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NPR propagandizing “unnecessity” of popular drugs

The Oil and Gas industry pays for university studies saying all is good, and if there is a study out there questioning the necessity of a popular medication you can bet NPR will be repeating it on the airwaves. I guess it is just conditioning for what might happen under Obama Health Insurer Care.

The 3 million jobs President spoke about

Of the 3 million jobs he spoke about in the State of the Union address which of them his policys did "create" and how many did they "safe" does anyone have the right amount for each?

In the average time it takes to take a piss Romney will have earned $29.00.

No quote available on the number of domestic jobs that can be outsourced, eliminated or created overseas in the same amount of time but I got a call in to Obama’s Jeffrey Immelt.

O'blah blah SOU:Day-To-Day operations of a sitting President it’s “bipartisanship”, but in Campaign mode it’s “Game On”

What’s changed? Obama wants something from the People.


He strode toward the podium

Confident n' broadly smiling;

As before...he spoke of change

For good folks like you n' me

Hollow words, distant n' strange

Obama -- Great speech tonight! You did Hawaii and the country and the world proud!

Barack Obama -- you did Hawaii proud! Did you family proud! did your supporters proud!

Keep on going your direction. Of course I am very, very concerned about global warming, about the warlike tendencies of this country, and so on, and I hope you are focusing on such issues behind the scenes -- you have focused on so many.

But as a fellow Punahou School student, I am PROUD to have been in your school! (I left before going on to high school, but my wife and other friends graduated from Punahou.)

Obama Speach Right On, Republican Response not so much

Another great speach given by Obama tonight. His resolve and his leadership is finally starting to come out. Expect him to really take charge over the next few months.

By contrast, Mitch Daniels delivered "the sky is falling" speach in response, accusing Obama as being devisive. That's rich coming from the party that constantly pits the rich against the poor, the straight against the gay, the "pro-lifers" againt the "pro-choicers", and whatever other wedge issues you can find.

If Mitt Romney Were A Company, Bain Capital Would Demand Many Years of Tax Returns before They Would Buy Him!

And if Mitt was still working for Bain Capital and he was looking for a company to take over he would DEMAND!!! DEMAND!!! more than one year of financial records. Mitt Romney would know that it is easy to hide the worth of the company if one only has to reveal a short time of financial records. And the country is doing more than simply buying a company--we are choosing the President of the United States and we should be assured a lot more than a year of possibly doctored (and almost certainly "adjusted") financial records!

The potential of reform.

I called Thom's show today and asked the following question.

Idea to Help Save the Post Office

To be able to mail a letter from CA to FL for .45 is cheap!! Especially with my bad handwriting! So, if everyone who felt like me put 2 stamps on their letter instead of 1, we could help the post office survive. When you use a coupon at the store and save .45 cents, buy an extra stamp.

Let our Farmers Grow! Hydrocarbons versus carbohydrates

It's all about MONEY. I'm not much on this blog stuff but I felt there is not enough information on this subject that you are aware of.

Plastics: Hydrocarbons versus carbohydrates (The real reason behind 1930s Alcool Prohibition) and the Hemp Prohibition!

Federal employees owe $1.03 billion in unpaid taxes

Let's start here to clean up the pigsty.

Think any of these agencies could be trimmed by 100% and no one would notice?

Both Romney and Gingrich audition for part of Mr. Hankey in upcoming South Park episode.

(Rick Sanitarium didn’t have to audition - the part is his if he wants it)


I posted the video 'Thom Hartmann Reveals Tea Party's Winning Secrets --it ain't rocket science--'

on Current TV blog and got this response so, so very typical of the PARTY OF NO.


The Ugly Face Of The GOP

Isn’t it amazing that so many members of the GOP can tell their followers that they love them and then turn around and DO EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER TO BRING THEIR FAN CLUB TO ITS KNEES, they seem to know that whatever obnoxious stunt they pull, sooner or later their groupies will forgive them? Newt Gingrich is one such GOP member but he stands out above the rest. His over the top monstrous statements can even shock a battle-scarred, been around the block news media, which makes me shocked over their shock.

Wage Hating Burger Czar As Labor Secretary?

In just a two hour span, Donald Trump has completely exposed his whole "I love the workers" routine as just another classic Trump scam.

It all began, where else, on Twitter, where on Wednesday night, Trump went after Chuck Jones, the local union president for the factory at the center of his Carrier deal.