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Priority, it’s what Campaign Donation gets ya with Obama,….

The following quote was taken from page 64-65 of “AFTERSHOCK” a book by Robert Reich published by Knopf:

Mills B. Lane, Jr.

1961 is the 50-yr midpoint in a 100 yr. (Standard Oil/Haitian Bank) bond between 1911-2011. Sure enough in the great Book I found Mills B. Lane, Jr on the Citizens & Southern Advisory Board with Uncle L.H. Parris, inventor of the blue-jay spanker. Though it was his last year in banking. Bunny met Frank Kryder while living with Aunt Ep and Uncle L.H. in Atlanta.

What relative events to the bond might I have for the year 1961?

Corporate Traitors?

Considering the clear effect of the Cause, exporting jobs/factories overseas in massive numbers with the resultant deterioration in our economy, I think it is time to refine a framing of the worshiping of domestic personal/corporate greed as possible traitorious behavior. Drawing a fine but clear line is long past due. Primary loyalty to a foreign state over one's own is now an inadequate concept. Our economy is globally based, so must our concepts of ethics be globally based, as long as nation states exist.

Today from Worldwide Hippies

"Your job is to go shopping"

Dear Stephanie Miller:

The economy suffers from a failure in aggregate demand.

Barac is increasingly a lost cause

Comcast merger; a recent Executive Order to deregulate businesses more; Net Neutrality that actually censors ; Banksters; Tax Credits to Billionaires; No climate change regulation; BP disaster; dealing away the public option to the Health Insurance Industry; assistance to international corporations running amuck; policy similarities with Republican Governor Scott Walker; trying to orchestrate an economic recovery from a fa

Poem to Beers, Mallers, Backs, & Salin

Of Counsel, K.W. Maxfield

My dear Beers, Mallers, Backs & Salin
God made you rhyme with Sarah Palin.
I'd say it's quite as dread a curse
As the orphans in your purse.
I think about your Camden bank
And why Camden, New Jersey's rank.


What about the Native Americans?

It seems like we really need to go back, and strengthen our county's foundation. We need to go back, and do things that attempt to restore some of the Native's culture. Something must be missing for them in the package "deal" that they got; after all, they seem to have the highest suicide rates of any race in the U.S. Also, I bet that if we let them have a much stronger influence in our policies, the country, and the world, would end up the better.

republicans keep talking about Hipaa - can you answer me this?

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Wheeler & Loughner Mentally Ill?

1. Wheeler

Recent information published on the Wheeler case implicates a lengthy, complicated array of mental illnesses which Wheeler has sustained for his whole life, girded with "genetic disposition," as a motivating force for him to have somehow undergone a sudden change of personality and wandered into his own demise. Considering his list of disorders, it is stunning that such a person would be appointed as an inside Aide, worked at Shea & Gardner, and was a consultant at The Mitre Corporation.

2. Loughner

The World Continues to Turn

While knee deep in my new video creation I'm pausing to see what I may have missed over the weekend. Mmm let's see, Gabby Giffords gave her husband a neck rub which is cool anytime but especially now. News that she may be moved to a rehab center (not THAT kind of rehab) for her recovery from the act of a week ago (on my birthday btw) is heartening. Hopefully she will have full recovery and that she can join her colleagues in the House soon. That will be an emotional day for all of us.

Denied Giving Blood On MLK Day

I received a letter from our First Lady, Michelle Obama and wanted to give of myself for MLK Day. I decided to donate blood. I knew in the past Gay people were not allowed to give blood for valid reasons in my opinion, because the technology back then was not advanced enough for testing blood. now they ask in the questionnaire about a persons HIV status etc.which they did not do in the past.

HIPPA Myths Debunked

Today, 1/18/2011, on the Thom Hartmann Program HIPPA was discussed and it was obvious neither Thom or any of the callers had much of an idea of what HIPPA is or means. This post is designed to educate on the specific issues addressed on today's show regarding HIPPA.

The Health Insurance Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 or HIPPA was designed to reign in the health insurance industry while enumerating the Title 5 USC 552a (1974 Privacy Act) provisions regarding medical records in the 1996 version.

Poem to B. Edward Ewing

Hello, Bernie? I am Calling You

I am calling ew-
ew, ew, ew, ew, B. Edward Ewing.
Because blue spruce, doth rhyme with Bruce,
Your name I'm gluing
To the One you dread the most,
More than England's Holy Ghost!
It's Frank Kryder + Bernard Ewing,
Global Search Engines a'spewing!

How I've tried to stuff some sense
Into your head,
And pay me rents,
But your head's too stuffed with pence.

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When Eric Holder eventually steps down as Attorney General, he will leave behind a complicated legacy, some of it tragic, like his decision not to prosecute Wall Street after the financial crisis, and his all-out war on whistleblowers like Edward Snowden.