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Obama's "negative capacity"

With the NFL playoffs looming and being from Wisconsin, go Packers, team loyalty has again taken hold of me. But I have team loyalty in other places also. My father was a working man, raised six kids, feeding and housing them on a working man’s salary. He worked over twenty years at an automobile factory.

Betsy McCaughey’s role in the healthcare debate

To find out where all the misinformation about the healthcare law is
coming from, you only need to read the Wikipedia article on Betsy
McCaughey. James Fallows of the Atlantic Monthly described Betsy
McCaughey’s role in the healthcare debate: "She has brought more
misinformation, more often, more destructively into America's
consideration of health-policy issues than any other individual. She
has no concept of 'truth' or 'accuracy' in the normal senses of those

The Real American Exceptionalism

January 17

A Capital Idea Part 52: The Real American Exceptionalism

Yes, The United States is an exceptional nation in many ways with an exceptional history, but that is in the past, and an honest analysis of our history reveals as much to be ashamed of, as to be proud of. What I wish to discuss today however, is what has become the new, dysfunctional American exceptionalism, an exceptionalism which keeps Americans from critically examining their nation or changing what is wrong with it.

Dr. King Peacemaker

Hi, Thom and friends,

Dr. King was much more of a peacemaker than many give him credit for. His speech, "Beyond Vietnam" was given one year to the day before he was murdered. It raised a lot of opposition, even among his own people, but is IMHO the best speech he ever gave. It was truly prophetic in that you could now substitute the names Iraq or Afghanistan for Vietnam and they would fit perfectly.

Preserving the Concentration of Wealth while delivering an Economic Recovery needed due to a failure of Aggregate US Demand.

Goldman Sachs has picture of China that it uses on its Corporate splash page so it’s no wonder that Bernanke and Banksters are place the same bet.

Wisconsin expected to reverse concealed weapons ban

Title: “Wisconsin expected to expand gun owner rights”

Worldwide Hippies News and Stuff

We believe in “power to the people”.

To point out injustice or right a wrong is all of our responsibility. Join with us and get active.

<strong>This week</strong> Has Big Brother really influenced WWH? Is that an ice cream cone in your pocket or are you stealing my horse? HippieLeaks - Worldwide Hippies file... and more

BABY DOC returns to Haiti. WHAT is going on here, Secretary Clinton and President Obama???

Now how is this possible?

The U.S. wouldn't even let relief shipments into Haiti -- but Baby Doc can get in???

Who is paying for this? Is it being paid for with the relief money that has not been used for Haitian relief as promised???

Is Baby Doc back in Haiti at the INVITATION of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and unofficial ambassador Bill Clinton? Does this have President Obama's blessing???

Terrible to hear about Baby Doc's return.

And is it Slaver Code to have this happen ON Martin Luther King Day???

The Difference Between Neutrality and Objectivity

This blog comment examines the ascendance of neutrality over objectivity, the apparent attendant disregard for offering facts that support assumptions, the idea of shared responsibility and where these effects might lead us

Baby Doc, CIA, Colonial & INB

Recall that Indiana National Bank (INB), now NBD, was the original custodian in Indianapolis of assets of the Knights of Pythias, including their troubled mutual protective, United Mutual Life. In a closed door deal in 1936 the failing UML was merged with American Central (aka Wells Fargo) Life to form AUL, American United Life.


America needs a public option. I am for Medicare for All.

Chicanos and MLK

Thom was talking about solidarity between Dr. King and poor whites and others. Dr. King reached out to the Chicano movement and worked with "Corky" Gonzalez, Tijerina and others.

Here is a link with some information.

Happy MLK Day! Peace to all!

(It is also the anniversary of La Raza Unida Party)


example one of why we should support Julian Assange, would Chase have made todays addmission without the fear of the coming docu-drop? the corporate media is just reporting the supposed illegality of wikileaks and for some reason just a smidge of the content. we will see wednesday when the BOA docu-drop is supposed to happen (net neutrality providing)

A message from my id, my weaker side...

"You are the masters of the world.
You steal our little boys and girls.
You start wars just for fun.
You must think that we're so dumb..."

Will The Tucson Tragedy Teach Us To Just Kind Of Get Along?

The below story is a heart wrenching tale of the times we live in.

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End. Fracking. Now!

California is already dealing with the worst drought in that state's history. So, the last thing residents needed was to learn that some of their dwindling water supply has been contaminated.