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UN: Drought endangers Chinese winter wheat harvest

ROME – A U.N. food agency says China's winter wheat harvest is at risk because of a drought that also has led to shortages of drinking water for people and livestock.

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said Tuesday the North China Plain drought is already putting pressure on wheat prices in China, with average flour ones rising more than 8 percent in January compared to the previous two months.

Deregulation does not create jobs when you have a failure in aggregate demand - it concentrates wealth

Deregulation does not necessarily create jobs that pay a gainful wage. Far from it. Their primary effect is to make businesses more profitable - period - and this exacerbates the problems (e.g. the working poor, etc.) associated with concentrating wealth.

South Africa: Floods kill 120 and destroy crops

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — South Africa is reeling from unusually heavy rainfall that has caused flooding in many parts of the country, wiping out crops in what is the continent’s main breadbasket.

By Erin Conway-Smith — Special to GlobalPost
Published: January 28, 2011 06:05 ET in Africa

And then There's the Chamber of Commerce

The President spoke before the U.S. Chamber of Commerce today. The Washington Examiner (from our Moonie friends) have already declared it a "failure." I'm not sure what the Ex was looking for, but I saw and heard a challenge, albeit in velvet tones, to do something for the country. U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas Donohue said he had a private conversation with Obama and finds a more conciliatory tone from the President. I'm not sure what that means either. He still denies that the Chamber used foreign money to pour into the last election effectively against the democrats.


"Complexity is the lobbyist best friend."
I agree the tax code can be improved - but do NOT let today's democrat or republican do it. Wait until Citizens United v FEC has been overturned and the practice of making ANY SIZE cash (or other type) contribution to a politician under the guise of a "campaign contribution" has been COMPLETELY OUTLAWED!

Reagan Campaigns for Truman in 1948

Monday: 2-7-2011: For anyone who missed this on Thom's broadcast today, or would like to hear it again, here it is:

Reagan Campaigns for Truman in 1948:

Personally, I found this the most important bit of information on the show today. I have several sites at which I am going to post this video, and suggest all of you who can post it at your various sites do so, and / or send the link to all your friends.

Obama’s courtship of Chamber of Commerce death spiral of principles set forth by Martin Luther King Jr. and Founding Fathers.

Chamber of Commerce claims that uncertainty surrounding existing and future regulation holding back hiring is bologna. The problem is a failure of aggregate demand – businesses can’t hire people to produce unsold inventory and expect to stay in business.


The Libertarians are pushing IRV (Instant Run Off Voting) they put it on the ballot in Anchorage through gathering signatures. It lost at the ballot box. All third parties need to unite on this issue.

I don't know if they did it anywhere else however it is a very beneficial idea for third parties and everyone benefits if there is any argument against it I haven't heard it.

GE flexes muscles over White House,…wealth concentrates and commons suffers

The Energy generating facility at issue in the following hyperlink is owned by GE -

Obama campaign relishing it’s wallow in Nation’s Job Killing Concentration of Wealth

Concentration of Wealth – the only true bipartisan issue in agreement.

Dare yourself to do better than Obama – Vote Independent

Can corporations be "saved"

CMG & Ewing Stew

Friends, this is a recipe I hope you will truly enjoy, especially you Ed Ewing, you old Dogue! Imagine my surprise when I found Frank Kryder's SSN is now an international forest exploitation tele-number. As we know, Frank H. Kryder made a very big deal of obtaining a taxpayer ID at age 47 the same day that the FDIC incorporated in Indiana 7/17/1942. His number is 315-20-3612. Plus, there is an extra 636 handwritten on his application.

hillary clinton and mubarak's vice president go to the Super Bowl Together

So, taking a break from their cram down of what they euphemistically call “the will of the Egyptian People,” hillary “The Bankster” Clinton and Vice President and Chief Torturer Egyptian Vice President omar suleiman decide they deserve to go to the Super Bowl.

An apology to my government officials re torture

Dear President Obama, Attorney General Holder, Senators Klobuchar and Franken, and Congressman Ellison:

I wish to apologize for all the emails I have been sending you on the issue of accountability for U.S.-committed torture. I did not realize that as government officials who took oaths to uphold the Constitution, you were protecting many more rights than those few I was concerned with. I was taking a very narrow perspective of human rights.

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