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It Is Most Important That President Obama Sees This

(Keith Olbermann Special Comment July 11, 2011)

Dangerous 22 State Heat Wave Crippling Agriculture but will the Rich Win on Debt Talks?

priorities and values

Kingdom of Transportation to Fall

Tractor-trailers colliding with trains, endless strange happenings, explosions, on land, in air and sea. It all happens before your very eyes- like Extreme Danger TV. This promises to be the SUM of every movie you have ever seen, every book you've read, and every song you've sung. It's old J. Jones and the Bush Rangers of Botany Bay come to hunt down the Highway Robbers of yore.

Countdown with K.O. Special Comment for 7/11/11

in case you dont have Current TV, watch this youtube link to Keith's special comment last night , its brilliant.

Richard White on the July 11 show

I don't want to quarrel or quibble with Richard White ("Railroaded") or his comments during the July 11 show...being a Stanford alum myself . However let me point out that the classic book on the subject, perhaps with more emphasis on the history and the consequences of building the railroad, is "Nothing Like it in the World" by Stephen Ambrose.

Obama’s Debt Ceiling “Peas” and “Band-Aids” Analogy

"Wee-Wee'd Up" was cute but you're not fooling anybody here. You can't possibly be that niave.

Kaiser Foundation explains Obamacare in less than 10 Minutes!

A simple animated video from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Pass it around!

Que je pense....

Republicans in congress are endangering this country and economy- ENDANGERING! Endangering all our lives. We progressives I guess need to help the Dems come up with short Bush-like sentences and phrases that catch the blunt truth in simple terms and repeat them ad nauseam. The Republican Mantra: Cutting programs and assistance to everyone but the wealthy. Republicans don't play fair; they don't want to pay their share! I like the verb "to endanger"


Testing to see how Thom's blog handles images, here's an image from my website,, entitled: LABOR!

60 MINs: 10’s of Thousands of Vet suffering from Homelessness and Untreated Trauma – Tax Hike on Super Rich NOT likely.

Maybe we should switch from our so called democracy to a society modeled after author Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery"?

Major Overhauls...GOOD!

I continue to make the point that the biggest problem that we as progressives have is that a significant portion of our population, the ones who have been responsible to oversee the US Governement via becoming informed and making solid choices for representatives and Presidents for the last 30-40 years, are still asleep at the controls.

Why Do Logically Challenged People Always Vote Republican?

I just Googled this question and it seems many people out there in the land of the Internet have also pondered this phenomenon. We, who have lived as middle class citizens all our lives (you know we, the lucky ones, who have managed, by the skin of our teeth, to hold on to the status the mega-rich often refer to as, The Bourgeois.) want to know why people in the same situation as us, turn their backs on logic and vote for the rich people's party.

A War of Adjectives.

What we have here is a war of adjectives. It's a staged war, and the main actor is John Boehner, and Boehner's daily recital of talking points like "job killing tax hikes" has become a silly song.

Remaining Obama supporters now Sputtering Fools ?

Or they have no genuine concern over the sufficiency of Medicare and Social Security because of their economic position.

Is Obama driving an economic wedge down the middle of the Left? After all, the Washington establishment of Republicans and Democrats has dissolved into the parties of economic royality versus peasants why shouldn't the voting public be so split with a psuedo-republican democrat of a President?

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