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Putting water onto/into the power plants -- surely this has been considered.

Have the people on the ground considered using large balloons to guide hoses into the power plants?

With a large balloon and three tethers -- from different sides of the compass -- one could probably put something very, very close to spot on. Even two tethers close together would probably work with a high degree of accuracy.

Use grappling hooks, whatever, to anchor the end of the hoses and start the water flowing.

I am positive, sure, certain that this has been considered. But just on the off-chance, here it is again.

Any other suggestions, ideas?


The Chernobyl Option

The renowned physicist Michio Kaku, interviewed on MSNBS, described the helicopters dumping water over the molten Nuclear plants in Japan as "using a squirt gun to fight a forest fire". Mr. Kaku prescribed "The Chernobyl Option"- using SAND+BORIC ACID+CONCRETE. He stated that The Japanese Army should be activated to implement this option NOW! It would basically entomb the molten reactors and hopefully prevent worse contamination and catastrophe worldwide.

Alpha vs gamma radiation particles - today's show

Thom - your guess made a mistake regarding the difference between Alpha and gamma particles. Alpha are the least penetrating of the 4 main types and also can't penetrate the skin - it can get into the lung and will do damage. Here is the official definition for the 4 main types:

An Energy "TWO-FER" West Virginia to Japan...

There is little doubt that the entire nuke plant complex in Japan will never be useful again...and most likely most of the land all around it will also be off limits...and quite possibly, the nearby sea will be tainted and unuseable for many hundreds of years too. So, here is an idea that will solve two problems at once regarding the energy industries...its a classic TWO-FER-ONE!

Wisconsin (and Ohio and ...???) Eliminate Labor Day

I had this idea the other day, which at first was pretty tongue-in-cheek, but the more I think about it, the more I think it might be a good way to focus people's attention and get a point across. I think the Wisconsin Dems should introduce a resolution calling for elimination of Labor Day. They could add a lot of pointed "whereas" clauses ("whereas Wisconsin no longer values the contributions its workers make every day", "whereas holidays cost the state X million dollars a year", …).

CODEX - Who Has Info On This Law Preventing People From Curing Themselves

I read on this site that this law was passed during the oil spill. It states that people will not be allowed to use other means outside science based information in healing people. That means anything natural that isn't proven even medicine outside the US.

Anyone with info please post.

Thank You


I'm from Illinois. In Illinois we have our governors make our license plates.

When I made this statement to a fellow retiree from another state he said that I was wrong. He said that he read somewhere that his state had more public servants in jail than any other state. (I'll have more to say about political corruption later.)

How do we get out of this mess.

How do we stop Obama's assault on the Environment?

pay 'em?

Energy Secretary Steven Chu accepted $500 million from BP and proclaimed “BP is going to save the World.”

Anybody got any news about bribes from the nuclear energy industry to the Obama Administration?

Anyway Steven Chu looks pretty much bought and paid for by members of the energy industry.

For instance, Goldman Sachs wheedled their way into Steven Chu's judgement using the Nature Conservancy. Hence the emphasis on Cap-n-Trade bologna.


I Pledge Allegiance

by Phil Polizatto | WWH – I would pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, but alas, I cannot.


Once again I am so disgusted by the lack of any humanity from the conservatives, taking a serious problem such as bullying and brushing it off with a completely flippant attitude, "oh the teachers can tell the kids that is not good, dont do that..." Where so these people live and have they no sense of reality?

The only statement made by Julie Gunlock is " I dont know"!

How do we define bullying ? if one kid disagrees with another ? Critical thinking ?

The economics of a pegged needle on your Geiger counter


The following excerpt is from

Herb Kohl Has Got To Go! Herb Kohl Has Got To Go! Herb Kohl Has Got To Go!

If Wisconsin’s election system has ever excreted a more aloof, self-interested member of the old-boys club it has got to be Herb Kohl net worth approx.

nuclear alternatives

A new nuclear plant cost $13 Billion dollars to build. That is the current budget for the new plant being proposed (location is Tennesse I believe) for that same cost you could provide at least 1,300,000 people with wind mills.

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Economists Demand Universal Health Care

It’s time for universal healthcare in America.

More than 100 economic professors from across our country have signed on to a letter, calling for Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin and that state’s legislature to enact universal healthcare in the Green Mountain State.