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Michael Moore condemns Obama for attack on Lybia

Deja vu? He's putting Obama in the same category with Bush. Blood for oil? Or because it's Obama it's for a different reason? NOT!!! Hypocrites!!

Inspection- When We Are the Enemy

Is Mike Tyson from Planet Zenu?

Mike Tyson raises and races robot pigeons. See Video.

Premiere On Call

Beck, Limbaugh and Hanity have actors call into their show pretending to be articulate listeners becaues their base is comprised of brain dead mouth breathing rednecks. I heard this on Howard Stern and googled it. Here is a link to story.

1, 2, 3, SCREAM! Jim DeMint's Theory Of Relativity

There is only one word to describe this lunacy... SCREAM!

'The Bigger Government Gets, The Smaller God Gets'

What Happened in Madison CANNOT STAY in Madison...

After attending yet another "Peace March" in downtown Seattle this past Saturday...and after watching the gathering literally march in circles ending up back in the same place doing the SAME things...a repost of CI...Civil Informationing is demanded.

No, I didn't march the entire route with them. I stopped at Pike Street Market and bannered and CI-ed in front of about 2000 people as the march walked all around to nowhere. BTW, my bannering was seen by TEN TIMES more people than their entire march event was seen by...

The roots of the White House's "Little People" Comment

The following excerpt if from an interview with Lloyd Blankfein head of Goldman Sachs (“Government Sachs”) published in the “Times” (London) after the financial collapse. When you read it think of what it has to say about the corporate culture the White House chooses to steep itself in. And maybe you’ll understand the Obama Administration’s use of the expression “little people.

110 cruse missiles fired at Libya. There goes $110,000,000 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The current breed of cruse missile cost about $1.1 million each. This is simple math. The more difficult math is the replacement cost of these weapons. A new generation of cruse Missile is projected to cost only $600,000.


I guess that you could argue that this is a stimulation for good American Aerospace Union jobs, but it is difficult to actually find out where the parts are made. We assume that they are made in the U.S. But who knows.

Japanese Government acting like Obama on amount of Oil BP spilled

The White House sent “experts” to help with Japan’s nuclear crisis all right.

A is for Atom - Adam Curtis

One of the best things I have seen regarding Nuclear Power in the early years.

"labor" or "workers" rights...what's the difference?

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Progressive Government Is Obsolete

The rule-based civil service was a step forward from Tammany Hall. But today's regulations stifle government workers at a time when getting value for tax dollars is more important than ever.

In the early 20th century, the progressives championed a rule-based approach to public-sector management that was a big step forward from the cronyism and corruption of Tammany Hall.

Email from former conservative


Would it be possible to post the email that Thom read this morning, March 18, regarding the former teacher who left the Republican party and became a Democrat. He had been a strong supporter of conservative organizations, but Wisconsin caused him to turn the corner

It was an amazing letter. I would really like to send this to everyone I know, liberal and conservative - and post on Facebook.

Many Thanks,

Lois Grandi

When did YOU stop voting Republican?

This obviously doesn't apply to everyone. For those it does, I'm curious what was the last straw for you and when did you wake up?

For me the last straw was Iraq and I voted for Kerry in 2004.

How about you?

Supreme Court Betrayals

Missing from the progressive conversation involving Supreme Court activism in recent years, is the case of the Plaintiffs vs Exxon-Mobil . Much has been said about Bush v. Gore, and of how the SC used the 14th Amendment to quash the Florida vote count, and about the more recent Citizen's United case, where the SC declared that corporate campaign contributions were "free speech". But, almost nothing is said about how the SC's conservative majority betrayed us all in our case (I was a Plaintiff).

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Welcome to the New Corporate Feudalism

Feudalism is back, with a vengeance.

Right now, the Wisconsin legislature is considering a bill that would make Wisconsin the nation’s 25th right-to-work-for-less state. All signs point to this bill becoming law. The state senate passed it by a margin of 17 to 15 last week, and Republican Governor Scott Walker, who supports right-to-work-for-less laws, said he will sign it if it reaches his desk.