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Zuccotti Prk 1/26/2012 Seems we need to rekindle the fire!

Mighty Apple

WOW - Apple sells over 400,00 iphones and 100,000 ipads a day! And every one made in a Chinese sweat shop!

Water Power Engines

Time has told what a lie democracy turned out to be, I dont have an answer from TSA as to why the 7th building at the world trade center turned into dust like towers 1 and 2 with out getting hit by a plane or anything else. The fact that Thom does not understand what 911 was all about is sad.

Banksters feeling the potential heat.

While watching CNBC this morning, I watched Maria Bartiromo interview Jamie Dimon of B of A at the Davos Switzerland big shots conference. It might be interesting to watch a clip of it at; if available. Jamie was starting to sound or trying to sound like one of the 99%. A Wolf in Sheep's clothing.

In a Country of lies, the truth is heresy


Somewhere a broom is the drearly sweeping, up the broken pieces of yesterday's life.

Somewhere there is a governor who resembles the working end of a broom. Truth be told she has lost the handle to her broom.Woud someone in Arizona please help Jan fixer broom so she can fly away out here.

The race to control the World's fresh water continues with heavy involvement by Wall Street.

this is going to be a problem if it isn't already.

Ignorance Is NOT Bliss - GOP RESPONSE

This is an addendum to the blog GOP RESPONSE

Ignorance Is NOT Bliss!


Mishima First point:
A healthy 30 year old CHOOSES not to pay for health insurance and he goes into a coma.

Bernanke inching toward another road of Quantitative Easing to give Mega Banks money

trickle, trickle, trickle (yawn)

life sucks

O'Donell -- great question!!! When has a successful businessman succeeded as a president?

When has a successful businessman succeeded as a president?

Lawrence O’Donnell asked this tonight on his show of Tim Pawlenty.

The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount

It's almost like they have something to hide.

With one Jill Stein-led recount effort already underway in Wisconsin and additional recounts pending in Michigan and Pennsylvania, supporters of Donald Trump are now taking legal action to stop what they say is a baseless attempt to smear their candidate.

In Pennsylvania, Trump himself has joined up with the local Republican Party to block Jill Stein's request for a recount.

In Wisconsin, Trump Super PACS are doing the dirty work and have asked a federal judge to stop what they say is a violation of due process rights.