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The Payroll Tax Holiday ISN'T a Middle Class Tax Cut

One of the many enraging aspects of the media coverage of the Bush Tax Cuts compromise has been the assertion that the payroll tax holiday is somehow a win for the middle class and a progressive victory. According to very basic arithmetic, the benefits are as follows:

$45,000/year (the median household wage) = $900 in annual tax savings

$106,800+/year = $2,136 in annual tax savings

How does giving those earning over $100K/year an almost 2.4X larger tax cut benefit the middle class? For the distribution of the impact, see the attached graph.


I tried calling every number on the website to get through with this suggestion so listeners could hear it, and hear Thom's response, but I kept getting busy signals, so I'm posting it here.

A caller from Oregon who had been living in his house for 25 years is now unemployed and in danger of losing his house. He said he was afraid, and didn't know what to do. I believed him. I could hear it in his voice. His tone made me feel for him, and how I would feel if I were in his position.

If you want enthusiasm, give me a reason.

I find it impossible to listen to those who say it's useful to support Democrats this week. I see that after two years of being in charge, the gap between the stupidly rich and the needy has only widened. Buying into supporting the least bad only gets us moving in the wrong direction more slowly. I am done supporting movement in the wrong direction.

Meet the new lie, same as the old lie.

Congress Makes us Sick! (Literally)

The Billionaire Bailout - 2 years of tax handouts for millionaires and billionaires - will make us sick! Literally!

There is plenty of evidence that the larger the gap between the rich and the rest of us makes for a sicker society. This counts for illness and death. And the US is at one of the greatest gaps in history.

Taking a Second Look

For the past three days or so, I have been looking at a supposedly non-partisan movement called "No-Labels" and have from time to time pulled out what is in their declaration that is appealing to me. I jumped squarely on this band wagon because I liked the idea of working constructively to make America a better place rather than ripping the people we elected a new one and not moving the conversation forward at all. The more I see about this group the more I am wondering. That's just my nature. When presented with ideas that seem logical and workable, I am usually on board.

Presidential Politics Are a Distraction for Progressives

One month after the mid-term elections, the Presidential primary season is already ramping up. Presidential politics are the phase of our governmental system that gets the most attention from the media, and the most attention from the average citizen. Presidential politics is apparently meaningful, it’s definitely exciting, and it allows the average citizen a well-defined role: being a fervent partisan for their favorite candidate in public forums.

Is this the time of giving? A story of greed.

The holidays is a time of celebrations. Most religions share this time together in some form of celebration. Its a time of giving, spending time with family and reflecting on what the next year will offer.

I will say that over the last few decades it has kept the concept but the feeling has been changed. I see and hear many stories of how the people that these working class family gave so much dedicated work too have thrown them out to the street. Yet, i also see that the companies that made the most cutbacks are profiting more than ever. We all know the stories.

Emily Latella ballances the budget and pays off the national debt.

All figures courtesy of the federal Goveernment.

The federal deficit is $1.4 trillion. ( $463 billion of that is the difference between FICA revenues and Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid expenses )

Repeal the Bush tax cuts ( + $780 billion), and get out of Afghanistan. ( + about $140 billion )

Corporations made $11.2 trillion and paid $244 billion in taxes; individuals made $11.5 trillion and paid $915 billion in taxes. If the corporations paid the same tax rate as individuals (+730 billion)


Check this great article on Obama

Iraq & Afghanistan - We Need To Be There

Mr. Greenwald and Mr. Hartmann - I don't understand why so many people "in the know" have explained in concise terms the real reasons Bush invaded Afghanistan then Iraq, but so many others still don't seem to get it.

"Let Them Eat Tax Cuts!" ( the new ) "What Now Cartoon!"


Thom seems to have a difficult time settling on a solid opinion regarding Obama's tax cut deal. I recommend that Thom simply go back to the remarks made by his friend Bernie Sanders during Sanders' day long mock fililbuster at one of his favorite sites:

Obama's Economic Advisor Austin Goolsby has often Advocated for Privatized Social Security Accounts

Obama's economic advisor Austin Goolsby ("the guy with the white board") has often advocated for privatized Social Security retirement accounts according to Juan Gonzales in his excellent interview with Representatives Rush Holt and Raul Grijalva (both voting against Obama's tax package) on Democracy Now this morning.

Playing into the enemy's hands

Osama bin Laden may be evil but he isn't stupid. Why did he attack and kill thousands of innocent civilians on 9/11? Why would he intentionally provoke a vastly superior military superpower? He did so because he knew several key things:

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