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Inspection- Of Sarah, Alivin and "It's Not 'Your' Money"


PayPal and eBay both have suspended my accounts with them even though

I have never violated either of their policies, and truly never did anything

wrong to deserve this.

PayPal currently has $441.83 of mine.

I called them, and they said that money would not be available to me



ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER: Over diagnosed? Probably. Real? Definitely.

By Brad Hurley

As a child growing up in the seventies, I was unusually melancholic. I wouldn’t call it depression – just a kind of hyper-emotional state that colored my experience of life. I had difficulty focusing on one thing for very long, which is not unusual for young kids. It was obvious, however, that relatively speaking, I was having a harder time than normal.

Recipe Exchange with Hartmann Friends!

Let's start a recipe exchange!

Here's my first offering:

Avocado Dressing

1 Avocado

¼ cup chopped green onion

¼ cup chopped cilantro

1 ½ tablespoon lime juice

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons water

½ teaspoons crushed garlic


1-6-11: While Thom was interviewing Matt Taibbi on today's show, he asked Taibbi if he would agree that just as the young, disillusioned Obama voters did not turn out for the Mid-terms, the future disillusioned Tea Partiers will not turn out for the Republicans in 2012.


Use Republican Health Care repeal bill to illustrate un-precedented number of Senate republican filibusters.

The house will pass a repeal of the health care bill that passed in 2009. The republicans will scream to have it voted on in the senate as soon as possible. The Dems should tell the republicans, and the world, that they would be glad to have an up or down vote on it, as soon as there are up and down votes on all of the bills in the senate that are waiting to have an up or down vote. Tell them to stand in line!

While Congress Reads Constitution - 5,310 Lose Jobs

While the House of Representatives tinkered along for 90 minutes reading the Constitution of the United States of America, thereafter praising themselves for being the first in history to do so:

approximately -

900 people lost their health care coverage,
90 people lost their homes,
5,310 people lost their jobs.

I am holding the ENTIRE Democratic Party responsible for Ken Salazar's reprehensible behavior with respect to our wildlife

Ken Salazar's Department of the Interior, which is charged with managing the refuge on Unimak Island, in Alaska's Maritime National Wildlife Refuge is actually considering allowing aerial shooting of wolves to go forward. Alaska and Interior's rationale for the wolf killing is that Unimak Island's caribou herd is declining -- but there's little evidence that wolves are to blame.

$114 Gov't Employee Insurance

When President Obama made his televised campaign speech, he promised that everyday American people would have access to the same health care insurance program he, other members of Congress, and government employees had. That won my vote because I already knew the premium is about $114/month.

BP/ Blackbird Pie

It doesn't take long for winds and ocean currents to expose migratory animals worldwide to chemical disturbances in the sea. Do you know where your seafood has been swimming? Shall we look back upon Minimata Bay, or remember the desperate Louisiana farmer who fed his starving children cereal made from a bag of planting seed treated with mercury which made his offspring instantly mentally incompetent?

cell phones can not cause cancer: Einstein

Please check with Bob Parks at BOBPARKS-WHATSNEW] What's New Robert L. Park 31 Dec 2010

Transportation Funding Revenue Streams

Are the funding streams now in place adequate for the present and future needs of both the metro and statewide systems? The needs are many and the funding sources are diminishing. The needs:

Reconstruction of Colorado I-70 and Fas Tracks completion are paramount.

I-70, both east of the mousetrap and westward to a point beyond the Eisenhower tunnel need to be addressed first. Does the present state gasoline tax offer a solution? No, it needs to be enhanced. How enhanced?

The Great Health Insurance Debate.

Health insurance, they very mention of these two words will cause worlds to collide. People on both sides of the issue seem to possess adamant thoughts on our nation’s healthcare system. I must admit that for several years I have held the supposition that our current healthcare system was the best system anywhere in the world. Americans do receive some of the highest quality healthcare available in any industrialized nation. This fact is one that I am sure most people would not argue.

New Fair Tax System


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