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A war of ideas fought in a cloud of opinions

It's very depressing to see the level of discourse in America today.

Remember, you are not the Illuminated ones, and you don't really know a single true thing.

Your opinions are figments of someone else's imagination.

Your belief systems are figments of someone else's imagination.

All of it is designed to keep you as slaves.

Your Pharaoh is God King. A few of his coins is all you'll ever get.

Submit, and take your rightful place in the world.

Net Neutrality: “Auto” search icon replaces “Mail” icon’s top spot in Yahoo sidebar.

look at the Yahoo splashpage that comes up on your browser

I got first dibs riding shotgun out of here with the next flying saucer that stops by!


New Documentary on Komen Foundation Comes out Today!

It's called Pink Ribbon, Inc. and the trailer can be found here:

pass it on, spread the word, tag your it.

WARNING It’s Starting: United Nations warns of Enormous Food Crisis rapidly approaching with 9 Billion People by 2040.

This week the United Nations released a report stating that the expected strain on food and fuel supply from global population growth -- predicted to reach 9 billion people by 2040 -- hasn't been adequately addressed.

Republicans refuse to let Keystone Pipeline die – sneaking approval language$$$ into EVERYTHING!

If approved, how can something conceived of stealth, beguile, purposeful omission of material facts, etc be considered a genuine law?!

This from the Center for Biological Diversity.

Roseanne Barr for Pres in 2012 has my Vote!

Romney counters by appointing “the situation” as his chief of staff!

Bush brought us Imma-dinner-jacket, and Obama will probably bring us…?

18-Mile Crack Seen by NASA in Antarctic Glacier and it’s growing longer: 350 square mile iceberg expected.

Just a bit ahead of schedule don’t ya know, but hey! Profits, profits, profits! and Miami can just roll up their pant legs! (joke: they wear shorts in Miami)

Allen West Tea Party Hitler

Allen West tells liberals and President Obama to, “get the hell out of the United States of America.”

When I heard and saw this on the Martin Bashir show… Let me tell you, even in these times of pure hateful INSANITY, I was taken aback. Now the sorry-ass Tea Party legislators have gone too far.

Planned Parenthood

I am disscusted with the way Planned Parenthood has been treated.

I am astonished that in this day and age, that we are still arguing over Roe vs Wade and the de-funding of Planned Parenthood. Claiming that Planned Parenthood does a majority of abortions. Well this just isn't true!!

Planned Parenthood is consistantly being singled out by the Republican Party, and the The Right To Life Organizations.

Groundhog Day

It's Groundhog Day. The day when we try to figure out who's right about when the seasons start.

The Right To Work for less

The number of states changing to the Right To Work for less law is growing. We know through statistics that these states will have a $5,000 dollar annual reduction in wages, that these states will have less health care and an increase in the number of deaths related to the reduction in health care, not to mention the number of workers who will be injured through a reduction in worker safety compared to the union states.

once apon a time

Susan Gee, Come On!!! See Pink, Inc.

SUSAN G. -- COME ON!!! Everyone, go see the movie Pink Inc., out today! In the larger view...

I've Found Thom Hartmann's Twin?

Is anyone but me amazed at how many books Thom has authored or edited? Did you think there was anyone out there smarter, brighter or talking on more important topics than Thom? Or if there was anyone who could author and edit books with more regularity than Thom?

Cory Booker's Vote Shows Why To Get Money Out Of Politics

On Friday House Republicans joined their Senate colleagues and approved a measure that will allow them to repeal Obamacare using a process known as budget reconciliation. Meanwhile, the pressure is growing on them to come up with some kind of replacement plan.

Unfortunately, they still don't have one.