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The Magician's Other Hand

I suggest that WORKING AND LURKING within the magician's "unnoticed hand" [in this case the VISIBLE HAND is the Left's KNEE JERK REACTION to all things Koch and all things Citizen's United which all knee-jerkers are watching intently] is perhaps the deeper and real reason behind why the GUVNA in Wisconsin is attacking unions in general.

For decades now, the religious right wing has been attempting to shift public funding for education into supporting their religious educational school systems. Its what I know as The School Voucher Project.

G.H. Walker Series State Bank of India

Key Numbers for this series

Wells Fargo FDIC#3511
Lincoln National Corporation FEI#351140070

#315203612 Frank fed id
#30070 Kryder Company Folio
G.H.Walker Charter #13974 + Frank Estate #13934= 27908 -31520= -3612; or 27908 + 3612 = 31520
Minnie Estate #14518

NEW SERIES: FDIC#33664 State Bank of India

33664-31520 =#2144 = WF #3511;

In Wisconsin, What Is It That Does Not Stink?

There is a vulgar expression from days of old that was applied to those who thought themselves to be superior to others. If one acted condescending and snobbish, people would say of them… “They think their S**T doesn’t stink!” Well, last night on ‘The Last Word’ with Lawrence O’Donnell one of his guests absolutely suited this nasty verbalization like a tailor-made piece of clothing.

Coffee Party Progressives

Thom, please help get the word out on this group, another way for progressives to get active and stop the Tea Party

Coffee Party Progressives

Jim Maynard, Memphis Coffee Party progressives

There is a scenario in which the Economy tanks and I don’t blame Obama

But he will have to change his behavior dramatically on all issues. I want to see actions by Obama that indicates he is putting up a fight for the average Taxpayer.

South Carolina's Plantation Mentality Lives On With Smack Talking UNION-BUSTIN' Gov. Nikki Haley

If you think Scott Walker's a hard case and piece of work, he's got a Republican cousin, Nikki Haley, in the heart of Dixie, South Carolina, the epitome of Sunbelt Plantation Mentality (on steroids!) No sooner than she was sworn into office and promising to "talk smack" to organized labor, she was [justifiably] hit with a federal lawsuit by the International Association of Machinists plus the AFL-CIO. For "talking smack"? Nah, anybody can do that, even neophyte guvnah's

NJEA Responds to Christie's Budget! Support My Radio Show!

On this week's edition of Carson's Corner, New Jersey's only fm progressive radio show, Bob is joined at the 30 minute mark by Steve Wollmer of the NJEA- The New Jersey Education Association- to discuss Governor Christie's budget. Other topics discussed: Corporate tax evasion, a deeper look into Scott Walker's budget, and The Workers Independent News update.

Viva la Madison

In case you haven’t heard, there is a revolution going on in the Badger state. The question is: What kind of revolution? Will it be a revolution in which the reactionary/rollback policies of the conservative ideo

Religious Right Using Wedge Issues In Cheeseland?

I must be out of my mind to keep on replying to a group of fellow, but far more, and I MEAN FAR MORE SOCIALLY CONSERVATIVE Catholics in Wisconsin who cannot see what's happening to their state, their middle class and even their own Church, no thanks to one very prominent Catholic, David Koch and his ever pliant, but arch-conservative non-denominational "Christian" puppet, Gov. Scott Walker.

Just out of my mind because I've been dealing with not only with invincibly ignorant people, but WILLFULLY INVINCIBLY IGNORANT sheople.

Unions vs. Corporations: the Constitution and the Citizen's United decision

The right has been arguing that the left is being hypocritical. Why, they ask, does the left complain about the influence of corporations but not that of unions? When unions spend so much money on lobbying?

Mr. Hoffa ~ Please respect female police officers and firefighters

Of all people to continually making the mistake of saying "Policemen" and "Firemen", you should know better!

You are fighting for everyone's rights, supposedly, do not continue to refer to firefighters and police officers like we are back in the 50's and 60's. There are thousands of women in these professions who should not be referred to as men!

Proud to be a retired police officer

Marlene Dreifke

Of course it’s a high stakes game, but its hasta-la-viesta Obama – Kucinich in 2012

All the country’s and state’s problems are coming clear. And it is clear that Obama is part of the problem and not the solution.

Is Our Government an Open or Closed System? (&)

March 1

A Capital Idea Part 59: Is Our Government an Open or Closed System?

What "Lefties" miss about finances...corporate and private

The average "Lefty" is so over-reactionary that they really fail to dig into issues beyond the flashy headlines, Here are four examples:

1. Its NOT corporate funds that corporations use to influence politicians, its OUR funds that we circulate through their financial networks. Simly put, the LEFT? has failed to talk about this issue and buy into the "Luntz-Speak" noting that its only corporate funds when in actuality, it our very own money being used against us.

PERFECT top marginal tax rate?

If Kennedy's 20% drop from Eisenhower's grossly unfair rate provided positive economic results, then George W's (& Obama's) current rate must have created an economy that is twice as good as Kennedy's. Right? As Thom always says, "roll back the Reagan tax cuts". Decades of data clearly point to Reagan's rates being "unfair" to the middle class, but perhaps the Kennedy rate is also "unfair" to the rich. Why can't the Democrats place the tax narrative between Kennedy and Reagan instead of between Bush-Obama and 15% flat tax.

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The Middle Class Needs More Than Talking Points

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been talking a lot about the middle class. But, that talk is cheap as long as their in bed with Wall Street.