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Flat tax

The "tax" for Social Security is the ULTIMATE flat tax---up to 107 K income

Why not make it flat for ALL earned income? Also, including deferred income such as stock options, bonuses and other slush.

This would solve the SS problem FOREVER!!!!!!!

Ralph Jacobson (

True Wealth

A Capital Idea Part 97: True Wealth Every person wants to be happy. Presumably, every person also wants to achieve his or her potential in some way. Yet, wealth is measured in monetary terms. Perhaps it is time we started measuring wealth in terms of the things that really matter.



Everyone wants to pass the HOT POTATO that being WHY is nobody prosecuting the banksters The only conclusion I can come to is that the banksters are in collusion with the FED @ it would be a conflict of interest to expose each other.I hope the protesters can open up this can of worms.I want to wish everyone a happy holiday hopefully in the future there will truly be peace on earth.

just for fun

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I enjoy setting up sites on various topics. Do check out his latest site today.

Law Enforcement Using Military Drones

I just googled "Is DEA using Drones" and got a lot of information that surprised me. Apparently, the DEA, along with other national and local law enforcement organizations have access to military drones on a regular basis. Is this legal under the provisions of the U.S. Constitution without approval of the people?? This is pretty scary.

Grover Norquist: Blackmailing the US...The reason NO GOP House/Senate Member will vote to raise taxes


You recently asked why REPUBLICONs won't budge at all on raising taxes. Well the ENTIRE reason is Grover Norquist.

No one on the GOP side will dare go against this ridiculous pledge that Grover/"Americans for Tax Reform" made them sign

that they pledge to NEVER RAISE TAXES. I guess my primary question for Grover and anyone on the GOP side is so what

would have to happen for them to actually consider raising taxes? Does it take 3 full on wars? Does it take 3 Katrina like

Instant Runoff Voting

I fully support efforts to break the two-party monopoly held by the Democratic and Republican parties over our political process, Americans Elect probably being the most organized effort at the moment. However, I'm concerned about the possibility of splitting the vote, such as occurred during the Perot and Nader campaigns in 1992 and 2000 respectively. In an effort to mitigate this near inevitability, as well as the political despondency that seems to follow, I'd like to re-introduce Instant Runoff voting to the public debate.

Friends Committee on National Legislation's latest campaign

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) does the Lord's work promoting peace internationally.

Pitch a Tent in Your yard

If you Support Occupy then Pitch a Tent in Your Yard……!


Financially secure and a relative Luxury-lefty Ed Schultz speaks as though pseudo-republican milk toast Obama continues to do fine by him.

rose colored glasses

errors of ommission


Ed actions don't always match his words.

Rick Perry 'Strong' More Dislikes On Youtube Than Rebecca Black 'Friday'

The Republican Party has always represented HATE but during this presidential election period the GOP has gone over the cliff in the HATE category. Rick Perry is an example of this HATE and ANYONE who thinks of old Ricky Boy as ethical, straightforward and just a regular kind of a guy should hang their head in shame. By choosing to stand with this despicable disgraceful, dishonorable, embarrassing ignoramus, one is saying to the world “Hey world, I’m just as disgusting as Rick Perry!”

The facts of your so called "temporary" job.

Do you feel making $588.00 a month*-(collecting unemployment twice and only food stamps once) is better than working on a 4 year “temporary” job (as you call it) on the Keystone pipeline worth it?

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Here's What's the Matter with Kansas…

The verdict is in, and it's time for conservatives to face the cold hard facts.

Right-wing trickle-down Reaganomics doesn't work.

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