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Wheeee! 6 Scott Walker Associates: 15 Felonies, 3 Misdemeanors.

On Thursday, prosecutors brought more charges against top Scott Walker aides as part of an ongoing criminal corruption probe into his administration that has now led to several arrests and fifteen felony charges.

Officials: “Small radiation amount 'could have' escaped Nuclear plant” in Southern California

tax rate

Something we are ignoring is that most "middle class" individuals not only pay income tax on their earned income but the income they are paid also comes from companies who pay taxes. How can the Heritage Foundation have the nerve to say that because "corporations" pay taxes that their distributions to shareholders have been previously taxed but the money paid to workers should be taxed higher than the earnings distributed to shareholders.

Dog Tags for Children

Until today, I had forgotten about our dog tags, issued in elementary school. I was in second grade when I received mine, though it was then 1959. But I was on the east coast of Florida, the Cuban Exodus was on, and in 1959 Zapata Oil was founded. So odd that the Bay of Pigs borders the Zapata Peninsula.

I found an article in 1951 when dog tags were first issued to 200,000 children in New York City.

Fracking? Alaska volcano lava dome forms, alert level raised

Don’t kid yourself, the distance between the problem (fracking) and the symptom (major hquake volcano, etc.) may not mean all that much when you are dealing with plates.

Walker rips off the Zoo – Obama kills Wolves: Walker spoils the land with Mining – Obama allows fracking, logging virgin Pacific NW Rainforest, etc.

Walker goes for Health Savings Accounts – Obama implements Obama Health Insurance Care.

House GOP seeks to bar the use of welfare funds at strip clubs

.A bill that GOP leaders are bringing to the House floor Wednesday would require states to prevent welfare recipients from accessing or spending their benefits at strip clubs, casinos and liquor stores.

green 960 versus RT

In SF They killed green 960 , I got rid of comcast cable...too a roku box and here you are on Russian TV...So Happy to find you there , you dear socialist friend, Putin's Heroic figure of the progressive radio, Are you on RT every night 7PM TO 8PM? what is the schedule. meantime back in the radio world, back to public radio and changes into a ROKU in the evening ...sounds Russian anyway.

Sometimes a picture is worth more than a 1000 talking points

Elizabeth Eckford goes to school

An interesting image from 1911... "Trickle-Down" economics aren't anything new.

Below is an image that I found while surfing around the internet one day. It's an astonishingly accurate portrayal of how things are now. Although, you would have to (for the most part) replace the "We Fool You" clerics in the poster with the "We Fool You" media of our times. Enjoy.

Environment: Obama apparently on course to approve$$$ use of Bald Eagle feathers for toilet paper.

The WORST custodian of the People's Commons EVER

Obama needs to direct Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack to DENY Idaho’s request for federal resources$$$ to carry out the Lolo aerial wolf cull.

What is the matter with these people!?!? What’s next? Are we going to start using Bald Eagles feathers for Toilet paper because it would earn Obama a campaign donation?!

Lipitor President

These people complaining about feeding hungry people for $6/day (food stamps) are probably obtaining their $3/day lipitor from medicare and not screaming to get high cholesterol people off the public system.

It is always the other guy.

What Trump Means w/"Insurance for Everybody"

Donald Trump just made the Republican push to repeal Obamacare a whole lot more complicated.