching of Arabic because then the Kids will be prepared for our endless wars in the middle east.

Is the Administration forcing peasants into accepting low paying jobs?

More than once, Bernanke has announced that unemployment will remain high for a “long” time. Ok, I appreciate the bad news,…I guess?. Now, O’bama has just expressed his intent not to extend additional unemployment insurance to 99rs despite the boost to the economy that would result.

“Constitutionality” of the Insurance Mandate – a rolling of the eyes

Yea, yea, the insurance industry gave O’bama a huge legal opinion drafted by top industry lawyers regarding the legality of mandating that everyone buy a service provided by a private for profit entity. And yea, yea, history would seem to offer a similar precedent for this or that, but ya know what,….all of it is bullshit.

Short sighted Obama creating precarious society

The proof is beginning to manifest in the pudding and the American people need to be objective. Obama’s conduct is far from laying the foundation for a just and good society:

Wealth Concentrates further during bailout and foreclosure Crises under Obama

“…a country in which the top 1 percent has seen its share of the nation’s overall wealth jump from 34.6 percent before the crisis, in 2007 to over 37.1 percent in 2009. Moreover, the wealth of the average American plummeted during the crisis – the median American household net worth was $102,500 in 2007, and went down to $65,400 in 2009 – while the top 1 percent saw its net

Authoritarian conservatives really only have one goal.


this goal has a few parts:
- if it is not considered property, make it property.
- if it is not their property, make it their property.
- if it is their property keep it, ever increasing in perpetua.

Clinton Economist derides Obama Care

“As I’ve pointed out, in order to gain passage, the White House and Democratic leaders brokered deals with Big Pharma and private health insurers, who demanded in return that any so-called reform improve their profitability. The resulting legislation does not adequately control future costs, and it will require that Americans pay more for their health insurance than they would have had the deals not been made.”

Frank's SSN & The State Bank of India

Hard as it is to digest, O G-Men and Women, it is even more difficult to find the facts as this matrix solidifies. So it was with the lineage of The State Bank of India, within whose FDIC history matched a date Carlyle Management Group as CMG generated an entry in the Federal Reserve database by changing names to CNLBANK WEALTH MANAGEMENT:

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Without immediate global action on climate change, today's teenagers will be forced to live with the consequences of our inaction. The World Bank has issued their third report of climate change, and it says that global temperatures could rise by as much as 4 degrees Celsius by the time today's teens hit their 80th birthday.