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Living In Mexico By Choice & Necessity

Despite the concerns of friends, family, and acquaintances, I have been living happily and successfully in Mexico for more than seven years.

This, for me, has been a most agreeable solution to a difficult retirement problem.

new jack army

education is known to solve the natural issues of stupidity. The last gasp of american theocracy may be at hand. Ever notice that religion is just mankind stealing Gods importance for itself? Fukushima nuclear incident is an eleven, Sex beyond the act of procreation is self worth exampled through another human's actions. Homosexuality is just a very narrow perception self worth and has no other cause....but it is a brain perception issue so they ARE born that way Dont protest in the streets when the time comes. They have been conditioning police forces to shoot fellow americans.

Clinton’s balanced budgets were pure accident

The following excerpt was taken from page 50 of Author James K. Galbraith’s book “The Predator State”:


That's right, the Big Eight - O! This was posted on a Rightie website- - "One News Now". Elijah Friedeman, a young and very moist behind his ears "writer" has a lotta learning to do about getting up there. He's banking his idea (LOL) on the basis that most of us gray-hairs are comfortably moving into our seventies. He's forgetting something. D'ya suppose it has to do with the fact that in our seventies, we're not working BECAUSE WE HAVE TO? Well, that's one consideration.

stop sleeping

I stoped dreaming 3 years ago when the economy started falling apart. 2008 . The year I lost my mother. I wish this was all a bad dream. We must work together, or we will fail as country. I still keep pinching myself thinking this can not happen in America. But yes it has. I'm not proud of our leaders fighting all the time. Both so one sided that you do not know who to belive. Please prove me wrong America . Please.


Murder by Remote Control

Here's the sign I made for the last Anti-War march in Hollywood

Social Security and the Debt Ceiling

Timothy Geithner and Obama have announced that if a budget deal isn’t reached by August 2, seniors will not get their Social Security checks.

Add to Thom's List...

When Clinton came into office the incentive for the alignment of the financiers, mangers, and investors came into the bright light of day when his administration put a $1 million limit on the portion of the CEO's pay that would be taxed, while making it easier for them to acquire stock options. This would supposedly align the interests of the investors and the CEO's.

Today show with Steve King


Regarding Grover Norquist and American's for tax reform

I went to cnn's website earlier today and saw an article regarding Grover Norquist. I read the article and was astonished as to how much power one man can have over congress. He's not supposed to be able to have a say on how our congress would vote for one thing. The people should have the power to tell their congress what to do and not this 1 man.

Because Corporations are people!

Why doesn't someone that owns a Corporation run that Corporation for President or for Congress?

The People will Be Heard!... Eventually! lol

Well this is the first time I have ever wrote my thoughts onto the internet. I'm 26! Ha! Anyways never felt like I had the proper audience and maybe now I will... Just yesterday July 13, 2011 I lost my DirectTV because I am a 99er. Anyways I called your program Thom and the lady wouldn't tell me what you were talking about so I could give my 2 cents on it. See I am actually a science nut... I was doing a 8 year study in the life of a poor, down trotten, homeless American entrepenuer. May have spelled it wrong and I'm sorry.

Call His Bluff

I wish the President would put forth a green jobs bill that would give everyone in Americia a job that wanted to work, and then publicly DARE the Republicans NOT to fund it. If he did this, everybody in this nation would clearly see who wants to help America, and who wants to hurt America.

Obama: Conducted himself in a fashion that earned him a shellacking

Yea, the vile and putrid vessels of flesh known as the Republicans are to blame but so is the Obama Administration. Blame it on his “…unfortunate failure to message his wonderful accomplishments during the first two stellar years of his presidency…” if you have to but he was in charge and now we are all suffering because of his failings as a leader.

US Creditworthiness Already Damaged

Clearly if we default on our Debt Payments the US’s credit rating will be damaged, but as even as Moody’s and Helicopter Ben have to have realized by now any Country – including the US – that goes through this amount of bullshit (aka debt ceiling proceedings) to decide whether or not to pay its bills is not entirely credit worthy.

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Guatemalan President Resigns

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Uzbekistan apparently just banned political science studies

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NPR Needs To Clean Up Their House

What happens when the news media stops covering news objectively - and instead becomes a source of very specific opinions that serve a very narrow agenda?

For example - in the case of the democratic primary - consider the news coverage of the mere possibility of Vice President Joe Biden challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's nomination for president.