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Why are we pursing ObamaCare when it is it Trillions$ cheaper to go with Medicare/caid for all?

Is it big government if you lay off all the government workers administering medicare/caide only to turn around and cut a check to an outside for profit insurance company (an inefficient intermediary) to do the same job for twice the dollar amount that the government employees used to do it for?!

Why did Obama cross-out the language ending the Health Insurance Industry’s Monopoly [ref. Tiabbi’s “Griftopia”]

How to get re-elected in a corrupt system:

1) give Wall Street Trillions

2) give the Oil and Gas industry free reign to operate with impunity - including giving them the People's resources for little next to nothing

3) give the Health Insurance Trillions.

Elephants are gone from 85% of their original range.

another extinction in the making

Today's Declaration by Patrick Henry?

Today's Declaration by Patrick Henry?

I cannot say, for certain, what Patrick Henry would say regarding the current state of affairs in Washington, D.C.; but, I am going to do the best I can at framing what I think he would have to say about what is currently taking place there.

" GOP Payroll Tax Cut Demands! " ( the new ) " What Now Cartoon "

With the payroll tax cut being held for hostage by the GOP, and the demands not getting much media attention beyond the one year, two month comparison, I thought this was an important topic for a cartoon to share some of the vile details of their demands. This GOP could care less about people and the environment!

More truth and toons at my site


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a weird thought

The People were never really given a chance to decide whether they wanted the Keystone Pipeline built.

Corruption between the State Department and Lobbyists; Obama working with Hillary to frame the question of the Pipeline’s final approval on continued gymnastics at the EPA over Nebraska water; Construction starting even before a legitimate EPA review could be conducted much less formal approval of the pipeline by Obama; Hillary; like Scott Walker, holding public hearings on the Pipeline far, far, FAR from any major population centers to frustrate public input; David a

What's New, FIAT?

Back in the day, when I was young, mechanics refered to the Fiats of the day by their nickname "Fix It Again Tony". When Fiat became a partner in the saaving of Chrysler, or now Chrysler LLC, that old reputation lead to the question how will Fiat fix Chrysler?

I just saw the first example of that answer, a coupe that looks a bit like the Toyota Yaris. The 2012 Fiat 500 Pop will lease for 200 dollars a month, coming in at just under $16,000. What makes this car interesting is its warranty - which includes a three year, 36,000 mile scheduled maintenance program.

U.S.-Iraq Status of Forces Agreement

Before we get all excited about Obama "bringing the troops home", let's just remember that all he was doing was following the "U.S - Iraq Status of Forces Agreement", drafted by the Bush Administration and signed by G.W. in November of 2008.

The oil contradiction

Why is it we hear so many people shouting about we need to find more places to drill for oil when they waste what they are already drilling look at the waste in Russia and the spill in the gulf of mexico, they don't care about the oil they try to run the operation as cheaply as they can its more about the money they get from oil and no one seems to be making that public, what about all the oil it takes to manufacture plastic bags, if they were concerned about oil production they would try to get rid of plastic bags

Bill overheard telling Hillary, “baby is a big fine women won’t ya back that thing up”

You’re right, I really should show respect to the darlings of the Washington/Wall Street nexus who continue to be an anathema if not an abject miscarriage of our democratic principles and the spirit and intent for which the people erroneously extended their trust.

leasing employees

This is an article in The Northcoast Journal in Humboldt County, CA. It is about the leasing of employees by Native American company .

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