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"Wisconsin's War On Unions!" ( the New ) "What Now Cartoon"

This is what the GOP is all about, the destruction of the middle class, and what looks like a return to fuedalism!

Hey Melissa,

(Always liked that name). You seem a little irritated by me. Whazzup?

Can Progressives United unite the fractured progressive movement?

Former Russ Fiengold has launched a new organization, Progressives United, which is a play on the Supreme Court decision aimed at destroying what's left of the democratic process in America. For some time now we have known that, if Americans are going have access to or control of the government we pay for, somehing was going to have to be done about the corrupting influence of money. I dare say everyone who has been paying attention, regardless of their particular causes of issues, recognizes that money in our politics stands in the way of any particular reform,

So Be It

"So be it." That's John Boehner's response to people who may lose their jobs in the Federal government because of fiscal cuts in the budget. His reasoning? "Since President Obama has taken office the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs, and if some of those jobs are lost in this, so be it," When asked if this would impact the economy he said it won't. Actually, it will. Some analysts believe that whatever recovery we have made in the last two years will be punched in the stomach with cuts like the Republicans are proposing.

Liberal Media Bias

Interesting to watch news events in country on ABC. The 5:30 World Mews had NO MENTION about any gathering in Madison. The local (Mpls/St.Paul) news on CBS told about "some people" gathered to complain about some proposed changes in State House. The picture showed maybe(?) 100 people with signs. Comments said classes were cancelled because 40% of teachers called in sick. They will have to provide medical documentation to prove illness (or what?), ABC local KSTP did a little better with more picture & explanation of the facts. funny how the T

Hmm,...Multi-State Assualt on the Working Class a "Weapon of Republican Mass Distraction?"

Are the Republicans trying to draw attention away from the Continuing Resolution's radical assault on the Environment?

Republicans Dismantling the EPA

Republican leaders in the House have taken a big step toward making Newt Gingrich's plan to eliminate the EPA a reality by slashing the EPA's budget by 30%, the largest cut in 30 years.









These two democrat idiots need to share a lot of the blame for this situation also. If these contracts would have been ratified we wouldn't be in this situation now. It may have been pushed off until July, but maybe things could have been worked out by then. We have to give credit to the Madison mayor also. He has called a special session of the city council to ratify all city contracts until 2012. He called it for this Thurs.

Preventive medicine? Not at all.

I thought this was a discussion about preventive medicine. Nothing has been said about preventing disease. What you’re talking about is early detection. Confusing prevention with early detection shows a fundamental misunderstanding or disregard for stopping disease.

Mistake: Lockner v. N.Y. is allot worse than your said on your show.

Hi Thom,


We are hoping you would be our speaker in Lincoln, Ca. on June 5 at the McBeam Pavilon at 5:00 for your non profit political ass., Placer Democrats.

I listen to you daily and appreciate how many issues you have clarified.

Would appreciate a quick response.

Ann Walker

916 7740442

Objects & Stuff

WWH-There is a piece of cheese popcorn in the corner of the kitchen floor. It’s been there for two days and I am conducting a test. I want to see how long it will be there before someone notices it. Someone other than me.

The C-Pac (Conservative Political Action Conference) Jamboree

Thank goodness for Chris Matthews of Hardball fame. He with the help of other guests on his Valentine's Day 2011 show brought to light the INSANITY that went on at C-pac this year. It is hard to believe that these people, the C-pac speakers and the applauders do not realize how NUTS they sound.

Dear Mr. Thom Hartmann ~

Dear Thom,

Thank you for your consistent and sincere efforts to translate the mis-information the GOP is perpetually disseminating in their on going diabolical campaign to confuse the public. They have learned well how to aim their religio-political lies at the public by way of their hate radio; something we have seen time and time again, using fear and mis-information to control the vote and the people’s will.

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The Death of the Middle Class was by Design...

Even in the face of the so-called Recovery, poverty and inequality are getting worse in our country, and more wealth and power is flowing straight to the top. According to Paul Buchheit over at Alternet, this is the end result of winner-take-all capitalism, and this destruction of the working class has all been by design.