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Bernie Sanders to the American Public

I don’t think that Bernie would mind my posting his entire essay carried in McClatchy News and the Wall Street Journal. Normally I would only post a paragraph or two but this too important. Some may not have read it so here it is:

Why Americans Are So Angry

Source: Wall Street Journal

Thinking political parties

I just got another email from one of my republican friends (yes, I have them). This person is dyed-in-the-wool who believes that, if only the "rest of us" would get out of the way, his party would solve all our problems and turn us back into the wealthy healthy happy country we once were. He and I have had many, eh em, "discussions" about party affiliations. To my thinking, political parties do not foster thinking, they discourage it! I know many who, because of their party affiliation, simply vote their party, and it happens on both sides.&nb

Terror Continues as Obama continues to postpone constitutional action in desperate bid to appease Wealthy$$$ behind T-party Crazies

The wealthy bought Congress persons whose reasoning is diseased. They have been given an ample and wildly reasonable amount of time to negotiate.

Its about the campaign cash.

Don Snubs Amarillo Heat Ceiling

Now we see The Powell Millenium, and the Shamrock Colors of the Amarillo Bank Gang. Hurricane Don will not send a drop of delicious rain towards the parched city languishing beneath Nature's Dome of Heat. Raise the roof, she says, oh yes, and Free Minnie Now. The coming of the truth is a guaranteed event which we do not exactly know when is to take place, but which can be seen approaching from a certain distance.


Minnie's Texas Funeral

In the records of D.O.McComb & Sons, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, there is not the normal statement to be found about the payment of Minnie V. Kryder's funeral expenses. Instead, the record is marked with a mysterious notation, "TX."

"It must mean Texas," said the helpful, though stymied bookkeeper.

Balanced Budget sends Social Security money to Wall Street

If a balanced budget precludes the US from any future borrowing, then there will no longer be Treasury notes, bonds, or instruments of debt for pension funds and secure investments. All safe investments funds would be forced to seek insured securities on the private market. Without the US being a insurer of last resort or a guarantor to the private insurer, then we know from past experience with companies like AIG, any funds invested in the private sector would not be safe in a significant financial meltdown.

Maybe should eat them all?

Ugh. You know, it really isn't a horrible idea. We'd be fine with in charge of the country. Um, maybe? Or I could be wrong. Maybe would do horrible if he was in charge of the country. But either way, we would only have to deal with a grinning dog, and not a huge, almost all corrupted government. I'm really sorry if this doesn't make sense. It's really just what I thought of, seeing as an 11 year old wouldn't know much about politics. And about the internet tracking thing? What in the world is the point of it?

creating jobs.

Few would deny that the biggest problem we face is the hole in the bottom of our economic boat. It would seem that the most obvious solutions aren't getting enough play. We've dropped the import tariffs from about 20% (at the begining of the Reagan era) to about 4.5%. We've stacked taxes to shift wealth to corporations and to reward them for shipping American jobs and confidence overseas. The FTAs were a nice idea yet they've been written as an insurance policey for profiteers--assuring them that we'll stand still while they eat.

Medicare Helps us Face the Future

July 29

Medicare Helps us Face the Future

View from afar

When you zoom out far enough, it becomes rather unbelievable that congress is throwing us under the proverbial bus for the sake of political party squabbles. This is not the just economic front, but nearly every LARGE problem we have today has been caused either by their direct action or inaction. At this stage, I think their mismanagement and misdirection may well have sapped American's motivation and energy. If congress weren't in the way, I'm certain the American spirit would re-emerge, as it has done many times in the past, and reconstruct our once great co

Recall Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Signing Event Metro Detroit Area

The Westland citizens to recall Rick Snyder will be sponsoring a signing event today 7/29, in Westland on Wayne road across from Westland mall from 11AM until 8:00 PM.

Please stop by and sign. We need to take back our government from big business!!!

Question for Bernie

Why is it that the Federal Reserve (Niether Federal or a Reserve) can create 16 Trillion out of thin air to give secret zero interest loans to their banking and corporate buddies (the "Creation" of that money which diluted OUR money and cost us through the hidden tax of inflation), and yet we can't create 3 Trillion to cover our debts? Three questions for Bernie.

1. How much of that "Money" has been repaid, even at zero interest?

Nobody has the Right to Tell a Woman What She Can or Can't Do with Her Own BODY!

"No-boner-man" and the phony-corporate-left are antagonizing the Speaker by intentionally mispronouncing his last name (and demanding respect for "gay people"), and getting you schmucks to go along with it, the Speaker is retaliating against grandma and the "useless cripples". Along with all the interest we're going to collect from you (because of the delay), while we bet on the failure, we've got the phony-left helping us get rid of the brown people (all Moslems) and men (who don't carry our sword) and all of the "useless cripples" (who suck up our money)!


· Thiis is an expanded version of an earlier post in order to gather several additions (some from my wife) together in a single coherent (?) post. Please add to the list if you've a mind.

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