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What happened to Green 960?

Stewart Acuff's New Book "Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life In Organizing."

Tonight will mark a great new episode of one of the fastest rising progressive shows on the planet, Carson's Corner on Underground Progressive Radio, 530 AM. Hosts Bob Carson and Jay Ray will be joined be the one-and-only Stewart Acuff, author of the new book, "Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life In Organizing." Senator Bernie Sanders has endorsed this book!

Plus Bob and Jay will discuss the unemployment news and much more.

Catch all the action tonight at 7pm EST.

Narcissists Step to the Front of the Line, Please!

A Capital Idea Part 101: Narcissists to the Front of the Line, Please!

My first post of 2012 finds me returning to the topic of personality disorders among the wealthy. This time, rather than proposing a new one, I looked at the prevalence of existing ones as diagnosed in business executives. I found considerable information about the topic, including research findings, and a growing interest in this topic as a whole.

Obama’s Immelt has GE bolster weirdo Paul Ryan’s re-election by opening factory in his district.

All cozy and ALEC'y here in Wisconsin, don’t ya know?!

Is anybody else beginning to see why Russ Feingold started a petition after he left the Democratic Party to have Obama's Jeff Immelt removed?

Romney’s Sons: Ready to unleash a Tsunami of Greed in their respective Cabinet positions?

Don't kid yourself, the sons may have perfected the art of looking shallow and vacuous, but by the looks of their hair the apples didn't far fall from the tree and the family tree might just be in reality the Republican ticket.

Barbarism's Lure...

Overpopulation is the central problem facing mankind, a problem that, unless resolved, could spell the end of what we fondly call civilization and could signal the onset of murderous barbarism on a scale that we can scarcely imagine. The humane answer would be to end our species before the worst of the barbarism begins. But it won’t happen.

The oath of the anti-Keynesian

By blah blah blah!

Obama’s Energy Arsehole Errol Davis Strikes Again! Construction Blows through Yahara Marsh for ATC’s cancer causing High Tension High Power Transmission Lines.

The construction route will soon go right through the local Arboretum.

Is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad trying to influence the US Presidential Election via prices at the pump?

Bush had Wall Street drive the prices down at the pump for his re-election and now Obama is undermining the nation's security by releasing the Strategic Oil Reserve in an effort to push down gas prices for his re-election.

Drawing down the Strategic Oil Reserve: Once again making the cuture less secure to bolster current failings.


Just tell Wall Street to knock off the speculation. They operate illegally in violation of anti-trust laws anyway. And don't forget this is for a product - oil and gas - that has probably already put the death of the planet "in the mail".

The countries leadership is in such bad shape, wow.

Evidence shows ALEC’y Immelt and Obama have been engaged in “disciplining US army of surplus labor”

Unlike Wall Street and Obama 's beloved US International Oligarchs - that created millions of jobs overseas (with the help of the Federal Reserve) - it will take Labor years more to recoup its losses.

a look at a possibe future

Why Refiners Are Exporting.

Thom, I very much enjoy your program but at times when you propagate a misleading opinion, I have to provide a riposte. On your January 6th show you mentioned that our refiners export our gasoline and airplane fuel to other nations to keep our prices high. As you may not know the price of West Texas oil (pricing of domestic oil on the spot market) vs Brent crude (Europe's oil pricing on the pricing of the spot market) is much lower in the latter's continent.

Barney Frank is a snarky old sot who thinks trapping the People in Triangulation is funny.

"we're not perfect, but they're crazy"

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We Have All Won An Oligarchy and Lost A Democracy

Here's a thought experiment for you. Ask yourself, "When was the last time I heard any conversation at all about the role of corporations in America in the American public media?"

In the abstract, it seems like a silly question. So let me rephrase it: